Don't waste time

trying to revive ERA

Editor, Times Dispatch:

As I read the morning paper, it struck me that Gov. Ralph Northam does not understand that the Justice Department has ruled about efforts to revive the Equal Rights Amendment. Does he not understand that the measure failed to be passed by enough states by 1982 to ratify the amendment? Does he think wasting the time of his Democratic colleagues and other members of the General Assembly would make a “splash” for him to fool the public that he is working for them? Seriously, does he think we fell off the “turnip truck” yesterday? Since he wants to bring this back up and waste time, why don’t we bring up his college days and the embarrassment he has brought to the commonwealth of Virginia?

I also agree wholeheartedly with correspondent William H. Holliday’s Letter to the Editor on the Electoral College. The less populated areas are overtaken by the larger populated areas and often do get lost in the mix. Those of us in the less populated areas are citizens who work and pay taxes just like others; however, we do not have a big representation in the General Assembly. We do have our delegates and I truly appreciate mine, Del. Keith Hodges, R-Middlesex, but I believe we should move to an Electoral College for the commonwealth of Virginia.

Sadly, I’m ashamed a lot of times to say I reside in the commonwealth of Virginia. I agree with progress, but embarrassing attempts such as listed above just solidify my stance. It shows just how uneducated some of our elected officials have become and what they will do to pander to voters.

Nancy Prince Jackson.


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