Democratic sweep might

not be good for Virginia

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

"Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes." ["Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."]

— Aeneid (II, 49), by Virgil

With the Democratic sweep of the state Senate and House of Delegates, and with the statewide offices held by the Democrats, the party of big government and progressive identity politics has triumphed in Virginia, "The Mother of States and of Statesmen." The transformation is due to many factors: the big government tumor afflicting the brow of Virginia metastasizing and crossing the Potomac down Interstate 95; the energy of civil society and social responsibility that is required for good government being undermined by the entropy dispensed by the welfare state and its subsidized destruction of the family and civil society; the technology of the internet, television and social media that has abetted this leveling; the increasing prevalence of the public academy’s Marxist indoctrination of malleable minds and its sometimes intimidating discouragement of alternative discourse; the universal suffrage that has opened the field to demagogues, whose greed for office has them delving ever deeper in the mire for ignorant and irresponsible votes; and our godless radical democracy that deems the highest civic virtue to be that which is determined by the mob with the most people.

Progressives are celebrating. They love to lord it over conservatives and claim that they are on “the right side of history,” marching toward the Utopian dream of perfect equality. But conservatives know that history is not a linear march toward Utopia, but a cyclic march of folly, where Utopian dreams turn into totalitarian nightmares. Let us hope this one doesn’t.

H.V. Traywick Jr.


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