Negative ads

turn off voters

Editor, Times Dispatch:

I agree with previous letters decrying the negativity of the recent election. This was the worst state and local campaign I can remember. Candidates just listed terrifically negative things about their opponent, often outright lies, instead of saying what their own record was and what they were for. But I think the worst ad I received in the mail was one labeled the “Official Republican Party Voter Scorecard,” saying election officials were watching my neighbors' voting performance, and listing five first names of supposed neighbors (none of whom I’d ever heard of) whom they gave an A+ for their voting record, and giving me a B- (even though I always vote), and saying I should raise my voter score. Talk about Big Brother watching you.

Don’t candidates realize that only the most rabid of their base (whom they don’t need to attract) would like these ads, and that most moderate or undecided voters (who they do need to attract) would be completely turned off by such ads? People just tune out after being inundated with constant obnoxious phone calls and negative ads, and don’t believe any of it. Millions of dollars are being wasted on these negative efforts.

Elizabeth Richardson.

Bon Air.

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