America’s workers want

jobs, not handouts

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Is there a realistic, coherent plan for the country’s future that could benefit all? Yes.

American workers want, and need, meaningful jobs. The lack of “real” work lies at the heart of our nation’s divisive political dysfunction. Millions of skilled, displaced workers are without well-paying jobs and their hope for the future has been lost. A “real” job assures respect in one’s community and restores the hope.

A $1 trillion infrastructure program, providing this “real” work in both construction and manufacturing, would create 11 million jobs. This infrastructure project would provide good wages to American workers, who would immediately reinvest in our economy.

About one-third of registered voters consider themselves moderate or independent. Regardless of the social merit of progressive policies put forth by Democrats, this enormous increase in the federal budget will not “sell” to moderate and independent voters. American men and women strongly favor work over federal largesse. They want to provide their children with a boost up the ladder of success, a proud boost brought about by hard work, not government handouts.

President Donald Trump will benefit in 2020 from a growing economy. Without a priority policy on jobs — and not a single candidate has done this — the Democrats risk losing, on all ballots, the November 2020 election.

Ragan Phillips.


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