The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


412 W 14th St; Monument Development Nine Llc to 14th Street Additional Parcel, $525,000.

602-1/2 N 21st St; Jsb Investments Llc to Davis Alexander H, $278,000.

919 N 27th St; Leahy Kevin P to Nelson Margaret Adalanna, $175,000.

1209 N 29th St; Dominion Homes 29th Street Llc to Kotula Allison A, $219,000.

510 N 33rd St; Robinett Anne and Matthew to Burneson Brandon P, $329,000.

1207 N 36th St; Solodar Properties Llc to Abernathie Jane I, $196,000.

2712 4th Ave; Basterfield Alvin and Juantia to Us Bank Trust Na Trs, $175,525.

1503 W 45th St; Vaxc Llc to Clarke Price Mears, $280,000.

509 W 7th St; Trailhead Development Llc to Winter Hill Properties Inc, $1,153,379.

513 W 7th St; Trailhead Development Llc to Ames Michael E, $945,040.

10211 Apache Road; Seay Norman to Clark Pamela Ann and Gary Lee, $375,000.

4707 Augusta Ave; M Ellington Homes Llc to Felitto Donald J and Roberta M, $750,000.

410 N Belmont Ave; Robertson Patrick S and Megyn E to Uzun Altay K, $605,000.

211 Berkshire Road; Garnett James B and Elizabeth B to Glossop Simon G, $945,000.

103 E Broad St; Broad Street Redux Llc to Aquarian Properties Llc, $1,100,000.

3819 Brook Road; Tilgman William N to Mastro Christopher, $563,000.

3224 Carolina Ave; Es Properties I Llc to Fiske William Brice, $314,400.

1741 W Cary St; Chasen Andrew J to Atkins James N and Sherry H, $495,000.

3514 W Cary St; Goodwyn Hilton W Jr to Regency Goodwyn Llc, $4,604,016.

3554 W Cary St; Richmond Shopping Center Inc to Regency Goodwyn Llc, $8,395,983.

4008 Chevy Chase St; Goldberg Jonathan D to Nix Jonathan K and Heather S, $330,000.

909 Chimborazo Blvd; Hatcher Michael L to Bf2 Llc, $200,000.

3000 Cliff Ave; Xtreme Homes Llc to Galvis Steven and Jennifer, $349,950.

7550 Comanche Dr; McClary Michael D and Agnes J to Moore Cameron, $307,000.

9433 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Benedict Dallas C Jr, $438,359.

507 S Davis Ave; Alwood Andrew and Robert Jackson to Mason Chelsea L, $210,000.

5506 Dillwyn Road; Mihok Christopher T to Reynolds Nicholas A, $569,000.

2913 Edgewood Ave; Johnson Elaine Taylor to Turley Alexander, $150,000.

3527 Ellwood Ave; Richmond Shopping Center Inc to Regency Goodwyn Llc, $8,395,983.

507 Erich Road; Powell Monica T to Suarez Christopher M, $167,000.

3433 Floyd Ave; Herrington William Mikell to Rasmussen Kyle and Sarah, $480,000.

3304 Forest Hill Ave; King Renee K to Paetzold Courtney V, $192,000.

2418 E Franklin St, U102; Shahidi Parham to Mahon Lawrence J, $192,000.

1504 Georgia Ave; Cwiklowski Robert M to Velardi Lauren, $166,225.

3102 E Grace St; O'Connor William R to Chiariello Vincenzo and Jenny A, $413,000.

615 W Graham Road; Vertical Builders Llc to Taylor Blake McNeil, $335,000.

2909 Grayland Ave; Hodges Phillip C to Iaconi Nicholas, $295,000.

1702 Grove Ave; Renew Properties Llc to Stonebridge Investment Company, $825,000.

2422 Grove Ave; Lugbill Jon P and Gillian C to Golladay Gregory J and Susan S, $899,000.

3331 Hanover Ave; Vaughan William A and Pamela F to Fleet Clifford Bridges III, $629,000.

3912 Hill Monument Pkwy; Mattingly James T Jr to Tinsley Mark S, $210,000.

925 Hill Top Dr; Residential Property Solutions to Maitland John, $160,000.

468 Hunt Ave; Coalson John J and Jennifer to Barber Stephen M, $154,000.

4316 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Simmons Darin and Nagaina, $336,854.

5225 Kenmare Loop; NVR Inc to Bradshaw Rasheed, $292,915.

6216 Kimberly Cir; Etter Rebecca to Marshall Edmund A, $210,000.

2400 Lamb Ave; Skillsmith Properties Llc to Sutton Daniel C and Erika O, $335,000.

617 W Lancaster Road; All American Construction to L'heureux Rejean Michael, $289,900.

1317 W Leigh St; Libbie Rentals Llc to Hager John A and Mary Ann, $267,500.

2916 Libby Ter; Rosenbaum Allan L to Dixon Tess M, $640,000.

2528 W Main St; 2528 West Main Llc to Rva Polar Bear Llc, $358,000.

3110 Marlboro Dr; Bess David E to Midatlantic Ira Llc Fbo, $231,000.

304 N Meadow St; Brown Robert George to Painter William G, $535,000.

3202 Monument Ave; Straus Eleanor D to Minyard Steven Craig, $950,000.

3708 Moody Ave; Cava Capital Llc to Cava Theodore F and Rhonda Lee F, $183,250.

2915 Moss Side Ave; Ridge Point Holdings Llc to I Staffing Services Llc, $150,000.

2714 North Ave; 776 Ridge Llc to Hokanson Rory E, $160,000.

115 W Oxford Cir; Gottwald Thomas D and Jaclyn B E to Winchester Keith E and Diane M, $1,725,000.

4802 Park Ave; Wright Sylvia Rose to Breeding Sarah D, $316,950.

3108 Porter St; Skinner Kermit Jr to Roberts Jeffrey S Jr, $250,500.

1914 Powhatan St; Virginia Realty Ventures Llc to Fulks George Mand Betsy G, $246,000.

1722 Rose Ave; Elderhomes Corporation to Robinett Matthew H and Anne Z, $184,950.

4531 E Seminary Ave; Hearn Emion Smith to Clough William M, $290,000.

1400 Semmes Ave; Muse Land Company Inc to Monument Development Nine Llc, $3,100,000.

4407 Stonewall Ave; Fiske Eric K B and Judy M to Feld Jesse Michael, $307,000.

2019 Stuart Ave; Hogan Janet B to Williams Bret F, $495,000.

10051 Twin Valley Road; Josiah Deneen C to Hommel Roger W and Mari M, $285,000.

1802 Winder St; Real Estate Couture Llc to Cichocki Heather Walker, $170,000.

4413 Wythe Ave; Ross Ralph P and Angela P to Anderson Cindy L, $655,001.


11360 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Schmitt Linda Trustee to Chen Xiang Shu and Yu Juan, $252,300.

1313 Andover Rd, Henrico; Willis Larry J and Sandra M to Lopez Lester Y, $243,000.

12201 Ashton Glen Ct, Henrico; Richard Donald J and Claire M to Wanner Laverne Napier and Samuel H, $270,000.

2554 Barnesway Ln, Henrico; Holmes Mary P to Van Den Berg Cindy Ann, $165,000.

2412 Bell Tower Pl, Henrico; Cole Michael James and Leslie Kim to Cole Michael James, $200,000.

8512 Bentridge Ln, Henrico; Beattie Rebecca B to Huskey Susan G, $247,468.

1713 Binford Ct, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Lavala Samuel, $191,500.

2208 Brightmoor Ct, Henrico; Sharp Carol V to Kane Jeffrey and Nazneen, $180,000.

4609 Brookemere Dr, Glen Allen; Gil Hojin to Pederson Brady A and Nicole M, $515,000.

1203 Byrd Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Wood T Ward and Kathleen G, $515,000.

1901 Cambridge Ct, Henrico; Hampson Lisa A to Salem Mohamed, $169,000.

9711 Candace Ter, Glen Allen; Wilson William J to High Density Property Llc, $160,000.

160 Carriage Point Ln, Glen Allen; McGill William N and Winifred S to Rogers Gloria S, $329,000.

18 S Cedar Ave, Henrico; Blueflower Properties Llc to Williams Special S, $178,000.

1339 Cedar Lawn Ave, Henrico; Federal National Mortgage Association to Pettiford Jerrell, $179,950.

5209 Chappell Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Salmon John C and Lori H to Hayes Daniel B and Jacqueline H, $455,000.

12262 Church Rd, Henrico; Tran My Ngoc Le to Raihan Edriss and Sonia Et Al, $280,000.

9409 Claymont Dr, Henrico; Lenzi John T to Taylor Frank Todd and Terry Robert Curlee, $299,500.

6100 Club Rd, Henrico; Slaven Shaun Foster and William Maurice to Lansing Eric Merrill, $230,000.

310 Colonel Dr, Henrico; Nelson Milton Miller to Grange Michael, $167,000.

2100 Cool Brook Dr, Henrico; Cole John Wilson to Pittman Elizabeth W, $175,000.

401 N Daisy Ave, Henrico; Chapman Louise M Trustee to Jefferson William D and C N Rowland, $185,000.

4861 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Vertex Realty and Investment Llc to Hicks Andre R Jr, $225,900.

4671 Derbyshire Rd, Ua, Glen Allen; Mergler Frank L Sr and Shirley A to Everett Rhonda, $192,982.

5136 Dorin Hill Ct, Glen Allen; Borra Kiran Kumar to Teles Adriel N and Janaina Marcato, $395,000.

1605 Eagles Roost Ct, Henrico; Orton Vernon A II and Robin M to Brown Jabari I, $236,000.

5025 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Helquist Andrew E and Lindsay D, $793,456.

11529 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

4803 Fairlake Ln, Glen Allen; Sourivong Tony and Chien Thong to Arellano Carlos Ramirez, $200,000.

5409 Forest Brook Dr, Henrico; Merrill Lynch Trust Co, Fsb to Beau Llc, $163,000.

1623 Foster Rd, Henrico; Mitchell James H to Tu Kim L, $167,200.

6309 Galaxie Rd, Henrico; Lau Stephanie to Koester Anthony L, $185,000.

115 Gaymont Rd, Henrico; Clarke Mary L Estate to Warren William C and Lindsay H, $440,000.

12328 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico; Silva Alan F and Kelly E to Joshi Manish and Selina Shrestha, $318,000.

4741 Glenfinnian Dr, Henrico; Lewis Gary A to Hamel John Douglas, $234,950.

2473 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

3545 Graham Meadows Pl, Henrico; Anderson Raymond O and Llewellyn C to Shen Tom Chun-Liang and Michelle Zheng, $390,000.

5408 Great Oaks Cir, Henrico; W V McClure Inc to Buchanan Keith and Sherron S, $374,383.

9465 Greenhill Ct, Henrico; McCarthy Madeline B Trust to Walton Raymond Scott Jr and Ginny A, $151,000.

3500 Gwynn's Pl, Glen Allen; Hade Karl Robert and Kevin Douglas to Clark Randolph I and Maude A Henderson, $390,000.

12332 Haybrook Ln, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Sandhu Bimaljit and Ramnita S, $379,950.

2613 Hillgate Ct, Henrico; Morrison Bryan K to Tran Son T and Kim Thoa T Vo, $349,950.

2373 Horsley Dr, Henrico; Robinson Pamela E to Watts Eric, $257,000.

9532 Hungary Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; De Muller Louissiana M Lopez to Kennedy Sarah Ann, $250,000.

9561 Hungary Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Ganti Ganesh and Kiranmai Kodukula to Naser Sk Abu Zahid, $275,000.

10123 Idlebrook Dr, Henrico; Harford Karen to Huerta Marcos and Clare B, $298,500.

704 S Ivy Ave, Henrico; Henrico Homes Lc to Riley Joseph G III and Sylvania Y, $172,900.

1838 Ivystone Dr, Henrico; Byrum John Preston to Goldwire Jonathan, $200,000.

10004 Joppa Ct, Henrico; Rva Restore Llc to Pafras Michael and Katherine, $185,000.

17 Kambis Dr, Henrico; Hacker Scott and Debbie to Peace Larry E and Judith A, $245,000.

10120 Kexby Rd, Henrico; Markat Propeties Llc to Cooper Julie J, $218,000.

404 Kingsridge Rd, Henrico; Trusty Monique N to Hawkins Sylvia Lillian, $167,000.

2641 Kinvan Rd, Henrico; Mills Roy J and Awnali D to Fuson James D, $250,000.

1604 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Morris Debra A to Gaitan Juan F, $241,000.

4743 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to Kittrell Company, $204,000.

10000 Locklies Dr, Glen Allen; Evans Thomas R Sr and Joanne D to Popik Charles M and Carole A, $380,000.

3208 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Barbour Jair E, $284,400.

6420 Majestic Way, Henrico; Bonner Johnnie L and Linda M to Kelley Ronald M Jr, $292,400.

6360 N Midview Rd, Henrico; Warren Raquel M to Bank Of America Na, $162,442.

8615 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Pienta Tiffany to Houston Lemuel Cassidy, $186,000.

3705 Morton Dr, Henrico; Winstead Ronnie E Sr and Felicia T to Vann Antwoin M, $257,300.

Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Frg Lands Llc to Woodman West Llc, $650,000.

2219 Nelson St, Henrico; Billingsley Matthew J to Smith Keenan Joseph Paul, $168,000.

5420 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Braxton Bryon and Katrina, $264,065.

300 N O'Connor Ct, U09, Henrico; Reynolds Robert G to Gibson Sara R, $480,000.

3207 Opal Ave, Henrico; Robertson Wayne A to Opal Avenue 3207 Llc, $190,000.

9401 Paigefield Ct, Henrico; Constantino Costa G and Amy to Gray Matthew C and Lea P, $399,500.

5044 Park Commons Loop, Glen Allen; Harrington David D and Patricia G to Gittoes Richard W and Christa L Coleman, $445,000.

5041 Parkland Dr, Glen Allen; Alden Parke Llc to Legault Homes Llc, $200,000.

4546 Paxton Glen Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Maass James and Robyn, $606,239.

3709 Pennmardel Ct, Henrico; Graham Robert S and Holly H to Maher Christopher T and Lynne A, $642,500.

2128 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Jansen Wendy, $332,575.

10704 Peterfield Ln, Glen Allen; Bank Of America Na to Martinez Ricardo Alcides and Dinora M G P, $260,000.

7812 Point Hollow Dr, Henrico; Nguyen Danh to Sampson Michael R, $329,500.

2004 Pruett Ct, Glen Allen; Simpson Andrew D and Maria M Reppas to Matthews Duane K, $402,900.

12333 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Sedik David J and Alexandra N Vlade, $596,582.

2849 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Rice Kathryn L to Cumbo Krystal L, $189,950.

5505 Raleigh Rd, Henrico; Jsi Properties Llc to Randolph John and Carolyne, $220,000.

3801 Reynard Ct, Henrico; Coleman Warren K and Judith Spear to Broski Mark S and Mary C, $520,000.

3805 Rising Mt Zion Rd, Sandston; Carpenter Marc B and Kristie N Prtorich to Rodriguez Angela Dawn and Andre, $239,900.

2608 Roaringbrook Dr, Henrico; One Watchtower Llc to Pandak Phillip Michael and Lindsey Jerin, $329,950.

4900 Rodney Rd, Henrico; Head Geoffrey W to Gary Daniel, $216,000.

5709 Rolling Creek Pl, Glen Allen; Schwartz Feliks P and Jennifer to Tanaka Yoshio and Yoshimi, $420,000.

11604 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to McDaries Thomas, $619,371.

321 Sandston Ave, Sandston; Wood John L and Lauren M to Whitlow Tabitha, $163,000.

3028 Sandy Bluff Pl, Henrico; Basava Srinivas to Pappu Rama S Venkat and Uma Tata, $311,000.

12415 Seahaven Dr, Henrico; Fidlow Bennett and Krista to Gauden William Bradley and Katherine Hirt, $440,000.

130 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Winston Patrick Scott to Anderson Catherine Fowler and Joseph III, $350,000.

2721 Spinnaker Ct, Henrico; Whitt Thomas C to Apa Regis and Olivia Burjato Appa, $171,500.

9209 Stone Meadow Dr, Henrico; Clarke Patsy A to Nugyen Hoa Q and Hoang T, $187,000.

712 Stone Throw Ct, Henrico; Csc Construction and Williams General Cont to Akhtar Anjum and Shameem Rahim, $245,000.

213 Sunset Dr, Henrico; Elam Anne Alexandra to Lane Kelley and Erling Sjovold, $540,000.

4949 Tanfield Dr, Henrico; Grim Christopher R and Allison Cyrus to Bishop James Andrew and Marni Giancola, $275,000.

5011 Thrush Ln, Henrico; Brannan Christopher R to Swan Lexie Page, $205,000.

134 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Easter Latonya M, $214,215.

154 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Frye Dave and Stephanie J Oconnell, $205,205.

160 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Crawley Miranda M, $211,485.

6013 Treyburn Pl, Glen Allen; Whitt Richard R III and Jeanne C to Price Todd E and Christine W, $740,000.

4605 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Shah Mitul and Mukti Gandhi, $445,404.

1604 Villageway Dr, Henrico; Stumpf Gretchen to McGee Brittany and Christopher Yates, $229,000.

1203 Ware Rd, Henrico; National Transfer Services Llc to Modecki Carl A Jr, $272,500.

2203 Wasp Ln, Henrico; David E Lenore to Matthews Ryan Alan and John Robert, $190,000.

11201 Wellesley Terrace Ct, Henrico; Clark Elbert E Sr to Elizabeth Whitley Baron Trust, $442,000.

1616 Westhill Rd, Henrico; Vaughn Carlos F and Frances L to Dukic Dzemal, $152,231.

441 Westover Pines Dr, Henrico; Brake Cotina Lee to Brake Cotina Lee, $180,000.

407 Willomett Ave, Henrico; Slaven Sandy to Kahn Elliot J, $166,000.

5200 Windsor Rd, Sandston; Cox Tina J to Roberts Pamela, $240,000.

7933 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Bowles Kelsey B, $302,465.

7507 Woodley Rd, Henrico; Clayton Susan M to Al Moltashy Saad and Rihab, $214,950.

5107 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Walker Realty Ltd Ptship to Ireland Timothy James and Elizabeth B, $342,500.

11413 Yeomans Dr, Henrico; Maher Christopher T and Lynne A to Rowe Timothy J Jr and Jennifer L, $394,950.


637 Abbey Village Cr; Johansen Denise L to Chennupati Naveen, $272,500.

2219 Adelay Dr; Legault Homes Llc to Rountree Christopher K and Sara, $655,110.

6800 Alabaster Ln; Eastwood Homes to Suri Arun and Suri Renuka, $472,500.

2502 Alcott Rd; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Facemire Robert W, $163,000.

1000 Arch Hill Dr; The Arch Hill Family Land Tr to Everett Lucas, $209,900.

906 Ashbrook Landing Rd; Tdz Properties Llc to Gillespie Matthew and Chelsea, $309,900.

9512 Ashleyville Mw; Jackson Arland W and Tatiana A to Pond Heath D and Alicia, $312,500.

14200 Ashmill Dr; Main Street Homes to Sexton Caitlyn, $334,202.

11448 Bailey Mountain Tl; Milligan John H to Hyra Clifford D and Stephanie A, $184,000.

21155 Baileys Grove Dr; Bogese Realty and Const Inc to Goodwin Lavern Gilchrist, $245,000.

4831 Banton St; Starke Kalana to White Jesse L, $159,950.

13801 Barnes Spring Rd; Barker Matthew and Elizabeth to Giersmann Deanna L, $275,000.

12018 Baymill Ct; Ray David T and Gay H to Ray Matthew T and Rachel E, $265,000.

7806 Belfield Rd; Waskom Barbara D and Olive L C to Cruz Nunez Johny R, $210,000.

2525 Bexley Farms Ct; Quraishi Asrar H and Kulsoom F to Calderon Noe, $324,950.

8924 Blooming Pl; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Herrick Donna F, $361,503.

6016 Bluffwood Ct; Bell Alyssa to Gallop Gregory Lavern II, $189,000.

10632 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Hehemann August and Melanie, $260,245.

10640 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Yurkon Sharon L, $268,450.

16647 Brattice Mill Rd; Whittingham Tony and Michelle to Thomas Shamarko L, $730,000.

14001 Briars Cr; Cavanaugh Calvin and Windy to Walmsley Dana S, $226,000.

5807 Brillhart Station Dr; NVR Inc to McKnight De'anna Et Al, $230,465.

5907 Brillhart Station Dr; NVR Inc to Batchu Praveen K and Gorecha D, $226,500.

902 Buford Oaks Cr; Pierce Joyce Fisher to Grayson Phillip S and Joann H, $290,000.

16618 Burridge Pl; Main Street Homes to Manipula Manolito M and Laarni A, $411,607.

6201 Cameron Bay Tr; Castelow Sara and Castelow Tammy to Delong Aaron L, $215,000.

3224 Canford Lp; Holden Patrick J and Myra to McClenny Steven W Jr, $470,000.

13318 Carters Valley Rd; Holloman Wilmer C Jr and O S to Stevens Joshua and Lauren, $355,000.

3434 Castlebury Dr; U S Industries Llc to Gardona Lucas A and Hayley N, $189,000.

15524 Centerline Ct; NVR Inc to Walger Chad and Dayna, $318,530.

2301 Chancellor Rd; McInteer Cathlyn S Trustee to Kuzel-Meyer K E and Meyer D E, $300,000.

15712 Chesdin Point Dr; Coffey Ronald G and Christina S to Searcy Mary Alison, $430,000.

2318 China Cat Tr; Stillwell Douglas M and Holly A to Wells Fargo Bank N A, $159,570.

4609 Cinderwood Dr; Lewis Joseph A III and Rachel S to Willis Chris Scott, $159,000.

10200 Cloverfield Cr; Thompson Thomas Edward Jr to Lowry Joseph and Cordova Helen, $160,000.

11406 Corte Castle Rd; Bryan Melissa J and Lewis W to Estrada Armando S J and Garcia M, $220,000.

13303 Court Ridge Rd; Ferrell Christopher S and M A to O'Connell S M and Kaufmann D A, $190,000.

10118 Cravensford Tr; NVR Inc to Mason Erika and Lyons Orlando, $339,990.

1418 Crawford Wood Pl; Nguyen Ly Huong and Debra Lynn to Balheimer James and Fe A, $329,000.

10132 Dakins Dr; Wilby Joshua and Schaffer C to Poore Nathan D, $195,000.

6827 Dales Pony Dr; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Ballard Corinne B, $296,356.

12304 Darien Cr; The Wright Choice 401(K) Plan to Parham Barry C, $156,000.

15005 Dogwood Villas Pl; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Jinnette Donald W, $302,705.

12430 Donegal Dr; Woods Warren V Jr and Teresa J to Boan T C and Arboleda Kristina, $249,950.

9531 Dunroming Rd; F and W Ventures Llc to Gamble Morgan L and Jabrond D, $299,000.

14948 Eastborne Wy; Main Street Homes to Shelly Bryan T and West C E, $404,755.

3507 Edenfield Rd; Tarrington 8 and 9 Llc to Hartnett Christopher J and J L, $540,000.

12611 Escada Dr; Morgan Aubrey F and Robin R to Hopkins Michael C and J R, $305,000.

7837 Etching St; NVR Inc to Irby Lisa, $224,715.

14307 Farcet Dr; Regli Michael J to Chitwood Paul H and Michelle, $430,000.

5906 Ferintosh Ln; Kindle Yolana Tas to Thomas Shikeisha L, $173,500.

15501 Fox Club Wy; Harrell Howard G and Denise M to Cheatham Charles K and Mary W, $370,000.

15425 Foxvale Wy; Woods Dion to Thompson Jean K, $345,000.

3421 Ghent Dr; Mebrahtu Asfaw and Et Al to Ghent Holdings Llc, $236,000.

14406 Glenmorgan Dr; Bright Jennyanne C to Anderson Justin M and Caitlyn E, $330,000.

16813 Green Gate Ct; NVR Inc to Seabrook Berna A, $499,675.

641 Greencastle Rd; Chlebowski Jan F Trust to Dunbar Aaron M and Ashley L, $203,550.

10210 Greglynn Rd; Perkins Eric A and Charity L to McCathern Hawthorne P and Faith, $169,900.

9214 Groundhog Dr; Hardy Richard E Trustee to Ebeling-Gulley Jessica L, $184,950.

5707 Grove Forest Rd; Coleman Robert L and Mary Ann to White Robert W and Blanka L, $300,000.

4131 Hamlin Tr; Calhoun Richard L and Yon I to Hernandez Miguel-Angel, $230,000.

16007 Hampton Summit Dr; Riffe Matthew A and Lindi J to Griffith William and Monica, $290,500.

16219 Hampton Summit Dr; Price Jason S and Debbi L to Wilgus Mary A, $305,125.

3718 Harrow Dr; Rodriguez Eduardo Jr and Zamara to Morris Patrese Michael, $206,500.

1101 Hawkins Wood Cr; McCullough Kimberley C and R C to Waldrup Jerald B and Brittany S, $330,150.

4501 Heritage Woods Ln; Graham Alexis to Pettigrew Alan W, $215,000.

4800 Hilbay Tr; Builder Funding Llc to Locklair Daniel M III and R K, $342,000.

12324 Hillcreek Tr; Smith David M and Kimberly A to Dailey Willie L and Karen S, $300,000.

12614 Horseshoe Bay Ct; Crenshaw Paul I Jr and Jessica E to Smith Jamie A and Laffoon R C, $207,000.

6006 Ironstone Dr; Johnson Roger to Sloan John P and Sloan Daniel L, $285,000.

3907 Ivyridge Dr; Whitlock Faye B to Johnson Robert, $284,900.

6620 Johnston St; Sturt Custom Builders Inc to Miles Stanley D and Anita R, $179,900.

15213 Jordans Parrish Rd; Finer Homes Inc to Foster John W and Nancy C, $354,616.

11906 Kilrenny Rd; Smith Frederick E Jr and Constance to Yi Joanne H Et Als, $230,000.

6512 Kingsland Creek Ct; Penree Eric J and Megan B to Sow Tidiane A, $224,900.

2507 Krossridge Rd; Yin Jazmin Lia and Sokun to Hernandez Luis and Catharine, $253,900.

19800 Lacy Farm Rd; Blue Ridge Custom Homes Llc to Gosline Michael and Lindsey, $590,000.

6205 Lansgate Rd; Bostick Ivy J to Archer Michael N and Sasha G, $290,000.

8966 Lavenham Lp; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Griffin Barry O and Yanna, $381,275.

15225 Lavenham Tr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Segroves Matthew E and Mavy A, $322,980.

12619 Lerwick Pl; Palmer Michael E and Julie A to Thomas Glenn and Valerie, $399,500.

14924 Litton Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Lee Jonathan A and Huang Yang, $465,260.

8424 Lylwood Ct; Hunt David F Sr and Marie A to Etherington Jonathan A and N J, $327,500.

9113 Mahogany Dr; Trask Bruce R and Anne H to Alexanian Garabed H and Judy C, $305,000.

15210 Martin Glen Tr; Aprigliano Rochelle T to Collier P A and Legrand L M, $310,000.

14201 McCabe Dr; Palmer James Jr and Faith T to Liulenov Allison, $235,000.

6030 S Melbeck Rd; Delmott Dennis J to Mendez Elias M and Ana V, $250,000.

419 Michaux View Tr; Nelson Rosemary to Coleman Greg and Candis, $310,000.

5242 Misty Spring Dr; Guico Leonard M and Sharon T to Glover Justin A Et Als, $260,000.

5300 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Fennell John C and Tiffany A, $445,459.

4507 Nambe Cr; Champion Mortgage Company to Pham Long, $159,600.

7713 Nathan Ln; Walker Daniel and Christina to Owusu-Ansah Bright Et Al, $232,900.

4806 Newbys Mill Tr; Ross Carolyn S to Ahidara Amara Et Al, $273,000.

5312 Niles Rd; Midlothian Ventures Llc to Johnson Victor M Jr and E A, $259,950.

9230 W Oak River Dr; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Jones Harvey Jr and Alisa, $260,000.

10012 Old Bon Air Pl; Kelly Denise J to Hickey Francis X and Geraldine M, $273,000.

2921 Old Gun Rd West; Bassard Katherine Clay Et Als to Bahen Andrew M and Theresa C, $285,000.

16925 Old Westridge Dr; Main Street Homes to Mackall Tyler J and Rebecca L, $487,767.

14019 Palomino Wy; Jefferson Mychael D to Stewart Grant M and Hasken K N, $235,000.

4807 Pawpans Ct; Wolfe Licia V to Taylor Ray C and Patricia A, $189,000.

9120 Pepperidge Rd; Luniw Anh to Rogers Michael, $203,150.

7704 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Ellers Mary R, $261,665.

1512 Porters Mill Ct; Palladium Properties Llc to McGrath Michael J, $216,500.

5256 S Prestonwood Av; Jackson Angela N to Wright Michael W and Ronna C, $210,000.

243 Pumpkin Pl; Perry Barbara A to High Point Real Est Sol Llc, $186,606.

9724 Qualla Farms Tr; Wareham Juliann D to Peterson Whitney Rae, $263,000.

12642 Queensgate Rd; Truong Lee Tan and Tran Dang Thi to Lundie Justin C and Gina M, $325,000.

3212 Ramsey Dr; Peters Monte L and Maritza R to McNeal Delric and Moneake, $277,000.

12604 Raven Wing Cr; Detmer John and Jessica to Jackson Brian D and Megan D, $279,900.

16306 Ravenchase Wy; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Hayes Michael E and Cook Kara E, $515,000.

9201 Redington Dr; Heidlebaugh D C and Hamilton R C to Heidlebaugh Aaron C and Jennifer, $190,000.

11560 Rexmoor Dr; Gilley William F and Anne D to Milton J Gilbert, $230,000.

11832 Rimswell Turn; Builder Funding Llc to Chartier Kent and Shannon, $314,000.

15421 River Rd; Hay Gaynor to Tovar Mauricio A Jr and Chelsea, $772,900.

11440 Rochelle Rd; Jones William A and Coleen Y to Abel Joshua R and Whittle M K, $245,000.

12907 Rockridge Rd; Longo Joseph D and Betty J to Pauly Michael James and Sarah E, $287,000.

14407 Rolling Fields Ln; Forsythe Michael A and J E to Auguste Anna, $255,000.

3325 Rossington Bl; Gaillard Charles A Jr and C C to Mitchell Fred III and Nateshia, $249,950.

3009 Rycliff Av; Davadi Homes Inc Of Virginia to Reyes Jose R, $212,500.

10206 Saint Joan Av; Jackson Brian to Hensel Jordan A and Scott J R, $184,000.

1640 Sandgate Rd; Pheifer Beverly A to Albert Stephen A and Moore J M, $227,500.

5937 Sara Kay Dr; Motta Thiago to Brasili Claire S and Brasili P N, $200,000.

8331 Scottingham Dr; Riley Jeffrey A and Barbara P to Hooper Jennifer R, $166,000.

10532 Seacliff Ln; Munrayos Yuri O and Elizabeth to Staruk Henry F III, $205,000.

2304 Shadow Ridge Pl; 2304 Shadowridge Land Trust to O'Flaherty Daniel and Aimee, $295,000.

3310 Shallowford Tc; Johnson Adele C to Wimmer Denny L and Scarpua R L, $375,000.

4708 Shop St; Adams Holding Llc to Stanley Sarah B, $175,000.

15431 Signal Lamp Rd; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Hart Alfonso J, $425,635.

23640 Skinquarter Rd; French Thomas B and Angela E to Simmon Jay W and Detrik F, $380,000.

3009 South Ridge Dr; Hurley Justin C and Heather W to Eastham Evangeline, $190,000.

1406 St Thomas Dr; Tillman Sydney L to Nelson Gregory K Et Als, $296,000.

7905 Stiles Rd; Harris Jerry W to Berdick Edward L Jr and J T, $279,900.

6117 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Jackson C B and Billips J W, $254,950.

8212 Stone River Ct; Anderson Justin M to Bates Daniel M, $215,000.

11907 Sugar Hill Dr; Berger Construction Co to Laury Asbury W and Linda J, $358,000.

15519 Sultree Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Williamson Cosmos J and Sydney L, $511,660.

12712 Summerhouse Ln; Grau Marta S to Mangano Alexander and Kiersten, $272,000.

3918 Sunny Creek Dr; Gleason Jammie L and Rachael L to Thornton Deon, $250,000.

7207 Swanhaven Dr; McLean Dueane and Andrea Hall to Wells Fargo Bank N A, $226,800.

1430 Sycamore Mews Cr; Preddy Janet B to Sullivan Patricia A, $169,000.

1502 Sycamore Square Dr; Southworth James W to Fitch James E III, $172,000.

8443 Timberstone Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Brownell John and Cecilia, $493,609.

9521 Trails End Rd; Walters Kenneth G to High Point Real Est Sol Llc, $170,000.

1105 Traywick Ct; Obereker Sandra L to Hamilton Tabitha A and Billy Jr, $172,000.

16819 Tulip Hill Pl; Homeplaces Ltd to Lowry Bradford R and Rachel L, $775,000.

4509 Twin Cedars Rd; Gentry Ervella L and Kern S E to Wilson Nicholas Cory, $289,600.

7230 Velvet Antler Dr; 4 For Four Llc to Crockwell Brandon Elroy, $205,000.

100 Vollie Rd; Locklair Daniel M III and R K to Mizer Samuel A and Cynthia K, $365,000.

1918 Warrior Tl; Glover Gerald Wade to Myers Tara M, $192,500.

15200 Wellesley Dr; Davis Gregory T to Oakley Harry H III, $165,000.

1405 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Reavis Carroll A, $284,445.

1417 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bland Michelle, $322,028.

10426 White Rabbit Rd; Balderson Lesley to Swieca Matthew J and Emily R, $249,000.

7143 Windy Creek Cr; Smith Korey and Carla M to Kamara Saidu and Wesseh Rachael, $223,000.

11833 Winfore Dr; Phan Michael J and Le T to Olexy Matthew F, $260,000.

7604 Yorkdale Ct; Diblasio Arnold to D & R Simpson 3 Llc, $160,000.


0.817 acres; 13068 Cedar Lane Series to SKR Properties LLC, $165,000.

1 acre; Liberty Homes Inc. to Cardinal Point LLC, $220,000.

1.618 acres; TL Hunt LLC to Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Richmond, $1,425,000.

1.84 acres; Conrad Virginia LLC to VAL Properties LLC, $1,020,000.

2.614 acres; Nexus Land Management LLC to North Lake RV LLC, $452,000.

33.238 acres, Lakeview at Luck Farm; Rogers Chenault Inc. to Susan L. Morrison, trustee, $560,000.

4.537 acres; William J. Nash Jr. to Andrea B. Cofer, $350,000.

51.91 acres; Percy W. Kingston to James B. Call Jr., $250,000.

Lot 1, Block B, Flippo Industrial Park; Epsilon Investments LLC to Quarles Petroleum Inc., $650,000.

Lot 1, Block G, Section C, Avondale; Richard Gordon to William A. Duffin, $336,000.

Lot 1, Section 4, Hanover Village Shopping Center; Riverstone Properties LLC to Hanover Village Self Storage LLC, $950,000.

Lot 14, Block A. Section A, Holly Ridge; Marathon Real Estate Management Group LLC to Michael J. Roy, $260,000.

Lot 21, Sharon Park; Liberty Homes Inc. to Cardinal Point LLC, $220,000.

Lot 23, Block A, Ashcake Station; Michael A. Baines to Brenda Connatser Hamilton, $280,000.

Lot 3, Block 1, Craney Island Farms; Shannon Sale to David Burgess, $276,500.

Lot 4, Block C, Section K, Mayfield Farms; 8104 Landover LLC to Riggins Properties LLC, $285,000.

Lot 5, Block E, Section D, Walnut Grove; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, $174,150.

Lot 7, Section 1A, Lakeview at Luck Farm; Rogers Chenault Inc. to RCI Builders Inc., $195,000.

Parcel; Jeffrey A. Duling, administrator to Sandy Valley LLC, $600,000.

Parcel; Michael Ray Porch to American Battlefield Trust, $356,000.

Parcel; Panera LLC to Ash Pan Pooh LLC, $3,425,000.

Section 2, Garrison Manor; Meridian Garrison Manor LLC to NVR Inc., $260,400.


1 acre; J.C. Homes Inc. to Douglas E. Cox, $206,000.

1.858 acres; Lou-Rich Partners LLC to Oakridge Land LLC, $1,050,000.

2.02 acres; Jennifer Kellam Hamby to Michael A. Hill, $225,000.

2.266 acres; Vertical Builders LLC to Todd Allen Morris, $247,500.

20/625 undivided interest in 74.1954 acres; Walton Virginia LLC to Leisure Max Limited, $200,000.

3 acres; Walls Construction Co. to Travis K. Chapin, $251,500.

64.23 acres; David J. Sowers to Capitol City Development LLC, $257,000.

74.1954 acres; Walton Virginia LLC to Zuhair Zaki M. Bakheet, $200,000.

Lot 11, Section B, Huntington; Hunt Lake LLC to Andrew Bayard Hilldrup, $184,000.

Lot 12, Block D, Section C, Chestnut Oaks; Charles D. Green (by substitute trustee) to Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee, $172,385.

Lot 19, Pine Tree Estates; Suzanne Jones to David W. Varnier, $164,000.

Lot 3, Section C, Trails at Huntington; Hunt Lake LLC to DuMont Homes LLC, $200,000.

Lot 3R, Section 7, Aston; W.V. McClure Inc. to John Hall, $454,225.

Lots 12 and 10B, Scottsville; William E. Maxey III to Michael W. Byerly, $174,000.

Parcel; ALG Trustee LLC to Sprouses Corner LLC, $239,000.

Parcel; William J. Allan to Commonwealth Trustees LLC, $173,000.


2150 Broad St. Road, Maidens; Bethany J. Astorino to Paul Herman Berkle Jr., $250,000.

832 Dover Bluff Place, Manakin Sabot; James E. Gray III to John Adam Hugo III, $700,000.

654 Fairhurst Court, Manakin Sabot; Richard K. Slater, trustee to Bennett I. Lewis, $703,500.

823 Lachlan Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Julian Brown, trustee, $769,795.

1288 Millers Lane, Manakin Sabot; Sprouses Corner LLC to Letrey Lewis, $155,000.

311 Randolph Square Parkway, Richmond; Robert S. Ukrop Jr. to Frederick Scott Myers, $1,550,000.

3140 Running Still Lane, Gum Spring; Warren A. Beltz to Landon M. Oakes, $150,000.

4974 Shannon Road, Kents Store; Renovatio III LLC to Brandon A. Wells, $235,000.

2903 Stone Creek Drive, Sandy Hook; Gregory S. Harlow to Andrew James Devaul, $478,777.

5412 Three Chopt Road, Louisa; Amelia Daves to Bobby Lee Davis Jr., $210,000.

4005 West Chapel Drive, Goochland; Nancy L. Simpson, trustee to Carolyn Susan King, $318,000.

2246 Wind Sog Drive, Maidens; Ashley Cousins to Tracey L. Presley, $237,000.


3799 Beachwood Ave.; Desco Corp. to JMDC LLC, $350,000.

1601 Kings Road; Marian R. Moore to Rodger R. Langley, $182,500.

1810 Matoax Ave.; Brian Dolan Law Offices to John M. Studivant, $154,300.

2010 E Washington St.; I. Maxine Newton to Colonial Realty and Finance LLC, $180,000.


3 tracts; EJS Real Estate LLC to Kaisa USA Inc., $2,125,000.

Lot 170, Phase 3, Lake Jordan; Commonwealth Asset Services LLC to Daniel Anthony, $242,065.

Lot B, Block B, Ferndale Park; Sharon L. Dean to Sheron D. Poole, $162,000.

Lot 191, Phase 3, Lake Jordan; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $206,600.

Lot 7, Block A, Chesdin Manor; Bobby G. Vaughan to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $175,600.


0.735 acres; Marcello Crapa to Jia Song Wang, $570,000.

1.542 acres; CA Colonial Heights Investment Trust to Colonial Richmond LLC, $4,278,000.

3.709 acres; Jenniffer L. Evans to Donald E. Butler II, $236,000.

Lot 14, Block G, Section 3, Gills Point; Jacob F. Bliss to Jesus Campos, $169,000.

Lot 41 and parts of Lots 38-40, Block 4, Chesterfield Highlands; Franklin M. Lundie Jr. to Heavenly Smiles Properties LLC, $525,000.

Lot 8, Section 7, Gills Point; Stephen Y. Dowse to Kelvin Carter, $240,000.

Parcel; Joyce S. Wilkerson to JDP Real Estate LLC, $159,800.

Part of Lot 30, Colonial Gardens; S & P Enterprises Inc. to Bullpen Investments LLC, $362,500.


Lot 23, Section 2, Cobblestone; Bertha C. Morene to Robert Kearney Williams III, $235,000.

Lot 23A, Riverview Section; M. Richard Epps PC, substitute trustee to Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., $209,500.


3.66 acres; Hartfield Associates LLC to Quarles Petroleum Inc., $325,000.

33.5 acres; James Leon Moody, trustee to Milton Stanley Clarke jr., $250,000.

49.294 acres; Linda M. Bryant to Tranz Dominion LLC, $275,000.

Lots; New Kent Farms LLC to PHD Holdings LLC, $2,149,762.

Lots 1, 55 and 57, Section 1, Dispatch Station; Dispatch Station Development LLC to Shurm Construction Inc., $225,000.

Lots 4, 5 and 6, Section 4, The Oaks; The Oaks Development LC to Chesterfield Construction Services, $210,000.

Lots 609 and 610, Woodhaven Shores; John B. Sanders to Federal National Mortgage Association, $155,523.

Lot 9, Block C, Sherwood Estates; Patricia W. Kearney to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, $242,776.

Lots, Section 2, Bel Green at Brickshire; Bel Arbor Builders Inc. to W.V. McClure Inc., $175,000.

Lots, Section 2, The Fields at Pine Fork; Pine Fork LLC to W.V. McClure Inc., $520,000.

2 parcels; Kristin Dervishian Von Klein to Robert Dervishian, $150,000.


11.7 acres; Partridge Properties LLC to James L. Slagle, $317,500.

18.305 acres; Irene W. Brown to Donnie L. Laxton, $245,000.

54.641 acres; Sarah A. Miller to James A. Rush, $325,000.

60.42 acres; Eugene D. Zurik to Chappell Construction LLC, $190,000.

Parcel; JKA Properties LLC to D. Kent Yandle, $317,500.

Parcel; RCC Crossings LLC to Kosan LLC, $1,453,044.

Charles city

Lot 15, Wilcox Wharf; Russell L. Jones to Y & R Holdings LLC, $465,000.

Lots, Sterling Run; Nice Acres LLC to Archie C. Richardson Jr., $158,000.


0.6 acres; Thomas E. Winfree Sr. to Lois B. Yeatts, $155,000.

108.62 acres; David G. Hobbs to Joel Hendelman, $450,000.

3.06 acres; Ricky A. Swinson to Piedmont Circuits LLC, $200,000.


200.1156 acres; Brooks Lumber Co. Inc. to F & J Holdings LLC, $318,000.

3 acres; JMHC Holding LLC to JP Holdings LLC, $155,000.

Lot 1, Carmel Church Business Centre; Fidelity Properties Ltd. to CCBC Properties LLC, $1,542,300.

Lot 100, Lake Land'or; Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $247,334.

Lot 1825, Lake Caroline; Jean L. Knehr to Timothy Michael May, $340,000.

Lot 297R, Lake Caroline; Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Gina Marie Muzi, $153,520.

Lot 748, Lake Land'or; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Cedar Home Investments LLC, $156,300.

Parcel; Culpeper Farmers Cooperative Inc. to Caroline Commercial Development Inc., $1,485,000.

Parcel; L.B. Sognier, trustee to Waffle House Inc., $500,000.

Parcel; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $192,492.

Parcel; Tanager Timber LLC to ETO II Trustees LLC, $373,017.

Parcel; Warren Stuart Gaskill Jr. to Valerie A. Tindell, $210,000.

Parcels A & B, Carmel Church Business Centre; Russell Stover Chocolates LLC to SCM Coastal LLC, $3,531,000.


126.5 acres; Sam Stansbury to Steven E. Smucker, $320,000.

142.7 acres; Wesley Andrew Layne Jr. to Levi L. Swarey, $360,000.

314.87 acres; Lucie-Lee Feldman to JCM III LLC, $815,000.

Lot 20, Block C, Kimberly Hills; Robert E. Stream to Brian Edward Walkere, $152,800.


388 Bugan Villa Drive, Shacklefords; Robert R. Lee to Brittney Cox, $218,000.

26500 The Trail, Mattaponi; Susan C. Newtown to Renee J. Hypes, $170,000.

206 Woft Pond Road, Mattaponi; Shirley Janus to Mary E. Bullock, $174,000.


0.132 acres; Delaware Corp. to Westrock CP LLC, $190,000.

1.73 acres; Jessica Hutt to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $158,852.

168.43 acres; Jamestown Forestlands LLC to Michael R. Porch Jr., $353,703.

4.55 acres; John Durgin to RJS LLC, $160,000.

9 acres; Michael L. Taylor to Deanna Rachel Burroughs, $240,000.

Lot BB6, Kennington Townhomes; RCI Builders LLC to Ball Lumber Co. Inc., $189,768.

Lots; First Virginia Propane Inc. to Quarles Petroleum Inc., $1,000,000.


21.5 acres; Stanley B. Travis Revocable Trust to Lyle N. Trimmer, $300,000.

200 acres; Nancy Wellons to Westrock LLC, $252,226.


706 N Henry St.; William W. Dickinson to Maria E. Caragiulo, $167,000.

376 Merrimac Trail; Frank Vince to Anna Maria Marston, $155,000.

3933 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Ralph Perez, $315,715.

5054 River Drive, Lanexa; Keystone Homes Corp. to David S. Wolons, $191,500.

258 William Way; Nancy D. Early, trustee to Martin J. Parkes, $575,000.


2 parcels; Hartfield Associates LLC to Quarles Petroleum Inc., $280,000.

3 parcels; Bishop Dwight Beamon to Brock Dehlin Insurance Agency Inc., $170,000.

2 tracts; Tradition Golf Club at Stonehouse LLC to Stonehouse 2.0 LLC, $800,000.

0.994 acres; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $285,482.

6.564 acres; Equity Trustees LLC to Thomas B. Whitmore III, $408,941.

7.7504 acres, Charisma Townhouses Inc.; Village at Williamsburg LLC to DBC Stonegate Apartments BSD LLC, $11,000,000.

Lot 120, Monticello Woods; Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $439,330.

Lot 143, Settlement at Powhatan Creek; Dwight W. Tausz to Michael J. Brown, trustee, $339,000.

Lot 146, Southall Quarter; Kathrye Elizabeth Lemon to Blue Water Real Estate LLC, $270,000.

Lot 14B, Longhill Gate; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Wells Fargo Bank, $157,950.

Lot 16B, Rivers Edge; Richard S. Thompson, trustee to Larry W. Chafin, $912,500.

Lot 183, Liberty Crossing; Terra Abstract Virginia Inc. to Joel R. Fortune, $232,100.

Lot 20, Orchard Hill; Anne B. Allen, trustee to Aimee O. Potash, $285,000.

Lot 221, First Colony; James Rock to Timothy M. Gilhool, $210,000.

Lot 214, Liberty Crossing; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to SAAS Realty LLC, $234,000.

Lot 223, Wellington; Wells Fargo Bank to MidLantic Management LLC, $199,100.

Lot 225, Liberty Crossing; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to RRS Investments LLC, $234,000.

Lot 24, Fleming E. Pierce Property; Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $168,100.

Lot 26, Elmwood; James R. McFall to Situation Solutions One Inc., $180,000.

Lot 26, Elmwood; Situation Solutions One Inc. to Quality Virginia Homes LLC, $207,500.

Lot 3, Winster Fax; Equity Trustees LLC to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., $219,000.

Lot 323, The Villages at Westminster; Inside Out Community Ministries Inc. to VA Gov. Housing VI LP, $175,550.

Lot 38, Hampton Key; David L. Weaver to Gary B. Jensen, $550,000.

Lot 39, Village Walk at New Town; Joseph F. Reichmann to Kanals LCC, $330,000.

Lot 4, Jeffersons Hundred; William T. McMurry Jr. to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., $611,500.

Lot 5, Barretts Ferry Landing; Hofmeyer Limited Partnership to Richard J. Businelle, $300,000.

Lot 5, Ford's Colony at Williamsburg; Henry V. Kusmierz, trustee to Peter S. Parsons, $325,000.

Lot 6, New Town; JWJ Properties LP to James J. Hauser, $265,000.

Lot 61, Winster Fax; Hals Folly LLC to Melinda Williams, $265,000.

Lot 67, New Town; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Cindy Van Riper, $408,107.

Lot 71, Colonial Heritage; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to New Penn Financial LLC, $247,760.

Lot C, Hicks Island; David A. Bradley to Richard E. Hollins, $395,000.

Lots 156-159, Village at Candle Station; Candle Development LLC to NVR Inc., $246,200.

Lots 179 and 180, Peleg's Point; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to NVR Inc., $251,000.

Lots 188 and 205, Village at Candle Station; Candle Development LLC to NVR Inc., $176,233.

Parcel 3, Gilley Boundary Line adjustment; Terri Lynn Gilley to Coby Linton, $295,000.

Parcel; Coast Federal Credit Union to Tomco Williamsburg LLC, $2,350,000.

Parcel; Philip O. Richardson LLLP to Riverside Brick & Supply Co. Inc., $401,000.

Parcel, Neck O'Land; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $330,000.

Unit 216, Padgett's Ordinary; TJ Capital LLLP to Paul S. Nelson, $220,000.

Unit 330, Padgetts Ordinary Condominium; John A. Johnson to Keith Kostek, $220,000.

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