The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City and King & Queen will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


725 N 22nd St; Codd Juliane M to Romero Wolverton Crystal, $240,000.

1207 N 29th St; Dominion Homes 29th Street Llc to White Whitney C, $236,000.

2905 3rd Ave; Craver Randolph to West Brett, $255,000.

1210 Amherst Ave; Johnson Cynthia D to Integral Properties Llc, $185,909.

206 Antrim Ave; Frazer Richard M Jr to Frazer Harrison Gordon, $250,000.

2909 Barton Ave; Bridgeblue Usa Llc to Einarsson Einar, $305,000.

6220 Bliley Road; Christian Barbara W to Fogleman Daniel R, $183,500.

1800 Briarcliff Road; Proctor Andrew F to Ciminelli Ross W and Patricia A, $240,000.

1711 Carter St; Brown Jesse F Jr to Morse Colleen E, $223,000.

1600 Cedar Lane; Conner William J Jr and Peggy S to Matthews Jeffrey Clay, $390,000.

3505 Chamberlayne Ave; Cedar Grove Partners V Llc to Dwell Richmond Llc, $3,846,520.

718 Chimborazo Blvd; Walker Virginia to Davies Theodore R, $227,000.

1614 Confederate Ave; Bedden Dana to Baker Matthew Leif Morgan Ang, $315,000.

4514 Cutshaw Ave; Perry Stacy E to Jackson Jeffrey and Kaylyn, $325,000.

2606 Edgewood Ave; Starkes Grace B to Bishop Elizabeth, $185,000.

3860 Fauquier Ave; Krieger Stephen and Lindsay to Sutton Scott, $341,000.

4205 Fauquier Ave; Ladner Hazel A to Miller Samuel Owen, $297,000.

4400 Fitzhugh Ave; Conley Brittnee to Miller Christopher, $230,000.

4900 W Franklin St; Grealis Cara E to Rai Shandev and Kendra, $595,000.

4913 W Franklin St; Duni John Cooper and Katherine C to Hester Clay S and Elizabeth B, $405,000.

2712 E Grace St; Whitworth John D to Richardson Philip Whitfield, $485,000.

4008 W Grace St; West Grace Llc to Moskal Nani E, $475,000.

1305 Grayland Ave; Joey On The Spot Llc to Patel Amit H and Nishaben A, $235,000.

2703 Hanes Ave; Johnston Kyle H to Dyer Earl E III, $440,000.

4642 Hanover Ave; Fitz-Hugh Marianna to Fitz-Hugh Anne Garland, $398,000.

2014 Hanover Ave, Rear; Miller Gerald E to Waldrop Kenneth B and Lisa L, $845,000.

2311 Idlewood Ave; The Dennis Byrd Group Llc to 2311 Idlewood Avenue Series Of, $165,100.

2212 Jefferson Ave; Cava Capital Llc to Fitzgerald Gwen E, $380,000.

3911 Kenmore Road; Highstein Gustav S and Joanna E to Dobbins John Blair, $256,000.

4404 Kensington Ave; Pehl Karen Kahanek to Love Angela M, $531,000.

2008 Lamb Ave; Adu Gyamfi Michael to Ballon Ryan P, $190,000.

1929 Lansing Ave; Letsinger Sean Thomas to Watson Haley E, $218,000.

1102 Lorieville Lane; Bridges Reginald A Sr and Esther M to Watkins Allison D, $210,000.

2301 Maplewood Ave; Brown Adam M and Jessica E to Davenport Stephen W, $445,000.

3405 Maplewood Ave; Woodside Llc to Braden Jane K and Nicholas R, $257,000.

3112 E Marshall St; Eastern Edge Development Llc to Dustin Jack and Joyce, $475,000.

3204 Midlothian Tpke; Midlothian Square Llc to Floyd Ave Partners Llc, $3,150,000.

2001 Miller Ave; Minder Thomas and Pallis Tara to Coleman Christopher B, $315,000.

608 S Nansemond St; Capital City Properties Llc to Thorsen Charles J, $280,000.

3214 North Ave; Monnett Gregory T to Powell Daniel L, $247,000.

115 W Norwood Ave; Moneymaker Properties Llc to Saunders Joshua Paria, $386,000.

1108 Oakwood Ave; K and L Sales Llc to Gallo Suzanne M, $320,000.

108 Overbrook Road; Gerber Rochelle N to Outen Michael S and Emily S, $259,900.

2201 Park Ave; Graham Matthew Christopher to Meehan Michael F, $669,500.

6000 Patterson Ave; Harrison Idele D to Kowal Homes Llc, $268,500.

1512 Perry St; Prosperity Real Estate Group to Evaro Victore J and Lee Ann, $220,151.

1214 Porter St; Manchester Green Llc to Ricard Kathryn B and Darryl A, $470,000.

3200 Q St; Latcovich Catherine to Seay John Thomas, $170,000.

5002 Riverside Dr; Fuller Melissa Ann to Gibbons Theresa A Living Trust, $538,204.

7 N Robinson St; 7 N Robinson Llc to Verghis Rachel N, $434,500.

4210 Seminary Ave; Bryant Glenna G to Hertz William L and Heidi L, $610,000.

4201 Smithdeal Ave; Bulbulkaya Suzan Trustee to Towner Kenton and Jennifer, $259,999.

413 N Stafford Ave; Blaylock William K and Laura B to Chamberlain Ernest James, $591,215.

3701 Stratford Road; McMillian Jane H to Owen Sandra, $250,000.

2604 The Plaza; Wadkins Nanette C Estate to Day Stephen H and Sarah, $241,000.

1232 Wallace St; Equity Trust Company Custodian to Besse James, $209,100.

1222 Westminster Ave; Germino Carmen to Swisher James Ralph, $365,000.

3619 Whitewood Road; King Jason M and Alison M Berry to Fuentes Jacques P and Janna H, $440,000.

5905 Willow Creek Way; Obenshain Joseph Christian to Smith Andrew Clark, $248,000.


7309 Ajay Ct, Henrico; Peterson Jeana L to Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation, $206,250.

808 Alden Parke Dr, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Thikkavarapu Ashok and Divyasri Kallipudi, $650,144.

7716 Anoka Rd, Henrico; Gaskin Amy L to Swanner Vanessa M, $216,000.

10646 Argonne Dr, Glen Allen; Portch Stephanie J to Tamalet Martha B and Bertrand F, $365,000.

9008 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Holtzclaw Llc to Wines Hunter and Gina, $239,900.

7283 Banstead Rd, Henrico; Reese Floyd A Jr to Taylor Nichole M, $215,000.

8708 Basswood Rd, Henrico; Kates Alan W and Elizabeth C Paca to Conner Randall and Rachel L Kunemund, $294,900.

5301 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Kalasani Karthik Reddy, $384,865.

10602 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Patel Naimesh and Preksha, $379,870.

1030 Berryhill Rd, Henrico; Federal National Mortgage Association to Murphy Damon, $180,000.

10100 Berrymeade Hills Ter, Glen Allen; Hanky Sierra L to Pham Lam and Tai, $214,900.

4338 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Richardson Jonathan and Shannon Stansberry, $275,000.

11741 Bosworth Dr, Glen Allen; Wang Yaming and Chen Sun to Liu Jingang and Jie Yang, $526,000.

12313 Bradford Landing Way, Glen Allen; Brogan James J and Mary Anne Quinlan to Hogan Casey and Ashley, $519,000.

4 Bridgehampton Pl, Henrico; Merriam David L and Lisa W to Parent Timothy B, $435,000.

406 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Borrel Laurel, $544,869.

5301 Brockton Ct, Glen Allen; Alexander Louis G and Caroline C to Alexander Louis G, $272,550.

7819 Camolin Ct, Henrico; Machaj Paulina Marta to Rosu Paulina M, $170,000.

3808 Candlegrove Ct, Henrico; Pitts Steven E and Gwb and J R to West Allene, $265,000.

4906 Castlebar Ct, Henrico; Dukic Dzemal and Senija and C L Hendrick to Seneshaw Mulugeta, $240,000.

11212 Churchwood Ct, Henrico; Selig David R and Patricia to Richardson Jennifer Collins and Basie Dale, $450,000.

4128 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen; Dvorak John P and Sally D Trustees to Caston Properties Llc, $385,000.

9412 Coleson Rd, Glen Allen; Khalil Ismael to Ackerson Ericka, $240,000.

5402 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Wilson Karlyn Kelly, $319,925.

5416 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Eller Suzanne R, $435,960.

13401 Crandall Ct, Henrico; Richardson Rebecca J and Bryan W to Bergeson Scott and Meredith, $494,950.

2315 Crowncrest Dr, Henrico; Scott Charles G and Tyler N to Andrews Lauren N and Michael D, $316,000.

6701 Dellwood St, Henrico; Carroll Stephen W to Bian Yongaheng, $255,000.

7613 Derryclare Dr, Henrico; Shelburne Ellen to Nguyen Thuy Thi Thu, $225,000.

5007 Dollard Dr, Henrico; Miller Keith F and Mildred to Housing and Urban Development, $179,102.

3846 Dominion Townes Cir, Henrico; Anthony-Hopkins Teresa to Waybright Cynthia D, $173,500.

4116 Dominion Townes Cir, Henrico; Williams Marilyn F to Frederick Electra B, $169,000.

3028 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Chase Margarett A and Belinda L Stevens to Joyner Laura K and Joseph Albano, $260,000.

2840 Elkridge Cir, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Harris Anthony D Jr, $183,640.

11513 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to McLeod Robert and Sara, $670,000.

3000 Englewood Rd, Glen Allen; Luck Kevin to Herbert Monica M, $280,200.

3720 Favero Rd, Henrico; Newman John S Jr to Ye Liangxi and Hua Xiao, $880,000.

109 Finial Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Carper Howell P and Lynn P Trustees, $1,002,681.

5807 Fitzhugh Ave, Henrico; Matulis Lisa Danielle to Gross Brittany L, $345,500.

1713 Forestway Dr, Henrico; Odom Ronald W and Jennie M to Rodriguez Jamie A, $359,500.

1509 Foster Rd, Henrico; Hayes Terrie B Trustee to Hayes Jeffrey Allen, $250,000.

6216 W Franklin St, Henrico; Miller Eric Britt and Anna Catherine to Kendall Adam C and Courtney G, $362,000.

11513 Friars Walk Ter, Glen Allen; Ellsworth Linda Doreen and A F K Jr to Shah Rakesh and Nageswara Akula, $257,000.

8707 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Ross Stephen Thomas to De La Rosa Antonio, $249,000.

2824 Glen Gary Dr, Henrico; Bennett Paul Dale and L D to Amantea Matthew D and Julia G, $385,300.

12432 Grace Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Elahy Mostafa to Hoggard Lee and Ashley N, $365,000.

6413 W Grace St, Henrico; Tiano Brent to Westbrook Kala Tiel, $185,000.

12224 Graham Meadows Dr, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to McKinney Gary and Shiela, $806,621.

9626 Greenmeadow Cir, Glen Allen; Villa Arenas Tadiana P to Ewton Courtney, $172,500.

11520 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corp to Bradford Homes Inc, $233,000.

1511 Harborough Ct, Henrico; Friedman Elliott M and Debra Jaffee to Bhargava Vishwa M and Indu B, $480,000.

8002 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Silva Itamar M and Timothy O Thompson to Rva Surface Pros Llc, $190,000.

5209 Hickory Knoll Pl, Henrico; Perks Karen Faye to Cunningham John E and Tracy, $229,950.

7605 Hillside Ave, Henrico; Bass H Shirley to Hmc Assets Llc Trustee, $171,900.

10969 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hubinger Laura and Evan Wooton to Singh Jasbir and Harpreet Reeba, $680,000.

8400 Hood Dr, Henrico; Gibson Thomas A and Adraine S to Scotchtown Properties Llc, $199,000.

3808 Ivory Ct, Henrico; Johnson Gary S and Karen P to Gott Larry W and Kathleen M, $536,000.

706 Keats Rd, Henrico; Tinsley Mark S to Keener Ryan and Kristina, $375,000.

4807 Kellywood Dr, Glen Allen; Combs Vincent W III and Taylor N to Ball Evan C and Kacey H, $237,000.

508 Kilmarnock Dr, Henrico; Edwards Martha S and L J E and C E G Trust to Oley Mark A, $799,000.

4700 N Lakefront Dr, Glen Allen; Hill Hoke S III and Melissa D to Thol Mony Neath and Voleak Chhim, $244,000.

1103 Lakeland Cir, Henrico; Heitmiller-Busch Properties Llc to Buchanan Patricia K, $232,750.

1120 Lee's Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; Coyner James V III and Cierra L to Zaleski Richard P and Joyce J, $228,000.

2426 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Sweeney Shawn P to Beattie Michael and Anne, $490,000.

6801 Linbrook Dr, Henrico; Major Bradley C to Wagner Edwin and Dorothy, $247,000.

6709 Locust St, Henrico; Laundry Gary W and Nancy J to Gilmore Anny Josefina, $200,000.

4453 Lumberjack Ln, Glen Allen; Penycate Roger M and Ida C to Santa Evelyn, $263,900.

4913 Lurgan Pl, Henrico; Hughes Meghann E to Shiflett Maida Ruth, $163,000.

6431 Majestic Way, Henrico; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Trustee to Pines Shea D, $291,000.

6212 Manor Park Ct, Glen Allen; Bourne Barry J and Emily P to Haines Kelly D and Samantha A, $459,950.

2900 Mary Beth Ln, Glen Allen; Davis Bradley and Vanessa Brooke Stumbo to Briley Zachary and Courtney, $179,500.

5428 Mason Manor Dr, Henrico; Cedar Homes Investment Llc to Price Vincent R and Deborah A Et Al, $282,455.

1959 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Baldwin Dennis W and Pamela G to Garrison Milton Cannon and Patricia P, $229,950.

2124 Megan Dr, Glen Allen; Merritt Harold E and Marjorie H to Tyler John W and Anne P, $220,000.

6391 N Midview Rd, Henrico; Nisewonger Richard L to Williams Tajamean Sharod Eddie, $182,500.

6518 Monument Ave, Henrico; Coltrain Robert Thomas to Butler Lynda L, $275,500.

5100 Monument Ave, U209, Henrico; Karn Patrick Jr and Julia K Chapman Trstee to Land Carolyn R, $260,000.

5100 Monument Ave, U714, Henrico; Worley A C Trustee to Schroder Gregory L Trustee, $177,500.

3816 Morton Dr, Henrico; Matthews Realty Llc to Luke John and Onzie, $294,000.

5520 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Harris Jessica Dalal, $230,990.

2125 Nelson St, Henrico; Frazier William C to Murray Michael J and Jennifer B, $173,500.

12425 New Point Dr, Henrico; Quinn Peter J Sr to Williams Russell Wellford, $180,000.

5416 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Waymer Sharon and Gregory, $258,490.

5525 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Ashburn Robert and Kacy Lichwiarz, $252,065.

1240 North James Estates Dr, Henrico; Stepney Shakeya to Logan Leroy and Danielle Crawford, $222,000.

2920 Northlake Dr, Henrico; Merritt Thomas H and Daily S to Longo Paul J and Megan S, $565,000.

5015 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Young Sheldon E and Jamie D Dalton, $451,393.

5025 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Narkevic Victor M and Mayra Cristina, $442,280.

4820 Old Main St, U106, Henrico; Ejl Services Llc to McCalla James M and Leslie P, $280,000.

1508 Olde Sage Ct, Glen Allen; Zezulinski Mitchel H and Rosemary R to Cservek Timothy P and Alexa G, $283,000.

1017 Parkland Pl, Glen Allen; Hartnett Nancy to Dhandapani Selvakannan Et Al, $280,000.

2305 Parkside Ave, Henrico; Montoni Lorin Marc and Katherine E Tiller to Delgado Leobarda, $171,500.

3316 Pemberton Creek Ct, Henrico; Horstman Cynthia J to Mekhaeil Samouel and Mariam Danial, $263,000.

10745 Peterfield Ln, Glen Allen; Parent Timothy B and Tammy L to Thinhg Chan Verek and Dany Tes and M Meth, $375,000.

11401 Pinedale Dr, Glen Allen; Corbitt Thomas M and Angela to Martin Kingston and Christoba Jaganathan, $457,500.

7102 Pinetree Rd, Henrico; Hart Roger O Jr and Lisa H to Morales Eric C and Amanda J, $820,000.

2941 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Morgan Justin M and Magdalena K Szelag to Saleh Rania S, $227,500.

7112 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Dameron James and Melody, $299,515.

3620 Reynolds Rd, Henrico; Rva Property Acquisitions Llc to Hurt Antonya D and Antrown Termain, $158,000.

11513 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Jackson Keith and Sherri, $708,130.

1208 Santa Rosa Rd, Henrico; Stenger Philip J to Sanford Ryan C, $168,400.

4330 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Baynes Jonathan C, $301,168.

12301 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Mun Song W and Susan S to Dillard Kelly, $167,950.

1907 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Sharifi Safiullah and Breshna, $290,000.

1333 Stone Ridge Park Ter, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Julius Aristides D and Mary C, $240,075.

7311 Strath Rd, Henrico; Roberts Christopher L to Barrios Alexander J, $183,000.

9802 Thacker Ln, Henrico; Easley Sandra Carol to Matthews Wayne, $158,000.

120 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Claiborne Brandon A, $219,030.

8313 Vernelle Ln, Henrico; Dorman Travis and Andrea to Yakubov Margarita G, $214,000.

7704 Wanymala Rd, Henrico; Birckhead Margaret E Li to Meade Samuel and Valerie E, $247,500.

11301 Wimberly Dr, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Young Vicky S, $285,000.

8713 Wytheland Rd, Henrico; Vile Douglas Jacob and Julie Bayer to Rigby Dena, $208,500.


14142 Abrahams Ln; Wilkinson Thomas L Jr and M D to Kirk Linda A, $393,000.

825 Agee Tr; Barrett William Jr and Orcile to Bhavnagri Rashid and Rehana, $385,950.

14400 Anglewood Ct; Woods Harlan L Jr Trustee to Scott Shandrica T, $208,000.

4700 Appletree Dr; Beard Loren D and Rhee C to Fisher Lance C and Marci, $358,000.

1024 Ashbrook Landing Tr; Hage Bruce W and Sheila P to Ferguson Spencer A and K G, $275,000.

5913 Autumnleaf Dr; Patrick Dean T and Bonnie F to Watkins Megan L and Brandon M, $265,950.

3510 Avocado Dr; Hottle Daniel R and Linda J to Griggs Jordan T, $265,000.

9024 Bailey Hill Rd; NVR Inc to Hoylman Craig A Et Al, $351,802.

6612 Battlewood Rd; Dixon Corlette to McAllister Lemark Sherrod, $160,900.

16113 Binley Rd; Sprenger J C and Sprenger L Trs to Discount Tire Of Virginia Inc, $970,000.

5424 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Ruiz Joyce L and Modian Malika, $265,000.

6024 Bluffwood Ct; Ford Tasha S to Quash Whitney J, $187,000.

10676 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Klonis B L and Painter K R, $262,000.

19305 Braebrook Dr; Reid John Gary and Rebecca S to Matos Javier A E and Amber N, $155,000.

13820 Brandy Oaks Pl; Deane Shawn S and Bradley A N to Christian Philip J Jr, $310,000.

14010 Briars Cr; Buyalos Anne B to Moline Thomas and Kathleen, $237,500.

7706 Brightridge Rd; Klaiss Martin and Karyna to Fuentes E L and Castaneda G M, $171,000.

8740 Brown Summit Rd; Haskett Francoise to Barton Erin F, $318,500.

12900 Buffalo Springs Pl; NVR Inc to Ellis Janice Et Als, $375,786.

2032 Buford Rd; Massey Justin J and Molly B to Adams Mason M and Anna W, $639,500.

1542 Camack Pl; Varghese M T and Mathew Daisy to Gautam Shikshya and Pradipna, $400,000.

11900 Carters Valley Turn; Whitlock Everette E and Sandra L to Hyatt Charles W Jr and Teresa E, $348,000.

9113 Cascade Creek Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Celestino J A J and Slavin M S, $319,990.

2521 Castle Hill Rd; Sanford James C and Linda W to Ryan William S Jr and Sandra B, $440,000.

13607 Cedar Creek Rd; Moody Jane Marie and Adam Carl to Walport Bradley and Runion M, $229,000.

11600 Cedarmill Ct; Ridge Bryan A and Kelly L to Henschel Piers, $405,000.

11800 Charterhouse Dr; Schone John J and Heather E to Agudelo Gildardo A Et Al, $240,000.

11436 Chester Village Dr; Emran K B M to Frisbie Henry R III and Betty W, $299,000.

2400 Cheverton Ln; Yeatman Kyle A to Todd Michael and Erika, $1,249,000.

11524 Clay Ridge Dr; Ward Cherie A Et Als to Jones Monica Y, $278,250.

811 Clearlake Rd; Powell Cheryl A to Bailey Michael Glen and Leslie, $205,000.

4432 Cochise Tl; Carnes John W and Bonnie J to Diaz Angel M, $239,900.

13312 Corapeake Tr; Meadows Robert V and Shonna S to Webb Michael L and Katherine E, $630,000.

2610 Corner Rock Rd; Sprouses Corner Llc to Newman Ann S, $155,000.

14601 Cove View Cr; Sharma Vinod K to Clagg Raymond D and Susan J, $278,000.

10917 Decoy Ln; Capps Tammy R to Veliz Jose Luis Ramirez, $202,500.

12700 Dell Hill Ct; Olde English Builders Llc to Bynum Jerry D and Kathleen H, $612,000.

2600 Dolfield Dr; Buchanan Ronald P and Regina C to Polk Phillip Jr and Lockhart L S, $211,450.

11607 Drayton Landing Dr; Leyco Reynaldo P and Angela C to Strum David T and Carrie Lynn, $300,000.

4401 Dudley Dr; Moore Michael and Hypes Shaun to West Jordan and Sarah, $188,000.

7901 Dunnottar Ct; Payne Thomas C and Cheryl C to Point Rodney L and Stephanie M, $349,000.

12055 Dunnottar Dr; Dodge James H Jr and Kathy S to Roop David and Caitlin, $380,000.

6380 Eagles Crest Ln; Vargas Rodrigo to Mr Cooper, $188,272.

13207 Echo Ridge Dr; Williamson Clifford III and M L to Jennison Edwin David III, $212,500.

3600 Edinger Rd; Michael Jarrett Cole to Taylor Glenn A and Catherine A, $279,950.

11900 Exbury Ct; Vaden Christine G to Peters James L Jr and Diane B, $234,950.

1406 Exbury Dr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Zima Andrew D, $200,000.

800 Fahey Ct; McCoy Susan and McCoy Scott to McCoy Matthew W, $210,000.

8841 Firethorne Ln; Saunders Sara to Overton Hillary F and Anthony R, $175,000.

3900 Fordham Rd; Allen John R Jr and Debora R to Burney Christopher R, $195,000.

16313 Fox Creek Forest Dr; Olsen Stephen S and Jennifer L to Chandrakaladharan B Et Al, $500,000.

12107 Gardengate Rd; Lopez Deshire to Rodriguez Dino and Tina Lynn, $210,000.

2307 Garrison Place Tr; Lopez Faraon to Justice Timothy M and Ria S, $238,000.

6614 Gills Gate Dr; Real Estate Acquisitions Llc to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $172,302.

2404 Grand Summit Cr; Tillson Christopher R Jr and R B to Kennedy James A and Emily T, $550,000.

12519 Green Garden Pl; Lagrange John C and Jennifer L to Halpert Adam M and Burcu M, $295,000.

11032 Guilford Rd; Dhingra Vijay K and Uma R to Johnson Kristin, $224,900.

8531 Hampton Crest Cr; Balderson Lesley to Reyes Eric Et Al, $310,000.

7924 Hampton Glen Tr; Irwin Lisa A to Jpmorgan Chase Bank Nat'l Asso, $289,170.

3991 Harrmeadow Ln; Gillinger Leslie G and Pamela G to Wood Tami M and Robert A, $325,000.

4410 Heidi Tr; Bondurant Brian O and Jessica K to Cardona C V and Giron S P, $285,000.

13881 W Hensley Rd; Dovel L W Jr and Winn B G to Burke Justin Michael and Brandy, $287,000.

8800 Hollow Oak Dr; Kolesar Bradley E and Jenna N to Lopez Mauricio A and Elizabeth, $304,950.

11933 James Overlook Cr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Kamachi Keith Masao and Emilie, $374,950.

4819 Jennway Lp; Goldschmidt Brad and Danielle to Huynh Anh-Luan H and Morgan J, $512,000.

14420 Kenmont Dr; Gay W T and Gay P H Trustees to Coon Jonathan and Parker, $620,000.

4001 Kingstream Ln; Connolly Martin I and Lisa M to Buchanan Douglas Bruce Jr, $229,950.

4706 Kyloe Ln; Hollingsworth H H and Parry W H to Skinquarter Properties Ltd, $225,000.

1741 Lancashire Dr; McKenna Thomas M and Jane R to Burgoyne Travis R Et Al, $251,000.

20210 Laurel Rd; Hometime Llc to Olaniran Monilola and Ayodeji S, $166,950.

1648 Laurel Top Dr; Vaughan Jason and Yvonne to Hall Otis Jr and Anna Ordella, $277,000.

8706 Level Gauge Ln; Cooper Cade E and Sheena to Schuler Ryan E and Tracy L, $397,000.

15854 Longlands Rd; Main Street Homes to Quan Yong and Cui Zhenshi, $405,388.

16019 Lost Crop Dr; Eastwood Homes to Black Keenar, $405,000.

8320 Lyndale Dr; Woodward Alan P to Wolfsheimer Ethan M, $210,000.

2054 Maginoak Ct; Zeh Matthew B to Williams M P and Garner M F, $299,000.

6319 Manassas Dr; Craig Adam to Jones Zuri M, $245,000.

5903 Meadowood Ln; Dykes David S to Anderson Nicole Lyn and Julius B, $241,450.

12008 Middlecoff Dr; Reddy P Jagan and P Vijay to Pathak Ketan and Nita, $810,000.

6009 Mill Spring Ct; Murphy Marceline M to Fisher Mary Sloan, $203,000.

12825 Millstep Tr; Costello Casey R to Knight Jesse J and Hilda M, $263,000.

4900 Nairn Ln; Wicker Thomas E and Brenda P to Gay Johnnie, $298,970.

14525 Needham Market Rd; Cox Aaron T and Kari N to Landrum Jasmine and Ryan, $330,000.

14320 Newgate Rd; Coon Jonathan R and Parker L to Smith Kyle B and Emily I, $509,000.

5702 Oak Knoll Ln; Trommer Richard and Cathryn M to Dirico Kaleb A and Mollie M, $280,000.

1810 Oakengate Ln; Deibler Cammeron D and Maegan W to Kaufman Christopher B and N T, $417,000.

16000 Old Castle Rd; Homeplaces Ltd to Nguyen Michael Et Al, $610,000.

4101 Old Gun Rd East; Fiore Steven Mark to Putbrese C C and Fitzgerald E A, $1,300,000.

6400 Old Moon Tr; Cullop Vikki E and Evans M E to Drozal Joseph F III and C M, $450,000.

7218 Omalley Dr; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Hernandez Odon Marquez, $154,000.

10007 Paddock Wood Tr; Farmer Dwayne T and Gail W to Ruud Karen E, $368,000.

9707 Pampas Dr; McClaran Edward J and Melissa R to Mizelle Sabrina A, $203,000.

11210 Pennway Dr; Beau Llc to Kaplan Michael and Sarah, $245,000.

14104 Pensive Pl; Phillips Melanie to Grover James M and Regina C, $246,000.

12861 Percival St; Wood Kenneth E and Lucinda W to Duncan Tamatha Schaffer, $239,900.

14824 Pleasant Creek Dr; Andrews James A to Karthaus Patricia J, $341,500.

8131 Preakness Ct; Cline Paul M and Leslie A to Le Linh Hoang and Dipenti M M, $235,000.

13518 Prindell Ct; Mayo Gregory and Vanessa S to Turner James and Darlene, $249,950.

13501 Queensgate Rd; Patterson Raymond D Living Tr to Copper Row Real Estate Llc, $180,000.

3229 Ransom Hills Rd; Guzman Giovanni to Tyson Brianna, $157,250.

105 Reams Ct; Clement Patricia E to Roberts L M and Martin W K, $185,000.

11541 Rexmoor Dr; Brandon Joan S to Rogers Richard B and Anne S, $315,000.

5810 Ridge Point Rd; Poff Ann E to Cabanach Francis L, $250,500.

4601 Rieves Pond Dr; Steinmetz Ellen A to Kowalke Robert G and Donna L, $319,500.

2530 Rochester Ct; Nelson William R and Barbara V to Cutter Waverly A and Lauren C, $569,750.

5728 Rohan Ct; Hhhunt Homes L C to Mersha Zelalem Et Al, $345,000.

14406 Rolling Fields Ln; Hines Katherine B to Chiang Far Fu Et Als, $265,888.

14430 Rosebud Rd; Caraher Properties Llc Trustee to Hp Virginia I Llc, $201,000.

5714 Sandstone Ridge Rd; Smucker Calvin D and Melinda I to Mangano Ronald Et Al, $366,500.

5401 Sarata Ct; Four C's Services Inc to Jones John T Jr and Laura E, $164,000.

2603 Seacliff Ct; Davis Jeanette Susan to Heavenly Homes Llc, $153,000.

13208 Sherri Dr; Hill Thomas C and Cheryl Y H to Jones Carrie L, $160,000.

8313 Sherwood Forest Dr; Culver Brian A and Anna M to Bradley Lorenzo T and Edquina L, $225,000.

17601 Silver Farm Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Ross Kevin and Tanya, $768,119.

11506 Sinker Creek Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to McClain Anne and Carson W D Jr, $615,000.

9212 Sir Britton Dr; Blackburn Joseph Coleman to Price Steven J and Kelley M, $360,000.

14230 Southwell Ct; Rand Benjamin M and Tammy to Giles Erica C and Christopher, $569,000.

12103 Springhouse Ct; Rawes William C Jr to Long Kenneth A Jr and Elizabeth, $249,900.

9001 Spyglass Hill Turn; Graf Jeffrey R and Catherine A to Allen Scott, $300,000.

3607 Stoney Ridge Rd; Perry William K and Roberta S to Four Cs Services Inc, $205,000.

2405 Sunset Hills Ct; Easter Ronnie D to Gomez Carlos A and Susana, $210,000.

7407 Sunswyck Ct; Willis Graham F to Ballard Joel E and Sarah L, $208,000.

2440 Swanhurst Dr; Randall Bryan and Lisa to Nimon Daniel J and Melanie S, $448,970.

8040 Sykes Rd; Ishkanian Robert E Sr and Kay to Federal National Mtg Assoc, $227,786.

14444 Tanager Wood Tl; Crowley Daniel F and Lois A to Workman Joe M and Rebecca L, $270,000.

16800 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Possanza Michael L and Devon E, $321,300.

16805 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Heller Susan A, $380,700.

10706 Timberun Rd; Clarke Nathan James and Anna M to Andrews Bryan E, $209,000.

5515 Townsbury Tr; Smith Mitchell A and Amy C to Durham Cecil D and Marquita M, $319,950.

18406 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Ro John Y and Sarah K, $367,975.

1724 Upperbury Dr; Clark Thomas E to Esmaili Hanifeh, $250,000.

719 Vickilee Rd; NVR Inc to Hall Gregory and Eileen Kelly, $327,775.

1101 Warminster Dr; Bellio Joseph to Simic Ivan and Jessica S, $207,777.

16806 Warren Crest Ct; Main Street Homes to Carrique Bartolome and Sandra S, $509,882.

4267 Wells Ridge Ct; South Chester Dev Co Llc to Coleman Philip L and Michelle S, $304,000.

17025 Westington Rd; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Judy Charles E and Margaret L, $392,498.

1100 Westwood Village Ln; NVR Inc to Bell Phyllis and Chauncey, $281,403.

16879 White Daisy Lp; Feeney Susan and Kenneth to Lovern Eric and Cathy, $350,000.

1343 Winterfield Rd; Main Street Homes to Bacon-Ward Ashley, $479,022.

11721 Womack Rd; Landmark Associates Llc to Birdsong Hita Frank Jr, $210,000.

708 Worsham Rd; Anderson Laura G and Charles D to Thomas Lewis P III and S A, $227,000.


9418 Ashking Drive, Mechanicsville; Elton M. Evans III to Aaron J. Dabney, $249,950.

8263 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville; Patricia Marie Valentine to Jose C. Silva, $210,000.

8101 Barrowden Court, Mechanicsville; Casey R. Galebach to Manida Heng, $249,950.

16481 Beaver Dam Road, Montpelier; David Craig Terrell Barnes to Vicki L. Neely, $225,000.

7325 Beechbark Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Ronald Herman, $379,582.

9287 Braden Place, Mechanicsville; Charles E. Payne to Nicholas R. Hanson, $410,000.

6310 Broad Sky Circle, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to David Hickey, $394,241.

7323 Cactus Road, Mechanicsville; Zachary H. Parr to Kelsey M. Zeilinger, $266,500.

Chapman St.; Brothers Realty LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $200,000.

519 Chapman St., Ashland; Stephen W. Beazley to Joshua S. Beazley, $277,000.

9050 Dewitt Drive, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey L. Sigmon to Franklin Edward Dailey, $350,000.

15184 Fawn Hollow Trail, Doswell; Deerfield Homes LLC to Anthony L. Fitzhugh, $498,500.

8216 Ferrill Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to John Bednarczyk, $476,970.

8317 Gettysburg Lane, Mechanicsville; James W. Dillon to Gregory Roberts, $249,950.

9095 Haversack Lane, Mechanicsville; Steven W. Walker to Benjamin Debrovy Abroms, $468,000.

9086 Haversake Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael J. Duggan to James Dillon, $389,000.

13645 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Rita Ann D'Amico, $360,980.

13404 Karas Way, Ashland; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to David R. Sweazey, $454,546.

900 Kitty Hamilton Circle, Ashland; Robert Wayne Headlee, trustee to Dusan Rancic, $182,000.

7033 Lantana Lane, Mechanicsville; Jason L. Parker to Mariel P. O'Kelly, $240,000.

8362 Mary Mundie Lane, Mechanicsville; Tonya D. Witherow to Kristine E. Foley, $239,950.

8385 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville; Margaret Ann Harris Tellis to Jennifer G. McClenny, $212,000.

8302 Mendenhall Place, Mechanicsville; Anshul Gupta to Gustavo Claros, $312,000.

8146 Newman Drive, Mechanicsville; Dale A. Bryant to Lauren D. Stewart, $225,000.

7475 Normans Bridge Road, Hanover; Patricia Lynn Murphy to Pierson G. Geyer, $255,000.

7317 Peach Orchard Lane, Mechanicsville; Timothy S. Gaudette to Ronald L. Thompson, $255,000.

7095 Port Lane, Mechanicsville; Jason S. Whittington to Kristina Marie Elliot, $280,000.

9953 Puddle Duck Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to John A. Lavoie, $443,690.

7470 Quail Run Lane, Mechanicsville; Lucion C. Matthews Jr. to Jeffery Allen Williams, $166,000.

8162 Rie Bob Lane, Mechanicsville; Thomas F. Cox, trustee to Christopher Reynolds Gunn, $282,450.

13201 Robinson Trail, Ashland; Vicki L. Neeley to Steve D'Antonio, $446,000.

6325 Rolling Lawn Court, Mechanicsville; Sharon B. Harrison to James V. Coyner III, $289,950.

8387 Shire Court, Mechanicsville; William T. Elrod Jr. to Crystal Jones, $247,500.

8228 Silkwood Drive, Mechanicsville; Ivy H. Cohen to Roy C. Cheeley, $352,000.

10174 Slidingrock Drive, Mechanicsville; Kurt B. Morton to James David Skelton, $365,000.

5464 Spottslee Circle, Mechanicsville; Robert H. Betters to Thomas Paul Cowles, $255,000.

10103 Stags Leap Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael R. Smith to Meghann Lee Morton, $350,000.

8106 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Daniel Curtis Felden, $238,950.

9517 Thornecrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathryn A. Lawlor to Laura Dorazio Galebach, $392,000.

6138 Thyme Drive, Mechanicsville; Blake S. Walton to David M. Jones Jr., $225,000.

14493 Washington Highway, Ashland; Sale Properties LLC to Andrew Michael Martin, $265,000.

4913 Westward Terrace, Glen Allen; Cassandra B. Isom to Sulaiman Panjawi, $294,500.

8394 Wheeling Road, Mechanicsville; John T. Gregory to Krista Lynn Robinson, $240,000.

13437 Wolf Swamp Lane, Montpelier; Robert Wendell Hales Jr. to Marc William Flickinger, $539,000.

6357 Yellowrose Lane, Mechanicsville; Charles A. Finchum to Seth J. Stoltzfus, $238,000.


1625 Cedar Lane, Powhatan; Sprouses Corner LLC to Joel E. Carrera Alvarado, $229,000.

3916 Fighting Creek Drive, Powhatan; Neal Shannon to Alejandro Guzman, $332,187.

2435 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Noel P. Patel, $860,704.

2365 Graceland Drive, Powhatan; John Dinardi IV to William Keesee Jr., $269,000.

2830 Manahoc Trail, Powhatan; Jeremy P. Muller to Paul Sanford Lockwood, $390,000.

3648 New Chapel Court, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Jonathan R. Cavanaugh, $524,502.

2681 Pilkington Road, Powhatan; Edmund C. Burruss to Patrick C. Wilson, $214,950.

3147 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Gregory Sherman Kennedy to Courtney Ann Lanzillotti, $259,000.

1395 Quartermill Court, Powhatan; May A. Oo-Muuse to Brandon J. Dillon, $367,700.

2734 Valley Springs Road, Powhatan; Danny Lewis Bottoms to David Greene, $595,000.


517 Ada Ash Lane, Manakin Sabot; Sanders L. Wilhelm to Douglas A. Nunn, $690,000.

1705 Bridgewater Bluff, Maidens; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Karol Olexy, $475,000.

2433 Cheney Creek Road, Goochland; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Christopher H. Haller, $400,000.

16 Dahlgren Road, Richmond; Andrew M. Lewis to David Reynolds Derian, $1,100,000.

307 Hickory Drive, Manakin Sabot; Kevin T. Schatz to Wayland C. Colwell, $274,900.

494 Hope Springs Lane, Manakin Sabot; Gary R. Rogliano, trustee to Christopher Blair Manning, $450,000.

21 Hunting Ridge Road, Manakin Sabot; Ann S. Bright to Dewey L. Daniel, $475,000.

2314 Lanes End Place, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Mary Hamilton Bryson, $599,247.

318 Piping Rock Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Barbara J. Smiley, $622,254.

4501 Riddles Bridge Road, Goochland; Curtis E. Parrish Jr. to Gregory Hailey, $360,000.

2419 Rock Castle Road, Goochland; Bruno Roy to Ronny Martin, $223,000.

1805 Roundfield Lane, Manakin Sabot; Charles F. Angely to Jeremy C. Mullins, $320,000.

37 E Square Lane, Richmond; Ann T. Beane to Emerson Dale Farley, $767,200.

1191 The Forest, Crozier; William A. Martin Jr. to David M. Whitlock, $573,400.

203 Wildplum, Richmond; Robert G. Davis to Robert E. Lawrence Jr., $615,000.

831 Woodcover Court, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Amy S. Ziegler, trustee, $1,595,535.


1945 Ridgewood Drive; John L. Blair to Patrick Y. Kamara, $210,000.

241 S Sycamore St.; Richard Wayne Strom to Veritas Financial LLC, $355,000.

1666 Westover Ave.; Michael E. Biggs to Roger F. Comley, $305,000.


5915 Beville Drive, Sutherland; Matthew R. Hawks, trustee to Kami R. Rookstool, $277,000.

9013 Coleman's Lake Road, Ford; CMH Homes Inc. to Roderick L. Taylor, $162,050.

7811 Halifax Road , North Dinwiddie; Joseph F. Reiter to George J. Reiter Jr., $257,800.

4300 McIlwaine Drive, North Dinwiddie; Sofia P. Smalls to Soweto Mason-Nicholas, $150,000.

23412 Ridley Road, Carson; Taylor F. Perkins to Price O. Knowles, $218,000.


1159 Cumberland Drive; Thomas L. Wiles Sr. to Katima L. Thomas-Collins, $179,950.

711 Lundy Ave.; Nolan B. Lockhart to Jay C. Call, $174,950.

1203 Oakwood Drive; Judith Roberts Howell to Ronald D. Wynn, $216,000.

236 Pecan Tree Terrace; Richard L. Leighton to Michael J. Coleman, $216,200.

106 Prestige Place; John Augustine Peterson III to Sara A. Hester, $170,000.

4700 Ridgecrest Lane; Jeffrey S. Wood to Dan Y. Howison, $240,000.

106 Watercress Court; Yvonne D. Flaherty to John R. Ravis, $265,000.


4206 Estelle Court; David R. Kirk to Christopher D. Moore, $278,500.

415 Park Ave.; William R. Puckett to Patricia A. Bell, $265,000.

3807 Yorktown Drive; Timothy C. Lacy to Lorenzo Anthony Johnson, $227,400.


7934 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Jorge Nino, $299,405.

7981 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Kelly Lee Ashlock, $275,590.

11301 Creeks Edge Road, New Kent; Egypt Road LLC to Benjamin T. Ward Sr., $422,282.

3545 Hilton Drive, Quinton; Christopher R. Stone to Ruthann C. Heffinger, $264,500.

3355 Holly Woods Court, Quinton; Robert G. Kowalke to Charlotte A. Reynolds, $250,000.

7323 Lakeshore Drive, Quinton; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to George P. Louvier, $174,000.

7104 Oakrise Loop, New Kent; The Oaks Development LC to Brian R. Stalnaker, $299,375.

11465 Pinewild Drive, Providence Forge; Joshua C. Smith to Whitney E. Butler, $399,000.

9410 Sherwood Drive, Quinton; Caron M. Stowell, trustee to Matthew Metheny, $177,500.

7879 Uplands Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Joseph Rojas, $314,015.

7836 Woodbrook Road, Quinton; Barbara W. Moore to John Thomas Martin, $232,200.


9704 Bunker Court, South Prince George; Ann P. Long to James Kirk Hendrix, $175,000.

875 Eagle Place, Hopewell; NVR Inc. to Thu Bich Nguyen, $320,215.

9701 Lakeshore Drive, Petersburg; Darrell K. Nobles to Claude L. Kendall Jr., $299,900.

9712 Millstone Drive, Prince George; Christopher A. Slusser to Alejandro Jose Jimenez, $285,000.

4140 Nicholas Place, Prince George; Deborah E. Harris to Thomas W. Furman, $229,900.

11317 E Quaker Road, Disputanta; Jeffrey M. McKenzie to Stuart A. Wigney, $375,000.

7308 Sandy Ridge Road, North Prince George; Loretta Ann Fox to Trent W. Clemans, $159,000.

6628 Snow Geese Lane, Prince George; Alva E. Thompson to Kevin Han, $169,000.

3940 Sydney Lane, Disputanta; Steven L. Matthews to Taylor Clark, $287,500.

18720 Templeton Road, Disputanta; Rainer Homes LLC to Timothy Johnson, $244,900.


8300 Daybreak Drive, Amelia Court House; Synthia Hovatter Ankeney to Matthew S. McMillam, $239,900.

7801 Dennisville Road, Amelia Court House; Joan Porter to Bruce S. Evans, $240,000.

9650 Pridesville Road, Amelia Court House; Pridesville Properties LLC to Bryson Michael Henry, $228,000.


11094 Affirmed Court, Ruther Glen; Hamlet Homes Corp. to Dustan L. Brown, $259,900.

12236 Bristle Cone Lane, Ruther Glen; US Bank to Janice Kay Oates Donovan, $164,000.

310 Cedar Ridge Drive, Ruther Glen; Jerome Mohler to Christina Hoyt, $252,000.

314 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Andrew S. Jarrett to Corissa D. Fincham, $165,000.

206 Milford St., Bowling Green; Deborah Ann Bosher to Armena Amy Marie, $159,000.

30228 Portobago Trail, Port Royal; James C. Burch to Dennis A. Jackson, $318,500.

18470 Rogers Clark Blvd., Milford; Walter Edward Lowe Jr. to Frank A. Shumaker, $240,000.

921 Swan Lane, Ruther Glen; Done Deal Homes LLC to Craig Perry, $195,000.

26023 Tidewater Trail, Port Royal; Beech Construciton Inc. to Michael Shattuck, $250,000.

7224 Watkins Court, Ruther Glen; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Patrick Von Bank, $299,900.

202 Yorktown Drive, Ruther Glen; Joseph T. Coyle to Larry A. Christ, $250,000.


2.5 acres; Matthew L. Nice to Rex Allen Swift, $193,000.

40.04 acres; Lundy H. Morgan III to David C. Carson, $240,000.

Lot 11A, Walter Cook Estates, 14.075 acres; Patrick Born to Robert J. Parent, $315,000.


119 Central Crossing Terrace, Aylett; Mathew S. Compton to D'Anna Juanita Clifton, $178,300.

1398 Epworth Road, Aylett; Christopher Gregory to Lawrence C. Kettinger III, $225,000.

200 Fairwoods Road, Aylett; Barry J. Divins to Terry E. Minter, $275,000.

11515 King William Road, Aylett; James Tyler Mason to Walida Abdul-Faruq, $190,000.

1121 Main St., West Point; MTC Investment Properties LLC to Mao Nguyen, $264,000.

255 Poplar Road, Aylett; Ruth A. Paschall to Deandre Watson, $179,000.

660 Rivergate Terrace, West Point; Rodney L. Burton to Shannon Williams, $255,000.

719 Union Hope Road, King William; William E. Becker to Robert Mitchell Ford, $165,500.

75 Walnut Lane, King William; M. Porch Construction LLC to Jessica D. Fletcher, $234,000.


18.586 acres; Diane Kohout Emerson to Benjamin A. Brantley, $430,000.

3 parcels on Coppahaunk Ave.; Waverly United Methodist Church to Jesse R. Warren, $178,000.


3 Cole Lane; Karen Jamison, trustee to Barbara L. Ellis, $400,000.

409 Ironwood Drive; Marvin E. Collins III to Monica Lenor Sigmon, $435,000.

316 Page St.; Stephen Alexander Homes LLC to Paul W. Mezzina, $392,800.

3930 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Timothy D. Gault II, $324,296.

314 Raven Terrace; Patricia Van Bourgondien to Janis C. Alexander, $220,500.

341 Zelkova Road; William B. Nix, trustee to Edward O. Yaugo, $260,000.


6313 Adams Hunt Road, Williamsburg; Mark A. Bankus to Richard D. Cox, $280,000.

100 Berrow, Williamsburg; Elizabeth Breedlove Keller, trustee to Charles R. Willetts, $550,000.

176 Braddock Road, Williamsburg; Nicholas B. Schwane to Nicholas K. Worth, $339,500.

3736 Carlas Hope Road, Williamsburg; Joel Fortune to Michael B. Kerner, $475,000.

6631 Chapel Crossing, Williamsburg; John D. Hart, trustee to Richard F. Muthig, $420,000.

3920 Cromwell Lane, Williamsburg; Nancy W. Davenport to Olga Hood, $212,000.

2303 Eaglescliffe, Williamsburg; Karen B. Murray to Janice Gabriel Leslie, $400,000.

480 Fairway Lookout, Williamsburg; Richard D. Shilby to Maureen Winans, $165,000.

3312 Geddy Terrace, Toano; Lynda A. Norris to Brock Dehlin, $323,000.

4500 Harding Road, Williamsburg; Jeremy E. Mapes to Robert M. Wright Jr., $285,000.

413 Hempstead Road, Williamsburg; Annabeth C. Borg, trustee to Clint J. Carneal, $325,000.

121 James Longstreet, Williamsburg; Rocco J. Colafrancesco to Francis McGrath, $360,000.

3008 John Vaughan Road, Williamsburg; Shawke A. Soueidan to Dennis Joseph Lowe, $535,000.

3298 Leighton Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Cale Michael Brennan, $420,215.

108 Mahogany Run, Williamsburg; Philip Daniel Sydow to Masudur R. Chowdhury, $710,000.

1933 Miln House Road, Williamsburg; Loretta L. Szuba, trustee to Thomas D. Sunila, co-trustee, $545,000.

707 Mosby Drive, Williamsburg; INRVA LLC to Leticia Perez Leon, $185,000.

505 Neck O'Land Road, Williamsburg; Mihcael S. Scruton to Alva D. Van Tassel, $262,000.

9417 Ottoway Court, Toano; Gary D. Dronen to Robert Edward Herndon, $555,000.

2732 Persimmon Place, Williamsburg; Kevin J. Malecki to Peter Gillman, $388,000.

9027 Planters Crossing, Toano; Justin T. Kelly to Ty C. Hardin, $312,000.

602 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Robert Drouin, $193,840.

2001 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Dora Sharps, $242,975.

704 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Michael D. Cuda to Christine K. Swann, $155,000.

209 Rivers Edge, Williamsburg; Dwight E. Houff, successor trustee to Harvey Leon Frazier, $940,000.

104 Seven Oaks, Williamsburg; Thomas F. Benjamin to Joseph L. Marsilii, $744,000.

6756 Tarpleys Tavern Road, Williamsburg; William D. Cohen to Ernie R. Dash, $423,500.

4115 Tufton, Williamsburg; Edmond R. Daughtrey to John P. Dahms, trustee, $379,000.

129 Winterset Pass, Williamsburg; Jennifer J. Pflugelder to Patrick J. Johnston Jr., $177,000.

3847 Woodruff Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Robert Allen Hirsch, $375,000.

6587 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Douglas Schell Arnold, $520,000.

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