Hanover resident laments

impact of industrial park

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

If Hanover County officials do not hold the Cedar Lane Industrial Park project to higher standards, local residents are going to pay a heavy price. The project as planned will have only one access point for large commercial vehicles to enter and exit the development. While this alone is troubling, it is even more disturbing that this access point will be located along Cedar Lane, a two-lane residential road that is not able to process high traffic volumes. The access point is directly across the street from the new Chickahominy Falls 55-and-older adult community. Speaking as a residence of this new community, I am very concerned. The safety of the traveling public and the well-being of local neighborhoods are all at stake.

When the county initially approved the project, the design included multiple entrances and exits to the development site. This makes sense, given the intended size of the industrial park and demands of large construction projects. Now it seems the project developer has taken advantage of the plan’s language and found a loophole to avoid putting more than one access point to the project. The access point should be off of U.S. Highway 1, which has four lanes and was built for heavy traffic. Those who regularly use Cedar Lane will bear the brunt of this shady attempt to cut corners.

County officials must do something to protect Hanover residents. This plan will endanger the safety of travelers and cause unnecessary delays. Local neighborhoods will be subjected to massive amounts of noise pollution as well as the loss of natural barriers that separate their homes from the development site. County officials must determine the full degree to which this industrial park project will impact the public and put in place stricter requirements where necessary.

Debbie Salois.

Glen Allen.

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