The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for King & Queen will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


3402 1st Ave; Bohmer Robert A Jr and Eleanor K to Grafton Ginny Carroll, $207,500.

114 W 29th St; Day Annika B to Doty Theresia M, $195,000.

606 W 32nd St; Voss Joshua and Amanda to Gregor Elizabeth D, $214,000.

215 N 36th St; Seal Justin W to La Fratta Michael Andrew, $390,000.

1908 3rd Ave; Lb Legacy 3 Llc to Mason Landen and Hammer Lisa M, $244,000.

706 W 49th St; Williams Mary E to Ramey Kara M, $154,150.

3125 4th Ave; The Bearded House Flipper Llc to 4th Ave Investments Llc, $188,697.

2417 Barton Ave; Ragsdale Lois V to Sit Llc, $152,000.

204 Berkshire Road; Vandivender Robert J and Adele H to Walker Richard L Jr and Sarah M, $713,000.

3200 W Broad St; Pineapple Acquisitions Llc to 3200 Llc and 3200 Tower Llc, $7,500,000.

1404 E Brookland Park Blvd; Trc Brookland Park Llc to Northside Retail Owner Llc, $1,775,000.

8 Canterbury Road; Trope Edward C Jr and Stuart F to Epic Dream Investments Llc, $825,000.

3820 Chamberlayne Ave; Call Federal Credit Union to Bettinger Sarah S, $288,000.

1312 Claremont Ave; Hite Anderson W III to Huffman Lauren Karis, $219,000.

3412 E Clay St; Horjus Nathan E and Elaine to Norquist Peter D, $285,000.

1125 Commerce Road; Spa Development Llc to Spa Lofts Llc, $2,300,000.

3228 Douglasdale Road; Craft Development Llc to McCourt Jennifer A, $332,500.

3866 Fauquier Ave; Jenkins Helen L to Newfield Mark Julian, $312,500.

1718 Floyd Ave; Capozzola Jonathan and Jessica to Fisher Joseph and Alexander, $345,000.

6315 Forest Hill Ave; Hovis Lauren W to Barahona Bryan O, $227,950.

4715 W Franklin St; Clark Melissa Ann to Klawitter Mary Beth, $383,000.

417 Gilmer St; Starr Maxx to 417 Gilmer Street Llc, $165,000.

4209 W Grace St; Schutte Louise H and Andrew G to Lisy Justin Michael, $472,000.

417 Granite Ave; Forstmann Majorie H to Lick Llc, $225,000.

3403 Griffin Ave; The Tyrrell Group Llc to Degracia Christopher J, $235,000.

1702 Grove Ave; Stonebridge Investment Company to Warren James Albert Jr, $805,000.

2424 Hanover Ave; MacSwan Robert F III to Mousouris Andrea, $582,000.

4311 Hillcrest Road; Bibona Jeane Hanowell to Hausrath Jacob Moore, $365,000.

3415 Hull St; Gipson Ok Ja to Nam Yoo Mi, $450,000.

1306 Huntland Road; Latney Richard to Dean Herbert A, $180,000.

6 John Christopher Ct; Wray Mary Denny Trustee to Reid James G Sr and Elizabeth K, $560,100.

2 King St; Elderhomes Corp to Richards Kelly Paige, $174,950.

3113 Lamb Ave; Maples Andrew II to Hash Ryan M, $150,000.

400 S Laurel St; Grootegoed David A and Katie W to Frasier Lawrence M and Holly D, $412,000.

4608 Leonard Pkwy; Terry Charles W to Crutchfield Mary Beth, $470,000.

1928 Maple Shade Lane; MacKenzie Robert W to Mitchell Tod and Jacqueline T, $173,000.

3336 Mark Road; Alvarado Roberto E to Lewis Karnell and Dorothy H, $174,950.

904 Milton St; Es Properties I Llc to Tamburri Joy Marie, $225,000.

2021 Monument Ave; Harris Cabell S and Patti D to Wheat James C III, $2,100,000.

3023 North Ave; Arch Capital Partners Llc to Headley Andrew C Jr and Arie A, $245,000.

1418 Oakwood Ave; Maddox Venna R to Tnt Construction Carolina Llc, $245,000.

5700 Park Ave; Schindler Matthew T and Emily P to Raineri Brandon G, $395,000.

4801 Pocahontas Ave; Rainey Gordon F Jr to Isle Ridge Llc, $1,395,000.

1921 Powhatan St; C & D Homes Llc to Marshall Joseph R, $272,500.

1707 Seddon Road; Harris Edsel G Sr to Ric Properties Llc, $155,000.

4008 Southampton Road; Dao Investments Llc to Der Charles, $354,999.

3855 Stowe Dr; Fidelity Capital Finance Llc to Penick Letisha Q, $249,950.

5212 Sylvan Road; Taylor Brian P to McNally Brennan E, $270,000.

16 Tapoan Road; Nikboo Llc to Harding Michael T, $1,118,658.

208 N Vine St; Figueiredo Jorge Bandeira De to Jones Scott A and Kimberly D, $480,000.

1509 Williamsburg Road; Homestead Land Company Llc to Crusta Andrew, $174,000.

3124 Zion St; Bellard Christopher J to Valentine Frank J Jr, $202,000.


4912 Abundance Ct, Henrico; Harrington Hayley M and Jonathan C Brinson to Hernandez Marcos A, $225,000.

1775 Altman Rd, Henrico; Taylor Harold N and Yolanda B to Murray Lindsay and James, $314,770.

9416 Arrowdel Rd, Henrico; Zinat Amir to Patel Jay and Roshni Saraiya, $525,000.

4005 Aspen View Ct, Henrico; Horsfall Sophia W to Houses to Homes Llc, $201,900.

611 Azalea Ave, Henrico; Austin Holdings Group Llc to Delorenzo Jennifer Morgan, $207,500.

6024 Bastione Ct, Glen Allen; Meadows David S and Rebecca to Nguyen Diem and Thanh Luu, $375,000.

1904 Benham Ct, Henrico; Baker Ronald D Jr to Rainey William Tyler and Rebecca Ann, $257,500.

5308 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Washburn David Baker and Paula Phillips, $381,200.

5311 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Grover Nitin and Ruchi, $370,015.

10612 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Weston-Morrow Christina Marie Et Al, $406,395.

1015 Bevridge Rd, Henrico; Cypress Creek Construction Llc to Tuckahoe Funding Llc, $229,800.

1700 Binford Ct, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Easley Angela D, $193,455.

3908 Bolling Rd, Henrico; Harris Nathaniel Lee to Shelton Joshua Seth, $180,000.

4344 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Babu Yuvaraj, $270,990.

9520 Brant Ln, Glen Allen; Copeland Cherise to Brown Paulies M Jr, $150,000.

4246 Broad Hill Dr, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to White Sherry, $315,000.

9406 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; H & A Investments Llc to Mrm Enterprises Llc, $239,000.

10744 Brookley Rd, Glen Allen; Fecteau Annie M to Snodgrass Charles Cavin and Jessica Lynn, $247,000.

10301 Buchmill Dr, Glen Allen; Shapiro Sheldon and Shirley P Trustees to Canzanella Anthony and Jennifer, $410,000.

1231 Byrd Ave, U4c, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Ggc Associates Llc, $495,900.

1308 Camrose Rd, Henrico; Donbrosky E P III and Heather L to Lopez Antonio A and Silvia D, $240,000.

2303 Carrollwood Ct, Henrico; Anderson Christopher P to Alexander Caroline, $278,000.

1826 Cedar Hollow Ct, Henrico; Waller Cynthia W to Schoffstall Amanda, $185,000.

13104 Chancery Pl, Henrico; White Richard Wray and Kennetha M to Moneymaker Radford M and Patricia D, $402,900.

12913 Church Ct, Henrico; Snead Esther Davis to Dameron Marvin E Jr, $250,000.

912 Clauson Rd, Henrico; Brown Daniel L and Kirsten K Lemley to Golding Jacob A, $170,000.

907 N Concord Ave, Henrico; Rva Homes Shop Llc and O Woodland Hogg Jr to Heist Heath D and Melody D, $189,950.

3213 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Chiang Jennifer H, $668,126.

3218 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Friant Christopher T and Mitra P, $806,843.

8000 Costin Dr, Henrico; Trinh Dung N to Rajagopalan Shanti, $240,500.

10521 Courtney Rd, Glen Allen; Toskes Joseph D to Najafi Sayed S and Sayed G, $377,000.

4703 Croft Cir, Glen Allen; Bocchicchio Michael J and Danica R to Lebrun Paul M and Alexandra F, $249,900.

12613 Cutler Ridge Dr, Henrico; Sweeney Eva L to Breedlove Steven E and Courtney B, $335,000.

12308 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va to Santalucia Leonard J and Linda A, $702,801.

2505 Dunham Rd, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Dang Kiet Tan and Xuan Mai Dam, $409,900.

1100 E Durwood Cres, Henrico; Vaninwegen Keith P and Florence N to Hawthorne John and Elizabeth Buford, $425,000.

6310 Ellington Woods Ter, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Basham Cecil Louis Jr, $973,426.

11083 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Singaraju Vamsi M and Sushma P Banda, $752,925.

101 S Elm Ave, Henrico; Ingersoll Jim Trustee to Smith David and Susan Wyatt Dickson, $156,900.

9221 Emmett Rd, Glen Allen; Diep Anne to Patterson Ian, $263,500.

10709 Estelle Ct, Glen Allen; Panter Danny M Sr and Elizabeth A to Hope Joseph M Jr and Evelyn A Brenyah-Hope, $338,800.

2310 Farrand Dr, Henrico; Reo Services Llc to Sparrow Kirk, $176,000.

1 Flatwater Row, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Newman Hal Paul and Nancy Ann, $305,365.

2311 Fleet Ave, Henrico; Demgen Sara C and Drew Matthew to Anderberg Kyle D and James Sven, $165,000.

4631 Four Seasons Ter, Uf, Glen Allen; Buchanan Patricia K and Luke Lancaster to Patriot Commercial Contractors Inc, $200,000.

3129 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Lighthiser Joseph W and Sarah to Paradise John W and Virginia R, $236,000.

543 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; West South Llc to For Lucky Dogs Llc, $375,000.

911 Glidewell Rd, Henrico; Muscoe Realty Solutions Llc to Parke Christine M, $225,000.

6619 W Grace St, Henrico; Pugh Jeremy D and Brigette G to Trotter Steven William, $215,000.

4908 Gray Bark Ct, Sandston; Federal National Mortgage Association to Bailes Lynn, $279,000.

2605 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Kafagy Dhyaa Hadi and Sura to Rock Samuel and Bailee Bannan, $173,000.

3501 Gwynn's Pl, Glen Allen; Evans Joanne D and Thomas R to Bareis Susan Jane, $399,999.

7690 Harewood Ln, Henrico; Martin Johnnie O Estate to Cruz Thomas N and Emily R, $349,950.

9519 Heather Spring Dr, Henrico; Wanner Samuel H and Laverne to Walton-Smith Wendy A, $367,500.

11608 Heverley Ct, Glen Allen; Tate James Caylor and Emily M Trustees to McDaries Meagan H, $470,000.

2262 High Bush Cir, Glen Allen; Nester Homer C Jr to Vinores Charles M, $175,000.

5537 Holman Dr, Glen Allen; Mendonca Shailesh and Lavina Pereira to Braine-Tillem Kimberly M and Michael T, $433,000.

805 Howard St, Sandston; Gary Mona Lisa and Jevonne L and K Y Webb to Federal National Mortgage Association, $178,000.

10126 Idlebrook Dr, Henrico; Richardson Donald J and Mary to Martin Benjamin G, $259,500.

1 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Pancakes Llc to Carmon Eboni, $189,950.

8 N Kalmia Ave, Henrico; Taylor Bruce W Sr to Thomas Don L and Betty J, $154,950.

6821 Kilchurn Ct, Henrico; Selah Maalik Ali and Lisa to Saunders Allison Latrice, $260,000.

2680 Lacywood Ln, Sandston; Childress Kenneth R and Beverly M to Kirsch Kimberly A, $255,000.

7705 Lampworth Pl, Henrico; Trimmer Jane A to Pegram Robert, $250,000.

5412 Lemoore Dr, Glen Allen; Bingham Ronald E and Nancy E to Bhoopathi Praveen and Aruna, $460,000.

1803 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Walker Donald R to Dove Shulamit A, $217,500.

2408 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Kim Jackye E to Beiles Kevin C and Kristin M, $469,900.

1802 Locustgrove Ct, Henrico; Nguyen Diem T to Rodriguez Bereniz Yajaria, $255,000.

100 Longstreet Ave, Henrico; Green Helen S Trustee to Campbell William E Jr, $160,000.

2209 Manlyn Rd, Henrico; Rva Property Acquisitions Llc to Nelson Rachel, $237,000.

2524 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Newman Joseph and Linda to Deren Stephen, $186,500.

4528 Mary Jane Ter, Glen Allen; Pegalis Debra to Pradhan Manish and Shanti Koirala, $675,000.

7015 Miami Ave, Henrico; Bebawi Mahfouz N and Nevein A Attia and M M to Einsig Jacqueline E, $319,950.

6421 N Midview Rd, Henrico; Lewis Diane I Llc to Godley Cecelia G, $179,900.

10853 Millington Ln, Henrico; Lee Kathy Ann to Meek Kevin G and Margaret Marco Bock, $579,000.

205 Monterey Ave, Sandston; Liberty Homes Inc to Manley Bob O, $198,180.

8007 Moorefield Rd, Henrico; Cameron William W Jr and Jean A Trustees to Nies Alexander Joseph and Nicole Goodman, $275,000.

2004 Mountain Gate Ln, Glen Allen; Rajan Sriprabha G to Baker Ronald Dean Jr, $197,000.

2711 Mt Zion Ct, Henrico; Bernard Lea to Nowakowski Shawn A Jr and V R Heverley, $150,000.

4301 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Webb Timothy, $285,642.

1100 New York Ave, Glen Allen; Brooks Laurie L to Baylor Marvin F, $189,200.

5508 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Jones Vincent and Phyllicia Ridley, $271,000.

5528 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Edwards Ora and Tonya, $244,070.

1552 Oakland Chase Pkwy, Henrico; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Johnson Cornelius D Sr and Shaundelle E, $273,829.

2917 Oakley Pointe Way, Henrico; Robertson Bradford O to Lin Zhang and Ying, $260,000.

201 Old Charles St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to McQueen Kenneth Lamar, $500,566.

5203 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Denzine Gypsy, $504,116.

5205 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to 5205 Old Main Street Llc, $450,695.

5211 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Johnson Kelly Ann and Richard S Hinkins, $485,565.

5325 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Brackett Lydia S and Brandon Powell, $315,188.

5331 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Irby Melissa L, $301,826.

5323 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Brewer Megan A, $388,212.

5331 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Sabet Sohair F Dr Trustee, $388,667.

11291 Old Washington Hwy, Glen Allen; Anderson Anthony and Henrietta to Reynolds Christina D and Robin Denton, $186,300.

6440 Osborne Tpke, Henrico; Foley Timothy M to Upshur Henry W Jr and Michaele, $200,000.

1021 Parkland Pl, Glen Allen; Slack Gary C and Suzanne C to Vickery Woody Walton and Kim Grace Seador, $304,450.

906 Penobscot Rd, Henrico; Wells Brandon A to Hall Jonathan R, $182,600.

2120 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Patel Gaurang, $359,075.

2228 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to McGovern George Marion and Karen Michelle, $351,775.

2234 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Joyner Andrew K and Ciera B Plum, $343,095.

3224 Pinefields Dr, Henrico; Tolliver Douglas L to Lewis Kenneth, $210,000.

1804 Poplar Green, Henrico; Frank Joanna B to Holder Charles R and Jody W, $205,000.

11216 Prescott Pl, Glen Allen; Flickinger Marc W and Monica P to Lasky Jordan Brent and Rachel Friedmann, $530,000.

5403 Raleigh Rd, Henrico; 5403 Raleigh Road Llc to Harris Ashley N, $155,000.

1515 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc to Garner Andre and Leuquilar, $203,915.

7001 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Veterans Affairs to Todd Joseph W III and Kelly A, $223,000.

3950 River Bluffs Pl, Henrico; Moses Lolita S and Eugene L to Porter Harold Jr, $225,000.

10908 Robin Spring Ln, Glen Allen; Bailey Lavonda R to Garabetian Gary and Jordan M, $220,000.

4823 Rodney Rd, Henrico; Johnson Iris Wall to Chenault Robert W and Stephanie R, $298,000.

11612 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

9710 Royerton Dr, Henrico; Mahoney Mildred R to G M Ventures Llc, $192,000.

2924 Ruthland Rd, Henrico; Maraffi Corey J to Maraffi Lisa, $179,000.

3014 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Temoney Tamara L to Frost Joshua C and Robin Q, $175,000.

4221 Saunders Tavern Trl, Ua, Henrico; Kaplan Jeffrey S and Lisa H to Nourse Adam D and Elsa, $280,000.

6944 Seven Kings Cir, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Giles Michael E and Brandi C, $327,676.

5001 Shimmering Pl, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to NVR Inc, $185,000.

5301 Singletree Ct, Glen Allen; Keller David A and Colleen T to Avdic Hava and Semir Osmanovic, $296,000.

9524 Spring Moss Ter, Glen Allen; Cerula Nicole to Alsop Properties Llc, $262,000.

541 St Albans Way, Henrico; Bracken Susan T and Cheryl T Fetterolf to Moss Robert Brandon Trustee, $427,500.

5333 Stanwood Way, Glen Allen; Newmann William W and Judyth L Twigg to Luk Diana, $440,000.

5706 Stoneacre Ct, Glen Allen; Kang Daniel and Lisa to Gannett Thomas P Trustee Et Al, $485,000.

9208 Sunset Oak Cir, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Lundy Darrell A, $442,910.

4917 Sweeney Cir, Henrico; Dawes Adam M to Benedict Jacob T, $275,000.

9416 Telegraph Run Ln, Glen Allen; Som Kosal and Chhun Lysryroth to Sin Bryson William, $220,000.

8959 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Messimer Marshall Hilton Jr to Le Tuyet, $205,000.

130 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Tran Lan-Anh and David Vennard Jr, $221,190.

8701 Traditional Ct, Henrico; Wallschlaeger Paul J and Pamela M to Phillips Wayne L and Janice C, $228,000.

4947 Turner Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Mukherjee Bhaskar, $510,923.

4620 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Kumar Ashutosh and Amrita Kumari, $445,187.

4660 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Constructiton Of Va Properties Llc to Nagabooshanam Jayakumar Et Al, $457,492.

6532 Varina Station Dr, Henrico; Federal National Mortgage Association to Anderson Tanya, $210,000.

3405 Vinery Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Kornblau Jeffrey D and Tania M, $850,000.

10320 Virginia Rd, Glen Allen; 10320 Virginia Road Series to Seward Alysse Hope, $169,900.

1511 Watch Tower Ln, Henrico; Dwyer Timothy P to Ni Ping and Chao He, $207,587.

1406 Westbriar Dr, Henrico; Chaisson Christopher W and Eva A to Stowe Anne and Gerry, $251,945.

1707 Westhill Rd, Henrico; Fray Lisa M to Pinnix Charles Ernest, $165,500.

1507 Willingham Rd, Henrico; Loftin Floyd E Trustee to Evans Emily S and Russell S III, $356,000.

7436 Willow Ridge Ter, Glen Allen; Budasoff Geraldine Y to Dunn Erin M and Matthew T, $171,500.

702 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Toce Aileen A to Herald Chad K and Amber Wyatt, $174,000.

7935 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Word Mikayla and Melinda B W, $312,968.

9601 Woodman Rd, Henrico; Tignor Norman L Jr and Faye M and Shayna M to Cabrera Luis Alonzo Diaz, $172,000.

12621 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Mustafa Frank V and Jordan M Richmond, $685,899.

5500 Yates Ln, Henrico; Hutchison Theodore K to Pegram Beatrice, $190,000.


621 Abbey Village Cr; Anderson Robert B and Valerie S to Wauford Jerry Thomas, $262,500.

1042 Alcorn Tr; Finnegan Joan C to Whitt Sharon G, $311,111.

15212 Amethyst Dr; Cherry Tree Development L C to Sutton Travis and Jessica, $605,000.

2812 Anwell Dr; Robertson Betty Lanier to Blasco Frederic A and Jennifer, $259,000.

6200 Arbor Ridge Dr; Everson Judy and Nathan J Sr to Eisensee Mark E and April A, $280,000.

7527 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Sondheimer Barbara Et Al, $350,340.

10911 August Ct; Powell M Adam to Bodie Alexandra C and Daena K, $165,000.

3416 Avocado Dr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Johns Taruna, $220,000.

9313 Bailey Valley Ct; NVR Inc to Vice Ashley L and Kenney James, $356,451.

21142 Baileys Grove Dr; Westover Homes Llc to Shepherd Colette, $190,615.

3413 Barkham Dr; Weymouth Michael R and Maxey T A to Stiebeling Drew P and Susan M, $391,000.

3640 Becket Dr; Banks Terrance A and Andrea R to Cavallaro Cody S, $205,000.

4231 Bellbrook Dr; Long Barbara C Et Als to Hopkins Forest Lc, $425,000.

8306 Bendahl Valley Dr; Otey Antonio C and Loretta B to Strakal Ifeyinwa and Kevin, $296,000.

16213 Binley Rd; Williams Ray A Construction Co to Wallace Greg and Reese Erin, $704,195.

4307 Blind Trap Ln; Tiller William A and Leslie L to Cox Tyler S and Hicks Taylor, $191,460.

9018 Blooming Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Moser Brenda F, $359,891.

16000 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Ligh Bruce M and Carol B, $318,640.

4817 Bonnie Brae Rd; Hamlett Evelyn B Trust to Butler Annie L, $204,000.

19104 Braebrook Dr; Horner Clinton to Smigal Sara B and Barrille V A, $160,825.

14010 Briars Cr; Sechler Sara Trustee to Petruzella Maureen T, $231,500.

7825 Brightridge Rd; Wood John E to Duckett James Jason and Jenny L, $181,500.

13848 Buck Rub Dr; Khan Abida to Eads Parker A and Victoria L, $188,000.

9012 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Garcia Jose, $369,775.

6449 Burnt Mills Ln; Redenz Robert M and Gail R to McCready Nick and Mary, $545,000.

6948 Carden Park Dr; Lifestyle Home Builders to Kocsak Matthew L and Jennifer A, $465,990.

4406 Centralia Station Co; NVR Inc to Mobley Clarence Jr and Tammie, $406,480.

10655 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Rapovy Lori A and Melvin A, $369,320.

8621 Chelmford Rd; Kassab Curtis M Trustee Et Al to Meyer Mary Natalie, $259,950.

1624 Clear Springs Ln; 440 Properties Llc to McGaha Timothy Wayne and R, $285,000.

9201 Clovis St; NVR Inc to Battle Nishaun T, $245,990.

13818 Comstock Landing Dr; Glebe Point Estates Llc to Pettiford Broadus D and Traci M, $420,685.

13208 Court Ridge Rd; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Jones Michael A and Mary Ann, $220,000.

5406 Creek Heights Dr; Axel E K Jr and Axel J M Trs to Largen Leonard Charles, $300,000.

3718 Curtis St; Eisensee Mark E and April A to Kern Joshua O and Elizabeth C, $198,000.

6301 Daleshire Dr; Magnolia Homes and Land Llc to Loproto Emily A, $200,000.

12308 Darien Cr; Scott Kristen L to Kim Yang S, $163,000.

12100 Diamond Hill Dr; Grandy Robert G and Donna Marie to Awad Tarek J, $313,000.

15012 Dogwood Villas Pl; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Clarkson Marsha G, $337,758.

15812 Draycot Dr; Curry Jeffrey W to Speedling Dedra L and Edward J, $540,000.

1734 Early Settlers Rd; Desalvo Cara to Nevius Wanda Glass, $151,500.

7833 Etching St; NVR Inc to Moore Floyd A III and Alexus R, $232,000.

8042 Fallbrooke Dr; Carden Mia Nicole to McGee Matthew C, $158,000.

1813 Featherstone Dr; Lockwood Paul S to Maldonado Enrique A, $223,500.

5912 Fieldstone Rd; Cochrane Judith L to Lopez Juan and Reina I, $150,000.

8006 Flag Tail Dr; Mims Patricia A to Song Jane, $243,000.

14301 Fox Knoll Dr; Specialty Supportive Hous Corp to Laparra Jaime Enrique, $230,000.

16106 Garston Ln; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Fredrickson Erik J and Julie Ann, $694,900.

8818 Glen Royal Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Kanady Dennis A and Jennifer E, $449,950.

11321 Glendevon Rd; Jabs Michael A and Shannon A to Bartek Thomas M and Barbara N, $300,000.

13437 Greenham Ct; Clark Berwin Labert and Tammy A to Tate Tracie and Tate Coretta Y, $259,900.

9612 Gregorys Charter Dr; Igloo Series II Reo Llc to Loving Ralph Duane and Cherease, $298,000.

4803 Hackney Rd; McMahon Merredith A to Evans Roscoe, $169,900.

3937 Hamlin Creek Ct; Calhoun Matthew A and Carissa M to Hicks Brittney D, $214,950.

16130 Hampton Summit Dr; Bivins Elisa B to Smith Davon Maurice and Autumn, $280,000.

15012 Hazelbury Cr; D R Horton Inc to Lourinia Patricia M, $337,000.

11967 Helmway Ct; Hhhunt Homes L C to Dudley Jillian, $426,970.

14500 Highgate Hill Ct; Svanda John F to Alexanian Garabed H and Judy C, $310,000.

4704 Hill Spring Tr; Darden Robert R and Karen L to Holguin Danna D and Adrian E, $262,000.

13028 Holly View Tr; Grenoble Betty R to Silvey Curtis A and Warren M A, $207,500.

4903 Iron Bridge Rd; Bridge Court Inc to Penn Edmond, $152,000.

108 Ironwood Rd; Westover Homes Llc to Beard Michael and Rebecca, $211,300.

4405 Jacobs Bend Dr; Pressler Thomas William and S F to Samuels Doreen and Nickisha, $200,000.

5601 Jamson Rd; Powell Nicole Andrea to Hatcher Valerie V, $215,000.

17319 Jennway Mw; Fenlon Matthew T and Amy to Pierce Glenn E and Major W H, $485,000.

8103 Kempwood Dr; Phillips Wayne L to Stubbs Andrew, $162,000.

7425 Kentucky Derby Dr; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Johnson Terry L, $198,750.

4404 Kingsland Rd; Holt Chad C to Dunn Emily A, $195,000.

6918 Lake Caroline Dr; Mangieri F A and Rivera N M to Smith Anthony T and Morris N N, $246,000.

2209 Lastingham Dr; Withers R E II and Withers D Trs to Longest Gregory T and Elizabeth, $775,000.

6705 Liege Hl; Greenwich Walk Villa Condo to Odum Sheila M, $347,466.

4401 Little Ridge Ln; Hay David M and Schild Laura J to Tucker Sarah, $240,000.

10948 Live Oak Ct; Wiggins Joseph A Jr and Loretta to Moehling Jeffrey A and Darlene E, $674,900.

4903 Logswood Rd; Bevett Cynthia M to Muntz Marcus Gerard and McLean P, $197,500.

11900 Longfellow Dr; O'Neal Sherry M to Schipinski Carol, $243,450.

16201 Maple Hall Dr; Johnston Daniel J and Elizabeth to Tuminelli Joseph and Groh Kelly, $875,000.

3809 Meadowdale Bl; Ward Robert C and Meduice A to Boswell Antoine L, $178,000.

12112 Merit Grove Ct; Harris Thomas J to Elia Kathleen M and Bret R, $223,000.

7801 Mill River Ln; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Holloway Andrew L Jr, $225,000.

2431 Mitchells Mill Dr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Edwards James W III and Sara M, $713,167.

5312 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Shi Xiao and Liu Jian, $464,224.

14018 Mountshire Ln; Searcy Mary A to Park Young Keun and Yeong Ran, $291,000.

7812 Nathan Ln; Galal B B and Sigvaldsen K to Gama Eduardo L, $234,500.

4901 Newbys Mill Ct; Rivera Ricardo and Gracia M I to Chandler Dashia S, $267,500.

13803 Nuttree Woods Ln; Popard Michael A and Loretta A to Campbell Darrell S and Carrie J, $259,000.

20018 Oak River Dr; Maxson Construction Inc to Chatman Michael J Jr and Dale M, $268,000.

2007 Otterdale Rd; Martin Christian A and Lisa to Alley Gregory W Jr, $213,600.

9712 Pampas Dr; Alicea Claudia A to Mackey Thomas W and Jo Anne, $225,000.

5108 Parrish Creek Ct; Burkett Malorie Gay to Radcliff M E and Williams Ashtyn, $276,000.

3725 Pennyweight Ct; NVR Inc to Santos Virginia and Valentin C, $346,890.

7906 Pleasant Pond Ln; Williams Randall K and L T to Robins Evelyn and Witherspoon D, $245,000.

7616 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Jordan Priscilla M, $298,581.

13537 Poplardell Ct; Shapiro Michael S and Tami H to Nakasone Kris M and Annjasmine G, $335,000.

10202 Princess Margaret Pl; Thomason Harry W and Elona D to Marks Lloyd R Jr and Virginia B, $230,000.

8812 Providence Ridge Ct; Oliver Charles W to Rijhwani Sarita, $277,500.

5313 Quarter Horse Ln; Main Street Homes to Graves Denis J Et Als, $471,198.

8628 Rainwater Rd; Catron Melisa Trustee to Jordan Erica C, $167,000.

9520 Raven Wing Dr; Kessinger Charles W and Betty H to Wynne James and Anne, $325,000.

102 Reams Ct; Johnson Daniel C Sr and Lesley A to Gingerich Barton J and Mary M, $193,000.

10139 Ridgerun Rd; Crosby James D and Heather L to Fial Kathryn A, $150,000.

6600 River Rd; Driskill William V and Gayle C to Driskill Troy W and Tonya, $230,000.

10812 Robious Rd; Equity Endeavors Llc to Kinnard Bryan R, $156,800.

5661 Rohan Pl; Hhhunt Homes L C to Norwood Walter Ryan and Anna H, $371,170.

3313 Rossington Bl; Trinh Keen to Hinton Maya I and Hinton Lisa A, $272,950.

2904 Sagecreek Cr; Barnett Dayna and Walger Judith to Taylor Kyle M and Rebecca B, $245,000.

14708 Sailboat Cr; Spivey Tracy Seaburn and Chuky to Arboleda Diego Ramirez, $302,000.

16108 Sandwave Rd; Bibbs William Edward to Matlick Jeffrey D, $191,000.

10312 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Massey Mark and Angela, $268,000.

16536 Saville Chase Rd; Semmelman Kandie D Trustee to Young Frank A and Susan L, $535,000.

8401 Scottingham Ct; Hewlett Roderick D to Wilmington Tr Nat'l Assoc Tr, $172,000.

6009 Sedgefield Tr; Hylton Timothy W and Linda K to Latimer Matthew Burleigh, $318,000.

14101 Shallowford Landing Ct; Hanifer James J and Mary C to Kuczynski Joanna and Rafal, $275,000.

14525 Shipborne Rd; Shah Pinki and Neemit M to Coen Kyle P and Kimberly P, $356,500.

17700 Silver Farm Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Giannillo Joanne, $610,847.

13307 Silverdust Ln; Singh Inderjit to Singh Dharvinder, $402,000.

11555 Sinker Creek Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Cowling Gurney B III and Moore L, $586,950.

1228 Southam Dr; Cardiff Christopher H and M L to Carden Mia N, $242,000.

10525 Spring Run Rd; Stitzer Leigh D and Kelly W to Davidson David L Trustee, $360,000.

15067 St Ives Dr; Main Street Homes to Saunders Edward S IV and Sarah E, $532,944.

11449 Stillbrook Rd; Harvell Nathan R and Mary S to Tdz Properties Llc, $172,500.

3614 Stoney Ridge Tl; Dickens Charles E and Patricia A to Barbera Patrick and Rebecca Lyn, $252,500.

907 Sun Valley Wy; NVR Inc to Hamlett Toni and Carter, $296,280.

13803 Sunrise Bluff Rd; Faulk Gladys V and Carter G N to Sayre David M and Senaida, $320,000.

13708 Sutters Mill Cr; Light Post Homes Llc to Lambert Brittney L, $259,000.

1202 Tannery Cr; Ligon Thomas A Jr and Audrey H to Pierce Joyce Fisher, $246,000.

19304 Temple Av; Homestead Land Co Llc to Sobrito Cory S, $150,000.

16901 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Geer Andrew Thomas, $341,005.

15706 Timberstone Ct; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Booker John W and Jennings T, $416,300.

8312 Timberstone Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Phillips Patrick A and Casey B, $417,205.

6007 Trail Ride Dr; Eastwood Homes to Stewart Catherine M, $330,000.

8325 Trout Ln; A2zproperty Llc to Goode Robert Lee and Lajhonay S, $249,000.

4651 Turner Rd; Hunter Homes Llc to Pender Henrique Toure, $179,900.

2101 S Twilight Ln; Miller Pamela Ann to Wahr Justin C and Emily L, $184,950.

18508 Twisted Oak Ct; Robinson Melissa Veronica to Walker Michael A Jr and Brittany, $236,000.

8903 Wadsworth Wy; Sylejmani Bekim and Hasani Burim to Clark Crystal N, $224,900.

12800 Walton Lake Dr; Sandridge Scott A to Missed Properties Llc, $290,000.

6513 Watchspring Ct; Chavez Roberto to Craft Lillian, $200,000.

208 Water Pointe Ct; Stanley Mildred S to Ferguson Martha Ellyn, $156,500.

15807 Whippers Ct; Main Street Homes to Kidd Charles D and Cassie, $532,767.

3805 Windcry Dr; O'Neal Lois M to Gilliam Ricky L Sr and J A, $160,000.

7872 Winding Ash Tr; Vanderpool Ruth to Mahawed Michael E S, $215,000.

1221 Woodcroft Rd; Franzetti Paul and Tara to Dierkes Bryan, $217,000.

19101 Woodpecker Rd; Wilkerson Gerald F and Carolyn A to Torres Duarte Jorge A Et Al, $610,000.


9132 Aaroe Drive, Mechanicsville; MTGLQ Investors LP to Ehab Shaker, $243,500.

7360 Adams House Lane, Mechanicsville; Adams Farm LLC to James Alan Stumbaugh, trustee, $357,332.

15375 Azalea Pines Lane, Glen Allen; RCI Builders LLC to Thomas Allen Condrey, $618,644.

6301 Banshire Drive, Mechanicsville; Melissa Fravel to Linda A. Modelfino, $254,500.

8204 Bell Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Scott F. Burrell to Moses Rivers, $332,950.

9352 Berry Farm Court, Mechanicsville; Gary R. Retone to Patrick Roland Smook, trustee, $462,500.

8419 Broadwing Lane, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Burton Raymond Tuxford II, $418,903.

7294 Cabell Place, Mechanicsville; Travis A. Hughes to David Valentino, $473,000.

7232 Cherry Leaf Way, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Jean Vermette, $331,341.

13309 Depot Road, Hanover; Ronald E. Butler Jr. to Joshua K. Eager, $440,000.

11438 Doswell Road, Doswell; Jack Collins III to Jason M. Benedetto, $460,000.

8234 Ellerson Woods Court, Mechanicsville; Samuel J. Schroll to Alice Atkins, $310,000.

307 England St., Ashland; 307 England St. LLC to JAG Working LLC, $595,000.

9114 Fox Hill Race Court, Mechanicsville; Steven H. Sperry to Timothy N. Tressler, $344,000.

11232 Garland Park Lane, Hanover; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Donna King, $420,000.

15306 Goshen Road, Montpelier; James L. Lettner to Jarrod Smith, $336,000.

14200 Green Grove Court, Montpelier; RCI Builders LLC to Stuart Wayne Dowdy Jr., $548,325.

8187 J. David Lane, Mechanicsville; Glenn Q. Lowry to Rosa L. Thompson, $235,000.

13428 Karas Way, Ashland; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Brett Massimino, $504,181.

6402 Lark Way, Mechanicsville; Mark D. Ritchie to Kristine Caytlin Powers, $272,000.

10478 Malboro Road, Mechanicsville; Marc Duval to Meghan Lowry, $275,000.

7712 Marshall Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Ann S. Howell to Elizabeth A. Burrell, $250,000.

7982 Meadow Drive, Mechanicsville; Nelmar D. Vernatter to Virginia L. Bandy, $180,000.

15153 Merry Oaks Lane, Montpelier; Charles P. Staudenmaier to David Christopher Ely, $360,000.

9267 Monongahlia Trail, Ashland; Brian K. Lovelace to Scott S. Martin, $175,000.

8171 Newman Drive, Mechanicsville; Shannon Sale to Paul Labrie, $220,000.

7465 Old Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville; Carolyn A. Schools to Mary Ann V. Everette, $262,500.

9939 Orchard Meadow Road, Mechanicsville; Carlos L. Oquendo Jr. to Kalpana S. Ronlov, trustee, $489,000.

6084 Perryville Drive, Mechanicsville; William G. Thompson to Jason K. Smith, $279,950.

9050 Prolonge Lane, Mechanicsville; M. Shawn Stephenson to Scott A. Rowe, $348,500.

9916 Puddle Duck Lane, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Tracy B. Rosson, $417,764.

8304 Raven Run Drive, Mechanicsville; Ashley Brooke Westfall to Charles S. Flournoy, $185,000.

15186 Rockford Road, Montpelier; John Little to William H. Talley IV, $420,000.

7207 Shifletts Farm Lane, Mechanicsville; Liberty Homes Inc. to Loree B. Martin, $385,000.

14105 Spring Creek Lane, Doswell; RCI Builders LLC to Tyler C. King, $269,520.

10252 Still Creek Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael C. Mueller to Michael H. Gibson, $335,000.

8115 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Robert L. Farris, $225,000.

10255 Strafford Hall Court, Mechanicsville; Alex Schalles to Eric Bauer, $342,000.

9955 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Ann Demilta, $429,802.

826 Sweet Tessa Drive, Ashland; Danisha D. Patterson to Martin Leggott, $168,750.

6131 Thyme Drive, Mechanicsville; Richard L. Googins, trustee to Kristen Hess, $242,500.

13261 Waltons Tavern Road, Montpelier; William A. King to Angela Marie Dymacek, $462,500.

7451 Washington Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Candice Bailey to Ashley Cathryn Evans, $222,500.

7024 Wesbeam Drive, Mechanicsville; Daniel C. Winkler to Jeffrey M. Oberg, $299,950.

8235 Whippoorwill Road, Mechanicsville; Robert W. Nelson to Monique N. Bigby Johnson, $295,000.


2750 Beaverrun Road, Powhatan; Donnell L. Walter to Stephanie McCachren, $300,000.

2561 Federal Hill Farms Road, Powhatan; Vertical Builders LLC to Ronald M. Berryman, $238,500.

3702 Jefferson Landing Road, Powhatan; Ryan H. Houtsma to Kathryn L. Danner, $155,000.

3355 S Meadow Circle, Powhatan; Baldwin Creek Custom Homes Inc. to Robert R. Sarnoski, $624,500.

5225 Old Tavern Drive, Powhatan; William F. Smithson to Richard C. Breese, $475,000.

3339 Riverly Drive, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Joseph Randall Patterson, $580,750.

4220 Steger Creek Drive, Powhatan; Seneca Properties LLC to Annika M. Broyles, $279,950.

3616 Trenholm Road, Powhatan; Grace G. Sims to Carlton S. Miles, $314,900.


7035 Benhall Circle, Glen Allen; Michael W. Tassell to Marc F. Vallario, $524,000.

828 Dover Bluff Place, Manakin Sabot; W. Lance Servais to Robert K. Holyer, $775,000.

1805 Hawk Town Road, Maidens; Charles K. Lowery II to Joseph M. Haddon III, $292,000.

2750 Maidens Loop, Maidens; Donna S. Dalla Villa, trustee to John O. Brockenbroughs, $335,000.

1320 River Road West, Crozier; David Lowmaster to Cameron W. Kaufmann, $320,000.

3240 Scott Road, Goochland; Kathleen M. Novack to Daryl K. Johnson II, $367,500.

540 Three Chopt Road, Manakin Sabot; James H. Layne to Reed Marsh LLC, $400,000.

870 Water Bridge Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to David L. Wohlert, $899,889.


908 Halifax St.; 908 Halifax LLC to Lions Group LLC, $180,000.

620-24 S Sycamore St.; LBKBL Properties LLC to Glenwells LLC, $175,000.


24540 Baugh Road, Stony Creek; Trevor R. McHale to Chase A. Munford, $205,000.

21314 Double Branch Road, Stony Creek; Gregory M. Elder to Ronald E. Wray, $370,000.

14811 Namozine Road, Church Road; Baylaur Construction LLC to Whitney Vattelnana, $285,000.

23315 Pear Tree Lane, North Dinwiddie; Fetko Properties LLC to Ashley C. Givings, $186,000.


210 Bluffs Terrace; Jean W. Bradshaw to Michael L. Hoke, $211,000.

1204 Elwood Drive; MTGLQ Investors LP to Sergio G. Parra Zamarripa, $150,000.

501 Lyons Ave.; Glenn B. Smith to Shareene Berti, $186,000.

200 S Valley Road; Joseph Dean Johnson, successor trustee to Lisa A. Harper, $160,000.


301 Beacon Ridge Drive; Beulah Sue Menke, trustee to Alan B. Kirks, $370,000.

3406 Clay St.; Patricia A. Bell to Roderick Jackson, $168,000.

206 Prince George Ave.; Andrew Gunthert to Deborah Lynne Heggen-Eckstein, $179,000.


7449 American Holly Lane, Quinton; Irene E. Holt to James H. Putnam Jr., trustee, $370,000.

136100 Cooks Mill Place, Lanexa; Ronald Henley to Barton J. Cooper, trustee, $410,000.

6609 Fairview Drive, Quinton; Windmill Realtors LLC to Daniel Lowe, $179,950.

8360 George W. Watkins Road, Quinton; Eric D. Benninger to Stephen R. Page, $199,900.

7637 Leyland Cypress Lane, Quinton; Christopher R. Harris to Justin T. McCain, $435,000.

11520 Oakfork Drive, New Kent; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Nicky A. Polo, $273,625.

15501 River Bend Trail, Lanexa; Thomas Nathan Collins to Gordon George Hagge, $349,000.

7739 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Deborah Rose, $336,015.

3805 Virginia Rail Drive, Providence Forge; Dennis M. Baker Jr. to Patricia A. Eller, $330,000.


5695 Baybranch Crosssing, Disputanta; Jeffrey A. Kline to Beverly Vantull, $340,000.

3737 Grey Fox Drive, Prince George; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Shon Curtis Muse, $369,500.

4548 Megan Court, Prince George; Ruth B. Spangenberg to Amanda Archer Dillard, $173,700.

4800 Red Gate Drive, Disputanta; C & L Construction LLC to Melissa A. Williams, $351,809.

12700 Silvercrest Lane, Prince George; Christopher R. Pulley to Charles Craig Owen, $217,950.

11301 Thomas Drive, North Prince George; Francis L. McHale Jr. to Roger F. Lewis Jr., $157,000.

Charles city

9400 Adkins Road, Charles City; Cameron D. Maples to Ron M. Tettelbach, $270,000.

6820 Courthouse Road, Providence Forge; Rita F. Wilkerson to Charles William Lisbon, $193,000.


17250 Dawn Court, Amelia Court House; John R. McKinley to Jason M. Cubbage, $285,000.

13431 Little Patrick Road, Amelia Court House; Advanced Homes and Renovations LLC to Rosemary McMillan-Crawford, $229,250.

8401 Richardson Road, Jetersville; Lois B. Yeatts to Michael Palya, $269,000.


613 Abbey Drive, Ruther Glen; Angela Corlett to Darryl Baldwin, $220,000.

704 Canterbury Drive, Ruther Glen; Edward William Griffith to David W. Prior, $235,000.

315 Constitution Drive, Ruther Glen; Foundation Homes Inc. to Nancy Ellen Shanks, $207,900.

31320 Edgar Road, Hanover; Virginia Homes Buyers LLC to Tristan J. Jeppesen, $198,500.

11534 Ladysmith Road, Woodford; Maurice Redd to Garland P. Smith III, $170,000.

7121 Marsh St., Ruther Glen; Scott V. Nichols to Christian Banks, $269,000.

17158 Perinchief St., Ruther Glen; FFC Properties LLC to Scott V. Nichols, $308,500.

7244 Statesman Blvd., Ruther Glen; Denali Capital Group LLC to James Eugene Massey Jr., $210,925.


35 Blanton Farm Road, Farmville; Leo P. Burke to David Gregory Moss, $225,000.

186 Jennings Road, Cartersville; William B. Mayers to John Edison Wood, $246,250.


126 Abrams Lane, Aylett; Judith A. Sommers to Joseph E. St. Martin, $160,000.

1190 Commins Road, Aylett; Midatlantic Builders LLC to Carolyn A. Schools, $223,000.

5102 Dorrell Road, Aylett; Brandon S. Porch to Herman M. Fogg Jr., $365,000.

791 Globe Road, Aylett; Donald B. Longest to Christopher Cummins, $462,500.

37 La Mae Court, Aylett; Rick A. Shortt to Travis Smith, $171,200.

237 N Moncuin Drive, Aylett; Tonya Withrow to Billy Lee Butler III, $182,000.

99 Old Frazier Trail, West Point; Duane Siders to Brad Gersten, $615,000.

74 River Court, Aylett; Kenneth M. Proffitt Jr. to Leslie B. Smith, $230,000.

143 Wren Lane, Aylett; James D. Bowman to Garrett L. Durvin, $226,000.


21314 Double Branch Road, Stony Creek; Gregory M. Elder to Ronald E. Wray, $370,000.

100 E Pinecrest Road, Wakefield; Graham D. Brock to Dianna H. Raines, $210,000.


408 Cherrywood Court; Jean Ellen Debono, successor trustee to Peter Nikola Margan, $360,000.

309 Roland St.; Robert Moore to Edgar A. Ruiz, $209,500.

126 Yorkshire Drive; Nancy S. Walker, trustee to Adria N. Vanhoozier, $385,000.


140 Allyson Drive, Williamsburg; Melissa A. Keller to Krystie R. Manaloto, $182,000.

149 Beler Road, Williamsburg; Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew Levine, $237,500.

313 Buford Road, Williamsburg; Judy A. Dyer to Robert M. Littleton, $320,000.

4227 Candleberry Way, Williamsburg; Martin H. Wilcox to William P. Harrell, $483,000.

6900 Chancery Lane, Williamsburg; Joseph B. Filko to Ronald I. Holt, $342,000.

8952 Cocos Path, Toano; Marsha Marie Allen to Paul K. Searles, $160,000.

105 Curles Circle, Williamsburg; Tracy L. Horn to Rudolf Noordhuizen, $515,000.

3720 General Gooking Court, Williamsburg; Holly D. Miller to Karyln J. Owens, $376,000.

116 Harrops Glen, Williamsburg; Jane Wood Adams, trustee to Lynn M. Clemons, $262,580.

112 Huntercombe, Williamsburg; Walk Wright Construction LLC to Brian Roberts, $460,000.

2841 Jonas Profit Trail, Williamsburg; Charlene D. Smith McCoy to Robert Allen Jordin, $367,000.

906 London Company Way, Williamsburg; Lawrence Offield to Nina A. O'Neill, $170,000.

125 Montrose, Williamsburg; Gretchen C. Queeny, executor to Ronald J. Guglielmo, $281,000.

106 North Trace, Williamsburg; Richard E. Barber to Paul A. Haynes, $220,000.

124 Oslo Court, Williamsburg; Nancy Susan Gordon to Paul A. Morie Jr., $250,000.

4747 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Hester 2016 Trust, $388,625.

6110 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Andrew James Kandell, $315,760.

6134 Pricket Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Leroy Junior Coles, $316,305.

3408 Rannock Moor, Williamsburg; Robert Zolad to Elizabeth Rachel Wests, $175,000.

4029 S Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Toby Development LLC to Mark H. Hill, $560,000.

156 School Lane, Toano; Mary S. Iversen to Jean M. Harnisch, $240,000.

131 Swinley Forest, Williamsburg; Charles William Hartman, trustee to James K. Watkins, trustee, $638,000.

3712 Teagan Court, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Gene Ogle, $370,000.

138 The Green, Williamsburg; John K. Molloy, trustee to Mary Lou Locke, $395,000.

4565 Village Park Drive, Williamsburg; Matthew P. Jaroma to Jordan T. Walk, $251,500.

128 Warwick Hills, Williamsburg; Mark K. Risch to Bryan M. Borres, $425,000.

4698 Westhampton, Williamsburg; Gary Fernandez, trustee to Laurie B. Mason, $440,001.

6568 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to John George Wintink, $460,000.

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email