Small-business owners

face big obstacles

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

When members of Congress are home visiting their districts, they should use the time to meet with small-business owners about the issues we face.

If policymakers would take the time to listen to small-business owners like me, they would learn that health care costs are a major problem. They’re usually too much for small businesses to afford, and that hurts our ability to attract and retain employees. And, of course, the health care situation is terrible for my employees as well. When I lose great employees because of health care issues, that hurts the competitiveness of my business. It also hurts my ability to grow and hire more employees. This is the sad truth that politicians are doing nothing to address.

I’m not alone in this thinking. Recent research found only 15% of Virginia small- business owners believe state and federal officials truly understand the obstacles they face, and health care costs were cited as one of the top barriers facing entrepreneurs in our state.

Our economy could reach new levels of growth if government officials would simply take the time to incorporate our concerns when they make policy decisions about health care and other issues impacting our businesses.

Mo Johnson.


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