Ever notice how many articles on fatal vehicle crashes contain the phrase “ejected and died”? Another logical reason to wear your seat belt.

Robert Lee,



Let’s say we are 20 years into the age of carbon-free power and there are several thousand wind turbines churning away off the Virginia coast (where the Navy didn’t want any oil well platforms because they would interfere with maneuvers). Suddenly, Category 5 Hurricane Destructo comes up the coast. What happens then?

William Ballard Jr.,

Colonial Heights


You induce adolescents to borrow large sums of money to pay you for a service that you claim will pay them back in lifetime benefits. When no such benefits accrue, in any just world you would be guilty of fraud and called a criminal. Today, you are called a college president.

Gary Sheehan,



The United States Postal Service (USPS) should team with Amazon Prime to gain new customers since USPS mail service revenue has declined for 13 straight years.

Oliver Hedgepeth,

North Chesterfield


I asked a grocery clerk to include one of the store’s outdoor Christmas trees to my purchases. After consultation with a colleague, it was keyed in as a “seasonal” tree. It looks like a Christmas tree, smells like a Christmas tree, and I’m going to tell all who see it, “It is a Christmas tree.”

Al Schalow,



Everyone wants the United Nations to promote world peace. Everyone knows the U.N. Security Council members — America, Russia, China, etc. — will vote to protect the personal interest of their friends at the expense of pursuing the greater interest of world peace. Tragic for all mankind.

J.W. Eads,



If I was an offensive lineman on a college football team where the quarterback was making big endorsement bucks, I (we) might have to miss a few blocks until the quarterback started paying some protection money to his front line.

Michael C. Boggs,



I find it ironic that Sears will be closing its last Richmond-area store. After all, Sears became famous for being able to deliver just about anything to anybody, anywhere. They started without a store and everything was a catalog order. That sounds familiar.

Paul Little,



The one thing we all can be grateful for this Thanksgiving is that we’re here, able to give thanks.

Mike Giletto,


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