Rampell was wrong

to make ‘old’ assumption

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In Catherine Rampell’s recent column “Trump’s ‘socialist’ rhetoric is lazy name-calling from a lazy thinker” she made an inaccurate assumption when stating “Trump probably already had the old people vote locked up.”

My husband and I are both age 76 — which I imagine qualifies us as old people — and we are totally against Donald Trump with his constant lying, bullying, pompousness and ineptness in his role of president of the United States. We have many “old” friends and acquaintances who feel the same way. Rampell, who was a favorite of ours on the Opinions page, just took a few steps down in our opinions.

Diane Ault.


Watson disregarded

Deepwater Horizon spill

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Regarding Mike Watson’s article in the Commentary section of the RTD, “Offshore program promises benefits”: One quote in particular, “The offshore industry recognizes the importance of a healthy coastline, which it has demonstrated over decades of developing energy on the Gulf Coast.”

Decades? How quickly the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill has been forgotten. Eleven platform workers were killed and an incalculable number of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals died or were sickened. In fact, a movie was made about this explosion.

Decades? No, both the writer of this article and those who chose to publish it should check their facts.

We do not need more oil rigs, we need future technology to help us get away from the oil industry.

Christine Couturier.

Glen Allen.

There’s still plenty

for Congress to investigate

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In your recent editorial “Time to move on” you write: “We urge the legislators to abandon those calls.”

Really? You want no further investigations in the wake of the Mueller Report? House Democrats shouldn’t intensify their self-destructive public coup attempt against a duly elected president?

And Senate Republicans shouldn’t press for criminal indictments against the Trump-hating cohort of apparent seditionists and traitors in government including James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Clapper, John Brennan, and many more?

Robert “Sarge” Bruce.

King William.

Tax big carbon users

to slow global warming

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

It was surprising the recent article on worldwide student protest activity did not mention the recent bipartisan legislation that was introduced in Congress called the Energy Innovation and Dividend Act. This act is designed to make non-carbon energy — solar, wind and bio fuels — more cost competitive by slowly increasing the cost of non-renewable carbon sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. The fee, i.e. tax, will start small ($15/ton of carbon) and increase each year. The act would use the marketplace to address climate change. It would provide time for businesses and individuals to adjust to higher non-renewable carbon prices but give them a strong signal that the days of cheap fossil fuels are over. Each month the fees will be collected and redistributed entirely by the federal government to each household.

Therefore, this government revenue would not increase the U.S. government bureaucracy, would not be spent on other pet projects and, most significantly, would increase the expendable income of low- and moderate-income families while slowing global warming.

I strongly encourage everyone to call, email or write your representatives and senators to endorse and vote for this legislation.

For the sake of all people and the earth, the time to act is now!

L. Fred Roensch.


Does Israel treat

Arabs as equals?

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In his letter, E.R. Seidman rightly points out that there is a difference between legitimate criticism of Israel and illegitimate criticism based on prejudicial stereotypes.

He believes the charge of apartheid is illegitimate because Israeli Arabs “enjoy full civil rights and benefits.”

That might be true on paper, but not in fact. Arab citizens of Israel receive fewer medical resources than the Jewish population, experience more restrictions on building permits, and serve longer prison sentences.

According to a 2005 Hebrew University study, Israel invests three times as much money for the education of Jewish children than Israeli Arab children.

Two years ago, Israeli Arabs told me they feel like third-class citizens; they are prohibited from certain occupations and from attending certain professional conferences.

And that’s just the Arab citizens. Seidman fails to mention that 5 million Arabs (better known as Palestinians) living in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are not granted citizenship rights at all, despite the fact that Israel has been occupying their lands and/or controlling their lives for over 50 years.

These stateless people face restrictions and humiliations every day, and a security barrier/wall, along with Jewish-only roads, has separated Palestinian communities and served to consolidate land for the building of illegal Jewish settlements.

About 15 years ago I heard former Prime Minister Ehud Barak warn a Jewish audience that Israel’s democracy is at stake if it is controlling the lives of millions of people without giving them citizenship rights. He said that if this continues, Israel will be practicing “a kind of apartheid.”

Is Israel guilty of a kind of apartheid? It depends on how the word is understood. But it is difficult to believe Israel grants equal rights to its Arab citizens when the current prime minister insists that “Israel is a nation-state for Jews alone.”

Ryan Ahlgrim.


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