Put aside partisanship

for sake of the future

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Both politicians and everyday citizens need to support the Green New Deal and pro-environmental legislation in order to combat the harrowing consequences of climate change. Many tragedies have escalated due to climate change, including California’s wildfires and Midwestern flooding, which devastated thousands. Politicians must move past partisan divides to combat the issue, as the previous measures to fight climate change are being overturned or ignored by the current government, and comprehensive change is necessary to make sure the environment is both sustainable and safe for generations to come.

It is imperative that politicians push past petty feuds and partisan alignments in order to make climate change the highest priority of our elected officials. Unlike other issues, there is no reason that climate change should be contested — if we do not act now, the world we live in will be irreparable. This should not be a partisan issue. None of the political decisions made today will matter if our future consists of an uninhabitable Earth that we cannot fix.

Politicians from both parties must come together and ensure that no further damage occurs. They must put aside their current agendas and move us forward to a safer future. If not, we are projected to suffer serious repercussions by 2050. Why are we debating whether or not we should be protecting the future of our children? Failure to act is not only a costly mistake, but it also is an irresponsible impediment to an issue that inevitably will have to be addressed. If we act now, we just might be able to prevent total disaster.

Lauren Meyer.

Glen Allen.

Democratic platform reads like Stalin’s rule book

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

One definition of irony is the use of words to express the opposite of what is being said. Today’s irony is the accusation from liberal Democrats that President Trump won the election because of Russian interference. It is ironic because the Democrats’ platform of free health care, free education and higher wages for all — the entitlement platform — is straight out of Joseph Stalin’s play book. It is a Russian, communist platform for totalitarianism.

We need to study history and understand that the principles expressed by Democrats are straight out of Russian history. Freedoms will be abolished; individual achievement will be sacrificed at the alter of government control; education will be dictated by the governing powers and free speech will be condemned. Russian interference is reflected blatantly in the Democratic platform.

Wake up America.

Diana Birchak.


Yes, Democrats do want to flip the General Assembly

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Del. Margaret Ransone, R-99th, recently stated that Democrats want to flip every Republican seat in the Virginia General Assembly. Of course we do. This is offensive to Ransone because she feels is entitled to her seat, and for years, she has supported gerrymandering to ensure her seat in perpetuity. With arrogant assurance, she meets only with Republicans, corporate lobbyists and donors. She literally has run out the back door when other constituents have come to call.

Ransone killed the Equal Rights Amendment in committee, thereby preventing a fair vote on the floor. She proudly asserts that she will not vote for any legislation that limits gun rights including those measures that promote responsible gun ownership and safety. She has opposed reproductive rights, Medicaid expansion, restrictions on off-shore drilling and LGTBQ rights.

Ransone is on the wrong side of progress. It’s time to flip her seat.

Laurie Morissette.


RTD opinions pages present both sides

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I had to smile in disbelief when I read the recent letter “Reader believes RTD ignores conservatives” from Robert L. Brown. As a conservative, he feels The Times-Dispatch does not publish and deprives him of his right to read conservative points of view.

Regularly, on the opinion pages are columns by Victor Davis Hanson, among others. The content of these columns can be described as a regurgitation of conservative talking points. I consider them conservative propaganda I would expect to receive in my mailbox. I read the columns because I want to know and try to understand differing points of view. No one side, liberal or conservative, has exclusive rights to good ideas. Sometimes my perceptions are challenged and I am given a different perspective. Limiting what you read to what you believe only serves to harden ideological bias.

I believe the RTD has a right-of-center bias in reporting but on the whole makes a reasonable effort to get things right.

Anton Van Thoen.


Congress should ban single-use plastics

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Growing up in Richmond, I know water can be the center of life. Local enthusiasm for the James River is perhaps the greatest hallmark of this city. Hundreds of Richmond families gather by the river at our many beautiful and easily accessible parks. Richmond has done an outstanding job at creating free access to immersive nature experiences, which are not commonly seen in other places.

As an Environmental Studies major at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, environmental justice is a topic that has particularly interested me. Unequal access to natural resources for nourishment, spiritual and recreational purposes is at the heart of many other disparities in this country. Trash is one of the core topics of environmental justice worldwide. Recently, China put limits on the amount of trash it accepts from the U.S. The U.S. needs to stop bullying other countries into accepting our excessive trash and take responsibility for our plastic pollution. The easiest way for the U.S. to reduce our trash is to pass legislation banning single-use plastics.

Bans on single-use plastics that are not easily recycled such as polystyrene are necessary to reducing our waste here in VA and worldwide. With Virginia’s enthusiasm for the environment and clean waterways, this option should be a no-brainer. We need a statewide ban on foam cups and takeout containers.

Elena Zweerink.


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