Paid leave legislation

benefits all businesses

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Virginia legislators are considering a measure to establish a paid family and medical leave insurance program for the state. A bill has only just been introduced, but some already are arguing this would harm businesses. As a small-business owner myself, I can say a state paid family leave program would be extremely beneficial to my business.

At larger companies that have the resources to offer more robust benefits, employees likely can expect to have access to an employer-sponsored paid family medical leave program. I’d love to do the same, but as a small-business owner, I simply don’t have the resources to offer my employees a paid family and medical leave program. This puts me at a disadvantage when hiring new employees because I can’t compete with larger companies that offer a better benefits package.

A state paid family leave program would give my employees the time off they need but would save me from paying their wages out of pocket. With the extra money, I could pay my other employees overtime or even hire a temporary employee. It also would help me compete in the job market with larger companies that can afford to give comprehensive benefits packages to their employees.

I strongly encourage lawmakers to support paid family leave legislation for the sake of all employees working for small businesses in Virginia.

Lynn Petrazzuolo.


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