Front pages help define the greatest generation

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Every morning I pick up The Times-Dispatch from my doorstep anxious to read “the latest news from Europe” in the “Look Back at Fronts” feature of historic newspaper pages. Since the summer, every day brought more encouraging news that Germany would soon be defeated and perhaps, there would be a surrender and peace in Europe before Christmas.

The news from the western Pacific was less certain. The invasion and capture of strange-sounding islands seemed like a miniature re-enactment of Normandy, but no less horrific.

We read that as our Marines, sailors, soldiers and airmen got closer to the Japanese homeland, those dreaded telegrams from the War Department would be increasing.

Yet, for those on the homefront, there was daily news of floods and fires, politics and scandals, as well as shortages and rationing.

I want to thank The Times-Dispatch for taking us back to those uncertain days of 75 years ago by printing the front pages of that time. We can understand better the challenges that produced the “greatest generation.”

Joseph R. Toler.


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