The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $50,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


420 N 1st St; McKeone Faith A to Hiajw Llc, $336,000.

504 N 26th St; City Of Richmond to Eco Marble and Granite Inc, $154,000.

104 N 28th St; Besobrasow Elizabeth to Stockslager Gregory Miller, $507,500.

2107 2nd Ave; Eagle Properties to Vechinski Matthew J, $194,950.

1305 N 32nd St; Libron Joyce P to 1303/1305 Llc, $225,000.

1120 N 33rd St; 17-5 Llc to Salomonsky Henry, $200,000.

11 E 36th St; 4paw Investments Llc to Griffin John P, $198,000.

3017 3rd Ave; Cmrt Properties Llc to Bradby Patricia Lee, $206,000.

3012 4th Ave; Hunter Homes Llc to Joyce Nathan, $227,500.

405 S Allen Ave; Gao Yilan to Randolph Homes Llc, $281,500.

3 N Arthur Ashe Blvd; Brooks Sean R to The Boulevard Inn Llc, $650,000.

1723 Bainbridge St; Halasz Jessica H to White Eric, $232,000.

1212 Bellevue Ave; Rudomina Eva Z to Brown Timothy A and Ayesha N, $394,000.

1255 Boulder Creek Road; Behrens Jared and Johanna to Rosenbloom Mark Howard, $255,500.

3016 E Broad St; Harris Florence to 3016 E Broad St Llc, $157,500.

4707 Bromley Lane; Hochstein Justin P to James A Sidney B III, $460,000.

4304 Cary Street Road; Gibbs John C to Caminiti Kevin Anthony, $499,000.

3018 Chamberlayne Ave; 3018 Chamberlayne Avenue Series to Cc Richmond II Lp, $374,865.

324 Clovelly Road; Rohrbach Philip S and Camilla B to Allen William C, $925,000.

3005 E Cosby Farm Lane; Scaperlanda Anthony Edward to Bailey John L and Margaret L, $590,000.

1708 Dakota Ave; Robinson R Valerie S to Spears Jennifer M Robinson, $157,000.

642 Dixon Dr; Walker Roneece to Arevalo Sandro Ulices Padilla, $189,000.

303 Dundee Ave; Powell Michael W to Storey Alfred Pat Rick, $303,000.

1905 Farrand St; Cotman Russell Shavonte T to Tucker Joshua Gabriel, $180,000.

4406 Fitzhugh Ave; Fox Julie Helms to Samuels Charles R and Krista M, $365,000.

2909 French St; Seay Cameron to Kennedy Catherine M, $365,000.

3302 Garland Ave; The Wright Fix Llc to Rothermel Graham Alan, $275,000.

2004 W Grace St; Johannes James H to Grandpre Chris and Susan, $900,000.

3902 W Grace St; Barden John and Julie H to Van Aartrijk Noel Marie, $325,200.

6723 S Grand Brook Cir; Hyers Kemper to Miller Indira, $165,000.

925 Green Ridge Dr; Gates John L and Bertha J to Bennett Cody Melody Ann, $159,000.

2300 Grove Ave; Kramer Stuart A and Jennifer M to Wong Ricky and Elizabeth M, $887,000.

4712 Grove Ave; Hall Marsha W Trustee to Cava Capital Llc, $325,000.

1501 Hampton St; Barrett Michael to Lellis Carla De, $350,000.

3527 Hanover Ave, Ua; Adamson V Cassell Jr Tr to Por Melanie C, $168,000.

1437 Hull St; Bennett Elisa M to Hull St Properties 1437 Llc, $271,000.

812 Jessamine St; Ridge Point Holdings Llc to 812 Jessamine Land Trust, $155,000.

2529 Kensington Ave; Cava Capital Llc to Martin David F, $725,000.

642 Labrook Dr; Bronlon Group Llc to Golden Amber L and Christine M, $151,000.

1746 Leicester Road; Newell Virginia Rose to Brosnan Kevin K, $225,000.

4615 Leonard Pkwy; Gaziano Matthew A to Innes Thomas Charles Andrew, $500,000.

7300 Lookout Dr; Foster William A and Nancy J to Werkheiser Gregory A, $880,000.

2420 Maplewood Ave, U6; Bacarreza Leonardo to Roberts Karen Maurine, $188,000.

301 Marston Lane; Inman Johnnie W to Dicerbo Matthew D and Lauren J, $700,000.

1216 McDonough St; Manchester Partners 1 Llc to Sheriff John A, $477,000.

3035 Montrose Ave; Wheeler Daniel to Reyes Homes Llc, $155,500.

23 S Morris St; City Of Richmond to Carver Homes Llc, $319,000.

2818 North Ave; L Sutherlin Contracting Llc to Fitz Henley John A II, $275,000.

1401 Oakwood Ave; Moderate Holdings Inc to Coaker Daniel, $290,000.

809 Overbrook Road; George David J and Lartina A to 201911wy 32 Llc, $185,000.

3909 Park Ave; Dishner Steven G and Elizabeth M to Slowik John Dustin, $610,000.

2606 Park Ave, U10; Forrest Caitlin Helene to Wheatley Robert M, $210,000.

320 S Pine St; Levy James and Connie to McFarland Conor, $304,000.

1301 Porter St, U403; Porter Street Llc to Nelson Catherine C, $195,000.

3989 Rebecca Road; Green Nathaniel O and Shirley P to Guilford Michael, $165,000.

2222 N Riverside Dr; Dickey Brett and Belyea Emily to Shrader Jon M and Shana M, $505,500.

3912 Rosedale Ave; Hardy Craig to Atkins Kathryn E, $226,000.

5733 Snead Road; Williams Betty A Executor to Mejia Miguel, $150,000.

101 N Stafford Ave, U5; Brooks Kendall to Daniel Virginia Elizabeth, $259,950.

3409 Stony Point Road; Westham Building to Lissenden Robert M, $741,300.

3613 Traylor Dr; Chesser Michelle L to Thornburg Kelly Winslow, $300,000.

1431 Westbrook Ave; Abel Natalie R to Schleicher Alec, $335,000.

3246 E Weyburn Road; Baldwin Betty R to Payne Amber, $273,000.

3113 Woodcliff Ave; Bridgeblue Usa Llc to Archer Brandon H An Amber D, $249,000.


5121 Aldenbrook Way, Glen Allen; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Dixit Neel S and Sejal M Kothadia, $577,599.

1236 Archie Ln, Henrico; Hartsoe Robert D Jr and Elizabeth N to Kim Daniel Oscar, $210,000.

11993 Ashdown Oaks Ct, Glen Allen; West Shane R and Sarah E to Shivaramaiah Nagesh G and Fnu Nutan, $795,000.

10807 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ardler Annette Lynn, $286,301.

10808 Ballentine Ln, Glen Allen; Hall Jennifer A to Cousins Marcious and Melissa M, $344,900.

8999 Becton Rd, Glen Allen; Engel Jason M to Ramirez Zenon Garduno Jr, $218,000.

6600 Bethlehem Rd, Henrico; Dvorak Christopher P to Pleasants Herman D, $225,000.

1409 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Augst Robert D and Mandy M Arnold to Turko Daniel Myles, $240,000.

6932 Bolelyn Dr, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Upiomoh Shontae P, $290,674.

5913 Bottomley Pl, Glen Allen; Koetter Walter August and Cheryl Calderon to Belden Andrew W and Deirdre A, $750,000.

4119 Bremner Blvd, Henrico; Cooper Daniel R and Shirley L Sweet III to Givler Anne, $198,750.

4636 Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Montemayor Sonnia, $447,155.

7207 Bunche St, Henrico; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Dukic Dzemal and Jerald Fleming Moore Jr, $186,500.

9907 Capri Rd, Henrico; Huynh Huong to Xhemaili Fitim and Lulzime, $295,000.

2200 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Smith Linda Coles and Steve Roger Jr, $357,265.

4807 Cedar Park Rd, Henrico; Baker Robert J to Brooks Derrick, $247,400.

504 Chandler Cir, Henrico; Homecrafters Inc to Dickey Brett Damon and Emily Belyea, $875,000.

600 Chiswick Park Rd, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Burkholder James B and Marina Borisovna, $641,519.

1706 Cloister Dr, Henrico; Schenck Paul W III and Gail to Sosic Adnan and Selmira Avdic, $326,000.

4815 Coleman Rd, Henrico; Wilson Elizabeth Booker to Peaco Michael W and Kelly, $295,000.

1037 Connecticut Ave, Glen Allen; Tran Bich Ngoc Thi Trustee to Le Investing Llc, $247,000.

2197 Craven Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Gibson Adam and Shannon Clark, $391,855.

2427 Crowncrest Dr, Henrico; Crown Crest Llc to Jmw Llc, $245,000.

101 Danray Dr, Henrico; Johnson Shirley S to Hardy Larry W and Thomas D Lewis, $235,000.

313 Defense Ave, Sandston; Catron Timothy to Russell Rochelle, $200,000.

9113 Derbyshire Rd, Uf, Henrico; Hutton Sara Elisabeth to Robinson John Burnham and Susan S and C P N, $200,000.

2913 Dillard Dr, Glen Allen; Crayton Jack C to Norby Christopher O and Erin L Bryant, $325,000.

1602 Dillyn Pl, Richmond; Crown Land Llc to McDonough Taylor Connor, $214,000.

4707 Eanes Ln, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Chikoka Munshya N, $196,850.

12717 Ellington Woods Pl, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Gaccione Douglas and Emma, $825,000.

11088 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Palazzotto Michael and Denise, $773,450.

806 Fair Port Cir, Glen Allen; Romano William J and Lorraine C to Farace Penelope S, $375,000.

10222 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Cook Lawrence C to Atwood Rebecca S, $253,000.

3005 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Sayles Jennifer Mary and John William, $310,190.

3021 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ragusa Michael F and Shannon D, $299,155.

3901 Fish Pond Ln, Glen Allen; Jacobsen Ron and Vikki to Lin Pin and Yu, $335,000.

10787 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Dubey Alok, $567,948.

8113 Four Mile Run Pkwy, Henrico; Reeves Frank to Gray-Thomas Michelle R, $187,500.

8404 Franconia Rd, Henrico; Padgett Glenwood Eugene and Cathy Charlene to Villarreal Ruben L and Lyndsey, $225,000.

2322 Ginter St, Henrico; Windle Tyler R and Adam M to Ennis Brady Craig, $213,000.

12100 Glastonbury Pl, Henrico; Ramon Diego and Denise M to Thomas Ricko A and Jennifer L, $430,000.

2460 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

3021 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Bui Bao-Chau D to Ramirez Oscar A and Dania C Rojas, $263,500.

7406 Griffin Ave, Henrico; Perkins James W and Carol O to Collins Jennifer M, $180,000.

8408 Hasting Mill Ln, Glen Allen; Trinh Jason and Hannah Ly to Smitherman Steven S, $316,750.

8407 Henrico Ave, Henrico; Mays Rana W to Custis Spencer M and Lauren E, $275,450.

12361 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Mohamed Reeyaz Mohamed Basheer Et Al, $489,171.

2208 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Papineau Paul S and Charlotte A to Yancey Travius, $193,000.

8409 Holly Hill Rd, Henrico; Esposito David J to Davenport Kathleen, $272,200.

9512 Hungary Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Patel Arvind Bhai and Bhavana A to Abbasi Ayesha Gohar, $280,000.

1202 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Harkins Barbara Hoffman to Manis Terry and Lesli, $375,000.

4908 Kellywood Cir, Glen Allen; Murray Mahogany M to Weaver Brandon L and Elizabeth B, $256,000.

408 Kings Reach Rd, Henrico; Sookram Anand and Chitra to Franisco Franika, $233,750.

2614 Lafayette Ave, Henrico; Shinault Stacey R to Ramsey Madison A, $235,000.

2422 Larkwood Rd, Henrico; McCosh Edith M and Wendell J to Spallone Eric P and Missy, $254,900.

119 Lee Ave, Henrico; 119 Lee Avenue Series to Hartman Pamela M, $181,000.

5408 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Boys Matthew C and Amanda N Johansson, $367,325.

5424 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Gugino Jamison R, $365,500.

12305 Locustgrove Rd, Henrico; Borill Zachary Wayne and Amy L to Winn Caitlin Shea, $257,500.

5087 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Varghese Nishal and Rosia Babu, $545,785.

2528 Madison Station Ct, Henrico; Youngblood Properties Llc to Adkins Robert A and Linsey, $633,470.

1607 Mara Dr, Henrico; Drummond Jared W to Britt Taylor Clayton, $293,000.

7709 Mendota Dr, Henrico; Wood Polly P and Mark L to Thomasson Ronald and Sally, $178,000.

6361 N Midview Rd, Henrico; L Investments Inc to Beichner Kimberly, $199,950.

4802 Mill Reef Rd, Sandston; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Pray Daniel H and Emily R, $187,000.

6902 Monument Ave, Henrico; Billingsley Jason to Foster Jason, $335,000.

4705 Mulford Rd, Henrico; Adkins David R and Cynthia to Logan Ronald Onell Jr and Eneisha D, $196,000.

1433 New Haven Ct, Glen Allen; Rajagopalthuppal Ramaswamy Iyengar to Jothivadivel Selvam Et Al, $272,500.

3413 New Pasture Ct, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Witter Julienne R, $228,530.

8004 Nicewood Rd, Glen Allen; Beau Llc to Branham Emilie Fearson, $247,000.

5421 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Martin Phyllis C and Audrey C Yeager, $269,235.

11800 North Downs Sq, Henrico; Wilson T Glenn and Evelyn L to Hening Jeanne T, $300,000.

2149 Oakhampton Pl, Henrico; Aldrich Jarrad A and Jordan M to Turnage Bobby Neil III and Lauren Swann, $263,000.

2101 Old Prescott Pl, Henrico; Curtis Justin W and Bree K to Cih Erica, $500,000.

9309 Operator Ct, Glen Allen; Ballou Deforrest V to Nguyen Huy and Thuy Le, $176,000.

3212 Patch Ter, Glen Allen; Dorin Allen G Jr and Nancy to Bryant Kenneth and Elizabeth, $514,100.

1825 Pemberton Ridge Ct, Henrico; Pemberton Investments Llc to NVR Inc, $161,000.

101 Pickett Ave, Sandston; Bowling Stephen T and R N to Hsbc Bank Usa Na Trustee, $151,920.

2801 Pine Lodge Ct, Glen Allen; Orr Samuel G and Lindsay J to Fultz Jesse Gregory and Amy Bowman, $337,950.

2309 Poates Dr, Henrico; Crane Billie Estate to Smith Glenn and Jordan, $250,000.

12352 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Wilder Eric B and Ann M, $791,614.

2425 Ramsey Ct, Henrico; Alvarez Michael and Elma M to Craver Randolph, $166,000.

8201 Reinland Dr, Henrico; Webster Theodore M to Golumbia David, $208,000.

213 Riverwood Dr, Henrico; Slusher Alexandra V to Wilson Jeremy F and Stephanie C, $530,000.

8514 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Hicks William D and Randy Blake to Rolando Llc, $213,225.

4728 Sadler Green Pl, Glen Allen; Varghese Mohan and Thresiamma to Das Soumik and Riya Dutta, $435,000.

3024 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Bryant Erin to Attelah Mohammad K and Helai Salehi, $185,000.

6904 Seven Kings Cir, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Fleming Larry D and Charmia, $380,000.

246 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Mavilavalappil Prajith N P and S Valambath to Zahirovic Murarem, $300,000.

12016 Simsbury Ct, Glen Allen; Guss J Michael to Thuppal Rajagopal and Latha Rajagopal, $403,500.

1631 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Alexander Jacob H to Satko Jake Robert, $175,000.

2105 Springdale Rd, Henrico; Jackson Mark Trustee to Kim Balin Ariana and Stephen Andrew Fink, $215,000.

2506 Straw Bridge Chase E, Henrico; Stewart Christopher W to Moreno Jorge and Sharon Quiroz, $175,345.

10508 Thistledown Dr, Henrico; Adkins Robert A to Anderson Evan M and Haley W, $348,000.

1806 Timbermead Ct, Henrico; Depippo David J and Courtney M to Orr Thomas L, $410,000.

4015 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Morse Nicole L, $387,366.

9014 Torno Dr, Henrico; Mahanes Caitlin to Brunette Benjamin P Et Al, $230,000.

506 Upland Dr, Henrico; Brunson Philip III to Bankunited Na, $163,400.

7811 Villa Pl, Glen Allen; Lugo Christopher A to Kronenwetter Christopher Ryan, $210,000.

2568 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Partin Sheila M to Cardoza Wilbur Kenmore and Joyce McClure, $270,000.

300 Westover Ave, Henrico; Kenney Betty A to Clarke George S Jr, $242,000.

1412 Whitehurst Way, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Lloyd John Donald, $284,348.

9018 Wildtree Dr, Glen Allen; Daly Eric C and Kim L to Strouse Bradley R and Allie B, $333,500.

12517 Winchester Green Ct, Henrico; Kholodovskaya Florina to Zabrovskiy Sergey M, $300,000.

1507 Wood Grove Cir, Henrico; Jones Preston A to Schultes Zachary Alexander and Casey K, $289,000.

311 Wren Rd, Henrico; Lewis Antrea J and Nakia T Carter to Smith John T Jr, $211,000.


9819 Adkins Village Ln; Emerald Homes to Wilkins Troy and Jeanette, $339,620.

1007 Alcorn Tr; Helbing R J and Helbing M S Trs to Hensley Tracy Lynn and James R, $319,500.

9425 Amberleigh Cr; Amberleigh Llc to Helfrich Terri L and Gary A, $452,499.

7443 Arabella Dr; Jones Timothy L and Jennifer A to Lorton Michael and Michele, $450,000.

2620 Arrandell Rd; Oiticica Claudio Et Al to Stanwix John A and Frances M, $630,000.

1436 Ascot Hill Tr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Harman Rilee C and Ashley A, $669,307.

104 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Pizzini Juan F and Roberta L, $388,778.

1532 Austin Rd; McCallister Seth V and Rebecca A to Calderon Merida Mayron J, $212,000.

120 Avebury Dr; Luck John and Alexandra Maitland to Cummings Dennis J and Megan E, $478,300.

11507 Bailey Woods Dr; Nevel Christopher M and C L to Botset Mark and Julie, $200,000.

13613 Baycraft Tr; Carlson Leonard J to Wilhelm Susan E, $226,000.

13113 Beech Hill Dr; NVR Inc to Jones Marcus Sr and Callis Carla, $418,173.

4119 Bellstone Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Krupp Craig and Amanda, $563,083.

5224 Berryridge Tr; Choudhary Pramod K to Alas M M and Campos De Alas Y Y, $205,000.

1724 Bloomfield Rd; Curling Barbara M to Park Trent M, $274,000.

14931 Blue Rock Dr; Michael Jenny L to Mitchell William N and Wanda F, $181,000.

6146 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Childress M A R and Childress W, $249,000.

10512 Braden Townes Ct; NVR Inc to Salter Sharon, $272,690.

14000 Briars Cr; Mitchell Sandra Spratley Tr to Freeman David L Sr and Susan F, $225,000.

734 Bristol Village Dr; Jennings Charles M II to Vann Mouy Kear, $155,000.

8300 Buford Oaks Dr; Kellam Thomas H and Henley H C to Behm Mark and Marissa, $320,000.

8300 Buford Oaks Dr; Kellam Thomas H and Henley H C to Behm Mark and Marissa, $320,000.

3513 Cannington Dr; NVR Inc to Gularte Rony Bladimiro Jr, $261,560.

14031 S Carriage Ln; Welch Jerry H Sr to Anderson Sarah, $210,000.

10401 Cattail Rd; Duffey Josh Dana to Nunnelley Amy M and Saul D Jr, $215,000.

10336 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Horridge Antoinette and Raymond, $347,000.

2230 Chartstone Dr; Simonian Robert and Jewell S E to Sheldon Sarah M Et Als, $540,000.

12818 Chester Grove Dr; Gerry Glenn W Jr and Goins K N to Thomas Fransine B, $208,000.

2121 Christendom Dr; Hackett Charles J Jr to Layman Stephen D and Erynn M, $555,000.

8306 Cobblecreek Rd; NVR Inc to Chakraborti Damayanti and Anupam, $337,990.

2018 Colwyn Bay Dr; Monroe Matthew A to Sylvera Scott and Erin, $525,000.

11104 Corryville Rd; Linville Brian D and Victoria F to Cunningham Joshua David, $268,000.

10206 Cravensford Tr; D R Horton Inc to Long Pierce D P and Harrison M A, $340,000.

10906 Crofton Ct; Zerull John S and Joon to Poblete Encina F A and Poblete L, $225,000.

368 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to Sams David E, $285,131.

8500 Crossfell Ct; Vericor Homes Llc to Jones Brian T and Elizabeth A, $486,536.

907 Dawnwood Rd; Zanetti A J and Valentina D C D to Truong Loc Vinh Duc, $275,000.

19713 Derrick Ln; Price Designs Inc to Pickering Steven, $164,850.

13314 Diamond Ridge Dr; Jung Ji Hong and Aeri to Primeau Serena and Velazquez A, $243,000.

5612 Drayton Landing Ct; Warren Margaret R to Juarez Bryan G and Escalante N, $277,450.

7918 Dunnottar Ct; Bollinger Audrey P to Edwards Marilyn M, $395,000.

13637 Duxton Dr; Wheatley Prop Management Llc to Moore Rhonda L, $299,000.

410 Eastman Rd; Reemtsen September W to Venable Jesse D, $259,950.

4607 Edenton Pl; James Jonathan D and Houston T L to Federal National Mtg Assoc, $164,575.

5610 Elgar Rd; Palma Walter Gaitan to Smith Latisha, $176,000.

15137 Endstone Tl; Rountrey Dev Corp to River City Custom Homes Inc, $188,000.

4610 Falling Creek Cr; Sibley Patricia T to Arevalo Luis Angel Amaya, $170,000.

3980 Falstone Rd; Diaz Melvin and Elizabeth Cruz to Buchanan A J and K Y and Guthrie K, $275,000.

15212 Featherchase Dr; Sloan Zachary C to Flint Isaac, $230,000.

7719 Flag Tail Dr; Chavis Charles B Jr to Ancarrow Jerry N and Walton K R, $181,000.

13605 Fox Chase Tr; Gerstenlauer C D and D J Trs to Khattab Ahmed, $155,000.

14805 Fox Dr; Forster Michael D to Hubbard Matthew and Ashlie, $297,500.

7124 Full Rack Dr; Flatt Ryan M to Marino Joann, $219,000.

6451 Glebe Point Rd; Knight Mary L Estate to Grissom Timothy E and Karen J, $307,000.

5713 Gossamer Pl; D R Horton Inc to Cady Andrew L and Johnsie A, $419,000.

14012 Gravatt Ct; Flynn Timothy M and Karen S to Ross Bobby Ray Jr and Shannon T, $399,900.

15224 Greenhart Dr; NVR Inc to Brooks Pamela Anita, $340,000.

11008 Guilford Rd; Ryder Sandra P and Goodman J W to Smigo Margaret, $195,000.

15701 Haggis Dr; Williams Stacey N to L Investments Inc, $167,000.

20925 Hampton Av; NVR Inc to Jones Tiffany Sherice, $238,375.

15919 Hampton Glen Ct; McGregor Courtney G to Winfree Adam and Tracy, $376,500.

8001 Hampton Springs Rd; Chenault Kari J and Thomas D to Miller Natalie and Daniel Lee, $360,000.

13711 Harbourwood Rd; Ingram Douglas B and Graceann B to Hunter Travis A and Angela R, $348,780.

12006 Hazelnut Branch Tr; Bitwa Steve A to Le A T and Nguyen H X and Pham L B, $259,900.

8811 Henson Rd; Drake Judith Ann to Morris Kevin Carlyle, $265,000.

15011 Highberry Woods Ct; McKay Taylor R and Beck Lauren T to Sawyer Ryan G, $254,000.

4000 Hilltop Field Dr; Cheva Properties Llc to Sanchez Miquel J N and Navarro K, $222,000.

10111 Holly Trace Ct; Dudding Richard to Heisler Gary B III and Jordan C, $205,000.

6412 Husting Rd; Narron Donald L and Hamilton T to Dinh Anh and Phan Anh Nguyen T, $170,000.

6412 Ivory Bill Ct; Michaud Timothy D to Lexicon Government Serv Llc, $337,475.

16827 Jaydee Ct; McQueen Mark L and Michelle S to Kendall Sheri, $414,950.

17337 Jennway Mw; Parsons Eric D and Jessica L to Romich Randall J and Lindsay C, $455,000.

8301 Kalliope Ct; Simconis James L and Lee to Buffa Salvatore A and Tillary A, $450,000.

10601 Keithwood Py; Turner William W and Patricia C to Thompson Alexandra N and Matthew, $254,000.

12824 Killycrom Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Eissler Richard and Azmi Malalai, $623,953.

4100 Kings Gate Rd; Davis Ronald C Estate to Skye Is The Ltd Res Serv Llc, $222,500.

3742 Knighton Cr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Little Michael A and Kelly D, $408,238.

5302 Krag Rd; Smith Farin K and Cynthia B to Mao Sammy, $345,000.

11318 Lady Slipper Ln; Martin Paul E and Rotabi Karen S to Hudgins Matthew, $259,950.

14513 Lander Rd; Martin J L and Martin D J Trs to Mignone Michael E and Samantha B, $710,000.

8925 Lavenham Lp; McNamara Hugh S and Jennifer W to Lausman Donald R and Cynthia C, $374,900.

4907 Lippingham Dr; Patrick Dean to Bowles Mary Kaitlynn, $315,000.

13606 Littlebury Ct; Jones Kara R and Williams C K to The Money Source Inc, $181,440.

9572 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Waller Quincy L to Lawson Carilla and Okorite, $238,000.

5118 Long Shadow Ct; Borza Margaret Ann to Methvin Lynne L, $187,000.

9054 Lost Forest Dr; Ingersoll Jim Trustee to Bacila Paul and Albarado Teri, $182,000.

8214 MacAndrew Ct; Hansen Mark A and Madonna C to Bender Michael E and Candice L, $450,900.

824 Marblethorpe Rd; Eagle Alexandra N to Huynh Binh Tan, $216,000.

4800 Marty Bl; Henley Leonard H and Willa M to Taylor Vincent A Jr, $187,000.

12205 McKenna Cr; Roux Louwrens Jc Le to Moore Linda Jeanne, $218,000.

5300 W Melbeck Rd; Taylor Wesley H to Vernon Christina Ericson, $210,000.

14800 Michaux Valley Cr; Biringer Builders Inc to Waters Michael S and Sandra Joan, $772,150.

11836 Middlecoff Dr; Griswold William J Jr and C M to Minnicino Luke P and Jessica, $200,000.

3313 Millspray Ct; Bell Thomas W to Logan Denver, $215,000.

5435 Mistyhill Rd; 440 Properties Llc to Ramirez Mirna Mancia, $235,000.

10400 Morehead Dr; Holt Christopher C and Nicole S to Sheppard Lee Scott, $400,000.

13707 Mountcastle Rd; Stamper Landon Shay to Gomez Dimas I, $272,500.

805 Nantucket Ct; Ramnarain A K and Veena to Ayala Caldera Liliana Et Al, $153,000.

7406 Nicklaus Cr; Ellenberger Hanna M and Kyle P to Kane Morgan Edward and Kayla C, $299,900.

20049 Oak River Dr; Lindner Rick Allen and Traci L to Cullen Carolyn D, $350,000.

534 Old Bermuda Hundred Rd; Haubold Douglas M to Northrup Cowan E and Jamie L, $180,900.

2237 Old Indian Rd; Rodriguez Victor Et Al to Reyes Sarai De La Torre, $165,000.

9412 Orchid Tr; Press Bryan S V and Tenisha to Bottoms Christopher L and T M, $310,000.

9541 Pampas Dr; Roberts Noah David and Holly to Green Barrington L, $226,000.

11200 Pennway Dr; Fogg A Thomas and Suzanne R to Blay Arnaud F and Anh Phi, $272,500.

12850 Percival St; Todd Alice R to Boyette Casey E and Walker A R, $213,400.

14607 Pleasant Creek Dr; Guillory Christopher M Et Als to Ferguson Bryan, $387,000.

8207 Preakness Ct; Savoy Matthew E and Courtney N to Tester Steven Q and Erica M, $255,000.

1717 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Carreras A M and Spain T A, $283,696.

11112 Puckett Pl; Catron Melisa Trustee to Ramsey Tony R, $192,000.

3205 Quail Hill Dr; Grant John L and Grant Monica M to Dellinger Casey and Jacquelyn L, $279,900.

4501 Rabbit Foot Ln; Lunders James W and Kyrsten A to Richland Prop 7011 Egan Pl Llc, $220,000.

10371 Ramona Av; Parker Homes Inc to Corcio Jovel S C and Valencia F, $187,000.

3207 Regatta Pointe Ct; English William J Estate to Muller Jean, $203,000.

11808 Rimswell Turn; Builder Funding Llc to Kobasa Valery and Ihor, $286,000.

6601 Rock Run Rd; Cotner Christopher L to Gini Elyse Marie Betz, $208,000.

19900 Roosevelt Av; Toney Albert L Sr and Barbara W to Ellis Gaynell M and Byrd James A, $165,000.

5719 Saddle Hill Dr; Dalton Todd to Amponsah Sonnia Lina, $250,000.

5625 Sara Kay Dr; Property Scope Re Llc to Howerton Trevor, $163,950.

16318 Saville Chase Ln; Clay Street Builders Llc to Salo Donald G Jr and Stacey Ann, $700,000.

601 Scotter Hills Ct; Gahagan Ronald C Jr to Yu Peggy, $240,000.

3401 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Secrest Elizabeth W and J G II, $541,758.

3409 Seven Oaks Rd; Morris James A and Diana K to Graves John, $305,000.

14118 Shawhan Pl; Robeson James and Frances E to Bigger William P Jr and Karen Y, $425,250.

6209 Shelter Cove Pt; Bachman Burl V and Pamela S to Hurley Jeffrey and Heidi, $450,000.

14524 Shipborne Rd; Williams Josh A and Susan E to Williams Fred A and Martha C, $438,000.

17606 Silver Farm Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Kulich Steven and Melissa, $546,765.

9213 Sir Britton Dr; Snell Earl Jr and Muriel U to Ruiz Brian V and Sandra T, $365,000.

14205 Sonnenburg Dr; Shindler Matthew J to Hall Dallas W, $212,535.

39 Spinnaker Cove Dr; Kranski Kari K to Cox John Singleton and Christie, $289,000.

9542 Springhouse Dr; Love That Home! Llc to York William S and Christie L, $325,000.

5817 Stanbrook Dr; Ferguson Angel E to Deras Galdamez Marvin L, $289,000.

4819 Steven Hill Dr; Robinson Catherine M to Rodriguez G A M and Tejeda R J A, $243,000.

6711 Strathmore Rd; 6711 Strathmore Road Series to Mallory Beverly S, $194,000.

5310 Summerleaf Dr; Campbell Naim to Lopez Leopoldo D Pacas, $187,950.

8730 Sunset Knoll Rd; Horner Clinton R to Ortega Juan and Zapata Maria S, $205,000.

12208 Sylvan Ridge Pl; Nelson Evan S and Michele K to Hickman Randi and Meadows J R, $407,500.

16504 Thornapple Al; NVR Inc to Quann Kimberly Russell, $227,990.

16520 Thornapple Al; NVR Inc to Phibbs Cali Ann and Justin Allen, $253,535.

8442 Timberstone Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Innes Patrick J and Victoria L, $375,030.

14400 Tooley Ct; Doperak Martin and Karen D to Parker Douglas and Marilyn, $358,889.

2412 Trefoil Wy; Keefer Darla to Flournoy R B and B and Galli W A, $289,950.

2201 Turtle Hill Cr; Jeter Kenneth M to Stout Taylor Ryan, $224,950.

2030 S Twilight Ln; Sherron Benjamin Luther to Malik Harpal S and Tashmeen S, $182,500.

18265 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Sotoohi Goli, $409,020.

1819 Valerie Dr; Williams Sean to Best Patrick R and Typhanie, $315,000.

3031 Vistapoint Rd; Allen Taylor K and North R E to Lawrence Travis J and Josephine, $365,000.

1904 Walmart Wy; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Garland Sierra R, $257,240.

14205 Walthall Dr; Trent Rashe J and Ashley N to De Carvalho Pedro and Tiffany, $305,000.

4118 Waterswatch Dr; Armstrong Walter Jay and Deborah to Ladnier Melanie and Daniel, $430,000.

5516 West Bay Ct; Wah Kevin K and Susan L to Myers Henry J Jr and Janet M, $295,000.

17000 Westervelt Ct; Main Street Homes to Garrett Leah M and Kevin M, $481,392.

1000 Westwood Village Wy; Wagner Daniel C to Drew Cynthia H, $215,000.

11407 Wiltstaff Dr; Mott Thomas James and Diane L to Joyner Michael A and Edwards K D, $242,000.

13818 Winterberry Rg; Lipscomb Ronald K and June C to Crawford J A and Granger E S, $340,000.

517 Wolfberry Rd; Barkstrom Carol to St Jean Berson and Manabat Jeidy, $222,500.

14407 Woods Walk Ct; Brown Aleigh H and Pintavalle R to Luna Elman and Turcios Waldemar, $161,550.


9426 Ashking Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph Bruce Smith to Douglas Kestle, $205,000.

9361 Atlee Station Road, Mechanicsville; Charles R. Mines Jr. to Kelsey Mawyer, $225,000.

7361 Beechbark Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Steven Campbell, $395,382.

Block DD, Section 3, Cherry Grove; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $373,000.

8309 Carneal Lane, Mechanicsville; Whitney Michelle Martin to Rudie Verougstraete, $229,950.

9611 Cavalin Court, Mechanicsville; Scott R. Thurston to Robert W. Weatherholtz, $438,750.

10431 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Scott B. Ashby, $515,853.

8525 Chippingford Lane, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to James Atkinson, $457,175.

11136 Countryside Lane, Mechanicsville; Darrell W. Hutson Jr. to Jonathan T. Holloway, $324,600.

9447 Doral Place, Mechanicsville; Richard J. Hausler Jr. to Stephen Wiley, $283,750.

7048 Evergreen Lane, Mechanicsville; Rosalia T. Giambanco to Matthew B. Rice, $308,000.

10297 Grand Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville; JB Rent LLC to Tanner Charles Worosher, $280,000.

7127 Harver Court, Mechanicsville; Diane S. Wilber to Jessica M. Golla, $229,950.

7756 Homeplace Court, Mechanicsville; Bay Front Development LLC to Joseph L. Lewis, $288,000.

9876 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Joshua Evan Winter, $353,781.

9128 Hunters Crest Lane, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Christopher Lake, $538,165.

7213 Jackson Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathleen Miller to Jamal Ahmad James, $232,000.

9719 Kible Crest Drive, Mechanicsville; Steven Kent Terrell to 2911 Floyd Ave. LLC, $229,000.

13165 Luck Brothers Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Jonathan Toby, $530,408.

7531 Madison Estates Drive, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Bradrick Scott Oeth, $558,084.

802 Maple Street, Ashland; Matthew B. Vinson to Andrea P. Arikian, $230,000.

10121 Merrittcroft Court, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Timothy R. Dearing, $630,750.

10125 Merrittcroft Place, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Neil Biller, $664,570.

16307 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Gina D. Wyatt to Thomas E. Vellenoweth, $225,000.

9113 Officer Lane, Ashland; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Andres Nicholas Gooding, $574,950.

14304 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahmoniny Falls LLC to Terence L. Burke, $465,461.

9281 Pamunkey Crest Drive, Mechanicsville; Ronald D. Sutton to Orion B. Withrow, $550,000.

9087 Pine Hll Road, Mechanicsville; Barry M. Fearnow to Stephen R. Houck, $312,000.

5526 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville; Christopher D. Hansen to Christopher H. Arvin, $188,000.

9086 Red Hill Circle, Mechanicsville; Christopher P. James to Rayford Grady, $380,000.

8170 Saint Emilion Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Clarence P. Blaisdell, $402,181.

9112 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Brekk C. MacPherson, $291,505.

8329 Summer Walk Parkway, Mechanicsville; Dustin T. Elliott to Louis Hartman, $359,950.

9057 Westone Road, Mechanicsville; Barbara Ann Smith to Eugene Charles Peckham, $238,000.

9348 Willies Way Trail, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Michael J. Moss, $438,830.

8346 Wonderland Lane, Mechanicsville; Christopher J. Russo to Jordan Mills, $195,000.


6109 Autumn Bluff Road, Powhatan; Spencer D. Trichell to Victor Kondrotas, $295,000.

1608 Chippewa Lane, Powhatan; Robert Pennington to Richard C. Matherly, $206,500.

3326 Copeland Way, Powhatan; David S. Dowdy to Richard James Prettyman, $749,950.

2358 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; John L. Martin to B. Blair Garnett, $545,000.

2166 Hunters Mill Road, Powhatan; Gregory J. Weiler to James P. Burke, $550,000.

1930 Lower Mill Road, Powhatan; Katherine Rita Joyce to Anthony C. Freund, $334,900.

2440 Old Time Road, Powhatan; Old Time Builder Inc. to Christopher Favreau, $302,501.

1707 Rocky Ford Road, Powhatan; Hunter M. Herndon Jr. to David Dowdy, $425,000.

4209 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Marjoh LLC to Joshua Alexander Sprouse, $185,000.


12113 Branch Overlook Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Brandi M. Pesetti, $634,074.

1632 Centerville Parke Lane, Manakin Sabot; Robert J. Dinnie to John Landis Graham, $455,675.

282 Creekmore Place, Richmnd; Legault Homes LLC to James R. Noland, $395,562.

974 Dover Branch Lane, Manakin Sabot; Royal Dominion Homes Inc. to Ali M. Boland, $702,551.

12104 Ebb Pointe Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Donald C. Spurrier, $682,153.

306 Hawk Wing Drive, Manakin Sabot; H.C. Yu, trustee to Burton M. Marshall II, $950,000.

950 Issequena Lane, Crozier; Roland P. Clement, trustee to Daniel Alan Tamagni, $425,000.

38 Lower Tuckahoe Road East, Richmond; Robert M. Lissenden to Peyton M. Studebaker, $865,000.

9500 Pine Shadow Drive, Richmond; Marian Rosson Payne to Randal M. Reaves, $275,000.

2723 Preston Park Lane, Sandy Hook; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Carl C. Menge, $359,695.

5376 River Road West, Goochland; Jennifer S. Lehman to Alyon K. Sherry, $220,000.

4700 Shannon Hill Road, Columbia; John K. Payne to Joshua HIll, $240,000.

4071 Three Chopt Road, Gum Spring; Dustin D. Fender to Spencer Proffitt Chase, $287,500.

3990 Whitehall Road, Sandy Hook; Michael L. Pace to Bryson L. Nodley, $336,350.


1981 Anchor Ave.; MC and MC to Shoe Crazy Wine LLC, $399,000.

25-27 S Jefferson St.; ZB Realty LLC to Kerwin Opportunity Properties LLC, $225,000.

2601 N Steadman Drive; Wai-Sum Agnes Knog to Riley E. Ingram Sr., $340,000.


23712 Addison St., North Dinwiddie; Larry D. Jett to George W. Keppler, $198,950.

3712 W Autumn Drive, North Dinwiddie; John W. Dietrich to Gerald Streat, $188,000.

3917 Chesdin Blvd., Sutherland; David W. Archer to Rhiannon Vitrano, $151,000.

10417 Courthouse Road, Dinwiddie; Bostic Real Estate Properties LLC to Justin Mark Crews, $233,000.

7208 Jack Drive, North Dinwiddie; Donald D. Ramsey Sr. to Justin Horn, $214,900.

4016 Moss Point Drive, North Dinwiddie; Donald Henshaw Inc. to Johnathan D. Hoylman, $211,500.

21501 Runaround Lane, Sutherland; Sonya Marie Henshaw to Miranda Raquel Martin, $247,000.

8340 Vaughan Road, North Dinwiddie; H.L. Henshaw Construction Inc. to Marshall L. Brown, $235,000.

4608 Woodstream Drive, North Dinwiddie; Timothy D. Johnson to Benjamin Williams, $165,000.


33 Brandywine Court; John B. Thompson to Jesse Rountree, $169,000.

105 Sadler Ave.; John W. Crowder IV to Geoffrey L. Alderson, $164,900.

1209 Yacht Basin Drive; Kyong S. Kwak to Larry Moore, $181,400.


521 Central Terrace; Catie Horne Ellis to Morgan Parker, $255,000.

3004 Danville St.; William K. Thibault to Lakeisha R. Sims, $152,500.

701 Yellowstone Drive; Bryan P. Lehser to Carlos G. Lopez Melendez, $199,900.


8931 Angels Share Drive, New Kent; PHD Holdings LLC to Jose Flores Jr., $750,000.

13440 Cooks Mill, Lanexa; William R. Woodson to Shaun Jones, $500,000.

6908 Forest Drive, Quinton; Adam C. Matanoski to Christy P. Thomas, $235,000.

1781 Littleleaf Lane, Quinton; Jamie P. Summe to Richard D. Hubbs III, $275,000.

8821 Old River Road, New Kent; Joseph Stevens to Taylor Marie Stevens, $156,000.

5456 Pergola Lane, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Noel Ruiz, $459,730.

4069 Perkins Place Drive, Quinton; Colton W. Wyatt to Thomas Yeager, $270,000.

3311 Rock Creek Villa Drive, Quinton; Shurm Construction to Phillip Ermin Gesotti, $350,099.

4414 Wigeon Drive, Providence Forge; John Rouse to David G. Blount, $341,000.


4141 Baxter Ridge Drive, Prince George; Lajeune R. Peyton to Brandon D. Taylor, $230,000.

4237 Cedar Creek Lane, Prince George; Gary F. Arakelian to Brandon D. Wilcox, $288,150.

13411 Crystal Drive, Disputanta; Edos LLC to Charles Lee Gauldin III, $232,500.

5215 Jerral Drive, Prince George; Nguyen Thi MInh Curtis to Tavis R. Vaughn, $180,000.

12275 Lilly Lane, Prince George; Ronnie G. Jenkins to Charles M. Chappell, $155,000.

6622 Prince George Drive, Prince George; Roy L. Sargeant to Bryan Leach, $222,500.

5500 Takach Road, Prince George; James E. Bryant to Nelson Joseph Torres, $255,000.

3221 Tavern Road, Petersburg; Leroy D. Evans Jr. to Bryan W. Miller, $257,950.

3130 Tinsley Terrace, Prince George; Johann Augschool to Joseph A. Meadows III, $238,000.

7610 Lynn Creek Drive, North Prince George; Mar Mal Home Builders LLC to Tina Faulcon Vines, $264,350.

Charles city

23.7 acres; Frank C. Debolt Jr. to Charles F. Scott III, $599,000.

Parcel; Paul A. Dresser Jr. to Melinda A. Murphy, trustee, $1,650,000.


6815 Beaver Pond Creek Road, Amelia Court House; William R. Ball Jr. to Brian D. Johnson, $285,000.

17795 Rolling Meadow Drive, Amelia Court House; Marie S. Wiley to Ann Winston Cardwell, $289,500.


225 Admiral Drive, Ruther Glen; Robert Breedlove to Joshua W. Hoffman, $182,500.

17251 Begonia Drive, Ruther Glen; Spear Builders of Va. Inc. to Carolyn Cattron, $334,950.

714 Canterberry Drive, Ruther Glen; Namco Properties and Investments LLC to Dorcella M. Grate, $190,000.

17274 Day Lily Drive, Ruther Glen; Kenneth M. Marshall to Karrina M. Fields, $267,000.

17130 Elm St., Bowling Green; Jerry R. Abel Jr. to Bartolo Rivas Diaz, $174,900.

4471 Ladysmith Road, Ruther Glen; Deborah V. George to Jonathen J. Benemann, $300,000.

674 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Adolph Knehr to Cynthia J. Spicer, $440,000.

368 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; John T. Riggs to James Vawter, $270,000.

12096 Longleaf Road, Ruther Glen; Eric Q. Shaw to Keith Duplessis, $230,000.

18456 Patriot Lane, Ruther Glen; Michael K. Johnson to Wesley Foor, $340,000.

261 Somerset Drive, Ruther Glen; Michael K. Gammill II to Denise Carmen Wanta, $283,000.

592 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Hamlet Homes Corp. to Marilyn D. Robertson, $217,690.


1.574 acres; Aairah LLC to Shifa LLC, $1,044,000.

2.49 acres; Steve C. Scott to Taylor Holy, $160,000.

49.463 acres; First Citizens Bank & Trust Co. to Robert K. Lipscomb IV, $700,000.

lot 21, Quail Run; Karen P. Haas to Ansionette L. HIx, $150,000.


288 Holly Springs Lane, Bruington; Delphine R. Braxton-Tyler to Jared Degrand, $230,000.

3586 Rose Mount Road, Walkerton; Kellum Homes LLC to David S. Mitchell, $240,000.


80 Choctaw Ridge, Aylett; Donald K. Lovelace to David Cuffley, $194,900.

2107 Cornwall Court, Aylett; Virginia Craft Homes Inc. to Anita P. Mims, $155,000.

539 Flotbeck Road, King William; Joseph L. Smith to Philip Joseph Henley, $507,000.

1990 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Kennington Place LLC to Rochelle A. Hunt, $154,950.

322 Lamae Circle, Aylett; Edward A. Parry IV to Christopher Shawn Mantlo, $193,000.

207 Oak Ridge Court, Aylett; Alan W. Rolfe to Richard Robert Drexhagen, $262,000.

11542 W River Road, Aylett; David Roger Levesque to Latesha J. Brown, $170,000.

306 Tyler Trail, Aylett; S & C Building Co. to Roy J. Mills, $345,540.


207 Quarterpath Road; Henrietta Evans Dubinok to Frederick J. Hannah, $248,000.

6 Wildwood Lane; Archie A. Turner to Ralph A. Margnotti Jr., $659,900.

231 Lewis Burwell; Plantation Group LLC to Ashley Redinger, $223,900.

3929 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jeffrey S. Hunt, $325,380.

207 Quarterpath Road; Henrietta Evans Dubinok to Frederick J. Hannah, $248,000.

6 Wildwood Lane; Archie A. Turner to Ralph A. Margnotti Jr., $659,900.


6301 Adams Hunt Drive, Williamsburg; Maridel Lee Weigle to Laurie J. Trueblood, $279,900.

4327 Audley Green Terrace, Williamsburg; Donald Slusher to John William Fulcher, $260,000.

4536 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Jacqueline R. Jochen to Benjamin A. Kedo, $205,500.

4955 Burnely Drive, Williamsburg; June E. Harding, trustee to Michael P. Beatty, $265,000.

1681 Centennial Drive, Toano; Wayne Harbin Builder Inc. to Keith W. Rowles, $685,000.

4416 Chickasaw Court, Williamsburg; Joseph E. Cole to Timothy M. Ketterman, $280,000.

172 Devon Road, Williamsburg; Sandra K. Voll to Warren C. Jones, $357,500.

106 Dickson Circle, Toano; Doris Lawson to Michael B. Tiefenback, $240,000.

4083 Dunbarton Circle, Williamsburg; Arden A. Aylesworth to Richard Huskey, $449,000.

9572 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Gilbert Mizelle, $380,235.

1592 Harbor Road, Williamsburg; David J. Trickey to CSO Revocable Living Trust, $1,290,000.

103 Highfield Drive, Toano; Piyapa Prasut to Logan Ray Harrelson, $215,000.

3234 Kenton Court, Toano; Adam W. Rothwell to Allyson M. Griffith, $200,000.

240 Loch Haven Drive, Williamsburg; Dennis M. Phillips to Cory A. Dente, $309,000.

4 Minor Court, Williamsburg; Dustin W. Jeffcoat to Michael A. Modest, $545,000.

209 Neck O' Land Road, Williamsburg; John Eugene Hall to Keith M. Sobczak, $202,000.

107 Oslo Court, Williamsburg; Robert Godwin Jones to Adam Gregory Warner, $250,000.

308 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Muen Lin, $242,150.

1507 Prosperity Court, Unit 70, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Richard T. Cartwright Jr., trustee, $276,928.

138 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Ronald Page Ayres to Samuel Lyons, $290,000.

306 Rivers Edge, Williamsburg; Alvin N. Puryear, trustee to Stephen F. Pond, $910,000.

141 Roger Smith, Williamsburg; John J. Domingo, trustee to LInda Kostek, $472,000.

258 Sandy Bay Road, Williamsburg; John E. Reece to Kenneth M. Goldsmith, $755,000.

104 Shields Point, Williamsburg; Scott Wayne Griffith to Timothy A. Davis, $210,000.

4247 Sienna Lane, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Robert Earl O'Brien, $349,697.

5310 Sloan Square, Williamsburg; John R. Struck to James Anderson, $213,000.

1 Sumner Court, Toano; Robert J. Stemann Jr. to Cartus Financial Corp., $265,000.

7621 Tealight, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Robert Luke Swift, $208,990.

205 Tralee, Williamsburg; Joseph R. Graves to Brian J. Roberts, $785,000.

Unit 213, Padgetts Ordinary Condo; Motrosa Property LLC to Gregory Gallo, $190,000.

4905 Whitby Mews, Williamsburg; Douglas P. Smith to Rachael Elizabeth Gruen, $211,000.

6447 Zachariah Drive, Williamsburg; Richard L. Clarke to Anna Maria Salazar, $495,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email