Will 'NoVAfication'

drive tax dollars north?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Now that we are several days past Gov. Ralph Northam’s touted “blueification” of Virginia, it appears that what has really happened is the “NoVAfication” of the commonwealth. Well, what did the “RoVA” — rest of Virginia — Democrats expect? The “come here” crowd that has sought to get away from the Northeast's taxes, crime and poor services has brought their "forever Democrat" voting habit that is (and will be) leading to the same taxes, crime and poor services. The RoVA “come heres” just ignored that there are more “come here” Democrats in Northern Virginia than there are in the rest of Virginia.

Now we see that RoVA Democrats are trying to reduce the control of the NoVA Democrats. I wish them good luck. They will be left at the side of the road, watching their tax dollars head north on Interstate 95. As the state Republicans who have been keeping the tax money flowing to RoVA are back-benched, taxpayers in central, western, Southwest and Tidewater Virginia will lose access to services, education, development and whatever the NoVA delegation wants. Add the Democrats' talk of doubling the minimum wage and eliminating right-to-work laws and we are on the path to becoming a part of the Northeast, with employers heading farther south with their jobs and tax money.

"Come here" Democrats have succeeded in bringing to Virginia exactly what they wanted to leave behind. Congratulations.

Joseph W. Crockett.


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