The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, Cunberland, King & Queen and Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


902 N 25th St; Richmond Metropolitian Habitat to Smith Adam Joseph, $396,000.

814 N 27th St; Casey Christopher S and Rachel C to Sessoms John C Jr, $311,000.

913 W 30th St; Horrocks Benjamin E and Sarah M to Rawls Anthony R and Alexis K, $339,000.

119 W 33rd St; Gottlieb Barbara to Castillo Elizabeth H, $272,500.

1111 N 36th St; Augustine Garrett D to Vandenbos Michael John, $375,000.

3101 Archdale Road; Moore Julia L and Timothy B to Gordon Brothers Construction, $185,000.

5257 Bassett Ave; Robinson Street Properties Llc to Bauer Emily Jean, $169,000.

1403 Bellevue Ave; Berry Willie A III and Kathy F to Carew Richard C and Roberta B, $298,000.

402 Bethany Dr; 402 Bethany Drive Llc to Silk Michael and Sara, $224,000.

7534 Brisbane Dr; Terhorst Thomas J to Shepherd Geraldine Houston, $295,000.

4802 Bromley Lane; Allshouse John R Trust to Able and Done Right Inc, $150,000.

417 Byswick Lane; Johnson Sylvia J to McBean Scott W and Brittany L, $215,000.

2929-1/2 W Cary St; Balboa Max to 2929 W Cary St Llc, $725,000.

8955 Cherokee Road; 414 Roseneath Properties Llc to Tharp Brent and Rossi Breanna, $285,000.

503 S Cherry St; Lugo Edwin G to Nacey Tanya M, $385,000.

1335 W Clay St; Francisco Michael W and Maxine H to Sterling Bilder Llc, $380,000.

4318 Custis Road; Burns James W Jr to Yerly Raymond A Sr and Vicki B, $485,000.

5100 Dorchester Road; 5100 Dorchester Road Series Of to Perscky Patrick Louis, $219,900.

3201 Edgewood Ave; Coffee Edward Alexander to Iswariah Immanuel Vijay, $286,000.

2013 Fenton St; Plati Jinblossom to Barker Marion K, $169,000.

3109 Forest Hill Ave; Lns Group Llc to Smith Kevin J, $478,000.

2501 E Franklin St, U4; Upton Paula S to Thomas Rebecca M, $237,000.

2709 E Grace St; Beckstoffer Richard H to Darling James C and Alyssa A, $725,000.

705 N Hamilton St, Ue; Iswariah James Chandran to Price Andrew S and Jenny S, $195,000.

1401 Hampton St; Mfreh Llc to Pogue Robert R and Lourdes M, $258,850.

815 Henri Road; Fairman Ann Y and Goodloe Ellen to Logan Michael S Jr, $412,500.

6504 Kensington Ave; Andersen Robert and Devin to McPherson Brandon, $420,000.

4401 Knob Road; Sanborn Victoire J to McGraw Arthur S II and Jean W, $350,000.

512 Libbie Ave, U3; Libbie Guthrie Company Llc to Goodstein Mark D and Ashley R, $827,650.

1209 Lorraine Ave; Sessoms John C Jr to Rwp 1209l Llc, $282,000.

2123 W Main St; Adams David L to Capital City Properties Llc, $225,000.

5312 Marian St; Lauretano Daniel A II to Cho Jonathan P and Ripp Sarah F, $235,000.

1729 Moore St; Thomas Sydaliah A and James P to Flowers Rita A, $195,000.

5100 Old Warwick Road; Fitzhugh Properties Llc to Elliotte Cassandra Y, $162,500.

3326 Ottawa Road; Secretary Of Housing and Urban to Inrva Llc, $170,000.

216 Paxton Road; Knakmuhs Heath K and Sarah F to Cerruti Michael J, $1,516,000.

1621 Pope Ave; Taggart Barbara A Life to Kinard Douglas M and Holly E, $425,000.

2324 N Riverside Dr; Smith Martha K Executor to Hall Debra M, $160,000.

408 N Robinson St; Ncre Inc to Lanyi Thomas R and Shira E, $750,000.

1219 Rothesay Cir; Getchell E Duncan Jr to Neuwelt Edward A and Elizabeth, $665,000.

4200 Seminary Ave; Clark Arlyne A and Christopher D to Snodgrass James W and Rachel W, $515,000.

310 Seneca Road; Pollard Martha M to Widmer Corey J and Sarah C, $579,000.

1232 Stanhope Ave; McClung John Ross and Claudia A to Leffler James E and Mary C, $432,000.

6526 Stuart Ave; Larrick Robert R to Shifflett Mitchell Spencer, $280,000.

421 Stuart Cir, U3-D; Ricdl1 Llc to Oma Unit 3d Llc, $395,000.

1408 Wentbridge Road; Forkins Robert E and Deborah M to Brodeur James P and Estelle M, $290,000.

1930 Wilmington Ave; Layne Shannon P to Seagraves Jeannette, $205,000.

3201 Woodrow Ave; Bpw Properties Investments Llc to Wolf Rudolph and Allison, $292,000.

4905 Wythe Ave; O'Connor John J IV to Sharpe Samuel Jewett, $312,500.


1920 Airy Cir, Henrico; Fuller Virginia C to Salah Sana K, $152,500.

4221 Allenbend Rd, Glen Allen; Nagarajan Ramachandran and B Ramalingam to Jalajakumari Akhil Vasudevan Nair Etal, $534,950.

4902 Annlyn Dr, Sandston; Hogg O Woodland Jr and Bradley M Boykin to Benjamin Tracey, $189,950.

3316 Aprilbud Pl, Henrico; Wu Andrew N and Chi Chao to Petrou Sotirios and Danielle Mae Chonko, $445,000.

1009 Armour Ct, Henrico; Carmax Auto Superstores Inc to Gaines Keith Allen, $238,000.

2200 Ashcreek Dr, Henrico; Linthicum Carolyn to Simpson Evgeniy A, $180,000.

7748 Balla Ct, Henrico; Rollins Melanie D to Duncan Harry P Jr, $159,950.

5508 Belstead Ct, Glen Allen; Poole Michael R and Helen M to Ogilvie Alexander Mills and Alicia Kavic, $602,000.

5609 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to McNeal Elaine L and Patrick H, $391,235.

1208 Bernal Cir, Henrico; Jones Eboni to Fletcher Riche, $225,000.

1 W Berry St, Sandston; Depersio Nicholas and Deborah A to Givens Anteevia G, $155,000.

515 Big Tree Ct, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Deloach Elvin E II and Candaice L, $503,420.

3004 Blackthorn Way, Henrico; Irwin Michael F and Sarah M to Chiang Jacqueline K, $285,000.

9302 Bramall Rd, Henrico; Wrenn Elizabeth Lee to Cruikshank Scott L and Deborah P, $301,500.

2400 Brandon Forest Ct, Henrico; Belvin Adam E and Bethany Hope Cline to Biggers Alexander P, $219,500.

8905 Brieryle Rd, Henrico; Fields Kirby A to Colhoun Andrew and Natalie, $675,000.

5801 W Broad St, Henrico; West Broad Llc to Dre Chevone Enterprises Llc, $580,000.

7700 Brookside Rd, Henrico; Barlow Alan William and Ashley W to Coker Lorie C, $330,000.

2033 Cambridge Dr, Henrico; Mokhtar Tamer A and Brandy A to Tucholka Frederick Heilig and Kathleen M, $337,500.

1713 Casey Meadows Ter, Sandston; Miller Jesse to Mooney Michael, $300,000.

13104 Chancery Pl, Henrico; Chambers Richard Leslie to White Richard Wray and Kenneth M, $272,500.

12 Charnwood Rd, Henrico; Browne Dennis A and Victoria to Williams Matthew B and Elizabeth R, $749,950.

13009 Chimney Stone Ct, Henrico; Cohen Bobbie M to Hudgins Franz Llc, $210,000.

11232 Churchwood Ct, Henrico; Lange Luis Mariano F and Claudia D Casas to Cochran David L and Kimberly B, $475,000.

6108 Clover Ln, Henrico; Hutchins Heather E to Adams Nicholas R and Corinne L, $169,387.

7528 Comet Rd, Henrico; Housing and Urban Development to Burruss Courtney M, $205,440.

1609 Cranbury Dr, Henrico; Dung Julie to McHugh Kenneth and Ellen, $296,800.

2327 Crickhollow Ct, Henrico; Lewis Virginia H to Nielsen Derek R and Hailey E, $312,000.

2606 Dancer Rd, Henrico; Dunham James Michael to Thomas Charles Grady III, $160,500.

10104 Dawndeer Ln, Henrico; Equity Trust Co Cust Fbo J M Fauver Ira to Smith Michele D, $261,400.

1007 Dinwiddie Ave, Henrico; 1007 Dinwiddie Avenue Series to Lee Marissa Anne Trustee, $615,000.

3803 Duckling Walk, Glen Allen; Nixon John V to Kannan Kathleen F, $490,000.

2404 Eagles View Pl, Henrico; Earle George W and Jonnie L to Earle Matthew I, $310,000.

101 Evergreen Ave, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Fisher Mandelia M and Vakeyla M, $214,590.

265 Finial Ave, Henrico; Kirkland Jonathan and Jeanette to Omalley Joseph B Jr and Suzanne H, $659,000.

4661 Four Seasons Ter, Ub, Glen Allen; Vanderberg Allison M to Featherston Thomas D and Kristine L, $195,000.

2628 Gayton Grove Rd, Henrico; Winchell Ronald S and Judith C to Franciso Benjamin R and Margaret R, $450,000.

1621 Glenside Dr, Henrico; Smith Christopher Paul to Webb Michelle Olene and Charles Cameron, $226,500.

2504 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

10169 Grand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Wiles Lee to Parker Kyle C, $264,000.

1908 Greenstone Ct, Glen Allen; Marshall Christopher Ray to Simmons Jonathan E Et Al, $194,000.

11135 Hames Ln, Glen Allen; Spear Kenneth Frank and Bettye Hicks Trust to Hanna Enterprise Llc, $600,000.

1720 Harvest Grove Ln, Henrico; Franklin Regina M to Green Ta-Shima Nichole, $205,000.

3016 Heather Ridge Dr, Henrico; Riley Amanda J to Hueston Denitria Kenyada, $242,500.

8012 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Carper Paul L and Deborah S to Goldberg Elizabeth and Jaime, $330,000.

10723 High Mountain Ct, Glen Allen; Clark Richard M and Jan G to Simone Gregory R and Bernadette R Ramirez, $360,000.

1209 Hillside Ave, Henrico; Blake Wayne C to Reidelbach Frances Marie, $235,000.

8526 Holly Hill Rd, Henrico; Riggan Erin C to Mauck Meriwether W and Nicholas G Almond, $238,500.

7101 Hughes Rd, Sandston; Harding William B and Angela S to Mauney Bethany L and Wilbur Bryan, $372,000.

3040 Hunting Hollow Rd, Glen Allen; Phelps Travis C and Kelli A to Dianina Ekaterina, $329,950.

1239 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Wentzel James Herbert and Mary Louise, $579,900.

2209 Jahodi Ct, Henrico; 2209 Jahodi Court Series A Series Of Rva to Benn Travis Emmanuel and Candace, $204,000.

4915 Kellywood Cir, Glen Allen; Mashinski Stanley E and Bette Jo to Allen-Bayles Charlotte, $202,500.

2500 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Whitehead Robert and Melissa Et Al to Baldwin Sarah A, $227,000.

21 Knight Dr, Henrico; Ailstock Jennifer L to Smith Shaka A Sr, $165,000.

5737 Lake West Ter, Glen Allen; Dillon Brendhan J and Shannon L to Blanton Devin and Karina, $455,000.

204 Lakewood Dr, Henrico; Saunders Tedda J to Mayfield John J III and Sarah Thompson, $529,000.

7525 Landsworth Ave, Henrico; Rhoten Sara K to Brown Gregory Lance and Thomas W Coleman, $290,000.

1622 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Bowman Kenneth Stanley and Kenneth Steven to Fischer Patrick B and Lisa M, $287,500.

1736 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Charlton Ashlea D to Rai Bishnu M and Sari M Adhikari, $262,000.

12108 Liesfeld Pond Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Wu Zeyun and Yayun Yu, $621,507.

5313 Linsey Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; King John Bartley Trustee to Patel Manibhai and Indiraben and Roopesh, $309,900.

1605 Logwood Cir, Henrico; Ruotolo Anthony and Rose E to Lettner James Leonard and Lois Reynolds, $277,520.

3027 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Tengbeh Stephen S, $217,000.

3805 Maida Ct, Henrico; Becker George H III and Jacqueline M to Jones Robert C Jr and Susan I, $619,000.

3349 Manor Grove Cir, Glen Allen; Harmon Robert M and Lisa C to McDonald George T III and Jennifer E, $428,000.

9203 Mapleway Rd, Henrico; Morehouse Eric R and Colleen M to Bisada Sameh Y and Amal N Rezkalah, $213,000.

5304 Masons Ln, Henrico; Smith Octavius A and Sherita Chapman to White Timothy L and Linda F, $370,000.

10529 Meadowbrook Rd, Glen Allen; Korman Jody Leigh and Bruce A to Luck William E Jr and Carolyn R, $235,000.

8304 Michael Rd, Henrico; Flournoy Lois S to Wilburn Michael D and Susan H, $158,000.

6613 Monument Ave, Henrico; Rick's Rentals Llc to Smith Michael L and Elizabeth Ashley Binns, $315,000.

909 Morattico Cir, Glen Allen; Gorse Martin Francis Jr and Holly C Trust to Bjorkholm Robert J and Marsha T, $380,000.

11029 Mountain Spring Dr, Glen Allen; Atack-Nolde Investments Llc to Baum Jonathan C and Kati J, $410,000.

2732 Nature Trail Rd, Glen Allen; Skelton James D and Elizabeth C to Bowman Christopher H, $315,000.

2130 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Phorn Savyvann C, $216,425.

2312 S Newton Cir, Henrico; Duesberry Robert S to Garrett Sara E and Taylor B Krug, $199,000.

10 Nomas Ln, Henrico; Rackley Justin H and Jaclyn M Kachurak to King Jason M and Alison M Berry, $1,350,000.

2259 Oak Bay Ln, Henrico; Paliy Yuriy and Olga Savinkina to Monir Victor S and Neven A Shehata, $300,000.

3925 Old Charles City Rd, Henrico; Cobb William D and Timothy R Smith to Jerman Marjorie L, $202,550.

2766 Old Point Dr, Henrico; Thomas M Kyle to Conderino Philip C and Karen J, $215,000.

1500 Olde Sage Ct, Glen Allen; Chen Daxin to Wen Linchun, $280,000.

4106 Pale Moon Ct, Glen Allen; Roberts Mary B and Richard J to Lowrance Linda H, $232,000.

2713 Parview Way, Glen Allen; Moser Richard M and Constance L to Jurkow John J and Joyce T, $340,000.

1403 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Allen; Otto Christopher and Scott Gallina to Duffour-Donkor Michael, $245,000.

2202 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Biedenharn Joseph W and Ingrid Moreira, $350,725.

5907 Pine St, Henrico; Green Ta-Shima to Habimana Eugene and Irakoze Janeti, $168,500.

12112 Pinefields Ct, Henrico; Gontasz Ronald J Jr and Michelle M to Matheny Mark W and Audrey D, $213,000.

10708 Pruett Ln, Glen Allen; Phillips Daniel Patrick and Aimee Dutton to Williams Jason A and Amber S, $369,000.

1906 Quiet Oaks Cir, Henrico; NVR Inc to Nguyen Quang and Nga Huynh, $348,676.

9622 Rainbrook Dr, Henrico; Robson Edward S and Denise Curry to Lattimer Michael P and Kristen T, $295,000.

18 Ralston Rd, Henrico; Williams Matthew Bryce and Elizabeth R to Corey John Mason and Katherine Virginia, $500,000.

1505 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Trice Dannita, $204,640.

3954 Redbud Rd, Glen Allen; Vareed Zinda R to Dormon Sarah, $405,000.

2012 Ridge Stone Ct, Henrico; Grammer Libby and William Underwood to Stewart Marcus Charles, $250,000.

11501 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

824 Saddlebred Dr, Henrico; Steptoe Michael A and Kathy M to Rampersant Aubrey J and Marcella B Hayes, $350,000.

115 Santa Clara Dr, Henrico; Heywood James R and Mary H to Smith Lawrence M and Joyce R, $532,500.

10404 Scenic Pl, Glen Allen; Thompson Grant W and Debra L to Rollins Melanie D, $325,000.

401 Seven Pines Ct, Sandston; Meador Elizabeth R and Garland L Jr to Deberry Joyce A, $179,000.

13413 Shelbourne Dr, Henrico; Williamson Brian R and Sharon R to Ravn Thomas D and Elizabeth H, $460,000.

520 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Gordon Ricky to Pusapati Mahesh Varma and Lara M Mossler, $355,000.

12342 Smith Grove Ct, Glen Allen; Smith Grove Llc to NVR Inc, $185,000.

2302 Snowcrest Ct, Henrico; Reinhold Shaun C and Adrienne M to Defebo Derek and Katie Mehalic, $471,000.

9700 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; Thompson Amy Rae to Saturday Valerie, $167,900.

8646 Springwater Dr, Henrico; Murray Jamala S to Folmer Isabelle Staub, $185,000.

7020 Staples Mill Rd, Henrico; 7-Eleven Inc to Mdc Coast 11 Llc, $1,275,105.

9714 Stockbridge Dr, Henrico; Moore Jerald F to Burns Kenneth and Katherine Schihl, $210,000.

1312 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Bryant Allison L to Dham Vijayata, $235,000.

11100 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Pakanati Vikram, $361,333.

1613 Swinton Ln, Henrico; Lumpkin Frank F and Patricia L to Bradley Steven Patrick, $293,000.

5100 Taz Ct, Sandston; Viking Builders Llc to Keane John T and Brenda L Etal, $252,250.

10506 Thames Dr, Henrico; Jones Welford M and Kathryn A to Ralston Jonahtan Alec and Judith, $350,000.

9401 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Nordrow Investments Llc to 9401 Three Chopt Llc, $430,000.

10324 Trellis Crossing Ln, Henrico; Hofheimer Ellen to Jamieson Ferne C Trustee, $385,000.

12144 Turning Branch Cir, Glen Allen; Bennett David F and Vivian D to Barrett John E III and Elizabeth Z, $469,000.

25 Twin Lake Ln, Henrico; Gronert Scott V and Heidi H Frenzel to Smith Stanton C and Alison, $950,000.

1447 N Washington St, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Brown Timothy, $201,200.

1804 Westhill Rd, Henrico; Alic Munib and Tahira to Conroy Carleigh, $256,000.

4557 Whinny Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Moroney Anand S and Mansi Dilip Rudra, $385,500.

3609 Whispering Wood Ct, Henrico; Farbotko Chester F and Susan to Jameson Christopher, $475,500.

12609 Wilde Lake Dr, Henrico; Phares Jonathan J and Elizabeth P to Baronian Nicholas M and Jennifer A, $515,000.

4803 Winterhawk Dr, Glen Allen; Alahmad Mohammad and Sarah Almanie to Chesnut Robert A and Fabiola L, $375,000.

8906 Wishart Rd, Henrico; Brockman Joseph L Jr to Erk Kristi L and Matthew J Torrenzano, $465,000.

7965 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to McClelland Noah, $299,700.

6926 Woodrow Ter, Henrico; Poels Catherine to Salyards Joseph P and Joy E and Jamie P, $184,000.

12721 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Rossler Kurt M and Jennifer L Snow to Knape Robert Mark and Erin Oakley, $805,000.

8703 Wytheland Rd, Henrico; Akerman Artur A and Tatyana to Vinsh-Bonjoc Lisa, $229,500.

7520 Yahley Mill Rd, Henrico; Byrne Edmund C Jr and Belinda M to Prather Thomas Lincoln and Jan Marie, $253,000.


16406 Aklers Ct; Lifestyle Home Builders to Nixon John V and Anderson S P, $465,000.

3613 Alderwood Wy; Morris Tony L to Jackson Latoya Banks, $231,750.

8425 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Grollimund Jonathan and Melissa, $334,182.

3421 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Hundley Cylenthia A and King S, $202,990.

5907 Autumnleaf Dr; Patrick Dean T and Bonnie F to Vaughan Antonio R and Jemika C, $274,950.

11319 Bailey Woods Dr; Roy-Sherwood N and Bryson M C to Walker Shannon and Daniel, $187,000.

5525 Bankstown Ln; Finer Homes Inc to Baldwin Penny A, $382,750.

3121 Barnack Rd; Rogers Michael E Jr and Powell S to Tillie Christopher J and Tierra, $310,000.

3204 Barnes Spring Tr; Artisan Design Properties Llc to Barger Johnathan W and Nisbet J, $259,950.

2642 Beaver Falls Rd; Smith James L III to Baca Raymond, $172,000.

8500 Ben Nevis Dr; Moore H Stephen Jr and Jo Ann C to Larrick Robert R and Randi G, $447,250.

3537 Betz Ct; Meadows Raymond E to Walker Terry F, $196,000.

5407 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Majcen Darlene and Gusti C, $258,325.

1841 Bracken Rd; Peifer Katherine K S Et Als to Champion Mortgage Company, $165,548.

13707 Brandy Oaks Rd; Gordon Gus and Karen B to Jackson William M Jr and C D, $369,900.

10961 Brandy Wood Tr; Holloway Floyd Sr and Marjorie to Lawton Joseph Maner and Stacie N, $370,000.

624 Bristol Village Dr; Fiene Peter John and Erica Leigh to Overman M and D and Overman B T, $157,000.

8041 Brown Rd; Rowe Stephen M Et Als to Batten Andrew E, $162,250.

6460 Burnt Mills Ln; Kramer Thomas A and Donna M to Walker Andrew W and Alicia D, $488,000.

5604 Buxton Ct; Armstrong John H III and Carolyn to Marano Shannon E and Rebecca E, $244,000.

4030 Cambrian Cr; NVR Inc to Fleming Tony and Theresa, $524,198.

5113 Cane Mill Ln; Odum Kenneth L and Patricia A to Claiborne James E and Denise L, $240,000.

2011 Castle Glen Ct; Garrard Wanda P to Deutsche Bank Nat'l Tr Co Tr, $208,359.

4700 Cedar Cliff Rd; Miller Charles L Jr and Jessica to Leonard Daniel J and Megan A, $240,000.

2260 Chalkwell Dr; Watkins Tscharner D III and J G to Beebe Lucius C Jr and Romney W, $525,000.

11512 Charles Towne Rd; Carmichael William G and Vedia J to Jackson Hampton III and Audrey D, $325,000.

5601 Chatmoss Rd; Johnston David N and Felicitas M to Goodman Michelle, $199,900.

12854 Chester Grove Dr; Springer James K Jr to Killingsworth Pamela, $220,000.

8507 Claypool Rd; Bridgetown Properties Llc to Jenkins Leticia, $212,000.

9224 Clovis St; NVR Inc to Sharpe Tyrone J Sr and Virginia, $341,950.

14813 Colony Oak Tr; Adamik Michael and Ball K S to Farleigh Jeff Hudson and Janet B, $462,000.

14018 Comstock Landing Dr; Main Street Homes to Hill Maurice Andre and Melissa S, $419,993.

6619 Corcoran Dr; Hibbard William E and Laurie Ann to Cordova De Juarez Aura L Et Al, $250,000.

2332 Coxendale Rd; White Sara L to Singleton K W and Smith A N, $159,900.

1619 Crawford Wood Dr; Riggins J B and Owen T L Trs to Travis Elizabeth S, $256,500.

4713 Crosswycke Dr; Farsaci Andrew N and Abdelisse to Valerius Ryan M and Kammie G, $469,300.

4310 Curtis St; Salton R E Estate Et Als to Lamb Charles and Eliza, $168,000.

2811 Delfin Rd; Reddy Rosalie S to Bazulka Michael IV and Knerr A, $190,000.

315 Derbycreek Ln; Beachem Donald D and Deborah M to Strickler Mark A, $209,900.

10240 Donegal Pl; Holdsworth Edna K to Schenck Amanda and Butler B O, $257,000.

16342 Dragonnade Tl; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Calder Jacquelyn M and Thomas A, $389,900.

12412 Duntrune Ct; Lucid Investments Llc to Payton Kenneth Frank, $420,000.

2709 Eagle Run Ln; Beggrow Karen to Juarez Jose Mauricio, $225,000.

3412 Ellenbrook Dr; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Parker Andre C II and Kenyatta L, $226,900.

1600 S Esther Ct; Drennen Rickey W to Gosney Brittany Sheree, $198,500.

4201 Falconway Ln; Patterson John P and Emily J to Long Benjamin W, $150,000.

8300 Ferdinand Ln; Goo Robert and Cervasio Michelle to Phillips Nicolas R and Sabrina A, $215,500.

8519 Finstown Ln; Radcliff Thomas J and Janice B to Rowland James L and Karla J, $363,500.

1731 Forestdale Dr; Beasley John R and Pemberton A R to Shewmake Sandra W, $219,750.

5543 Foxvale Ct; Herron Michael T and Lynn M to Davis Chad and Melissa, $355,000.

15307 Foxvale Wy; Alvord Gregory D and Kyle A to Palmer Gregory M and Amy S, $354,900.

7024 Full Rack Dr; Beck Dana M to Dudding Richard A J R, $155,000.

16118 Garston Ln; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Patterson Mark and Jonathan L, $803,883.

21501 Genito Rd; Chamberlin Alan P to Martin Dane C, $225,000.

13203 Glenmeadow Ct; Gerber Carolyn K to Buell Rachel Gerber, $213,000.

11942 Gordon School Rd; Crenshaw Karen Lee Trustee to Miller Amy Lynn, $272,500.

14100 Granite Pointe Ct; Goldfarb Max R and Montrue H to Colman Michael H and Jennifer L, $327,000.

11343 Great Branch Dr; Pierson Robert L to Melton Jennifer T, $175,000.

2250 Greenfield Dr; Whitton Robert E and Ruby M to O'Shea Brian J and Kathleen, $220,000.

4600 Greywater Dr; Jarvis Chad and Amy B to Hawkins Lauren, $245,000.

12007 Haggis Tr; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Carney Shawn T, $261,950.

10323 Hamlin Dr; Jernigan Adam to Hetzler Michael T and Lauren R, $217,500.

7700 Hampton Manor Ct; Bradshaw William B and Fumiko to Nguyen Thu, $325,900.

14201 Harburn Ct; Hoffman Richard H and Marie A to Stumborg Douglas R and Brittany, $515,000.

3948 Harrmeadow Ln; Farrar Edward C to Tyson Charlene, $278,000.

11306 Heartleaf Pl; Fowler Robert W III and Z A S to Murray Daniel J and Heather F, $368,000.

4510 Heidi Tr; West John D and Shannon O'Dell to Nolen Isaac Jr and Powell S L, $271,000.

4501 Heritage Woods Rg; Werner Richard and Michele to Saxer Alexander Joseph, $227,500.

8443 Highmarker Ct; Mirabella Investments Inc to Castro Victor Miguel and Amy Jo, $466,500.

14217 Howlett Line Dr; Whitt Stanley E and Shirley A to Miller Junious G and Carmen M, $270,000.

6113 Hunterstand Ln; Wilmarth Steven Wray to Tho Melissa S and Ramirez Alexis, $158,900.

4401 Jacobs Bend Dr; Castlebury Joshua D to Williams Lisa L, $245,000.

8904 Jacobs Glenn Ct; Heindl Jon R and Susan D to Willis Edward II and Cooke J, $240,000.

7425 Kentucky Derby Dr; Franklin Quinton D to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $189,499.

4702 Kingsland Rd; Sams Climmett C and Peggy J to Federal National Mtg Assoc, $160,000.

5505 Labine Ct; Musik August J and Shirley E to Grelson Vicki A, $223,000.

16424 Lambourne Rd; Wall Robert W and Kathleen E to Villenave Shaun D and Erika L, $545,000.

1625 Laurel Top Dr; Beck Shawn C to Hernandez O R L and Vasquez X E, $300,000.

15213 Lavenham Tr; Main Street Homes to Tiesing Tyler and Sarah, $404,394.

3923 Litchfield Dr; Guerra Randall and Michelle to White Stuart A Jr, $229,950.

9512 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Nagle Melissa C to Dickerson Teresa A, $215,000.

13421 Lora Lynn Rd; Fitzgerald Joseph H and Ana C to Mannix Stephen and Kara, $254,315.

5711 Magnolia Shore Ln; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Lott Joe D and Joyce M, $270,833.

15419 Maranatha Av; Mitchell Charlotte L Estate to Plumeau Paul D and Andrea M, $163,000.

7713 Mary Page Ln; Finer Homes Inc to Hall Brandon L and Ebony M Wyatt, $291,040.

1700 Meadow Farm Dr; Campbell Clara to Tario Mohammed and Atif Hafiz M, $160,000.

5618 Melbeck Tr; Boho Zsolt and Szigeti Szilvia M to Booker-Smith Shirlene, $220,000.

8813 Merseyside Ln; Bordeaux Steven K and Nancy R to Pavlot Gregory A and Raburn K S, $479,000.

15807 W Millington Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Davitt Andrew Patrick and Joeny, $573,045.

8404 Morelock Ct; Price Zachary J and Tracie to Seymour Bradford T, $212,000.

3302 Morningmist Ct; Bayview Loan Servicing Llc to Gonzalez Samuel, $150,000.

1957 Neptune Dr; Lacy Tamara E S to Lee Joshua Adam and Kristina L, $215,000.

5012 Nighthawk Ct; Jessup Ronald J and Rhonda S to Brewer Beth E, $205,000.

14624 Northwood Dr; Brayboy-Polk Greta D to See Michael J L and Doyle C K, $225,000.

741 Okuma Dr; Fink Larry K and Norah M to Horner Clinton, $260,500.

5524 Old Warson Dr; 5524 Old Warson Drive Series to Leak Antonio Lamont, $209,900.

2531 Olde Stone Rd; Ellington Garland R III and B F to Critzer Jeffery A, $545,000.

15555 Parkgate Dr; Gore Lythia D to Logue Richard T Jr and Janice L, $258,500.

11230 Pennway Dr; Tyler Michael J and Patricia L to Ojala Jeffrey V and Jetton H M, $250,000.

14313 Pipers Tr; Benefiel Blake and Toni to Petersen Michael and Melanie, $537,440.

7708 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Anna Maria L C, $313,000.

11913 Porters Mill Turn ; Mallory Michael T and Malissa J to McCracken Megan S, $215,500.

2631 Providence Creek Rd; McGhee Donald W and Wells W A Jr to Tamene Sosna T, $215,000.

13940 Ramblewood Dr; Top Gun Painting and Powerwash to Walls Paul Douglas and Tina M, $155,000.

6601 Regal Grove Dr; Montreal Llc to Eley Monica N, $264,000.

11818 Rimswell Pl; One Sas Llc to Ossa Juan Guillermo Sr, $307,000.

1709 Robindale Ct; Traubert Steven to Gordon Jarid and Catherine, $270,000.

1737 Rose Mill Cr; Christensen Mary H to Sharma Kapil, $228,000.

4140 Round Hill Dr; Schoch Jeffry T and Jeanne B to Berben Gail A Trustee, $214,500.

10300 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Harris C E and Darien E E, $286,300.

7731 Secretariat Dr; Spader Arthur N and Jeri A to Hill Lucas T and Toth Skylar L, $245,000.

7730 Shady Banks Tr; McDaniel Paula H to Khadiev Eldar R and Oksana, $215,500.

5406 Sherman Pl; Mannix Stephen to Fields Lauren, $174,000.

17230 Silver Maple Tr; Conners Trevor J to Austin Andrew S and Ashley A, $494,000.

11625 Smoketree Dr; Wesolosky Lorrie Krug to Gilliam Richard R and Colleen L, $245,000.

9415 Springhouse Dr; Mischal Sabrina M to Newsome John K and Rebecca B, $307,000.

9803 Stemwell Pt; Leprell James J and Anne W to Haynes Phyllis L M, $340,000.

3524 Sterling Brook Dr; Warthman Steven C and Renee M to Gregory Lariza and Howard D, $228,000.

1733 Stonemill Lake Ct; Sharma Vinod K to Shubick Stephen G, $235,000.

10306 Sun Ridge Ln; NVR Inc to Graham James W and Ellen B, $297,980.

3113 Tadley Dr; Pond Heath D and Alicia M to Fayman Pamela E and Brian L, $276,000.

12020 Taplow Rd; Vo Nguyen and Phan Duong to Stage James R and Annmargret, $291,000.

16825 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Teaster Edward C and Catherine B, $303,085.

2700 Tinsberry Dr; Montreal Llc to Hernandez Angel, $159,900.

14003 Trailtop Tr; Berkley Hosea and Kara to Mason Lance Philadrian, $235,000.

819 Vickilee Rd; NVR Inc to King William and Jeri, $323,805.

4420 Village Garden Cr; Washburn Mark G and Ahlers Erica to Hubbard Larry T and Susan C, $300,000.

1425 Water Willow Dr; Barry Paul V III and Christine S to Whitesel Isaac, $230,000.

13917 West Bay Dr; Disselkamp Edward G and Lisa M to O'Brien Steven P and Kellie, $365,000.

10970 Weybridge Rd; Higgins Gerard J and Edie K to White Richard A and Lynch J E, $263,700.

2511 Whitecastle Dr; Loll Kevin N and Tammy M to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc, $642,500.

11431 Wiltstaff Dr; Almond Rita R to Wilmoth Christine E, $229,000.

7854 Winding Ash Tr; Ferreri Michael J and Sowers A L to Morrissette Travis D E and Emily, $239,950.

15220 Windy Ridge Rd; Vierela Anne M to Cooley Nathalie Heather, $305,000.

14901 Wooferton Dr; Carroll James W and Maureen to West Jon D and Shannon O'Dell, $415,000.

9100 Wycliff Rd; Barnes J D and Jackson D M to Handwerk Joel D, $250,000.


9433 Assembly Way, Mechanicsville; Yong Su Choe to Joseph Andrew Seaton, $365,000.

8238 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders to Thomas Vincent Finan, $330,494.

13085 Beech Creek Lane, Ashland; Fresh Start Property Solutions LLC to Heather Turner Crouch, $390,000.

311 Berkley Woods Drive, Ashland; Robert E. Peatross to Charles P. Staudenmaier, $360,000.

3280 Black Creek Drive, Mechanicsville; Mechanicsville Holdings LLC to Mary J. Savage, $245,000.

7365 Cedarcrest Road, Hanover; Bobbie Faye Downey to Richard L. Griffin Jr., $629,500.

6427 Chenault Way, Mechanicsville; Cullen Brightwell to Peter David Cox, $215,000.

8399 Compass Court, Mechanicsville; Roy Douglas Andrews Jr. to Timothy M. Edwards, $277,000.

15396 Crowning Brook Lane, Doswell; Adam E. Nelson to Mark S. Giragosian, $475,000.

15267 Devonwood Road, Montpelier; Brian R. Johnson to Daniel E. Conway, $310,000.

7340 Edgeworth Road, Mechanicsville; Peter A. Blake to Matthew W. Hodges, $158,000.

7136 Foxbernie Drive, Mechanicsville; Lauren G. Mast to Kate Acuna Diaz, $230,000.

6421 Gaulding Road, Mechanicsville; Jana K. Smith to Kevin A. Garrett, $205,000.

16136 Grove View Road, Montpelier; Hunton Station LLC to Thomas S. Simpson, $514,950.

7027 Hartford Oaks Court, Mechanicsville; Robert O. Seifert to Craig Nelson, $420,000.

13650 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Jacob Brandon Smith, $321,600.

8166 Hillis Way, Mechanicsville; Frank J. Soltes to Kyle Patrick Mullins, $268,000.

422 N James St., Ashland; Nancy S. Steele to William Adams III, $256,500.

7499 John Henry Lane, Mechanicsville; Carlton E. Bosher Jr. to Jason W. Pheifer, $312,000.

7414 Kelshire Trace, Mechanicsville; Maria Regina D. Outten to Brittany Nicole Foulds, $210,000.

8078 Lake Haven Drive, Mechanicsville; Kathy L. Hatten to Daniel Francis Timberlake, $385,000.

12327 Lees Lane, Ashland; Donald E. Hanky to Mathew Hunter Denton, $248,000.

10105 Lindsay Meadows Drive, Mechanicsville; Jaime G. McClure to Mojowells Properties LLC, $252,500.

7129 Lynnroy Way, Mechanicsville; Jermial D. Gray to Michael Beauchamp, $238,000.

17228 Moodys Corner Lane, Montpelier; Douglas D. Kittle to Brian G. Wright, $522,500.

17562 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Ravil M. Kutyev to Mandy Dawn Ellis, $233,500.

9950 Orchard Meadow Road, Mechanicsville; Ousama H. Beydoun to William Gage, $374,900.

14245 Peacock Place, Montpelier; Chad W. Bordewyk to Matthew J. Nichols, $460,000.

7364 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Mohammad W. Samkari, $213,830.

10274 Penningcroft Lane, Mechanicsville; Edward A. Loughran III to Calvin Gray, $357,000.

7411 Pine Slash Road, Mechanicsville; William C. Edwards to Arland A. Jones, $449,900.

10605 Providence Green Drive, Ashland; Kendra L. Price to Deidre L. Belcher, $384,000.

214 Randolph Circle, Ashland; Paul J. Ennas to Jeremias Escobar Henriquez, $285,000.

1913 Retreat Drive, Mechanicsville; Dianne E. McCoy to Scott E. Parker, $340,000.

10989 Richardson Road, Ashland; Linda K. Terry to W. Winston LLC, $765,000.

9145 Robin Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Donald E. Kilby to Erin L.T. Arizmendi, $350,000.

10301 Scots Landing Road, Mechanicsville; Deidre L. Belcher to Franklin O. Berry Jr., $549,000.

7822 Silktree Place, Mechanicsville; Michael P. Farnsworth to Cynthia A.G. Lowery, $270,000.

8259 Soft Wind Court, Mechanicsville; Stephen B. Harper to Shanna L. Ross, $317,500.

6131 Stronghold Drive, Mechanicsville; Richard Paul Rozecki to Kimberly M. Jones, $1,912,000.

4662 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Alberto E. Galliano to Lawrence R. Buck, $295,000.

9964 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders to Tin Thanh Dang, $437,877.

9258 Swannanoa Trail, Mechanicsville; Tammy Marie Fahringer to Brittany C. Brightwell, $265,000.

9581 Thornecrest Drive, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Daniel James Fancett Stooks, $365,000.

8266 Trudi Place, Mechanicsville; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cat Saydlowski, $282,568.

7003 Walgrove Court, Mechanicsville; Melvin F. Newton to Casey M. Tomlinson, $229,000.

6426 Wedgewood Road, Mechanicsville; David L. Fontaine to Reginald L. Beasley, $254,950.

7112 White Pine Court, Mechanicsville; Brian D. Rath to Grant C. Alvis, $205,000.


3770 Aston Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Matthew L. Smith, $581,918.

1594 Brooks Edge Court, Powhatan; Michael J. Kitami, trustee to Mark Beach, $339,900.

1875 Fairpine Drive, Powhatan; Betty Steward Mullins to Paul S. Thomas, $280,000.

35 French's Store Road, Cumberland; Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason Young, $285,000.

2310 Graceland Drive, Powhatan; Timothy G. Phillips, executor to John Cornelius Raymond, $309,950.

2792 Maple Grove Lane East, Powhatan; Robert S. Watkins to David Charles Triano, $595,000.

2318 Mountain View Road, Powhatan; Robert E. Huntley to Erin Kathleen Scaparo, $194,000.

2011 Oneida Road, Powhatan; Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Patrick D. Callaway, $230,000.

1950 Pine Creek Ridge Terrace, Powhatan; Russell T. Taylor to Melissa Anne Christian, $316,000.

6086 Preakness Stakes Lane, Powhatan; HPCPET LLC to Nicholas Paul Wood, $344,500.

6091 Preakness Stakes Lane, Powhatan; Trademark Builders Inc. to Matthew Daniel Bareford, $350,000.

2749 Rocky Oak Road, Powhatan; Thomas W. Osborne to John R. Hill, $192,000.

1121 Schroeder Road, Powhatan; Betty Weaver to Keith Hollinghead, $218,000.

3922 St. Johns Village Way, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Elaine Kay Sargent, trustee, $292,900.

3051 St. Marys Way, Powhatan; Paul Denton Christopher to Peggy J. Krieger, $604,000.

3220 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Darren J. Golden to Anthony Fonash, $309,000.

3717 Whitechurch Court, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Bryan H. Sponza, $489,510.


155 Butterbush, Richmond; Harring Construction Co. to Bryan L. Hagen, $684,508.

607 Dover Bluff Circle, Manakin-Sabot; John B. Robinson to James Brian Campbell, $1,400,000.

3531 Hadensville Fife Road, Goochland; Millbrook Construction LLC to Jesse Thomas Liles, $249,950.

4957 Hill Road, Kents Store; Renovatio III LLC to William Richardson, $233,000.

604 Joe Brooke Lane, Manakin-Sabot; Joan B. Wilton to David M. Deviese, $994,000.

924 Manakin Road, Manakin-Sabot; Kim C. Shortell to Daniel Gertner, $450,000.

6 Red Fox Road, Manakin-Sabot; R. Paul Fairman to William J. Seay III, $520,000.

307 Riverside Court, Richmond; Philip Joseph Young to Fereidoon Ghahramani, $1,550,000.

4646 Slippery Rock Ave., Columbia; Renovatio III LLC to Christine Woznick-Taylor, $230,000.

2999 Willow Tree Lane, Sandy Hook; Daniel J. Brosnihan to Donald R. Fisher, $436,000.

738 Woodson Place, Manakin-Sabot; Ronald D. Wilkins to Jeffrey C. Trice, $1,495,000.


953 Hillside Drive and 92 Monument Ave.; James W. Blowe Jr. to River City Estates LLC, $205,000.

210 Medical Park Blvd.; Petersburg Investors LLC to Everest Southside MOB LLC, $6,866,400.

209 Perry St., Petersburg; Edens New Perry LLC to Ruth Bethune, $190,000.


163.5 acres; J. Peter Clements, trustee to Gordon W. Mason, trustee, $360,000.

5 lots; Bubbank Properties LLC to Kyle Granato, $165,000.

62.65 acres; Sunnyside Farm McKenney LLC to Channing F. Baskerville IV, $156,000.

77 acres; Sunnyside Farm McKenney LLC to Annsville Timber Co. LLC, $156,400.

Lot 85, Section 4, Sysonby Ridge; Surety Trustees LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, $158,400.


151 Breezy Hill Drive; Betty J. Perkins to Nancy C. Ronkartz, $225,000.

206 Clements Court; Kurt Gergle to Gerald D. Carsley III, $324,900.

705 Lundy Ave.; Danny W. Cawthon Jr. to Paul L. Hess, $182,000.

107 Tudor Road; Avag Petrosyan to Brenda Bates, $218,000.


509 Cobblestone Drive; Karen W. Wilson to Elmer Louis Carper, $195,000.

103 Oxford Road; Nickie L. Demet, trustee to Jimmy L. Holt, $220,000.

3705 Paul Karnes Drive; Vincent M. Wyche to Cheryl L. Carter, $224,900.


8019 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Robert Glaubke, $238,165.

2001 Cattail Road, New Kent; Mechanicsville Holdings LLC to Jill Buludis, $245,000.

13750 Cooks Mill Terrace, Lanexa; Andrew J. Flavin to Ronnie L. Best, $395,000.

9051 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Luther S. Hahn, $416,601.

5121 Good Hope Road, Lanexa; Tonya Witherow to Sandra E. Turnage, $235,000.

9501 Goodman Road, Quinton; Louis C. Clements Jr. to Anthony L. Zahradnick, $387,500.

7817 James Blair Lane, New Kent; K. Hovnanians Four Seasons at New Kent Vineyards to Lisa Christensen Sansone, $310,543.

6807 Mill Track Trace, Quinton; Timothy J. Durbin to Matthew J. Leckner, $390,000.

6250 Orchard Road, New Kent; Edwin T. Chapman to Journey Christian Fellowship, $375,000.

9051 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to John R. Crawford, $274,900.

7750 Southampton Way, New Kent; Luke F. Brady to Donna S. Venable, $239,950.

7601 Sugar Magnolia Lane, Quinton; Eastwood Homes of Richmond to Alan Bevard, $386,880.

3694 Virginia Rail Drive, Quinton; Janice D. Hembree to Michael T. Graham, $292,500.


119550 Allison Lane, South Prince George; Federal National Mortgage Association to David A. Pearson, $245,000.

1900 Chemin Road, South Prince George; Fetko Properties LLC to Kemper Elder, $182,900.

11375 Drake Lane, South Prince George; George F. Fetko to Thomas Derick Barnett, $175,000.

4305 Esposito Place, Prince George; Ronald E. Cahoon to Marcus E. Blowe, $165,000.

11208 Lancaster Drive, Disputanta; John B. Bivens to Dwaine K. Parham, $198,000.

14263 Prince George Drive, Disputanta; Robert L. Pack to Andrew M. Linkous, $344,500.

4032 Rotherham Circle, Prince George; C&L Construction LLC to Delmus R. Credle, $212,500.

7320 Trailing Rock Road, Prince George; Lindsay C. Fetko to Eric L. Williams, $202,950.

6240 Willow Hill Road, Spring Grove; Perry W. Wheeler to Gary R. Vaughan Jr., $196,000.


117 acres; Ralph V. Hill to Samuel F. Arrington Jr., $400,000.

15.627 acres; James R. Newell to Merlin Soraing LLC, $280,000.

3 acres; Gabriel Marsh to Ralph Rojas Jr., $169,950.

5 parcels; Thomas W. Current, trustee to 166 Investments LLC, $551,882.

Lot 1, Evergreen Acres; James T. Marsh to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $290,000.


2 acres; Donna V. Raynes, executor to Kevin E. Rayford, $212,900.

3.14 acres; SFC Properties LLC to Erick Travis Fletcher, $250,000.

333 acres; Robert Dwain Upshaw to John Carroll Broaddus, $1,296,000.

648 acres; Bear Island Paper WB LLC to 819 Virginia LLC, $2,000,000.

Lot 1090, Lake Caroline; Equity Trustees LLC to FFC Properties LLC, $196,678.

Lot 748, Lake Land'or Resort Development; ALG Trustee LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $151,290.

Lot 786, Lake Land'or Resort Development; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to Federal National Mortgage Association, $154,100.

Lot 873, Lake Caroline; Equity Trustees LLC to FFC Properties LLC, $155,500.

Lot B610, Lake Land'or Resort Development; Charles T. Leitch to Matthew Curtis Sorrow, $255,000.

Parcel; Deborah S. Cates LLC to Juan A. Martinez, $180,000.


71 Corann Drive, Aylett; Corann 1 LLC to Garrison Boone Jr., $170,000.

999 Enfield Road, Aylett; Douglas W. Tomlin to Melvin F. Newton, $210,000.

2670 North Oak Lane, West Point; E. Matt Rehim to Margaret Ice, $229,000.

205 Pleasant View Drive, Aylett; Matthew Hamblin to Christopher S. Cumber, $215,000.

546 Sara Court, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to David Ballance Jr., $221,668.


128 Exmoore Court; John R. Falzone, successor trustee to Deborah S. Roylance, $316,400.

417 Lewis Burwell Place; Kevin A. Panchison, trustee to Vincent Maione, $217,500.

4451 Lydias Drive; Lafayette LLC to Lewis Coleman Casey, $245,000.

3924 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Michael J. Klinger, $357,375.

121 Richmond Hill Drive; Mildred B. West, trustee to Carol L. Bender, $1,000,000.


4325 Audrey Lane, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to David E. Browne, $371,400.

5408 Beverly Lane, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Mark W. Young, $350,300.

6 Bromley Drive, Williamsburg; Joseph S. Terrell Jr. to Stephen Stockton Neese, $160,000.

3139 Cider House Road, Toano; Denise C. Hill to Virgil C. Farley, $325,000.

6346 Cordelia Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to David Winford Patterson, $316,115.

413 Dogleg Drive, Williamsburg; Geraldine A. Abbatiello, trustee to Edward Tucker, $295,000.

129 Ferncliff Drive, Williamsburg; Raymond James Trust, successor trustee to Michael James Joyce Sr., $325,000.

8607 Fielding Circle, Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Marlene Wilson, $285,000.

2133 S Henry St., Williamsburg; Nancy S. Holt to Bonnie J. McSherry, $235,000.

903 Jackson Drive, Williamsburg; Frank J. Paolicelli to John F. Burt IV, $228,500.

119 John Bratton, Williamsburg; Thomas R. Niles III to John C. Perry, $518,000.

4364 Landfall Drive, Williamsburg; David M. Cromwell, trustee to Tony M. Antonaccio, $684,500.

113 Links of Leith, Williamsburg; Ann V. Riggenbach to Julie T. Crist, $400,000.

4119 Longview Landing, Williamsburg; Richard J. Businelle to Frank R. Elegar, $535,000.

117 Mattaponi Drive, Williamsburg; Buddy J. Dye, trustee to William J.H. Ward II, $359,900.

4035 Mill Dam Court, Williamsburg; Corey L. Beasley to Daniel M. Collins, $315,000.

4739 Minutemen Way, Williamsburg; Collette J. Canady to Charles Frederick Sobel, $238,000.

125 Old Field Road, Williamsburg; Gregory Joel Allen III to Dixon Lee Jackson Jr., $246,500.

107 Plains View Road, Williamsburg; Daniel A. Procter to Randy C. Desch, $235,000.

6126 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Robin C. Crawford, $325,720.

802 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Travis N. McNitt, $240,900.

6009 Red Fox Circle, Williamsburg; Lecia J. Dye to Ward F. Cox, $245,500.

3028 Ridge Drive, Toano; Steven C. Norton to Carrie F. Stevenson, $374,999.

3515 Saunders Bridge, Williamsburg; Dennis W. Murray to Byron Royce Bowden, $396,250.

109 Spring Road, Williamsburg; Richard N. Karpinski to Jeffrey T. Skinner, $321,500.

2815 Strategy Court, Williamsburg; David L. Carter to Brian I. McCleary, $385,000.

109 Warren Pond Road, Toano; Joan L. Hellman to Mark C. Fiegl, $299,900.

7543 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Gilbert Campos, $318,925.

4148 Windmill Road, Williamsburg; Judith Ann Meskil to Dorothea Elanie Kelley, $216,100.

111 Woodhall Spa, Williamsburg; Lawrence E. Morrow to Alexandria J. Noce, $366,300.

6591 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to John T. Leitner, $562,190.

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