Treatment of children

at border indefensible

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Many try to excuse the Trump administration. I will not. Here is why:

Imagine you live somewhere that is suffering from gang violence, civil unrest, maybe even war. Foreign aid has stopped because other countries don’t want migrants, which compounds the problem.

You and your family also might be persecuted in other ways, like domestic violence.

Safety is more than 2,000 miles away. It’s dangerous to go. It’s dangerous to stay.

You’d do anything to protect your loved ones, right?

Claiming asylum is legal regardless of how you enter the country. If you enter legally, you’re forced to wait in Mexico and risk danger catching up with you. If you enter illegally and claim it you’re locked up in a detention center brimming with people just like you.

What’s more, Trump administration lawyers recently argued in court that they do not have to give detained children soap and toothbrushes because, hypothetically, they’d only have those children for 12 hours.

But hours become days. Then weeks. Then months.

If low funding and overcrowding were to blame, they wouldn’t try justifying this treatment, and they wouldn’t lock up lawful asylum seekers.

Even if they were somehow all greedy lying gang members? (They are not.) Prisoners of war get toothpaste and soap.

Death-row inmates get a blanket and a bed.

Children had to spend weeks unwashed, sleeping on concrete.

Indefensible. Unacceptable.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t stay quiet.

We Americans have voices; it’s time to use them.

I.D. Tiemens


Focus on illegal migrants

ignores the law-abiding

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

The Democratic candidates are paving the roads with various shiny and bright words; they are laying the rhythmic sentences on the papers to attract the voters and obtain the pass to the White House.

Their speeches and facial expressions are showing the struggle to reach out to the American people.

As the liberals’ common agenda and their lack of solving Americans issues, the candidates discussed and supported matters that can only cost Americans and add more burdens.

It is the conflict between Democrats and American citizens. The Democrats are creating crises in the American system by advocating and supporting the illegal immigrants and are willing to provide them with health care.

As there are thousands of Americans and legal immigrants who are struggling daily for the basic needs, it is mischievous that Democrats are defending the illegal acts and attempting to reverse and abolish the commonsense laws that serve the working American people in order to benefit the illegal immigrants.

By focusing on a particular incident at the southern border that neither Donald Trump nor the American system created, the Democrats’ purpose is to distract Americans and blind them from observing the main issues.

The victim mentality and emotional impact that Democrats are using to manipulate people will diminish the positivity and weaken the patriotic belief.

As an immigrant, I believe that it is not inhumane for a country to have a secure border and laws that organize and restrict some immigration processes.

The homelessness and the hunger issues in America are matters of humanity that are not on the Democratic candidates’ list, nor are opioids and other drugs. The Democrats’ messages are muddling the law-abiding people and the legal immigrants who trust in our current system in the United States.

Serwan Zangana.


Trump misunderstands

celebration of July 4th

With the White House’s rush to change the annual Independence Day celebration in Washington, D.C., to include a major display of military might and focus on the government, it appears President Trump has forgotten the purpose of this celebrated day.

Independence Day is a celebration of the power of the people, not the power of the government. We’re reminded of that distinction in the first three words in the preamble of our founding document, the Constitution — “We the People.”

May the people never forget!

Robert Murphey Jr.


Candidates’ promises

unlikely to be fulfilled

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

We just celebrated the 243rd birthday of United States of America. A grand experiment it was called; and for these 243 years it has served us well, but alas.

For two nights I observed a fiasco called the Democratic Party primary debates.

All I heard from these pretenders to the Oval Office were their assertions that more free things given to citizens and noncitizens alike would immediately solve all the problems. They could not offer any realistic plans to pay for these goodies because none exist.

The nation simply cannot afford to give every one free health care, free college education, free child care, a government job and supplemental government checks every month.

Where has love of God and pride of country gone? Where has the Democratic Party of my parents gone? Where have the candidates for president such as John F. Kennedy gone? In his inauguration speech on Jan. 20th, 1961, President Kennedy said these famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

That is far different from what these Democratic candidates are espousing. What has happened to personal responsibility?

When I was in the military, my heart was filled with pride as our unit marched to music written by John Phillip Sousa. Whenever I heard Kate Smith sing “God Bless America,” my eyes would fill with tears because I was reminded that God had truly blessed this land.

Any reference to God, who created this universe and our world within it, has been rejected and we Christians have meekly watched and allowed it to happen.

We need to rethink and recognize what is going on in this country. We need to pray that a merciful God will again bless this land and renew our spirit. In God we trust.

J. Edward Howell Jr.


Many doctors accept

patients on Medicare

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I want to reassure correspondent Joan Dyer that physicians like me continue to take care of Medicare patients.

Seniors can search online to find dedicated physicians keen and ready to take care of patients like her.

Despite ever-increasing obstacles, these doctors remain committed to improving and maintaining the health of our valued citizens in clinics, practices and offices.

Waqar Haider.


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