Check Part D options yearly on Medicare site

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I strongly urge seniors who are shopping for health and/or prescription insurance plans for 2020 to visit the excellent website. If you’re shopping for prescription plan coverage (Part D), you can enter your current prescription information, select the drugstores or mail-order services you prefer, and then see all the plan options for 2020 in your market. For Part D coverage, it’s particularly important to do this each year as the least expensive plan one year might not be competitive the next year. Conversely, a plan that was noncompetitive the previous year might make changes to become highly competitive this year. All insurance companies rely on consumer complacency to some degree, and the sleepy consumer might pay a very high price for dozing during this enrollment period.

We recently completed our Part D shopping at for 2020. For both my wife and me, switching to another company and/or plan for 2020 will save hundreds of dollars when compared to staying with our 2019 plans. Once you find the Part D plan that will cost the least (premiums plus out-of-pocket costs) for the full year, it’s quick and easy to complete the online enrollment process.

I’ve found this website to be a tremendous resource. It’s easy to use and unbiased. I highly encourage my fellow seniors to invest an hour or so in shopping at You might be surprised and pleased by the results.

Bruce F. Wright.


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