Cigarette smoking

can devastate families

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

For all of the talk about the legalization of marijuana these days, I think the subject we should be talking about is banning cigarettes.

Let’s talk about the destruction and devastation they can cause. I know because we lost my father to lung cancer at the age of 56.

The provider and protector of our family was dead, leaving six kids and a widow to flounder.

The way he died was horrible and debilitating as 13 months of cancer took him down to a slow death on a cool September night.

I was just starting my career and could have used some of his wisdom and advice, but he was gone.

He was as hooked on cigarettes as an addict is to cocaine or methamphetamines, and couldn’t break the habit.

So if you smoke today and have young kids at home, go visit some of the cancer wards around the city and see the devastation for yourself.

Don’t focus on the cancer patients but focus on the families and the loved ones huddled in the halls, praying, wishing and hoping for a miracle.

Then asked yourself, is smoking worth it? I think not.

Michael Burke.


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