Slow down, give warning

when nearing pedestrians

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Skateboarders and electric scooter riders need to slow down, watch for pedestrians and give plenty of alert when passing.

In September, my brother was visiting Richmond and was walking across the T.Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge. Suddenly he heard "On your right" and less than a second later was run over by a passing skateboarder. My brother was knocked to the ground. After making sure my brother was "all right," the skateboarder went on his way with a “Sorry, dude.”

It is assumed that my brother hit his head on the bridge railing. He was so dazed he was not aware of how badly he was injured. He ended up in the local emergency room that day, with a severe concussion. Unfortunately, the CAT scan did not show a slow brain bleed. Five weeks later, he started to show stroke-like symptoms. The bleed was so large by then, it went from the front of his skull to the crown of his head.

He recently got home from two hospital stays in intensive care. He had brain surgery to drain and clean out the bleed. It was an inch thick and was pressing on his brain. As he recovers, he is having seizures and will need to be on anti-seizure medication for an undetermined amount of time. He can no longer drive and might need to take early retirement. All this because of one person’s carelessness to slow down and give a timely audible alert when approaching an unaware pedestrian. Riders of electric scooters, skateboards, hover-boards, bikes and other fast-moving transportation need to remember it is their responsibility to watch for pedestrians. The neurosurgeon said my brother was lucky to still be walking the planet. We hope that this letter will be a reminder for safety, operator responsibility and following the posted laws.

Shawna Gottfredson.

Twin Falls, Idaho.

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