The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.


205 E 12th St; Asiamah Emmanuel Agyepong to Williams Joshua Girard, $205,000.

1120 N 26th St; Greater Level Properties Llc to Mullett John Michael, $340,000.

3113 2nd Ave; Waybright Real Estate to Andlar Properties Llc, $165,000.

907 W 31st St; Ward Brian T and Stephanie K to Miller Gina G and Carl G, $347,255.

1207 W 45th St; Jessup Douglas E and Judith K to Turner Ryan J, $335,000.

48 W 6th St; Cbd Development Llc to 48 West 6th Street Llc, $761,355.

4211 Apache Ct; Spillers Thomas and Brenda to Richmond Hill Design Build Llc, $365,000.

2108 Bellemeade Road; Monomoy Properties Va Spv Llc to 2108 Bellemeade Road Llc, $916,000.

1201 Blakemore Road; Larkin Cynthia A to Stover Jason and Burns Sarah Ray, $168,000.

1437 Braeside Dr; Jandreau Joel Leslie to Thomas Robert K, $305,000.

3716 Brookside Road; Shang Danny C to Ostrovsky Vadym, $340,000.

3223 Carolina Ave; E S Properties I Llc to Rivera Pauline H, $324,444.

4328 Chamberlayne Ave; Degratia Development Llc to Mal 310 Properties Llc, $209,000.

2805 Clarendon Dr; Raymond John C to Bennett Brett G, $250,000.

4014 Clinton Ave; Frontiero Michael D to Dean Bridgid and Crumpler Robin, $322,000.

9480 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Shinaberry Ellen Bryant, $372,763.

2028 Decatur St; Affordable Mobile Auto Llc to Lucky Group Properties Llc, $222,500.

1306 Floyd Ave; Halloran Robert and Susan J to Hebert Stephen, $680,000.

4014 W Franklin St; Lambrinides Vasilios to Lapington Justin and Eileen, $650,000.

406 Gilmer St; 406 N Gilmer Street Llc to Lopez Nelson D Jr and Yessica K, $250,000.

512 E Gladstone Ave; Maya Juan Camilo to Kang Esther Sunghie, $217,000.

3225 W Grace St; 3225 W Grace Street Llc to Biddle Clarence J, $415,000.

1709 Greenville Ave; Gibson Ricky and Michael Sr to Wazuka Paige, $168,000.

2722 Hanes Ave; Valos Courtney to Matthews Julia N, $182,950.

2001 Hanover Ave, U1; Dougherty Sean G and J Allen to Roy Robert R and Angela N, $405,000.

10200 W Huguenot Road; Morgan Timothy and Gina I to Reid Donald Jr, $250,000.

4368 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Roberts Christine, $339,740.

6710 Kensington Ave; Adlich Alia and Butler Clark to Pontinha Vasco M, $400,000.

3138 Lake Village Dr; Meador Jo Anne S to Davis Margaret A, $180,000.

719 S Laurel St; Garrett W B Inc to Amos Jack L Trust Trustee, $589,950.

1205 W Leigh St; Elderhomes Corporation T/A to Gauthier Kaitlin A, $184,950.

103 Libbie Ave; Hudert Joseph A Jr to Cooke Mark P Revocable Trust, $515,000.

2203 E Marshall St; Salatin Nathanael R to Williams Grace Renee, $325,000.

3526 Missouri Ave; Construction Crafters Llc to Smith Nicklaus, $234,900.

4029 Mt Vernon St; Peaslee Lawrence R to Kiser Elizabeth, $310,000.

2704 P St; 772 774 Jessamine St Llc to Morgan Patrick G, $267,500.

5408 Park Ave; Simms Brenda J and Tillman Jr to Godley Timothy A, $185,000.

815 Porter St, U219; Stakem Christine M to Toktemir Gurkan, $163,000.

601 Roseneath Road, U10; Curdts Peyton to Pile William F, $226,540.

2005 Rosewood Ave; Davis Thomas K and Alyson M to Wurfel Stephen Fitzgerald, $394,000.

5437 Snead Road; Mead Henry G and Martha J to Dantona Terra and Pickett Shawn, $160,000.

305 St Davids Lane; Anderson Betsy Lynne Revocable to Stevenson Mathieu, $1,650,000.

3330 Stuart Ave; Damon and Hall Llc to Gammon Brian and Rabah Rima, $490,000.

301 Virginia St, U611; Hollingsworth Llc to BK & J Enterprises Llc, $213,500.

1320 Wentbridge Road; Mayo Katherine B to Saunders Anne Latane, $243,000.

3015 Woodcliff Ave; Cc Richmond II Lp to Guzman Kenneth Darian, $223,000.


3811 Alston Ln, Henrico; Lineweaver Linda C to Kidd Walter W Jr, $220,000.

2200 Ashcreek Dr, Henrico; Simpson Evgeniya to Huffman Troy and Sanjeev Malhotra, $185,000.

10204 Attems Way, Glen Allen; Deed Jeanne C B and Joel T Birkitt Et Al to Huynh Tommy and Huixing J, $258,000.

3003 Barbara Pl, Henrico; Reid Susan M to Alvis Elizabeth Ann, $298,000.

106 Beauregard Ave, Henrico; Daughtery Andrew J and Jackie V to Vali Jessica, $204,000.

5624 Belstead Ln, Glen Allen; Lee Richard C and Joyce M to Banks Samuel B and Michelle E, $590,000.

1204 Bobbiedell Ln, Henrico; McCarthy Steven J and Renee N to Cochran Molly C, $281,000.

11402 Brendonridge Ln, Henrico; Christensen Karen E to Carter Crystal C, $287,000.

6025 Brentmoor Dr, Glen Allen; Baker James M and Ana M to Engle Robert and Patricia Ann Miller, $511,900.

414 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Tate Dion and John, $428,686.

12409 Burnside Ln, Henrico; Lapkin Sharon L to Gergas David N and Sarah Bebawi, $385,000.

12008 Burrard Ct, Henrico; Xia Xia-Juan and Jin-Di W to Shahadat Md A and Mita Jabbar, $317,000.

9758 Candace Ter, Glen Allen; Mazur Edward to Derricott Alana, $165,000.

5137 Carters Pond Ct, Henrico; Lease Buy Own Llc to Booker Senita W, $165,000.

182 E Cedar Fork Rd, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Culley Willie L III, $180,000.

5000 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Chelsea Brook Trust to Thompson Dameion R and Yawandale S B T, $276,700.

11201 Churchwood Ct, Henrico; Reynolds Amy B to Vallario David and Megan, $470,000.

9317 Classic Rd, Glen Allen; Vaughan John L to Hudson Robert and Deborah L Walker, $239,950.

5304 Colwyck Dr, Henrico; Hopkins Linda B to La Mae and Eh K Lu Paw, $150,000.

7240 Creekridge Rd, Henrico; Coleman Deneen Carter and Alton J to Martinez Benito and Jennifer Lynn Austin, $215,000.

5224 Cynthia Ct, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Paavola William and Denise, $274,950.

10012 Deputy Ct, Glen Allen; Lloyd James D and Tracey L Fields to Rebola Walter Camara and Helen, $224,950.

7902 Dogwood Rd, Henrico; Baldwin Michael S and Jessica M to Ragland Charles A and Emily W, $650,000.

7511 Donder Rd, Henrico; Boyd Virginia B to Shah Jalpan, $187,000.

2508 Eagles View Ct, Henrico; Lyons Michael C and Toya B to Davis Stephen P and Holly T Nguyen, $355,000.

6002 Ellis Ave, Henrico; Higgenbottom Frances C Estate to Gomez Lindsey and John-Cesar, $179,950.

11087 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Natarajan Sakthivel and Poornima P, $762,879.

11214 Fanwood Ct, Henrico; Haas R Channing Jr and Loreine H to Oneill Scott Russell and Kendall Ann, $530,000.

3023 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Joseph Shinto and Silpa Shinto, $315,820.

7813 Fitzgerald Ct, Henrico; Cook Sandi J to Dudic Rabija and Mirzet, $154,900.

1610 Fort Hill Dr, Henrico; Cooke Larry C and Sandra L to Rpm-Sparkplug Llc, $185,000.

1705 Francis Rd, Glen Allen; Hinkle Ashley N to Ngo Quyen Chi, $230,000.

216 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Neale Tammy R Trust to Cetin Pemra E and Ceda Pence and Dogan Pence, $455,000.

7400 Glebe Rd, Henrico; Martin Lauren Burns to Taylor Seth and Emily B, $350,000.

6425 Goldenrod Ct, Henrico; Torrence Vincent L II and Ife I to Buie Joshua B, $216,000.

9634 Greenmeadow Cir, Glen Allen; Bibbs Robert Edward to Ule Abhishek Ashok, $156,500.

3523 Gwynn's Pl, Glen Allen; Boltz Richard W and Diane M to King Sylvia Zarro, $331,000.

1712 Havenwood Dr, Henrico; Hull Vicki L to Gallagher Richard and Tamia M, $283,950.

10105 Hearthrock Ct, Henrico; Slobodnik Vladimir and Natalia to Giles Steven C and Hunter D, $336,384.

12365 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Smith Grove Llc to NVR Inc, $185,000.

5435 Hickory Ann Dr, Glen Allen; Armstrong David C to Siripurapu Vikram K and Harika Vejendla, $454,000.

1601 Hollandale Rd, Henrico; Felbush Homes Llc to Sol Carlos E and Patricia V, $245,000.

2602 Hollybrook Ave, Henrico; Property Scope Re Llc to Cliborne Michael, $164,500.

3500 Hunton Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Tomas Zvonko and Tina to O'Brien Lance R and Cara J Simprini, $477,500.

5802 Indigo Rd, Henrico; Dbh17 Llc to Sennett Joshua Aaron and Helen C Henson, $266,550.

8410 Kalb Rd, Henrico; Wainright Alexzandra N to 414 Roseneath Properties Llc, $154,635.

4628 Kayhoe Rd, Glen Allen; Ofenloch Katy to Harvey Robertson J, $196,000.

5620 Keelwood Ct, Glen Allen; Lawrence Linda M to Liu Wenjie and Shengzhe Shang, $335,000.

9577 Kimberly Lynn Cir, Glen Allen; Beck Ashley Page to Altizer Charles Edward II, $190,000.

2227 Kingsbrook Dr, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Taylor Jackson D, $195,000.

2400 Landon Rd, Henrico; Hunt Eugene H Jr and Dennis David to Shackleford Johany Salinas De, $232,000.

7529 Landsworth Ave, Henrico; Hilton M Rubin Inc to Deshazo Ryan Colby, $269,950.

2205 Lashley Ln, Henrico; Sorg Marsha J to Miley Rebecca, $169,000.

1708 Leslie Ln, Henrico; McDonald Sharon D to Reed Jeremy L, $240,000.

2028 Libbie Lake West St, Ua, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Green Sharon Elizabeth Trustee, $323,068.

7516 Lisa Ln, Henrico; Franklin Marcia Bowman to Adamson Thomas D III, $242,500.

1125 Lovey Ln, Henrico; Nelson Miriam to Marwaha Investments Llc, $151,000.

5408 Luxford Way, Glen Allen; Thorpe Andrew J and Silvana T to Miller David and Viviane, $425,000.

9215 Mapleway Rd, Henrico; Bliss Rachel A to Parker Jamie M, $201,000.

1300 Maywood Rd, Henrico; Anderson Ryan C and Kayla J S to Baker Benjamin and Justine, $249,550.

4930 Meredith Woods Rd, Glen Allen; Shaner Brian J and Kaylie B Badawy to Gonzalez Manuel A and Luindry D Rodriguez, $235,000.

1822 Millrun Pl, Henrico; Kissinger Clarence W and Pamela to Reese Zachary, $219,000.

10733 Mountain Ash Dr, Glen Allen; Izadjoo Parviz and Mina to Cook Sonja, $187,000.

1828 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Huff Derek to Richardson Kristi L, $265,000.

1400 Neblett Ct, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Houpe Natasha T and Douglas S Jr, $279,520.

5432 Noble Ave, Henrico; Purcell John to Monger Purna B and Khina Rai and Budha Rai, $290,000.

1808 Nortonia Rd, Henrico; Dutton David Robert and Kaylee Renee to Thacker Andrew Marshall, $322,500.

8633 Oakcroft Dr, Henrico; Barber Jill to Marinos Michael, $274,000.

204 Old Ohio St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Powell Timothy W, $344,147.

4198 Old Springfield Rd, Glen Allen; Jones Frederick A and Susan B to Swift William G, $327,000.

5908 Park Forest Ln, Glen Allen; Turnbull Benjamin H Jr and Madison L to Bialek Petter A and Linda M, $422,000.

10932 Parkshire Ln, Henrico; Carlton Kim C and Kimberly S to Montenegro Bertha M, $370,000.

12249 Paxton Glen Ter, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to Royal Dominion Homes Inc, $205,000.

965 Pleasant St, Henrico; Murray Lafon M to Waller-Booth Leonor, $150,000.

212 Post Cedar Pl, Henrico; Brooks Phyllis C to Brooks Lydaisya C, $171,500.

7908 Prestwick Ct, Henrico; Gatewood Lisa E and Roger G to Galoppo Ciro and Timea, $245,000.

203 Ralston Rd, Henrico; Salomonsky Jessica A to Edmunds Edward R and Susanne T, $689,500.

2724 Reba Ct, Glen Allen; Clark Jonathan J and Brandy to Cooper Kelly and Ryan Patrick Gumbert, $219,000.

10500 Red Maple Ln, Henrico; Collins Judith B and Joseph M Teefey to Schreibfeder Susan M, $341,900.

4618 River Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Bush Jeffrey R and Andrea L to Ye Yang, $249,000.

1724 Rockwood Rd, Henrico; Princiotto Theodore Jr to Walls David Nathan, $185,500.

233 Ross Rd, Henrico; Hairfield C W III and S H Trs to Galt Marcus C Trustees, $805,000.

306 Seabury Ave, Sandston; Reo Services Llc to Cavaliere Robert S and Susan T, $164,000.

4365 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Carretto Carmine Joseph, $319,657.

13 W Sedgwick St, Sandston; Coursey Diane to Coursey Cole A, $150,000.

210 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Skipper Philip W to Ambati Srinivasa and Nagaratnam Kodi, $354,500.

6829 Sir Galahad Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Do Nghia and Huong Nguyen, $360,218.

12011 Southall Ct, Henrico; Harper Georgeanna K to Cogswell Dennis and Nancy L, $315,000.

3401 Stansfield Ct, Henrico; Edwards Roberta and Steven Trustees to Saunders-Okoli Wilhelmina L, $239,900.

9915 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen; Swinson Ronald D and Sharon to Lester Sarah K Vance and Jamie, $377,000.

9202 Stone Meadow Dr, Henrico; Brooks Patricia C to Goode Chantal, $197,250.

11809 Summer Stream Dr, Henrico; Koebel George and Linda M to Abel Theo Lee and Courtney Lewis, $535,000.

1900 Sweetwater Ln, Henrico; Gayle Robert C and Jill S to Bradley Robert M III and Staci B, $323,800.

11842 Thomas Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Bui Si V and Phung Tp Nguyen to Keo Raksmey, $514,000.

1840 Timberly Waye, Henrico; Johnson Mary Lou to Holmes Melissa Lyn, $194,900.

4016 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Lin Bin and Juan Weng, $351,570.

7800 Topaz Rd, Henrico; Dobbs Mary Turner and Leslie C Trustees to Reid Stephanie L, $260,000.

5108 Topping Ln, Glen Allen; Delarue Leonard L and Jacquelin A to Lewis Jauquin Dwand Trustee, $422,000.

5241 Turning Branch Way, Glen Allen; Embrey John Thomas III and Allison Brie to Warthen Eric A and Stacey B, $515,000.

1580 Village Field Dr, Henrico; Walker Cynthia M to Cheatham Kimberly P, $280,000.

3802 Voyager Dr, Henrico; Owino Elizabeth A to Parrish James Matthew, $255,000.

2428 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Alexander Elizabeth T to Scarborough Marianne B, $295,000.

912 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Massey William E III to Massey Antony Travis, $475,000.

444 Westover Pines Dr, Henrico; Djeukeng Benjamin N and Calisha to Smith-Paul Ricardo M and Pamila T S, $175,000.

5924 Whitehurst Ln, Ub, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Blair Bryce N, $253,315.

5932 Whitehurst Ln, Ua, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Reavis Shayna Arshelle, $219,620.

1206 Wilderness Ct, Henrico; Moore Michael S and Shaun Hypes to Brooks-Terrell Kimberly and Kim M Terrell, $202,500.

1710 Windingridge Dr, Henrico; Grignol Ronald M and Wanetta J Trustees to Mattingly Donna M and Todd B, $459,000.

9311 Wishart Rd, Henrico; Bizzell Charles G and Grace E Et Al to Balderson Lesley, $225,500.

10110 Woodman Rd, Glen Allen; Abernathie Sarah M to Abernathie Kate M, $175,000.

4540 Woodview Dr, Sandston; Degrenier Antonio P and Regina F to Torres Bryan J and Sarah C Moore, $220,000.

2676 Yarnell Rd, Henrico; Salomonsky Anita L to Baker Michael R and Janet T, $225,000.


10601 Academy Dr; Saggese Daniel J and Angela L to Scafe Kelli, $242,000.

1131 Agee Tr; Mautte Kevin A and Johanna L to Miranowicz Simon F and Jennifer, $490,000.

7212 Andersons Forge Ct; Johnson Marcus L and Tina to Hall Ferniqua and Travon, $215,000.

3319 Appleford Dr; Koon David L and Sarah D to Carter Tiquila Y, $215,000.

3318 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Holmes Avery and Mary, $287,095.

1243 Ashton Village Ct; Pulliam George L Jr Trustee to Pulliam Renee, $321,000.

5960 Autumnleaf Dr; Patrick Dean T and Bonnie F to Castro David, $315,000.

11513 Bailey Woods Dr; Amador Edgar I to Gonda David and Kathleen W, $199,900.

5907 Baileys Grove Pl; NVR Inc to Spann-Chang Sheila Donn, $261,550.

6116 Barrister Rd; Ray Gary E and Sharon M to Taperia Jesus, $156,000.

11619 Barrows Ridge Ln; Ridout Construction Llc to Blake Sherman L, $854,000.

624 Bella Wy; Finer Homes Incorporated to Swagger Michael B, $399,900.

13908 Belmont Stakes Pl; Williams Wayne and Avis S to Christiana Trust Trustee, $179,510.

5225 Berryridge Tr; Powell Shatabra L to Barnett Jana Janiece, $204,000.

3000 Black Gum Tr; Girard Donald L to Saunders Dave A and Theresa D, $249,900.

1424 Bluewater Dr; Kraus A Jeffrey and Elizabeth J to Parks Willard D and Joan Purnell, $615,000.

6150 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Melton Clara J, $237,395.

1413 Braisden Rd; D R Horton Inc to Rizzo Michele and Anthony, $377,000.

17431 Branders Bridge Rd; Broyles Harriet to Federal Nat'l Mortgage Assoc, $273,062.

10200 Brightwood Av; Davadi Homes Inc Of Virginia to Zuniga Ramos Rudy A Et Al, $205,000.

9340 Brundidge Rd; Masse Paul and Waterlily Shereen to Waterlily Shereen, $156,905.

14003 Buck Rub Cr; Lark Floyd R and Elizabeth C to MacDonald Hollie and Stephens B, $240,000.

16601 Burridge Pl; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Harrison Daphne and Miller, $490,070.

16819 Camfield Dr; O'Dette Gwendolyn L to Jayne Steven B and Eduviges C, $385,000.

5112 Cane Mill Ln; Freeman James R and Kathleen H to Bartlett Larry Allen, $239,000.

5001 Cedar Cliff Rd; Dolan Mark A to Bradshaw Phillip B and Elizabeth, $240,000.

2300 Cedar Crest Rd; Badalamenti Vito Et Als to Halloway-Webb Diane E, $308,000.

4421 Centralia Rd; Hobbs Rose C to Gonzalez Aura L Juarez, $249,500.

5548 Charter Oak Dr; Yeatts Chris and Emily to McCormick Scotty, $279,000.

14119 Chiasso Tr; Rosenbaum Thomas E and Debra S to Owensby Robert Keith and Erin D, $357,000.

8037 Clancy Pl; Coyner Construction Llc to Blake Martin C Jr and Lynda B, $450,000.

719 Coalbrook Dr; Curran Michael T and Sue Ann C to Kushimov Ziyadulla, $465,000.

8512 Cobblecreek Rd; NVR Inc to Spaulding Christian and Valerie, $339,555.

14713 Collington Turn; Satmaria Richard Jr to Jones Larry D Sr and Shirley M, $315,000.

1819 Colwyn Bay Dr; Casella Allison G and Matthew W to Blackburn Samantha and Robert, $540,000.

11534 Creek Bottom Tr; Goodwin Slade S to Douglas Evan C and Moore L R, $253,000.

517 Crofton Village Tc; NVR Inc to Adiele Elizabeth and Adiele M N, $286,489.

10223 Dakins Dr; Barnes Shawn Q and Traylor W T to Williams Zachary Clint, $229,100.

3730 Darby Dr; Kroupa Sharon Ann Trustee to Yates John, $623,000.

8407 Deeley Ln; Spears Joshua A and Jamie L to Armistead Meghan D and Sams J P, $397,000.

14207 Delamere Dr; Shannon Michael E and Yoko to Williams Irene L, $411,000.

6961 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Havens Barbara Ann, $279,910.

4012 W Dogwood Av; Rva Property Acquistions Llc to Kovalenko Kyle J, $233,995.

3820 Dunleith Tr; Nachman Kenneth M to Ruffing Rachel, $520,000.

4101 Dunraven Rd; Cunningham Laverne A to Diversity Real Estate Llc, $330,000.

5110 Edgemere Bl; Henry Sarita to Lewis Darnecia L and Rashad R Sr, $265,000.

8125 Elmart Ct; Gerry Glenn W and Cynthia L to Lyons Michael C and Toya B, $215,000.

15124 Endstone Tl; Hendrick John H Jr and Kerri A to Glenski Jason and Tiffany, $485,000.

7849 Falling Hill Tr; Myers Richard L and Ashley A to Davison Charles F and Anna A, $265,000.

3936 Falstone Rd; Bass Gertie Southers to Donathan Leanne M, $234,000.

8237 Fedora Dr; Lizyness Shelly to Gubala Albert and Hamed Adele, $422,000.

15724 Fishers Green Dr; Main Street Homes to Liechti Thomas W and Regina A, $355,215.

8018 Flag Tail Dr; Carmax Auto Superstores Inc to Miechle Joseph W and Jehma F, $252,000.

3304 Fox Chase Dr; Graf Charles E and Susan A to Spiller Sean W, $295,100.

4319 Ganymede Dr; NVR Inc to Felhauer Joseph and Phan Xuan, $353,650.

15806 Garston Ln; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Paladino Michael J Jr and Genie, $648,610.

3718 Gleaming Dr; NVR Inc to David Lyndon N and Tiffany, $305,505.

6324 Gossamer Al; NVR Inc to Jones Tommy Jr, $282,015.

16437 Gossamer Dr; NVR Inc to Heppert Daniel Wade, $269,510.

4220 Green Cedar Ln; Oliver James R and Carol A to Heath Tanya, $225,000.

3106 Gregwood Rd; Davis Melanee M to Montoya Alondra O and Vega S G, $227,000.

9942 Greywell Tr; King Shannon to Thomas Maria C and Howard F, $330,000.

9719 Groundhog Dr; Moschetti Tina M to Sage Bryan H, $155,000.

16004 Hallowell Rg; Greenwich Walk Townhome Condo to Barker Teresa L, $304,993.

7901 Hancock Farm Ln; Bannister Nancie R Et Al Trs to Alexanian Garabed H Et Al Trs, $257,000.

13816 Harrowgate Rd; Garrett Edward M Jr Et Al Trs to Garrett Ryan W, $150,000.

211 Harwick Dr; Williams Sean C to Daniel Peter J, $385,000.

2111 Heathland Dr; Rasmussen Terence J and Ann W to Dieter Jason William and Angel, $423,000.

15912 Hidden Falls Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Lowe John R Jr and Teresa C, $577,343.

17006 Honeybush Ln; Harney William and Parrish C to Lacy Jonathan C and Christine, $412,000.

8930 Huntingcreek Pl; Beasley J R and Pemberston A R to Creasey C E and Mann C W Jr, $169,950.

700 S Hyannis Dr; Kirby Stephen A to Ferguson Jessica T, $165,000.

4501 Inchcape Ct; Hrncirik Steve and Anita B to Ciavarella John P Jr and Hayley, $338,000.

13424 Janeka Dr; Piguet David R and Tamara R to Page Erin D, $315,000.

5000 Jessup Rd; Carnes Jimmie S Sr and Sharon H to Gilliland Ned Buchanan and Eva R, $165,000.

8035 Kentucky Derby Dr; Burt Deborah J to Henson Steven A and Ingrid J, $269,000.

7437 Key Deer Cr; Mcrae Sylvia A and Chavis D W to Saad Ashraf, $247,000.

3535 Kings Farm Dr; McCann Timothy R to Stanley Alexander and Cassandra, $575,000.

2109 Lake Surrey Dr; Doctor Mark Et Als to Ruffin Theandres, $239,950.

5707 Lakemere Dr; Rawls Melvin L to Robinson Ronald Leon and Alice G, $230,000.

14521 Leafield Dr; Barefoot Heather C Trustee to Shaffer Stephen A and Carla M V, $855,000.

10960 Live Oak Ct; Rozzelle Sandra J Trustee to Mullins James P and Joalyn R, $638,000.

2506 Llama Ln; Cox Cuthbert B and Jacqueline to Helgeson Michael, $245,000.

1406 Lockett Ridge Rd; Cabell Monica S to Self-Help Federal Credit Union, $154,764.

11306 Longtown Dr; Leonard Scott C and Amber L to Mayhew Cody S, $382,000.

13630 Lucky Debonair Ln; Murray Stephanie M to West Tyler David and Katelyn C, $227,500.

1436 Lundy Tr; Reid Donald R Jr to Pettitt Richard T and Brooke D, $399,000.

13706 Mangrove Bay Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Wells Warrick J and Susanna L, $452,395.

504 Martineau Dr; Paras Felicris F and Perlita C to Bangit Rachel and David B, $245,000.

7630 Medallion Ct; NVR Inc to Robinson Garrett and Karin, $298,620.

9008 Meredith Hill Tr; Doyle John K and K L to Hawkins Kimberly A and Bailey D, $179,950.

6430 Mill River Tc; Halley Lawrence C Sr Et Al Trs to Gambill George R II, $219,000.

7812 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Henderson Brian and Brown B, $265,175.

9924 Mosswood Rd; Beckhusen L M and Aspessi J M to Nguyen Dinh N and Dang Nhuy, $239,900.

12514 Mount Blanco Ct; Akins Larry E and Rita R to Shepley Thomas A and Jennifer L, $330,500.

7101 Nicklaus Cr; Lacy Jonathan and Christine to Rennie Corey A and Stephanie M, $342,000.

12206 Nithdale Ct; Grime Paul R and Brenda L to Reed Brian Trustee, $550,000.

10114 Old Bon Air Pl; Bonifas Daniel A and Teresa G to Raychouni Yasmine Amira, $225,000.

1720 Olde Coalmine Rd; Gravely Eunice C to Prentice Stephanie V and Troy R, $241,000.

2018 Orangewood Rd; Betts Janan D and Davis J M III to Hyatt Shannon, $242,500.

15501 Parkgate Dr; Cooper Corita M to Guthrie John J III and Patricia, $325,000.

8806 Peach Grove Rd; Hancock Spencer Thomas III to Williams-Pollard Kaysiera F, $195,000.

8836 Pebble Beach Ct; Warner Vander Jr and Winifred A to Stoval David R and Fuhrmann B, $359,500.

8905 Playground Dr; Lowry Kelton Christopher Dean to Jensen Jaime Rae, $189,500.

4037 Poplar Grove Rd; Sullivan Joshua K and C M to Canty Brian W and Jacqueline M, $309,950.

12704 Prestonfield Dr; NVR Inc to Koob Julie Smart, $256,612.

1708 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Dinsick Walter F and Marsha A, $320,787.

13605 Quail Meadows Ln; Burba Jonathan M and Elisabeth L to Hustead Jessica Ann, $222,000.

713 Quarterpath Ln; Hart Donald S to Jones James A and Darcy N, $230,000.

8643 Rainwater Rd; Atkinson Robert and Donna to Morales Garcia E H and Garcia S, $150,000.

10731 Red Lion Pl; Evans Bradley A to Monroy David, $231,000.

10306 Redbridge Rd; Etw Properties Llc to Weeks Mark A and Nowrovzi Sheila, $201,000.

6413 Richwood Tl; Hhhunt Homes L C to Johnson Richard Dean and Karen N, $363,500.

8501 River Rd; Comer Marcus M and Angela D to Pollard Dameon, $240,000.

3613 Rivermist Tr; Harrington Michele P to Wilson Gary D and Alyce E, $365,000.

14001 Rockyrun Rd; Main Street Homes to Ray Rhonda M, $400,759.

4309 Rose Glen Turn; Jones Adam E and Mary Lynn to Keo Chhan and Ngorn Kunthy, $298,000.

15908 Rowlett Rd; Takeshape Properties Llc to Lipford Angela Renee, $280,000.

2205 Saffron Ln; Rodrigues Bobbie Jean to West Kimberly S and Daniel C, $220,000.

14461 W Salisbury Rd; Shives Byron L and Jane H to Gray Charles and Stacey, $555,000.

4924 Sandy Shoals Tr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Ewing Robert Irving and Theresa, $549,733.

2340 Schenley Dr; Brown R E Jr and Brown C C Trs to Bowles James and Schneider A, $285,000.

3501 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Ball Thomas Andrew and McBride M, $520,466.

12625 Second Branch Rd; Brown David W Sr and Patricia A to Paramore Justin and Rebecca, $435,000.

 1602 Shadymist Tr; Glascock Brenda Dianne to Rice Vercella A, $190,000.

6419 Sheehan Xg; NVR Inc to Campion Mary Ellen and William J, $419,559.

17613 Signature Tl; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Luttrell Gregory H and Erin A, $663,560.

2837 South Ridge Dr; Hughes Donald G III and Tracy to Vance Jeremy Neal, $175,000.

4408 Southernbelle Ln; Valcourt Berangere M and Emilien to Flannery Benjamin, $195,000.

9542 Springhouse Dr; Hammock Terri H to Love That Home! Llc, $195,000.

14513 Spyglass Hill Cr; Wemyss Stuart J and Wendy C to Morro Aaron and Landis Meagan E, $355,000.

2708 Stemwell Bl; Nasser Jack and Yates Susan F to Martin Donald, $395,000.

4216 Stigall Dr; Price Nicole A to Wilson Samuel L II, $239,950.

15548 Sultree Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Bergstresser Patrick M Et Al, $475,000.

10936 Sunset Hills Dr; Carrey Beverly B to Vest Joseph M and Ashley P, $237,000.

706 Sycamore Springs Dr; Sawyers James F to Pascale Matthew and Amanda, $325,500.

19513 Temple Av; Brooks Judith B to Singleton Kayla L, $189,950.

3808 Timber Ridge Rd; Walker Ronald M and Arleen F to Rudolph-Carter Elaine S Et Al, $370,000.

4318 Tracker Dr; Wright Karen C to Krigger Ashley, $167,000.

324 Tralee Dr; Carter Andrew B and Kristi T to Shelburne Justin B and Melissa C, $277,000.

1806 S Twilight Ln; NVR Inc to King Tucker and Danielle M, $283,460.

6443 Twin Falls Tr; NVR Inc to Thomas James Edward and Lisa F, $394,887.

4900 Ventura Rd; Saliga Denise A to Talley Rafael and Amie, $190,000.

9708 S Verlinda Ct; Ward Jesse D and Paula R to Brown James Anthony and Tonia R, $236,000.

14416 Wallingham Ct; Sanner Darin P and Barbara J to Pfaffenberger Alexa Noelle, $290,000.

13925 War Admiral Dr; Kurtze Haley M and Kurtze Dylan to Beau Llc, $150,000.

2340 Waters Mill Cr; Shingleton Roddy Neil Jr to Kessler Paul M Et Als, $219,000.

3700 Waverton Dr; Rea Robert Collin and Angela M to Rea Robert C and Rea Angela M, $553,475.

1456 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Maiden Mary, $316,624.

9100 Whirlaway Tl; Omohundro Richard S IV and D P to Partin Tod and Jaimesen, $272,000.

11760 Wiesinger Ln; Sangutei Brian and Jessica to Millisor Shannon and Thomas, $320,000.

20407 Williams St; Gilliam Pamela R and Kauten W S to Hall Elsie D, $163,500.

7825 Winding Ash Ct; Wolford Tim to Moore Marvin E, $249,900.

5405 Windy Ridge Dr; White Marvin W Jr and Deborah A to Leonard Darcey Carlson, $282,000.

12040 Winterpock Rd; Horton Roger T and Cathy L to Wilburn Michael J, $199,950.

2084 Woodmont Dr; Vargeson Troy to Jones Marshall W, $225,950.

12408 Wynnstay Ct; Hahnenstein Alfred H and E A to Thornhill Cleo J Et Als, $420,000.


7246 Ancient Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; Elizabeth A. Ceol to Cynthia Marie Cooley, $397,500.

9126 Ashlar Place, Mechanicsville; Stephen F. Wurfel to Camron Kyle Martin, $298,000.

13074 Auburn Mill Lane, Glen Allen; Frank M. Liberto to Stephen J. Lux, $422,500.

15480 Beaver Dam Road, Montpelier; Regina M. Holman to Sharon E. Ocampo, $150,000.

7309 Bosher Drive, Mechanicsville; Justin E. Porto to Stacy N. Freed, $460,000.

6189 Bunsworthy Place, Mechanicsville; Elizabeth Grace Bratton to Ah Khi, $250,000.

11265 Caruthers Way, Glen Allen; Dawn F. Holly to Thomas Joseph Flynn III, $299,900.

2327 Cattail Run Drive, Mechanicsville; Michelle Prather to Lamar Wilson, $430,000.

10424 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Frank R. Northrop, $485,556.

10144 Cool Hive Place, Mechanicsville; Ann M. Jones to Doreena Miles, $270,000.

9159 Cudlipp Ave., Mechanicsville; David J. Williams to Christopher R. Bryant, $375,000.

10053 Doe Run Place, Mechanicsville; Victor W. Vaughan to Ronald N. Sama, $379,950.

11371 Doswell Road, Doswell; Karen R. Greenwood to Tyler Hughes, $259,900.

9325 Falcon Drive, Mechanicsville; Timothy M. Clausing Sr. to Robert L. Allison, $254,000.

8224 Ferrill Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Kelly Good Stoop, $435,060.

12570 Greenwood Road, Glen Allen; Ronald L. Milliron to Richard D. Jessee, $445,000.

11437 Haltonshire Way, Glen Allen; Tony R. Witt to Stephanie J. Atkinson, $329,950.

7044 Haynes Drive, Mechanicsville; Deborah J. Haynes to Tyler L. Barnette, $199,950.

9112 Hunters Crest Lane, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jayme Lee Collings, $473,000.

7949 Kenmore Drive, Mechanicsville; Turnkey Living Solutions LLC to Tammy R. Point, $250,000.

11238 Lakeshore Court, Glen Allen; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mara Zingg, $315,000.

12247 Lees Lane, Ashland; Jeffrey A. Oliveira to Kenneth H. Perry, $219,350.

6522 Luther Bosher Lane, Mechanicsville; Jennifer Megan Palmore to Anthony S. Melton, $218,000.

7065 Marie Lane, Mechanicsville; Joseph M. Bishop to Larry T. Falconer, $208,000.

7252 Marimel LAne, Mechanicsville; Elisa Allen to Alexander Jacob Fauteux, $189,950.

14246 Millfield Creek Lane, Montpelier; Daniel W. Faries to John McCarron III, $525,000.

1533 Old Church Road, Mechanicsville; Wesley M. Jones to Ryan Keith Mebane, $326,500.

14355 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Sharon McDonald, $404,418.

17378 Parsons Ridge Road, Beaverdam; Patricia G. Wright to Joseph R. Kish, $385,000.

18104 Pets Lane, Beaverdam; Celia Rose Jacobs to Elisa M. Tedona, $297,000.

9397 Powhickery Court, Mechanicsville; Tracy C. Hancock to Alan J. Lachapelle, $386,000.

10059 Rinker Drive, Mechanicsville; R. Eric Lumpkin to Kyle W. Gibson, $288,000.

6146 Rosemary Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael N. Smith to Diana Futrell, $246,950.

7613 Royal Crown Court, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Jimmy L. Morris Jr., $368,630.

7022 Spring Hill Road, Mechanicsville; 7022 Springhill Road Series to Elyse K. Fowler, $268,000.

11044 Stonefield Court, Mechanicsville; Bryan T. Street to Thomas Andrew Frere, $298,000.

7149 Sunnyhill Drive, Mechanicsville; Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Sandra Cribb, $183,333.

8204 Tiffany Lane, Mechanicsville; Jason Murphy to Lisa C. Bandy, $252,000.

12512 Trammell Court, Ashland; Henry J. Morris III to Charles Forgy, $500,000.

7444 Washington Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; John T. Hayes to Kimberly Ann Paulsrud, $238,000.

10013 Wintercrest Drive, Ashland; Nicholas J. Tarzia Sr. to David C. Griffin, $620,000.

9819 Wyattwood Road, Mechanicsville; Carmen K. Vaughan to James E. Rollins Sr., $402,000.


2261 Barley Farms, Powhatan; James G. Claypool to Lenda Phee, $485,000.

2755 Buckstone Drive, Powhatan; Sandra B. Kerner to Zachary N. Meador, $270,000.

1419 Eastlook Lane, Powhatan; Sherry H. Rowe to Eleanor Nelson, $335,000.

2249 Founders View Lane, Midlothian; Anita C. Lin to Ronald J. Mir, $465,400.

3132 French Hill Drive, Powhatan; Daniel T. Mahon to Laura J. East, $480,000.

2379 Graceland Drive, Powhatan; Henry W. Mooberry IV to Patricia S. Wolcott, trustee, $265,000.

6368 Haleford Drive, Powhatan; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Joshua Beavers, $605,000.

3054 Huguenot Trail, Powhatan; Jason Winall to James M. Lester, $297,000.

4089 Jefferson Woods Drive, Powhatan; Douglas J. Hambright to Steven C. Freeman, $257,000.

2063 Lone Draw Drive, Powhatan; David M. Kuhns to Gary Dean, $255,000.

5716 Maple Brook Drive, Midlothian; Marie Simons Revocable Trust to Tamara B. Wilkerson, $199,000.

1625 Mill Quarter Road, Powhatan; Jonathan E. Allen to Nelson Louis Blanton Jr., $365,000.

14420 Newgate Road, Midlothian; Justin G. Knight to Erik L. Devriendt, $405,000.

2990 Palaver Bluff, Powhatan; Old Time Builder Inc. to Jeremy T. Fisher, $325,000.

3496 Richards Run, Powhatan; N. Louis Blanton Jr. to Hunter Flynn, $350,000.

5668 Tyler Drive, Powhatan; Susan Moncure Summers to Andrew R. Schott, $219,950.

6155 Walnut Tree Drive, Powhatan; Hopson LLC to Patrick E. Davenport, $314,850.


0.685 acres; Nancy Hobbs Johnson to EDOS LLC, $157,000.

22.382 acres; Hallie A. Booth to High View LLC, $360,000.

4.42 acres; David V. Grimes to Frank Marsh, $173,000.

Lot 1, Section 3, Breeze Hill; Breeze Hill Inc. to Steve Thompson Builder LLC, $175,000.

Lot 21, Section 6, Kinloch; Matthew H. Neels to JSC Family LLC, $565,000.

Lot 5, Block A, Section 2, Kinloch; Kinloch Development Corp. to Timothy H. Mullins, $210,000.

Lots 4, 15 and 16, Swanns Inn Estates; Swanns Inn LLC to Krickovic and Ziegler LLC, $240,000.

Parcel; Equity Trustees LLC to Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp., $210,520.

2 parcels; Forbes Custom Builders Inc. to Thomas D. Smith Jr., $200,000.

2 parcels, 4.07 acres; Wayne C. Duley, trustee to 2407 Express LLC, $358,600.


218 Claremont St.; Kirastine E. Frazier to Andrew Parsley, $170,000.

3210 Holland Drive; RCS Group LLC to Delephene Edwards, $250,000.

1161 Northapton Road; Jean B. Spivey to Sally Horn, $185,000.


126.1 acres; Stonewall Timberlands LLC to Richard L. Ray Jr., $165,000.

3.753 acres; Samuel I. White PC to Bogese Realty and Construction Inc., $210,000.

50 acres; Robert E. Ford Jr. to Howard E. Olson Jr., $512,500.

Lot 27, Block C, Section 2, Mansfield North; Richard Adam Privette to Nicholas Austin Camara, $150,000.

Parcel; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Sonya Marie Henshaw, $178,500.

Parcel; Donald E. Wenzel to Thomas M. Stutz, $194,000.


Lot 17, Conjurer’s Neck; Nathan S. Jones III to James E. Allen, $331,750.

Lot 66, Section 3, Breezy Hill; Commonwealth Asset Services LLC to Montreal LLC, $155,041.

Lot 71, Laurel Hill; William F. Maywalt to Stacie Anderson, $198,900.

Lots 23 and 24, Block J, Prospect Heights; Juliette B. Andrews to Angelo Cleghorn, $155,000.

Parcel; William L. Canada to Bret L. Gerner, $250,000.


Lot 8, Block B, Section 1, Fieldstone; Goldie F. Kornegay to Jean M. Dittmann, $155,000.

Lots 6, 7, 8 and 9, Block 7, Middle Section, Mansion Hills; Burley E. Frye to Bertha C. Wactor, $200,000.

2 parcels; James Wicker Traylor to P & N LLC, $160,000.


10505 Carolina Cherry Circle, Providence Forge; Deana Marie Mary to Karen B. Wilson, $220,000.

3530 Davis Glade Court, Quinton; H. Miller Jeter Builders Inc. to Kip Waverly Mithcel, $279,000.

9140 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Storm Samreth, $370,969.

7495 S Franklins Way, Quinton; Joseph Wilfred Messier to Charles A. Gaillard Jr., $308,000.

33485 Hairpin Drive, Quinton; Dennis G. Villar to William K. Godsey, $292,500.

6424 Oak Drive, Quinton; Holly E. Mott to Erin Stargell, $184,900.

10142 Old Quarter Lane, New Kent; William K. Godsey to Travis Colgin, $232,500.

11320 Royal Lane, Providence Forge; William T. Lovegreen to Kristin A. Lydon, $324,000.

8165 Sweet Dixie Lane, Quinton; Bryant A. Lipford to Glenn R. Mantlo, $255,000.

4444 Wigeon Drive, Providence Forge; Jean K. Park to Joseph Emery, $327,000.


12904 Brockwell Road, Prince George; Kay Marie Lyman to John T. Clarke, $190,000.

8827 Country View Lane, North Prince George; Dale C. Regrut to Roger Dean Higginbotham, $295,000.

8773 Hines Road, Disputanta; James R. Loftis to Robert M. Walrath, $389,900.

10546 Jordan Parkway, North Prince George; Anthony J. Shoot Jr. to John A. Davis, $316,000.

7699 Lynn Creek Drive, North Prince George; Daniel L. Runnion to Alfonso Renteria, $281,000.

8205 Powell Lane, Disputanta; Roger Higginbotham to Kendale Lavoris Shaw, $225,000.

7731 Rolling Hill Road, North Prince George; Paul Johnson III to Amanda Robinson, $231,750.

4329 Shorebird Drive, Prince George; Ju Yub Lee to Tavarus Ferevee, $269,000.

7321 Thweatt Drive, Disputanta; Hunter B. Inc. to Joshua D. Criswell, $239,900.

Charles city

22.4 acres; Walter F. Borkey to Claude A. Norton III, $375,000.

5.513 acres; BB & S Properties LLC to Thomas C. Evelyn, $150,000.

Lot 3, Lisbon Plantations; Thomas C. Dandridge to Bryan L. Dixon, $330,000.


1.1 acres; James E. Gaines to Christopher M. Calkins, $160,000.

4.99 acres; Kathryn A. Jones to Hugh Victor Brown, $175,000.

Parcel; Samuel I. White, substitute trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $202,374.


1.7584 acres; Margaret F. Hardy, special commissioner to MD Landing Holdings LLC, $159,500.

10 acres; Rose D. Mosley to Rogers-Chenault Inc., $420,000.

140.95 acres; Diana L. Tyree to David Thurston Sr., $227,700.

18.753 acres; Dennis R. Samuel to 3712 Ammons LLC, $200,000.

2.47 acres; Norman L. Long to Roger F. Shaffer Sr., $189,000.

4 acres; Christopher Randolph Berry to Juan Duarte, $260,000.

6.7373 acres; Milford Junction LLC to Nico's Towing LLC, $480,000.

Lot 271, Section 3, Pendleton; Ralph E. Williams to F23059 LLC, $225,000.

Lot 55, Ladysmith Village Center; Margaret Barnes to Stephen L. Barnes, $270,000.

Lot B880, Lake Land’or; Norma I. Morales to Cobblestone Homes LLC, $185,000.

Parcel; Brookwood Development Corp. to LGI Homes - Virginia LLC, $870,000.

Parcel; Patricia Codding, executor to Infiniti Marketing and Investment LLC, $203,000.

Parcel; Piedmont Select Properties LLC to 34280 Richmond Turnpike LLC, $205,000.

Parcel; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, $168,100.

Parcel; Michael R. Tutor to Sainsanaa Sandag, $235,000.

Parcel 2, Pinebrook Acres; Timothy A. Ennis to Timothy Hahn, $180,000.


10.99 acres; Ellis M. Palmore Lumber Inc. to CWV Land Acquisitions LLC, $500,000.

133.180 acres; John H. Wick III to CWV Land Acquisitions LLC, $466,130.

40.12 acres; William B. Newman Jr. to Jonathan Anderson, $323,000.


1.31 acres; Anthony C. Cloude to David A. Veney, $205,000.

Lot 5, Milford, 16.35 acres; Esther L. Rhoe to Michael Fleming, $240,000.


10 acres; Benjamin Walton Vincent to Ryan H. Stover, $285,000.

3.3 acres; Lucy A. Joyner to Charles G. Banton Jr., $255,000.

Lot 11, Parcel 11A, Foxes Reach; Vincent A. Keesee to Adam L. Nesbitt, $339,000.

Lot 2, Davis Estates; Larry T. Falconer to Jason Trivette, $205,000.

Lot 3, Block I, Kennington Townhomes; RCI Builders LLC to Dane G. Pallister, $170,300.

Lot 946 and half of Lot 947, Town of West Point; William L. Hodges to Town of West Point, $155,000.

4 lots; Natialy Ann Walker to Daniel C. Sanders, $415,500.

Parcel; Essex Bank to Central Garage LLC, $170,000.

Parcel; William McDonald White to Memorial Inc., $240,000.


1.89 acres; Randolph G. Williams, trustee to Brittany Rod and Gun Club LLC, $159,000.

280 acres; Pigeon Woods LLC to Atlantic Waste Disposal Inc., $1,540,000.

Lot 4, Rollingwood; Roberta Trent to Keith E. Holley, $190,000.


Lot 102, Village Green North Townhomes at Quarterpath; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Garland Bagby Jones, $370,000.

Lot 17, Governor Berkeley; Rick D. Solano to David M. Baker, $168,900.

Lot 231, Skipwith Farms; Ryan L. Troler, heir to Richard Cecil Kirby, $157,000.

Lot 49-B, The Oaks; Andrea P. Sardone to Jason W. Vander Poorte, $275,000.

Lot 68, Port Anne; Laura C. Worth to Alexander Royzenblat, $816,500.

Lots 17 and 18, West Williamsburg; 1007 Lafayette LLC to Robert De Maio, $304,184.


3.64 acres, Skiffes Creek Industrial Park; RCRE LLC to Vulcan Lands Inc., $415,100.

Lot 0-3, Ford’s Colony at Williamsburg; Harry J. Chancey Jr. to Harry J. Levins, $360,000.

Lot 102, Villages at Powhatan; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee to Jaisun Leon Hanson, $204,517.

Lot 132, Tutters Neck; Equity Trustees LLC to Richard G. Johnson, $383,303.

Lot 134, Wareham’s Point; Lisa M. Sams, trustee to Charles F. Yonker Jr., trustee, $535,000.

Lot 139, Wellington; Roger W. Smith, successor trustee to Joel Fortune, $252,000.

Lot 19, New Town; Teresa L. Smith to Konstantin Fotiadis, $290,000.

Lot 19, St. George’s Hundred; Kimberly S. Jones to O. Woodland Hogg Jr., trustee, $175,000.

Lot 2, Block C, River Reach; David H. Wolfe to John B. Harned, $715,000.

Lot 20, Chickahominy Haven; Peyton Phillips, co-executor to Sandra M. Samuels, $484,200.

Lot 22, Quarterpath Trace Village; Karen D. Meister to William S. Jordan Jr., $249,000.

Lot 23, Burwell's Bluff at Kingsmill; Kingsmill Resort Custom Homes LLC to Joan L. Dreyer, trustee, $1,357,982.

Lot 25 and Parcel 1, Magruder View; Par 5 Development Group LLC to Pamela Sorenson, trustee, $2,000,000.

Lot 31, Middle Plantation; George Lockett, trustee to Stephen F. Hutchins, $364,500.

Lot 32, Ford’s Colony at Williamsburg; Ronald D. Rosenberger Jr., co-trustee to Mark A. Kinniburgh, $152,500.

Lot 38, Wexford Hills; Daniel C. Macklin III to Timothy Grencewicz, trustee, $160,000.

Lot 44, Mirror Lakes Estate; Ty C. Hardin to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $218,704.

Lot 445, White Hall; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Susan M. Sullivan, $251,000.

Lot 81, Winster Fax; Craige L. Smith to Sylvia Verdery, $215,000.

Lot 84, Ford’s Colony at Williamsburg; Thomas R. Franta to Glencombe Ventures LLC, $292,000.

Lot 92, Landfall at Jamestown; John Terry Deaver, trustee to David Schoch, $845,000.

Lots 11 and 13, Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $183,000.

Lots 21 and 27, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJV LLC, $204,000.

Lots 23 and 27, Tract 3 Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR INC., $183,000.

Lots 25, 28 and 32, Parcel D, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJV LLC, $306,000.

Lots 81-86, Parcel A, Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVRInc., $438,000.

Parcel; Colonial Penniman LLC to Dennis P. Organ, $1,470,000.

Parcel; Dial Investment Co. LLC to Bobby LLC, $850,000.

Parcel; Karen Joelle Sanford to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $205,243.

Parcel; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $237,600.

Parcel A, Courthouse Green of Williamsburg; Courthouse Green of Williamsburg LLC to Ironbound LLC, $1,500,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email