The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


526 N 21st St; Zook Kevin to Chamberlain Ernest James, $225,000.

1213 N 23rd St; Johnson April to Shrock Marcus Wayne, $268,600.

504 N 29th St; Kc Enterprises Of Va Llc to Regan Robert Michael Jr, $599,950.

510 W 31st St; Ford Wilton E and Sonia M to Davis Lauren Elizabeth, $350,000.

2609 3rd Ave; North Town Rentals Llc to Moisa Lea and Patricia J, $212,500.

309 Albemarle Ave; Rush Patrick A and Carole D to Toms Elizabeth Coleman, $515,000.

1510 Bainbridge St; Manchester Medical Real Estate to 1510 Bainbridge Llc, $265,000.

3107 Barton Ave; 1708 Properties Llc to Evans Adam and Tonquise, $325,000.

209 N Belmont Ave; Winkle Heather L to Pringle Michael, $545,000.

3438 Blithewood Dr; Norwest Financial Group Inc to Placentra Nicholas Joseph III, $450,000.

16 W Broad St, U2; Bruner Victoria L to Schmidt Jamie C and Jennifer E W, $163,000.

5108 Bromley Lane; Rea Melanie to Griego Thomas J and Andrea B, $270,000.

3501 Carolina Ave; Dynquest Properties Llc to Christenson Jesselle M Revoc, $399,900.

4806 Chamberlayne Ave; Wales Benjamin J to Hertel Robin L, $239,900.

816 Chimborazo Blvd; Schmerge Brooke to Rash Kayln E, $320,450.

519 W Clay St; Benhajlarbi Madhher to Chen Ming and Cheung Hiu Kwan, $500,000.

1218-1/2 W Clay St; Biby Jerry M and Teresa A to Steinberg Deborah, $265,000.

9470 Creek Summit Cir; Lemmon Christine Ann to Stenson Orentel Sr and Shelia, $373,000.

3205 Douglasdale Road; The Thompson Group Llc to Prescott Noah, $270,000.

9643 Evansway Lane; Bastista Arturo S and Teresita E to McGuire Angela and Trevor, $239,950.

4611 Fitzhugh Ave; Roark Elizabeth to Bailey Richard Bartholomew, $258,000.

4301 Forest Hill Ave; Royal Remodeling to Rowley Thomas E IV, $420,000.

4301 W Franklin St; Harris Matthew G and Pamela B to Wilberding Augustus V C, $455,000.

606 Freeman Road; Durham Marvin C to Allman William R, $162,250.

3118 Garrett St; Somerville Nathan J to Meyer Susan W, $546,000.

1811 Georgia Ave; Madison David L to Goldberg Joseph K and Gayle A, $395,000.

2623 W Grace St; Siwel Renovations Llc to Colleran Timothy M and Donna W, $740,000.

1516 Greycourt Ave; Byrd Development Group Llc to Ellis Sara S Revocable Trust, $482,000.

3222 Hanover Ave; Cookes Restoration Llc to Kootsey Brenden and Eleanor, $401,000.

3615 Hawthorne Ave; Smith William B to Martin Eric Blaine and Alison, $417,000.

5302 Hull Street Road; Needleman Mark F and Shirley A to Read II Llc, $425,000.

3203 Kensington Ave; Cooper Benjamin Y IV to Delguercio David A and Mary K, $610,000.

4619 Kensington Ave; Rayner Amanda Louise to Hupp Stephen Estes, $380,000.

6209 Kimberly Cir; Sweeney Michael E to Tambolini Cassiopaea A, $245,000.

3310 Lamb Ave; Imes Frederick to Corbitt Ryan and Jessica, $285,000.

4500 Leonard Pkwy; Hicks Sean D and Whitt Jennifer R to Pryde Kyle R, $380,000.

116 N Lombardy St; Goldstein Jesse Adam to Freeman Garner and Lisa, $360,000.

2104 Maplewood Ave; Toia Mark A and Theresa M to Landry Gabriel, $349,000.

3011 E Marshall St; Noel Greg T and Patricia L to Bank Marit, $347,000.

1903 Maury St; Richmond Redevelopment to Wright Christian A, $164,950.

6743 Monitor Road; Caison Edward to Hyder Scott and Sharon, $180,000.

4318 Monument Park; Daniel Harris Wakefield Trustee to Neal Harold J Jr and Jamie C, $444,000.

5 Oak Lane; Brumley Robert H III to Marriott Justin D and Megan C, $1,420,000.

3311 Ottawa Road; Lee Investments Llc to Wakefield Thompson Alan, $249,900.

5002 Park Ave; Holland Gregory F and Patricia D to John Chandler and Company Llc, $250,000.

5104 Patterson Ave; Schreiber James E to Short Mary Katherine, $320,000.

815 Pepper Ave; Mederi Peter M and Sarah E to Kuykendall Joy, $445,000.

812 Porter St; Ram Cat Realty Llc to Urban Development Associates, $230,000.

210 W Roanoke St; Menacker Marjorie S to Albert Samuel Crosby, $180,000.

2027 Rosewood Ave; Allen John R Jr Inc to Tuck Jeffrey, $230,000.

4513 E Seminary Ave; Pendergrass Jennifer A to Robinson Brandon K, $320,000.

3111 Semmes Ave; Sherrod Sean and Melissa to Halpin Eileen B, $390,000.

522 S Sheppard St; Schairbaum Mark Philip to Miller Craig S, $390,000.

3409 Stony Point Road; Larus Robert L T Jr to Westham Building, $150,000.

4108 Stuart Ave; Fink Carey L to Hicks Sean D and Jennifer W, $495,000.

2710 Stuart Ave, U5; Pond Frederick O II and Cathy N to Brogan Elizabeth Cabell, $205,500.

5719 Thorndale Lane; Demaio John Anthony to Sjorup Christopher Kenneth, $218,700.

10200 Uppingham Ct; Defelice Louis and Goli Sotoohi to Thigpen Jennifer, $403,000.

1505 Westover Hills Blvd; Fee Timothy J to Mullins Griffin, $260,000.

3116 Woodrow Ave; City Funding Llc to Simmons Stephan, $294,950.


8519 Academy Rd, Henrico; Nowarski Joseph and Rachel to Harris James Bennett Jr, $305,000.

4636 Allenbend Rd, Glen Allen; Helquist Andrew E and Lindsay D to Kliszczewicz Kevin and Ashley, $520,000.

7321 Alycia Ave, Henrico; Zellner Zachary J to Td Homes Llc Trustee, $175,000.

7901 Anoka Rd, Henrico; Rodericks Jordan C to Williams Leslie C and Angela L Revercomb, $320,000.

1313 Asbury Rd, Henrico; Iles Jason R to Leggett Andrea Ray and Robert Thomas Rivas, $254,000.

4104 Autumn Glen Ct, Henrico; Owens Invest Llc and Devine to Us Bank National Association Trustee, $238,158.

220 Barker Ave, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Stevens Janice Marie, $159,900.

5229 Bedford Falls Cir, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Shyu Yingshan, $359,950.

5612 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Allamshetty Seetha Kumari and Srivalli Gan, $339,335.

5618 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Korrapati Kiran Kumar and Madhavi, $362,230.

10135 Berrymeade Pl, Glen Allen; Fox Travis and Sherry Terborg-Galloway to Austin Jerell, $185,000.

6975 Bolelyn Dr, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Taylor Latarsha L and Shemekia T, $348,882.

3716 Bremerton Dr, Henrico; Stewart Christopher R and S to Collins Robert S III and Kristin L, $387,500.

3417 Bryson Dr, Henrico; Dowdy Deborah J and Stuart W to Cunningham Ben and Andrea, $247,000.

1908 Cambridge Dr, Henrico; Gragnani Reed A and Halley N to Daoud Medhat and Amany, $249,000.

1210 Camden Dr, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Popov Sergiy B and Lorraine Y Charlotte, $248,900.

9605 Carterwood Rd, Henrico; Coffman J E Jr and Connie Trst to Fleegle Samuel Carl and Mary Elizabeth, $600,000.

4917 Chappell Ridge Ter, Glen Allen; Seedat Mohammed and Munira to Sharpe Teresa L, $459,000.

11217 Church Grove Ct, Henrico; Karsh Hussein and Angela C to Pangelinan Brian and Christine, $329,000.

6100 Club Commons Ct, Glen Allen; Taylor Barbara Berry Trustee to Bragg Kim, $500,000.

4172 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen; Austin Lorraine M to Colglazier Merle Lee Jr and Romona Kerr, $429,500.

101 S Confederate Ave, Sandston; Meridian Development Inc to Jones Benjamin T and Rachel H, $161,500.

10717 Correnty Dr, Glen Allen; Vann Nock to Lewis Leroy S Sr and Carla G, $300,000.

5204 Crenshaw Ave, Henrico; Schnars Heather to Wood Solo, $152,000.

3209 Dancer Rd, Henrico; Penny Family Land Trust to Rodriguez Suarez Juana Maribel, $235,000.

6910 Dartmouth Ave, Henrico; Basalious Martin B and Amany S to Guerry Mikray, $285,000.

9129 Derbyshire Rd, Uf, Henrico; Hribernik Susan E and Kathleen M Coolidge to Rigney Barbara, $156,000.

5001 Dollard Dr, Henrico; Donovan Douglas A and Elizabeth Ann to Benes Edward and Kimberley Roberts, $210,000.

1115 Dominion Townes Pl, Henrico; Reed Craig Bernard to Fritz Sonia L, $159,000.

9504 Downing St, Henrico; Shourds Michael B to Pickett Lloyd S and Diane M, $329,000.

2315 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; McCallum Alex J and Dawn R to Fraser-Orr Kate and Nathan Hughes, $227,107.

12732 Ellington Woods Pl, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Gibula Darren C and Linda S, $884,168.

9414 Emmett Ct, Glen Allen; Majkovic Adis to Jewell Stephen R and Rachel H, $240,000.

5105 Fairlake Ln, Glen Allen; Mize J David and Kelly E to Xia Tao and Yifei Sun, $241,075.

2614 Fernhill Ave, Henrico; Cullum Johanna and Jared to Dove Aaron and George Whitman III, $193,000.

3909 Fish Pond Ln, Glen Allen; Embrey John T III and Allison B to Schumacher Jason Gregory, $344,000.

2511 Fleet Ave, Henrico; Janulis William to Welch Leslie, $249,000.

1908 Fon-Du-Lac Rd, Henrico; Burner Clara M to Gilnett Stephen Wyatt and Emelia Carin, $245,000.

4808 Fort McHenry Pkwy, Glen Allen; Hamlet Bryan P and Ni Shaban to Cummings Carleton R III, $314,500.

6314 Fredonia Rd, Henrico; Korpal Thomas B to Phillips Fred T III and Lesley W, $232,000.

2012 Garland Estates Ct, Henrico; Robbins C T Sr and Anne B to Gill Meredith M, $400,000.

9604 George's Bluff Rd, Henrico; Timlin Peter S and Susan P to Ebhardt Carlton M, $599,000.

2951 Glen Gary Dr, Henrico; King James R and Anna E to Sirc Kathryn Story and Christopher David, $415,000.

10934 Greenaire Pl, Henrico; Mkt Llc to Kirby Gail W, $196,500.

11336 Grey Oaks Estates Way, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Berkey Brian K and Laura W, $856,930.

12156 Glen Gary Cir, Henrico; Miller Carl A and Karen B to Boykin Philip H, $447,000.

1925 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Stone Robert M and Eileen M Pedante to Ferro John and Teresa, $920,000.

8308 Gwinnett Rd, Henrico; Carlton Jonathan E and Susan H to Price Gregory Allen Jr and Sarah A Mixon, $217,000.

1815 Harvard Rd, Henrico; Burden Jeffry C and Kathleen D to Canavos Constantine, $368,000.

5352 Heather Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Pauly Gerald and Kathryn, $655,000.

1563 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Westbrook Kimberly D to Morris David and Lydia, $180,000.

1619 Hollandale Rd, Henrico; Dunn Welford and Barbara to Terrell Michelle Elizabeth and Kenny, $245,000.

1009 Horsepen Rd, Henrico; Privott William E and Krista N to Hamilton Tracy C and Bradley T, $345,000.

1904 Hungary Oak Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Abdelshahid Naim and Nadia Boghdady, $356,045.

1793 Hungary Rd, Henrico; Gregory Bonnie and Patricia G Folk to Murray Christopher A and Andrea Rice, $192,500.

2407 Islandview Ct, Henrico; Brown Steven M and Susan M to Pan Fan, $560,000.

11521 Ivy Home Ter, Henrico; Smith Paul S and Mirendy N to McGillivay Stephen A and Jill, $530,000.

920 Jamerson Ln, Glen Allen; Marlles Robin M to Coats Jerry H and Lisa E, $330,000.

4618 Kayhoe Rd, Glen Allen; Dodd Robert K and Brittany M to Yandle Evan T and Tiffany M Showerman, $230,000.

9004 Kellywood Ct, Glen Allen; Coats David U and Diane F to Hayward Christopher A and Kristen C, $185,000.

2127 Kent St, Henrico; Quest Ira Fbo Jason Bhattacharya 1445021 to Aylor Robert L Jr, $189,900.

8107 Kingston Rd, Henrico; Longenderfer Dana G and Mark to Barkley Joshua W and Blair B, $700,000.

317 Lakeside Blvd, Henrico; Oliveri Dominick V to Spalding Patrick J and Darlene D, $225,000.

9703 Laurel Pine Dr, Henrico; Jay Hanky Construction Services to Robbins Christopher T Sr and Anne B, $292,000.

2122 Lennox Rd, Henrico; Sisk Megan Charlene to McCormick Kelly E and Mitchell L Parsons, $235,000.

2425 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Coltrane Richard B III and Karen S to Bucher Albert D, $610,000.

7408 Lockwood Rd, Henrico; Wiznerowicz James P and Elizabeth B to Tu Yuki, $209,000.

5218 Maben Branch Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Malhotra Sandeep and Priti, $487,840.

3353 Manor Grove Cir, Glen Allen; Freeman Vicki L to Schlanger Thomas J and Mary P, $305,000.

2907 Mary Beth Ln, Glen Allen; Martin Elizabeth B to Furey James F and Caroline Paige, $174,000.

5403 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Salanova Sophia, $368,770.

9304 Meadowgreen Rd, Henrico; Brewer Laurine to Damato Nicholas J III and Nicholas, $220,000.

1707 Michaels Rd, Henrico; Self Gehrig to Shrock Charles F and Conni, $250,000.

3070 Montfort Loop, Henrico; Goodfellow Douglas J and Linda E to Balthaser Sheila, $172,000.

5100 Monument Ave, U304, Henrico; Myers Matthew H Trustee to Spikes Florence R, $199,500.

4829 Morrison Rd, Henrico; Jessup Dorinda D to Ward Matthew T and Elyse, $315,000.

10521 Mountain Gate Way, Glen Allen; Coalson John Jackson Jr and Jennifer Lane to Lomax Camarin S, $205,000.

3216 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Us Bank Na to Jones James Robert and Laura, $353,500.

2120 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Roane George L III and Christina N Cousins, $209,455.

1308 New York Ave, Glen Allen; Enrique Aldo and Daniela to Fletcher Ian Q and Emily R Brocato, $198,000.

2205 Nortonia Rd, Henrico; Bleecher Erik P and Kara H to Sears Brian T, $212,000.

5732 Oak Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Magee Philip M and Sharon J to Messinger Lisa C, $545,000.

4940 Old Main St, U411, Henrico; Genworth National Mortgage Association to Fall Line Holdings Llc, $640,000.

1209 Old Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; J Scott Investments Llc to Saltzer Michael Westley and Rochelle C, $258,500.

6000 Olde Hartley Pl, Glen Allen; Herbst Larry J and Nancy H to Seagraves Jason T and Sara K, $439,950.

5715 Park Creste Dr, Glen Allen; Push Michael Ryan to Deiorio Kathleen C and Richard N Trustees, $332,500.

2607 Parkside Ave, Henrico; Corner Jason L and Martha L to Warren Zachary A and Abbey L, $195,000.

1208 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Allen; Donbrosky Jessica L to Meadows Justin Martin and Melissa A, $180,000.

10404 Perennial Dr, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Brannon Zach C and Hoan D Le, $315,190.

7660 Phillips Woods Dr, Henrico; Morales Luis G and Sharon L W to Jefferson Willie M, $255,500.

12403 Pleasant Run Ter, Henrico; Wallace Janice D to Milian Jobita M Sermeno, $217,000.

1913 Quiet Oaks Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Andrews Avery and Jennifer, $386,980.

7117 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to King Dennis T, $302,000.

1002 Ridge Top Rd, Henrico; Fenster Michael to Shover Mark W and Virginia M, $404,500.

5410 Ridgedale Dr, Glen Allen; Donlon John T Trustee to Pagano Robert and Patricia J, $265,000.

209 Riva Ridge Cir, Sandston; Houghtalen Elaine J to Capehart Brandon Scott, $175,000.

201 Rocketts Way, Henrico; Zeh Ann to Marcaccini Robert Lee and Ann Elizabeth, $600,000.

2210 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Utterback William L and Kathy F to Decker Mallory Lynn, $186,000.

8508 Rolando Dr, Henrico; First Degree Properties Llc to Martine Christine Martha, $275,000.

212 Roslyn Hills Dr, Henrico; Startt Michael Elston Trustee to Moore William T and Aubrey L, $367,500.

10109 Sara Jean Ct, Glen Allen; Winston Carol T to Ekam Kaur Llc, $173,000.

240 Scotch Pine Dr, Sandston; Sherod Edmund C Jr to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, $192,000.

1703 Sheldrake Ct, Henrico; Shumaker Elizabeth L to Brockman Matthew L, $237,000.

12125 Shore View Dr, Henrico; Diehl Brian T and Malissa to Farley Brett C, $234,500.

6728 Southbury Ct, Henrico; Chase-Ashby Annette and C O Ashby to 6728 Southbury Llc, $235,000.

5510 Springwater Ln, Henrico; Buyser Lelibeth M to Mathur Muktak, $184,950.

11491 Stanford Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Runion Donald F Jr and Hazel Anne, $543,561.

1014 Stilwell Rd, Henrico; St George David T to Lee Investments Llc, $175,000.

2508 Straw Bridge Chase West, Henrico; Pungtilan Geraldine S and Emmanuel D to Stanzione John Robert, $160,000.

11117 Swift Flight Ln, Glen Allen; Prokopis Nathan B and Michelle B to Evans Michele A, $241,000.

10103 Terry Ct, Henrico; Zaleski Richard P and Joyce to Miller Bretton Kim and Nicole Mitra Arani, $199,950.

2914 Thistlebrook Ln, Henrico; Thomas Vernon D and Jessie to Lunsford Paul Jr, $192,000.

11725 Timber Mill Ln, Henrico; Saul Eric C to Una Realty Llc, $220,000.

11501 Tottenham Pl, Henrico; Wong Johnny C L and Mary Elizabeth Trstees to Duncan Robert Clifford and Molly McGhee, $604,000.

3960 Trickling Brook Dr, Henrico; Alghoraish Abdullah to Kradi Ahmed, $170,000.

1704 Tweed Ct, Henrico; Miller Gaither E and Annie to Sangkum Thawatchai, $185,500.

9217 Varina Rd, Henrico; Chayka Carla G to Ballegeer Brandon, $350,000.

10304 Waltham Dr, Henrico; Seward Charlie C Jr and Robin A to Payne Joseph E and Sarah Moore, $330,000.

11109 Warren View Rd, Henrico; Kielsgard Dennis J and Donna K to Loftin Caleb S and Blakely M, $355,000.

11204 Wellesley Terrace Ct, Henrico; Makhlouf Gabriel M and Avril M Trs to Nguyen Thong V, $415,000.

508 Welwyn Rd, Henrico; Hanks Aloise Zavoy to Back Nine Properties Llc, $420,000.

212 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Cashwell Graham H and Katherine E to Vorenberg Andrew J and Jocelyn A, $1,295,000.

4551 Whinny Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Alam Arfeen and Hiba and Kamala Vempati, $391,380.

511 E Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Fisher Darrell, $165,000.

4604 Winterset Pl, Glen Allen; Johnson Andrew L to Waagen Christopher L and Alice K, $308,000.

7940 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Whitehurst Helen Staley, $317,820.

5570 Yates Ln, Henrico; Houses to Homes Llc and 1st Homes Llc to Wideman Kenneth and Stephanie, $249,950.


2716 Addington Av; Payne David J and Crosby Lora A to Berry Jaymes A and Katrina R, $158,000.

15930 Alsdell Rd; Williams Clayton and Amanda to Herman Andrew J and Williams C, $679,950.

9345 Amberleigh Cr; Dilorenzo Most Rev Francis X to Kreynus Virginia W, $347,000.

2906 Appleford Dr; Marotta Ashley R to Forney Eric H and Forney L T, $210,000.

6419 Arwen Mw; Shin Gwidong Paul and Hyeona to Lawson Matthew L and Suzanne, $450,000.

15009 Avening Ct; Wilson Marilyn to Tompkins Vicki M, $350,000.

15019 Badestowe Dr; Valencia Moises and Carmen to Chon Daniel and Leung Cara, $416,000.

4803 Ball Cypress Rd; Vardy James R Jr to Gilbert Robert A, $215,000.

9105 Barnwell Cr; Sokol Brian D and Katina M to Wainaina Derrick W and Mwangi F, $196,000.

14021 Bayport Landing Tr; Hein-Harmon Carmen F to Gonzalez Mariah, $310,000.

13902 Belmont Stakes Ct; Ford Charles E and Susan B to Kijewski Thomas M Jr, $214,000.

9424 Bent Wood Ln; Custis Robert J and Vivian L to Ramirez Gil Raul F, $155,000.

14411 Bermuda Av; Collick Anne M to Bryson Willie E and Kimberly C, $179,000.

13707 Biggin Pond Ln; Ladd Thomas R Trustee to Schwartz Robert H Jr and Kc P, $345,000.

13343 Blue Heron Lp; Hsbc Bank Usa Nat'l Assoc Tr to Real Estate Growth Fund Llc, $317,100.

14001 Bonjour Ln; Vergara Raymond Wallace to Ramsey Parker A, $230,000.

1306 Braisden Rd; Porrata Charlene to Michalski Paul D and Lindsay J, $420,000.

11521 Bridlewood Ct; Dodson Jordan R and Kristina to Whitehead James M and Jennifer, $255,000.

6718 Bryanbell Dr; Cdp Retail Services Llc to Watson Vergena E, $225,000.

13725 Buck Rub Dr; Schenck Amanda to Dabney Quintin M Jr and Shilen G, $194,500.

1324 Buford Rd; Groves Robert C to Grasso Matthew L and Kristen T, $525,000.

11905 Campbellridge Ct; Palmer Robert A and Tracy K to Banks Joseph, $232,000.

7303 Cannonade Ct; Weber Stephen M to Nunez Michael A and Andrea F, $230,000.

2506 Cascade Meadows Dr; Patel Pareshkumar B and Yamini P to Smith Daniel M and Alana Cherie, $324,950.

4806 Chatham Grove Pl; Fayad Nash J to Garland Ashley, $232,000.

15512 Chesdin Green Wy; Chaney Michael B and Cheryl W to Lorton Michael D and Michele R, $715,000.

5712 Chester Grove Ct; Pape Kelly L to Hopewell Brandon P and Tracie, $220,000.

11906 Chestnut Creek Dr; Mason Bernard Scott to Spratley Kristen Elizabeth, $254,950.

11531 Clay Ridge Dr; Lumzy's Residential Inc to McKinnie Elbert, $268,000.

11756 Cliff Lawn Dr; Moore Mary Katherine to Dereski Carson W and Kathryn A, $225,000.

518 Coralberry Dr; Ramoa Teresinha P to Walden Jacob, $246,000.

14318 Cove Ridge Pl; Joshi Rashmikant and Nalinibala to Cherry Jeffery B and Ilona U, $425,000.

1507 Crawford Wood Dr; Brownless Nicholas J and Hilary to Kern Sherry L, $257,000.

5155 Croft Crossing Dr; Locklear Shawn L to Hancock Brian K and Jessica L, $215,000.

13645 Decidedly Ct; Harley Brandon J and Joyner K P to Miles Michael, $234,000.

2931 Delfin Rd; Emerson Mark W and Laura F to Cruz Virgil F and Fidela E D, $196,000.

14443 Duckridge Tr; Jurkuta Carole J to Klabunde Richard E and Karen M, $255,000.

18920 Duval Rd; Young Paul C to Harris Stephen P, $309,950.

19011 Eanes Rd; Rosenthal Curt A and Deborah A to Felts Paul D, $230,000.

2931 Ellesmere Dr; Snyder Paul Ryan and Kiley to Marquardt Valerie and Gary, $400,000.

8354 Emerald Ln; Equity Trust Company to Riess Fredrick L and Jacquelyn M, $200,000.

7820 Etching St; Flowers Jonah R to Kellam Tracey, $185,000.

6501 Fairpines Rd; Debrew Gabriel and Melinda to Davila Alexandra and Davila Omar, $280,000.

8631 Finstown Ln; Lanning Paula L to Sewash Donna and Joseph, $345,000.

14407 Forest Row Tl; Copsmith D E and Thompson B C to Bigelow Clayton J and Heather C, $321,500.

15530 Fox Cove Cr; Parisi Richard A and Carey L to Clapper Michael H and Theresa L, $459,900.

2309 Francine Rd; Lorimer Patricia R Trustee to Mata Pablo, $249,800.

13214 Gate Post Ct; Segura Patricia to Honor Ashlyn and Kimberly, $197,000.

6606 Gills Gate Pl; Dias Jose L to Warren Jason H, $240,000.

832 Glenpark Ln; Stone James M to Bohn Daniel Paul, $250,000.

17537 Graffis Tr; Coe James E and Jennifer G to Brown Harry and Erin-Marie, $384,900.

13405 Green Orchard Ct; Heap Chelsea Rae and Shayne D to Bentley Jeremy M and Stefanie A, $259,500.

9202 Groundhog Dr; Malcom Tricia L to Elliot Scott A and Michele D, $170,000.

5313 Hackney Rd; Acevedo-Agostini Lisandra to Whitfield Jocelyn Danielle, $214,500.

7937 Hampton Glen Tr; Kyre Richard K and Rosemary to Tol Kompheak and Thach J and Tol S, $384,950.

13708 Harbourwood Rd; Garber Cathleen M to Edos Llc, $192,000.

3729 Harrow Dr; Spector Michael G and Donna L to Johnston Darryl H and Diamond G, $198,000.

11825 Haversham Dr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Lu Zhenjie, $175,000.

4222 Heron Pointe Tr; Crichton William J and Darlene C to Huett Martin J and Susan J, $460,000.

5203 Highberry Woods Rd; Lawson Matthew L and Suzanne to Sokol Brian D and Katina, $297,000.

2422 Hillandale Dr; Danylo Darletta M to Rapp Susan P, $385,000.

15010 Horseshoe Bend Dr; Kepple Ian T to James-Marshall Nicholette, $223,000.

12401 Ivytree Tr; Douglas Murphy Leroy to Brown Keith F and Sherrie R, $225,000.

5742 Jessup Station Ct; Hawkins Darren E to Wilkerson Dan G Sr and Carolyn A, $220,000.

1129 Kentberry Rd; Herring Dallas R and Raquel E to Crutchfield Latonya M, $189,950.

6408 Kings Crest Pl; Wingmen Properties Llc to Clevert Douglas W Jr and K N, $265,000.

9501 Krause Rd; Smith Robert James to Carroll Tessa E, $157,600.

2125 Lake Surrey Dr; Cruz Michael to Landi Stephen A and Dorothy E, $270,000.

9010 Laurel Oak Ct; McLaughlin Todd Patrick to Nguyen T L and Thompson C L, $158,000.

14510 Leafield Dr; McSweeney Brenda Goodyear to Goldberger S H and Jensen Leeann, $525,000.

3243 Ludgate Rd; Cauley Wendy Lynn to Tischler Katelyn R and Zachary D, $261,500.

6951 Manning Rd; Mejia Demar A to Nolasco Nelson A and Xenia E, $160,000.

2506 Maple Hall Ct; Tuckahoe Creek Rei Llc to Bruce Michael V and Wendi W, $1,150,000.

4710 Mason Rest Ct; Harris-Lee Stacy D to Easlick Christopher E, $160,000.

224 Michaux Crossing Ln; Henshaw David Alan to Jackson Tyler Clay and Brooke R, $280,000.

12006 Millay Dr; Rowe Sherry H to Beck James and Kristina Juarez, $270,000.

6011 Moss Creek Ct; Buck Aaron C and Leslie C to Castagnolia Colin and Kristina, $339,000.

2 Muirfield Green Ln; Lyttle Rebecca A to Blackwell William O and Nancy H, $235,000.

5218 Nairn Ln; Leigh-Mack Pamela and Mack G S to Cosner Richard B and Margaret M, $299,900.

14500 Needham Market Rd; Childress Robert S and Kristyn J to Kent Richard L III and Alison L, $315,950.

5027 Niles Rd; McClatchie Wayne to McClatchie Nilca and Kevin, $226,000.

5201 Oakforest Dr; Wood Evangeline J to Kaneer James C, $150,000.

11161 Olympic Rd; Peterson Sheldon C and Ann M to Sultani Tamim, $230,000.

3300 Osborne Rd; Booth Gary L and Sharon H to Petro Bethany S and Paul J, $249,900.

13418 Oxley Ct; Desmond Lisa M to Catalan Dennis Paul, $219,000.

5113 Parrish Creek Tr; Szarmach Steven T and Adrianne to French Colleen A, $269,900.

11311 Perdido Ct; Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Swauger Coral A, $175,000.

3555 Pierson Dr; Rva Property Solutions Llc to Vasquez-Perez Mynor W, $195,000.

5407 Pippin Ln; Curotto Edward G and Mary L to Frazier Sandra D, $150,000.

1406 Poco Dr; Williams Troy Micheal to Bierlair Ryan A, $150,000.

14301 Princess Mary Rd; Beukema Charles Mac and Jean Kay to Marusienski Michal P and Lacey L, $273,000.

3503 Quail Meadows Ct; Nock William L and Suzanne to Hines Teresa M, $240,000.

203 Reams Ct; Brown Aaron and Jennifer to Otley Michael J and Melissa W, $210,000.

14207 Regatta Pointe Rd; Garrison Mark and Mary to Hess William J and Reddy M J, $267,000.

5330 Ridgerun Tr; Seay Mark H and Connie S to Colon Otero Luis J Et Al, $189,900.

13613 Rivermist Rd; Quattlebaum Jason L and Amy T to Stovall William A and Bethany K, $425,000.

5332 W Rock Spring Dr; Hinojosa Juan J and Carrie J to Sawyer Neil and Pierce Andrea, $215,000.

2231 Rose Family Dr; Misson Brian T and Melanie N to Elthuhami Faisal A and Algalal T, $310,000.

1703 Rose Mill Cr; Woodyard Carrie P to Sansbury Blakely, $223,000.

3455 Rossington Bl; Tyler Toby L and Heather G to Pruitt Tracey A, $270,000.

625 Royal Cresent Dr; Kiser Brian B and Lisa A to Fisher Brittney, $201,500.

14701 Sailboat Cr; Darnold Frank H Jr and Nancy E to Stormer Donavon J, $285,000.

14401 Savage View Pl; Robertson Kathleen J to Doyle Thomas H and Scotty C, $599,000.

532 Scotter Hills Ln; Brackbill Emelia C to Ellis Kimberly D, $250,000.

7848 Shady Banks Tr; Anderson Randall R to Wingfield Alan C and Kaitlyn H, $220,000.

8701 Sheldeb Dr; Forbes David B and Catherine G to Balderson Lesley, $212,500.

7114 Silver Farm Pl; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Madison Jason A and Lina M, $571,932.

7719 Silverthread Tr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Petersen Kelli Lynn, $460,000.

4701 Singing Bird Dr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Dean Joseph Allan and Rebecca L, $554,900.

913 Sonnet Hill Dr; Kaneer James C and Clouse J A to Lovero John III and Angela, $219,000.

9330 Springmount Tr; Rosania Irene N B and Matthew to Adams William D and Jane E N, $270,000.

12606 Staffordshire St; Pettitt N T and Pettitt D E Trs to Kindell Robert J and Samantha, $198,000.

7914 Stiles Rd; Curnow Ann E to Burks Clifford F and Heidi T, $246,000.

6005 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Centex Homes to Poignard Ryan D, $249,150.

8408 Summit Acres Dr; Lafland Shawn A and Vyana I to Sikora Kenneth M, $295,000.

2511 Swanhurst Dr; Wilson Ann S to Mekanik Douglas and Hillary F, $387,500.

11001 Thetis Pl; NVR Inc to Spellers Brittany and Donald II, $499,990.

5115 Timbercreek Ct; Harmon Jeffrey A and Lisa J to Ascencio Z C and Tobar Garcia Z, $180,000.

1713 Treewood Ln; Chaffins David Winston to Newing Stephanie, $195,000.

9307 Trumpeter Run Ct; Carrington Sharon S to U S Bank Trust N A Trustee, $170,312.

2201 Turtle Hill Pl; Maynes Michael and Maureen to Cartwright Thomas C and Julene M, $214,000.

13912 Two Notch Pl; Latham Gary P and Betsy H to Maggi Michael J and Lauren C, $290,000.

924 Vickilee Rd; Adams Joshua W to Lott Thomas W, $185,000.

2331 Wadebridge Rd; Phillips David E Estate to Ueberroth Peter T and Shelly A, $350,000.

2708 Walnut Creek Cr; Schaberg Gary William and Ann P to Rothschild Adam S and Allison W, $295,000.

6506 Watchrun Ct; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Martinez Lorenzo Nunez, $155,500.

4916 Waycrest Tr; Sherrill John T and Pauline J to O'Brien Michael J and Gray S P, $295,000.

4007 Welby Dr; Cooper William E and Holmes C S to Johnson David B and Althea R, $890,000.

17007 Westington Rd; Main Street Homes to Lenoir Joseph M and Georgia G, $415,000.

2506 Whispering Oaks Ct; Ligon James E to Jolinski John Henry and Jenny R, $265,000.

5020 Wilconna Rd; Morgan Melissa Marie to Gordon Ana, $175,000.

3117 Williamswood Rd; Loth Francis R Jr Trustee to Smith Jesse S and Tricia H, $300,000.

15724 Winding Ash Dr; Woo Eunhae Ra to Kellas-Jones L V and Roberts T, $254,000.

11608 Wood Bluff Lp; Tilley Juanita Ann to Ferreira Matthew L and Christine, $310,000.

7615 Woodpecker Rd; Kennedy Sherie R to Rudicil Mark A and Stephanie M, $226,872.

10843 Wycombe Rd; Whitaker Michael W and Elizabeth to Saunders Leanne R and Tariq K, $325,000.


7065 Ann Cabell Court, Mechanicsville; Benjamin John Tranka to Timothy D. Loudermilk, $211,000.

8254 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders to John Edward Tye Jr., $345,140.

8049 Belton Circle, Mechanicsville; James R. Goodin Jr. to Patrick E. Valentine, $262,500.

10104 Branner Woods Court, Mechanicsville; Richard A. Childers to Gary M. Cage, $587,000.

7265 Cactus Road, Mechanicsville; Patrick D. Dawson to Steven H. Sperry, $249,950.

9430 Charter Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; Douglas L. Swartz to Richard E. Hardy, $394,000.

7092 Claybird Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael C. Harper to Susan McClure, $250,000.

10164 Cool Hive Place, Mechanicsville; Christopher C. Hatcher to Donna S. Willis, $271,000.

15161 Deep Spring Drive, Montpelier; Sally Hooper Bell to David L. Fontaine, $365,000.

8049 Ellendale Drive, Mechanicsville; Wayne S. Dishman to Brandi M. Evans Fose, $257,500.

3301 Fontaine Lane, Glen Allen; Joshua Williams to Walker Property Investments LLC, $245,000.

309 W Francis St., Ashland; Allan J. Funk to Virginius Dabney, $438,000.

10129 Georgie Drive, Mechanicsville; Gary M. Cage to Shawn L. Herring, $320,000.

6021 Green Haven Drive, Mechanicsville; Shawnell Nelson to Steven D. Lohmann, $262,000.

11513 Haltonshire Way, Glen Allen; Christopher J. Eads to Samuel A. Kelly, $334,950.

16275 Hennessy Way, Montpelier; Barbara Bellows Runko, successor trustee to Robert Bowes, $397,000.

8170 Holly Lane, Mechanicsville; Daniel L. Sullivan to Gary M. Coleman, $295,000.

9206 Hunters Club Court, Mechanicsville; Atlee Properties LC to Mario A. Arambula, $236,000.

7220 Jackson Arch Drive, Unit 12, Mechanicsville; Orlando Tielves to Harold W. Olsen, $197,500.

8947 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert P. Mann to Niketan Mehta, $340,000.

16415 Locust Hill Drive, Rockville; Matthew E. Duke to Joseph Newman, $475,000.

7724 Marshall Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert A. Beckman to Brenda S. Johnson, $269,500.

7092 McCauley Lane, Mechanicsville; Andrew Shaner to John C. Caruso, $230,000.

6088 Michael Heather Court, Mechanicsville; Raelisa B. Reid to Susan W. Eldridge, $240,000.

8452 Mount Eagle Road, Ashland; RCI Builders to Rayna Enterprises, $687,950.

8335 Old Cavalry Drive, Mechanicsville; Judy Johnson to Joseph Allen, $220,000.

3435 Papa Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael J. Loomis Jr. to William C. Johnson, $345,000.

7341 Placida Circle, Mechanicsville; William J. Long to William E. Currie III, $317,000.

8402 Quailfield Road, Mechanicsville; Scott M. Lafoon to Sean M. Sherrod, $398,000.

15510 Redview Lane, Beaverdam; Austin Hamilton Homes Inc. to Welford Earl Dunn, $396,000.

7401 River Road, Hanover; Willard R. Hudgins III to Nathan Jennings, $264,900.

9445 Rutlandshire Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathleen Miller to James N. Howard, $349,900.

13250 Slayden Circle, Ashland; Paul J. Sweeney to Kenneth S. Davis, $385,550.

8392 Spring Set Lane, Mechanicsville; James B. Williams to William L. Flannagan III, $301,500.

9347 Summer Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; Pamela A. Moon to Floyd Edward Haight Jr., $335,000.

11023 Swayback Lane, Mechanicsville; Robert D. Hausenfluck to Kerry St. Pierre Plunkett, $360,000.

16102 Taylor Ridge Lane, Beaverdam; Kenneth J. Dehnel to John Patrick Kuykendall, $485,000.

10306 Turnout Court, Mechanicsville; Lloyd Devon Kistler to Joshua A. Armentrout, $367,500.

8238 Washburn Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Joel T. Mittelstaedt, $457,693.

7713 Willow Dance Road, Mechanicsville; Glenn D. Newcomb to Mathijs Rot, $336,000.


2290 Ballsville Road, Powhatan; Thomas L. Bulifant to Martha Smiley Buchanan, $235,000.

5345 Cartersville Road, Powhatan; Prince Construction Inc. to Randall A. Nealeigh, $309,000.

1575 Dogwood Road, Powhatan; Bresco LLC to Timothy M. Swalin, $232,000.

2415 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Stanley E. Goad, $676,916.

2230 Founders View Lane, Midlothian; Donald E. Kierson to Peggy H. Gay, $535,000.

2324 Graceland Drive, Powhatan; Sprouses Corner LLC to Charles L. Thomas Sr., $305,000.

2576 Liberty Hill Road, Powhatan; Carlton N. Elam Jr. to Sandcastle Enterprises LLC, $788,000.

2870 Maple Grove Lane, Powhatan; Regina A. D'onofrio to Daniel P. Gildea III, $420,000.

4093 Old River Trail, Powhatan; Dennis A. Pickenpaugh to Brandon S. Jones, $250,000.

3419 Pleasants Road, Powhatan; Nicholas Paul Wood to Stephen A. Gwaltney, $192,950.

1558 Running Fox Drive, Powhatan; Adam S. Rich to Jacob Earl Benjamin Schollaert, $245,000.

2808 Valley Springs Road, Powhatan; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Terrance R. Jackson, $360,000.


2426 Bridgewater Drive, Maidens; Daniel S. Keeton to Paul Ruocco, $425,000.

2305 Country Lane, Maidens; Forrest Henry Keeton to Guy Y. Legouffe, $250,000.

108 Holly Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Darrin Scott Dau to Olga Hilda Lopez, $320,500.

700 Meadow View Ridge, Manakin-Sabot; Philip C. Pieters to Tera D. Kovanes, $1,250,000.

403 Regina Lane, Richmond; Susan Hart Cook to Wilfred H. Brownfield II, $552,000.

1510 Shallow Well Road, Sandy Hook; Jane E. Houchins to Midlo Investments LLC, $355,000.

3336 Tillar Lane, Goochland; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Ethan Hope, $505,000.


421 Chanticleer Drive, Petersburg; Timothy E. Davidson Jr. to Juan Luis Rosario, $174,500.

203 Layne Circle; Nathan S. Apticar to Kenni E. Robinson, $200,000.


18206 Bonneville Lane, Dinwiddie; Candace D. Black-Roney to Jennifer L. Queen Hurt, $220,000.

4149 Henshaw Drive, North Dinwiddie; Robert W. Ingram to Anthony Malone, $153,500.

19910 Rainey Road, Dinwiddie; Samuel L. Lewis Jr. to Clarence B. Howerton Jr., $186,000.


130 Chesterfield Ave.; The Ilene D. Whitfield Trust to Christian B. Thompson, $189,000.

503 Moorman Ave.; Beatrice V. Nobles to Jonathan L. Godsey, $168,000.

408 Roslyn Ave.; Anthony Johnson to Chana C. Clark, $170,000.


520 Cobblestone Drive; Doreen E. Richardson to Mark R. Schein, $256,900.

3810 Jamestown Drive; Ronald Bellamy to Kenneth W. Dixon, $225,000.

3903 Schooner Lane; Miranda M. Mullen to Jamaica Jones, $179,900.


7923 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Katrinia Suarez, $283,735.

5561 Brickshire Drive, Providence Forge; Bradley R. Hansen to Mark W. Johnson, $365,000.

11749 Cumberland Estates, New Kent; Clyde F. Baldwin to Richard Wesson, $300,000.

7315 Diascund Creek Way, New Kent; Egypt Road LLC to William Disque, $350,885.

3512 Horseshoe Drive, Quinton; Karen Butler to Eva B. Redford, $245,000.

3612 Locust Court, Quinton; Zachary D. Farrow to Michael H. Christian Jr., $277,000.

11465 Oakford Drive, New Kent; The Oaks Development LC to Ryan C. Harrelson, $286,895.

8010 Pennsylvania Ave., West Point; John Maers to Zachary Burch, $165,000.

7731 Rockbridge Run Place, New Kent; Demava Homes LLC to William Sherwood, $299,990.

11651 Tyshire Terracw, Providence Forge; Stephen Edward Kewer, trustee to Kevin G. Bender, $477,500.


401 Briarwood Circle, North Prince George; Cheryl L. Carter to Ashley Koritzer, $180,000.

5428 Copperfield Drive, Prince George; Joseph R. Riley to Orion Silvia, $250,000.

10485 Eagle Court, North Prince George; NVR Inc. to Donald Randles, $384,000.

1110 Eagle Place, North Prince George; NVR Inc. to Jamie Griffith, $349,775.

6856 Hearthside Drive, Prince George; Amanda C. Quick to Ronnie Chambliss Sr., $170,000.

15168 James River Drive, Prince George; Billy G. Carter III to Abby Baker, $270,000.

19810 Log Road, Carson; Brandon W. Rook to Jordan T. Hagin, $325,000.

5303 Mica Drive, Prince George; Russell S. Martin to Robert Custis, $224,000.

7104 Quail Hill Lane, Prince George; James O. Elliott to Edgardo Caluag, $250,000.

1575 Tinsley Blvd., Prince George; C&L Construction LLC to Darrell E. Hodge, $310,000.

Charles city

6740 Chambers Road, Charles City; Eugene J. Hofmeyer Jr. to Sellwood LLC, $457,141.

8075 Long Reach Road, Providence Forge; Walder Properties LLC to Jason M. Flippo, $246,000.


9720 Coleman Drive, Amelia Court House; J. Garfield Dillard to Russell E. Moore, $165,000.

9456 Morefield Meadows Drive, Amelia Court House; Samuel M. Dunway Jr. to The Dolares Alberts Family Trust, $249,900.

1033 Redfield Drive, Amelia Court House; Twila Juanita Gauthier to Michael G. Spector, $284,950.


7288 Azalea Drive, Ruther Glen; Stephen J. Ferrigan to Tomas Nieves Jr., $273,000.

21449 Carters Gate Road, Ruther Glen; CMH Homes to John G. Wetherill, $310,020.

411 Cornwall Drive, Ruther Glen; Kavon D. Smith to Daniel Hunt, $165,000.

16380 Heritage Pines Circle, Bowling Green; Jeanne Alberico to Ashleigh Pugh, $150,000.

4443 Jericho Road, Ruther Glen; Kevin E. Jones to Latoya C. Martin, $432,900.

71 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Roosevelt Holt Jr. to Christian Lee Moore, $232,500.

263 Meadow Lane, Bowling Green; James L. Peebles to Marcia McCrimmon, $283,000.

226 Remington Drive, Ruther Glen; Michael A. Brindock to Christopher R. Beverly, $163,000.

14855 South River Road, Woodford; Gilman Land & Timber LLC to Tyler J. Morgan, $170,000.

7264 Statesman Blvd., Ruther Glen; Denali Capital Group LLC to Timothy L. Burrell, $224,415.

638 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Foundation Homes Inc. to Gretchen N. Bain, $256,000.

23316 Westmont Drive, Ruther Glen; Joseph C. Robinson III to Maribel Flores McVey, $165,000.

639 Wright Drive, Ruther Glen; Joseph E. Meckel to Patricia A. Gross, $246,500.


2785 Cumberland Road, Farmville; 2785 Cumberland Road LLC to Joelle W. Shepperson, $166,600.

1114 Deep Run Road, Cartersville; Timothy M. Swalin to Zachary T. Lindsey, $165,000.

613 Trents Mill Road, Cumberland; Andrew Ribiero to Patricia R. Stanley, $202,000.


101 acres; D-Phree Investments LLC to David T. Hawksley, $320,000.

2.85 acres; US Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $158,000.


112 Central Crossing Terrace, Aylett; Eleanor J. Thurmond to Ricky Lee Childress, $195,000.

70 Enfield Forest Lane, Aylett; Hugh G. Jones, trustee to Barbara H. Wright, $275,000.

336 Kellys Court, King William; Kelly L. Hiner to Derek P. Wade, $196,000.

222 Meadow Lane, Aylett; Stanley G. Creighton to Morgan L. Faulkner, $179,400.

112 Roane Oak Trail, King William; Jason A. Ellis to Amanda Rae Mills, $224,500.

101 Sweet Air Lane, King William; Peter Binsley to Dayna Omary, $245,000.


200 Captain Newport Circle; John Rosser Matthews III to George P. Smith Jr., $194,900.

320 Page St.; Stephen Alexander Homes LLC to Walter Allen Cook, $400,235.

294 Raven Terrace; Robert P. Pennington to Daniel E. Parks, $206,000.

2114 Woodmere Drive; Robert D. Merkl to Steven Richard Touw, $225,000.


6249 Adams Hunt Drive, Williamsburg; Matthew R. Conners to Derrick Alan Edwards, $265,000.

142 Allwoodley, Williamsburg; Victor J. Gonzalez Ortiz to Mark Hartney, $212,500.

504 Beechwood Drive, Williamsburg; Janice C. Greenwood, successor trustee to Alex Ruggieri, trustee, $539,000.

4720 Bristol Circle, Williamsburg; Michael A. Krajnik to Reyland L. Heumann, $263,000.

Building 21, Unit C, Villas at Five Forks Condominiums; Barbara A. Anderson to Joel R. Fortune, $319,000.

6310 Cordelia Road, Williamsburg; Max White Jr. to David T. Bourdon, $308,000.

3804 Cromwell Lane, Williamsburg; Kevin P. Abley to Nathaniel Ray Wiggins, $189,900.

120 Davis Drive, Williamsburg; Christopher L. Miller to Terrell C. Lasker, $250,000.

106 Elmwood Lane, Williamsburg; Carolyn Reichart to Joseph C. Monk Jr., $233,500.

525 Fairway Lookout, Williamsburg; Ronald M. Fogg to Maryam Darvish, $187,500.

8605 Fielding Circle, Toano; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Judy G. Burns, $336,385.

1585 Founders Mill North, Williamsburg; Peter V. Devito to Jack C. Leunig, $670,000.

204 Governor Edward Nott Court, Williamsburg; John Kevin Gravelle to Francis J. Tanglao Aguas, $372,900.

3435 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Joseph N. Eader, $370,565.

3824 Isaac Circle, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Stephen Edward Kewer, trustee, $375,000.

3232 Leighton Blvd., Toano; Scott J. Beck to Cory Lee Weinstein, $352,000.

113 Macaulay Road, Williamsburg; Mary B. Dahlgren to Brooke A. Smith, $375,000.

4628 Minutemen Way, Williamsburg; Benjamin Lee Chitty to Allen Arnold Jr., $251,500.

172 Nottinghamshire, Williamsburg; Elma Vescovi, trustee to Bradley P. Liddie, $490,000.

7213 Otey Drive, Lanexa; Stephen A. Holliday to Candie L. Cowden, $243,000.

4200 Pillar, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Aytekin Dural, $231,990.

4084 Powhatan Secondary, Williamsburg; Marcos Juan Zaragoza to Christina M. Grossutti, $560,000.

137 Racefield Drive, Toano; Peter Jules Ladriere to Brian T. Crittenden, $175,000.

6609 Rexford Lane, Williamsburg; Jong Shin Trotter to Jerry L. Thompson, $325,000.

108 Royal Musselburgh, Williamsburg; Richard A. Schlachter, trustee to Kimberly A. Staab, $329,000.

100 Skillman Drive, Toano; Wanda M. Hill to Jose I. Gutierrez, $333,125.

3704 Teagan Court, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Thomas Milner Addams, $408,770.

5320 Tower Hill, Williamsburg; Emily Yvonne Weigand to Lisa A. Parker, $189,000.

4485 Village Park West, Williamsburg; Jennifer R. Fisher to Christopher J. Chavez, $265,000.

3488 Westham Lane, Toano; Ryan Brandquist to Kristin R. Bolam, $200,000.

105 Wilderness Lane, Williamsburg; Erik Lee Jones to Susan C. Newton, $235,000.

3248 Wingfield Lake Road, Williamsburg; Marilyn M. Stewart to Robert W. Schloss, $500,000.

105 Woodmont Place, Williamsburg; Gerald E. Hagan to Joseph P. Churray, $413,800.

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