Kurdish American backs

troop pullout from Syria

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Pulling the troops out of some areas in Syria and leaving the Kurds is not a surprising strategic change in our foreign policy; this decision should not be a bombshell to Kurds. The foreign policy was not written in a transparent language for the public to comprehend. The politics and the interests are determining the moves in the Middle East. The Kurds live in a region surrounded by countries that are adamantly opposing the legitimate rights of ethnic minorities. And by not being recognized politically, the Kurds do not have weight on the world’s scale.

The Kurds have experienced humanitarian crises due to such factors as constant conflicts with the neighboring regimes, genocides and the civil war. The United States or the European Union will not be in a position to end the conflict or establish a country for Kurds. The temporary military assistance and the humanitarian aid from the international community are only a political strategy, not a solution. The assistance to Kurds by the U.S. and other Western countries will not be to the level that will generate the power to threaten Turkey’s interests.

The intervention in Syria in 2014 was unnecessary; it has incapacitated the regime, which resulted in the involvement of Iran, Russia and Turkey. Hence, Syria became the sphere of conflicts and a haven for extremists.

The core decision of President Donald Trump was not based on a personal desire or a strategy that he designed; it is the continuation of the same policy that has been in effect for decades. However, as a Kurdish American, I do not support sending Americans to be killed in other countries, and regardless of the situation, American lives are more valuable than the causes overseas.

Serwan Zangana.


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