Hardworking teachers

deserve pay raise

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

To correspondent Holt Livesay Sr., who is incensed that University of Virginia President James Ryan has chosen to increase the minimum wage for full-time employees: Sir, you are entitled to your opinion that raising the minimum wage is a bad idea and that you do not want to contribute to your school any longer. But please remember all of the teachers who helped you get to where you are today. Please count your blessings for having received the benefit of their long hours, their unfailing belief that teaching is one of the higher callings in this world, and their willingness to pass their knowledge to you and to all of the students who pass through the doors of your schools (notice I didn’t say their schools). Have all of the opinions you are entitled to but please rethink comments that suggest teaching is a profession for those less capable — I think you’ll find most teachers would perceive that 50-year-old saying as disparaging and insulting.

Ed Hartman.


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