'Walls' within community

unhealthful for society

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

With regard to the recent op-ed by Leonard Pitts Jr., “Barriers zigzag across America like a scar,” the development of President Donald Trump’s border wall has led to the development of other “walls” in our communities. These walls look like barriers in our classrooms and communities, where people feel as though they can’t discuss differing opinions with one another.

Having healthy communication and an exchange of information throughout a community are necessary for social progress. Whether it's knowledge-based, economic or social, community is something that we, as a society, should always be focused on trying to maintain. All parts are interconnected and exchanged. However, by creating barriers, there’s a severing of these connections that has led to a decrease in social connections from people of different backgrounds and values.

By removing one thing, or placing something unnecessary in place, the whole system is affected. Taking away the small connections between individuals through these barriers also takes away the connections of society as a whole. It is imperative that we realize the importance of intellectual freedom and the fact that it is the result of having a healthy community. We will not have the ability to access any ideas other than our own with the maintenance of these harmful barriers.

Giavanni Parker.

Glen Allen.

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