The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $50,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City and Sussex will be in future editions. Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


511 N 24th St; Cava Capital Llc to Lynch David and Barber Kathryn, $450,000.

306 N 26th St, U112; Kathol Leticia A to Chavez Edward L and Long Jerry W, $225,000.

1314 N 29th St; Harris Antoine L to Bird House Ventures Llc, $196,000.

1107 N 30th St; Post Modern Properties Llc to Toscano Javier, $159,950.

1115 N 33rd St; Gilchrist Stuart Gray and Emily to Walsh Patrick Kevin, $315,000.

824 N 35th St; Hardy Lyons to Crump Rebecca Lela Lakin, $263,500.

208 S Addison St; Beard Hilary D to Brumfield Christopher Preston, $253,500.

1305 Amherst Ave; Woodard Louise Gray to Brown Brian and Storey Shannon, $327,475.

509 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, U5; Tuscan Home Llc to Glasser Susan Marie, $258,000.

5051 Bathgate Ter; Iwan Grant M and Camille S to Smith Rashaun, $230,000.

1214 Bellevue Ave; Burris Lynn A to Johnson Chris and Meghan, $360,000.

3028 Bradwill Road; Browne Kimberley Britt to Harris Lauren E, $292,500.

4227 Brook Road; Shanahan Frank M and Cheryl A to Hensley Areina G, $418,000.

4707 Calumet Road; Trani Frank J to Chapman Guy and Anne, $515,000.

5621 Cary Street Road, U406; Pine and Ivy II Llc to Golden Timothy P and Leah W, $353,000.

4027 Collingbourne Road; Pgr Investments Llc to Henderson Elizabeth J, $300,000.

2405 Crumpton Dr; Donnelly George A to Mason Isaac Lee Sr, $175,000.

3901 Cutshaw Ave; Zacharias Family Llc to Cutshaw Park Msml Llc, $1,200,000.

5126 Dorchester Road; Cava Capital Llc to Fair Derek W, $207,500.

3224 Enslow Ave; Patton Pamela L to McCavitt Adrian Brooks, $180,000.

705 Faye St; Home Slice Properties Llc to Paul Trenton and Rushton James, $206,000.

1009 W Franklin St; Hsc Renovations Llc to 1009 West Franklin Street Llc, $550,000.

1229 Garber St; Fary Johnna A to Shamblin Nicholas V, $168,950.

3422 Garland Ave; K C Enterprises Of Va Llc to Djs Investment Llc, $199,900.

3209 W Grace St; Anthony Thomas C to Thornton James D and Sean M, $385,000.

4530 W Grace St; Pemberton Carrie to Thamm Colleen, $660,000.

1001 Granite Ave; Deforge Joann F to Schalm Carrie, $355,000.

3105 Grove Ave; Deroche Victoria and Alie to Craig Teresa S and Samuel G, $740,000.

3121 Grove Ave; Museum District Investments Llc to Serignese Paul A, $659,000.

403 N Hamilton St, Ua; Bain Susan A to Soffee Debra L, $215,000.

1101 Haxall Pt, U801; 2018 Gary L Monroe Living Trust to Banian Arthur, $345,000.

2011 Idlewood Ave; Braford Jacob W to Adey Brianna A and Steven C, $306,000.

3503 Idlewood Ave; Johnson Christopher A to Reynolds Allyson, $300,000.

3320 Kensington Ave; Dodge Anne H Trustee to Diederich William P, $430,000.

3124 Lake Terrace Ct; Traynham Margaret B Executor to Meador Jo Anne S, $340,000.

1109 W Leigh St; Stallings Lisa R to Oregon Hill Historic District, $160,000.

706 Libbie Ave; Taylor Majorie to Lancaster Custom Builder Inc, $285,000.

5705 Lorieville Lane; Murphey Douglas W II to Westley Troy G and Lavinia, $191,000.

2122 E Marshall St; Stiles Joseph Lee to Kulkarni Amit and Phyllis G, $287,000.

5402 Matoaka Road; Hahn Jonathan W and Kimberly R to Raggi Matthew John, $1,200,000.

3804 Midlothian Tpke; Maloney James T to Segars Taylor Marie, $168,000.

3610 Montrose Ave; Vertical Builders Llc to Clark Charles Paul and Katreena, $354,000.

3105 North Ave; Old to New Llc to Diamond Jeffrey W, $299,950.

119 W Norwood Ave; King Starling and Willie Lee Jr to Chaulklin David S, $225,000.

8523 Old Spring Road; Yucel Gokhan to Le Katherine Quynh, $520,000.

4305 Park Ave; Craig Stanley D and Shannon S to Wagner Austin and Lauren, $440,000.

5204 Parker St; S and S Property Investments Llc to Park David E and Anna M, $158,165.

3300 Peyton Ave; Life Lessons Properties Llc to An Bong Hyun, $201,034.

2419 Pineway Dr; Tsrp 10007 Llc to Blum Aspen M and Gordon L, $305,000.

3319 Q St; Cc Richmond II Lp to Schlichenmayer Molly, $255,000.

1209 Rennie Ave; Shrestha Chandra M and Sumitra to Lochlan Llc, $230,000.

301 W Roberts St; Ponce Properties Llc to Waller Quincy La Mont, $359,950.

3400 S St; Jennings Family Investments Llc to Fanning Neal R, $195,000.

7013 South Dr; Wells Michael L II to Reichel Hope, $287,999.

1217 Stanhope Ave; Collins Brent Allen to Collins Jackson Kyle, $310,000.

3930 Walmsley Blvd; Seymore Kenneth R to Buster Darnella, $224,500.

5572 Westower Dr; Goodman William C to Vazquez Jorge Luis Rodriguez, $299,000.

8371 W Weyburn Road; Crouch Stephen to Cole Bryan, $370,000.


12405 Amershire Ln, Glen Allen; Belden Andrew W and Deidre A to Manley Heidi and Robson Foganholi, $571,950.

1704 Ashcliff Way, Henrico; Tran Lam and Tuyet Hoa Tran to Sahman Sanel, $240,000.

10801 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Greesonbach Sarah Jean and Joshua Andrew, $311,950.

9213 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Reinstein Matthew G to Yancey Kathleen R C, $230,000.

9473 Barrett Pl, Henrico; Hall David and Kristina to Worley Sean and Candace N Kirkland, $239,500.

507 Besler Ln, Henrico; Davis Valerie P to Anheuser Busch Employees Credit Union, $153,597.

3005 Blackthorn Way, Henrico; Hodge Jerry L to Level Patricia A, $298,000.

1903 Boardman Ln, Henrico; Wheatley Robert M and Laura Galli to Lawson David and Natalie W, $359,950.

4350 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ub, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Jiwani Kamran Feroz and Fareen S Pasaya, $356,711.

3831 Brennen Robert Pl, Glen Allen; Gooch Jeffrey B and Andrea K to Bond Benjamin T and Corrine G Browell, $455,000.

11813 Britain Way, Henrico; Wallmeyer Frank J and Mary B to Vo Thai Thanh and Minh Hieu T Nguyen, $375,000.

8310 Bronwood Rd, Henrico; Haller Stephen M Sr and Elaine H to Barrows Jonathan E and Madeline, $280,000.

12112 Carmon Ct, Henrico; Board Paul H and Pamela J Stengel to Edos Llc, $206,500.

2204 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Williams David Q and Samantha D, $366,512.

5010 Castle Point Ct, Glen Allen; Taylor Richard and Ashley to Mason Michael C and Anna M, $279,000.

11208 Chappell Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Hendrickson Douglas L and Nancy M to Singh Gaurav, $452,000.

1410 Chowan Rd, Henrico; Sedechap Inc to Livingston Adele W, $243,000.

12016 Club Commons Dr, Glen Allen; Smith Elizabeth H and Robert B III to Boegner Philip J, $548,800.

4704 Colwyck Dr, Henrico; Robbins Roderick L to Morton Jacqueline R, $184,000.

7304 Coxley Ct, Henrico; Sinkler Latonya A to Lee D'Lannie and Terrell, $240,000.

11411 Creekside Ct, Henrico; Jones Phillip A Sr Trustee to Petkauskas Holdings Llc, $225,000.

1510 Cutshaw Pl, Henrico; Overstreet Jordan R and Kaitlyn M to Brunner William J and Margaret P, $324,000.

3080 Danrett Ln, Henrico; Gonzalez Jose C to Jones Betty J and Victor M Rosa, $309,000.

9611 Della Dr, Henrico; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Johnson Trae and Sharelle Scarborough, $265,000.

9315 Dolmen Rd, Glen Allen; Metcalf John Philip to Abaruski Alexander, $170,000.

9712 Durango Rd, Henrico; Abrams Michelle Nicole to Son Dina, $163,000.

9803 Durango Rd, Henrico; Whitehill Evelyn M to Phillips David, $172,000.

5024 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $216,000.

1204 Emily Ln, Henrico; Rowe Benjamin R to Lansbury Susan, $257,000.

11400 Fairfield Green Ct, Henrico; Gaskell Daniel J and Masayo I to Khalil Khalil F and Nosa M Abdalla, $355,000.

3003 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ding Huanghe, $275,655.

3015 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Melton Jennifer L and Robert F, $315,492.

3719 Favero Rd, Henrico; Engel Susan H and Robert P Chesson to Denton Maury A and Rachael E Harrell, $625,000.

10417 Flat Branch Dr, Henrico; Glazunov Alexander and Victoria to Lin Liping and Guan, $395,000.

1410 Fortingale Cir, Henrico; De Leon Segifredo Ponce and B J Tellez to McQuinn-Nzassi Daytriel, $163,000.

12012 Foxfield Cir, Henrico; Wile Martha G Trustee to Johnson Carolyn S Trustee, $265,000.

108 Garland Ave, Sandston; Shipe Deborah A to Delano David W and Sandra M, $154,500.

3737 Glades End Ln, Henrico; Bamberger Robert A and Robin W to Rohnacher Eric S and Collins L, $675,000.

4314 Gladewater Rd, Henrico; Peck Robert A Jr and M Allison to Lattanzio Nicholas J and Cody R Gallaher, $244,950.

761 Grapevine Rd, Sandston; Liberty Homes Inc to Gribble Bryan, $249,300.

6412 Grey Rock Ln, Henrico; Brown Terry L to Rose Andre, $262,000.

910 Hampstead Ave, Henrico; Little Lewis R Jr and Cristiane G to Wood Jonathan C and Kathryn K, $700,000.

2002 Haviland Dr, Henrico; Boric Amel and Alma to Danner Drew and Morgan, $310,000.

12305 Hawksgate Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Varghese Benny and Manju Benny, $909,626.

12357 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Pradhan Premchand and Rita Rout, $485,820.

11616 Heverley Ct, Glen Allen; Becton Mark D and Loree A to Jackson Deborah Joanne and Adam B, $480,000.

417 S Holly Ave, Henrico; 417 S Holly Avenue Series to Staton Malcolm V Jr, $169,900.

2415 Homeview Dr, Henrico; Whitten Michael L to West Mary Susan, $225,000.

1659 Independence Ct, Henrico; Dodson Esther R to Haughwout Joseph Clifton Jr, $170,000.

708 Keats Rd, Henrico; Curry R Scott and Dickson Johnston Bedell to Rogers Alfred H and Mary S, $550,000.

2210 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Cunningham Amanda P to Ross Charles D and Erica W, $375,000.

7909 Langley Dr, Glen Allen; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Keck Wesley Dean, $319,800.

1616 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Cassidy Kevin and Ann to Tullner James R and Jirattiwan, $265,000.

12280 Leakes Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to McQuire William Thomas and Jodi Perschetz, $704,704.

5414 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Van Horn David and Kathy, $409,175.

2120 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Tenukuntla Rajesh and Swetha Kothwal to Yu Bonita and Justin, $372,000.

11621 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Dicerbo Matthew D and Lauren E Jacobsen to Palmer Brian Owen and Sarah Rogers, $618,000.

5098 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Lopez Samuel Jr and Elvia Lizeth, $476,500.

1900 Magnolia Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Davis Ashley and Denise A Bowen to Nguyen Thao Hoa, $345,000.

2424 Marions Ln, Glen Allen; Nguyen Thao Hoa and Ngan Thi Pho to Wali Lida Walizada Abdul, $295,000.

4308 Merryman Rd, Henrico; Smith Inell R to Dufner Konrad, $205,000.

11129 Mill Place Ct, Glen Allen; Norden Stacey L Jr and Sheila to Jones Shannon and Kimberly Austin, $359,950.

11050 Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Federal National Mortgage Association to Frazier Russell L and Adrynne E B, $271,500.

7510 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; Flory Jonathan D and Ellen to Hayes Keith, $203,000.

4602 Needles Eye Ter, Glen Allen; Livengood Vaughan S and Mary K to Graves Margaret D, $382,000.

10900 New Harvard Ct, Glen Allen; Li Zhondong and Qing Miao to Livengood Vaughan S and Mary K, $480,000.

3415 New Pasture Ct, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Corcoran Karen S, $226,136.

3841 Nightmuse Way, Glen Allen; Cook Dwayne L toni J to Thornhill Robert Craig and Melissa L, $474,950.

7412 Noble Ave, Henrico; Garrett Andrea C to Holstrom Andrew Arthur, $170,000.

1307 Northbury Ave, Henrico; Dekeyser Amanda K to Farr Barbara A, $175,000.

3116 Old Brookewood Way, Henrico; Rohnacher Collins Leclair and Eric S to Nielsen John and Mallory, $440,000.

11024 Old Millrace Ter, Glen Allen; Graham John L and Lorraine to Adams William Anthony Jr and M R Gerrol, $578,000.

9640 Osborne Tpke, Henrico; Malone Russell H III and Elizabeth J to Henschen Adam and Leah, $230,000.

11744 Park Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Goodman Katie M to Hornstra Curtis and Patti, $200,000.

1820 Pemberton Ridge Ct, Henrico; Pemberton Investments Llc to NVR Inc, $161,000.

1419 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Allen; Durham Nicholas Hunter to Baylor Michael and Doxie Hardy Anderson, $154,000.

3910 Pinalto Dr, Henrico; Rent Rva Now Llc to Young Renee Michelle, $175,000.

2723 Pleasant Run Dr, Henrico; Coolbaugh Clair D Jr and Brenda L to Thompson Leigh E, $284,000.

10009 Purcell Rd, Henrico; Simons Arlene S to Clement Gaston M, $220,000.

4120 Quincy Maie Dr, Henrico; LeBlanc Dennis and Laura A to Dayalsingh David D and Fareeda, $276,900.

2107 Rainbow Dr, Henrico; Baka Stephanie and Andrew Paulson to Lasi Maung Seng and Nang Mai, $205,000.

13512 Reynard Ln, Henrico; Graf Thomas J and Sara E to Barrar Christopher Douglas and Erin G, $545,000.

3121 River Bluffs Ct, Henrico; Brown Melvin E and Brenda to Stuart Melvin Jerome Jr and Stacey Marie, $150,000.

106 Rocketts Way, Henrico; Lawson Barry and Melissa to Sheridan Mary and Alissa Chulack, $520,000.

11308 Sadler Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Singh Amrinder and Pawanpreet Kaur to Tiwari Surendra and Naina Sharma, $302,500.

1306 Santa Anna Rd, Henrico; Ergens Marlynn S Trustee to Terrell Joseph S III and Leslie T Lynch, $262,000.

10106 Sara Jean Ct, Glen Allen; Barrett James F and Celia C Miglionico to Mallory Christopher T and Rebekah L Luck, $180,000.

8420 Shannon Green Ct, Henrico; Henderson Elizabeth Joyce to Kelley Rose M, $165,000.

552 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Caudill Lauren A to Cooke Rane, $360,000.

6805 Sir Galahad Ct, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Romesburg William Ellis and Sandra Patrick, $315,870.

3817 Somerbrook Ct, Henrico; McCombs Thomas P and Laura C to Thacker Peter N Jr and Sarah Moyar-Thacker, $710,000.

5001 Stable Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Rowell Matthew D and Fei Wang to Rrapokushi Enea and Claudia, $665,999.

1304 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Bauserman Carolyn E and Bernard D Glass Jr to Fleming James D III and Phyllis W, $260,000.

11152 Thorncroft Dr, Glen Allen; Miffleton Jacob E and Marcy N to Moore Elizabeth Gay Neale, $335,000.

3934 Three Foxes Dr, Henrico; Thornton William S Sr and Pauline C to Hood Reginald D and Shirley L, $329,900.

1808 Timbermead Ct, Henrico; Knapp Stephen P and Katherine S to Burkhardt James E and Megan D, $370,000.

2608 Trickling Brook Ct, Henrico; Hall Eric and Sarah to Sargent Austin C and Sara S, $304,900.

10709 Tutelo Pl, Glen Allen; Thornhill Melissa L and Robert C to Clarke Robert R and Elena Lavrishcheva, $360,950.

2202 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Germanis Rosemarie C and Michael J Kolebas to Phelps Peggy Denise, $250,000.

9905 Wares Wharf Cir, Glen Allen; Brewer Richard E and Barbara D Trustees to Lowman Joan Griffin and Robert Steven, $428,500.

3507 Warsaw Ter, Glen Allen; Vine Ellinore Margaret Trustee to Cohen Robert and Nancy E, $439,000.

12709 Westin Estates Dr, Glen Allen; Ng Benjamin Siu Ming and Josephine W Y Nip to Stone Jason and Wendy, $727,000.

1410 Whitehurst Way, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Malla Chanda and Sanjiv Giri, $291,112.

5452 Wintercreek Dr, Glen Allen; Singh Dipinder and Manpreet Kaur to Sharma Star D and Sanjay, $289,000.

8598 Woodlake Dr, Henrico; Palmer Kimberly H and William W III to McIntyre Michael S and Amy J W, $276,500.


14510 Alberta Ct; Skaggs Jerome D Sr to McCallister Seth V and Rebecca A, $353,000.

4506 Amalthea Ln; NVR Inc to Zhang Ji Zhong and Xu Jiajuan, $387,680.

8566 Amington Ln; Garrison Thomas Eric and Tami to Mason Eugene A and Shelia, $359,950.

2931 Appleford Dr; Meilicke Brian M to Wagner David A and Jazzie Senido, $228,950.

2317 Arrowood Rd; Kohler Paul W to William Brothers Llc, $154,000.

101 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Brown Kenneth W and Gina G, $425,762.

120 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Dickson Susan I, $434,814.

5967 Autumnleaf Dr; Barnett Elliott M and Katherine to Chastain Darby A and Cadran B M, $295,000.

11606 Bailey Mountain Tl; Dawson Travis M and Powell K M to Salvador B J and Dunford M L, $195,000.

20924 Baileys Grove Dr; NVR Inc to Anderson Abby J, $262,170.

13018 Beech Hill Dr; NVR Inc to Patrick Tanisha, $329,535.

13711 Beechwood Point Rd; Bailey Scott E and Julie to Phillips J C and Phillips M Trs, $620,000.

13729 Berkley Davis Dr; McDonald Timothy P and Pamela M to D J Residential Llc, $160,000.

3818 Bethesda Ct; Whitehead Joe L and Carla J to Evans Jeremy, $242,500.

16018 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Green Larry Ray and Susan D, $449,133.

13024 Boggs Cr; Long Cliff M Jr and Bridget N to Gleason William M and Renee L, $389,950.

10500 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Lessard Michael, $277,505.

10518 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Thomas Walter Lee and Beth Karol, $254,215.

3130 E Brigstock Rd; Milligan John H and Shannon L to Thacker Stephen Jr and Alyssa, $475,000.

4207 Brixton Rd; Hancock Michael J and Nicolle M to Smith Ashley and Smith Richard, $262,000.

13613 Bundle Rd; Eggleton Craig L and Lynn M to Fontenot D S and Montedonico K L, $275,000.

8424 Capernwray Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Kashmer Gregory S and Cheryl A, $710,570.

2011 Castle Glen Ct; Cunningham Jimmy R to Wood Rhiannon and Christopher, $252,500.

4738 Cedar Cliff Rd; Felker Luke A and Katie E Ange to Bolden Radell and Miles Shama, $258,000.

10263 Cherylann Rd; Var 14 Llc to Virak Daniel M and Nardi Emily N, $229,950.

5331 Chesswood Dr; Madden Jeanette E to Portillo Merlos Dilma L, $172,000.

5318 Chestnut Bluff Tr; Lasater Dirk Douglas and Grace L to Candido James S and Beebe D A, $265,000.

8407 Cobblecreek Rd; NVR Inc to Williamson Loretta, $399,985.

13801 Comstock Landing Dr; Main Street Homes to McCormack Douglas E Jr and L C, $494,936.

13806 Comstock Landing Dr; Main Street Homes to Moyse Gerard and Laura, $409,491.

11529 Creek Bottom Tr; Schumm Adam J and Ann C to Faria Justin, $216,500.

14118 Cotesworth Wy; McQueen Kevin S and Lorraine R to Phelps Clayton and Stacey, $605,000.

360 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to Arnold Robert Edward, $316,590.

372 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to O'Halloran Beth Laura, $323,274.

7401 Decidedly Ln; Whitfield Derrick J and C N to Dudley Kevin and Elaine, $258,000.

6937 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Jacob Esther P C and Oliver C, $298,490.

13367 Diamond Ridge Dr; Branch Detric J and Mina K to Integrated Erp Solutions Inc, $223,000.

422 Dunlin Ct; Burgess Alice S Trustee to Cordovana Irene Jane Trustee, $359,000.

1513 Dusk Ct; Crown Land Llc to Harvey Jacob M Et Als, $277,890.

8608 Dwayne Ln; Shelton Perry G to Maniatis Nicholas J toni N, $342,500.

840 Elaine Av; Garger Louis E and Lisa C to Booker Napoleon, $269,000.

13800 Elmstead Rd; Layman Stephen D and Erynn M to Remington Cody A, $435,000.

13318 Evelyn Dr; Harvey Andy and Daniela to Warden Jennifer D, $200,000.

3313 Farcet Pl; Dally Chad Alan and Carter Ann to Stiner Justin P and Jocelyn K, $500,000.

7938 Featherchase Ct; Brienze Edward A Jr and Donna M to Remnant Real Est Solutions Llc, $172,000.

611 Fern Meadow Lp; Barnes Timothy R and Houser M R to Suriyaphruksh Larin Et Als, $170,000.

14818 Flour Mill Ct; Agboola Olugbenga to Duncan Joshua H and Virginia L, $350,000.

6132 Fox Haven Pl; Csontos Craig M and Heather G to Faber Anthony and Kelly, $485,000.

8612 Foxberry Dr; Wilson Jacquelyn Leigha to Filonczuk Robyn L, $219,000.

16330 Garston Ln; Valenciana Gabriel A and G N to Hansen A W and Hansen C S Trs, $923,000.

5738 Gossamer Pl; Hhhunt Homes L C to Godsey Jeunee J and Gaudet M J J, $367,410.

3619 Graythorne Dr; Gregoire Development Corp to Taylor Kyle and Christy, $501,754.

8704 Green Cedar Ct; Milliman Candice R to Wilson Deandre and La'risa, $230,000.

16100 Hallowell Rg; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Callear Vicki K and Edward L Jr, $323,991.

15406 Hampton Crest Ct; Gao Shan and Jiang Ming to Jones De'von R and Ashley N L, $349,950.

12631 Hampton Crossing Dr; Ruggiero William A and Kristin A to Liebrich Mark S and Gail A, $358,000.

7943 Hampton Meadows Ln; Evans Lindsey D and Senning C S to Roberts Noah David and Holly M, $350,000.

16236 Hampton Summit Dr; Saufley Shaina N and Logan to Jenkins Letta M and Shawn E, $373,000.

14801 Harrowgate Rd; Glenn Theresa W to Dominguez M S and Gomez Erika, $244,000.

13554 Heathbrook Tr; Seeley Estelle R Trustee to Allan Kathleen A, $237,500.

13903 Highpaige Wy; Bates Michael S and Kelli R to Hubbard Todd Hampton and Wendy, $275,000.

213 Hixson Dr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Watchtower Properties Llc, $250,000.

13021 Holly View Tr; McKinley Brian L to Carter Ryan, $240,000.

1617 Hybla Rd; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Whitaker Taisha S, $290,225.

2036 James Overlook Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Stewart Wanda Brown, $433,426.

16833 Jaydee Ct; Caminiti Kevin and Valerie to Pendlebury Autumn and Steven, $447,500.

17506 Kathleen Ct; Jbf Construction Llc to Milliman Candice R, $179,900.

9412 Kendrick Rd; U S Bank Nat'l Association Tr to Aske Investments Llc, $150,250.

12825 Killycrom Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Epps Wallace and Katherine, $486,714.

3813 Knighton Cr; NVR Inc to White Christopher and Alexis, $520,930.

654 Krim Point Lp; Rossi D T and Rossi J M Trustees to Bruton Dianne G, $315,000.

5154 Lake Summer Lp; Davis Stacey L and Marcia A to Blalock James B and Leigh M, $530,000.

14619 Lavenham Ln; Main Street Homes to Simms Shayla and Mark Jr, $392,950.

4037 Lazy Stream Ct; Hhhunt Homes LC to Fleming Gwendolyn Taylor, $333,340.

5024 Lippingham Dr; Ward Lonsie and Mary A to Chadwick Raymond and Carol, $280,000.

4905 Logswood Rd; Randolph Deidre M to Tdz Properties Llc, $153,000.

15900 Longlands Rd; Ozgenc K and Ozgenc Y A Trustees to Goodwin Sean and Amanda J, $486,000.

12010 Lucks Ln; Ipina Sosa Walter M to Bishop Tammy, $230,000.

3561 Markey Rd; Kumar Ashok and Kumar Bimal Trs to Baron Michael B and Amy N, $275,000.

14907 Mariners Wy; Zoubek Mark A and Carrie M to Papineau Charlotte A and Paul S, $359,000.

4701 Mason Woods Ct; Tetrick Clay A to Anderson Lisa R, $185,000.

6223 Meadwood Cr; Williams Dajshira R to Vasquez Rodriguez Josue R, $161,500.

14848 Michaux Valley Cr; Biringer Builders Inc to Cheatham Michael D and Casey C, $771,979.

14432 Michaux Village Dr; Turner David Lee Jr to Nevins Marie A and Matthew D, $349,950.

12710 Mill Lock Tr; Malgee Geoff D to Smith William R and Lauren P, $285,000.

124 Mosswood Ct; York Anthony D to Fmjm Rwl IV Reo Llc, $160,000.

7706 Mount Holly Ln; Barrow Christopher and Cheryl to Nation Donald and Marion, $277,250.

5231 Nairn Ln; Frigault Norman W and M V to Lambrecht John F and Lynn E, $325,000.

1806 Northcreek Dr; Johnston Bradley M and Heather N to Logan Monica, $249,950.

10431 Oakside Dr; Martin Wade S and Bishop N A to Belman Patino Carlos Matias, $249,950.

12201 Old Bailey Bridge Rd; King C E and King G E Trustees to Ferguson John B and Dark A G, $295,000.

4001 Oxbridge Rd; Sharpe Jean D to Martin Sara I, $237,600.

8921 Pams Av; Hailey Charles A and Karen G to Alvarado Luna Edy O, $155,000.

13831 Parsons Bay Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Vega Miguel A and Lynette M, $454,455.

3500 Pierson Dr; Brown Barry R and Patricia B to Romero Carlos E Campos, $220,000.

11622 Pleasantview Rd; 11622 Pleasantview Llc to Rawllins Melissa K, $219,995.

5316 S Prestonwood Av; Claytor C R and Beets M D Trs to Christopher Edward A Jr and M S, $210,000.

1715 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to McBride Thomas J and Ursula W, $290,163.

265 Pumpkin Pl; Owen Patricia A to Lipes Gregory A and Patricia C, $265,000.

6400 Qualla Rd; Nichols Douglas A to Barksdale Patrick B, $327,500.

9302 Radborne Rd; M and M Ventures Llc to McCray Joshua D, $215,000.

10330 Redbridge Rd; Vertical Builders Llc to Lauber Marcus D and Lori R, $250,950.

14106 Ridge Creek Rd; Denny Blake to Baker Heather A, $216,000.

7625 River Rd; Seelig Harold C to Osborne Raymond J and Hacke S M, $161,600.

11913 Rubystone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Nelson Ashaunti C, $263,885.

10501 Salem Oaks Dr; Leroy Kay P to Richards Michelene M and A L, $259,900.

5712 Sara Kay Dr; Improved Properties Llc to Armitage D Burke, $189,900.

16500 Saville Chase Rd; Flynn Michael Jr and Jessica to Litwin Richard A and Brianne M, $572,000.

16906 Sconley Pl; NVR Inc to Tilahun Keisha, $433,025.

3400 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Nguyen Peter V and Dacanay Jinah, $490,689.

11721 Second Branch Rd; Orange Cheryl Z to Worthington Julie A Trustee, $328,500.

6425 Sheehan Xg; NVR Inc to Dang Whitney Sue tony, $399,884.

6216 Shelter Cove Cr; Ricketts Martin L and Belinda G to Kilichev Rasulbek, $530,000.

14512 Shipborne Rd; Brod Justin N and Kelly A to Pack Danny J Jr and Christina L, $399,900.

3512 Silver Oak Ct; Thompson Pamela G to Hall John E and Julie T Et Als, $152,000.

21911 Skinquarter Rd; Lanham Jane to Zepp Philip J, $190,000.

13620 Solstice Close; McMurtry J M and McMurtry C Trs to Thurston Hance R and Kenda C, $435,000.

825 Spirea Rd; Bailey Anthony J to Licence Skyler R and Victoria, $269,000.

13900 St Elizabeth Dr; Main Street Homes to Cheyne John-Paul L and Alma B, $420,650.

11213 Sterling Cove Dr; Harvey Charles W Jr and Lynn K to Wilbur Dale and Erin M, $379,000.

6205 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Bilodeau Olivier and Lapierre B, $252,665.

15530 Sultree Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Atkinson Susan E and Welch J P, $479,950.

8524 Sunningdale Tr; Bottorff Roger and Phyllis to Phillips Dennis M and Jean W, $350,000.

12007 Taplow Rd; Jones Barbara L to Hall James Lynn and White Pamela, $307,000.

6701 Taylor Brook Ct; Moawad Jasmine Trustee to Roberts Nikesha, $249,900.

16512 Thornapple Al; NVR Inc to Liming Addison R, $255,435.

2745 Tinsley Dr; Warriner George R and Norma P to Stender Jason Charles and Mary, $215,000.

8241 Trappers Creek Tl; Worsham David J and Sheryl A to Stells Mark A Jr, $190,000.

8712 Trent Rd; Wills David R to Kennedy Susan B, $225,000.

1819 S Twilight Ln; NVR Inc to Barnett Lauren and Friend K, $277,280.

18263 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Cohen Victoria V, $430,665.

18270 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Armstrong Wil Anthony and Linda, $332,740.

16131 Turquoise Dr; Main Street Homes to Bowen Larry D and Savannah C, $396,250.

13661 Village Gate Pl; Strouse Bradley R and Allie B to Nguyen Quang V and Le My Hang T, $220,000.

3017 Waddington Dr; Jones Velet Y to Caldwell Jaivon A, $162,000.

11706 Walnut Wood Ct; Zemp Matthew T and Jillian M to Gentle Ryan D and Erica, $278,500.

13819 War Admiral Dr; Moody Katherine R to Acklen William Jr, $244,500.

4237 Wells Ridge Ct; South Chester Dev Co Llc to Cozad David and Jodie Lynn, $339,950.

11419 Westcreek Ct; Howe Deborah M to McCarty Zachary D and Jessica A, $269,900.

1300 Westwood Village Ln; Bunce Linda and Richard Jr to Barden John and Julia, $275,500.

1606 Wilson Wood Rd; Lovelace Nicholas and Stacy J to Joerger Raymond J, $290,000.

1537 Winbury Dr; Rauschenberg Justin L and M C to Bozhilov Stanimir and Teodora P, $297,500.

3241 Winterfield Rd; Underwood Kenneth E and Kay B to Casey Kevin A and Angela R, $279,000.

2942 Woodbridge Crossing Dr; Miller Nathan Aaron to Rathbun Andrew Bryant, $161,000.


9453 Assembly Way, Mechanicsville; Robin L. McMillon to Cassandra Rae Jones, $290,000.

8301 Bama Road, Mechanicsville; Raymond G. Lewter Jr. to Matthew B. Vinson, $314,500.

8023 Belton Circle, Mechanicsville; Michael Skvor to Mary E. Covington, $257,000.

9061 Brevet Lane, Mechanicsville; Matthew Shaver to Michael Tutor, $314,000.

7135 Bridle Path, Mechanicsville; Joan Fuller to Adrian Calton, $213,000.

8274 Carrolton Ridge Place, Mechanicsville; William C Astin to Scott Howard Whitsel Jr, $355,000.

15427 S Cedar Creek Lane, Montpelier; William L. Judy to Brandon H. Grissom, $330,000.

8504 Chippingford Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Elizabeth Durvin Allen, $440,019.

7713 Clarey Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Chadwick Wesley Hatton, $502,770.

5299 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; Sherry L. Gray Bumbach, executor to Gloria Purinton, $248,000.

10004 Cool Sprinig Road, Mechanicsville; H&G Enterprises LLC to Christopher Evan Friday, $315,000.

8426 Dell Ray Drive, Mechanicsville; Henry D. Crowe Jr. to Carolyn Worley, $185,000.

10230 Doncastle Court, Mechanicsville; Christopher K. Wilkinson to Colin R. Pritchard, $400,000.

7343 Dress Blue Circle, Mechanicsville; Keir McNeal Burton to Marcia J. Dresser, $292,000.

13315 Farm View Drive, Ashland; Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Larry D. Felbush, $171,000.

11032 Greenline Court, Mechanicsville; Philip Michael Smith Jr to Whitney M. Martin, $362,500.

7451 Hartpine Court, Mechanicsville; Ammar Natsheh to Kimberly S Edwards, $230,000.

7332 Highlander Place, Mechanicsville; Anita W. Wilkinson to Roger G. Baillargeon Jr., $290,000.

9872 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Kathryn P. Verreault, $351,260.

9889 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Darlene M. Yeary, $321,120.

9908 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; Kimberly Gale Howard to Erik Matthew Colley, $358,000.

10134 Ivy Banks Place, Mechanicsville; Thornton B. Stringfellow to Esther Henderson, $507,500.

10313 Kestrel Drive, Ashland; Selina A. Best to Michael C. Mason, $230,000.

9618 Leighfield Way, Mechanicsville; Danny W. Melton to Kedric Lane Griffin, $239,000.

9059 Little Joselyn Drive, Mechanicsville; Vanessa D. Grooms to Carolyn B. Johnson, $365,000.

112 Macon Circle, Ashland; Addie V. Mills to Ryan J. Dukate, $150,000.

6592 Magnolia Green Lane, Mechanicsville; Thomas L. Godsey Jr. to Kathleen M. Wood, $250,000.

7092 McCauley Lane, Mechanicsville; John C. Caruso to Reid W. Carter, $235,700.

10124 Merrittcroft Court, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Matthew Martin, $481,190.

10128 Merrittcroft Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Andy Shunlai Tang, $521,675.

10386 Morning Dew Lane, Mechanicsville; Karen E. Breslin to Thomas P. McCombs, $364,500.

10301 New Britton Road, Mechanicsville; Blackhawk Capital LLC to Robert J. Bollander, $315,000.

7141 New Hunter Road, Mechanicsville; Craig Dell, trustee to Tonya Lynn Benfield, $180,000.

9963 Orchard Meadow Road, Mechanicsville; Matthew Bolling to Robert Tyler Melchiori, $410,000.

14308 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahmoniny Falls LLC to Linda Jo Grainer, $438,840.

8325 Patrick Henry Blvd., Mechanicsville; William O. Brenek to Jason Pruitt, $303,000.

7268 Peanut Lane, Mechanicsville; Glen A. Watkins to Brian P. Sulser, $305,000.

9425 Pleasant Level Road, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Kenneth Harris, $445,130.

9396 Powhickery Court, Mechanicsville; Frank R. Sciolino to Shauna Warden, $420,000.

6434 Quail Way, Mechanicsville; Dorothy B. Cosby to Darlene Vee Stewart, $203,000.

6158 Retreat Hill Lane, Mechanicsville; Sophia M. Edmunds to Polina I. Penova Dupuis, $217,900.

10250 Rollingstone Lane, Mechanicsville; Peder K. Melberg to Andrew T. Cowles, $525,000.

8227 Sawyer Lane, Mechanicsville; Charles M. Wilmouth to Chad M. Wilmouth, $315,000.

9108 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Robert Alan Onusko, $280,235.

9145 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jane Long, $314,215.

101 Steyland St., Ashland; Nelson Bryan Cline to Cierra Monique Smith, $230,000.

16300 Tavern Estates Road, Montpelier; Jan W. Stem to James David Jordan Jr., $595,500.

9317 Willies Way Trail, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Warren Brown, $422,085.

9344 Willies Way Trail, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to William R. Franklin Jr., $422,035.

6152 Winding HIlls Drive, Mechanicsville; Marcious A. Cousins to Regan Stanley, $245,000.

8317 Wonderland Lane, Mechanicsville; Craig M. Ellwanger to Logan J. Clarke, $230,000.


5825 Cartersville Road, Powhatan; Manage This LLC to Citizens Bank and Trust Co., $158,500.

800 Clementon Road, Powhatan; Mountain Creek Homes LLC to Andrew S. Mcinturff, $229,195.

2005 Fairlane Drive, Powhatan; Mary F. Dement to Heather K. Travis, $273,400.

3311 Greywalls Drive, Powhatan; Catherine Hart to Robert D. Curtis, $240,000.

3311 Greywalls Drive, Powhatan; Jane Wheless to Robert D. Curtis, $230,000.

3825 Little Fighting Creek Road, Powhatan; Thomas R. Justis Jr. to James D. Wood, $450,000.

3475 Mill Mount Road, Powhatan; Baldwin Creek Custom Homes Inc. to Christopher Campbell, $517,119.

5355 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Millbrook Construction Inc. to Forrest S. Yeager, $263,000.

2017 Opneida Road, Powhatan; Lauren Meissner Smith to Damon Presley, $245,000.

2118 Pine Oak Court, Moseley; James J. Nay to Emily Callaway, $314,000.

4748 Powhatan Lakes Road, Powhatan; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Ashley M. Gariepy, $214,000.

1023 Schroeder Road, Powhatan; Larry K. Peyton to Teresa Jane Herndon, $262,500.

3912 St. John's Village Way, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Patricia Cover, $306,800.

2895 Tower Hill Court, Powhatan; Wolcott Homes LLC to Nicholus Radcliffe, $286,000.


2.024 acres; Cecilia W. Cooper to Jesse J. Crim III, $330,000.

28.73 acres; William A. McCracken to Golden Magnolia LLC, $480,000.

3 acres; James Wayne Bradshaw to LSC Bradshaw LLC, $675,000.

7.67 acres; Ronald G. Aders to Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2018-2, $386,760.

9.16 acres; Woods Sandy Hook Inc. to Noor 7 LLC, $450,000.

Lot 14, Section 10, Kinloch; Boone Homes Inc. to Christopher W. Shean, $745,906.

Lot 23, Section 1, Readers Branch; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Susan C. Cedillo, $788,231.

Lot 4, Whitehall Creek; John Dustin HIcks to Shawn J. Nicely, $415,000.

Lots 6, 25, 32 and 48, Section 1, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $500,000.

Lots 9, 10, 11, 22 and 23, Section 1, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $625,000.

Parcel; Charlene Wilton Leahy, executor to Mark A. Oley, $618,000.


3260 Denise Road; Almarie M. McLean to Trussaine Andrew Silver Sr., $250,470.

2446 Gracie White Circle; Craftech Homes LLC to Wesley Harris, $199,900.

1813 Ramblewood Road; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James Walker, $160,250.

816 South West Blvd.; WM Painting LLC to Amber L. Dockery, $178,000.


1670 Bobcat Road, Sutherland; Robert A. Alston to Cody L. Garrett, $260,000.

19580 Flatfoot Road, Dinwiddie; Lucas G. Meredith to Craig R. King Sr., $166,000.

19506 Oxford Lane, Sutherland; Joseph Gary DeBoer to Gary V. McReynolds, $250,000.

23111 Pheasant Court, North Dinwiddie; Andrew Gold to Brittany R. Satterwhite, $179,950.

15697 Wilkinson Road, Dinwiddie; Baylaur Construction LLC to Samuel G. Belote, $276,983.


Lot 18, Block C, Section 2, Conjurer's Neck; Suntrust Mortgage to CRT Renovations LLC, trustee, $231,500.

Lots 1-10 and 16-20, Blow D, West Lyonia; Swearingen Realty Co. to Meridian 1400 LLC, $660,000.


103 S Colonial Drive; Evelyn A. Partridge to Latonia Glass-Jenkins, $302,000.

3830 River Road; Valerie B. Strickland to Thomas E. Kerschner, $183,465.


0.333 acres; Guy S. Dimartino to Christian F. Davis, $150,000.

0.9 acres; Lisa Smook to Bradley E. Butler, trustee, $169,900.

10 acres; Tweedie Enterprises LLC to Brett Ashley Andrews, $409,000.

Lot 1124, Woodhaven Shores; Dale L. Dye to John L.R. Barber, $151,000.

Lot 21, Landbay 1, Phase 1, Farms of New Kent; PHD Holdings LLC to Perrincrest Custom Homes LLC, $180,000.

Lot 88, Block N, Brickshire; Kellita Scott to Lexicon Government Services LLC, $433,500.

Lot F, Windsor Shades 2, 26.56 acres; Chad E. Strayer to John A. Marcinek, $170,000.

Lot G, Windsor Shades 2, 28.24 acres; Chad E. Strayer to John A. Marcinek, $525,000.

Lots 82 and 83, Phase 1, Farms of New Kent; PHD Holdings LLC to Brian L. Isringhausen, $200,000.

Lots, Landbay 4, Phase 2, Farms of New Kent; Kent Farms Holding Co. LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., $2,295,000.

Parcel; Mary Lou Maddox to Community Farm LLC, $637,500.


7305 Birchett Drive, Prince George; Mark A. Hughes to Jeffrey Pugh, $240,950.

4709 Brandon Court, Prince George; CRT Renovations LLC to Melinda D. Kelley, $259,000.

13385 Centerville Road, Disputanta; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Roger Nickodam, trustee, $168,000.

6973 Fox Drive, Prince George; Anthony G. Orr to Jeffrey Dupree, $217,500.

5115 Jefferson Park Road, Prince George; Joseph A. Meadows III to Catie Horne Ellis, $430,000.

700 Jordan Point Road, North Prince George; LAVI Ltd. to 700 Jordan Point LLC, $495,000.

3921 London Road, South Prince George; Andres Castellano Jr. to Angela L. Spain, $158,000.

7561 Lynn Creek Drive, North Prince George; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Barry Whittaker, $270,000.

4901 Old Logging Circle, Prince George; Jeryle Jones Sr. to Denise Anderson, $220,000.

14835 Pleasant Grove Drive, Disputanta; Bogese Realty and Construction Inc. to David Sanchez Morales, $289,900.

431 Sandhurst Drive, South Prince George; Charles E. Rawlings to Michaele M. Shriver, $400,000.

5300 Takach Road, Prince George; Andrea S. Vick to Paul R. Holoye, $264,900.

11500 Tar Bay Road, Prince George; Christina Noblin to Marcus Allan Sanderson, $163,000.

4880 Tatum Road, Disputanta; David Arnold Beale to Timothy R. Bell II, $273,000.

3324 Tavern Road, South Prince George; Berben Haase Hause LLC to Joe L. Whitehead, $240,000.

7451 Trailing Rock Road, Prince George; Michael D. Ward to Mark A. Brumbaugh, $262,500.


3.466 acres; Keith W. Underwood to Cathy A. Maher, $219,000.

7.555 acres; Steve R. Chamberlain Sr. to Roger L. Fisher, $218,000.


0.263 acres; Martin Sale Furniture Co. Inc. to Charles Scott Seigmund, $175,000.

1.004 acres; Heather Perkins to Anthony T. Doggett, $150,000.

10.0005 acres; Timothy D. Fisher to Daniel Attkisson, $400,000.

111.2 acres; Thomas Kirton to Randy Graham Aslett, $525,000.

4 lots, Lake Caroline; RAS Trustee Services LLC to US Bank, $155,975.

Lot 300, Section 5A, Belmont at Carmel Church; Marcy L. Bortowski to Tyler C. Gann, $209,000.

Lot 53, Section A, Bowling Green Park; Joseph A. Nadeau III to Joseph B. Parker, $165,000.

Lot 7, Block C, Section 2, Campbell's Creek Village; 3337 LLC to JP Holdings LLC, $162,500.

Lot 80, Section 2, Pendleton; Pendleton Land Development LLC to Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc., $416,000.

Lot 925, Caroline Pines Resort; JMHC Holding LLC to JP Holdings LLC, $184,600.

Parcel; Michael D. Crist to Elisabeth Scott Church, $594,000.

Parcel; JMHC Holding LLC to JP Holdings LLC, $178,700.


3 parcels; Bruce A. Jones III to Jason David Murphy, $151,900.

Lot 10, Loch Lamar; Gwendolyn O. Cook to Joel Rader, $214,500.

Lot 4, Fairview Farms; Christopher J. Martin to Rebecca Jane Mitchell, $179,950.


121.85 acres; Hancock Timberland XII Inc. to William Gary Drake Jr., $313,000.

3.9 acres; James B. Wolford III to 9818 Mount Olive Cohoke Road Series, $225,000.

6 acres; M. Porch Construction LLC to Adam Funai, $351,680.

Lot 1, Block M, Section 3A, Kennington; Kennington Place LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $247,500.

Lot 138 and 139, West Point; Richard J. Brewer Jr. to Kyle P. Ellensberger, $249,950.

Lot 2A, Nelson Estates; Scott N. Shreffler to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $153,195.

Lot 372, West Point; Kevin C. Jennings to Janis Brelsford, $259,000.

Parcel; Harry L. Whitt to Brielle M. Stanley, $470,000.


220 Brookwood Drive; Susie Annette Lewis Dorsey, trustee to Deborah K. Bunting, $350,000.

702 Jamestown Road; Joel R. Fortune to Jeffrey Aiken, $560,000.

225 Lewis Burwell; Plantation Group LLC to Shanon Fitzpatrick Beam, $239,195.

3925 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jeannie Lynn Hickman, $309,990.


268 Archers Mead, Williamsburg; Sarah M. Saville, administrator to Suzanne Steinbach Brown, $285,000.

9396 Ashlock Court, Toano; Jenny Lee Collins Scherer, trustee to Joni Marie Shortt, $330,500.

4516 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Bryce E. Williams to Joanne Korcey, $220,000.

1 Buford Road, Williamsburg; Mark S. Jones to Ronny M. Parker, $330,000.

4311 Candace Lane, Williamsburg; Mary T. Adams to William Anthony Grissom Jr., $259,000.

105 Colonels Way, Williamsburg; Mara Schwab to Catherine Bellanger, $415,000.

120 Dover Road, Williamsburg; Jeffrey Saville Shultz to Patricia Gail Farinholt, $180,000.

115 Gate House Blvd., Williamsburg; Ann Thomas Lambert to Justin C. Rest, $235,000.

106 Harbin Court, Williamsburg; Justin M. Mangold to Miguel A. Camacho Ortiz, $252,000.

2333 W Island Road, Williamsburg; Mitchell Glenn Randall to Robert Louis Le Sage, $592,500.

212 Loch Haven Drive, Williamsburg; Donna Kay Thompson, executor to Jerry L. Draughon, $260,000.

124 Marion, Williamsburg; Douglas Lee, trustee to David W. Olien, $437,000.

106 Moodys Run, Williamsburg; Richard J. Hartle to Mary Lucie Beilsmith, $525,000.

103 Oak Ridge Court, Williamsburg; Gilbert G. Via III to Mark Paul Zito Jr., $430,000.

4701 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Veronica A. Brown, $520,000.

5101 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Judy A. Berg, $242,970.

3001 Ridge Drive, Toano; O. Martin Givens to Raul Sauceda, $387,000.

3303 Rochambeau Drive, Toano; Margaret Y. Hutchens to David Brothers, $180,000.

116 Royal Saint Georges, Williamsburg; Michael S. Ito, successor trustee to Joseph Kenneth Nowell, $535,000.

6035 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Kenneth M. Masoner, $559,950.

4231 Sienna Lane, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Michael R. Medlock, $313,740.

1691 Skiffes Creek Circle, Williamsburg; Maison De Confort LLC to Anna Menzies Lewis, $155,000.

1 Sumner Court, Toano; Cartus Financial Corp. to Kyle Vincent Meyerhoff, $265,000.

7609 Thacher Drive, Toano; Martin Rodriguez to Robert L. Mansfield, $258,000.

4600 Town Creek Drive, Williamsburg; Katherine Lee Keith, executrix to Kathleen Mack King, $365,000.

919 Tyler Drive, Williamsburg; Extreme Holdings LLC to Paul Klapka, $214,500.

6712 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to John Robert Primm, $490,490.

6523 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Elijah Bennett Roberts, $500,740.

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