Letter on reparations

touched chord for reader

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I would just like to respond to Karla Westfall Hunt’s Correspondent of the Day letter, "Remaining neutral not an option on reparations." It was so honest, well-written and convincing, that there is really nothing much to add. I, too, am the beneficiary of white privilege (as if being white were something I’ve accomplished or can take any credit for). For instance, I have never had a reason to fear the police — not because I never do anything wrong, but because I am a small, older white woman, and thus, they don’t see me as a threat. To her excellent examples of the ways black people have been discriminated against for generations, I would just add segregated schooling (or no schooling at all, as with the closing of schools during Massive Resistance.) I thank her for writing and making her points so well. And I plan to read the book she recommended, “The Color of Law,” by Richard Rothstein.

Jan Budryk.


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