Twelve people had to be shot to death to get Gov. Ralph Northam to call a special session of the General Assembly to deal with gun control. How many people will have to be killed by vehicle operators using cell phones while driving to get Northam to call a special session of the General Assembly to deal with this cell phone problem?

John Wetlaufer Sr.,



A special session devoted to gun control will simply provide the American Legislative Exchange Council- and National Rifle Association-controlled General Assembly a platform to throw red meat to their base. Let the 2019 election be a referendum on sensible gun control and redistricting reform.

Robert Wilson,



On a recent trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I noticed that most of the service stations nearest the Outer Banks were charging $2.59 a gallon for gas. Problem is, that’s the same amount that most of the service stations around Richmond were charging. The state tax on gas in Virginia is 16.2 cents a gallon, and the North Carolina state tax on gas is 36.2 cents a gallon. So, in Virginia, we’re paying 20 cents a gallon extra, which goes into the profits of those service stations or the oil companies. However, we were told that the reduction in state gas tax here would be spread to other charges, and our gas price would drop. Thanks for another rip-off, General Assembly.

Everett Samford,



So Virginia is going to reinstate suspended driver’s licenses of those who haven’t paid court fees and fines. My question to Gov. Ralph Northam is how does he intend to collect the millions in court fees and fines that are owed to the state?

Bill Lucie,



The American experience is characterized by freedom and violence. Perhaps Patrick Henry meant to say, “ Give me liberty and give me death. “

Jack Strafford



Incredibly, we have eight co-champs in the national spelling bee. I thought I was a good speller, but I could only spell and reasonably pronounce the name of one of the winners — which shows how much we continue to need educated talented immigrants, whose children are our future, generation after generation.

Marvin Rosman,



Kudos for the coverage in the newspaper of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. With sadness in my heart for the great losses suffered, I thank you for reminding the younger generations of the enormous sacrifices made to protect the life, liberty and happiness we now enjoy in the greatest country in the world.

Malcolm R. Kallman,


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