The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, King & Queen, Petersburg and Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


3400 2nd Ave; Howard Ruth V to Llewellyn Paul E Jr, $189,500.

804 W 28th St; Fallen Gerald Edward to Fallen Ross Victor, $219,000.

117 W 33rd St; Rva Rentals Llc to Carson Gilbert Jr, $290,000.

1016 W 48th St; A & E Enterprise Llc to Brumley Justin Ray, $315,000.

2410 Barton Ave; Barton Avenue Land 2 Land Trust to Dewyea Justin, $240,000.

601 Boroughbridge Road; Thompson Stephanie J to Tofflemire Libby J, $196,000.

5015 Caledonia Road; Currie Mary Virginia Trustee to Lugbill Jon P and Gillian C, $500,000.

2619 E Clay St; Morris John G and Sue C to Pleveich Lauren, $287,500.

1315 Decatur St; Cole Kahnica to Menendez Jose Pablo, $250,000.

620 Faye St; McLaughlin Rose L to Beasley John E, $153,000.

3407 W Franklin St; Callender Ealena S to Neal Willie C Jr, $370,000.

2803 W Grace St; Columbine Limited Liability Co to Rent Me Rva Llc, $320,000.

1319 Greycourt Ave; Chaulklin Matt G to Netto Lindsey, $265,000.

1708 Hanover Ave; Beverage Jerome M and Gail M to Lyski James R, $875,000.

4005 N Huguenot Road; Ax David Dean and Renae Sue to Miller Clayton Monroe, $179,950.

1224 Irby Dr; Davis Stephen R to Noe Amanda R, $169,950.

6026 Lamar Dr; Bronlon Group Llc to Dreams & Opportunties Llc, $155,000.

1703 W Leigh St; Corbett Mary V to Kunzie Bradley, $270,000.

3222 Mark Road; Masonry & Concrete Llc to Perry Willie L Jr, $170,000.

2640 Melbourne Dr; Mishra Saswat to Jones Barbara Kay, $183,600.

2913 Montrose Ave; Curtis Angela to Macchi Isadora E, $230,000.

2521 O St; Deworth Restoration Associates to Critics Rebecca A, $379,950.

6116 Patterson Ave; McClellan Joel R to Congable Jeffrey P, $350,000.

311 Roslyn Road; Harding Michael T to Garnett James B and Elizabeth B, $1,225,000.

3917 Sterling St; Cumfer Shawn to Radford Timothy M and Selina, $234,950.

7434 Tanglewood Road; Carlile Rhonda to Staples Jennifer D, $205,000.

1226 Warren Ave; Strickland Adam C to Hutchinson Beth E, $258,500.


2001 Airy Cir, Henrico; Lorentzen Jesper to Williams Wendy B, $175,000.

614 Arbor Press Ct, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Menon Hrishikesh and B G Mahadevaiah, $612,144.

12322 Ashton Mill Ter, Glen Allen; Gutermuth Matthew G and Sdg to Jones Russell J and Sarah J, $499,000.

5504 Axe Handle Ln, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Hoggatt John H and Amy T, $704,552.

10720 Balvis Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Miriyala Veerendra, $504,187.

11441 Barrington Bridge Ct, Henrico; Bhargava Divakar and Madhu to Sismanis Dimitrios N and Georgia Thomas, $1,195,000.

5600 Belstead Ln, Glen Allen; Kelleher Bruce M Jr and J A to Cetani Cynthia Candice and Marcie, $691,000.

5306 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Douroux Ninette Delery Trustee, $422,586.

5310 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Nadimpalli Suryanarayana Raju Et Al, $399,765.

10604 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Desai Ripal and Shah Neha, $343,000.

10622 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Tiemens Linda M, $421,420.

6113 Bickerstaff Pl, Henrico; Cunningham Jimmy to Bolling Miyoshi, $205,000.

6991 Bolelyn Dr, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Woodson Tillmon and Patrice Johnson, $350,670.

4342 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to James Steven Sr, $273,000.

413 Bonruth Pl, Henrico; Randol Arthur G III and Gayle K Trst to Turnage Bobby N Jr and Elisabeth H, $675,000.

1800 Bremo Rd, Henrico; Meuschke Walter G and Lois G to Harris Christopher Ryan and Angel E, $395,000.

404 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Abdelmutalab Muawia and Intisar A Ali, $460,131.

5922 Brookfield Rd, Henrico; Collins Ronald C and Belinda R to Kendell Steve W and Eunice P, $236,000.

1033 Brookwood Glen Ln, Glen Allen; Couch Matthew A and Elizabeth H to Epling Teiji L, $206,000.

2507 Burnley Ave, Henrico; Gehler Kristine M to Phillips Audrey M, $234,000.

4633 Callao Way, Glen Allen; Lynch Christopher M and Kimberly B to Blecha Judy Lee Trustee, $412,000.

9720 Candace Ter, Glen Allen; Vorobiov Julie A and Adam K Ligon to Briggs Tyra L, $167,000.

104 Casey Meadows Pl, Sandston; Bower Robert J to Mitchell Wayne A and Bettie T, $340,000.

8214 Chamberlayne Rd, Henrico; Dean Carolyn and Fred Boyd Et Al to Shelton Luke Andrew and Lauren Ann, $225,000.

504 Chandler Cir, Henrico; Gilman Thomas C to Homecrafters Inc, $383,900.

2609 Clary Preston Dr, Henrico; Peng Jennifer and Kuo Long and Chun Lan Yu to Ghanawi Areej G, $300,000.

4189 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen; King James L and Nancy B Trust to Spaulding Ralph W and Elizabeth S Et Al, $430,000.

1041 Connecticut Ave, Glen Allen; George Jacob to Terrell Reginald B and Ashley Lacey, $300,000.

3214 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Salminen Kevin Leigh, $648,554.

5410 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Munno Joseph I, $405,650.

2913 Cottage Cove Dr, Henrico; Jones Cynthia B to Holtz John B and Gracia R, $535,900.

5701 Creek Mill Way, Glen Allen; Stiff James E C and Mary C to Dewitt Molly A and Jackson C, $400,000.

4810 Croft Ct, Glen Allen; Moore Jerald F Jr to Sims Travis M and Jennifer R, $265,000.

2401 Crystal Ridge Rd, Henrico; Moorefield Kenneth E III and Courtney R to Durr Donald David Jr, $260,000.

12300 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Johnny C L and Mary E Wong Living Trust, $1,164,268.

1116 Dominion Townes Pl, Henrico; Jackson Tamara M to Calvin Anita V, $175,000.

7709 Durvin Dr, Henrico; Shaw Amber N and Alexander T to Leggett Christopher C, $210,000.

109 Early Ave, Sandston; Edwards Gary L Sr and Evelyn D to Piox Christine E and Waldemar Piox Pangan, $160,000.

5000 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Rasmussen Henrik F and Kristina M, $844,770.

11091 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $205,000.

5408 Elmwood Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Wong Kevin J and Corey A K to Ternig Jeffrey A and Victoria A, $420,000.

3002 Emporia St, Henrico; Jtg Associates Llc to Clayton Robert L Jr and Martha Galloway, $170,000.

4428 Everville Dr, Henrico; Pena Victor Immanuel and Ada Christine to Nguyen Phung, $280,000.

105 Finial Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Tenhoeve Edward III and Wendy B Trustees, $668,259.

1 Flatwater Row, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Clark Allen S, $392,692.

11005 Forest Trace Way, Glen Allen; Carmax Auto Superstores Inc to Wheeler Keith D II and Stephanie E Wilson, $285,000.

6507 W Franklin St, Henrico; Jamison James J III and Elizabeth G to Kane James E, $374,950.

2403 Fruehauf Rd, Henrico; Zarfoss Brenda J to Moore Jerald F, $153,000.

1707 Geffert Dr, Henrico; Westbrook Louis N Sr and Inell S to McLauren Effell Jr and Cynthia, $173,000.

2489 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Cooke Matthew D Sr, $590,715.

6813 W Grace St, Henrico; Cornwall Llc to Sierra Ivette M, $197,500.

1424 Green Pasture Rd, Sandston; Meekins Kendell to Foutz David L III and Leighlin M Jones, $154,950.

2611 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Hensle Christopher L and Lawrence F to Morris Darryl A, $172,500.

4601 Halley's Cir, Glen Allen; Khem Thorn Bun and Say Mao to Bullard Katherine Paige, $247,000.

1201 Hatteras Rd, Sandston; Cannaday Joseph L and Oletha C to Butler Ronald E Jr and Lori C, $165,000.

8025 Heavenly Valley Dr, Henrico; Cedar Homes Investments Llc to Hubbard Derick John, $277,500.

3801 Heverley Dr, Glen Allen; Lee Robert E Jr and Angela M to Keon Joseph Clement and Donnie Dudgeon, $675,000.

5012 Hickory Meadows Pl, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Ponraj Viswanath and Sugandhi Viswanath, $649,951.

501 S Holly Ave, Henrico; Adkins Barbara G and Patricia J Green to Morrow Rodney C, $167,900.

10858 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Pookandy Jaseem A and H A P, $442,500.

600 Ironington Rd, Henrico; Lee Eulalia B to Hubbard Thomas Michael and Susan M Et Al, $350,000.

10026 Joppa Pl, Henrico; Wtp Lc to Nicholas Victor G and Jeffrey Burgdoerfer, $185,000.

5921 Ketterley Row, Glen Allen; Yadav Navin and Jennifer G to Reese Sarah E and Robert W, $627,500.

7728 King Eider Dr, Henrico; Dj Case Llc to Allen Marvin L Sr, $254,950.

3036 Lakewood Rd, Glen Allen; Griffis Kevin J and Julia W to Gallardo Kalidasa G and May P, $290,000.

114 Lee Ave, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Cardinal Point Llc, $210,000.

649 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Robinson Jacqueline L, $186,610.

1678 Liberty Bell Ct, Henrico; Arch Capital Partners Llc to Payne Caroline A, $180,000.

2300 Littlefox Dr, Henrico; Selleck Lorie to Myers Karen E and David A Walker, $306,500.

8712 Lonepine Rd, Henrico; Saltz Thomas F to Perryman Jordan E and Amber N, $194,000.

400 Lynchell Pl, Henrico; Jairath Sanjeev K and Arti L to Joshi Shweta N and Sudhindra Muralidhar, $785,000.

12252 Manor Crossing Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Mohammed Farooq and Shahid Akhtar, $475,930.

9207 Mapleway Rd, Henrico; Bickett Denise K and David G Kierson to Airewele Nelson E, $178,000.

1002 Marney Ct, Henrico; Woodbridge Corrine L to Zavell Andrea C, $540,000.

1406 Middleberry Dr, Henrico; Gottwald John to Underwood Ryan Christopher and Kara Jones, $156,000.

2901 Migration Ct, Henrico; Tran That Kim and Daing C Ung to King Tammy, $230,000.

8613 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Fuller Samantha A and David to Amin Parimal and Hina, $185,000.

3071 Montfort Loop, Henrico; Higgins Brooke K to Princivil Jacinta C, $187,500.

5709 Monumental Ave, Henrico; Davis Elizabeth J to Mitchell Luther G II and Barbara A Jones, $355,000.

1515 Mornell St, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Griffin Rasheeda, $172,500.

4104 Mountain Spring Ter, Glen Allen; Chawla Sudhir and P Chawla to Holsomback Debbie I and Richard L Jr, $464,950.

2116 New Berne Rd, Henrico; Hoyle Joseph K and Keely B Gramling to Glover Stephen J and Elizabeth A, $261,250.

4307 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Darla Kiran Kumar, $252,000.

5504 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Garcia Daniel, $249,415.

5524 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Chantrell Sarah, $253,270.

9014 Norwick Rd, Henrico; Linas Philip A and Norma N to Terry Charles Walker and Victoria W, $650,000.

3016 Oakley Pointe Ter, Henrico; Alemayehu Amen and Birrye Tolera to Dawes Adam M and Ayers G, $260,000.

1111 Ocala Rd, Henrico; Roy Joshua C and Sarah E Posey to Martin Melody C, $240,000.

5207 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Raines Lisa A, $506,768.

5321 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Withers James L and Marsha J, $319,170.

5327 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Ewing Ashlee C, $305,151.

5333 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Wilson Brett G and Sophia, $317,797.

5325 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Percy David Allison and Leslie Ann, $405,484.

5333 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to MacKenzie George W and Nancy Lynn, $432,985.

1413 Olde Sage Ct, Glen Allen; Jin Chengwei and Xiaoxia Sun to Cech Jiri and Sylvia Zaremska, $275,000.

930 Pale Moon Dr, Glen Allen; Federal National Mortgage Association to Baker Charles, $225,000.

1511 Patriot Cir, Glen Allen; King Katharyn V to Sullivan Donna, $235,000.

2116 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Liu Xuan, $332,035.

2126 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Carter Montia Denise, $336,850.

2230 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Wilkinson Carolyn Nunley, $337,000.

2236 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Hodge Deborah S, $362,900.

2422 Poates Dr, Henrico; Minton Joann P to Nordrow Investments Llc, $170,000.

12222 Poplar Forest Dr, Henrico; Mizic Hasan and Azra to 12222 Poplar Forest Llc, $280,000.

12296 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Hashuri Karimdad and Bassira Sahebzada, $782,545.

12363 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to McGarry Michael T and Michele I, $1,054,985.

11109 Quail Roost Ct, Glen Allen; Flores Patricio and Gloria Trustees to Meade Thomas and Kristine Sinkovic, $245,900.

1513 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc to Rebar Beverly Ann, $205,470.

924 Rasmussen Dr, Sandston; 4sale Llc to Walden Brian K and Heather R, $249,950.

7068 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Karnuah Othello N and Amelia M Cummings, $320,500.

5951 River Rd, Henrico; Bel Arbor Builders Inc to Perkinson Homes Inc, $420,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U107, Henrico; Wiles Tory and Karen to Laptas Karen A, $170,000.

11501 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Sharma Renu and Rajbir Chaggar, $738,259.

211 Roslyn Hills Dr, Henrico; Williams Isaac J and Katherine B to Drozeski Kurt R, $392,500.

9600 Running Creek Rd, Glen Allen; Walker Michele R to Shahadat Md A and Mita Jabbar, $189,350.

11917 Rutgers Dr, Henrico; Boring Charles T and Kelly S to Moorefield Kenneth E III and Courtney R, $415,000.

11332 Sadler Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Soman Sumod and Sindu Kunil to Kim James Yang, $306,000.

4332 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Bruner Ronald Scott, $294,990.

3909 Sethwarner Ct, Glen Allen; Jacques Jean-Frederick and Charisse to Shannon Michael Andrew and Joy V, $599,950.

10008 Shifflett Ct, Glen Allen; Rfs Enterprises Llc to Rourke Thomas Michael, $240,000.

566 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Atack Properties Inc to Mears Michelle, $322,500.

4120 Sprenkle Ln, Henrico; Kelley Stephanie to Pimsuwan Suwath and Somsin, $205,000.

9706 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; McKenny Louis J and Ruby J to Lin Pin and Yuan Hang, $150,000.

4504 Stable Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Patel Chintankumar V and Neepaben C, $458,956.

11089 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Atack Properties Inc to Home Sweet Home Properties Llc, $220,000.

7417 Stoneman Rd, Henrico; Harris Jonathan D to Loiseau Bria Simone, $187,950.

5417 Sunset Oak Way, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Stacer Timothy M and Kristina A, $447,145.

10518 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Adekoya Olabokun Demilade Et Al, $365,526.

225 Taylor Farm Ln, Sandston; Patrick Whitney Archie to McLane Aswad and Shereeta, $240,000.

1037 Telegraph Station Ln, Glen Allen; Thinhg Chan Verek and Dany Tes to Truong Loi Tai and Trang Vo Thanh Nguyen, $261,000.

5119 Tiffanywoods Ct, Henrico; Hogg O Woodland Jr and Bradley M Boykin to Stitt Kira Nicole, $169,950.

132 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Holmes Jeneka M, $209,730.

2903 Triple Notch Ct, Henrico; Gatewood Nancy H Estate to Griffith Jesse R and Robin T Kelley, $397,000.

2418 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Lusnickic Berisa and Hava Mandzic to Habibpour Reza and Habibeh Nouranianarjan, $269,950.

4640 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Fakhori Emanuel Lutfi and Alvelis, $490,037.

4664 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Meesala Gopi and Rama S Nagam, $439,906.

2202 Viking Ln, Henrico; Roman Jordan M and Donna D to McLaughlin Glen J, $191,400.

4012 Virgil Ct, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Whalen Daniel James and Cristine R, $274,950.

10505 Walbrook Dr, Henrico; Mahon Lawrence to Salomonsky Anita, $300,000.

8506 Weldon Dr, Henrico; Carpenter Gabrielle D and Paul M to Housecall Properties Llc, $195,000.

10918 Westek Dr, Henrico; Sibold Robin L to Matthews Patrick, $250,000.

12700 Westin Estates Dr, Glen Allen; Jr Walker Homes Llc to Patel Aarat and Shital, $1,660,500.

1192 Willow Lawn Dr, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to White John Jay and Catherine H Trustees, $717,985.

318 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Page Shelby H, $219,000.

327 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Nguyen Julie and Kevinkhiem Ta, $234,900.

7931 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Hamilton Marina, $300,169.

706 Woodberry Rd, Henrico; Cannon Eleanor H and Wayne to Meredith Branch Llc, $415,000.

12301 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Corporation to Boone Homes Inc, $170,000.

4919 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Jones Eileen M to Collie Christopher J and Jessica D, $346,000.


11920 Aberdeen Landing Tr; Wohlert David Lee and Patricia J to Hornsby William Darin and Tate V, $720,000.

11007 Aldera Pl; NVR Inc to McNeal Lester and Lopez Tanya, $478,490.

8407 Amington Ln; Webb Derek and Comeforo M R to Bivins Elisa Brooke, $389,950.

2006 Apple Orchard Ct; Baskin Willie A and Delores C to Meza Guillermo M Et Al, $229,950.

6778 Arbor Meadows Dr; Tankersley Kenneth W and Deborah to Hammond Joseph M and Belinda, $278,000.

7525 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Mason C L Jr and Mason L W Trs, $384,254.

14512 Ashmill Dr; NVR Inc to Qizilbash Hannah and Holtz P, $284,227.

5931 Autumnleaf Dr; Patrick Dean T and Bonnie F to Preston Phylicia A and Gary A, $282,950.

9119 Bailey Oak Dr; Forehand Timothy E and A M to Miller Myriam E and Jeffrey Alan, $305,000.

4208 N Bailey Bridge Rd; Rolfe Stuart T Marital Trust to Pausano Fidel Altamira, $164,000.

21014 Baileys Grove Ct; Liberty Homes Inc to Page Ta'neshia, $207,000.

1719 Bantry Dr; Engel Richard H II and Jessica L to Rosen Michael S and Nicole H, $328,000.

5319 Beaver Spring Rd; Drake Jonathan E and Barbara J to Hickman Jamie D, $275,000.

6108 Belgreen Ct; Sec Of Us Dept Housing and Urban to King Monica S, $154,950.

7612 Belmont Stakes Dr; Abed Ali Jawhar and Alshaikh N to Bullen Howard R and Elizabeth P, $242,900.

4711 Bexwood Dr; Martin Frank L and Martin B N to Carter Zachory, $210,000.

5437 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Marshall Jules R and Stephenie T, $287,680.

9013 Blooming Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Archer Jesse W and Cathy H, $487,228.

15825 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Manasco Mark C and Betty Jo P, $311,972.

4701 Bonnie Brae Rd; Bell Lonnie Jr to Banks Robert Legrant and Dianna, $236,000.

10001 Brading Ln; Mullen James to Nicholson Joann, $300,000.

11818 Brentwood Arbor Ct; Clarke William E and Kristen B to Briggs Carl Douglas, $260,000.

400 Bridge Creek Ct; Knox David J to Riegel Jason D and Murphy S P, $352,000.

10466 Brynmore Dr; Armstead Alvin and Charla R to White Jonn J and Torri L, $245,000.

12436 Buffalo Nickel Dr; Pingora Loan Servicing Llc to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $262,015.

9338 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Smith Marvin and Jeanette, $361,864.

5515 Buxton Ct; Rosenquist David A and P L to Sungailiene Vita and Sungaila V, $231,000.

2021 Castlebridge Rd; King Robert W and Whitney W to Nikpour Darioush and Luciana C, $396,408.

10205 Centralia Station Rd; Smithland Company Llc to Smith Brandon L and Dimattia E N, $293,000.

5407 Chanson Rd; April Joseph T III to Shelton Hillary M, $183,000.

10501 Christina Rd; Td Homes Llc Trustee to Cooper Carol L, $231,000.

14425 Clearcreek Pl; Sharma Nitin and Renu S to Jolley Lorenzo A and Kathy L, $450,000.

9212 Clovis St; NVR Inc to Emanuel Rashidah Martha, $259,475.

7612 Cotfield Rd; Hensley Carrie Lynn to Mayorga Alex E and Davila Raul R, $197,500.

7031 Courthouse Rd; Fox John R and Ellen M to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $155,492.

5427 Creek Heights Dr; Hopkins Sharon L to Austin James R and Susan W, $310,000.

10002 Cutter Dr; Nott-Spruill W R and Spruill R W to Davis Jeannette Ellen Trustee, $240,000.

6619 Cyrus St; Sla Construction Llc Trustee to Moran Ascencio Alit Roxana, $162,500.

3741 Darby Dr; Torrance Gary and Rhodes J L to Enroughty William P and Cabot H, $550,000.

8424 Den Bark Dr; Thomas Robert W and Hazel D to Kelchner Phyllis, $225,000.

14936 Dogwood Ridge Ct; Pittenger Broc A to Boykin Delonte D A and Latoya M, $244,500.

13230 Drakewood Rd; Popp Deborah G to King Benjamin H and Alena D, $409,950.

4401 Dunraven Rd; Bass Dorothy M Estate to Heimbuch Timothy K and Katherine, $316,000.

12701 Ellenbrook Pl; Nicholas Kathy N to Ekam Kaur Llc, $206,000.

2513 Exhall Ct; Pennymac Loan Services Llc to Ekam Kaur Llc, $164,005.

1942 Farnborough Dr; Slugg Robert G and Laurie C to Bridges Christopher and Kacey, $600,000.

1400 Fernleaf Dr; Turlington Jean B to Weinland Erin and Stephan, $190,000.

7504 Flag Tail Dr; Hauser Steve H to Thompson Stephanie J, $230,000.

2902 Fox Chase Dr; Holmes Kyle D and Joshua M to Ocal Nuray and Ozmeric Ugur, $260,000.

15824 Garston Ln; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Edwards William G Sr and Kelly M, $822,420.

8700 Glen Royal Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Singh Jaspal and Kaur Jaswinder, $437,025.

8961 Glen Royal Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Griffin William E and Bethaney A, $469,990.

16606 Gossamer Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Vanshura Robert and Susyn D, $370,000.

15230 Greenhart Dr; NVR Inc to Jackson Gina Colleen, $378,081.

9919 Greywell Tr; NVR Inc to Outen Dwayne, $324,413.

7944 Halyard Tr; Smith Bruce E and Dawn to Hughes Heather Rackey, $229,000.

8212 Hampton Glen Dr; Chen Jungjuin to Morris Ciera, $355,000.

3936 Harvette Dr; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Guo Liang Shu, $150,225.

11937 Helmway Ct; Hhhunt Homes L C to Williams-Reynolds Mario D and E, $425,000.

4201 Hiddenwell Ln; Prospect Custom Homes-Wellspri to Meadows Katherine M, $309,950.

8413 Highmarker Ct; Lifestyle Home Builders to Cousins Michael S and Lovallo D, $494,056.

10111 Holly Trace Ct; White Norman S and Gertrude J to Black Reef Trust, $165,000.

8304 Houghton Pl; Kohler Brenton N and Laura J to Talman Richard E III and Calla P, $289,000.

6925 Irongate Dr; Christiana Trust Trustee to Fuentes Argueta Ulises A Et Al, $197,500.

3507 Ivyridge Dr; Roberts Rufus G IV and April M to Ingargiola J A and Ingargiola A, $249,900.

2018 James Overlook Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Lawrence K L and Johnson Q T, $463,590.

16868 Jaydee Ct; Apollonio Steven and Jamie G to Toland Hugh J IV and Elizabeth T, $415,000.

6625 Jessup Rd; Biggs Gary A to Mejia Hector G and Sales Ramos M, $170,000.

9807 Kendelwick Dr; Ky Charley H to Hp Virginia I Llc, $292,000.

14005 Key Deer Dr; Lythgoe Michael G to Breuscher Angelique, $219,000.

2839 Kingsdale Rd; Brown Elwood Jr to Mejia Perez Fernando A Sr, $175,500.

9513 Krause Rd; Buckley Adam J and Sandra J to Hill Jeffery S and Smith J E, $204,950.

16419 Lambourne Rd; Lowry Bradford R and Rachel L to Dale Matthew L and Jocelyn W, $540,000.

1600 Laurel Top Dr; Clark Henry T III and Clark J C to Brown Randy L and Stacy C, $297,500.

14707 Little Hawk Ct; Wertz Stephen S to Webb Anthony W, $299,900.

3718 Litton Ct; River City Custom Homes Inc to Kolesar Bradley E and Jenna N, $526,479.

9543 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Floyd Bradley A and Melissa L to Battles Jalisa Kelsey and Devon, $200,000.

14200 Long Hill Rd; Riveros Cristian to Kanipes John R and Morgan M, $257,400.

3218 Ludgate Rd; McCracken Michael J and Pamela E to Tdz Properties Llc, $178,000.

3206 Meadow Glen Ln; Murray Joel to Patel Shitalben H, $242,000.

5616 S Melbeck Rd; Hill James R Jr and Hay Karen H to Maggie Walker Comm Land Tr The, $170,000.

16017 Meridian Av; Martin Earnest M Jr Trustee to Hill David M and Carol W, $185,000.

8506 Middle Lp; Cooke David C and Linda G to Moore Marquita L, $159,000.

12718 Millstep Tr; Deely Timothy R Estate to Jcm III Llc, $210,126.

15748 Moss Fire Ct; Hemcher Charles M III and J S to Moats Mallory, $480,000.

2107 Mount Blanco Rd; Tipton Bernadette R to Adams Scott P and Jessica L, $250,000.

4013 Newbys Bridge Rd; Cerdas Erick and Patricia to Wade Timothy P and Amanda M, $285,000.

13626 Northwich Dr; Heinkel Richard H and Buchanan S to Booker Michael B and Jennifer M, $450,000.

20005 Oak River Dr; Heilman Brian W and McCabe M L to Gurgel Joshua David, $255,000.

12400 Olde Queen Ct; Hutchinson Ashley R to Hester Jason A and Elizabeth L, $425,000.

4415 Overridge Dr; Kelley Shelkieta R to Virginia Housing Dev Authority, $167,233.

4606 Parrish Branch Rd; Hendren Rebecca to Wilczynski Amber, $224,000.

3713 Pennyweight Ct; NVR Inc to Jauregui F and Valentin E III, $378,940.

7206 Pineleaf Dr; Brooks Scott L to Pulley Kasey Lee, $199,000.

1925 Pocoshock Bl; Aliff Mary Elizabeth to Epich Claire J and Breithbarth H, $200,000.

12324 Point Sunrise Ct; Ardila Maria E to Whatley Peter C and Susan C, $305,000.

10106 Post Horn Dr; Porter Stephen D and Diane E to Waynick Michael O and Williams A, $200,000.

8919 Proctors Run Ct; Kustush Elaine to Six Cynthia Marie, $282,720.

15637 Pypers Pointe Dr; Jdmd Properties Llc to Foster Robert Earl and Audrey W, $220,000.

617 Quarterpath Ln; Krzcuik James J Jr and Susanne R to Dean Brian S and Sharon L, $225,000.

2708 Rams Ct; Avis Krystal L M and Kemar J to Campbell Brian and Mariah, $225,000.

16418 Ravenchase Wy; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Walmach Ronald H and Denise R, $489,990.

9921 Reams Rd; Sla Construction Llc Trustee to Indus Estates Llc, $158,000.

5316 Ridgerun Tr; Tran That Kim and Sok Sokhom to Saxton Wade S and Lindsey R, $180,000.

14025 Riverdowns North Pl; Urick Jonathan D and Jennifer L to Hitchcock Matthew M and Jennifer, $559,950.

13801 Rockhaven Dr; Shifflett Joseph M to Calapati Raymond T and Vivian M, $244,950.

3208 Roland View Tr; Kounnas Christopher and Maria to White Scott Randolph, $167,000.

8602 Royal Birkdale Dr; Brennan James H and Shelby J to White Nicholas J, $336,500.

13908 Sagewood Tc; Heath William E and Sharon L to Wheeler James M, $221,500.

7821 Salem Church Rd; May Louann B and May Ronald L to Garcia Carlos Manuel Gomez, $199,500.

5324 Sandy Ridge Ct; NVR Inc to Snyder Zachary C and Hannah K, $275,527.

14206 Santell Dr; Ward Matthew and Phyllis to Christiana Trust Trustee, $151,367.

10756 Savoy Rd; Edwards Maurion A to Sandoval Federico Espina, $170,000.

16000 Searchlight Ct; Corbett Charles C and Teresa Y to Ocwen Loan Servicing Llc, $177,997.

3414 Shady Creek Rd; Williams Kris to Lopez Herrera Gina A, $157,000.

200 Sheffey Ln; Eggleston J C Et Al Trustees to Oulie Michael N, $239,500.

10441 Shumark Dr; Bradbury Jeffrey W to Gordon Kristi A, $165,000.

7537 Silver Mist Av; Singh Amritpal and Kaur Manpreet to Scott Billie J Jr and Patty A, $315,000.

4037 Simons Dr; Osegueda Cindy Mariela to Alston Melissa Janet, $158,000.

8300 Sir Lionel Pl; French Marcus W to Henry Chrishona, $220,000.

1247 Southam Dr; Aligned Properties Llc to Ocampo Paulyn and Jeffrey G, $223,000.

14101 Spyglass Hill Cr; Wright Jayne R Trustee to Patterson Larry N and Michele R, $320,000.

41 Stanmore Rd; Maycor Real Estate Serv Llc to Balderson Lesley, $159,950.

5951 E Stonepath Garden Dr; Lackey Markley H and Roma A to Lackey Andrea L and Jacobus R W, $270,000.

9037 Sugar Hill Pl; Hill Homes Inc to Deal Zachary and Ulrich Jayne, $370,000.

5310 Sunbeam Rd; C Allen Construction Inc to Hernandez G and Hernandez E, $230,000.

316 Sunset Bl; 316 Sunset Boulevard Series to Dempsey Brett and Leroy Kara, $244,900.

11100 Sweetbay Arbor Pl; Patel Keyur and Krutika to Curtis David N Jr, $250,000.

3030 Tanya Tr; Pommert Curtis J and Pommert K L to Lord Kenneth and Hertsch Lesley, $184,950.

3300 Terrybluff Dr; Beaton Steven Bradford to Beaton Thomas and Laurie, $188,000.

3025 Three Bridges Rd; Young Cindy V to Zamborsky Joseph and Joan, $209,300.

8437 Timberstone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Alexander Jasmine M and Louis F, $399,950.

6101 Trail Ride Dr; Eastwood Homes to Drakes Kimesha Kimberly, $511,380.

1718 Tulip Hill Dr; Creative Home Concepts Llc to Zimmerman Susan C Et Als, $856,000.

13813 Turtle Hill Rd; Atkinson C E and Atkinson N L to Dillon Jonathan W and Elizabeth, $245,000.

18024 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Bolton Chris and Nancy, $355,826.

1713 Upperbury Dr; Addams Leonard E and Marnie E to Burkett Malorie Gay, $370,000.

9900 N Wagstaff Cr; Richmond Home Investment Llc to McMahon Merredith A, $240,000.

14508 Walthall Dr; Hixon Lee Franklin Jr to Buggle-Zampieri Kelly H Et Al, $243,700.

601 Watch Hill Rd; Alderman Gerald L to Giessel Matthew J and Leysi G C, $275,000.

102 Water Pointe Ct; Carrington Asalene R to Thomas Marylou B, $163,000.

11700 Westbury Bluff Dr; Sprouses Corner Llc to McIntyre Gregory L and Sharon R, $280,000.

4733 Wilconna Rd; Ellis Stuart H Jr to Wetzler Steven Ray, $155,000.

7800 Winding Ash Tr; Lawson Douglas L to Liverman Justin B, $222,500.

1507 Winters Hill Cr; Kulpa Wendy A to Rimes Alyssa, $190,000.

2715 Woodmont Dr; Hamilton Dea Durrette and Jon P to Hall John E and Julie T, $181,000.


8023 Anton Trace, Mechanicsville; Timothy B. Jones to Aubrey C. Powell, $184,900.

8208 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Sylvia R. Wright, $319,721.

7301 Beechbark Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Ronald D. Beasley, $334,493.

13059 Blanton Road, Ashland; Anita Faye Thomas to Mary Katherine Schwartz, $175,000.

8137 Brook Drive, Mechanicsville; Spencer T. Snead to Zachary C. Hollis, $255,000.

6963 Cory Lee Court, Mechanicsville; Stephen Gamache to Owen C. Thulin, $257,000.

10506 Doswell Road, Doswell; C. Edward Samuels to Joshua Davis, $157,000.

14322 Edgewood Farm Lane, Beaverdam; Broomfield Farm LLC to R. Garnett Smith Jr., $630,000.

7276 Ford Ave., Mechanicsville; Bryan D. Acors to Jonathan S. Massie, $236,000.

8064 Garden Creek Court, Mechanicsville; Cartus Financial Corp. to Brian B. Moots, $359,950.

8326 Glympse Road, Mechanicsville; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Melinda N. Williams, $317,600.

507 Henry St., Ashland; Travis Wilkerson to Richard E. Blake Jr., $264,900.

9320 John Wickham Way, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Jonathan Brice Bovenizer, $495,511.

6350 Kristy Star Lane, Mechanicsville; Thomas Dale Williams, trustee to Kevin Brian Uber, $184,000.

2164 Mandeville Trail, Mechanicsville; Jamie M. Crowe to Paul V. Phan, $300,000.

7932 Meadow Drive, Mechanicsville; Malcolm M. Norris II to Andrew Walter, $250,000.

8308 Mendenhall Place, Mechanicsville; Wayne V. McHargue to Nicholas Earl Baldwin, $279,000.

9425 Morrisdale Way, Mechanicsville; John O. Brockenbrough to Connor Bradford Harrison, $370,000.

15440 Old Bridge Road, Beaverdam; David W. Brooks to Kathryn Alice Lawlor, $243,700.

11382 Old Scotland Road, Glen Allen; Equity Trust Co. to Kristi L. Lecznar, $309,000.

8109 Ordinary Keepers Way, Mechanicsville; Roanld A. Martin, administrator to Alan H. Crooker, trustee, $324,900.

10028 Pollen Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph F. Scarnaty to Guy Williams, $399,700.

15101 Quaker Church Road, Montpelier; Robert Wayne Farmer Jr. to John W. Brown, $335,000.

7368 River Pine Drive, Mechanicsville; Steven C. Sneed to Bethany Painter, $219,000.

8342 Ryegate Place, Mechanicsville; Mark E. Sankey, trustee to Renee Hunter, $348,900.

13937 Stanley Park Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Kathie Lee McGrane, $319,793.

8113 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Daniel M. Titus, $235,675.

8123 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to George H. Johnston, $235,675.

9971 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Joseph Edward Harris, $468,725.

6350 Tammy Lane, Mechanicsville; Charles E. Hooe Jr. to Jennifer Lin Brown, $249,500.

7336 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; David J. Lass to Daniel L. Turner, $187,500.

7499 Washington Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Louis Blanda to Rawin Berrocales Rivera, $226,000.

4913 Westward Terrace, Glen Allen; Wells Fargo Bank to Sulaiman Panjwani, $218,000.

15230 Whispering Wind Circle, Montpelier; Kenneth E. Olive to Timothy P. Hayes, $434,000.


2340 Bel Crest Circle, Midlothian; Robert E. Asscashian to D. Kyle Woolfolk Jr., $699,500.

2244 Branch Forest Way, Powhatan; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Marcus Wayne French, $369,950.

2406 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Ronald E. Bingham, $587,865.

1842 Hope Meadow Way, Powhatan; William E. Faught to Stephen N. Blinn, $425,000.

2985 Johnsonway Terrace, Powhatan; Jay C. Burkeen to Matthew E. McCarty, $410,000.

2913 Moyer Road, Powhatan; Marc A. Merkel Sr. to Marc A. Merkel Jr., $197,000.

4397 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Dan Andrei Militaru to Ryan H. Houtsma, $250,000.

3178 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Brad V. Melton to Meghen C. Erboe, $267,500.

1813 Rocky Ford Road, Powhatan; Davey W. Reynolds to Gregory Kenneth May, $245,000.

1417 Stavemill Road, Powhatan; Roger Allen Clarke Family Living Trust to Dennis A. Glaser Sr., $215,000.

3188 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Jeremy Jacko to Christopher Daniel Martin, $304,000.

2671 Walkers Ridge Turn, Powhatan; Emily Powers to Darryl Stewart, $220,000.


1 acre; Paige G. Hayes, trustee to Richard I. Pruitt, $200,000.

1.69 acres; Equity Trust Co., custodian to Cynthia L. Crawford, $210,000.

2 parcels; GTC Inc. to GT Tracs Inc., $575,000.

2 parcels; Revere Gas Inc. to Quarles Petroleum Inc., $1,277,000.

2 parcels; Robert Lee Waldrop to Bulldog LLC, $400,000.

21.198 acres; NDirt LLC to SAF Land Holdings LLC, $4,536,372.

3.11 acres; D & M Property Two LLC to Track Properties LLC, $850,000.

3.728 acres; Lisa L. Lingerfelt to Kevin R. Bibona, $925,000.

4.44 acres; Michael R. Massie to Sushanth Saddi, $410,000.

62.454 acres; Deborah A. Walker to Roland F. Clement III, $415,000.

Lot 11, Block A, Section 2, Kinloch; John W. Montague Jr. Inc. to Priyanka Kanchana, $175,000.

Lot 16, Creekmore Park; Delsol Group LLC to Patrick Erby Duke, $170,000.

Lot 17, Rockville Commerce Center; Rockville Commerce Center LLC to JBWC LLC, $381,300.

Lot 3, Section 4A, Kinloch; Bel Arbor Builders Inc. to Brendan A. Horan, $165,000.

Lot 40, Section 8, Phase 1, Kinloch; Kinloch Development Corp. to Boone Homes Inc., $309,000.


8321 Brills Road, McKenney; Daniel W. Sturt Jr. to N.B. Ingram III, $49,000.

22908 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; Albert F. Marek to Albert F. Marek, $219,825.

4201 Kenneth Drive, North Dinwiddie; Bogese Realty and Construction Inc. to Josef c. Frerstl, $158,900.

13730 Nash Road, Dewitt; Glenn T. Barricks to Robert N. Bredbenner, $285,000.

3400 Oxford Drive, Sutherland; Wanda F. Motley to Kevin Wayne Ivey, $262,000.

8609 Vaughan Road, North Dinwiddie; WFM LLC to Lawrence A. Gregory, $225,000.


1216 Covington Road; Dorothy M. Beaton to Lisa Montgomery, $185,000.

242 Honeycreek Court; Pamela L. Avery to James G. Criskos, $233,500.

207 Kennon Pointe Drive; Allan W. Baldwin to Andrew B. Porter Jr. Living Trust, $250,000.

1528 Mount Pleasant Drive; Robert E. Holleman to Robert G. Laughlin, $287,900.

106 Waterfront Drive; Beth A. Saunders to Vernon W. Louk, $290,000.


2901 W Broadway; Nelia K. Grubb to Crystal L. Jaromin, $250,000.

502 Delton Ave.; Robert Gosciewski, trustee to Tia I. Small, $153,000.

3411 Trenton St.; Equity Trust Co. to Carolyn Jackson, $150,000.


7765 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Sophie Huemer, $261,545.

5630 Baylor Grove Court, Providence Forge; Cedar Creek Homes Inc. to John J. McLaughlin III, $353,800.

9010 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Kevin A. Kunkel, $419,399.

6066 Fawn Lake Court, New Kent; Lauren A. Nunnally to James F. Popinski, $298,500.

2705 Forsythia Court, Quinton; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Howard Haskins, $411,455.

20450 Holly Pines Lane, Barhamsville; Shirley Virginia Collaro, trustee to John T. Murphey, $323,000.

5785 Longbow Lane, New Kent; Ross A. Stewart to Mark A. Robertson, $227,450.

1430 Mohawk Drive, Quinton; Thurston's General Contracting Inc. to Juanita Christine Harris, $214,950.

11677 Oakrise Road, New Kent; James Nichols to Justin D. Bartlett, $264,000.

3050 Ponderosa Pine Lane, Quinton; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc. to Craig Daniel Lee, $473,122.

8875 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Robert James Strotmeyer, $278,000.

7738 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Anthony Coniglio, $329,465.

8812 Shrewsbury Drive, New Kent; Holly C. Smith to Chad Laplace, $256,000.

7460 Winding Jasmine Road, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Arthur P. Anderson, $423,000.


5500 Allin Road, Prince George; Christopher M. McCarthy, substitute trustee to Audie O. Pettaway, $155,000.

1023 Butternut Drive, Hopewell; Christopher J. Duncan to Anthony W.K. Smith Jr., $171,000.

126 Hollyberry Lane, Prince George; Teresa G. Lee to Richard Barker, $177,000.

7740 Lynn Creek Drive, Prince George; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Carlos J. Lorenzo Acevedo, $246,950.

482 Olde Keswick Lane, Petersburg; David L. Snead to Norman Lockhart, $400,000.

15360 Prince George Drive, Disputanta; Bruce W. Swartz to Eric Scott Schoenbaum, $395,000.

506 Sandhurst Drive, South Prince George; Joshua Casey Kurk to James K. Burcham Jr., $312,500.

6609 Snow Geese Lane, Prince George; David R. Henry Jr. to Leonard Cook, $189,950.

3300 Tavern Road, South Prince George; Harold Shreves to Jordan T. Jones, $157,500.


3 acres; Donnie Taylor to Cynthia Gay Briggs, $190,000.

32.76 acres; Linda W. Powell to Waste Management of Virginia Inc., $300,000.

2 parcels, 3.75 acres; Holman Motor Co. to Clear View Auto Glass Inc., $250,000.

Lot 4, Deep Creek Estates II; Rock River Inc. to John D. Anderson, $340,284.


128 American Drive, Bowling Green; Miller & Greene Homes LLC to Matthew Ryan Carter, $204,000.

15131 Burruss Lane, Ruther Glen; Jessica Lynd to Katherine Phillips Devine, $179,900.

218 Cedar Ridge Road, Ruther Glen; Land Trust Cedar Ridge to Rikki Ann McElvaney, $205,000.

16083 Countyline Church Road, Ruther Glen; Elizabeth Cain to Walter E. Bronikowski, $425,000.

257 Devon Drive, Ruther Glen; Baldwin J. Wood to Steven J. Jackson, $178,000.

13329 Fredericksburg Turnpike, Woodford; Vicki D. Lackey to Christopher Celestino, $345,000.

134 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Michael Healy to Laura M. Fournier, $345,000.

7323 Legacy Lane, Ruther Glen; Angelo P. Meletis to David C. Whiteley, $329,900.

12260 Paige Road, Woodford; Dharmesh Patel, trustee to Evan D. Smith, $314,900.

250 Washington Drive, Ruther Glen; FFC Properties LLC to Justin M. Mauney, $220,000.


118.27 acres; Debra L. Spillman to Daniel G. Lapp, $512,000.

5.696 acres; Jean B. Wright to Randolph C. Cox, $160,000.


250 Beadles Road, Aylett; Vicki Clark to Michael Seth Martin, $195,000.

5034 Dabney's Mill Road, Manquin; Mapledale LLC to Clarice Marie Simpson, $230,000.

9184 Dabney's Mill Road, Manquin; Andrew D. Hofmann to James Hasell Werner Jr., $280,000.

60 Enfield Forest Lane, Aylett; Ronald L. Ambrose to George M. Sibley, $281,000.

100  eld Way Court, King William; Masters Construction and Home Improvement LLC to Brianna Branch, $179,000.

658 Hazelwood Road, Aylett; Lori W. Nice to Donald J. Reed Jr., $179,000.

4704 Herring Creek Road, Aylett; M. Porch Construction LLC to Shawn B. Phifer, $219,855.

438 Manquin Drive, Aylett; Jeffrey L. Harley to Hunter A. Faulkner, $207,000.

2579 Mitchells Mill Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Austin Tyler Allen, $216,500.

1211 Mount Olive Cohoke Road, King William; Herman M. Fogg Jr. to Joshua L. Belfield, $238,500.

9864 Mount Olive Cohoke Road, West Point; Nicholas Dean Shell to Matthew Ryan Lawson, $218,000.

214 Pine Ridge Road, Aylett; Balducci Builders Inc. to Michael L. Letourneau, $247,339.

308 Poplar Road, Aylett; L. Alvin Mills to Mary R. Barnette, $185,000.

394 Terra Alta Drive, Aylett; George Michael Sibley to Joshua N. Parcher, $280,000.

168 West Liberty Farms Drive, Manquin; M. Porch Construction LLC to James C. Russell, $210,000.


321 N Henry St.; Eugene J. Mandrick to Charles B. Keating, $585,000.

313 Waltz Farm Drive; Robert O. Schultz to Robert Gordon Dinmore, $399,000.


8420 Attleborough Way, Williamsburg; Jason M. Grimes to Christopher D. Abbott, $375,000.

102 N Berwick, Williamsburg; Jay Walter Gould to Nancy S. Gordon, $325,000.

Building 4, Quarterland Commons; Baylor Properties LLC to Oeva LLC, $220,000.

7238 Canal St., Lanexa; David R. Wickersham to Russell S. White, $211,800.

4109 Cooper Nace, Williamsburg; Marque Homes Settlement at Monticello LLC to Gregory T. Storer, $404,900.

316 Dogleg Drive, Williamsburg; Howard A. Johnston to Michael E. Biggs Sr., $500,000.

2085 Harpers Mill Road, Williamsburg; Larry C. Hyden, trustee to Leo Boseok Kang, $523,000.

104 Heron Court, Williamsburg; Quinn J. Overton to Jeffrey D. Platner, $310,000.

3309 Isle of Wight Court, Williamsburg; D.E. Harrington, trustee to Rebecca J. Wilk, $328,500.

109 John Folwer, Williamsburg; Escalante Kingsmille Development LLC to Leonard Stanley Cairns, $500,000.

112 Massacre Hill Road, Williamsburg; Tracy L. Vickery to Bridgitti Louise Payne, $267,500.

3540 Merestep Way, Toano; Chad L. Keeler to Andrew Crockett, $290,000.

111 Neighbors Drive, Williamsburg; James City County to Antonette M. Bowers, $198,863.

223 Oakmere Park, Williamsburg; Coastal Construction and Development LLC to Jeffery R. Richards, $526,000.

5301 Palmer Lane, Williamsburg; Barry Lynn Phillips II to Tucker H. Lowenhaupt, $250,000.

4728 Pelegs Point, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Brett J. Strege, $511,930.

6130 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Richard Harold Victor Bowling, $290,925.

6142 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Donte Landers, $272,120.

1801 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Judy J. Johnson, $242,847.

6008 Richpress Drive, Williamsburg; Peter J. Catineau to Brittany Suzanne Given, $449,000.

5125 Rolling Reach, Williamsburg; Insoo Kim to Karen Alrihawi, $505,000.

118 Seton Hill Road, Williamsburg; Joanne F. Satchell to Calvin Eugene White II, $266,900.

4945 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Ellis Colthorpe, $439,355.

3700 Teagan Court, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Cornel L. Walton, $360,000.

Unit 1901, Building 19, Promenade at John Tyler; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Ronald H. Erlich, $242,787.

4802 Village Walk, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Mark A. Burgess, $370,634.

2 Waterford Court, Williamsburg; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tucker Nelson, $282,500.

3444 Westham Lane, Toano; Richard J. Garber to Jeremiah Q. Ellis, $202,000.

2532 William Tankard, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Joshua W. Frazier, $511,175.

204 Woodbine Drive, Williamsburg; Thomas J. Miller to Raymond T. Oliver, $638,500.

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