The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


210 E 13th St; Stemmle Jillian N to Caraballo Michael D, $170,000.

1116 N 23rd St; Richie Jason to Roy Nicholas P, $260,000.

618 W 26th St; Fleming Joseph E Jr and Edna M to Friedmann Jennifer Lee, $217,000.

507 N 29th St; McCarron George to Thorn Michael D, $342,500.

608-1/2 N 31st St; Ridge Point Real Estate Llc to Newcomb Eli T and Elizabeth B, $394,975.

1216 N 33rd St; Watchtower Homes to Van Gordon Todd D, $310,000.

813 W 49th St; Davidson Robin D to Moxley David R II, $222,500.

3024 Archdale Road; Miles Angela to Lucas Alexander R and Sarah J, $310,000.

7552 Beauchamp Ct; Hamilton Christina L to Pettyjohn Ena Eva Lynn Noyes, $189,500.

2703 E Broad St; George Kiran G to Lee Michael S, $479,500.

5108 Caledonia Road; Pippin Gregory S to Lederer Mark B, $480,000.

3437 W Cary St; Rogers Judith D and Adams Kay W to Matthew Pearl Llc, $365,000.

636 Circlewood Dr; Vega Engly M to Rodriguez Dianny, $150,000.

137 S Colonial Ave; Boisineau David A to Simmons Jonti M, $360,000.

4019 Crutchfield St; Bowslaugh Darryl to Stalder Grant R, $151,000.

1308 Decatur St; Monteria Sonjia R to Goldberg Derek S, $203,000.

3217 Douglasdale Road; Johnston Kyle H to Idealfithomes Llc, $295,000.

910 Erich Road; Montreal Llc to Kahler Kevin Russell, $199,900.

2228 Floyd Ave; Caplit Holdings Llc to Defino Bryan D, $665,000.

3229 W Franklin St; Chandler Keely D to Owens Kristen Nicole, $250,000.

1706 Glencove Lane; Chasteen Ralph R and Paul C to Anderson Matthew G, $204,500.

4604 W Grace St; Bernhardt Fred J Jr Executor to Clay Street Builders Llc, $245,000.

3104 Grayland Ave; Levey Brian P to Olsen Eric and Kelly, $340,000.

3210 Griffin Ave; Virginia Credit Union Inc to Gilpatric Adam L, $252,500.

2403 Hanover Ave; Morris Sharon Ward to The Miller Living Trust Trs, $465,000.

6306 Hanover Ave; Noe Carole L to Martin Paul K and Jill R, $217,000.

7521 Hill Dr; McGraw Margaret Ann to Strife Brian J and Jennifer R, $702,000.

3737 Hull Street Road; Campbell Judy F to Denton Real Properties Llc, $389,000.

7 E Jackson St; 7 Jax Blue Jays Llc to 20th St Lofts Llc, $1,080,000.

1504 Kansas Ave; Richmond Metropolitan Habitat to Moore Claries L, $185,000.

4008 Kensington Ave; Greene Harry Stanley III to Hinson Robert L III, $575,000.

6033 Lamar Dr; Bronlon Llc to Dreams and Opportunities Llc, $153,600.

16 Libbie Ave; Rosanelli Sheila S to Silver Paul F and Zelda K, $507,500.

2421 W Main St; Richmond Mortgage Inc As to Cromer William, $236,000.

3521 McGuire Dr; Bickley Stephen C Jr to Byrd Moyler Davey Ann, $160,000.

2004 Miller Ave; L Investments Inc to Sacred Homes Llc, $170,000.

3309 Monument Ave; Ko Mike I, Grace H and Jenny H to Cho Dane, $440,000.

3803 Noble Ave; Hoffer Kyle S to Bullington Robert B, $335,000.

9 Oak Lane; Chambers Douglas Allen Trustee to Jones Wallace Brady Sr, $1,050,000.

5602 Old Willow Ct; Via James Craig to Wilson Brian P and Susanna N, $320,000.

3108 Parkwood Ave; Dj Realty Llc to White Rebecca Jane, $465,000.

4613 Patterson Ave; Hodnett David A to Blakemore Kieran M, $269,000.

620 Pensacola Ave; Stone Troy E Sr to Redwood Jessica, $168,100.

323 Randolph St; Stuchell James C and Michele N to Bhatt Tejan Kaushik, $286,000.

7569 Rockfalls Dr; Smith Rosemary T to Coffey Craig A and Jessica N, $400,000.

420 Roseneath Road; Malone Warren S and Jane to Ellett Gordon B, $420,000.

107 N Rowland St; Falls Taylor B to Doss Vinodh T and Melissa A, $525,000.

809 St Christophers Road; Burris Steven H and Jennifer H to Stevens Todd M and Carrie B, $739,000.

2220 Stuart Ave; Niemczyk Sharon to Larson Joseph K and Annie C, $653,000.

3912 Teakwood Ave; Eslinger Cheryl L to Houff Thomas A, $216,000.

1236 Warren Ave; McCulloch John S to Molleston Julie L, $367,500.

6304 Wesley Road; Robins William Randoplh Jr to Stewart James Andrew, $340,000.


11419 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Patel Niharika D to Chu Anna, $240,500.

5110 Alden Parke Cir, Glen Allen; Alden Parke Llc to Royal Dominion Homes Inc, $200,000.

11921 Amberwood Ln, Glen Allen; Kan Yi and Jason Tao to Anwar Muhammad A, $473,000.

1720 Ashcliff Way, Henrico; Hill Jarvis R and Megan A to Chickvary Sarah J, $241,000.

1905 N Battery Dr, Henrico; King Michael Allen to Clark Kim Faison, $184,000.

10539 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Chandran Venkatesh and Pavithra Devanath, $352,110.

4818 Bethlehem Rd, Henrico; Ridge Holdings Llc to Ngo Duc, $215,000.

3207 Birchbrook Rd, Henrico; Ryan Joanna Grace and Sean P to Hilleary Richard Christopher, $224,000.

1400 Bobbiedell Ln, Henrico; Jenkins Thomas W III to Tlg Re Llc, $187,501.

1010 Borden Rd, Henrico; Decker Robert D and Carol J Trustees to Time to Change Properties Llc, $310,000.

6002 Bremo Rd, Henrico; Einsig Jacqueline E and Barry D to Lewis Aurelia B and James R Jr and Anne, $225,000.

2844 Broadford Ln, Henrico; Pe Gerald Gupit to Pope William II and Alexis Baker, $270,000.

4109 Bush Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Johnston Robert J III to Bronner Belle B and Jon B, $210,000.

2908 Calloway Rd, Henrico; Ridge Point Holdings Llc to Tartovsky Steve, $250,000.

7926 Capistrano Dr, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Hughes David, $179,900.

9112 Carrington Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Bronner Jon B and Belle B to Quraishi Kulsoom Fatima and Muhammad, $550,000.

4908 Caskie St, Henrico; Monbro Company to Bisger Fred B Trustee, $2,500,000.

8212 Chamberlayne Rd, Henrico; Pardue Ramon E and Pamela W A Trustees to Valego Brady, $265,450.

5540 Charles City Rd, Henrico; Small Nathan F and Darlene G to Newman Sydnor C III and Margaret, $225,000.

5012 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Dorfman Ryan and Leandre to Delegro Frank Jr and Kelliann M, $270,000.

339 Clerke Dr, Glen Allen; Howell Olivia S to Carlton Brian S and Robin L, $379,000.

1208 Condover Rd, Henrico; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Butt Muhammad I, $185,000.

13605 Cotton Patch Ct, Henrico; Colonial Homecrafters Ltd to Carey Ronald L Jr and Margaret P, $265,000.

5513 Cottage St, Henrico; Jacobson Billy E and Stephanie K to Fortin Eric Daniel, $213,000.

4810 Croft Ct, Glen Allen; Wisman Sara to Moore Jerald F Jr, $208,000.

303 N Daisy Ave, Henrico; Dunivan Helen P to Hunt Dante Demar, $179,000.

6928 Dartmouth Ave, Henrico; Williams Emory Chad to Barker Kyle and Michelle, $312,500.

9628 Della Dr, Henrico; Heinig Rachel L to Longest Derek C and Bethany A, $283,000.

5401 Dickens Glen Ln, Henrico; Atack Properties Inc to Lavaughn Gregory Allen, $239,950.

8008 Dunsmore Rd, Henrico; Time to Change Properties Llc to Sparks Scott, $427,000.

3401 Edwardsville Dr, Glen Allen; Christ Nicholas and Edith W to Bonwell Barbara Ann, $394,000.

11516 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Hoang Tuan and Sandra Liane Gahsmann, $635,360.

4225 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Brock Linda Maxey Trustee to Somers James E and Janet L, $310,000.

1007 Ethelwood Rd, Glen Allen; Bondurant Jason B to Miah San N, $242,500.

1807 Fairwind Cir, Henrico; Pfeffer Richard A and Patricia A Dana to Dubay Michelle, $224,950.

2604 Fernhill Ave, Henrico; App Michael Thomas to Switzer Peter Scott, $170,000.

2200 Fon-Du-Lac Rd, Henrico; Skinquarter Properties Ltd to Morgan Zachary Sean and Lauren Jeffries, $269,950.

816 Forest Ave, Henrico; Gerstenmaier Jennifer H to Eve Holly Law, $469,521.

1718 Forestway Dr, Henrico; Bailey David D and Gayle J to Broadnax Catharine and Cory, $365,000.

4651 Four Seasons Ter, Uc, Glen Allen; Chapman Steven B and Laura S to Buziak Duane, $185,000.

6600 W Franklin St, Henrico; Baker Chas W and Josephine P to Armentrout Susan P and David W, $353,000.

4706 Gaardahl Dr, Sandston; Green Cheryl G to Leftwich Jonathan W and Jessica K Evans, $180,000.

12408 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico; Marcolini Michael and Theresa to De Muller Louissiana M Lopez Et Al, $355,000.

6505 Glenshaw Dr, Glen Allen; Avram Smaranda to Kitt Eric A and Diana, $321,000.

2497 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

101 Grattan Rd, Henrico; Wall Charles E and Pauline T to Hill William R IV and Claire W, $815,000.

11507 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Atfi Azeddine and Badia Serhani, $730,720.

8710 Greycliff Rd, Henrico; Nason Alexander S to Willis Deanna, $219,000.

6106 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Simpson Orvil W and Ellen S to Davis Robert F III and Renee Ann S, $160,000.

2624 Hillgate Ct, Henrico; Jimenez Alejandro and Sergy M V Rodriguez to Roach Camden Chase and Rachel J Croushore, $300,000.

9787 Hoke Brady Rd, Henrico; Yates Carolyn W Estate to Beata Christian B, $305,000.

10912 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Shirodkar Anup Purushottam and Karishma, $649,020.

1118 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Kanipe Martin H Jr to Derry John S and Ellen D, $395,000.

1823 Ivystone Dr, Henrico; Patterson Gail Fulgham to Bailey Gayle Jocelyn, $200,000.

10024 Joppa Pl, Henrico; Merriam Ryan R to Coates Albert W III and Barbara Sullivan, $187,500.

10710 Keeney Ct, Henrico; Young Sara K to Hicks Stacy M, $196,500.

502 Kilmarnock Dr, Henrico; Gokli Anup J and Meera A to Crane Libbie S and Richard M Davis Jr, $775,000.

5204 Kimberwick Dr, Glen Allen; Marsh Christopher L and Sarah to Padma Ravi, $296,000.

721 Lakeside Blvd, Henrico; Foley Chevonne L to Tyree Cody W, $199,950.

2422 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Stevenson James Michael and Brenda to Alam Md Chaiful, $160,500.

9409 Lawndell Rd, Henrico; Owens Christopher C and Harriett B to Swartz Harold R and Christine E, $271,000.

601 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Brown Shawna, $220,300.

609 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Vipperman Shaun, $205,395.

1700 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Elam Teresa to Haley Robert and Christa Lausman, $262,000.

312 N Linden Ave, Henrico; Booth Lloyd III to Romero Eduardo A, $167,000.

5221 Long Bridge Rd, Henrico; Harris Jennifer C and Christopher L to Colgin Alex E, $195,250.

5050 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Sikder Arif Mohiddin and Monita Ashna to Skider Arif Mohiuddin and Monita Ashna, $448,010.

3112 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Gilchrist Roderick to Ambers Emon A and Armone S, $300,000.

3437 Manor Grove Cir, Glen Allen; Pape Audrey L to Smith Robin Wayne and Christina Cole Laine, $395,000.

10619 Marions Pl, Glen Allen; Saladino Jenna L to Neely Mona and Edward Lee Glass, $276,500.

5311 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Bowers Kenita D, $401,410.

2001 McDonald Rd, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Collins Catherine J and Guy A and Kaitlyn R, $199,900.

8202 Metcalf Dr, Henrico; Rei Matthew T and Allison G to Hunt Justin M and Tamara L, $230,000.

8725 Midway Rd, Henrico; Clements Cheryl J to Godinez Raul Gallegos and Arturo, $194,000.

4807 Mill Reef Rd, Sandston; Davenport Joseph C and June A to Hawkins Darrell, $182,950.

8637 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Sutherland Kelly A to Ekam Kaur Llc, $185,000.

6502 Monument Ave, Henrico; Hoover Homes Llc to Bari Real Estate Investment Corporation, $185,500.

5005 Monumental St, Henrico; Donohue Properties Llc to Eastern Distributing Co Inc, $270,000.

5420 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Lewis Curvan and Kimberly, $269,670.

5504 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Walker Frederick, $241,770.

3312 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Moneyhan George T and Constance F to Gaspar Brian S and Laura H Edwards, $382,500.

4337 Mylan Rd, Henrico; Bailey Rachael A to Carter-Valencia Amanda, $265,000.

12416 New Point Dr, Henrico; Munsatiensin Kraiwut to Harrison George and Althea, $203,500.

5501 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Rai San and Mati, $262,885.

1196 Oakland Rd, Henrico; Shea David M and Linda A Laino to Hawthorne Matthew and Molly V Campbell, $185,000.

2120 Oakhampton Pl, Henrico; Andrews Michael and Lauren N to Aziz Ashraf A and Hanaa Garas, $270,500.

1901 Old Brick Rd, Glen Allen; Kukla Matthew and Jacqueline to Choi Sun Lee, $375,000.

5001 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Home Lc to Domino Charles J, $447,285.

4820 Old Main St, U102, Henrico; Berberian John and Houry Trustees to Blanton Francis B and Nancy F, $270,000.

10700 Old Prescott Rd, Henrico; Cho Unjoo Kim to Kannan Richard J, $555,000.

5421 Olde Milbrooke Dr, Glen Allen; Featherston Thomas D and Kristine L to Shank Bryce Donald and Kristen Leigh, $290,000.

5118 Park Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Hornsby Hugh B and Beth B to Shah Pranav R and Trista M, $485,000.

7716 Patterson Ave, Henrico; Sobrino Sandra C and Ana M Conceicao to Dunnavant Bridget Renee and Meghan L Geiss, $285,000.

2808 Pennington Rd, Henrico; Holder Sarah to Poudel Raj K and Binita Mishra, $225,950.

914 Pepper Ave, Henrico; Tapscott Andrew J and Michelle M to Willis David Denton Jr, $355,000.

2220 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Klotz David Max, $347,390.

3808 Pheasant Chase Dr, Henrico; Jimenez Antonio J and Marilyn P to Jaquez Leah and Edwardo T III, $227,500.

7109 Pinetree Rd, Henrico; Cox Linda G Estate to Williams Isaac Justin and Katherine Bucher, $545,000.

1813 Poplar Green, Henrico; Paciocco Doran and Christian and Justin to Federal National Mortgage Association, $171,400.

2809 Purcell Ct, Henrico; Renovatio III Llc to Elam Teresa, $373,500.

9000 Quioccasin Rd, Henrico; Caston Properties Llc to Manakin Farms-Quioccasin Llc, $1,125,000.

3833 Redstone Dr, Henrico; Haydon Keith C and Lacey S to Rai Bhaskar C and Dipesh Raut, $220,000.

12333 Ridgefield Pkwy, Henrico; Coates A W III and Barbara S to Jacobs Jerald P and Jennifer C, $255,000.

11216 Riverchase Dr, Henrico; Jimenez Carlos M and Karin M to Ko Jason J and Chloe S, $414,000.

11512 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Puttkammer Shea W and Joseph W, $673,715.

2918 Ruthland Rd, Henrico; Waddill Gerald Lawrence and George W III to Ruthland Land Trust, $157,000.

1207 Santa Anna Rd, Henrico; Shreve Meghan M and J M S and M R S to Wall Bennie Allen and Katherine E Leary, $285,000.

6212 Scaffold Ct, Sandston; Childress W J Inc to Ayscue Linda M, $410,000.

3936 Senior Ln, Sandston; Bailey David Keith to Canning Benjamin, $184,500.

12253 Shore View Dr, Henrico; Talarek Radoslaw and Anna D and T Dunski to Spahalic Mirza, $218,000.

701 Silverspring Dr, Henrico; Ruiz Luis F to Ruiz Luis F, $591,000.

11106 Sithean Way, Henrico; Grose Samuel C and Beth C to Cusack Daniel G and Sissel A, $454,000.

5301 Smith Ave, Henrico; Harris Patrick D and Judith P and Matthew D to Atkins Cameron Blake and Meryem Karad, $180,000.

3921 Split Rail Rd, Henrico; Allen Lakeisha to Brown Archie W, $152,000.

509 St Albans Way, Henrico; Schwarten Sara E to Call Joseph B III and Estelle M Trstees, $470,000.

5729 Stonehurst Estates Ter, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corp to Bradford Homes Inc, $262,000.

3305 Swanhollow Ct, Henrico; Thornhill Robert E and Elizabeth A to Sachno Erika A, $457,000.

229 Taylor Farm Ln, Sandston; Dobson Emmanuel J to Woods Lloyd E Jr, $244,900.

6504 Tide Ter, Henrico; Williams Jason F Sr and Elisha C to Thompson Leon and Angela Y, $238,000.

7357 Townes Rd, Henrico; Hamilton Lucy G to Ashby Austin, $207,000.

3009 Triple Notch Way, Henrico; Chancy Scot A to McBirney Teri L and Thomas H Hicks, $424,000.

5249 Turning Branch Way, Glen Allen; O'Toole Kelly G to Kim Min-Seop, $510,000.

2202 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Moxley Diane M to Germanis Rosemarie C and Michael J Kolebas, $235,000.

3372 Vasko Trl, Glen Allen; Duke Homes Va Inc to Riley William Orin and Stefani Ann Emiline, $799,856.

11104 Warren View Rd, Henrico; Lauer Amy Louise Parker to Melevo Jay Garcia and Mary Jane D, $360,000.

8801 Watlington Rd, Henrico; Mullis Jonathan D and Victora A to Brost Michael R and Jennifer M, $399,500.

8201 Westdale Ln, Henrico; Spencer Kristin A to Ribeiro Kathleen, $320,000.

1554 Westshire Ln, Henrico; Mosca Pasquale V and Loretta to Blizzard Seth I and Stacey N, $230,000.

2812 Willbrook Dr, Henrico; Kerby E Gordon II and Joan to Hackler Ronald C and Patricia H, $315,000.

1190 Willow Lawn Dr, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Webster Gayle A Trustee, $654,146.

7951 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Patel Niharika, $313,559.

8599 Woodlake Dr, Henrico; Joyce James to Balladares Christian E and Justin L Grubbs, $210,000.


13107 Abbeydale Dr; Sprouses Corner Llc to McCray Tonieko and Paul Jr, $268,000.

8324 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Hall Ronald E Jr and Kaysie L, $363,885.

7219 Andersons Forge Ct; Kim Y J and Kim K H and Kim J J to Quintanilla Angel A and Cabana A, $215,000.

9527 Ashleyville Turn ; Peters Ricardo H and Gwendolyn M to Kroeger Matthew J and Catherine, $327,000.

235 Avebury Dr; Morris Dale A and Brenda G to Hos Pascal J P and Laura Lynn S, $420,000.

21155 Baileys Grove Dr; Wells Fargo Bank N A to Bogese Realty and Const Inc, $173,000.

11612 Barrows Ridge Ln; Ridout Construction Llc to Caudill D D and Caudill J D Trs, $550,000.

10109 Bayham Dr; Oh Anna to Chen Qin, $155,000.

5634 Beacon Hill Dr; Spradlin Heather Melissa to Elliott Emily A, $232,500.

15280 Beldon Dr; Nay James J to Bowling David V and Monica C, $215,000.

4301 Beulah Oaks Cr; Jenkins John M III and Tanya R to Daramola Olatunji G and Margaret, $275,000.

4031 Birdbrook Dr; Galloway Melissa Anne to Randall Earl L Jr, $198,000.

5449 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Mallory Brittney, $276,540.

11800 Blakeston Ct; Carter William Jr and Xochitl A to Layman B A and Engelberger C D, $382,000.

8722 Braystone Dr; Engle Constance Eldridge Tr to Gonzalez V and Erdelean B, $420,000.

5913 Brillhart Station Dr; NVR Inc to Haas Cynthia R and Gerald T, $213,802.

4664 Brookridge Rd; Bishop Brenda F to Bishop Torrell D, $155,000.

8037 Buford Cm; Ellison Jared to Murray Garland E, $168,000.

8216 Capelwood Dr; Lumsden Keith D and Pamela S to Bass Daniel M and Margaret L, $234,000.

1970 Castlebridge Rd; Shoval Ashley M to Bader David A and Beckner E B, $354,000.

5620 Catterick Rd; Gallagher B M and Gallagher M A to Wilkerson Kermit L, $189,500.

14812 Chesdin Green Wy; Lourinia Jeremiah R and Patricia to Klapac Jeremy D and Sara A, $419,950.

8508 Claypool Rd; Botts Jonathan to Bullock Vincent, $182,500.

3351 Clintwood Rd; Bank Of America N A to Elite Prop Of Central Va Llc, $151,500.

10901 Collington Dr; Wines Allen R to Hudson Scott D and Ashley, $382,500.

14007 Comstock Landing Dr; Main Street Homes to Nicolosi Dominic III and Nicole, $461,024.

11103 Cranbeck Tr; Bradish Scott R and Megan R to Pierson Amy L and Christopher A, $299,950.

309 Creekwillow Dr; Blackman Brian K to Pollard Jennifer O, $263,000.

4209 Curtis St; Packett Sarah Rock to Thav Veasna, $165,000.

14312 Deer Meadow Dr; Wood Colleen B to Light Post Homes Llc, $163,000.

13329 Diamond Ridge Dr; Forcet Lois to Konidala Suneel K and Rasineni R, $232,500.

700 Dove Path Ln; Christians Anthony D and C R to Dobbs Matthew P and Annette C, $255,000.

8601 Dwayne Ln; Partin John S and Stephanie to Martin Kristina Lee, $230,000.

13302 Ellerton Tr; Rhoades Clayton W and Colleen M to Steffens Neil, $660,000.

7872 Etching St; Baumgart Amanda to Baskerville Marquita C, $194,000.

7855 Falling Hill Tr; Craddock Amy N and Byrd Derek O to Goff Marcus A and Williams C M, $247,000.

603 Farnham Cr; Barker Harrison H to Bender Mark F and Joan M, $411,000.

14712 Felbridge Wy; Johnson Erik C and Kimberly F to Jones Christopher H and Greer, $590,000.

4409 Fordham Rd; Sandridge A H and Sandridge M N to Ripley Kyle, $245,000.

6101 Fox Haven Ct; Love That Home! Llc to Byers Albert S and Julie T, $494,000.

9607 Garden Ridge Tc; Feedor Michelle to Neddenien Karl Ross, $235,000.

13002 Glengate Rd; Sekely Jack L and Kelly H to Studer Cody W and Johnson Mary K, $260,000.

14700 Goddingham Ct; Torquato Albert D and Natalie M to Klein Robert M and O'Neil J E, $742,500.

17537 Great Falls Cr; NVR Inc to Davis Charles B and Stephanie F, $461,320.

9210 Groundhog Dr; Woods Jasmine W and Morrow C W to Kashinejad Daniel and Laluna K, $197,500.

3800 Hamlin Creek Py; Huguenot Builders Inc to Cotton Andre M, $227,000.

8207 Hartridge Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Landman James and Katie, $408,100.

6425 Hawkswood Wy; Baldwin Dominique J and A N to Emanuel Gemmell and Thomas T, $300,000.

8103 Heathbluff Ct; Monette Dan C to Gollattscheck Michael, $359,425.

4907 High Falls Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Fostek Jeffrey A and Comeau C S, $503,163.

2000 Holding Pond Ln; Cervarich Robert S to Holt Julie M, $269,000.

2721 Ionis Ln; Penepacker Robert F and Sarah to Hudson Danee M, $204,000.

1701 James Overlook Dr; Patel Pareshkumar B and Dinaben to Arzan Eliezer, $475,000.

3201 Kellynn Dr; Boutwell Melody P to Moore Doris Jane Harlow, $219,950.

11207 Kingfisher Tr; Whitehurst Jamie L to Lafayette-Brooks B S Et Al, $245,000.

3601 Kingsland Rd; Luckado Russell to Kliewer Christina and Kliewer K, $150,000.

1605 Knollwood Dr; Harbaugh Luke R and Lorena D to McBride Sean and Sarah Elizabeth, $234,000.

14601 Lacoc Rd; Singh Ravi S and Ryon K to Kong Thaiden and Orn, $535,000.

17418 Ladybells Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Seamster Erick F and Angela, $540,000.

2501 Lanter Ln; Jkj Enterprises Inc to Scheer Joseph C and Mariaadora B, $207,500.

12007 Lavender Ct; McMillion Wade L to Kennedy Brandon J, $312,000.

10961 Live Oak Ct; Scafidi Benjamin P and Cecilia M to Goldschmidt Brad S and Danielle, $537,500.

9443 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Pierce Violet Jean and David C to Hunter Claude and Phyllis, $235,000.

14605 Loren Dr; Burt T H Corporation to Sanders Edward C and Jo A, $272,300.

2237 Magnolia Grove Wy; Brauburger George H Jr and G W to Vick Linda A, $300,000.

805 Marblethorpe Rd; Giocolo Patricia L Estate to Erhart Billy W and Sandra A, $150,000.

4613 Mason Dale Tr; Branch Khalilah G to Akers Mary Elizabeth, $169,000.

7631 Medallion Ct; NVR Inc to Andaluz Mijail, $285,845.

430 Michaux Branch Tr; Yoo Dong K and Esther to Atta Mina, $296,500.

1925 Millsap Ln; Oak Grove Real Est Hold II Llc to Wan Wei and Li Caixia, $230,000.

7848 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Mayo Tierra N, $238,223.

1631 Mountain Pine Tr; Burton John Miles Et Al to Cole Robert M and Mullins C R, $160,000.

3713 Muirfield Green Dr; Ward Elizabeth B to Miller Theresa T, $217,000.

7867 Nathan Ln; Evans Ralph and Maria Del Carmen to Randall Michael, $261,000.

5400 Niles Rd; Abrams Jamie O to Pettis Lillian Veronica, $256,900.

10524 Oakside Dr; Reed Michael T and Debbie E to Morasco Gary T and Jennifer C, $265,000.

10330 Old Camp Rd; Mincz Jennifer E to Elkan Andre B and Paula H, $246,000.

1631 Olde Coalmine Rd; O'Brien Michael J and Gray S P to Chandler Mary Grace, $267,000.

13330 Olde Stonegate Rd; Nguyen Michael and Bennett N to Dorsey Mitchell and Rivera R, $473,000.

15525 Parkgate Dr; McAuliffe Daniel F Sr and Betty to Baumgart Amanda, $299,999.

24021 Pear Orchard Rd; Mitchell Robert A and Penny E to Glass Joshua A, $300,000.

2726 Perdido Dr; Melton James D and Joyce Martin to Casillas Irvin P and Delgado V M, $189,400.

12501 Petersburg St; Smelley Samuel S to Clements S Brandon and Lila S, $152,500.

321 Pocono Dr; Carr W Mackey Jr and Heather K to Sullivan Jeremy T and Crista B, $183,700.

12312 Point Landing Ct; Berger Construction Co to Smith Matthew P and Robin M, $354,950.

11336 Poplar Ridge Rd; Lane William D and Lane David S to Arhelger James Andrew, $255,000.

5819 Portrait Pl; Nance Robert S Jr and Patricia D to Rosenquist David A and Patricia, $317,900.

13507 Prindell Ct; Stovall Jerome A to Wells Christopher J, $160,000.

10419 W Providence Rd; Benson Jon Allen and Benson E R to Von Bank Bonnie C, $220,000.

223 Pumpkin Pl; Shearon James R and Patricia B to Pumpkin Llc, $223,500.

913 Railey Hill Ct; Meszaros Kenneth T and Terry to Tidwell Joshua S and Joy C, $497,000.

9721 Redbridge Rd; Marshall Jennifer to Tdz Properties Llc, $165,500.

10113 Ridgerun Rd; Barnes Rebecca S to Nicholas Byron K, $183,000.

7706 Robinwood Dr; Smiley Raymond A and Jo Ann to Meyers Scott Alan, $170,000.

925 Rosegill Rd; Slow Dime Properties Llc to Williams Kianna and Montague E, $174,900.

17518 Ruby Lake Tr; Lopez Victor J Jr and Damaris to Grinnell Chase W and Samantha M, $379,000.

2700 Sandhurst Ln; Cranford Eugene W to Moseley Sara E and Hall Robin A, $389,950.

5424 Sandy Ridge Tr; NVR Inc to Lepore Jeffery, $296,760.

10407 Sarata Ln; Radford Jeffery A and Alma A to Conley Jennifer P and James A, $230,000.

3825 Seasigh Ct; Goodwin Brittany J to Lane Sherry, $155,000.

13908 Shadow Ridge Rd; Garrett James R Trustee to Jarreau Jared and Ashley, $309,000.

20237 Sheffield Pl; Brandon Joseph and Ida Gillard to Taylor Toshi N, $165,000.

14812 Shorewood Ct; Booker Eric and Shavonne to Morris Gladys E and Coles H, $329,900.

17418 Simmons Branch Tr; Moser John H and Brenda F to Rising Adam E and Vlasta Lozar, $380,000.

11319 Smoketree Dr; Pennington Ronald Scott to Howell Tanner R and Crone C M, $247,500.

4708 Split Creek Ct; Boggs Christopher T and K M to Mullins Shane A and Fisher A B, $264,900.

10412 Spring Run Rd; Speeks William G and Mock D B to Bouchard James J III and C M, $870,000.

7107 Stafford Park Dr; Waugh Eric J and Jennifer A to Waugh Eric J and Jennifer A, $357,950.

3613 Stone Harbor Dr; Byers Albert S and Julie T to Stevenson Colin C J and Courtney, $719,000.

14506 Sulphur Springs Tr; Conte Kathleen to Wilson Angela, $290,000.

15500 Talland Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Krawzik Gregory J and Jessica M, $346,469.

11651 Teterling Rd; Stewart David C and Palma A to Berkley Hosea and Kara, $342,000.

13710 Thorngate Rd; Vickhouse Robert S to Maurice Stephen and Kasey, $569,900.

10802 Timberun Rd; Kuzik James Allen and Darcie L to Oros Alan, $205,860.

2013 Tulip Hill Dr; Biringer Builders Inc to Higley David Arthur and Kathleen, $803,217.

9635 Tuxford Rd; Snow Charles E and Eileen D to Hysell Brandon W, $200,000.

18313 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Jones Franklin S and Caitlin D, $371,720.

14010 Two Notch Ct; Whitt Daniel S to Coon Daniel W and Latta Jamie, $286,000.

3030 Vistapoint Rd; Pontius Don C and Linda S to Setina Sean M and Carrie E, $330,000.

9525 Waterfall Cove Dr; Lane Mark S and Diana K to Castlebury Joshua D, $295,000.

5513 West Bay Ct; Jacob Bradford C to Finneran Christopher and Monique, $318,500.

1703 N White Mountain Dr; Kencitzski Jeffrey and Camille to Dias Matthew W Sr, $360,000.

15255 Willow Hill Ln; Patterson Larry N and Michele R to Hybertson David J, $419,900.

6626 Wimbledon Dr; Johnson Norman Fred to Cox Flora Shelva Jean, $150,000.

3904 Windy Creek Ct; Johnson Robert L Jr and Letitia to Beaulieu Terrance and Alehia, $245,000.

2300 Wooded Oak Pl; Langelotti Gerard J and Carolyn to Rossi M A and Rossi R A Trustees, $682,000.

2001 Wrens Nest Rd; Engels Construction Llc to Paley Sheryl D, $205,000.


10084 Amelia Manor Court, Mechanicsville; Tony L. Snyder to Darrell S. Myers, $323,000.

11531 Anne Gate Court, Glen Allen; Christopher W. Lynch to Jerald R. Cuff III, $297,000.

10782 Ashcake Station Place, Mechanicsville; Willamenia Audrey R. Carson to Michael L. Taylor, $310,000.

7165 Autumn Ridge Lane, Mechanicsville; Dean T. Ousterhout to Marco Monti, $293,000.

7376 Battalion Drive, Mechanicsville; Sue Lawford to Brigid D. Williams, $253,000.

17328 Beaver Dam Road, Beaverdam; Florence L. Page Fund to Nathan Duke, $271,500.

8415 Brittewood Circle, Mechanicsville; Scott G. Foster to Byron Pollay, $360,000.

14254 Canterbury Road, Montpelier; Wil Vickery to Kendall Kidd, $195,000.

8109 Castle Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Balducci Builders Inc. to William K. Irving, $356,190.

17175 Coatesville Road, Beaverdam; Raymond R. Pearce III to Joseph Brendan Carey, $270,000.

8304 Creekside Meadow Way, Mechanicsville; Bernadette D. Rudd to Joseph A. Stradley, $207,500.

6409 Dairy Drive, Mechanicsville; Christopher Brian Couch to Robert P. Wiedemer, $229,950.

17150 Dunns Chapel Road, Ashland; Linda R. Relli to Julie A. Jacobs, $435,000.

12424 Farrington Road, Ashland; Christopher R. Hinman to Charles Reyes, $435,000.

8225 Ferrill Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Sage S. Saliba, $558,160.

9091 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Satish Ramachandran, $591,997.

115 Giddy Up Lane, Ashland; Henry Christopher Hall to Terri A. Russell, $427,000.

8029 Grantham Drive, Mechanicsville; James B. Mountjoy to Michael Moran, $400,000.

9060 Greenlake Circle, Mechanicsville; Cynthia K. Kella, trustee to Danielle D. Gresham, $325,000.

8252 Hanover Grove Blvd., Mechanicsville; Nancy K. Moyer to Shannon L. Evans, $315,000.

7138 Harver Court, Mechanicsville; Hanover Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Bar B. Htoo, $175,500.

13646 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Andrew M. Martinez, $339,950.

7313 Highlander Place, Mechanicsville; Charles B. Earnhardt Jr. to Richard O. Ziglar Jr., $380,000.

13392 Karas Way, Ashland; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Hunter C. Small, $427,455.

16341 Kelli Ashley Court, Montpelier; Christopher Cobetto to John R. Vincent, $322,000.

9487 Laurel Grove Road, Mechanicsville; George M. Wolfe to Christopher N. Tres, $439,000.

9451 Lewisdale Place, Mechanicsville; Byron C. Pollay to Matthew C. Preston, $360,000.

7420 Lexington Drive, Mechanicsville; Stephen E. Hester to Lee M. Grider, $231,500.

8165 Little Florida Road, Mechanicsville; Juanita F. Penny to Terre E. Hooe, $241,000.

13244 Lucy Penn Circle, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Kenneth C. Carter, $508,054.

7788 Marshall Arch Drive, Unit 103, Mechanicsville; Carol Wetzler to Vernon E. Jones, $259,000.

14312 Mill Creek Drive, Montpelier; Steven M. White, trustee to Trent L. Jones, $460,000.

7115 Mill Valley Road, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey A. Chisholm to Christopher N. Dufour, $235,500.

6384 Morning Glory Court, Mechanicsville; Robert N. Whiteside to Edward B. Hayes IV, $210,000.

17498 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Travis A. Huber to Ian A. White, $195,000.

12301 North Oak Drive, Ashland; Kimberly J. Mitchell, executor to Lorenzo Nicholson, $338,000.

7483 Overlook Drive, Mechanicsville; Nickolaus R. Young to Edy Sosa, $221,950.

12601 W Patrick Henry Road, Ashland; Federal National Mortgage Association to William P. Benac Jr., $329,900.

8064 Pebblepath Parkway, Mechanicsville; Bay Front Development LLC to Elizabeth A. Alvis, $324,950.

6856 Pimlico Drive, Mechanicsville; Justin D. Hatfield to Michael Peranski, $337,000.

9957 Puddle Duck Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Kenneth Bailey Jones, $475,647.

7441 River Road, Hanover; Gary A. Martin to Todd C. Flax, $389,950.

15596 Scotchtown Road, Montpelier; Blake Hagins to Marcel Cloutier Jr., $455,000.

7024 Snowshead Lane, Mechanicsville; Lindsay D. Perry to Willie J. Buie Jr., $234,900.

9129 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Cuong H. Luu to Peter C. Dunne, $495,000.

11089 Summer Breeze Drive, Glen Allen; William J. Seay III to Anthony Patrick Miles, $485,000.

8140 Tavern Keepers Way, Mechanicsville; William I. Brooks to James B. Mountjoy, $329,950.

6052 Turkey Hollow Place, Mechanicsville; Mark S. Baldwin to Jonathan Lighty, $490,000.

8012 Willow Ave., Mechanicsville; Rebecca L. Meade to David W. Chambers II, $189,000.

9420 Windsor Shade Drive, Mechanicsville; Brett Keesecker to Andrew W. McDermott, $299,000.

8471 Wyndale Drive, Mechanicsville; Sybil E. Ward to Susan Louise Rose Reed, $545,000.


5890 Akers Lane, Powhatan; John D. Finney to Lisa A. Condra, $225,000.

3623 Archers Ridge, Powhatan; Andrew D. Lessner to Keith Scott, $525,000.

2116 Bienvenue Place, Powhatan; Susanne S. Croasdaile to Elizabeth J. Cullins, $235,000.

778 Clayville Road, Powhatan; Donna M. Barden to Rebecca M. Eads, $157,500.

2410 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Jacque E. Riviere, $630,302.

3080 French Hill Drive, Powhatan; John A. Kleski to Brian C. Allen, $410,000.

1532 Holly Hills Road, Powhatan; Christopher M. Atkins to Stephen C. Nunn, $199,000.

2182 Maple Cottage Road, Powhatan; Gregory J. Hall to Paul W. Martin, $377,500.

1892 Norwood Creek Drive, Powhatan; Eugene J. Veler to Edward Paul Donbrosky III, $333,000.

2630 Old Timber Way, Powhatan; I. Bernard Dehmler to Matt McKinney, $430,000.

3438 Pleasants Road, Powhatan; Jason Daniel Mann to James L. Smithson III, $217,000.

745 Riverstone Road, Midlothian; James H. McFadden to Stuart B. Medlin, $625,000.

1661 Walkers Ridge Road, Powhatan; Kevin G. Ross to Leonard Musta, $369,900.


3757 Boundary Run Road, Gum Spring; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Michael T. Smithers, $535,000.

1701 Centerville Parke Lane, Manakin Sabot; Richard J. Krieger to Bruce G. Wood, $457,500.

271 Creekmore Place, Richmond; Legault Homes LLC to Ronald P. Gift, $413,657.

50 Dahlgren Road, Richmond; Neil C. Steffens to William T. Christian, $625,000.

113 Holly Drive, Manakin Sabot; Christine E. Bell to Marshall E. Lindner, $330,000.

2306 Lanes End Place, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Ryan C. Hadd, $536,654.

1410 Mellick Ridge Court, Manakin Sabot; Keith Dickerson to Michael H. McGhee, $640,000.

3075 Rock Cress Lane, Sandy Hook; Everett I. Madden to Alan Brandon, $475,000.

354 Swinburne Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Bartholomew Nasta, $615,012.

317 Willway Drive, Manakin Sabot; John S. Derry to Michael R. White Jr., $450,000.

7194 Yar St., Glen Allen; Stanley K. Joynes to Donald Borig, $518,000.


541 Amherst Drive; ALG Trustee LLC to US Bank Trust, $155,094.

3324 Seaton Road; Vernon W. Brown Jr. to Gerald Wright, $176,000.

2023 Woodland Road; Reginald T. Shaffer to Quincy Jay Peoples, $213,000.


24811 Brickwood Meadow Lane, Petersburg; Heather M. Rike to Shamara Smith, $188,000.

10123 Courthouse Road, Dinwiddie; Harold C. Smith to Robert C. Williams, $215,000.

24925 Creek Lane, North Dinwiddie; Laberzac Enterprises Inc. to Brandon N. Allanson, $193,000.

5211 Grubby Road, Wilsons; Timothy D. White to Richard L. Gesell, $225,000.

23009 Pheasant Court, North Dinwiddie; Cory J. Hale to Marcella Sandozz, $174,900.

14046 Rocky Ridge Drive, Dewitt; Iris Rena Stewart Wajick to Burl I. Newton, $370,000.

8517 Vaughan Road, Petersburg; William F. Maywalt to Ella A. Holloman, $209,900.


227 Battery Place; Colonial Property Land Trust to Dakota G. Brown, $220,000.

201 Comstock Drive; Kenneth Alan Ford to Marcus J. Jefferson, $294,900.

116 W Ellerslie Ave.; Bruce Brotzman to Barbette A. Dixon, $182,500.

1372 Whitehall Drive; Patricia E. Murphy to Richard A. Mounsey, $227,500.


301 Beacon Ridge Drive; Susan Gavin Dane to Judy Marchand Hampton, $285,000.

1605 Camerons Landing Blvd.; Deborah A. Perry to Christina Bailey, $208,000.

711 Mansion Drive; Marion E. Hebert to Brain Salisbury, $174,000.

3906 Shenandoah Circle; Rith Put to Alexander D. Overbeck, $175,000.


7803 Abor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Taurice Spurlock, $273,000.

5241 Barham Road, Barhamsville; Melvin N. Allen to Ronald B. Smith, $264,000.

7021 Chestnut Drive, Quinton; Sandra H. Stewart to Ralph Thomas Harvey Jr., $270,000.

3460 Crumps Run Court, Quinton; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc. to Sidney Throckmorton, $366,950.

7938 Eagle Circle, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Neale P. Wright, $345,955.

5683 Hogan Bridge Drive, Providence Forge; Sylvia Pinard to Michael P. Augsdorfer, $260,000.

6420 Mihalcoe Lane, Providence Forge; Tracy Allred to Kristen Palumbo, $261,800.

7090 Oakfork Loop, New Kent; The Oaks Development LC to Bobby D. Reynolds, $296,120.

11714 Oakrise Road, New Kent; Michelle Ramsay to Robert L. Harding, $220,000.

7778 Southamptonshire Way, New Kent; Henry L. Walker to Margaret A. Anderson, $350,000.

6592 Terminal Road, Quinton; Matthew B. Starr to Kody A. Milhorn, $295,000.

4392 Wigeon Drive, Providence Forge; Jerry M. Lunsford to James Charles Uzel, $330,000.


10841 Bland Ridge Drive, South Prince George; F. Heath Myers Jr. to Darnell S. Parham, $389,500.

7112 Courthouse Road, Prince George; David Alan Whittington to Jim E. Wright, $207,000.

14107 Fairwood Road, Petersburg; Jeffrey S. Hatcher to Nicolas Aloured Jackson, $280,000.

3418 High Peak Lane, North Prince George; Betty J. Violette to Kenneth Bernard Randleman Jr., $180,000.

6850 Michelle Court, Spring Grove; Adam B. Casey to Russell Lavon Corker, $260,000.

2604 Rosebud Court, Prince George; Jacqueline C. O'Hare to Stephen L. Adams, $165,000.

1620 Tinsley Blvd., Prince George; Janet G. Marburger to Joycelyn Manthey, $180,000.


13231 Bent Creek Road, Amelia Court House; Edward S. Conner Jr. to Jimmie W. Martin, $174,950.

12571 Hidden Valley Drive, Amelia Court House; Richard R. Griswold to Erik Packard, $330,000.

10901 Redfield Drive, Amelia Court House; Janice Swann to Louise Bower Sharon, $264,000.


6256 Autumn Leaf Drive, Fredericksburg; Denali Capital Group LLC to Victor A. Jones, $224,551.

217 Cedar Ridge Drive, Ruther Glen; Juan C. Moreyra to Brian C. Hamilton, $205,000.

18344 Democracy Ave., Ruther Glen; Kirsten N. Farnham to Stacey Bristol, $198,900.

220 Hamilton Drive, Ruther Glen; BTJS Management Group LLC to David T. Musselman, $189,950.

7131 Ladysmith Road, Ruther Glen; Wallace Leland Tingler III to Daniel T. Pavie, $280,000.

1006 Lake Heritage Drive, Ruther Glen; Lyle P. Walker to Michael F. Tyer, $224,900.

388 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Charles O. Bevan to David E. Havron, $200,000.

244 Meadow Lane, Bowling Green; Matthew M. McAndrews to Cassidy Ehnis, $260,000.

2411 Quail Oak Drive, Ruther Glen; Paul McLean to Richard Vargas, $170,000.

7242 Statesman Blvd., Ruther Glen; Denali Capital Group LLC to Kemper Guy Bane, $215,405.

975 Swan Lake, Ruther Glen; Philip D. Arnold II to George T. Evans Jr., $209,900.


286 Brown Road, Cumberland; CMH Homes Inc. to Howard W. Eckert, $189,900.

109 Jennings Road, Cartersville; Randal Daves to Hunter Michael Lindsey, $215,000.


3 parcels; Charlotte E. Jones to Shannon Alfons Taylor, $200,000.

4 parcels; Darinda Roane Haynes to Guy Family Trust, $150,000.

44.38 acres; Arthur P. Ensley to Charles E. Clark, $262,000.


111 Braxton Drive, Aylett; Kelly B. Austin to Elizabeth F. Harding, $189,000.

2109 Cornwall Court, Aylett; Renee Hilton to Belinda Jean Brizendine, $157,950.

299 Etna Mills Road, Manquin; Christopher M. Ingram to Lindsay Elaine Creekmore, $175,000.

23315 King William Road, King William; Robert H. Martin to Meredith L. Babineaux, $150,000.

973 Moncuin Court, Manquin; Liberty Homes Inc. to Glenn Hornberger, $211,210.

228 Pine Ridge Road, Aylett; M Porch Construction LLC to Steven Caleb Carbone, $219,950.

184 W St. John's Church Road, West Point; Baker Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to Danielle M. Warren, $223,600.


446 Carpenter Drive, Waverly; Ronald Albert Atkins to Paul D. Spurlock, $221,700.

306 W Horton Circle, Waverly; CMS Homes Inc. to Nancy Burrow, $162,009.

118 E Naub St., Wakefield; Indmar Coatings Corp. to Taylor A. Snipes, $224,500.


133 Berkeley Lane; Jeffrey E. Drifmeyer, trustee to Robert T. Casey, $469,000.

312 Page St.; James L. Brown to Robyn C. Hatcher, $499,000.

116 Shaindel Drive; Patricia N. Boyd to Earl Arthur Perry, $345,000.

227 Tyler Brooks Drive; Mustafa A. Sahin to Scott G. Ives, $219,750.


156 Alwoodley, Williamsburg; Dorothea E. Matthews to Jean P. Hardiman, $350,000.

235 Archers Mead, Williamsburg; Annie Callaway Davis to Susan S. Mullally, $319,000.

4587 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Carmen Joy Hertzler to Thomas Barnett, $228,000.

4253 Birdells Drive, Williamsburg; Carla Knarr to Michael W. Campbell, $266,000.

5568 Brixton Road, Williamsburg; Westmoreland Corp. to Fran Gremaud, $349,500.

118 Crescent Drive, Williamsburg; Jeffery W. Owens to Jerome A. Coyle III, $360,000.

3301 Derby Lane, Williamsburg; Brian M. Menzel to SMKH Properties LLC, $415,000.

2006 Duntrune Glen, Williamsburg; Cesar D. Rangel to William B. Voliva III, $175,000.

113 Formby, Williamsburg; Stephen Alexander Homes LLC to Stanley J. Williams, $703,784.

104 Frances Jessup, Williamsburg; Christina N. Helwig to Bryan L. Hinnen, $310,000.

164 Heritage Pointe, Williamsburg; Jack H. Zimmerman to Leslie G. Hanna, trustee, $539,000.

3906 Isaac Circle, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Klaus Peter Marks, $385,000.

4299 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg; MCR Properties LLC to Dana B. Bradley, $344,900.

232 Lakeview Drive, Toano; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to James A. Beavers, $645,000.

343 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; James B. Grant to Martha Fulcher Kelly, $320,000.

3947 Lord Dunmore Drive, Williamsburg; Paige H. Marra, co-trustee to Donald E. Carlton, $357,000.

6124 Mayfair Circle South, Williamsburg; Lance M. Eagan to Alan H. Kral, $369,500.

4660 Minutemen Way, Williamsburg; Jason L. Simms to Mark C. McCann, $244,000.

3116 Nathaniels Green, Williamsburg; Michael B. Creed to Steven F. Hynes, $945,000.

9388 Ottoway Court, Toano; Jean L. Stepnicka to Oswaldo A. Moreno, $390,000.

5208 Pierside Reach, Williamsburg; Edward A. Ribock, trustee to James V. Ratkus, $489,900.

8737 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg; Sky Blue Homes LLC to Darren F. Russell, $224,900.

3109 Pristine Way, Williamsburg; Gregory R. Davis, trustee to George A. Frye, $325,362.

181 Racefield Drive, Toano; Maryam O. Johnson to Kirk Nicholas Pomfrey, $212,000.

5124 Rolling Reach, Williamsburg; James L. Hernandez, trustee to Thomas C. Neighbors, $575,000.

4307 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Juan Payne, $219,990.

4120 Silverwood Drive, Williamsburg; Marley E. Numbers to Richard Gordon Brown Jr., $291,500.

30 Spring East, Williamsburg; Kenneth O. Young, co-trustee to Jill J. Rasmussen, $170,000.

9943 Sycamore Landing Road, Williamsburg; Jason Kirkland to Chauncey D. Stevens III, $248,000.

108 Warehams Point, Williamsburg; Jeanne E. Corson to John E. Fitzmaurice III, $487,300.

4941 Westmoreland Drive, Williamsburg; Albert Rinner to Donald L. Williams III, $295,000.

114 Williamson Drive, Williamsburg; Keystone Homes Corp. to William Hatch, $177,000.

6524 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to John Clyde Farris, $450,000.

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