Both political parties guilty of same sins

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Within the not too distant past I have heard or read each of the following words or phrases used by state and national politicians describing people in the other party: liar, opportunist, outrageous, cowardly, shameful, disappointing, scandalous, frustrated, farce, partisan, election-year grandstanding, ignoring the will of the people, and the list goes on. Were these the words of Democrats or Republicans? Yes. Are they accurate? Yes.

Depending upon the topic, each party accuses the other of exactly the same sins. Don’t they see the irony and hypocrisy? Do they think that we the people are too ignorant to recognize it or too apathetic to care? It is like two pots calling the other black when they are both utterly charred by their own transgressions. It is no wonder both parties’ approval ratings are so low. For many, it is not so much about gridlock as it is honor and integrity. Do not accuse your adversary of that which you yourself are repeatedly guilty of and at the same time expect to be held in esteem. You will not be, today, or ever. You may think the ends justify the means. But they do not. For what will it profit, to sell one’s soul for a mess of pottage?

Kirby D. Smith.


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