Tallgrass Prairie School House

An old school house located at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas.

Last weekend, when I saw the hourslong lines of cars at a Costco in Florida on TV, I wondered what would happen if we phased out gasoline and the same number of cars had to have an electric charge. For that matter, what if there was a hurricane and the electricity was out for several weeks, as it has been in the past after a major hurricane? People with electric cars would be “green” with envy, and wished they had a gas-powered car. Beware of what you wish for.

Brian Glass,

Glen Allen


Just when society thought smokers might breathe easier by using cigarette cessation products, vaping opens up a whole new Pandora’s box of breathing problems.

Al Schalow,



Today, teachers are paid on a system based on their years of teaching, not individual merit. It isn’t working. If years of experience was the critical element of evaluation, then elephants would run the circus.

J.W. Eads,



As a longtime heavy smoker, I applaud Virginia state law prohibiting tobacco use at all school properties and at all school events and functions.

Ron Reed,



I agree that The War Horse statue should not have been relocated. At the same time, it is disgraceful that our living, breathing Richmond Police Mounted Unit horses are still housed in shameful and unsuitable conditions.

Patricia Younkins,



The controversy over rezoning for Mary Munford and William Fox elementary schools is a no-brainer. Sen. Glen Sturtevant, R-Chesterfield, is correct when he says it should be a decision left to the voters and not to city officials or others with political/social agendas.

David Edmunds,



Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan said mass shootings “are a homeland security threat.” Old Virginia statesman John Randolph of Roanoke said, “Anarchy is the chrysalis-state of despotism.” And as the old radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say, “Stand by for news!”

H. V. Traywick Jr.,



I don’t think I’d be remiss if I said the education given in the 1890s was a lot better than today’s. Have you had the staff there give it a go? Have any teachers posed the questions to their students? Can all teachers pass that exam?

Noreen Brown,


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