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Be grateful for our blessings in 2019

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Thanksgiving is a holiday in which we give thanks to God and people, and be grateful for all the things we have.

As Muslims, we are taught to be grateful to God every single day. We try hard to pray every day, and there are different ways to say thanks.

Muslims say “Jazakallah,” which means “May God reward you,” and “Inshallah,” which means “if God wills.” “Bismillah” means “in the name of God” and “Mashallah” means “what God desires.” We say “Alhamdolillah,” which means “All praise belongs to God.” Muslims are supposed to always help others.

The Quran says, “If you are grateful, then, surely I will bestow more favors on you.” It further states, “And God will certainly reward the grateful.” The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “One who is not grateful to others is not grateful to God.”

Why is Thanksgiving important? It’s important because on that day, we become more faithful and remember that God gave us everything, and even if humans made it, it always comes back to God.

Thanksgiving is an important day, and we remember how important it is to thank God.

Sajeela Ahmad (age 9).


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