Troop withdrawal shows

new stance on U.S. policy

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

When President Donald Trump bucked the military industrial complex and withdrew personnel from Syria, it drew fire from both sides of the aisle. All of the "experts" were outraged at Trump's impertinence when it came to foreign involvement, and scoffed at his pretense of protecting U.S. troops in harm's way. To the president's credit, he stood firm and showed that there was indeed a new sheriff in town, and a new policy when it came to policing endemic international conflicts.

When it comes to the Middle East, there are no easy answers. Some might posit that there are no answers. But continued investments of blood and treasure should occur only when it protects global U.S. interests, and if it gives our military clear and concise objectives. Anything less does our best and most selfless members of the military (and their loved ones) a grave disservice.

Tom Eaton.


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