Repealing inspections

hurts local businesses

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Gov. Ralph Northam claims that repealing state vehicle inspections — or, alternatively, requiring inspections every second year — will save Virginians $150 million annually. What he doesn’t mention is that this money is not, in fact, a savings for all Virginians, but actually is a $150 million loss for Virginia’s private sector — a substantial shortfall for 5,433 auto repair shops. The total loss consists of an average $27,600 reduction in revenue annually per inspection station. This financial loss extends to 15,566 licensed inspectors and their families.

Many inspection stations have been in business for decades. Now, our “business-oriented” governor wants to pull the financial rug out from under these companies and characterize the elimination of annual safety inspections as a valuable accomplishment.

Northam plans to “save” the average two-car household $40 per year. Virginians’ “savings” will be redirected from businesses that directly benefit Virginia communities.

Ending inspections has been heralded as “positive” news. There’s nothing positive about having mechanically unsafe vehicles on Virginia’s highways.

Additionally, the average marginal $40 “savings” will be more than offset by the governor’s new tax plans. Furthermore, auto repair costs might rise thanks to eliminating annual inspections.

Sadly, Northam doesn’t mind eliminating revenues to the private sector, while rerouting those revenues to the state, all the time misleading Virginia taxpayers regarding how much money they have “saved.” He is sacrificing public safety and essential local businesses for the benefit of his own agenda.

Sherry Pitts.


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