On Veterans Day, the U.S. Army officially launched a new marketing campaign called “What’s Your Warrior?” The campaign seeks to help recruiters appeal to Generation Z by showcasing a variety of lesser-known military occupational specialties available in the Army such as scientist, engineer or linguist. There’s a lot more to the Army than just combat positions — in fact, there are more than 150 career fields. This new recruiting tool seeks to raise awareness of those many other career options with 17- to 24-year-olds.

It’s no secret that the Army has experienced recruiting difficulties of late. A booming economy combined with a decreasing pool of qualified applicants has translated into lower recruiting numbers. Gen Z, the post-millennial generation, makes up more than 25% of the population and apparently, they just aren’t interested in joining the Army. This is a generation that has been taught to value individualism and diversity over the idea of conforming to military service and training to go to war.

“What’s Your Warrior?” hopes to change that thinking. Using bold language, explosive cinematic action and state-of-the-art production techniques, it will feature the stories of several soldiers in a variety of careers and highlight the diversity of skills needed in today’s high-tech Army.

Lt. Col. Andrew Burgess, commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Richmond — responsible for recruiting in all of Virginia and West Virginia — says, “We find that young people are very interested in science and technology, but they often don’t realize the Army has careers that will help them attain their own goals and serve their country at the same time.”

The “What’s Your Warrior?” ad (which can be viewed at offers interested prospects a link to a career-matching tool that will help them align personal interests with unique roles within the Army. Check it out, it’s fast-moving and impressive.

We wish the Army luck.

— Robin Beres

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