Reparations not needed

to overcome obstacles

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

With regard to Karla Westfall Hunt's Correspondent of the Day letter, "Remaining neutral not an option on reparations":  When will we let the past be the past and build on the present and the future? Is it not evident the strides that African Americans have made in the fields of politics, education, sports, entertainment, etc.?

Ironically, an item in the Personalities column of the same day speaks of Ernest J. Gaines, who died Nov. 5. He was the author of eight books, including “A Lesson Before Dying" and “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.” He was awarded a “genius grant" by the MacArthur Foundation as well as prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and other foundations. He had endured a poor childhood on a small Louisiana plantation.

Today, one might not be a “genius” but it is still possible to overcome obstacles if one has a good, stable family, or lacking that, acquires a good education.

Carole Ellis.


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