Added ticket fees

gouge theatergoers

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I believe that the ticketing agent for the Altria Theater (ASM Global) is ripping off customers with their ticketing prices, which to me verges on false and misleading advertising.

I just purchased two tickets to “The Play That Goes Wrong.” The ticket price was $78.50. Fine. However, added to that was an outrageous $19.25 “ticket fee per ticket.” In addition to that, there was a charge of $2.50 for me to print out the tickets at home on my own computer with my own paper and ink. Plus a $4.50 charge if I wanted to receive tickets in the mail. Therefore, a $78.50 ticket really was a $100.25 ticket at a minimum.

In this age of computerization, charging $19.25 per ticket is totally indefensible. And charging $2.50 to the customer for printing out the ticket using his or her own computer, paper and ink is further gouging.

Theater management should fire this firm and hire a ticketing service with integrity.

Susan Wayland.

White Stone.

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