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RVA drivers really are among the worst

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

How ironic that the same morning I read your editorial, “The other factors,” about dismal driving in the Richmond area, I should be rear ended on my way to work. Would anyone be surprised that the driver was distracted while reading something related to his work? Thankfully, no one was hurt save for the back end of my pickup.

Is Richmond really one of the 10 worst cities for driving? By my observation after driving numerous trips on our highways and byways to points south over the past two years, I would say absolutely.

Driving less than 70 mph on Interstate 95 between Ashland and Petersburg is likely to cause one to get flipped the “bird” at a minimum and perhaps worse. On a recent trip downtown and back from Short Pump, I decided to count the number of cars with drivers holding cell phones. I stopped when I got to 50.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving has increased more than 25% since 2017 and is equivalent to driving under the influence of four beers.

In several months, the Virginia legislature will have a chance again to do the right thing and take a serious stand on distracted driving. I hope they do the right thing for all of our sakes.

Charles Flocco.


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