The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


212 W 15th St; Yasini Brothers Llc to Burr Nicolas, $300,000.

620 W 20th St; Davis Lauren Elizabeth to Barry Timothy, $173,000.

869 N 22nd St; Dieterly Vanessa E to Mazzei Natalie, $200,000.

1305 N 26th St; Stephens Crystle V to Greenbacker Helen Cabell, $280,000.

705-1/2 N 27th St; Howson Susan L to Oligmueller Jordan M, $287,000.

906 W 30th St; Lettau Lisa Gayle to Short Amy L, $345,000.

805 W 47th St; Gale Sylvia and Jones Alistair to Iyanaga Michael, $194,000.

1810 Accomac St; Mallonee Victoria A to Arenander Sven S and Diana, $189,000.

5101 Arcadia St; Horstman Amanda L to Kaufelt Keith, $175,000.

1008 Boroughbridge Road; Mathews Cynthia M to Webster Brandy Nicole, $165,000.

2432 Breckenridge Road; Koussoglou Vasiliki Savoula to Byrd Joseph Levey III, $436,000.

4819 Brook Road; Lafollette Paul to Hall Eric M and Mehr Rana, $178,000.

101 E Brookland Park Blvd; In Corporation to Brookland Llc, $630,000.

1502 Carter St; Matzuk Michael W Jr to Hardy Kristin, $150,000.

2615 Central Ave; Chinn James S to Robertson David G, $190,000.

8662 Cherokee Road; Kumery Toni M and Jerri A to Yancey John Paul, $427,300.

112 E Clay St, U4d; Botkins Derrick Lee to Wimmer Clifton, $200,000.

3252 Cliff Ave; 3252 Cliff Avenue Llc to Howarth Courtney, $150,500.

3712 Crutchfield St; Hoover Joseph to Cecil Jaysa Leigh, $249,000.

1301 Decatur St; Ambers Brittany W and Jordan to Mendoza Lenard R, $263,500.

4610 Devonshire Road; Miller Rebecca Gray to Jennings Jason and Cara, $285,000.

5206 Dorchester Road; Kelly Eleanor L to Adamek Troy Walter, $315,000.

3106 Enslow Ave; McSherry Hodgson Llc to Waters Joel, $226,810.

10260 Epsilon Road; White Emilie M to Sergeant Reuben and Hanna, $243,000.

1624 Floyd Ave; Barnes John G and Vinola T to Bruch Sarah Amis, $487,500.

3115 W Franklin St; Taylor James C and Felicia W to Capital City Properties Llc, $320,000.

715 E Gladstone Ave; Old Oak Llc to Johnson Jeremiah E, $150,000.

2010 W Grace St; Smith Elizabeth E to 2010 W Grace Llc, $350,000.

2609 Grayland Ave; Tansill Stuart P and Betty N to Able and Done Right Inc, $187,500.

11 Greenway Lane; Hager John V to Branch Thomas R and Sally S, $1,475,000.

2916 Griffin Ave; Clapp Michael Lee to Fogleman William A and Morgan, $344,900.

3221 Hanover Ave; Holland Justin to Rate 2 Properties Llc, $275,000.

4011 Hanover Ave; Colhoun Andrew F and Natalie R to Reyna Celeste, $525,500.

2922 Hawthorne Ave; Hunter Lori E and Alvin A Sr to Savvy By Design Llc, $150,000.

10230 W Huguenot Road; Louie Fay Wah and Carolyn L to Siam Investments Llc, $155,000.

3088 Hull St; 360 Properties Llc to 3088 Hull Street Llc, $166,920.

2200 Idlewood Ave; Kang Sun H to Idlewood Shields Llc, $360,000.

1317 Jefferson Davis Hwy; Forman Robert H III and Betsy P to Commonwealth Catholic Charities, $300,000.

2628 Kensington Ave; Matheson Sarah Scott to Burns Gregory and Angela C, $350,000.

6519 Kensington Ave; Sawicki Charles J to Seventko Melissa, $265,000.

1414 Lakeview Ave; La Fata Giovanni to Altadonna Properties Llc, $151,000.

110-1/2 E Leigh St; Thomas Robert K and Rebecca M to Kalyan Rohan and Wang Danielle, $400,000.

1025 W Leigh St; Picket Fence Property to Tan Andy A and Nancy S, $248,000.

2123 W Main St; Capital City Properties Llc to Silver and Gray Llc, $290,000.

3010 W Marshall St; 3010 West Marshall Street Llc to 1525 N Commerce Avenue Llc, $420,000.

3020 Montecrest Ave; Pompili Mauro to Hines John M and Haley P, $160,000.

1630 Monument Ave, U15; Lammers Milou and Paul I to Mathews Vinoba John, $219,999.

1914 North Ave; Dillard Irma B to Young Elizabeth C, $191,000.

1017 Oakwood Ave; Caudle Caitlin to Paldino Joanna R, $217,000.

1224 Parkwood Ave; Mng Holdings Llc to Nelson Barbara and Nash Peter W, $255,000.

3213 Parkwood Ave; Conner Randall S to Stinson William L Jr, $300,000.

4729 Patterson Ave; Casey William H to Southall Joseph, $330,000.

516 S Pine St; Agym Holdings Llc to Baber William Jr, $488,000.

208 Robinson Square Al; Dallan Development Llc to Walker Cathi L, $435,500.

6427 Roselawn Road; Coldwell Louise G to Robins William R Jr, $660,000.

2019 Rosewood Ave; Mapp Chantel Christine Poa For to Liberante Paul C, $250,000.

3020 Scarsborough Dr; Lefton Jason S to Bawol Matthew M, $344,000.

7201 South Dr; Morrow Jerry V and Judy T to Partin John S and Stephanie L, $265,000.

5248 Stratton Road; McBean Scott W and Brittany L to Hambrick Curtis Nelson III, $188,000.

5085 Warwick Road; Rcs Group Llc to Joseph Delisa A and Lerone H, $163,000.

1619 Westbrook Ave; Yedda to The New Community School, $390,000.

2831 Westgate Dr; Marasco Ryan David to Longest Richard P, $206,500.


8223 Adrian Dr, Henrico; Ciel Bleu Corporation to Tanner Mindy B, $185,000.

5201 Aldenbrook Way, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Kim Kum Chul and Hey Young Lee, $565,000.

2803 Aspinwald Dr, Henrico; Jenkins Robert E and Cynthia L to Strickland Charlene, $360,000.

3501 Austin Ave, Henrico; George Elizabeth N to Keirce Connor J and Clifford, $170,000.

3000 Balster Ln, Henrico; Kenyon Angela R to Boyce Phillip Lee and Angela K, $316,500.

10531 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Kulkarni Girish and Pratibha, $374,565.

303 Berwickshire Dr, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Brooks Thomas Noel and Stephanie Gibrall, $301,000.

6037 Bonneau Rd, Henrico; Pace Karen E to Singawi Khalid H, $172,400.

6900 Bolelyn Dr, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to James Rogger Nakia and Crystal Diana, $268,562.

6165 Bootsie Blvd, Henrico; Brindle Christopher T and Tara A to Jacobs Jason and Catalina, $270,000.

4248 Broad Hill Dr, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Kay David D and Juliana, $324,990.

401 Broken Oak Ct, Sandston; Scherer John D and Charmin Z to Escobar Manuel Omar, $265,000.

7703 Brookside Rd, Henrico; Gillespie Brad to Jones Dutch M and Lauren H, $560,000.

2008 Cambridge Dr, Henrico; Crehore Andrew G and Alison P to Gustafson Leah A and Keith D, $319,000.

7830 Camolin Ct, Henrico; Jacques Katrina M to Chase Evelyn Busch, $155,000.

11213 Carrington Green Dr, Glen Allen; Saraniti James C and Susan A to Sam Thoeun and Somaly, $394,950.

7500 Century Dr, Henrico; 7500 Century Llc to Sanchez Ernesto and Haley Huson, $202,631.

5316 Chamberlayne Ave, Henrico; Williams Richard L Trustee to Davis Trevor A and Cody L, $179,950.

2081 Chartwood Ln, Sandston; Us Bank N A to Hardy Rahmal H, $217,500.

5101 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Eng Lick M and Bao Z to Sorachwall Enayatullah and Bahar Wardak, $250,000.

2805 Cody Pl, Glen Allen; Weir Ann-Marie to Smolinsky Colin A and Kristin N, $300,000.

8206 Cornith Dr, Henrico; Parramore Joshua R to Parker Courtney, $190,000.

12938 Copperas Ln, Henrico; Vaught Lane Ann to Rochkind Aaron Tyler, $240,000.

5907 Covington Hills Ln, Glen Allen; Thummalapalli Srinivas R and Sunitha to Patel Prashant S and Dipika, $630,000.

425 Dale St, Henrico; Hurt Lalisha to Seay Linda, $189,000.

5522 Danley Ln, Henrico; Martin Paul W to Johnstad Susan E, $236,500.

1401 Davis Ave, Glen Allen; Shumaker Shirley Life Int to Rice Stacie M, $210,000.

12314 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va to Moslow Lisa H, $755,146.

3117 Divine Dr, Richmond Va; Crown Land Llc to Jarvis Alanna C, $200,000.

2614 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; Lynn Robert C and Debra A Douglas to Holder Brett Lee, $181,000.

1515 Ednam Forest Dr, Henrico; Miller Jillian Renee to Mathis Melanie Ann, $380,000.

6201 Ellis Ave, Henrico; Baugher Brenton L and Samantha A Stafford to Davis Danielle Bonvini, $187,000.

11504 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Ostrom Kelly A and Timothy R, $610,393.

4101 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Charles James L Jr to Sheehan Jane H, $265,000.

9701 Esmont Rd, Henrico; Hinson Brett A to Condrey Douglas B, $203,000.

2206 Fenton St, Henrico; Moseley Rodney O to Andersen Derek Quade, $172,600.

108 Finial Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Esposito Perry A and Jean M, $650,627.

11005 Forest Trace Way, Glen Allen; Roulhac Michael A and Kimberly N to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc, $285,500.

6913 Fox Downs Dr, Henrico; Olds Kelvin L and Carla J to Milton Williemae and Charles Carter, $217,950.

11411 Friars Walk Ct, Glen Allen; Norton Eileen Louise to Shah Rakesh Kumar and Garima Jaiswal, $234,500.

2704 Fruehauf Rd, Henrico; Mouser Julie D to Cumberledge Leah, $169,000.

8811 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Leahy James A and Teresa D to Gipe Stephen Bradley and Josephine E, $231,000.

6105 Glendale Estates Ct, Henrico; King Mitchell R Jr and Laura Smith to Beach James and Stephanie, $290,000.

2501 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Bush Jason H and Sarah M Van Coops-Bush, $572,000.

6901 W Grace St, Henrico; Coley Danny to Birckhead Susan, $290,000.

1820 Greenwood Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Hamaker Bradley W and Eichelle L to Southworth Theodore R II and Jennifer, $295,000.

11531 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corp to Bradford Homes Inc, $231,000.

609 Hallwood Farms Ln, Henrico; Anderson Elisha D and Camila G to Crenshaw Robert L III, $235,000.

8300 Hawk Nest Dr, Henrico; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Lofton Leasing Llc, $262,111.

605 Hickory Tree Dr, Henrico; Motta Thiago to Mendoza Israel Ruben, $195,950.

108 S Holly Ave, Henrico; Allen Sandra L to Harmon Keirra S, $162,950.

10875 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Rajguru Sameet and Preeta Kanade, $477,675.

105 Huntsman Rd, Sandston; Gmc Renovations Llc to Finney John E and Frankie L, $196,500.

8215 Ireton Rd, Henrico; Woolard Kathleen M and Kenneth M to Rivas Luz Maria and Jose Isabel Castaneda, $239,000.

9705 Jebstone Ct, Glen Allen; Thomas Kevin M and Barbara K to Khara Manbhupinder and Amanjot, $250,000.

2903 Kennebrook Ct, Henrico; Layne Kevin E to Bolling Carrie, $185,000.

2312 Kent St, Henrico; Wakefield James Thomas Jr and Mitzi M Lee to Baugham Richard A and Lucille J, $176,000.

4840 S Laburnum Ave, Henrico; Krantz James C Et Al Trustees to Ath Investments Llc, $2,750,000.

8601 Lambay Ct, Henrico; Pope Johnathan M and Denethra Taylor to Cowart Gregory B and Britt J, $213,000.

10008 Laurel Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; Tatic Arnela to Velazquez Humberto, $214,000.

4721 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Madala Sushma and Kiran Kumar, $556,061.

612 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Baker Lena Nicole, $177,500.

1808 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Atkinson Kenneth Jr to Hajji Abdelkader El, $222,000.

214 N Linden Ave, Henrico; Williams General Contractor Llc to Robinson Eric D Jr, $189,950.

11438 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Richardson Richard M and Laurie B to Federal National Mortgage Association, $248,750.

106 Longstreet Ave, Henrico; Equity Trust Company Cust Fbo K W Jones to Tyler Tonia and Marian Moss, $192,950.

5409 Luxford Way, Glen Allen; Hoggatt John Hunter and Amy to Surendran Sumesh and Veena Gourishanker, $430,000.

5070 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Virani Nizar Noorullah and Saima, $534,315.

12204 Manor Crossing Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Hazari Ramakanth, $468,685.

1130 Marney Ct, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Mann John B and Pamela S Schutz, $786,365.

2209 Manlyn Rd, Henrico; Brockwell Kristyn B to Rva Property Acquisitions Llc, $195,000.

5405 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Thrift Frances, $311,866.

5411 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Perry Katherine Rand, $421,015.

803 Maybeury Dr, Henrico; Jones Robert O Sr and Patricia A to Johnson Timothy L Jr and Haley Thompson, $255,000.

1709 Michaels Rd, Henrico; Dimarco Teresa R to Dimarco Ryan, $225,000.

6320 N Midview Rd, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Torres Joshua G and Nicole Talbott Torres, $244,900.

9401 Minna Dr, Henrico; Decker Robert A and Susan R to Smart John H II, $163,000.

6207 Monument Ave, Henrico; Lynn Avery M to Bakar Homes Llc, $275,000.

5427 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Baehr James and Kyna, $244,260.

5512 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Zhao Cheng, $240,990.

4907 Mulford Rd, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Davis Kelanah L, $175,000.

2915 Murano Way, Glen Allen; Atack Properties Inc to Holness Karlene and Ruel, $352,500.

2321 New Harvest Rd, Henrico; Baker Devin M to Adkins Chasity S, $255,000.

2132 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Wilson Andrea M, $198,915.

7411 Noble Ave, Henrico; Housing and Urban Development to Alexander Nicole, $155,000.

3012 Oakley Pointe Ter, Henrico; Steward Linda K to Bikila Melat N, $255,000.

2514 Old Hearth Ct, Henrico; Hogan Laurie to Torres Liliana Patricia, $168,000.

5003 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Culp Michael R and Dane C Gedney, $421,500.

5631 Olde Hartley Way, Glen Allen; Weedon Michael D and C K S to Wright Evan D and Katherine Vernoski, $557,500.

7501 Osborne Tpke, Henrico; Ellis Gloria J Li to Grow Thomas Gregory, $155,000.

9512 Overhill Rd, Henrico; Wierling Mario and Kelley Anne Mertig to Jones Miranda Sharon Lee, $252,000.

4201 Park Place Ct, Glen Allen; Banks Park Lp to 4201 Park Place Court Llc, $1,400,000.

4523 Paxton Glen Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Harrison Kimberly and James, $549,990.

4546 Paxton Glen Ct, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to NVR Inc, $210,000.

2102 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Shrestha Ojashwi, $314,130.

2218 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Walker-Johnson Gloria A, $345,315.

2110 Pinetree Dr, Henrico; Young Dustin W to Smith Andrew M and Alejandra S Borda, $200,000.

1607 Pine Shadow Ct, Henrico; Mazer Dana and Christina S to Molinaro Tyler J and Kyra Jane Gemberling, $335,000.

5751 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen; MacAlma Amante C and Eleanor to Sunkara Vasanth K Et Al, $150,000.

4204 Reynolds Ridge Ter, Henrico; Lee Xavier to Layne Ralph and Aisha, $263,000.

3032 Quail Walk Dr, Glen Allen; Murphy Jennifer L to Ritmaha Anan and Saithong, $285,000.

10158 Richmond Rd, Glen Allen; Peters Ebony D and Chantelle E Golbourne to Scoglio Jonathan P and Megan R, $203,000.

210 Rocketts Way, U403, Henrico; Pace Timothy to Dunn Kelley T, $195,000.

11504 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Reilly Thomas and Lindsey, $710,339.

638 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Harvey Ashlee, $195,115.

2902 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Awad Chadi M and Hiba Hassan Mneimne to Micare Edwina J, $169,950.

2700 Schooner Ct, Henrico; Howard Walter S to O'Connell Scott M and Daniel A Kaufmann, $172,500.

2905 Seven Kings Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Toms Jesse R, $349,610.

120 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Burke Zelda C to Petersen Michael, $320,000.

8300 Shannon Hill Rd, Henrico; Maupin Julia M and Ronald to Hurtt Ricky L, $169,000.

1507 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Jones Adam P to Boschen Luke O'Brien, $225,000.

10837 Snowmass Ct, Glen Allen; Ault Daniel M to Elphick Dennis J and Mary A, $360,000.

12008 Springrock Ct, Henrico; Nasta Bartholomew and Elizabeth D to Jimenez Alejandro and Sergy M V Rodriguez, $478,800.

3608 Springtime Ct, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Williams Ruby L, $178,750.

517 St Albans Way, Henrico; Bowen Carol J to Hughes Ginny L, $465,000.

605 Stone Throw Ter, Henrico; Locario Lawrence and Shirley T to Matthews Darvi and Latasha, $200,000.

13624 Swanhollow Dr, Henrico; Drash David W and Judiann C to Kittrell Company, $175,000.

7506 Sweetbriar Rd, Henrico; Moore Mia Maria to Pieratt Meghan D, $375,000.

9419 Tatton Park Cir, Henrico; Smith Marc Champney to Richardson John G and Terra L, $625,000.

1903 Timbermead Rd, Henrico; Landess Marsha P and Linda M Roscoe and Etal to Paulson Larry M and Gretchen V, $301,000.

3929 Trickling Brook Dr, Henrico; Bowles Levon V to Bond Darryl Antonio and Avanti Thornton, $252,000.

4928 Turner Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Mittal Saurabh, $610,339.

6905 Vanderbilt Ave, Henrico; Mehalic Kathleen F and Derek J Defebo to Van Dyke Jonathan, $300,000.

4632 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Lagisetty Sudheer Kumar and Lakshmi Sunku, $450,392.

19 N Virginia Ave, Henrico; McQueen Crystal and Priscilla Mabry to Coleman Jaleesa, $167,000.

5130 Virgil Dr, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Harris Emoni C, $252,271.

3409 Waverly Blvd, Henrico; Allen Jackie L to Hulin Kimberly A, $155,000.

4400 West End Dr, Henrico; Hudson Gina M and Troy E to Tu Sam T and Helen L, $222,250.

2308 Westwood Ave, Henrico; 4100 Tomlynn Street Rebkee Llc to Topgolf Usa Richmond Llc, $5,700,000.

2601 Williams St, Henrico; Jenkins Dale and Wendy Johnson to Pike Ann-Marie, $228,000.

4706 Williamsburg Rd, Henrico; Robertson Susan Bishop to McDonalds Real Estate Company, $190,000.

2005 Windbluff Ct, Henrico; McCoy Bonnie S and Robert A and Carolyn M to Salomonsky Henry Louis III and Alissa L, $266,500.

7953 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Qureshi Muhammad Norman and Iqra, $298,985.

7959 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Libron Clifford E Jr, $313,720.

7967 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Khem Thorn and Say Mao, $308,748.


720 Adkins Rd; Thomas Kevin B and Sheryl L to San Jose U R and Morales Y Y R, $263,500.

8113 Aldera Ln; NVR Inc to Porter Leon and Tracy, $537,365.

8336 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Thompson Robert S Jr Et Al, $388,040.

7443 Arabella Dr; Savage Craig A and Charlotte B to Jones Timothy L and Jennifer A, $470,000.

2600 Arrandell Rd; Morris Susan M to Hall Ann P Bosiack and Greg, $512,000.

8112 Babbler Ln; Ryan Deborah B to Shepan Richard Jr, $219,000.

1401 Baltrey Ln; Akins Stephen G and Maureen L to O'Berry Pamela Y, $545,000.

6208 Barrister Rd; Bilyeu Florence Anne to Carver Jeremy T and Whorley W D, $185,000.

9324 Becar Rd; Southworth D and Anderson C to Electriforce Inc, $192,000.

11941 Beechwood Forest Dr; Willard James K and Diane H to Abrisz Bryan E and Rebekah A, $290,000.

5446 Beulah Rd; A Team Marketing Llc to Lupejkis Jeri Allyn, $150,000.

5418 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Pacheco Jeffery T and Donna, $287,335.

8525 Boncreek Ct; Youngblood Properties Llc to Jones Gary J and Melissa J, $522,175.

14717 Boyces Cove Dr; Zepp Philip J to Johnson Conway B and Geraldine E, $258,000.

9612 Brading Ln; Conrad James J and Evelyn J to Love Paul C and Sue M, $350,000.

4606 Brookridge Rd; Mansell Angela M and Joe D to Collier-Von Slomski Muireann, $192,500.

13524 Buck Rub Dr; Bird Richard Glenn III and Amy B to Olgers Jennifer M, $218,000.

6479 Burnt Mills Ln; Younger Carroll F Jr and Egena T to Williams Trenton and Yauna, $598,500.

6018 Cameron Bridge Dr; Tench Gary L Jr and Tiffany N to Wood Mark David Sr, $275,000.

2405 Carriage Creek Rd; Dogtown Inc to Bain Michael C, $214,950.

9207 Carswell St; NVR Inc to Holliday Darrell L, $230,000.

10208 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Baskin Willie A and Delores C, $329,990.

7028 Chateaugay Ln; Pratt Leroy J and Mable E to Hamze Rabih S and Jenan M, $195,000.

7447 Cheltenham Dr; Smith Warren H and Kathryn E to Smith Daniel and Poh Arly, $200,000.

110 Clairidge Ct; Newell John B Tr Et Al to Richey Sarah B and Michael T, $265,000.

825 Coalbrook Dr; Schradle Jesse R and Lindsey L to Dwyer John M and Deidra L, $482,500.

4444 Cogbill Rd; Garcia Juan Jose' Dubon to Hill Richard III, $185,000.

5201 Creek Heights Dr; Rogers-Crawford April to Raynor Brian and Christine, $310,000.

3013 Cresswell Rd; Thompson Robert D to Johnson Pamblet S, $192,500.

5169 Damon Dr; NVR Inc to Idrovo-Gonzalez J and Idrovo C, $239,000.

12206 Declaration Av; Scalora Matthew A and Allison F to Wessells Patrick and Angela, $344,900.

15003 Dogwood Villas Pl; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Haneke William G and Karen M, $330,860.

7400 Drexelbrook Rd; Carruth John W and Sharon M to Barker Morgan C, $207,000.

14700 Duck Cove Pl; Murad Judy A to Ensign Zachary and Sharon, $250,635.

9601 Dunroming Rd; Kaur Neelam S to Payne Melissa, $315,000.

2722 Ellesmere Dr; Fowler Alpha A III and Katherine to Kelly B L and Holland K G, $435,000.

11101 Erin Rd; Brennan R P and Brennan H M Trs to Wright Bruce B and Amber G, $363,000.

2125 Esquire Rd; Kmetz James A to Spurlock Lawrence Vernon Jr, $238,000.

3912 Evershot Dr; Marfeli General Contractor Llc to Thomas Brandon S and Amanda M, $490,000.

7831 Falling Hill Tr; Tasker Mara D and Kellen E to Collins Joshua T and Shannon F, $254,000.

13315 Farm Crest Ct; Brown Jason D to Bradley Haley, $205,000.

7935 Featherchase Tr; Niejadlik Michelle N to Brill Stephen L and Gabrielle, $245,000.

7624 Fern Hollow Dr; Carrington Mortgage Serv Llc to Elite Prop Of Central Va Llc, $207,000.

15412 Foxvale Wy; Silva Herbert and Judy V to Aker Colin J, $340,000.

6725 Gateline Dr; Henkel Daniel P and Julie K to Brevig Chris and Rosemary, $255,000.

2930 General Bl; Davis Jacquelyn R to Quintanilla Ayala Catherine L, $150,000.

11802 Glendevon Rd; Rowland James L and Karla J to Suhr Paul M, $342,000.

17455 Great Falls Cr; NVR Inc to Gosline Scott and Susan, $426,712.

13449 Greenham Ct; Shoemaker Nicholas A and Amanda to Fox Lorick F, $242,500.

4101 Hamlin Ct; Siatuu Sasamamao and Fernandez R to Biteye Mamadou D, $225,000.

16607 Hannington Dr; Main Street Homes to Smith John C III and Kelci J, $636,115.

8212 Hartridge Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Weaver Nicole M, $424,910.

5404 Hempwood Pl; 440 Properties Llc to Rodgers Lisa S, $169,950.

6501 Hickory Grove Dr; Butler Claire E to Blakely Investments Llc, $196,000.

2007 Holding Pond Ln; Brannen John R and Lisa M to Grattan Roger, $255,000.

8306 Houghton Pl; Sievert Angel N II and Bonnin L to Kensy Daniel J, $278,000.

1200 Hybla Rd; Shumaker Bennett K and Carolyn P to Kummerlowe Stephen T and Aurelia, $200,000.

10209 Iron Mill Rd; Billingsley William C and Betty to Pinzon Sergio A and Alexa P, $250,000.

7716 Jahnke Rd; Goff Minnie T to Clark Dennis R, $170,000.

2631 Kentford Rd; Wilcox Kimberly and Mark to Whalen Timothy John and Lauren H, $395,000.

7405 Kentucky Derby Dr; Byrd Corbit L to Tadros Steven C, $175,000.

5913 Kings Grove Dr; Frazier Carl A Jr and Ariana G to Robertson-Beckford Aneka N, $230,000.

13973 Krim Point Rd; Khushalani Sarla D Trustee to Bradstock Mary S, $320,000.

6938 Lake Caroline Dr; Parker Eddie and Camia to Pegram Frank, $231,000.

12610 Lancey Ct; Herrington Leland C and Teresa A to Faatz B A and Schofield R A, $316,000.

13643 Langford Dr; Ogrosky Gary L and Marguerite E to Williams Robert E and Patricia E, $495,000.

1536 Laurel Top Dr; Ballard Michael A and Alanna L to Carroll William T and Melanie P, $300,000.

20716 Little Rd; Beaulieu Troy Elie to Ash Zachary T, $150,000.

9431 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Johnson Jennifer L to Clarke Devin F and Jones Sara M, $220,000.

16313 Longlands Rd; White William M and Lauren to Gallagher Timothy J and Erin, $425,000.

8816 Lyndale Dr; Byrd Frances C to Taylor Mark J, $195,750.

2148 Magnolia Grove Wy; Stiller Olive J Et Al Trs to Gerber Elizabeth Rae P, $295,000.

9330 Mahogany Dr; Sells Deloris A to West Linda, $347,500.

2953 Maplevale Rd; Cooke Dennis to Flores Alberto Pelaez, $190,000.

3118 McCabe Ct; Keller Shannon B and Carie P to Williams Rashid L, $264,500.

7601 Medallion Ct; NVR Inc to Edwards Wallace Et Als, $324,950.

3607 Midhurst Dr; Coonley Marc G and Michelle A to Copado Everardo S and Delia H, $297,500.

7840 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Abdelmagid Shamia, $257,000.

7864 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Stephens R D and Watson C A, $235,000.

2600 Mulberry Row Rd; Stein Erik Family Trust to Wiggins Joseph A Jr and L S, $669,000.

1913 Muswell Ct; Homeplaces Ltd to Merwin Sharon Todd Trustee, $949,900.

7370 Nicklaus Cr; Boho Zsolt and Szigeti Szivia to Marinic Zeljko and Rojas O C, $319,000.

13800 Nuttree Woods Ln; Sumpter Janis T Trust to Hage Bruce W and Sheila P, $180,000.

20025 Oak River Ct; Chitwood James W and Nancy S to Lemois Carlton P and Nancy L, $244,500.

4421 S Old Hundred Rd; Hayes Joy D and Forsythe P D to Linton James and Kathryn, $269,900.

6618 Old Zion Hill Rd; Spangler Erik and Tonya to O'Brien Caitlyn A, $185,000.

2205 Oxer Ct; Dutton Catherine D to Alazam Mary A and Winn M M, $187,950.

5019 Parrish Branch Rd; Moseley Sara E and Hall Robin A to Cosby James Lewis Jr, $299,950.

12218 Penny Bridge Dr; Iron City Llc to Conner Johnny L Jr and Mary L, $349,950.

3832 Pheasant Run Dr; Grigg Brian F and Mara Lynn C to Alvarez Hernan and Piche Melanie, $227,500.

2721 Pine Meadows Cr; Ringquist Casondra B to Clark Dustin D and Beck Katie C, $186,000.

4008 Poplar Grove Rd; Maynard Christina Marie and Ben to Johnson R G and Wassel K J and T P, $283,000.

1606 Porters Mill Rd; Hamlin Stephen J and Pittard M M to Herlong Nicholas S and Sara G, $205,000.

5619 Promontory Pointe Rd; Spence Thomas H and Carolyn I to Morris Dale A and Brenda G, $508,000.

2401 Providence Creek Rd; Spicer Robert to Uba Humphreys D Jr, $204,000.

8708 Rainwater Rd; Edwards Kevin Michael to Walker Chester Lee, $153,000.

4604 Red Chestnut Ct; Russo Anthony J and Janie A to Cooper Ladel Marie, $281,000.

7407 Rhodes Ln; Nord Daniel R and Christie S to Farmer Justin, $225,000.

4001 Riverbelle Ct; Edwards Marlo M to Bondurant Brian and Jessica, $460,000.

14124 Rockyrun Rd; Glebe Point Estates Llc to Frommoethelydo Clydelho L, $465,741.

6602 Rollingridge Ln; O'Meara Kathryn A Et Al to Gilbert Shannon R, $165,000.

14024 Sandrock Ridge Dr; Tilkey Robert V and Vickie S to Evans Jawon, $339,950.

13903 Sandy Oak Ct; Tres Christopher N and Rebecca J to Underwood William R and Emery O, $240,000.

16819 Sconley Ct; NVR Inc to Gray Bobby, $392,986.

3806 Seamist Rd; Jenkins Shane M and Frennyrose A to Wade William W Jr and Caroline N, $167,500.

8312 Sherwood Forest Dr; Parlove Linda to Gray Brenda M and Jackie A, $183,000.

8130 Sidlaw Hills Tr; Schwartzbach Jack M and Shelly A to Hairfield Amanda Gail, $399,500.

11807 Smoketree Dr; Hastings Robert C and Mary D to Peterson Robert E Jr and P A, $280,000.

7119 Spring Trace Turn ; Wilson Douglas R and Katherine L to Fleeman M R and Pampinella R K, $235,000.

9037 Spyglass Hill Turn ; Jones Royal J II and Marta M to Russo Anthony J and Janie A, $335,000.

5427 Standing Oak Rd; Rito Edward to Wolverton Ryan P and Emily, $261,950.

4742 Stirrup Cr; Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Tynes Brian N, $159,900.

11801 Sugar Hill Dr; Hill Homes Inc to Cooke Dennis W and Barbara B, $374,065.

10301 Sun Ridge Ln; NVR Inc to Davis Tanga, $280,140.

901 Sun Valley Wy; NVR Inc to Baber Toni, $289,235.

8817 Talon Ln; Tartick David M and Cynthia M to Jones Katrina, $179,900.

12561 Thoreau Dr; Beville Peter P to Kepple Ian T, $210,000.

16925 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Stech Scott M and Jessica G, $310,600.

11008 Timonium Dr; Crostic Howard C Trustee to Abelar Joel Alfredo, $159,950.

10612 Tokay Rd; Setaro Michael G to Gomez Albino and Rene, $180,000.

8744 Trent Rd; Smoot Daniel R and Molly I to Innes Philip L, $235,000.

18042 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to MacDowell Kevin W and Leslie R, $383,755.

6430 Twin Falls Tr; NVR Inc to Peterson Gary L and Kathryn G, $410,714.

7706 Twisted Cedar Pl; Chen Kai and Chang Fen S to Lent Carol A, $214,000.

801 Vickilee Rd; NVR Inc to Poole Vincent and Anderson Kim B, $292,635.

16101 Walkers Chase ; Irwin Stephen F and Lorraine C to Repko Matthew T and Kelly J, $580,000.

6115 Walnut Landing Wy; Davis Richard M and Margaret M to Gerber Stephanie K, $276,500.

14512 Waters Shore Dr; Rhoades Alison J to Logioco Nicholas B and Lauren, $329,000.

4000 West Tr; W M Painting Llc to Wilson Brandon Et Al, $198,950.

7425 Whirlaway Dr; Nykamp Chad M and Cynthia E to Casey Stephen Lemar and Patty Jo, $244,900.

2513 Whispering Oaks Ct; Arthur John M and Diana R to Dangerfield Edward W III and M P, $273,950.

11530 Wiltstaff Dr; Fones Donna J to Morton Walter Midzuno and Norma, $218,900.

7860 Winding Ash Tr; Vitale Thomas F and Vitale A M to Wine Nathan Andrew and Allison, $181,100.

17001 Windon Ct; Main Street Homes to Bridges Jeffery A and Erica L, $529,000.

725 Woodland Creek Wy; Blake Teresa S to Son Jongkuk and Lee Miseon, $195,000.

10837 Wycombe Rd; Von Slomski Michael E and M to Skasick Brian W and Kelly J, $399,000.

3218 Wyntrebrooke Dr; Spencer Christina M to Otero Isis, $175,250.


0.589 acres; RCGT Inc. to Waffle House Inc., $750,000.

10.06 acres; Jeffry P. Bohn to Jeff B. Rynearson, $275,000.

12.1 acres; BC Wood Products Inc. to Nicholas Gerald Gabello, $150,000.

2.31 acres; Stephen B. Crisp to Austin Barlow, $167,000.

2.546 acres; Carl E. Tate to Lincoln T. Campbell, $325,000.

30.81 acres; Calvin C. Cochrane III to Forrest G. Urban, $319,460.

Lot; Lincoln T. Campbell Jr. to Hanover II Investors LLC, $925,000.

Lot 1, Block F, Seciton 2, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $365,000.

Lot 1, Section 4, Northlake; Northlake Land Investments LLC to BCP Northlake LLC, $1,250,000.

Lot 11, Section 1, Little River Estates; Wesley G. Hollender to William Lewers, $400,000.

Lot 13, Block C, Country Club Hills; Equity Trustees LLC to Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2018-2, $521,995.

Lot 17, Block J, Section 4, Totopotomoy; Equity Trustees LLC to HSBC Bank USA, $183,751.

Lot 20, Block B, Section 8, Country Club Hills; Richard H. Holt to Mary Alison Joy, $408,000.

Lot 23, Block H, Section 3, Fox Head; Darrell W. Hutson to Steven Scott Settimo, $237,500.

Lot 5, Block H, Battlefield Farms; Michael S. Elliott to Lawson Dowell, $180,000.

Lot 5, Leadbetter Industrial Park; Tandem Associates LLC to SBCC LLC, $510,000.

Lot 6, Block D, Section C, Avondale; Surety Trustees LLC to Bay Front Development LLC, $198,098.

Lot 8, Seciton 3, Pebble Creek; Michael A. Burts to Robert D. Curtis, $325,000.

Lot D, Block G, Cottage Green; Corey Wallace to Robert Connon, $174,000.

Parcel; Downing Gilman LLC to North Lake Pond LLC, $1,250,000.

Parcel; Ellerson Land LLC to Hill Management LLC, $722,000.

Parcel; William D. Hamner, special commissioner to American Battlefield Trust, $900,000.

Parcel, Mayfield Farms; Johnny R. Tucker to Hanover II Investors LLC, $4,600,900.

Section 1, Bishops Park; Bishops Park LLC to W.V. McClure Inc., $200,000.

Section 2, Garrison Manor; Meridian Garrison Manor LLC to NVR Inc., $258,550.

Unit 1-4, Building O-6, Rutland Center; TL Hunt LLC to 9200 Center Oak LLC, $549,024.


3790 Aston Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Bryce Neumann, $574,545.

3572 Calvins Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Tamia S. Lavimodiere, $452,750.

2426 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to William Dwight Graham, $643,055.

2648 Glenridge Drive, Powhatan; Johnt T. Pastore Jr. to William Larry Wallace III, $240,000.

2153 Lakeview Drive, Powhatan; Clyde L. Turner to Darren M. Manns, $283,000.

3960 Mill Station Drive, Powhatan; Joseph P. Smiley to Christopher R. Yaconiello, $364,900.

5506 Quarter Horse Lane, Moseley; Vaughn L. Hersey to Bradley Brown, $345,000.

2738 Ridgeview Road, Powhatan; Skinquarter Properties Ltd. to Mark Hodges, $280,000.

4377 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; William H. Young to Christopher J. O'Donnell, $260,200.

1980 Walnut Tree Road, Powhatan; Hopson LLC to Christopher A. Donner, $302,830.


1 acre; Glenn E. Adams to Joshua L. Carter, $160,000.

10.02 acres; EDOS LLC to Ryan J. Brown, $262,500.

13.14 acres; Amin K. Rayess to Aurelie M. Gouverneur, $210,000.

2 acres; Christopher B. Davis to Christie Deas Evans, $175,000.

71.13 acres; Freas Co. LLC to Mark L. Smith, $419,410.

Lot 5, Block A, Sectin 1, River Oaks; Nina E. Patton to Rebecca H. Seidenberg, $180,000.

Parcel; Dolores G. MacMillan to Mark L. Nold, $340,100.

3 parcels; Donna S. Dalla Villa, trustee to Beardog LLC, $150,000.


460 Chanticleer Drive; Donald W. Skelton to Thomas Cunningham, $194,500.

1723 Westover Ave.; Robert Gosciewski to Shan Rennalls, $230,000.

945 Wythe St. East and 898 Washington St. East; Driskill Properties LLC to Khodeir Properties LLC, $190,000.


19.46 acres; H&B of Virginia to 7700 Boydton Ventures LLC, $300,000.

2 parcels; Biran J. Williams to Tyrone B. Hayes, $360,000.

78.65 acres; Elmer Goldman to John C. Lingerfelt, $268,000.

Lot 26, Moss Point; Paul F. Henshaw Inc. to PMHD Enterprises LLC, $187,500.

Parcel; Laurence P. Raab to Jeffrey A. Gore, $205,000.

Parcel; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Tina M. Woods, $231,000.

Parcel; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Walter Harvey, $173,000.


7.218 acres; RV Limited Partnership to TRC Riverview LLC, $5,600,000.

Lot 1, Block F, Seciton 2, Conjurer's Neck; Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $265,598.

Lot 10A, J.A. Picardat and I.H. Pritchett Subdivision; James J. Zahringer to James T. Wilson, $246,000.

Lot 13, Block H, Dunlop Farms; Karen K. Saunders to Melinda A. Crittenden, $190,000.

Lot 25, Block F, Section 3, Briarcliffe; Ryan A. Gregory to Citimortgage Inc., $168,116.

New Lot 16, Boykins & Allen Subdivisioni; Frank H. Moss Jr. to Ronald R. Lundie, $160,000.

Parcel; Gerard M. Brown to Stone Financing LLC, $155,500.


1000 Bland Ave.; Deborah T. Pulver to Marquetta D. Melvin, $206,000.

3915 Lighthouse Lane; Jesse Leroy Paraday to Benjamin J. Hogan, $245,000.

517 Cobblestone Drive; Linda Cole Traina to Marvin J. McDonald Sr., $225,000.

1911 River Ridge Place; Byrd Johnson to Christopher V. Frazier, $359,000.

3410 Vinton St.; Kyle W. Davis to Darrell E. Cheney, $222,900.


7888 Arbors Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Amine Bounimi, $242,660.

7510 N Courthouse Road, New Kent; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Mark Danylko, $275,300.

3580 Davis Glade Court, Quinton; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc. to Matthew R. Leonard, $248,956.

6608 Fairview Drive, Quinton; Richard G. Gastrich II to Lynn M. Ceppi, $172,000.

6312 Maple Road, Quinton; Sara S. Passut to Brittany Bauer, $163,000.

185259 New Kent Highway, Barhamsville; Melissa R. Burnett to Jonathan Scott Westmoreland, $192,500.

7450 Pinehurst Drive, Quinton; John P.C. Moon to Jacqueline M. Keane, $273,000.

7793 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Pamela Holt, $364,740.

7129 Shoreline Drive, Quinton; Michael W. Kelly to Jacob Hall Herndon, $299,900.

4052 Virginia Rail Drive, Providence Forge; William T. Capon to Richard Dean Mapel, $339,900.

17431 Wedgewood Drive, Lanexa; Eric W. Bose to Kyler J. Paluga, $199,000.


Lot 10, Brookshire; Samuel I. White PC, trustee to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $189,113.

Lot 2, Crestview Farms; US Bank to Gerald Peter Peereboom, $185,000.

Lot 7, Section 2, Whitehill; Lake Harley LLC to Gemcap Development LLC, $1,300,000.

Lot 8, Sabet Hill; James J. McDonough, trustee to Tiffany L. Jones-Fouts, $279,950.

Parcel; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Bogese Realty and Construction Inc., $247,001.

Charles city

5730 Charles City Road, Charles City; Kevin S. Conley to Gwendolyn J. Atkinson, $179,000.

6750 Salem Heights Drive, Charles City; Robert William Mathias Jr. to Mandy M. Walizer, $160,000.


10 acres; David T. Rankin to Kenneth A. Green, $219,950.

104 acres; Travis F. Ortega to John Grunfelder, $189,000.

2.003 acres; Channel Cat Holdings LLC to Swash LLC, $190,000.

Lot 5, Scotland Estates, 40.417 acres; Federal National Mortgage Association to Stuart Phillip Rott, $285,000.

Parcel 1, Section 1, Wilson Farms, 11.5 acres; Maurice Lindsey Jr. to Robert O. Hamm Jr., $300,000.


119.75 acres; Geraldine N. Seeber to Joseph Richard Pattie, $320,000.

235.25 acres; Carolyn A. Laney to Kenneth C. Malley Jr., $399,000.

28.6 acres; Steven R. Lohr to Wilson C. Merchant III, $225,000.

3.353 acres; ALG Trustee LLC to US Bank Trust, $206,296.

5.862 acres; CMH Homes Inc. to Charles D. Hughes Jr., $219,000.

Lot 1248, Lake Caroline Resort Development; Christopher S. Leggett to Hunter Conn Perkinson III, $177,500.

Lot 5, J.C. Haley Property; Martin L. Smith to Lee N. Williams, $229,950.

Lot 98, Section 1A, Ladysmith Village Center Founders Court; ALG Trustee LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $210,500.

Lot B842, Lake Land'or Resort Development; ALG Trustee LLC to FFC Properties LLC, $153,406.

Lot B913, Lake Land'or; ALG Trustee LLC to Mohammed Yousufuddin, $229,800.

Parcel; Quality Land Group LLC to Otha Allen Howard, $160,000.

Parcel; Ronnie L. Best Jr. to David A. Gayk, $236,000.

Parcel B, Hall Subdivision; Hardwood Properties LLC to Nathan M. Johnson, $299,900.


0.9 acres; Carl Robert John Williams to JCM III LLC, $197,000.

232 acres; Earl M. Collier Jr., trustee to A. Lewis Collier Jr., $430,200.

8 acres; Paul D. Miller to Benuel K. King, $205,000.


177 Back Woods Lane, Walkerton; Brian E. Dalrymple to Scott A. Parry, $159,950.

1994 Byrds Mill Road, Newtown; Thomas C. West to Thomas C. Smith III, $231,000.

616 Garnetts Mill Lane, Walkerton; Roger G. Hoskins, trustee to Sydney Watkins, $245,000.


311 Creek Bottom Lane, Kents Store; Michael M. Antunez to Michael V. Antunez, $217,650.

8751 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; US Bank Trust to Sarah E. Carter, $158,000.

72 Kendal Drive, Aylett; James A. Lang Jr. to Warren H. Ballard Jr., $265,000.

336 Mitchells Mill Road, Aylett; James M. Teagle to Charles M. Hughes, $254,500.

232 Moncuin Court, Manquin; Liberty Homes Inc. to Charlie W. Branscomb, $199,100.

362 Oxford Lane, King William; Anthony K. Whittaker III to Christopher Rappoldt, $205,000.

151 Rosebud Run, Aylett; Jack H. Bailey, trustee to James M. Dean, $158,000.

427 Sara Court, Aylett; Kennington Place LLC to Amy E. Childress, $249,675.

3828 Upshaw Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Benjamin D. Jones, $307,500.


318 Page St.; Stephen Alexander Homes LLC to Paul A. Scott, $456,602.

116 Walnut Hills Drive; Pamela M. Lorenz to James L. Halstead, $403,000.


328 Archers Mead, Williamsburg; Salvatore Trifiletti to Grant C. Olson, $275,000.

102 Black Oak Drive, Williamsburg; Bryan L. Neiswanger to Benjamin Donald Robertson, $335,000.

1006 Braemar Creek, Williamsburg; Jeddis Realty Corp. to James H. Slade, $232,000.

4324 Candace Lane, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to George J. Hagl, $296,550.

3712 Cherry Walk, Williamsburg; David B. Schultz to Xavier Bernard, $339,900.

7 Coventory Road, Williamsburg; Carol A. Hunter, trustee to William G. Price, $299,000.

3305 Durham Court, Williamsburg; Sharon Seltzer to Andrew J. Guarino, $291,800.

187 Eastern Gailes, Williamsburg; John M. Lombardo to Joshua Forrest Stephenson, $709,000.

18 Ensigne Spence, Williamsburg; Kersten Ahrens to Anthony Kapuschansky, $430,000.

94 Four Mile Tree, Williamsburg; Thaddeous D. Wheeler to Maximillian A. Krieg, $314,900.

5394 Gardner Court, Williamsburg; Donald Weber to Lynn W. Lafever III, $162,000.

138 Great Glen, Williamsburg; Katherine L. Hopkins to Neil Frederick Suffa, $470,000.

3504 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Erik A. Kistler, $253,350.

117 Huntercombe, Williamsburg; Harold L. Rowan to Justin Schoonmaker, $445,000.

3512 Hunters Ridge, Toano; Nathan N. Nord to Antonio Cline, $300,000.

201 Kilton Forest, Williamsburg; David B. Fickenscher, trustee to John R. Hatchard, $496,000.

3313 Lancaster Lane, Williamsburg; Clifford D. Conner to Jessica Ramey, $225,000.

3507 Leighton Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Clifford L. Hatfield, $304,850.

273 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; Gerald W. Harris to Keith Pattison, $328,000.

129 Macaulay Road, Williamsburg; Fred G. Breitenwischer to William B. Evans III, $434,000.

150 Marywood DRive, Williamsburg; Michael C. Perry to Dennie Lee Rankins Jr., $307,000.

215 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; Stephen A. Beattie to Kaitlyn Ferrell Woodard, $170,000.

4218 New Town Ave., Williamsburg; Ashish Aggarwal to Thomas L. Ransom, $329,000.

116 Norge Lane, Williamsburg; David R. Tuftee to Chad A. McCarthy, $222,500.

5490 Olde Town Road, Williamsburg; Jesse F. Boles to Berkley Enterprises LLC, $171,000.

4208 Pillar, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Clayton Morris Bradley, $212,309.

4511 Pleasant View Drive, Williamsburg; Steven F. Tvardek Jr. to Taziel L. Wallace, $219,900.

6150 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Jaclyn M. Edmonds, $278,260.

701 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Jeffrey M. Caja, $199,325.

809 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Michael Duffy, $226,885.

903 Prosperity Court, Unit 49, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Kyle B. Hanes, $261,144.

5351 Rockingham Drive, Williamsburg; Cassandra Lewis to Mario E. Casado, $284,000.

104 Royal Saint George, Williamsburg; Robert J. Mandala to Dean C. Foltz, $479,900.

2416 Sarah Spence, Williamsburg; Carl Fenton McGaw, successor trustee to Jesus R. Mansisidor, $750,000.

206 Sheffield Road, Williamsburg; J. Nelson Smith to David P. Cole, $280,000.

3717 South Square, Williamsburg; James R. Willis to Peter E. Aiello, $285,000.

6243 St. Johns Wood, Williamsburg; Joseph Lombard to Thomas L. Stroup Jr., $285,000.

106 Vaiden Drive, Williamsburg; Daniel P. Whitten, trustee to Barrett T. Allen, $334,000.

117 Waters Edge Drive, Williamsburg; Antonio Cline to Alice M. Land, $291,000.

2266 West Island Road, Williamsburg; Paul B. Davis Jr., trustee to Christopher Roberts Peters, trustee, $705,000.

3498 Westham Lane, Toano; Travis Bartling to Ottie Jackson Moore Jr., $187,400.

4665 Westhampton, Williamsburg; Thomas J. Geller, trustee to Joliet A. Custer, trustee, $415,000.

7519 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Kevin Heath Black, $351,244.

221 William Claiborne, Williamsburg; David B. Graham to Timothy Yeaw, co-trustee, $375,000.

4728 Winterberry Court, Williamsburg; Langley Federal Credit Union to Deborah Poust, $380,200.

134 Winterset Pass, Williamsburg; Karen C. Higgins to Alejandro C. Diaz, $166,000.

11 Yeardley Grant, Williamsburg; Leslie Vogel to Gretchen K. Smith, $380,000.

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