The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


726 N 23rd St; 722-724 Jessamine St Llc to Peacher Joshua W and Lisa B, $400,000.

828 W 29th St; Carey John Vincent Brian to Plumley Jennifer E, $274,000.

620 N 30th St; Wall Elizabeth A to Fown Ken W, $310,000.

611 W 32nd St; Smith Laura K to Schmidt Karl M and Katherine V, $200,000.

2827 4th Ave; Signal Asset Management Llc to Cruz Marie L, $249,900.

1812 W 45th St; Maxwell Jacob C and Allison W to McGrew Wesley L and Brianna L, $297,000.

4305 S Ashlawn Dr; Harrison Anne G D to Heberle Laen Suzanne, $420,000.

2911 Barton Ave; J A R Partners Llc to Kelman Jamie A, $170,000.

6324 Bliley Road; Hinkins Jeffrey C to Martin Blakeley Jackson, $225,000.

507 N Boulevard, U12; Lacey Amy B to Griffin Jeremy T and Jennifer K, $192,500.

3908 Brook Road; Kransdorf Kathryn E to Raine Brenda Dod, $280,000.

205 W Brookland Park Blvd; Forrest Mr Samuel S Sr to The Diradour Llc, $230,000.

1714 W Cary St, U3; Marren Lee A to Westfall Jack M and Yee Audrey S, $293,000.

300 S Cherry St; Roberts John A and Rachel M to McLaughlin Calvin J, $359,900.

611-1/2 S Cherry St; Niemi Chad J to Colonna Alexander Mark, $365,000.

700 W Clay St; Fletcher Ronald W and Mary A to Le Nghia T, $225,000.

4350 Commerce Road; Rri III Llc to Commerce Rd Hotel Llc, $4,160,000.

5418 Dorchester Road; Duval Robert I to Goode Paul K, $375,000.

2603 Edgewood Ave; Evans Stacey L to Story Joseph W, $278,000.

3901 Fauquier Ave; Nedza Ashley P to Stauffer Patricia P, $275,000.

4209 Fitzhugh Ave; Morrison Bradley S to Palmer Andrew M, $280,000.

6508 Forest Hill Ave; Dinsmore Billy D to Ahmed Ghyasuddin and Rikta, $323,500.

3416 W Franklin St; Watkins Jennifer E to Morrison Katherine M, $327,500.

2816 E Grace St; Ridlehoover Bradley to O'Malley James, $330,000.

1627 W Grace St; Bibbs Richard P to Om and Om Management Corp, $415,000.

6410 Hagueman Dr; Wozniak Danielle M to Goodwin Aaron M, $197,000.

1517 Hanover Ave; Bandas Yvonne P to Kolb Kenneth W, $662,500.

3554 Hermitage Road; Natale Lauren to Rickman Johnathan A and Emily A, $330,000.

626 Holly St; Hunter Mark to Edwards Garrett P, $213,000.

120 Kennondale Lane; Engel Morgan H and Matthew B to Shah Keyur B and Mansi J, $1,085,000.

6809 Kensington Ave; Ferguson William R and Particia F to Gee Patrick M and Mary M, $195,000.

4212 Kingcrest Pkwy; Faison Kimberly Highland to Wiltshire Curtis B, $800,000.

341 Lexington Road; Painter William G and Kathleen M to Watson Mark C and Whitney P, $560,000.

38 E Lock Lane, U2; Moorman Robert and Elizabeth to Dimaggio Kathryn Anne Trust Trs, $257,500.

3307 M St; Taylor Donnie W and Nicole to Lejeune Martin N 3rd, $575,000.

218 W Marshall St; Carthage Associates Llc to Kuehn Robert H, $320,000.

2000 Miller Ave; Cis Properties Va Llc to Miller Travis Aaron, $303,000.

200 Minor St; Mopar Llc to Hollinshead Mark S, $340,000.

2908 Moss Side Ave; Wilkerson Kermit L to Skillsmith Properties Llc, $165,000.

8554 Old Spring Road; Rhodes Bradford G to Morrison Joseph and Laura, $327,000.

309 Overbrook Road; Wagg Frederick E S and Anna V H to Lefebvre David E, $247,000.

3105 Patterson Ave, U6; Latimer Jeremy David to Austin Jesse W, $214,000.

617 S Pine St; Dilucente Properties Llc to Bakhsh Rudwan, $440,000.

3212 Q St; Weir Stephen and Stacey K to Robinson Mark W, $210,000.

8535 Riverside Dr; Lacy Adam M to Chandler David A and Kim L, $1,050,000.

3324 Rosewood Ave; Rmt Investments Llc to Scambos Cynthia, $232,000.

3819 Seminary Ave; Holland William Brant to Kamras Jason S and Miwa P, $680,000.

4815 E Seminary Ave; Zig Properties Llc to Voraritskul Somchai Micah, $354,000.

4111 Southampton Road; Belfield Arlene T Trust to K M Realty Llc, $208,000.

4402 Stonewall Ave; Tyson Sarah Elizabeth to Negaard Grayson C, $247,000.

4707 Stuart Ave; Palmore Jeffrey S and Kathryn W to Dawson Lindsay A, $532,000.

2710 Stuart Ave, U7; Williams Thomas A and Janet T to Gigliotti Kyle, $165,000.

406 Temple St; Libron Joyce Peterson to Raoking Matthew Scott and Feng, $300,000.

5157 Warwick Road; Rcs Group Llc to Quarles Serena I, $172,090.

5728 Westower Dr; Orr-Doan Lance and Sarah T to Paldino Andrea, $219,000.

5709 Woodburn Road; Sloope Garnett C to Rwp 5709w Llc, $249,500.

1112 Worthington Ct; Sejas Salustio and Leonor to Angel Mirian Cortez, $160,000.


3102 Abruzzo Pl, Glen Allen; Thompson Leslee Diane to Gries Mary Ann, $310,000.

7209 Alvis Ct, Henrico; Briggs Sherrell A and Danika A Ricks to Willis Guadelupe Q, $229,920.

5100 Amberwood Cir, Glen Allen; Jensen David and Daniela to Kalmes Mark and Jane, $450,000.

2404 Arrington Rd, Henrico; Tu Douglas and Chan N to Lets Give Rva, $225,000.

22 Ashinghurst Rd, Henrico; Ferguson Nicholas C and Samantha T to Stahr Brothers Properties Llc, $150,000.

2211 Bailey Dr, Henrico; Hall Todd Jr and Jamie Downing to Tingle Kaylin Michelle, $159,900.

133 Battery St, Henrico; Jefferson Jordan B and Edmund A Rennolds to Colbert Phillip Lee III, $173,000.

4022 Benjamin Hill Ct, Glen Allen; Kappes Jeremy and Iris to Lenhart Benjamin Ryan and Amanda Lorine, $439,950.

5600 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Valdez Patrick F and Rosanna G, $409,366.

5610 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Tortiker Lavanya and Shravan Renapurkar, $391,326.

4795 Bethlehem Rd, Henrico; Beamon Properties Llc to Dundonald Llc, $750,000.

1208 Bobbiedell Ln, Henrico; Gelem Benjamin E to Kennedy John Robert and Ann Marie Barbera, $275,000.

6016 Bonneau Rd, Henrico; Neal Andrew C and Clayton to Lichter James II, $170,000.

7109 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Parkerson Robert B and Robert P Bain to Defibaugh Timothy and Steven R Copeland, $173,000.

2853 Broadford Ln, Henrico; Leonard Patrick J to Augustine Garrett, $260,000.

2605 Caitlin Ct, Henrico; Gibson Bondy Shay to Kraegel Jessica F, $335,000.

6625 Carmel Rd, Henrico; Hanley Jennifer K to Darcy Pamela T, $192,500.

5711 Chamberlayne Rd, Henrico; Medical Practice Mgmt Inc to Degratia Development Llc, $600,000.

5004 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Collins Robert Stevens III and Kristin L to Stafford Kyle Joseph Et Al, $265,000.

11625 Chickahominy Branch Dr, Glen Allen; Mitchell Martin L Jr and Vivien F to Davis Michael, $625,000.

10601 Cloister Dr, Henrico; Berron David J and Charlotte M to Fehrs Matthew B and Kimberly W, $330,000.

4805 Coleman Rd, Henrico; Baldwin Richard L and Teresa H to Roper Preston, $257,500.

9829 Colony Bluff Dr, Henrico; Johnson Robert D and Ashley F to Johnson Randall G Jr and Zelda W, $850,000.

9306 Crystal Brook Ter, Glen Allen; Baybutt Kevin E and Lori N to Revels Brian M and Christina M, $260,000.

5200 Cynthia Ct, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Ahlijah Martin Kofi Senanu and April C, $307,000.

302 De Sota Dr, Henrico; O'Connor William R and Paula H to Schultz David W and Lauren F Keisler, $659,950.

9004 Derbyshire Rd, Henrico; Mtglq Investors Lp to Anbe Llc, $211,000.

12344 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Propeties Llc to Havens Barbara A, $786,772.

3222 Doran Pl, Henrico; Smith Michael J to Talley Trevor N, $184,500.

Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Azalea Square Associates Llc to Westminister Canterbury Corp, $7,959,232.

2504 Edenbrook Dr, Henrico; Davis Charles M and Katherine H to Bootwright Barbara W, $215,000.

9709 Esmont Rd, Henrico; Stoyanov Valentin I and P L to Gm Ventures Llc, $240,000.

1808 Evanrude Pl, Sandston; Vasta Alfred A to Cooper Austin, $219,950.

9709 Fireside Dr, Glen Allen; Spivey Kristin A to Morales Miguel Angel Cervantes, $285,600.

9309 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Martine Christine M to Allen Matthew David, $237,000.

8300 Forge Rd, Henrico; 2mr Llc to Hp Virginia I Llc, $290,000.

4922 Francistown Rd, Glen Allen; Porrata Charlene to Nijhawan Nikhil and Mahima, $509,000.

404 Gaslight Ter, Henrico; Gordon Matthew F and Kaarin B to Baker Stephen and Cara A, $639,000.

5315 Gillespie Ave, Henrico; Renew Homes Llc to Harkey Elizabeth H and Ryan M Pass, $175,000.

907 Glidewell Rd, Henrico; Hanson Jeffrey P to Castro Lloyd D and Amy E Faison, $190,000.

9616 Goneway Dr, Henrico; Chesnut Andrew and Fabiola Et Al to Herbst Kevin and Jennifer L Cecilione, $285,000.

1849 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Robert P Bain Construction Inc to Bradford Homes Inc, $226,000.

6400 Grey Rock Ln, Henrico; Fain Jerry B and Lakisha to Campbell Monica Sherell and Elrick Holmes, $229,000.

1900 Haviland Dr, Henrico; Sabatini Joseph A and Marcy S Trust to Sabatini Jo Ann A, $187,500.

12300 Hawksgate Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Rubin Charles, $901,538.

5001 Hickory Meadows, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Syed Farrukh Ahmed and Ammara Ahmed, $600,912.

1106 Hill Cir, Henrico; Calder Thomas A and Jacquelyn M Hess to Moses Delores M, $349,900.

4433 Hungary Glen Ter, Henrico; Disbrow George W and Shelia Jo Carey to Vu Quynh Ngoc T and Quynh Phuong, $181,000.

1915 Hungary Rd, Henrico; Hungary Road Land Trust S Hall Trustee to Champagnie Cory A, $220,000.

6704 Inglewood St, Henrico; Lee Linda Trustee to Moore Christopher F, $195,000.

311 Jamerson Ct, Glen Allen; Lapane Mae A to Chaturvedi Anand and Sweety Dwivedi, $310,000.

12 N Kalmia Ave, Henrico; Taylor Bruce W Sr to Henderson Ronnie William Jr, $155,000.

9002 Kellywood Ct, Glen Allen; Shotwell David W and M J to McKenzie Judith, $266,500.

408 Kings Reach Rd, Henrico; Williams Aldrey M and Patria L Lundy to Wells Fargo Bank Na Trustee, $163,556.

9713 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Farthing Bryan C and Sarah M to Ryan Daniel and Megan, $290,000.

6219 Lakeside Ave, Henrico; Savage John D and Sarah E to Sporich Properties Llc, $200,000.

13145 Langtree Dr, Henrico; Bennett Kevin C and Melissa N to Doran Kevin P and Brittany R, $386,000.

2711 Laurelton Pl, Henrico; Cox Marybeth to Vowell Jason M, $190,000.

3922 Liesfeld Pl, Glen Allen; Lee Jay U and Hyejin to Deng Chen and Alice Xiang, $372,950.

5700 Linda Rd, Sandston; Morris Lauren V and Daquan M Jones to Thomas Damonte D and Carina A Epps, $170,000.

8101 Lower Ralston Ct, Henrico; Bord Eugene and Stacey Platt to Shourds Michael and Kathryn Fallen, $700,000.

5059 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Patan Arifulla and Asma Khanam, $496,995.

202 Mansfield Dr, Henrico; Lawrence Wanda K to Motley Jelani Akil Sr and Martese Andrea, $190,000.

1135 Marney Ct, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Ross Edward F Jr and Carole Ann H, $727,288.

2858 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Hogue Conrad D Jr and D D and N D H to Stillings Stone, $170,000.

8123 Michael Rd, Henrico; Dimitrios Realty Llc to Soares Mario M, $220,000.

5314 Monument Ave, Henrico; Conner Kristen L and C H Appleton Trustees to Darby David A Vaamonde and Sarah Abogabir, $304,500.

6922 Monument Ave, Henrico; Scher Savanna Jeanne to Grossman Irina Orlova, $272,500.

5420 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; Club Court Llc to NVR Inc, $280,000.

370 N Mullens Ln, Henrico; Sandridge Faye C to Cernigliaro Michael C and Janet P, $176,100.

4310 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Mullins Inna and Shawn, $302,945.

2122 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Blathers Donte J, $204,075.

11708 Norwich Ct, Glen Allen; Hoerst Judith L to Ali Shahnaz, $635,000.

7413 Oakmont Dr, Henrico; Keefe-Thomas Michael L and Angela to Smith Felicia D and Roberto Bisbal Moreno, $211,500.

5921 Old Orchard Rd, Henrico; Smith Jason K and Jana K to Vaughan Donald R II and Lyda Sword, $220,000.

4190 Old Springfield Rd, Glen Allen; Ripley Carol L and Walter T to Williams John A IV and Cheryl Lynne L, $285,000.

8805 Overhill Rd, Henrico; Spencer Thomas A and P L to Hanes Christopher Arlis and Norma I, $325,000.

11915 Park Forest Way, Glen Allen; Liao Yijie and Xin Sun to Kelleher Joseph Brendan and Brittany, $335,501.

6802 Patterson Ave, Henrico; Broughton Associates Inc to Wimabi Press Llc, $440,000.

10422 Perennial Dr, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Keyes William A Jr, $336,505.

5255 Pickett River Dr, Henrico; Harrison Robert J to Byerly James E and Alison, $305,000.

2600 Portugee Rd, Sandston; Leonard Michael J and Jayne to Harris Earl W and Leona R Wisoker, $236,000.

7854 Prosperity Ter, Henrico; Stafford Builders Inc to Ferrell Michael J and Pamela Brantley, $324,750.

1912 Quiet Oaks Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Seligman Ethan and Mary Thurman, $345,940.

703 Rasmussen Dr, Sandston; Monti Marco G and Carri L to Ferreira Dario and Eileen, $189,000.

1117 Red Hawk Rd, Henrico; West Martha R Trustee to Dawood Magdy and Shadia Kamel, $255,000.

2906 Ridgewood Park Ct, Glen Allen; Wilhelm Caron E and Jason E to Sprouses Corner Llc, $305,371.

8510 Rivermont Dr, Henrico; Hunroe Betsy Johnson to Mayers Jenifer, $305,000.

2026 Rocky Creek Ln, Henrico; Spain Barbara M to Ahmed Arman, $215,900.

644 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Figueroa Brenda F and Michael J Perrotta, $180,290.

4629 Sadler Grove Way, Glen Allen; Robbins Jeffery J and Sarah L Trustees to Krunz Main M and Iman Alabbasi, $415,000.

5015 Sandpiper Dr, Henrico; Patel Surendra P and Bina S to Hunter Lisa, $199,000.

4213 Saunders Tavern Trl, Ua, Henrico; Schulz Christopher H and Karen J to Bourn James Michael and Karen Howe, $278,000.

11528 Sethwarner Dr, Glen Allen; McDaries Thomas E and Meagan H to Cashwell Amy E, $699,950.

12008 Simsbury Ct, Glen Allen; Fu Mei-Yu to Torres-Lopez Federico Ricardo and Vannia, $415,000.

2332 Singingwoods Ln, Henrico; Obrion Christopher S and Catherine G Trust to Crews George R III and Ayn H, $310,000.

3704 Sovereign Ln, Henrico; Taylor William D and Catherine C to White Adam and Cristina Martinez De Andino, $578,000.

11480 Stanford Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Krusienski Dean Joseph, $509,000.

3301 Stansfield Ct, Henrico; Rot Mathijs to Ely Brian L and Mary Ann, $255,000.

8343 Strath Rd, Henrico; Kruck Kathleen Cassandra to Self Raven W A, $170,000.

1513 Stonewall Manor Dr, Henrico; Giacomini Andrew L Jr and Janice M to Whitaker Cathleen A, $217,500.

5325 Swift Hill Ln, Sandston; Comer James Riddick and Klcm and Mkcp and Srcw to Morrison David L, $245,000.

2712 Tanager Rd, Henrico; Moore Jason Andrew and Lisa Z to Fefe Joseph A, $227,500.

8106 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Laughon Fred T III and Tovi Heffron Et Al to Ellis William L III, $395,000.

1714 Timberly Waye, Henrico; Raje Vikram G and Priya Pillai to Benheim Beth K, $259,950.

2601 Trickling Brook Ct, Henrico; Delgado Ronny and Lauren P to Randolph Deborah A and Toinese Y, $314,000.

2610 Trimmer Dr, Henrico; Crouch Heather T and Joseph C to Everett Arthur Leonard Et Al, $225,000.

4640 Twin Hickory Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Zhang Bei and Dong Ding to Brann Milford K, $195,530.

10933 Virginia Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Abbott Amy Lee to Patterson Michael T and Kimberly S, $450,000.

2401 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Hung Toni J and J M Jordan and S G Jordan to Kupferman Leon and Irene Irrevocable Trust, $300,000.

313 Washington Ct, Henrico; Morgan Randy L and Jody D to Reid Zachary and Jennifer J Trustee, $194,000.

1407 Westbriar Dr, Henrico; Naftaly Mina K M and Velma S Miller to Lee Jason and Elizabeth Jody Crognale, $233,700.

12701 Westin Estates Dr, Glen Allen; J R Walker Homes Llc to Patel Deep V and Rachana K, $1,403,240.

4000 Wheat Ct, Henrico; Barendse Gareth T and Jennifer T Trustees to Mueller Michael A and Amber W Trustees, $625,000.

7204 Willow Crossing Ter, Henrico; Thayer Amanda M and Michael D to Rovas James and Hillary, $226,000.

3009 Wiltonshire Dr, Henrico; Baronian Nicholas M and Jennifer A to Lipton Jeffrey E, $314,950.

7938 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Killgore Mark William and Maria T P, $299,480.

12633 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Armstrong D Keith and Rosalie to Tan Lu and Bo Wei, $645,000.


10631 Academy Dr; Janutolo Dorothy R to Guardino Eric, $215,000.

16100 Alsdell Rd; Richardson David T and Meghan M to Tierney Shawn P and Jacqueline, $610,000.

9315 Amberleigh Cr; Pruitt Charles M and Janet M to Botteicher Steven and Bonnie, $435,000.

11603 Arbor Banks Ct; Chamberlain Barry A and Nancy S to Bailes Ellen P L and W F II, $300,000.

11206 Ascot Dr; Guin Patrick B and Dorsey L E to Harris Deborah M and Robert M, $330,000.

13002 Ashtree Rd; Appelbee Justin L and Lauren L to Hayden Ryan Kevin and Brooke C, $269,000.

15200 Badestowe Dr; Jordan Tonya and Mark to Rosania Matthew and Irene N, $408,000.

4100 Baldwin Rd; Skelton Heidi S to Ranson Elijah R, $179,950.

5728 Baron Dr; Coates Charles F Jr and M M to Page John S and Beale Jennifer M, $252,000.

2911 Barrow Pl; Hughes Wiley F III and Constance to Kratson Mark C and Elizabeth M, $400,000.

2819 Bayfront Wy; Bess Niles A to Myers Aaron R and Tiffany A, $410,000.

1812 Bellows Dr; Haynes Phyllis L to Enroughty Morgan S and Amy S, $200,000.

8140 Bendemeer Rd; Long-Innes Peter M and Jennifer to Fugate Meeno M K and William E, $312,000.

3660 Birchs Bluff Rd; Day Joseph L and Yolanda P to Jones Ventures Llc, $250,000.

11700 Blakeston Ct; Powell Sean-Andre W and Traci J to Collins Mark and Brandy, $407,500.

221 Bollingbrook Ct; Edwards G L and Edwards L M Trs to Elliott Daniel E and Shannon D, $434,950.

4200 Briarwick Dr; Cordle Stuart S Jr and Susan T to Rickards Edward P and Andrea L, $249,000.

10900 Brandy Wood Tr; Harding Tina and William D to Bhagwandeen Taramati, $317,500.

724 Bristol Village Dr; Dehoff Jefferson L to Dillon Bryce M and Brittany M, $150,000.

13636 Buck Rub Dr; Chapman Joshua R and Maloney J V to Grant John E and S H and Grant A H, $177,840.

3521 Buckhead Rd; Fripps Frederick D and Jones J J to Davis Jarod M and Branda K, $651,500.

16701 Cabretta Ct; Hill Lashanda Jean to Wilson Payton and Rachel, $413,000.

14260 Camack Tl; Capuano Nicholas and Renee L to Gauvin Sara D and Benke Samuel C, $385,000.

6960 Carden Park Dr; Lifestyle Home Builders to Stewart Robert T and Tammy S, $475,000.

1105 Cedar Crossing Tr; Kuss Mark J and Mindy L Parody to Bowser Joseph P, $325,000.

5030 Cedarbend Ln; Bediako Antoine S to Williams S K and Smith N Jr, $158,000.

14373 Charter Landing Dr; Ramirez Shandi to Salazar Evenezeth Tapia, $405,000.

10208 Cherylann Rd; Willis Ann P to Logan Jeffrey W and Cynthia M, $204,900.

5311 Chestnut Bluff Pl; Moline Thomas W and Kathleen to Rocha Sarah Sherman, $300,000.

9524 Chipping Dr; Edmondson Tammy I to Portillo Jose Everardo Perez, $225,000.

8019 Clancy Pl; Carson Homes Llc to Cobb Henry C Jr and Laurie, $490,000.

14427 Clipper Cove Ct; Tashjian Michael J and Betty M to Disselkamp Edward G and Lisa M, $998,000.

815 Club Ridge Ct; Stewart Bart D and Dennise L to Watson Blake C and Jessica C, $278,000.

13512 Corapeake Pl; Brown Quintan Anthony to Capelli Ralph and Karen, $490,000.

6009 Country Walk Rd; McConnell William C and M A to Landreth Robert B and Pamela G, $470,000.

11011 Crofton Rd; Boltz Zachary C and Julia T to Berkley Dana V, $215,000.

107 Crystal Downs Ct; Tutton Shay E and Kimberly A to Stanley Matthew A and Christina, $375,000.

10216 Dakins Dr; Elder Preston R III and Sarah S to Paulette Amanda L, $222,950.

12249 Declaration Av; Burger Marcos to Dang Tuy-Hong Thi and Pham Vu H, $348,000.

406 Diamond Creek Dr; Bechard Travis M and Liane to Beck Shawn C and Christa, $300,000.

2335 Dolfield Dr; Smith Jesse S and Tricia H to Arthur Brittain W and Sarah E, $276,400.

5906 Dunnshire Rd; Barton Kelly W to Leon Zacharias Jairo N Et Al, $220,000.

9430 Dunroming Rd; McLaughlin James E to Bielma Mateo R and Romero A M, $270,000.

2424 Early Settlers Rd; Venable Donna S and Leslie C Jr to Colton Ryan C and Brittany B, $268,000.

13206 Echo Ridge Dr; Queen Adrienne M to Eskander Ramy, $190,000.

13811 Elmstead Rd; Stelter Jonathan H and Allison M to McClung Aaron L and Christina M, $750,000.

2025 Esquire Rd; Cho Wai Shuen and V Carol to Stevenson Jean W, $225,000.

11743 Explorer Tr; McMahan Jeffrey D Jr and K M to Huang Allen Zhong-Da and Emily M, $355,500.

8307 Fedora Dr; NVR Inc to Rudd Rachel and Jeremy Logan, $459,145.

4606 Finney Ct; Lauer William J and Arlene C to Garcia Maria T, $267,500.

2612 Forest Lake Rd; Kiefer Marc Alan to Hernandez Carlos and Pilco M, $160,000.

15043 Fox Branch Ln; Harwood William G and Fiona M to Hamelin Michaela and Ryan, $400,000.

15931 Fox Marsh Dr; Lewis-Hinds Carolann J to Albans Michael J and Svetlana, $405,000.

2704 Forest Lake Rd; Maywalt William F to Gwaltney Graham L III, $170,000.

14525 Fox Knoll Dr; Godwin James H Jr and Susan Est to Harrison Evgenia and Michael Lee, $270,000.

16143 Garston Ln; Biringer Builders Inc to Rohman Timothy P and Pamela C, $897,143.

5137 Gatebridge Rd; Fernandez Juan J Jr and J R to Abreu Higinio, $228,000.

6611 Glebe Point Rd; Skowronski S P Et Al Trustees to Voros Dawn and Snow Nicholas, $350,000.

704 Glenhaven Ct; Stringer Anne E to Stringer Kenneth Robert, $252,250.

10421 Gotham Rd; Ashwell Joseph and Kathy to Nguyen Thanh-Phong and Heather M, $301,000.

3930 Graythorne Dr; Mattioli Jamie and Courtney to Roe Jason T and Erin L, $548,500.

8303 Greenock Dr; Fugate William and Sekhon Meenoo to Quade Marty Jo, $195,000.

5337 Hackney Rd; Hodge Julian to McRae Yonnette E and Caesar W, $220,000.

501 Hallsboro Rd; Lane C L Sr and Lane O J Trs to Cote Glen Alan and Andrea, $150,000.

12506 Hampton Crossing Dr; Gormus Wesley Jr and Elizabeth T to Kane William J Jr and Kerianne, $356,250.

15806 Hampton Park Cr; Kim Chin H and Payne Leah L to McNew Elizabeth, $325,000.

3937 Harrmeadow Ln; Cousineau Michael to Knight Melvin, $255,000.

3706 Heartside Pl; Lundquist Richard E and Carissa to Hepner Justin C, $187,500.

5848 Heathers Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Nagamalla Bharath, $274,695.

15000 Hickory Grove Pl; Grinsell Patrick J Jr and E J to Marshall Ross J and Lauren A, $265,000.

9025 Hidden Nest Dr; Kellum Jason C and Heidi L to Ridgway Pauline T, $340,000.

8931 Hollow Oak Dr; May Mark L and Paula J to Daniels Thomas L Jr and Beverly, $362,600.

1201 Hybla Rd; Marmann Barbara Anne to Smith Terrie A, $240,000.

12416 Ivyridge Tr; Coleman A L and Fleming H M to Lugo Olivia and Denis A Pineda, $245,000.

5106 Jessup Station Dr; Nicholson Marion L and Clarke T to James Kalen S, $232,500.

2111 Keith Ln; Mauck Maureen S to Webb William T and Victoria N F, $357,000.

5200 Kimmeridge Ct; Bridges Jeffery A and Erica L to Gubenko A and Van Wyck K B, $399,000.

1731 Kingscross Rd; Tharin Theodore S III and S L to Dillingham Brian C and Colleen P, $348,500.

207 Kristen Ln; Phoenix Robert M and Jacqueline to O'Brien John I, $393,000.

5809 Lakemere Dr; U S Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Slaven Sandy, $228,000.

500 Latane Dr; Gillespie Sherri P to Rudasill Christopher S and K M, $367,000.

15007 Lavenham Tr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Corum Christopher and Michelle, $319,000.

4201 Litchfield Dr; Detwiler Jason P and Cari Beth to Grissom Jon-Duey T, $218,600.

15006 Litton Dr; River City Custom Homes Inc to Jewell Jonathan B and Crystal C, $565,929.

14719 Loren Dr; Spivey Timothy R to Frashure Aaron, $156,000.

5218 Mandora Ct; NVR Inc to Fowlkes Keith M, $270,150.

830 Marblethorpe Rd; D'Acquisto Clay and Margo L to Alley Robert G III and Laura K, $170,000.

16613 Massey Hope St; Williams Ray A Construction Co to Calderon Manuel, $850,081.

2110 McKesson Dr; El Badi Tarik to Nyangena W M and Ombongi Debora, $183,000.

17473 Memorial Tournament Dr; Dalrymple William J Jr to Mahaney C A L II and Mahaney E L, $269,000.

5817 Mill Spring Rd; Bochman John to Garner Constance M and Gregg R, $232,000.

7872 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Trimble Cathy L, $236,990.

4616 Morning Hill Ct; Holloman Elizibith Et Al to O'Brien Scott P, $199,950.

1530 N Mount Bella Rd; Grois Peter and Dawn to Dodl Rodney A and Stevens D, $325,000.

13723 Nashua Turn ; Mott Neil David to Scott Norman A Jr, $229,950.

10400 Natural Bridge Rd; Hawes Kelly-Ann to Paris Amy, $197,000.

12701 Nightingale Dr; Petrocelli D Jr and Furey S M to Wojtkun Karl M and Melissa L C, $344,000.

1913 Northcreek Dr; Vincent David A and Charlene J to Clapp Patrick A and Katherine S, $260,000.

20049 Oak River Dr; Dasch William M to Lindner Rick Allen and Traci L, $335,000.

10780 Old Centralia Rd; Davis George T Sr and Dianne W to McDaniel Ryan Patrick, $228,000.

8202 Outpost Cr; Hatfield Richard O to Jovel Alejandro C, $170,000.

11806 Owlsnest Ct; Lassiter Justin T and Hale C L to Michalicek J D and Justice R A, $289,000.

24241 Pear Orchard Rd; Anderson Michael J and Deborah to Running Thomas A and Tristin, $420,000.

3916 Pebble Creek Rd; Lucid Investments Llc to Theis Christoper Michael, $305,000.

11709 Perdue Tr; Madsen E M and Zarrella C M to McGlynn Robert and Cornell B, $253,000.

7700 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to White Thomas G Sr and Marjorie L, $321,493.

9636 Prince James Pl; Davis Charles B and Stephanie F to McDaniels Kimberly S, $365,000.

2224 Providence Creek Rd; Gongaware M E and Gongaware R J to Coleman Jordain D and Ashton J, $190,000.

3405 Quail Hill Dr; Lewis Mark E to Henry Gretchen and Gregory T, $273,000.

2950 Queenswood Rd; Simon Mary E to Hemp Daniel S and Pamela J, $545,000.

9104 Rainwood Rd; Konieczka Dawn Duquette to Touchette Christopher M, $167,500.

6355 Regal Grove Ln; NVR Inc to Davison Ernestine D, $272,715.

14336 Regatta Pointe Rd; Kelley Robert E and Carol H to Walton Karen R and Ancarrow J N, $220,000.

3004 River Hills Tr; Durrette W B Jr and Durrette C C to Stewart Corey W and Angela L, $364,650.

405 Rivers Bend Cr; Carnesi Donald E and Patricia A to Neblett Patricia C, $335,000.

5200 Rock Harbour Rd; Matthews Patrick to Wallis Shawn P and Kathleen, $305,000.

5724 Rohan Ct; Hhhunt Homes L C to Flynn Kyle P and Rosalie L, $356,115.

14766 Rolling Spring Dr; Chung Chung C and Kim Unchong to Hassan Mohammed, $375,000.

1742 Rose Mill Cr; Clark Reginald and Valerie to James Lynda, $234,797.

501 Ruthers Rd; Mann Glady M Estate to MacKenzie Shea, $167,000.

13913 Sagegrove Cr; Minnich Daniel C to Boone Kevin M and Caroline Hope, $220,000.

13905 Sandy Oak Rd; Bolkovac Rebecca Lee to Hubbard Dana L, $305,000.

8943 Sawgrass Pl; Dunn Matthew and Garrett P A to Brunner Brenda Lynn, $356,000.

203 Scrimshaw Dr; Cleveland Wayne E and Mary Ellen to Contois John and Liangru, $354,500.

16442 Shefford Dr; Demotte Benjamin E and Laura Y to Peiffer James Bradley, $569,000.

14304 Shelter Cove Rd; Smith Ronald D to Bryant M R and K and Bryant I R, $272,000.

1235 Shirlton Rd; Horgan R J and Horgan P A Trs to Phelps Joann W, $295,000.

7124 Silver Farm Ct; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Longo R and Longo S M Co-Trs, $661,880.

2837 South Ridge Dr; Garnett Michael K and Kimberly B to Hughes Donald G III and Tracy, $155,000.

13555 Springford Py; Flowers Annette and Raynord J to Hotaki Nasren, $485,000.

13604 Steeple Chase Rd; Lenoir Joseph M and Georgia G to Cunningham Sarah L, $250,000.

3624 Stone Harbor Dr; Kuper Nathan M and Stephanie D to Smithson Lisa M, $600,000.

3316 Stone Manor Cr; Phoenix Robert M and Jacqueline to Tedesco Christie M Res Trust, $228,000.

4650 Stornoway Dr; Saunders Marvin W to Sayles Robin Michelle, $235,000.

2409 Sunset Hills Tr; Cook Julian P III and Stephanie to Hia Seng and Siu Pat, $220,000.

8116 Surreywood Dr; Patel Nagindas L and Manjula N to Capps Tammy, $275,000.

1219 Sweet Willow Dr; Ferreira Matthew L and Christine to Brewer Eric S and Marianne S, $280,000.

14347 Tanager Wood Tl; Ventimiglia B K and Malkie T M to Melton Rebekah P Trustee, $350,000.

3005 Three Bridges Rd; Cook Alvie P and Susan L to Ingram Evans Kent, $205,000.

6012 Trail Ride Dr; Eastwood Homes to Davis Scott F and Adeola R, $463,000.

2100 Thorncrag Ln; Davis Nicholas A and Lisa H to Stagner Harley and Lindsey, $429,950.

8706 Trevillian Rd; Schaperjahn Carol B Trustee to Noe Lauren F, $238,700.

1712 Tulip Hill Dr; Lancaster Custom Builder Inc to Dyer Darrell J Jr and Kristin L, $790,000.

4705 Twelveoaks Rd; Simms Bernard Jr to Long Pierce David Patrick, $166,600.

4529 Vauxhall Rd; Boggs Robert C and Lilly M to Sam Ha, $249,000.

9854 N Wagstaff Cr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Funes Ana J, $152,500.

21113 Warrior Dr; Felts Donald T to Parham Karema, $156,000.

1048 Water Beech Rd; NVR Inc to Boothe Wayne T and Rachel A, $374,800.

3609 Welch Ct; Cassano Gary V to Leon Mario and Damaris L, $192,000.

1100 Westcreek Dr; Moss Mark and Kim to Cheatham Diana and Kristopher, $268,000.

900 Westwood Village Wy; O'Boyle Ernest H and Louise P to Faulkner Betty J, $227,000.

2501 Whispering Oaks Ct; Slingerland Stephen J and Sarah to Williams Nathan J and Hillary C, $284,000.

7454 Wild Senna Tr; Barker Benjamin R and Melanie B to Swatek Jason R and Laura, $442,500.

11520 Wilton Dr; Ferraiolo Catherina W to Verheul Ramon C and Verheul J W, $239,900.

14860 Windjammer Dr; Krajewski Caryl A to Ilog Monica S, $317,000.

10910 Woodland Pond Py; Lydick Mark S and Lora A to Davis Donald A and Theresa Ann, $350,000.

14308 Woods Walk Ln; Wallace Lindsay to Patteson Bryan B and Ashley, $208,000.

12804 Worsham Green Pl; Powell Kelley W to Pigg Jonathan E and Ashley L, $255,000.

1824 Wrens Nest Rd; Clements W Robert Jr and K E to Overton E T III and Badecker V K, $260,000.

17725 Wynstone Park Ln; Johnson William S and Betsy P to Pulley Susan, $305,000.


Lot 3, Rolling Hills; David A. Adamson to Stephen D. Molloy, $250,000.

Lot 3, Windsor Estates; Hoi H. Ngai to Joseph Ryan Smith, $150,000.

Lot 43, Royal Glen; Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, $334,269.

Lot 5, Block A, Section A, Sledd Run; Jamie A. MacKenzie to Walker Property Chenault Way LLC, $230,000.

1.84 acres; Kosmo Corp. to Conrad Virginia LLC, $1,000,000.

10 acres; Donald L. Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association, $400,570.

2.001 acres; Shoneys of Richmond Inc. to CD Restaurants Inc., $1,300,000.

2.15 acres; John B. Sheppard to Sarah E. Toler, $175,000.

2.946 acres; South Atlantic Properties Inc. to Ronald W. Hickman, trustee, $350,000.

20 acres; Jay M. Ipson to Happy Campers Lane LLC, $350,000.

3.95 acres; Linda Page Zahn to Allen B. Elder Jr., $204,250.

Lot 1, Railroad Station; Broadstone BK Virginia LLC to NADG NNN BK VA LP, $2,326,862.

Lot 11, Block A, Section 1, Blue Star Estates; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $215,168.

Lot 11, Block B, Section A, Holly Ridge; Floyd Eugene Trail, executor to Kirkpatrick W. Lacy, $151,500.

Lot 12, Block A, Section A, Fox Head; Drew C. Clarke to Sterling S. Medlin Jr., $250,000.

Lot 14, Block A, Section A, Holly Ridge; Andrea Yoak to Marathon Real Estate Management Group LLC, $175,000.

Lot 15, Block A, Battlefield Green; Mary Sue Dean to Walker Property Investments LLC, $250,000.

Lot 16, Block F, Section 1, Hanover Grove; Donna Armstrong to JPMorgan Chase Bank, $243,000.

Lot 3, Block A, Section 1, Presidential Business Center; PBC Ashland Holdings LLC to Long Realty Investments LLC, $290,000.

Lot 3, Block D, Section A, Atlee Ridge; Terra Abstract Virginia Inc, substitute trustee to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $210,125.

Lot 39, Block F, Section D, Windy Hill Estates; Dawnee B. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, $265,020.

Lot 4, Block D, Section A, Brandy Creek Estates; Warren H. Rowland to Mac G. Morrow, $165,000.

Lot 5, Block A-A, Section B, Mayfield Farms; William A. Stagg to Dogtown Inc., $171,000.

Lot 8, Block K, Section 3, Bluffs at Bell Creek; Troy L. Coffey to Donald E. Carl, trustee, $359,950.

Parcel; Bradley Ltd. #22 LLC to Moyer Investments LLC, $350,000.

Parcel; Sterling P. Dunn to Hanover Rentals LLC, $180,000.

Parcel; Kosmo Corp. to Stoney Run Village MHP LLC, $5,675,000.


1 acre; Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $152,500.

1.02582 acres; Powhatan Plaza LLC to CCJ LLC, $625,000.

10.278 acres; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Joshua Cole Hackett, $414,363.

13.25 acres; Deborah L. Madison, executor to Traran LLC, $448,250.

2 acres; Ryan Buffa to John P. Woods, $215,900.

30.39 acres; Macon C. Rogers to Wesley Darez Mundin Sr., $450,000.

62.209 acres; Powhatan Retreat LLC to Christopher Todd Trebour, $388,806.

74.195 acres; Jean W. Brydon to Walton Virginia LLC, $1,150,000.

Lot 2, Ridge Run; Timothy Allard to Brandon Ray Osborne, $170,000.

Lot 3, Section 1, Westlake at Mill Mount; Bryan Ababurko to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., $458,000.

Lot 3R, Section 10, Walnut Creek; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to James Bruce, $286,730.

Parcel; 1795 South Creek One LLC to Powhatan P5 LLC, $1,200,000.

Parcel; Milhaus Corp. to W.V. McClure Inc., $240,000.

Parcel; Julia Karen Sawyer to Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp., $161,700.

Patent parcel for Lots 2, 3, 6, 15 and 20, Section 1 Extension, Founders Bridge; ME Golf Villas LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC, $625,000.

Unit 5, Winterfield Place Condominiums; Winterfield Associates LLC to Essex Bank, $1,450,000.


1 acre; Glen S. Wiley to Ashley D. Phillips, $151,000.

1.02 acres; Michael Leabough to Jarrett S. Talley, $170,000.

22.3 acres; Ross D. MacKenzie to John Joseph McGurie III, $700,000.

25.589 acres; Jennifer E. Kochie to Three Square LLC, $543,000.

Lot 10, Sabot Creek; Napier Signature Homes Inc. to Sergio Gambale, $190,000.

Lot 22, Boundary Run; Vertical Builders LLC to Denise G. Drinkard, $316,983.

Lot 3, Goose Pond; Albert L. Toledo to Barry Jones, $265,000.

Lot 3, Section 2, Dover Branch; Dover Branch LLC to Royal Dominion Homes Inc., $157,500.

Lot 4, Estates at Cedar Plains; New Ventures Real Estate LLCD to Kimberly M. Badenoch, $293,000.

Lot 7, Section 1, Deer Run; Gary E. Clock to Lauren D. Kilpatrick, $380,000.

Lots 1, 2 and 3, Youngtown Wood; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to McAlley Realty & Construction LLC, $170,000.

3 parcels, Section 1, Preston Park; Earl Thompson Inc. to Chesterfield Construction Services Inc., $240,000.

Parcel; Lula T. Fleming to Short Pump Farm LLC, $355,500.


1983 Dodson Road; Justin Eric Camp to Gregory J. Kitchen, $305,000.

253 High St.; Evans & Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $177,790.

131 S Market St.; Leroy Francisco Father Jr. to Estella Jo Kempfer, $185,000.

1000 Sunset Ave.; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ashley J. Adih, $165,000.


10.286 acres; US Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $212,800.

46 acres; Melvin C. Goodwyn Jr. to Arthur P. Goodwyn, $196,100.

6.71 acres; Vaibhav Santoshi LLC to 21723 Boydton Plank Road LLC, $400,000.

7.104 acres; Ernest R. Griffin to Thomas Dominick Zup Jr., $330,000.

Lot 29, Block B, Section 9, Chestnut Gardens; Buril I. Newton to Keith Westerkamm, $170,000.

Multiple parcels; Charles A. Rainey to Mark Duane Webb, $286,000.


1.749 acres; Jared Freeman, trustee to Life Church, $981,560.

Parcel; David H. Williams to Benjamin Scott, $152,000.

Parcel; Ralph L. Westbay to Deborah W. Lee, $175,000.

Part of Lots 21-28, Lots 29-30 and part of Lot 31, Block 17A, Riverside Park; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Jack R. Davis, $157,128.


Lots 6-8, Block 23, Woodlawn; William H. Myers III to Wallace Properties LLC, $160,000.

Parcel; Velocity Commercial Capital Loan Trust 2016-2 to US Bank, $500,000.


13.72 acres; Ada Isabel D. White Jarvis to David Porter Debord, $170,000.

40 acres; C.H. Evelyn Piling Co. Inc. to Eric Whitlow, $200,000.

5.054 acres; Ponderose Properties LLC to Charles Oliver, $150,000.

7.27 acres; Deborah J. Rae to Chad S. Lykins, $189,000.

Lot 21, Windsor Park; Anthony L. Wiggins to Thomas L. Bowen Jr., $156,000.

Lot 24, Bel Green at Brickshire; Levent Dumenci to Tabetha Wilson, $364,000.

Lot 29, Block G, Deer Lake; Jennifer R. Acree to Michael A. Hanky Jr., $309,000.

Lot 5, Block H, Section C, Five Lakes; David A. Lewis to Bobby L. Collins Sr., $226,000.

Lot 53, Block A, Sections D and E, Brickshire; US Bank to Southeastern Property Acquisitions LLC, $447,700.

Lots 1016 and 1017, Woodhaven Shores; Jordan B. Boze to Christopher Edwin Hines Jr., $164,900.

Lots 611 and 612 and part of Lot 613, Woodhaven Shores; William B. Chandler to Tracy Chandler Redmond, $235,000.

Lots 651, 652, 653 and 656, Woodhaven Shores; Wayne Price to Richard W. Camilleri, $158,000.


0.742 acres; RCC Crossings LLC to Shoney's of Richmond Inc., $1,450,000.

13.415 acres; Lone Oak Richmond LLC to Summit Investments Southeast, $4,250,000.

Lot 31, Section 4, Baxter Ridge; Tom K. Munson Sr. to Riley E. Ingram Sr., $168,000.

Lot 33, Section 2, The Meadows; Robert R. McDonald to Jerel Blackwell, $250,000.

Parcel; 7-Eleven Inc. to MDC Coast 11 LLC, $853,449.

Parcel; Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $184,910.

Parcel; Langdon Taylor Christian V to Paul Balides, $1,200,000.

Section 4, The Meadows; Land South LLC to James R. Jones Builder Inc., $180,000.

Charles city

22.693 acres; William B. Harding to Bethany L. Mauney, $372,000.

57.7 acres; Joyce Smith to Miles A. Newton, $250,000.


13.527 acres; CMH Homes Inc. to Jerome Delaney, $163,965.

41.7 acres; Charles A. Baird to Hunter F. Trice, $370,000.

212.98 acres; Joseph J. Ferguson to Wallace Markert, $459,000.


1 acre; Trustees of Third Mt. Zion Baptist Church to Praise Temple Apostolic Faith Church of Virginia, $275,000.

1 acre; Williams and Wright Contracting Co. to CWKJ LLC, $240,000.

1.746 acres; Rachel P. Harris, trustee to Broaddus Properties LLC, $580,000.

157 acres; Bradford Lee Ashley to Jessica Pitts, $690,000.

2 acres; John Facer to Bradley W. Powell, $150,000.

2 acres; Leslie Heflin to Par 5 Development Group LLC, $220,000.

2 lots; Catherine McDonald to Alex Rossie, $184,150.

29.66 acres; William E. Bryson to William A. Holland, $325,000.

66.7 acres; Gouldman Farms Inc. to Riverfront at Port Royal LLC, $550,000.

Lot 1185R, Lake Caroline Resort Development; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $189,113.

Lot 120, Lake Land'or; Janis F. Weller to Tram Nguyen Hill, $386,000.

Lot 2018, Lake Caroline; Foundation Homes Inc. to Joshua Ray Hobbs, $235,000.

Lot 22, Olde Trail Estates; Wendy M. Wainscott to Jeremy D. Wainscott, $150,000.

Lot 591, Lake Caroline; Daniel W. Phillips to Torey Group Inc., $199,000.

Lot 69, Lake Caroline; Joanne J. Duke, heir of Harry W. Gardner to Premier Development Inc., $160,500.

Parcel; US Bank Trust to Jamie Rhodes, $232,900.

Part of 37.663 acres; Daniel M Marshall to Evan Stout, $155,000.


1.574 acres; Raman Enterprises Inc. to Aairah LLC, $970,000.

32.92 acres, Lot 6, Walnut Acres; Michael L. Earle to Duana D. Carnes, $410,000.

Lot 4, Walnut Acres; Danny E. Bowman to Joseph C. Spivey, $389,900.


305 Broach Lane, Shacklefords; James E. Mitchell to Lance D. Falk, $395,000.

214 Taylorsville Road, Shacklefords; Custom Builders Express LLC to Wyatt Mason, $210,125.


157 acres; Bradford Lee Ashley to Jessica Pitts, $690,000.

22.9 acres; Mary Beattie Krakoviak to Joseph W. Nelson, $172,000.

41.2 acres; Claudette Longest, trustee to David S. Robinson Jr., $494,000.

62 acres; H. Barnes Townsend Jr. Family Associates LLC #2 to Queenfield Farm, $250,000.

7 acres; George David Barrow to Kahner James Rhind, $285,000.

Parcel; Brian Pinson to Brandon D. Holsinger, $189,000.


158.9 acres; Betty Ann Canoles to Strickler LLC, $292,000.

Parcels; Timbervest Partners III Virginia LLC to Mapledale LLC, $2,833,200.


6.5905 acres; Medalist Properties 5 to Patriot Plaza Development LLC, $5,500,000.

Lot 32, College Terrace; Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to US Bank, $543,868.

Parcel; McCardle Nichols LLC to Professional and Real Estate Services LLC, $350,000.


1.84 acres, Norge Center Inc.; Shops at Norge Crossing LLC to Manish V. Mehta, trustee, $1,875,000.

10 acres; Dennis Wayne Leonituk Jr. to Leah Renae Fry, $175,000.

2 acres; James Randall Bozzell to Gayle K. Basler, $215,000.

2.98 acres, Williamsburg; Diros Inc. to Smith Memorial Baptist Church, $1,470,000.

Lot 127, Monticello Woods; Justin E. Dahlberg to Karin A. Eklund, $445,000.

Lot 140, Longhill Station; Jennifer R. Burhanna to Karen L. Colley, $244,000.

Lot 162, Village at Candle Station; NVR Inc. to William F. Kahle III, $213,990.

Lot 165, Chisel Run; Mark D. Decker to Hobart G. McMahan, $166,000.

Lot 165, Southall Quarter; Theodore J. Livesay to Gerrard Lett, $400,000.

Lot 186, Berkeley's Green; Dorothy A. Anderson to Joel R. Fortune, $215,000.

Lot 22, Fords Colony; Ronald A. Nervitt, trustee to Denise Larue Turfitt, $852,000.

Lot 226, Berkeley's Green; Walter E. Crafton to Mark Frank Szumilo, $335,000.

Lot 28, Chickahominy Haven; Jerry L. Roberts to Alan Leslie Henderson Jr., $425,000.

Lot 3, Lake Toano; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $235,831.

Lot 30, Mirror Lake Estates; Suntrust Bank to Alecia T. Driscoll, $255,988.

Lot 33, Middle Plantation Country Club; Wells Fargo Bank to Stephen Molloy, $240,000.

Lot 39, Colonial Heritage; Gavin M. Tullos to Frederick T. Agostino, $242,500.

Lot 40, Gate House Farms; Lori K. Elkins Turgeon to Michelle M. Peel, $152,000.

Lot 43, Fords Colony; Banc of America Funding Corp. Mortgage to Prolific Properties LLC, $359,100.

Lot 43, Fords Colony; Prolific Properties LLC to Flipper LLC, $375,000.

Lot 56, Fernbrook; Thomas T. Gold to David Borland, $375,000.

Lot 6, Druid Hills; Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $228,194.

Lot 61, James Terrace; Anne A. Kerr to Overflow LLC, $166,700.

Lot 9, Village Walk at New Town; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Eastern Holding Group LLC, $359,940.

Lots 48-52 corrected, New Town; ME Settlers LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC, $524,125.

Lots 401, 402, 406, 446, 447 and 492, White Hall; Rauch Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $386,000.

Parcel B, Indigo Park; Theodore H. Bailey III, trustee to Ronald Lee Howard, $207,500.

Unit 319, Padgetts Ordinary; George A. Robertson Jr., trustee to Davis Jin, $164,000.

Unit 4, Cromwell Ridge Condominium; Bank of New York Mellon to Joel R. Fortune, $168,000.

Unit 728, Conference Center Condominium; Russell S. Vanella to Louis Noppenberger, $215,900.

Unit 804, Building 8, Promenade at John Tyler; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Linda McCormick, $209,090.

Unit 807, Building D, Promenade at John Tyler; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Tyndalls Inc., $228,500.

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