The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.


405 W 24th St; Taylor Kristen Michelle to Bond Joshua, $275,000.

306 N 26th St, U107; Kitchen Edward F and Mary M to Lege Dema D and Kari J, $228,800.

814 N 26th St; Raabe Richard C to Gudger Glencora E, $315,000.

3313 2nd Ave; Carlton Gary L Llc to Town Jami Leigh, $267,000.

3110 Amanda Dr; Quindara Michael J to Roberts Karen, $166,500.

1215 Bainbridge St; Manchester Green Llc to Beall Michael P and Maria, $482,500.

5720 Bliley Road; Roost Rva Llc to Marable Kemper M, $302,000.

4511 Brook Road; Knight Edward L III to Billeter Kyle, $320,000.

3718 Cary Street Road; Brydon Carter Christian to Beatty Brock, $256,000.

7121 Cherokee Road; Shrum Richard L Jr to Cowlbeck Cary E, $272,500.

2902 E Clay St; 3252 Cliff Avenue Llc to Jadwynne Llc, $385,000.

1505 Confederate Ave; Garza Dennis R and Sara S to Loftin Robert W and Virginia A, $658,500.

9482 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Arrington Sonya Shea, $348,924.

4105 Dover Road; Clary Mary B to Cava Capital Llc, $896,500.

5960 Forest Hill Ave; Equity Trust Company Fbo to Lewandowski Emily, $230,000.

3213 Garrett St; Zemlan David K and L Victoria to Buchanan Marjorie P, $266,000.

2710 E Grace St; Coy Brian Timothy to Wood Benjamin M and Kelley H, $475,000.

3313 Hanes Ave; Harrington Preston Adam to Proctor Susannah, $425,000.

3700 Hastings Dr; Tamagni Matthew R to Atkisson Jeffrey Blaine, $470,000.

5700 Jasonwood Ct; Sanford Caurletta J and Billie Jr to Aguilu Jose, $212,000.

5218 Kenmare Loop; NVR Inc to Robinson Lynda Dannette, $246,505.

3018 Kenmore Road; Distanislao Phillip T III to McFarland William Brock, $350,000.

6230 Lamar Dr; Tovar Nixon A Molina to Bader Eric, $175,000.

715 S Laurel St; Overlook Llc to Garrett W B Inc, $150,000.

717 S Laurel St; Overlook Llc to Garrett W B Inc, $150,000.

719 S Laurel St; Overlook Llc to Garrett W B Inc, $150,000.

3220 Moody Ave; Bishop Steven D Jr and Katrina A to Whitson Ryan E and Noe Lisa, $260,000.

1419 Oakwood Ave; Solodar Properties Llc to Mirling Lesley Day, $187,500.

701 S Pine St; Mobrem Massoud to Fehrmann Robert and Simone, $337,500.

3914 Sherbrook Road; Hotchkiss Melissa N to Whitmore Whitney Kathleen, $391,000.

4501 Stonewall Ave; Williams Charles F to Think Cloud Solutions Llc, $260,000.

3720 Wakefield Road; Sokol Peter J to Bayer Scott B, $380,000.

1600 Wentbridge Road; Ray Phillip G and Judith P to Ray Phillip and Ashley, $330,000.

2940 Westchester Road; Katlaps Gundars J to Snow Michael A and Denise B, $675,000.

128 Westmoreland St; Allen Valerie A and Brian R to Livingston Robert E, $588,500.


3107 Abelia Rd, Henrico; Long Mary S to Benitez Edwin, $226,000.

2609 Adamo Ct, Henrico; Dowtin Carolyn C to Hemaia Lucy R, $223,000.

6918 Alder Grove Dr, Henrico; Chinnis Charlotte A to Ruseva Svetlana, $275,000.

4741 Altair Rd, Henrico; Crump Kimberly to Smith Daniel, $166,950.

11716 Aprilbud Dr, Henrico; Harrison Kevin and Natalie to Saman Ayead Adly Gaid, $445,000.

2801 Ashley Glen Dr, Henrico; Argalas Brian William and Caitlin G to Lu Zhenjie and Jin Wang, $235,000.

4836 Autumn Wagon Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Maggi Clare, $299,900.

1823 Bandera Dr, Henrico; Peppel Duane A and Kelsey R to Rea Justin Ivy, $235,000.

1000 Basildon Ct, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Bull and Bears Llc, $955,000.

208 N Beech Ave, Henrico; 208 Beech Avenue Llc to Saunders Brian E, $150,000.

517 Belle Grove Ln, Henrico; Bristow John D and Margaret D to Ritter James G and Mary T, $589,950.

10650 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Weedon Alexander P and Thais Issa-Weedon, $431,445.

5410 Bloomingdale Ave, Henrico; Young Jennifer to Davis Roberta, $184,000.

2801 Bluebell Ct, Glen Allen; Davis Edwin T Jr to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $163,500.

4220 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua, Henrico; Yung Jessie and Ben Asavakarin to Newsome Tyler, $297,500.

12203 Bothwell Ct, Henrico; Cook Justin D to Duke Christopher B and Jessica S, $460,000.

2106 Boxwood Pl, Henrico; Gibson William F Jr and Jane A to Sadler Paul C, $265,000.

10800 Branberry Ln, Henrico; Sontag Thomas and Rebecca to Mangubat Roderick, $298,500.

11105 Brewer Ct, Henrico; Franzak Frank J and Susan J to Al-Ezairej Tay Q M and Nada Q Al-Khafaji, $260,000.

12441 Brightwater Ln, Henrico; Asselanis Cimon to Pridgen Matthew Ryan and Elizabeth Jayne, $323,550.

308 Broad Hill Oaks Ln, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Cyrus Sabine Daudier, $460,000.

1509 Bronwyn Rd, U101, Henrico; Sweeney William G Trustee to Salazar-Pizzani Alba and Lorenna C R, $150,000.

9105 Burkhart Dr, Henrico; Smith Patricia M to Ingram Sean C, $255,000.

12469 Burnside Ln, Henrico; Bristow David W and Lee S to Osteen Derrick E and Colleen M Nichols, $427,000.

10032 Bush Ln, Glen Allen; Jorge Yeny San to Albury Deontrez and Jordan E, $286,000.

9725 Candace Ter, Glen Allen; Jellerson Kevin D and Gwendolyn P Et Al to Candace Terrace Llc, $165,000.

723 Carldan Rd, Henrico; Townes Kenneth L to Morgan Adam B and Lauren R Tucker, $335,000.

4002 Carrie Mill Xing, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Shaw Raymond W, $330,195.

2233 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Pyatigorskiy Felix, $340,525.

106 N Cedar Ave, Henrico; Watson Yolanda L to Thompson Valonta Richard, $168,000.

7007 Chandler Dr, Henrico; Smith Mark S and Steven W Et Al to Rhoades Hunter J E and Melissa H, $500,000.

5180 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Jeffords William J Jr and Lisa to Tat Jenny and Joshua T McNeil, $350,000.

606 Chiswick Park Rd, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Ward Roy J Jr and Vivian G, $647,874.

1407 Chowan Rd, Henrico; Chowan Home Llc to Afarian Linda M, $297,000.

1303 Claytor Ln, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Crawford Natasha, $254,121.

7110 Club Vista Ln, Henrico; Oakey Stedman and Lauren to Patrick Ian R and Caroline G, $950,000.

7511 Comet Rd, Henrico; Dunn Maureen E to Vizina Marc A Jr, $233,550.

5624 Country Hills Ln, Glen Allen; Kowal Matthew J and Patsy J to Edmunds Charles Christopher and Anna M K, $772,000.

11406 Creekside Dr, Henrico; Morrissey William E to Debord Katie L, $289,950.

2244 Cresthaven Ct, Henrico; Wolcott Scott A and Heather L to Glaspie Richard B, $171,000.

4640 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Wheeler Lisa A to Bernard Katie and Dylan Miller, $243,000.

1919 Delrio Dr, Henrico; Gillis Gracie L to Lundy Richard A Jr and Meagan E, $169,900.

4104 Dill Rd, Henrico; Second Genesis Llc to Smith Doris P, $166,000.

1610 Dillyn Pl, Richmond; Crown Land Llc to Ross Ebony D and Sarah, $234,958.

1401 Edenburry Dr, Henrico; Silbert Mendel N and Barnette K to Stern Martha H and Joseph E Hardee Jr, $242,000.

2852 Elkridge Cir, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Carpenter Jerkita Latisha, $193,610.

5001 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $210,000.

1314 Elon Rd, Henrico; Dudic Mirsad and Habiba to Marzouk Magdy A and Isis N Gohary, $262,000.

104 Evergreen Ave, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Quivers Cornell and Alicia D, $216,850.

3711 Favero Rd, Henrico; Wang Cuo-Jye to Lu Zhenjie and Jin Wang, $575,000.

1624 Forest Glen Rd, Henrico; Stratiou Vlassis T and Laurel Heiser to Richardson Richelle, $310,000.

1904 Francis Rd, Glen Allen; Agustin Richard A to Chimera Reo 2018-Nr1 Llc, $187,992.

8310 Franconia Rd, Henrico; Daniel Roger G Estate to Chhetri Indra M and Durga B, $181,000.

5203 Futura Ave, Henrico; Morning Delores E Estate to Baird Damekka, $159,900.

1112 Georgia Ave, Glen Allen; Borum Robert A Jr and Gayle to Rackley David T Jr and Maria A O'Toole, $150,000.

10704 Glen Ct, Glen Allen; Souther Wanda P to Davis Charlotte A, $303,000.

2804 Goldeneye Ct, Henrico; Bunch Beverly J Estate to Hayes Eugene and Josephine, $222,000.

10148 Grand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Banks Caleb M and Karina M to Vo Tai and Hang Thuy Nguyen, $275,000.

1853 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corporation to Bradford Homes Inc, $237,000.

9516 Hennington Ct, Henrico; Holland Andrew to Mitchell Leonard Eugene and Althea R B M, $270,000.

12357 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Smith Grove Llc to NVR Inc, $185,000.

4730 Hepler Ridge Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Ferrell Kathy S and Thomas E Jr, $488,562.

11406 Hilbingdon Rd, Henrico; Bracken Susan T to Gorman Michele W and Lawrence D, $390,000.

9602 Hitchin Dr, Henrico; Peters I Greg and Gail Bonneau Hanks to Allen Lynn Gathright Trustee, $329,950.

4512 Hobble Cir, Glen Allen; Kodari Narsimha R to Pabolu Shashidar Rao and Mukunda R K, $393,999.

12017 Hunton Crossing Pl, Glen Allen; Angle Matthew David to Tanwi Tifu, $400,000.

1126 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Obrien Kevin J and Sharyn A Campbell to Taylor Jerry O, $375,000.

3800 Ivyglen Dr, Henrico; Moers Chell Patricia Gale to Sklavos John Walter and Bruce Arne Solberg, $382,616.

1507 Jonquill Dr, Henrico; Sangster William D Estate to Fastige Anthony N and Patsy H, $348,000.

4915 Kellywood Cir, Glen Allen; Allen-Bayles Charlotte to Kirtley Gregory Whitney Jr and M L Kirtley, $200,000.

2609 Kennedy Rd, Henrico; Corritone Fred T to Tharrington Richard Tabb and Anna, $289,900.

6104 Kinglet Ct, Glen Allen; Wu Jianquan and Nianzhou Xiao to Manning Michael D and Karen G, $627,500.

8312 Kingsthorpe Ter, Henrico; Kennedy David S and Angela C to Russell Matthew J and Sarah P, $800,000.

11207 W Langham Ct, Henrico; Nolley Nina B to Smith Kelly Elizabeth Crews, $280,000.

9722 Laurel Pine Dr, Henrico; Marino Antonino and Christina to Delogu Peter and Angel F Mercedes, $232,500.

9303 Lawndell Rd, Henrico; Odea Casey J B and Talya Tacosa to Sumner Chad Kevin and Mary Lou Bakewell, $266,000.

2111 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Swegman Jason Lee and Srabanti Gupta to Zhou Mi, $445,566.

514 Lowell St, Henrico; Green Calvin D Sr to 514 Lowell Street Trust, $174,000.

6435 Majestic Way, Henrico; Stretcher Felecia V to Davis Joseph Jr, $285,000.

3109 Manor Cir, Henrico; Walker Lloyd R Jr to Kennedy Thomas Conger III, $215,000.

10420 Marbury Ter, Glen Allen; Kim Won and Ray to Enix Barrett and Tara and Eugene T Burke, $294,800.

1117 Marney Ct, Henrico; Goode Thomas E Jr to Crow Russell A and Nancy B, $655,000.

9001 Meredith's Branch Dr, Glen Allen; Ahart Christopher P and Tracie L to James Otis II and Lytasha A, $380,000.

9017 Meredith's Branch Dr, Glen Allen; Jain Ruchi and Lakshmanan Parameshwaran to Meinweiser Gregory J and Ariel M, $382,000.

12125 Morestead Ct, Glen Allen; Shaver Douglas J and Wendy S to Henry David L II and Michelle Reames, $760,000.

4715 Mulford Rd, Henrico; Johnson Christopher M and Therese M to Jones Shalonda and Keith Williams, $175,000.

4341 Mylan Rd, Henrico; Alexander Patricia M to Farrar Nelson B and Leslie N, $272,000.

119 New Market Village Pkwy, Henrico; Simpson Adam F and Nicholle M to Morales Stephanie S, $199,950.

2800 Northlake Dr, Henrico; Forlines Howell M and Carol to Burdette Beth, $534,000.

3204 Nutley Ct, Henrico; Smith Paul T and Mary K Trustees to Looney Andrew J and Ayron Wall, $560,000.

2508 Old Hearth Ct, Henrico; Rangeley Clara B to Barrett Brian and Bonnie, $187,000.

202 Old Ohio St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Winstead Ryan J, $320,273.

1109 Old Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Bowles Joan B Carter and Jack E to Federal National Mortgage Association, $189,287.

850 Parkland Pl, Glen Allen; Malik Naveed and Afshan Dba Swansea Llc to Kashfi Ruhnaz, $327,500.

5040 Parkland Dr, Glen Allen; Alden Parke Llc to Legault Homes Llc, $200,000.

7509 S Pinehill Dr, Henrico; Cava Capital Llc to Keffer Joseph E and Erin L, $250,000.

10831 Porter Park Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Ramnani Dharamdas M Et Al, $395,000.

2901 Putney Rd, Henrico; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb to Vaughan Robert E, $167,000.

8911 Rearden Rd, Henrico; Carl Joan R to Bristow John D and Margaret D, $780,000.

2704 Renay Ct, Glen Allen; Meyers Michael A to Clark Jonathan Josef Sr and Brandy Gabriel, $326,500.

12308 Renwick Pl, Glen Allen; Ball Jeremy A and Leah D to Murphy Joshua Keeley and Amy Elizabeth, $586,500.

2025 Rockstone Pl, Henrico; Lupini Emidio Joseph and M A Trust to Wagner Dennis and Tatum, $476,000.

1701 Rolfield Way, Henrico; Helou Wajih Albert to Cochrane Brett Alan and Elizabeth, $385,000.

11428 Sadler Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Riley Larry C and Tammy Forbes-Riley to Han Dan, $430,000.

4363 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Kinsley Nancy L, $293,417.

6925 Seven Kings Cir, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Wilson Derrick Lamont and Tonia Butler, $373,380.

43 Skipwith Green Cir, Henrico; Ginkul Nataliya to Beverly Yvonne M, $195,000.

9601 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; Keshishian Haidouk and Talene to Rodriguez Angela M, $166,000.

9802 St Pages Ln, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Tucciarone Holden G, $239,900.

7279 Strath Rd, Henrico; Rankin Timothy E and Tammy R Volk Et Al to Coston Mark, $169,000.

5213 Swanee Mill Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Yu Jiaqi, $385,159.

7606 Sweetbriar Rd, Henrico; Steiner Judith A to Soucie Nicholas J and Catherine B, $413,500.

4004 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to He Zeng, $346,080.

9491 Tracey Lynne Cir, Glen Allen; Kinsella Julie R to Barnes Gabriella L, $178,000.

8200 Turner Forest Rd, Henrico; Murdock Joffa and Lashawn D to Laney Lawrence A Sr and Cecilia S, $252,436.

2104 Turtle Run Dr, U2, Henrico; Page Joseph P and Mary E Trustees to Saeed Muazzam S and Rubina, $153,000.

1912 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Larkin Cullen D and Katherine S to Whitten Harrison G, $260,000.

2920 Vanna Ln, Henrico; Balakrishnan Ramesh and Kala Ramesh to Lumpkin Robert L and Aiza S, $347,000.

5600 Watford Ter, Glen Allen; McKay Steven J and Ellen D to Curtis Jusin Wayne and Bree Kilgore, $718,000.

2005 Watts Ln, Henrico; Motta Home Renovations Llc to Ellis Kyle Carrington, $172,000.

5950 White Oak Rd, Sandston; Hamersly Robert to Proulx Brent M and Jeanette M Siewert, $287,250.

5924 Whitehurst Ln, Ua, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Brown Tara Kristen, $206,531.

810 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Massino Joseph F and Kathryn F to Hibi Hisako, $299,950.

5508 Wintergreen Rd, Glen Allen; Etzler Stephen T and Dianne W to Joseph Leena, $308,500.

5505 Woodrow Ter, Henrico; Newsome Christie A to Rawlings Darrell D Jr and Sarah J, $204,500.

3202 Woodland Rd, Glen Allen; Looney Andrew J to Johnson Kathryn S and Christopher H, $350,000.


536 Abbey Village Cr; MacBeth Sean D to Lucidi Denise and Wright E A S, $279,950.

9224 Alcove Grove Rd; Jones Arthur Frederick Jr to Gilmore Gary Lamont, $262,900.

11709 Anchor Landing Pl; Hhhunt Homes L C to Barber-Euresti J L and Euresti A, $723,965.

116 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Scheffler Susan, $392,380.

7515 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Kovacs Gerald R and Linda T, $378,196.

20925 Baileys Grove Dr; NVR Inc to Askew Jazmyne Dezaraye, $251,580.

21013 Baileys Grove Dr; NVR Inc to Flowers Tyrone E Sr and Gloria D, $249,990.

2711 Barrow Pl; Schofner Denise R to Traudt Ryan and Leroy Ryan, $532,500.

13813 Beechwood Point Cr; Select Property Solutions Llc to Wulf Marlis G Et Als, $325,000.

8609 Bellmeadows Tr; Dempsey Rebecca Ann to Oshunkentan S O and Mustapha A B, $190,000.

11106 Belvoir Rd; Frankenburger David R and Viki T to Shelton Brian O and Frances V, $225,000.

14508 Bent Creek Ct; Deming Jonathan C and K J to Riggleman Jenelle, $248,500.

6108 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Tarlowe Steven A and Tiffany M, $241,810.

11430 Brandenburg Dr; Oliveri Carmela M to Temple Rebecca S, $227,100.

10236 Brading Ln; Lawhun Amber T and Steven L to James Jonathan and Natalie S, $399,000.

8028 Brown Rd; Elder Katherine Westbrook to Dobson Kimberly A, $203,000.

12011 Bundle Rd; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Lafoon Aaron, $204,000.

12813 Caddington Ct; Boone Homes Inc to Recke Kenneth L and Suzanne J, $627,915.

15813 Cambria Cove Bl; NVR Inc to Hussey Thomas L and Stephanie M, $389,990.

12513 Carnoustie Ln; Maitland Donna M to Vaughan Herbert E and Theresa T, $319,500.

11731 Chalkley Rd; Hicks Thomas M Trustee to Harrell T N and Green-Butler J, $325,000.

8911 Chester Rd; Ferguson Marguerite W to Gm Capital Llc, $256,000.

867 Clayborne Ln; Willis Keith B and Helen M to Francis Patricia, $420,500.

1624 Clear Springs Ln; McGaha Timothy Wayne and R to Bernsley Joseph T, $290,900.

14300 Cobblegrove Dr; NVR Inc to Chu Howard and Vivian Li, $362,135.

15605 Corte Castle Tr; Lachut Daniel J and Patricia M to Heskett Lance E, $210,000.

14302 Cove Ridge Tr; Stella Marie V to Tito Claire, $236,000.

10143 Cravensford Tr; D R Horton Inc to McCasland Michael O and Jennie L, $339,000.

2605 Cropper Cr; Parker Terry R and Ashlee L to Lyons Robert, $205,000.

12625 Dannyhill Rd; Ades Shannon D and Diana F to Falvo Mark and Lisa B, $350,000.

14304 Deer Meadow Dr; Mullins Brian C and Amy E to Anderson Benjamin Tyler, $260,000.

5312 Dermotte Ln; Hall Sarah Trustee to Glover Catherine and Darryl, $212,000.

12641 Donegal Dr; Brindle Richard A Jr and D R to Cook Brian and Lauren, $515,500.

13210 Drakewood Rd; Beam W E Jr and Beam C B Trs to Schey Nicholas James and Anna B, $467,000.

4606 Edenton Pl; Ozmore Bradley A and Dawn M to Kinter Harold L and Susan M, $253,000.

17614 Elko Rd; Cam Real Estate XIX Llc to Shaw Jamie and Carrie, $180,000.

4914 Enchanted Ln; Volkman Nancy K to Volkman Andrew David, $150,000.

2803 Fairgate Rd; Capek R J and Capek N C Trustees to Smith Ashley B and Nathan L, $360,000.

7037 Fairpines Rd; Liberty Homes Inc to Gatica Isidor Sanchez, $216,840.

8748 Fishers Green Pl; Main Street Homes to Farmer Carolyn Toone Counts, $382,424.

4701 Five Springs Ct; Trosper Elbert B to Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $200,237.

8630 Forge Gate Ln; NVR Inc to Singh Narinder and Arora S, $450,054.

15711 Gary Av; Green Philip D to Pecani Shkumbim and Sadler K, $175,000.

3707 Gleaming Dr; NVR Inc to Pitchford Patria and Demario, $306,240.

400 Glenmeadow Rd; Bank Of New York Mellon (The) to Withrow Abigail Elizabeth, $203,347.

16425 Gossamer Dr; NVR Inc to Snyder Gregory A and Melissa A, $269,830.

721 Greencastle Rd; Dodson Claire E to Downs Thomas and Deborah, $234,900.

2221 Greenfield Dr; Cheesman Heather C to Bohon Jessica M, $245,000.

5703 Grove Forest Ct; Saufley Matthew J and Coleman D to Turck T B Sr and Stephanie, $319,000.

16012 Hallowell Rg; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Bowers Laura A, $342,494.

20955 Hampton Av; NVR Inc to Thomas Sharon J and William H Jr, $229,460.

1413 Hawkins Wood Cr; Markell Richard A and Juanita to Hpa Us1 Llc, $357,000.

11948 Helmway Ct; Hhhunt Homes LC to Board Virginia Minor, $401,210.

15918 Hidden Falls Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bolos Mark P and Victoria S, $550,303.

10210 Hollyberry Dr; King Andrea D and Orlando to Crump Michael R, $175,000.

6707 Huntsville Rd; Jenkins Belinda to Palma Steven, $162,500.

9803 Husting Tr; Hicks Kyle J and Amy R to Crossley Kyle W and Kelsey Brown, $212,000.

10317 Jason Rd; Reliable Pros Llc to Miller R T and Miller-Taylor J, $324,000.

10705 Kewbridge Ct; Cosgrove John and Dana to Maron Tiffany Ann, $176,000.

13507 Koyoto Dr; Chrisp Ronald T to Jones Tavonya, $244,900.

11106 Lantern Wy; Abbott Theodore H to Hill H Wayne and Cynthia G, $260,000.

14011 Liberty Oaks Ct; Zecevic Tihomir and Danijela S to Mayberry Bradley T, $222,500.

4558 Little Ridge Ln; Chenault John L and Patricia W to Eschenbach K A and Eschenbach A, $257,000.

9525 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Diaz Cindy Y to Hernandez Flores Edwin A Et Al, $218,000.

11813 Longfellow Dr; Barker Ronald H and Nancy to Castillo Ignacio J and Dawn Z, $350,000.

5903 Magnolia Cove Cr; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Everhart Dale R, $340,871.

630 Marbleridge Rd; Crewey Adam to Woods Linda G, $169,500.

14303 Masada Ct; Petteway Todd B to Cunningham Scott, $325,000.

12248 Mason Av; Bodenhamer William R to Earley Amanda Marie, $255,000.

407 Michaux View Tr; Gjoligu Andi and Angela to Lockette Taisha, $317,000.

3518 Midhurst Dr; Reyes-Gonzalez G M and Castro M to Scott Jamell Ricardo, $270,000.

1537 Miners Trail Rd; D R Horton Inc to Bowman Kristie M and Andrew L Jr, $369,000.

4614 Morning Hill Ct; Hunter Homes Llc to Zhao Kin Hao and Yard Indinesya, $220,000.

14321 Newgate Rd; Behringer Jeffrey J and Rebecca to McLeod Matthew J and Stacy, $481,000.

14313 Nicolay Wy; Weathersbee James A III and D C to Nightlinger D J and C K, $395,000.

4712 Old Westridge Pl; Main Street Homes to Warriner Christopher S and M E, $456,535.

16224 Old Castle Rd; Gregoire Development Corp to Thompson Patrick C Jr and W T, $1,301,364.

9619 Pampas Dr; Damis Shela M Et Als to Equity Trust Co Custodian Fbo, $180,000.

13819 Parsons Bay Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Frazier Cortez and Glenda B, $435,925.

6018 Partingdale Cr; Cartagena Diana C and Jose L to Crumpton Angela D, $155,000.

11809 Pleasanthill Ct; Bunting Christine D to Nunnally Sally, $195,000.

3513 Pond Chase Dr; Klug Thomas J and Olga M to Davis Bruce W and Efa G, $515,000.

1707 Providence Creek Cr; Rbh Properties Llc to Boatwright Lisa and Andie, $285,000.

540 S Providence Rd; Carter Joel Daniel to Barr Sarah Seiberling Fulton, $310,000.

3245 Ransom Hills Rd; Andress Davena C to Torres Roberto Alfaro, $192,000.

5000 Red Fern Ct; Nottingham Jeremy C and E H to Garcia Edward and Sarah Louise, $399,950.

5906 Regal Crest Ct; Adkins Aaron D to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $210,966.

5800 Ridge Point Rd; Pennymac Loan Services Llc to New Day Home Remodel Llc, $208,500.

11700 Riverway Rd; Deans Danny E and Dianne R to Aldrich Vernon C and Eva M, $267,500.

1455 Robindale Rd; McCurry Robert and Renee F to Nixdorf Deborah Lee, $251,000.

5645 Rohan Pl; D R Horton Inc to Putnick Cathy L and Fuller M L, $378,000.

15201 Rowlett Rd; Brazil Paul T to Hathcock Christopher A, $245,000.

12001 Rubystone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Paul Michelle Phillips, $280,235.

10355 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Aiken Shemeeka, $370,960.

4906 Sandy Shoals Tr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Vassell Claton and Jupiter T B, $544,083.

8710 Scottingham Dr; Springston Douglas D and A L to Leonard Lily A, $222,000.

201 Scrimshaw Dr; Mondejar Arlinda M to Elmore B M and J W and Mondejar D, $210,000.

14124 Shallow Creek Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Keels Herbert L III and Monica A, $426,165.

17018 Shoreland Dr; Greer Michael A and Amissa L to Vaughn Tyler Stephen and Megumi, $475,000.

8236 Spiral Dr; NVR Inc to Proctor Linda C and Cecil S Jr, $389,852.

17601 Stafford Park Pt; Craftmaster Homes Inc to French Travis T and Sarah, $377,100.

14121 State Av; Hudson Jean to Keeter Logan E, $162,500.

3246 Stone Manor Cr; Elswick Phyllis A to Geesey Scott S Jr and Ellen S, $238,500.

11619 Sunfield Dr; Liesfeld James B to Rhodes Brian B and Cassanese N E, $196,000.

10515 Sunne Ct; Mann Judith M to Hart Elizabeth M and Keirn C B, $167,500.

2735 Swineford Rd; Liptrap Robert L Jr to Cousins Irvin Lee and Rufina M, $180,000.

3113 Three Bridges Rd; Dean Andree R to Moore Deborah Ann, $219,950.

8430 Timberstone Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Crouch Joseph A and Heather N, $371,380.

11010 Triton Cr; Knight Lillian C to Lyne James E Jr and Nicole M, $270,000.

4418 Tweedsmuir Ct; Garrett T J and Garrett D P Trs to Bunch Kevin G and Allison E, $348,500.

17725 Twin Falls Ln; NVR Inc to Macenka Mark and Vicki Cole, $414,911.

1548 Unison Dr; Nichols Kalee E to Vrbicek Brian R and Molly, $250,000.

806 Vickilee Ct; Rector Amy Lynn to Westbrook Christopher A, $200,000.

6310 Walmsley Bl; Jacobs Maria G to Garcia and Garcia Painting Llc, $240,000.

1309 Walton Bluff Tr; Bowers Matthew A and Katharine B to Quackenbush Jeffrey J and K N, $299,000.

3813 Waverton Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Micco Andrew J and Veronica L, $485,785.

10607 Wellington Farms Tr; Main Street Homes to Aiken John A and Michele R, $461,943.

1125 Westcreek Dr; Malarkey Edward F and Fredia L to Blair Amanda R, $305,000.

1464 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Winn Ray and Ann T, $353,561.

13901 Whitechapel Rd; Larsen Robert W and Susan D to Waterworth Thomas A and Sarah H, $520,000.

15201 Winding Ash Dr; Cromwell Jeremy S and Angela A to Epperson Christina, $244,000.


1 acre; Candace Wright to First Pavilion Partners LLC, $187,000.

1.26 acres; Barbara Gilliam, executor to Henry Toole Clark III, $180,000.

1.675 acres; Bruce Anderson to Glen W. Erwin, $298,000.

10 acres; Carolyn Barnhill Anderson to Richard W. Morgan, $470,000.

16.134 acres; Robin Bourne to Gregory A. Stephens, $250,000.

2.79 acres; RCI Builders LLC to Abigail F. Marshall, $478,817.

19.74 acres; Joyce H. Via, trustee to Anita K. Bost, $300,000.

28.35 acres; Carolyn M. Meares to Eagle on 3 LLC, $535,000.

60.28 acres; W. Richard Hairfield, trustee to Colonial Farm Credit, $535,000.

Block EE, Section 2, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $373,000.

Lot 1, Block K, Meredith Place; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to Bay Front Development LLC, $227,338.

Lot 1, Section 2, Dundee; C & R Barrett Enterprises Inc. to Bradley L. Beach, $195,000.

Lot 1, Section 6, Hickory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to Perrincrest Custom Homes LLC, $170,000.

Lot 10, Section 3, Walnut Hill; Midlothian Enterprises Inc. to Robert Thomas Brown, trustee, $260,000.

Lot 13, Hanover Industrial Air Park; TNS JR LLC to Mae & Marie Properties LLC, $920,000.

Lot 113, Liberty Trace; Margaret A. Kloss to Henry J. Riek, $278,000.

Lot 15, Block D, Section C, Avondale; Douglas H. Lobe to Cynthia L. Shibley, $310,000.

Lot 15, Section 2, Cypresstree; Carrie Lynn Hoge to Christina M. Wageck, $247,500.

Lot 17, Block E, Section 1, Slash Cottage; Bradley N. Sylvia to Wendy James, $195,500.

Lot 17, Block E, Section D, Windy HIll Estates; Robert L. Wood to Geoffrey L. Bancroft, $170,000.

Lot 19, Section 2, Walnut Hill; Jeffrey C. Trice to George D. Ringo, $270,000.

Lot 2, Section 2, Brittland; John R. Hull, trustee to Dennis Robert Hall, $589,950.

Lot 2, Section 6, HIckory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to Vertical Builders LLC, $170,000.

Lot 23, Block B, Section B, Travellers Run; Ellen O. Ellett to Demian D. Futterman, $301,000.

Lot 23, Section 3, Giles Farm; NVR Inc. to Equity 7 LLC, $378,405.

Lot 25, Block A, Hickory Ridge; Terry W. Moody to New Kingdom Christian Ministries, $345,000.

Lot 4, Section 6, Hickory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc., $180,000.

Lot 5, Block A, Section 1, Villages at Beaverdam Park; Keith Wesley Utley III to Alexander Edward Long, $167,950.

Lot 5, Block H, Section A5, Battle'eld Green; Maude A. Henderson to Rocco C. Minnella, $179,500.

Lot 5, Section 2, Dundee; C & R Barrett Enterprises Inc. to Elizabeth C. Price, $232,500.

Lot 54, Block B, Section 3, Ash Creek; Scott P. Diesenberg to Ronald L. Baedke, trustee, $270,000.

Lot 6, Block B, Meadowbridge; Vincent C. Sydnor to J.T. Sydnor Jr., $218,470.

Lot 9, Ettington Hall; Shannon A. Obier, trustee to Secure Homes LLC, $390,000.

Parcel; Hanover Development LLC to Giles Construction LLC, $2,500,000.

Parcel; Michael H. Valentine to William E. Saunders Jr., $900,000.

Parcel; Northlake Land Investments LLC to NHT Northlake LLC, $1,090,000.

Parcel B, Lot 4, Section, Hanover Industrial Air Park, Ashland; Arbutina Investments of Richmond LLC to TP Hopson Road LLC, $1,730,000.

Section 1, Villages at Taylor Farm; Taylor Farm Development Co. LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $769,500.

Section 2A, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $230,000.

Section 2A, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $237,500.

Section 3, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $240,000.

Section 3, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $320,000.

Section 3, Giles Farm; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $350,000.

Section 5, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Lewis Bradley Carson to Forklift Properties LLC, $490,000.


1411 Avatar Drive; Kimberly A. Nalder to Justin Barker, $235,000.

3625 Carter Trent Lane, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Linda G. Harrell, $325,784.

2665 Dorset Ridge Terrace, Powhatan; James A. Mohs to Justin Nelson, $317,000.

2390 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Steven W. Melhorn, $567,456.

2980 Genito Road, Powhatan; Henry F. Phillips Jr. to Michael E. Willoughby, $379,950.

13600 Knobill Court, Powhatan; Huguenot Woods LLC to Richard L. Lamere, $289,000.

2001 Lone Ridge Road, Powhatan; Jason A. Weaver to Octaviano Ritabravo, $250,000.

3849 Mill Mount, Powhatan; Paul S. Kiniry to Matthew R. Kenney, $360,000.

1886 Norwood Creek Drive, Powhatan; Ernest Michael Cuzzocreo to Scott Alan Beason, $345,000.

5237 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Millbrook Construction LLC to Robert Conroy Powell Sr., $250,000.

3360 Riverly Drive, Powhatan; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Mark A. Barrick, $561,190.

923 Schroeder Road, Powhatan; Williams General Contractor LLC to Christopher M. Turgeon, $239,950.

3598 Timberview Road, Powhatan; Eddie Horace Patton, trustee to Mark Young, $434,000.

5826 Trenholm Woods Drive, Powhatan; Nancy K. Dawson to Stephen M. Dobbs, $270,000.

3381 Upper Tillman Way, Powhatan; J. Andrew Dyson to Austin Mason Montgomery, $288,000.

6165 Walnut Tree Drive, Powhatan; Hopson LLC to Austin D. Stephens, $294,150.


3.6404 acres; Charlene Wilton Leahy, trustee to KPB Realty LLC, $800,000.

8.68 acres; Mark W. Carlile to Nathan Janocka, $230,000.

Lot 5, Creekmore Place; Creekmore Place LLC to Legault Homes LLC, $285,000.

1.816 acres; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Douglas P. Pruiett Jr., $203,000.

2.03 acres; Eric W. Garnett to Robert Mathew Brooks, $210,000.

3.98 acres; PT Land Co. LLC to 7-Eleven Inc., $3,000,000.

30.213 acres; Gordon D. Walters Jr. to New Ventures Real Estate LLC, $340,000.

8.93 acres; Linda Lewis Fletcher to Martin Marietta Materials Real Estate Investments, $2,000,000.

Lot 1, Block C, Section 2, Breeze Hill; Krickovic and Ziegler LLC to Gregg B. Barr, $829,000.

Lot 14, Block D, James River Estates; Marianne B. Scarborough to Caroline Grace Kilby, $451,000.

Lot 2, Block C, Section 2, Breeze Hill; Krickovic and Ziegler LLC to Donald B. Kamencik, $155,000.

Lot 32, Block F, Section 2, West Oak; R & N Construction Inc. to Harring Construction Co., $163,000.

Lot 4, Section 3, Breeze Hill; Breeze Hill Inc. to Robert E. Carpenter Jr., $150,000.

Lots 21, 35, 43 and 49, Section 1, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $500,000.

Lots 5 and 11, Section 1, Preston Park; Earl Thompson Inc. to Chesterfield Construction Services Inc., $170,000.


212 E Bank St.; Ardenbarry Properties LLC to Oldtowne212 LLC, $175,000.

1450 Halifax St.; Hubert S. Perkins to Seward Properties LLC, $150,000.

1927-29 and 1960 Matoax Ave; Hammill D. Jones Jr. to CAF 2018-1 REO 1 LLC, $371,650.

2921 Royart Road; Lyle E. Hatcher to Meichell J. Pride, $170,000.


100 acres; Spring Grove Solar III LLC to Warren B. Bain, $210,000.

171.35 acres; Doris L. Pritchett to Thibualt Enterprises LLC, $1,350,000.

180 acres; Core Value LLC to Spring Grove Solar III LLC, $298,068.

3.664 acres; Chesdin Self-Storage LLC to Chesdin Storage LLC, $2,100,000.

3.38 acres; Douglas D. Randolph to David Michael Pritt, $165,000.

38.87 acres; James A. Caruso II to Arthur D. Bostic IV, $274,380.

4 acres; William Daniel Dibble to Brian K. Durham, $180,000.

97 acres; DWRL LLC to Leonard F. Harrison III, $225,000.

Lot 85, Section 5, Waterford; Thomas N. Dietz, trustee to Susan M. Dietz, $181,500.


107 Ashley Place; Daniel H. Schroeder to Myron Dale Harmon Jr., $167,800.

113 Briarcliff Court; Yuk Yam Cheung to Darlene Thomas, $245,000.

408 Lakeview Ave.; Travis E. Felts to Jasmine Marie Smith, $178,000.

1114 Pleasant Dale Ave.; Russell C. Fisher to Charles R. Jenkins, $225,000.


2 parcels; FM Property One LLC to Chau Cao, $1,111,000.

Lots 4, 5 and 6, Block 3, Battery Park; MIchael A. Strosnider to Alana C. Grammer, $179,595.

Lots 6-10 and 30--37, Block 20, West City Point Addition; FM Property One LLC to Chau Cao, $858,500.


2.634 acres; New Kent Land and Development Co. Inc. to Kimberly A. Ladd, $298,500.

2.67 acres; Alina M. Wiggins to Michael P. Jones, $207,000.

26.77 acres; Michael Firth to Christopher Michael Bastian, $425,000.

4.705 acres; Alexander F. Huss to Jesselyn M. Grant, $229,000.

7.58 acres; C. William Layne to Bank of America, $327,250.

Lot 4, Shores of York; J. Bryan Robinson to Thomas W. Gillman, $430,000.

Lot 8, Section 4, The Oaks; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Michael J. Sheridan, $266,130.

Lot A, City Center; Theatre Square LC to Virginia Natural Gas Inc., $627,600.

Lot 27, Maidstone; Curtis Powers to Marcus Stallings, $252,000.

Lots 5 and 6, Windsor Shades; John W. Ballentine Jr. to Lindsay Arboretum and Game Preserve LLC, $350,000.

Parcels; Carroll L. Rose to Prestige Worldwide Auto LLC, $300,000.

Parcels 3 and 4, Bowis Estates West; Chester A. Alvis to Food Lion LLC, $505,170.

Parcels 3 and 4, Bowis Estates West; David L. Horsley Sr. to Food Lion LLC, $677,750.


1.9 acres; Joe Collins to Paul Kenneth Laurens, $249,950.

170 acres; Marl Valley Farm Limited Partnership to Shawn R. Sykora, $340,000.

2.04 acres; Samuel I. White PC, trustee to U.S. Bank, $358,444.

240.5 acres; Mary Holland Jandl to Timothy P. Cibula, $475,000.

5 acres; Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Lofton Leasing LLC, $172,820.

52.5075 acres; J. Thomas Buren to Luca Italian Restaurant Inc., $185,500.

67.48 acres; Jimmy Eugene Tuggle to Anthony M. Prosceno Sr., $160,000.

Lot 10, Section 2, Baxter Ridge; Troy S. McDaniel to TEM Investments LLC, $150,000.

Lot 12, Block P, Section 12, Branchester Lakes; Keith O. Toney to Hannelore Phillips, $179,999.

Lot 28, Section 1, Fountain Ridge; Jay C. Paul, administrator to Harold E. Snowden, $285,000.

Parcel; Kathryn Barksdale Evans to The Charlotte E. Barksdale 2013 Revocable Trust, $159,473.

Charles city

Lot 4, Fuqua Farms North; Jeremy W. Fisher to William F. Drudge IV, $225,000.

Parcel; Lawanda C. Johnson to Bruce Sharita Dickerson, $160,000.


19.08 acres; Elizabeth P. Johnson, executor to Jennie L. Wells, $374,500.

Lot 1, Maplewood; James M. Brooks to Joseph Stranick, $300,000.

2 parcels; Jane Karen Arnold to Good Life Realty LLC, $154,000.

2 parcels; Martha A. Bland to Pembelton Forest Products Inc., $280,000.

274.35 acres; Alexander Tract LLC to Amelia Timber Holdings LLC, $500,000.

42.113 acres; Dewey Wayne Adams to Ivor Storage LLC, $462,000.


17199 Begonia Drive, Ruther Glen; John G. Graham to Abby Fischer, $235,000.

741 Canterbury Drive, Ruther Glen; Sarah Bradley to Shannon M. Ammens, $183,000.

238 Cedar Ridge Drive, Ruther Glen; David V. Hall to Rohan Samaroo, $220,500.

620 Clover Hill Drive, Ruther Glen; Raymond Alvey Fox to Chantal L. Wright, $195,597.

10544 Gallant Fox Way, Ruther Glen; Ronald K. Streeff to Roberto Flores, $274,900.

112 Hope Drive, Ruther Glen; Filipe M. Santos to Ralph Edgar Williams, $217,900.

23277 Johnstown Lane, Ruther Glen; Ian McClellan to Roddrick L. Garrett, $276,000.

175 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Kevin E. Puma to Lindsay Champagne, $287,000.

131 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Andres O. Piedra to Terrence J. Horne, $192,000.

6174 Macedonia Road, Woodford; George E. Link to Christopher M. Picerno, $420,000.

18073 O'Brien Court, Milford; Barry Lynn Dudley to Robert Keith Barlow, $425,000.

303 Senate Drive, Ruther Glen; Powell Construction Services LLC to Alexander Sanchez, $310,097.

7230 Statesman Blvd., Ruther Glen; Denali Capital Group LLC to Sharon Marie Oliver, $224,181.

715 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Christopher Alan Yachechko to Shelpby D. Roles, $185,750.


21.055 acres; Allen G. Yoder to Jamie Greene, $325,000.

62 acres; Aaron Carlisle Jr. to CWV Land Acquisition LLC, $216,000.

Parcel; Williamsburg Lodging Associates LLC to Mahant Hospitality Williamsburg LLC, $6,600,000.


16.152 acres; Joseph Willard Brown Jr., trustee to Kevin S. Greggs, $160,000.

2.5981 acres; Donald Lee Mayhew to Bryce W. Harrison, $190,000.


96 Alton Lane, King William; Vertical Builders LLC to Shawn Parsley, $250,300.

178 Courtney Lane, Aylett; Glenn William Russell to Ashley L. Freddy, $204,900.

1204 Epworth Road, Aylett; Michael Alan Tindall to William P. Moore, $245,000.

354 Flowering Tree Court, Aylett; Kristi Johnson to Hoyt A. Wheeland, $180,000.

2416 Herring Creek Road, Aylett; Wesley V. Hodges to Christopher W. Lamb, $166,000.

306 Madison Court, Aylett; Christopher M. Penny to Jason Lyn Bass, $238,000.

102 McCauley Parkway, Aylett; Austin Callahan to Elizabeth C. Lynch, $265,000.

1278 Mt. Pleasant Road, Manquin; Siegfried Leise to Jason Lee Burgess, $199,900.

3020 Odi St., West Point; Derek Nicksich to Joshua T. Lovell, $194,500.

308 Poplar Road, Aylett; Mary R. Barnette to David Harley Sanders, $200,000.

12216 W River Road, Aylett; Troy F. Nichols to Christopher D. Taylor, $299,950.

785 Thompson Ave., West Point; Andrew M. Smith to Karen M. Barrow, $189,500.


Lot 13, Governor Berkeley Professional Center; Berkeley LLC to Prodrive Burg LLC, $450,000.

Lot 21, Strawberry Plains; Evans & Bryant PLC, substitute trustees to Joel R. Fortune, $169,000.

Lot 38-B, The Oaks; Susan Bancroft Schlesinger to Leisa Meyer, $198,000.

Lots 47-52, Village Green North Townhomes at Quarterpath; Quarterpath Williamsburg LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $366,600.

Lots 17 and 18, Ludwell Place; Stephen C. Brown to Lone G Inc., $533,400.


6528 Artillery St., Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Aaron M. Cooper, $254,900.

38 Berkshire Road, Williamsburg; William I. Pappadake to James Ian McCormick, $429,900.

4712 Bristol Circle, Williamsburg; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Thomas J. Brackin Jr., $295,000.

4824 Bristol Circle, Williamsburg; Louis Hoffman to Lisa A. Clay, $296,000.

4293 Casey Blvd., Williamsburg; Jody W. Forsyth to Ross Joseph Iaci, $277,000.

112 Clara Croker, Williamsburg; Richard J. Hanley Jr., trustee to Sherry L. House, $446,000.

450 Crooked Stick, Williamsburg; Francis W. Iacobellis to Mary T. Fiehler, $179,900.

3961 Driftwood Way, Williamsburg; Vicki L. Erickson, trustee to Dominic Samuel Cerrato, $247,500.

4911 Fenton Mill Road, Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Jose Antonio Jasso, $300,000.

5209 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Edward Hosegood to Janice Walker Simmons, $275,000.

8426 Gayle Lane, Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jason A. Pierce, $258,175.

3975 Guildford Lane, Williamsburg; David A. Coe, trustee to Drey H. Asbell, $380,000.

4368 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Monika Margarete Cundiff, $409,390.

4409 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Bonnie Sue Tracey, $300,000.

3336 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; James B. Taliaferro to Jenny E. Meyer, $287,900.

3604 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jacob Isaac Garcia, $270,585.

2087 Hornes Lake Road, Williamsburg; Robert S. Williams III to Thomas E. Sebrell IV, $660,000.

67 James Square, Williamsburg; David Scott Elder to Hector Roman Velez, $150,000.

3204 Kenton Court, Toano; Charles E. Thomason to Heather Estelle Peet, $167,500.

306 London Company Way, Williamsburg; James P. Soukup to Kelly W. Beckley, $174,900.

3927 Lord Dunmore Drive, Williamsburg; Gerald K. Quigley to Gary D. Mutzbaugh, trustee, $477,500.

3004 Maura Court, Toano; Christina Abbott, co-executor to Stacey Schmelebeck, $230,000.

5920 Montpelier Drive, Williamsburg; Kevin J. Shedd to Ryan C. Hendrickson, $320,900.

196 Nottinghamshire, Williamsburg; Geraldine C.V. Wagoner to Katherine Black Lee, $475,000.

121 Old Meadows Road, Williamsburg; Feliciano C. Sotto to Matthew M. Pretlow, $290,000.

404 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade to Gregor L. Scholsberg, $208,758.

4801 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade to Linda Warren, $242,770.

129 Randolph's Green, Williamsburg; Karl Joachim Janka to Mark J. Eggleston, $730,000.

110 Rich Neck Road, Williamsburg; Richard A. Erb to Janice D. Hembree, $300,000.

4318 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Zachary Shaver, $193,580.

3908 Shady Lane, Williamsburg; Richard J. Bunger to Thaddeous Dominic Wheeler, $285,000.

5513 South Mallard Run, Williamsburg; Elizabeth A. Gleaves to Heidi A. Lally, $299,900.

3647 South Square, Williamsburg; Janet A. Sawicki, trustee to Lynn T. Hosegood, $304,000.

118 Spring Road, Williamsburg; Thomas J. Kearney to Nancy Deel, $308,000.

3213 Stoney Creek Drive, Williamsburg; Joshua K. Andelin to Alexander L. Gorschenin, $314,000.

321 E Tazewell's Way, Williamsburg; Fairfax S. McCandlish III to Laura Feltman, trustee, $412,400.

7609 Tealight, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Cheryl B. Chang, $266,180.

Unit 3401, Braemar Creek at Greensprings Plantation; Holly M. Scott to Christopher Todd Brooks, $167,950.

7613 Tealight, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Derek Scott Calfee, $209,120.

4116 Thorngate Drive, Williamsburg; Glenn T. Brodie to Gary A. Leighton, $425,000.

132 Tutters Neck, Williamsburg; John H. Hawkins to Robert Earl Holland, $345,000.

Unit 516, Conference Center Condo; Robert T. Fitzgerald to Joseph Keppler, $290,000.

152 Waters Edge Drive, Williamsburg; Cathy A. Naylor to Thomas Scott Lipscomb, $312,500.

6274 Weathersveld Way, Williamsburg; Jeffery A. Martin to Brian Peter Richards, $307,000.

3243 Westover Ridge, Williamsburg; Daniele A. Longo to Charles W. Ericsson, $390,000.

117 Woodhall Spa, Williamsburg; Hugh Kroehling, trustee to Theodore Burton, $460,000.

4604 Yeardley loop, Williamsburg; Charles D. Parker to Ricardo D. Rumph, $369,900.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email