Gun law specifics needed

to help alleviate fears

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In his recent letter, "New guns laws might make matters worse," Correspondent of the Day Randy Hall compared gun legislation proposals to Prohibition. He has a very good point because so many people have an unfounded fear that our government is intent on taking our weapons from us. That is not true about weapons we use for hunting and sports (skeet shooting and target practice). However, there will be a huge demand for guns — like there was for alcohol during Prohibition — and suppliers to fill the demand. The only weapons that reasonable people are opposed to are semi-automatic weapons (that have no place in a civilized society), huge ammo clips that hold dozens and dozens of rounds (to facilitate mass killings, not sportsmanship for hunters) and bump stocks that change ordinary rifles into semi-automatics. Our government ought to convince people of its intent by passing legislation that spells it out in black and white to alleviate those fears, then go ahead and specify what is legal and what is not.

Ronald D. Reed.


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