Museum should restore

statue to former location

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I cannot stop thinking about the disservice the Virginia Museum of History & Culture has done by removing the singularly most beautiful memorial I have ever seen, to a spot that appears as an afterthought with a parking lot as its backdrop. My mother and I discovered this while visiting the museum recently for an exhibit, and both of us were deeply saddened by it. We expressed our dismay, but no good satisfactory answer was given, other than they thought more people would see it. Whereas that might be true, aesthetically it already was in the perfect and most honored place.

I always have been in love with The War Horse statue and cried the first time I read its placard, which honors the horses and mules killed during the Civil War.

Humans create war and memorialize war to the point that it seems that is all we are good for. We displace animals because of our thirst for war, and we destroy habitats and other species’ homes because of our thirst for resources. The War Horse, in its simplistic and melancholy beauty, pays homage to the nonhuman victims of war that had no choice but to do our bloody bidding.

When I used to drive by the museum, I never failed to look over at its facade, which was enhanced by this beautifully rendered memorial that always speaks to my heart. Now the Virginia Museum of History & Culture looks naked, and ugly in a way.

I wonder how many others would like to see it brought back to its former location.

Rebecca D’Angelo.


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