I’m a numbers guy. If it were up to me, I could talk economic and budget policy all day long. As a United States senator, I serve on the Finance, Banking and Budget Committees where — slowly but surely — I work to find common ground solutions to our country’s fiscal challenges.

As governor of Virginia, I helped lead the commonwealth to its ranking as the best state for business and the best-managed state. And before entering public office, I spent 20 years as a technology and business leader in Virginia. I know first-hand what it takes to grow our economy, and I support policies that help Americans get ahead and stay ahead.

That’s why it’s impossible for me to keep quiet during this year’s presidential election. Last week, Hillary Clinton laid out the differences between her economic agenda and Donald Trump’s. The contrast between the two candidates and the two futures they would create for our country could not be more stark.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career fighting to create economic opportunity for everyone, not just those at the top. Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary has put forward thoughtful, detailed plans — such as a $275 billion investment in federal infrastructure funding — that would create good-paying jobs here at home.

Hillary’s focus on infrastructure is critical. On Monday, I visited the Memorial Bridge in Arlington, which has fallen into disrepair, and saw the need for this type of investment up close. This problem isn’t unique to Arlington. Eight of the top 25 most-traveled structurally deficient bridges in Virginia are in Richmond and Chesterfield, and 183 of the bridges in the Richmond area alone are “deficient” or in poor condition.

By setting up a federal infrastructure financing authority to invest in critical projects like this — as Hillary and I have both proposed — we can keep drivers safe, create thousands of new jobs, and strengthen the economy and quality of life in our communities.

In contrast, Donald Trump has numbers that just don’t add up. He loves to promote himself as a successful businessman, but his record proves otherwise. Trump has had no problem bankrupting his companies — at least four times — at the expense of his workers. We know he routinely delayed payments to his vendors and contractors, leaving small businesses to foot his bills.

Trump’s tax plan might benefit his own family, but it would stick it to countless families in Virginia. He criticizes outsourcing on the campaign trail, yet hires foreign workers at his golf courses and makes his shirts and ties overseas. And it appears now that the only person to actually benefit from his fake university was Donald Trump.

His proposals for what he would do as president are even scarier than his business record. You don’t need to take it from me — last week a former economic policy adviser to John McCain released an analysis showing that a Trump presidency could send our economy into a “lengthy recession,” cost 3.5 million jobs, and explode the debt by around $10 trillion.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton has not only put forward real plans for investing in our economy — she’s also suggested how to pay for them.

Donald Trump poses a real threat to the U.S. economy. If he is elected and enacts his agenda, our country could suffer an economic collapse far worse than anything we saw in 2008.

America succeeds only when we work together to solve our problems. Hillary Clinton is prepared to build a 21st-century economy based on innovation that delivers a fair shot for all Americans, while Donald Trump will tear this country apart and endanger our economy.

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Mark Warner is a senator from Virginia. Contact him at 202-224-2023.

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