The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, King & Queen and Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


727 N 22nd St; New Life Homes Rei Llc to Hayden Trey Daniel, $334,900.

315 W 29th St; Pittman Maude B to Fratarcangelo Rowena A, $155,000.

1109 N 33rd St; Saas Llc to McCloskey Nicola J, $195,000.

314 N 36th St; Ferguson Danielle C and John H to Wisner Diane, $310,000.

1301 W 41st St; Wyatt Lee P to Bruce Ashley Christian, $300,000.

811 W 49th St; Hart Kip A and Betsy R to Schreiner Scott M, $300,000.

2920 A Hawthorne Ave; Thornton William A to Gunzburg Avi, $150,000.

407 Beaufont Hills Dr; Belcher Donna to Stewart Rikki B, $157,000.

7245 Berwick Road; Bank Of New York Mellon to Technical Executors Llc, $153,825.

3802 Brook Road; Tompkins Jennifer L to McLees William G and Elizabeth C, $375,000.

5515 Bryce Lane; Chesapeake Holdings Kb Llc to Life Center Church Inc Dba, $990,000.

3337 W Cary St; Medas Brian to 3337 W Cary Street Llc, $675,000.

1355 Castleton Road; Ingram Dallas to Denning Warren, $239,000.

819 Chimborazo Blvd; Aaa Investors Llc Trs to Beres Kevin J, $251,000.

1412 Claremont Ave; Vermette Jean W to Bowens Rodney and Blair, $357,000.

814-1/2 W Clay St; Robinson Larry P Executor to Rcp Ventures Llc, $199,900.

9405 Creek Summit Cir; Ennis Julie Anne to Weingertner Thomas, $342,500.

3708 Dunston Ave; Hester Jason Anthony to Stapor Jonathan M, $297,000.

513 Faye St; Reaves Carroll A to Lancaster Evan, $185,000.

2523 Floyd Ave; T & W Properties Llc to You Jae Bok and Kho You Kyung, $356,000.

6507 Forest Hill Ave; Hendrickson Nancy M Trustee to Tanner Thomas S, $223,500.

1212 Garber St; Integral Properties Llc to Sorboen Kimberly L, $163,000.

1831 W Grace St; Murrer Matthew R to McGilvray William and Eithne, $600,000.

4801 W Grace St; Craft Dennis W and Rebecca M to Drumheller Tyler Thomas, $380,000.

4116 Grantlake Road; Moseley Reginald J and Sequel S to Mack Frederick and Theresa, $182,000.

1308 Grove Ave; Lazarus Ronald H and Nadine to Zafra Solas Manuel, $557,000.

18 Hampton Hills Lane; Twin Blessings VIII Llc to Dukes Danny M and Paula C, $1,725,000.

2920 Hawthorne Ave; Thornton William A to Gunzburg Avi, $150,000.

309 Hillwood Road; 309 Hillwood Llc to Bennett Richard and Louise, $1,000,000.

5711 Hull Street Road; Aboul-Hosn Ziad and Sana to Khattab Ventures Inc, $325,000.

3405 Idlewood Ave; Lederer Mark B to Noe Anthony and Mary J, $264,000.

6700 Kensington Ave; 6700 Kensington Avenue to Siwel Renovations Llc, $206,000.

4601 King William Road; Lindsey Alberta L to Calos Katherine C, $290,000.

3209 Lamb Ave; Jaquis William H III to Bianco Melanie S, $284,000.

1055 Leicester Road; Weatherford Amanda S to Higgins Robert M, $233,000.

307 Lexington Road; Sauer Bradford B Jr to Hunter Elizabeth L and Robert C, $450,000.

2108 Maplewood Ave; Connors Matthew G to Alloway Daniel J and Regan A, $349,950.

2308 E Marshall St; Moore Louise V to Cromer William Michael, $205,000.

2801 Montrose Ave; Madison Asena L to Reid Brandon H and Duncan P, $462,000.

3223 Monument Ave; Henry Scott R and Katherine G to Maksimovich Andrew, $699,500.

1420 Nottoway Ave; McCown A Lee to Ford Phillip D and Alane C, $150,000.

2413 Ownby Lane; Corbett Holdings Llc to Ownby Boxwood Llc, $1,050,000.

3032 Parkwood Ave; Red Doors Llc to Streever Hilary Brandt, $299,000.

1216 Porter St; Manchester Green Llc to Equity Trust Company Custodian, $470,000.

22 Rio Vista Lane; Dukes Danny M Jr and Paula C to Hetherington David Rankin, $940,000.

3215 Seminary Ave; Debarros David and Yvonne E to 3215 Llc, $960,000.

207 N Stafford Ave; Tuteral Michael D to Alderman Oriana H, $520,000.

6902 Stratford Townes Way; Gryp Catherine M to Rouhani Afshin and Farhang, $220,000.

5312 Sylvan Road; Lynch Jack P and Nancy W to Vidrine James Albert Jr, $329,000.

5417 Tuckahoe Ave; Kapinos Matthew and Katherine to Walter Charles and Sarah, $730,000.

4200 Wakefield Road; Lucas Timothy S and Lucia C to Clark Melissa Ann, $400,000.

5724 Woodburn Road; Withers James L and Marsha J to Weisbrod Laura J, $333,000.


8211 Adrian Dr, Henrico; Rutherford Charles C and Debra H to Lee Lacresia S, $207,000.

6921 Alyssalaine Dr, Henrico; Cooley Keela L to Nguyen Nhan and Huong Thanh T, $282,500.

5825 Ascot Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Hall Simon to Burnett Leslie H and Erin T, $632,000.

11712 Autumnwood Ct, Glen Allen; Willams Richard A III and Deborah F to Loewe Karl K and Erin M, $460,000.

200 Bayard Rd, Henrico; Meares Alma B Estate to Henry Alvin A, $178,800.

5305 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Alexander Kristen and Linda M, $361,940.

5309 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Ramaiah Bharath Ballaiah, $362,290.

5312 Benmable Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Song Moon Kwon and Seung Yun Ha, $406,463.

10616 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Alattar Ahmed Gamaleldin and Fatma Saafan, $400,861.

12041 Bexley Ct, Henrico; Campbell Howard J and Mary V to Copeland James N and Gail S, $236,000.

6967 Bolelyn Dr, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Nash Arthur J and Samantha N, $323,900.

4334 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Gaddy Romanita, $281,000.

4338 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Liu Xiao and Pingfei Chen, $325,000.

4131 Bremner Blvd, Henrico; 4131 Bremner Boulevard Series to Pelia Maninderpal S, $225,400.

402 Broad Hill Trl, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Veeramalla Rahul Gopal and Rohan Gopal, $486,449.

1706 Broadmoor Dr, Henrico; Wirick Donna L and Elizabeth L Moran to Grimes William S Jr and Vickie M, $267,000.

1801 Brooktree Ct, Henrico; Hardy David B and Dean A to Hardy David, $178,697.

214 Buffalo Rd, Henrico; Lewis Clarence and Tokoia J Lewis to Grant Doris A, $184,000.

8004 Cameron Rd, Henrico; Stevens C Daniel and Sarah M to Tompkins Benjamin T, $552,500.

11617 Candle Ct, Henrico; Jeffries Gary A and Marianne to Bagwell Colin D and Colleen A, $205,000.

4720 Cedar Forest Rd, Glen Allen; Braine Tillem Kimberly M to Sundar Sriram and Geetha Haridass, $322,250.

2606 Chancer Dr, Henrico; Earle Matthew I to Watson Miko C, $174,900.

2306 Chowning Pl, Henrico; Chen Yuhua and Bi Jin Ye to Tran Kien Lap, $227,500.

2613 Clary Preston Dr, Henrico; Scott Michael J and Tara L to Smolinsky Megan A and Conor D, $335,000.

8215 Colebrook Rd, Henrico; Madison Joseph A to Smith Jason, $195,500.

3212 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Davis Charles H, $633,591.

3216 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Leisy Emily F, $559,554.

5414 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Whetzel Joselyn N, $313,900.

12307 Countryview Dr, Glen Allen; Sandhu Bimaljit S and Ramnita S to Huang Xin and Jingjing Li, $815,000.

6000 S Crestwood Ave, Henrico; Kennedy William Hoyt Estate to Sutter Vicki Mae, $242,000.

2008 Deep Ridge Ct, Henrico; 2008 Deep Ridge Court Llc to Puccinelli Jennifer G, $303,000.

8213 Diane Ln, Henrico; Carbaugh S Mason Estate to Armstrong Eric C and Courtney Y Harris, $260,000.

9100 Dunncroft Dr, Glen Allen; Riddle Anita to Hannafin Brian William and Kathryn K, $228,000.

6301 Ellington Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Corporation to Boone Homes Inc, $219,731.

11060 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Rison Charles and Alice, $665,000.

11092 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $195,000.

150 Elsing Green Way, Henrico; Meador Garland L and Elizabeth R to Wilson Shaundavia T, $188,000.

4177 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Johnson Judith A and Linda S Koy to Myers Shirley Marie, $300,700.

9425 Farmington Dr, Henrico; Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust to Habib Sam and Wanis L Wanis and Zozo Khalil, $185,000.

106 Finial Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Most Douglas James and Christine Anne, $723,119.

3 Flatwater Row, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Harris Gregory D and Joycelyn F, $388,083.

1518 Fort Hill Dr, Henrico; Shady Megan R to Cronly John and Wilson Flohr and J Scherer, $183,000.

10300 Fraser Ct, Henrico; Luu Mike V Q and Tuan Q to Luu Synthia, $375,000.

8320 Gaylord Rd, Henrico; Parsley Martha S to Alder Holdings Llc, $185,000.

1822 Glen Willow Cir, Henrico; Ledebuhr Jean L Trustee to Ledebuhr Heidi Jean, $311,000.

2489 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

10148 Grand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Nelson Shawn L to Banks Caleb M and Karina M, $262,000.

9102 Greenford Dr, Henrico; Wilson David B and Robin B Batts to Eddine Shireen Zein and Ghassan Zein, $213,000.

1219 Grumman Dr, Henrico; Kyvergent Llc to Ham Robert J and Jenna Anne, $245,000.

525 Hanover Rd, Sandston; Sattelmaier Joseph and Sofia to Anderson Melissa G, $247,500.

1204 Hatteras Rd, Sandston; Elliott James Lee III to Anderson Simon D, $231,500.

6115 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Holden Michelle D to Gormanlove Claire Rose, $184,000.

2403 Hobart Rd, Henrico; Cs and Js Real Estate Investments Llc to Root Ryan Hamilton, $197,220.

10850 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Shaik Aslambabu and Ayesha Sultana, $518,995.

8406 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Pair Properties Llc to Perez Ezequiel V and Leticia A Salome, $175,000.

3057 Hunton Cottage Ln, Glen Allen; Baker John R and Julia Danielle Cappasola to Foreman Ralph G and Judith A Foreman, $394,900.

8202 Ireton Rd, Henrico; Hall Meredith Gary to Banton Matthew Nicholas and Riley Gray, $215,000.

12208 Ivyglen Ct, Henrico; Watts Eric M and Marissa S to Miller Michael J and Melissa A, $540,000.

2414 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Kenmore Road Trust to Murrow Daniel and Olivia Natale, $252,000.

414 Kilmarnock Dr, Henrico; Swenson Jennifer Trustee to Evins Samuel N and Penny B, $1,100,000.

1406 Lake Ave, Henrico; Dragon John Jr and Pauline C Trustees to Dwyer Rogers C and Emily J, $385,000.

1726 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Buchanan Ronald T to Thomas Michael and Carrie, $250,000.

647 Lenten Rose Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Elliott Dominique and Dashay Dominique, $191,617.

2406 Libbie Ave, Henrico; Eco Marble and Granite Inc to Brookland Associates Llc, $242,000.

2029 Lindsey Gabriel Dr, Henrico; Leabough Eric S to Streat Ana M, $296,000.

4103 Longleaf Dr, Henrico; Martin Robert M and Brenda to Mawyer Erica K, $188,000.

3064 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Johnson Andre L to Gray Rodney Wayne, $225,000.

12256 Manor Crossing Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Parkins Orane and Candice, $554,798.

2509 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; 2509 Maplewood Llc to Coley Laverne Kidd, $166,000.

1109 Maryland Ave, Glen Allen; Silver Running Holdings Corp to Bates Crystal, $179,600.

2218 Martin St, Henrico; Tuck Lenard W Jr and Robin J to Powell Daniel J, $235,000.

5406 Masons Ln, Henrico; Crutchfield Mary Beth to Lm Townhomes 1 Llc, $435,890.

1407 Middleberry Dr, Henrico; Douglas Jasmine E and Asfaw Mebrahtu to Wilkerson Sarah E, $169,000.

3801 Mill Place Dr, Glen Allen; Zlotucha Gerald J II to Helquist Ryan L and Amanda N, $338,000.

4129 Montclair Rd, Henrico; Mtglq Investors Lp to Coe Quamesha, $157,000.

5925 Moriano Ter, Glen Allen; Hackney Stirling Ross to Carlyle John R and Carol H, $420,000.

3331 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Holsomback Richard L Jr and Debbie I to Trinh Phuong Hue and Tai Hieu Huynh, $261,000.

2414 National St, Henrico; Calvary Methodist Church Trustees to Winston Gloria F, $160,000.

4303 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Nuckols Kathleen, $259,645.

5427 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Ridenour Daniel Keith, $252,770.

5512 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Brown Jarrott and Dana, $251,060.

8915 Norwick Rd, Henrico; Durham Scott F and Julia E to Burke Brian O and Julia L, $1,295,000.

6516 Oakland Chase Pl, Henrico; Hatcher Rose M to Johnson Rogers Phyleiscia, $291,600.

7411 Oakmont Dr, Henrico; Mease Alexander P and Althea G to Stoos Barbara C, $195,000.

5201 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Michalowski Roberta A and John Kevin, $524,511.

5209 Old Main St, Henrico; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Gilhooly Jay Sean and Amy E Gallimore, $524,065.

5323 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Rinder Dawson J F and Suzette Noah, $310,213.

5329 Old Main St, Ua, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Elkins Michael A Jr and Lisande M Champeau, $310,002.

5321 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Arruda Thomas J and Rebecca B, $418,023.

5327 Old Main St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Chu Carl and Madison, $387,274.

2700 Old Point Dr, Henrico; Anthony Alexander W and Bonnie G Parker to Ingersoll William G, $223,000.

11107 Opaca Ln, Glen Allen; Moneymaker Radford M and Patricia to Irfan Princy and Syed I M A Kader, $370,000.

8318 Pamela Dr, Henrico; McEvoy H Anne to Lian Xiaolin and Tianci Zhang, $260,000.

3324 Pemberton Creek Ct, Henrico; Glasscock Christopher M and Anne Marie to Subba Tek B, $256,600.

2118 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Kish-Guillaume Patricia E, $322,000.

2226 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Wall Lavonia, $348,720.

2232 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Yang Bing and Lisha Wen, $337,335.

5237 Pickett River Dr, Henrico; Harrison Robert J to Tango Charles F Jr, $645,000.

12259 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Danner Phillip A and Mary T, $768,154.

1511 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc to Rose James F and Janaya C Gatling, $213,240.

1520 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Tu Yukai and Yanbin Wang, $200,000.

12208 Renwick Pl, Glen Allen; Dicello Louis M and Cynthia L to Walls Henry Ernest Jr and Lois P, $530,000.

4344 Riverdale Ave, Glen Allen; Stocks Ricky L to Williams Chris A Sr and Jasmine A, $287,000.

251 Rocketts Way, U410, Henrico; Root Edward Scott to Castillo Teodoro A and Nelida G, $227,000.

11505 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

225 Roslyn Hills Dr, Henrico; Darden Virginia L to Figueiredo Jorge B and Heather P, $457,000.

11316 Sadler Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Usta Suhail and Theresa Sihaphonh to Wu Rebecca D, $299,900.

4326 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Durham Scott F and Julia E, $282,930.

8704 Sedgemoor Dr, Henrico; Jacobowitz Adam O to Hopkins Shea, $206,186.

2900 Seven Kings Ct, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Wynne Lynwood E II, $388,455.

116 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Picard Carla Y to Dail Deborah, $318,500.

9415 Sir Barry Dr, Henrico; Schertzer Thomas L and Wanda R Campbell to Harford Helen J, $255,000.

6372 Springcrest Ln, Henrico; Pitchford Devario A and Shebelah M to Nguyen Minh Tri, $159,900.

5021 Stable Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Arora Kushagra and Priya, $600,580.

1341 Stone Ridge Park Ter, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Nham Quyen N and Nga T Tran, $226,500.

215 Sunset Dr, Henrico; Berry Timothy G and Paige F to Mock Walter E III and Jeannette S, $875,000.

2616 Tavern Way, Glen Allen; Dunn William S to Wanis Wanis L and Refka Shakhloul, $175,000.

2332 Thousand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Blackmore Rob R to Lindsey Jay M and Sarah W Moore Lindsey, $290,000.

11732 Timber Mill Ln, Henrico; Williamson Matthew to Lambert Hunter and Sarah, $276,000.

136 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Cypress Pamela B, $208,750.

4944 Turner Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc, $185,000.

3013 Vanna Ln, Henrico; Dawkins Robert T and Brenda to Bebawi Mahfouz and Michael, $286,500.

4652 Vanner Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Kim Hyungmin and Jaeyeon Lee, $454,911.

9300 Varina Rd, Henrico; Libson Charles and Nickolas to Pope Darrell W, $186,000.

3931 Village Townes Walk, Glen Allen; Bibb Julie L to Gilbert Amy H, $423,000.

10928 Virginia Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Lang Kerry S and Amy E to Foley Timothy M, $450,000.

9833 Wares Wharf Cir, Glen Allen; Wampler Shirley F to Terrill David G and Kathleen K, $417,000.

9642 Wendhurst Dr, Glen Allen; Young Brandon A and Brittani Faleski to Lighthiser Joseph West and Sarah, $304,990.

300 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Council James G and Mary M to Ingram David A and Meredith H, $550,000.

1503 Willingham Rd, Henrico; McAfee James and Deirdra H to Wade George B Jr and Emily S, $430,000.

3003 Willow Pine Ct, Henrico; Macklin Andrew P to Dorman Sonja M, $215,000.

604 Wishart Cir, Henrico; Balderson Lesley to Shaw Alexander T and Amber Nicole M, $390,000.

7957 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Lee Kimberly Devon, $313,203.

7220 Woodside St, Henrico; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to White Rosalind N, $227,700.

12716 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Peterson Brian L and Laurie Hall, $719,751.

605 York Ave, Henrico; Boykin Bradley M and O Woodland Hogg Jr to Cotman Brandon T, $159,950.


16425 Aklers Ct; Lifestyle Home Builders to Nix Michael A and Jennifer L, $499,687.

3912 Amberleigh Bl; Gurkin Charlotte Virginia Tr to Horton Dale J and Thompson B F, $350,000.

11713 Anchor Landing Ct; Hhhunt Homes LC to Damodar Amar K, $628,100.

11025 Ashburn Rd; Burton Billie B to Durand Jessica, $308,200.

7539 Ashlake Cm; Ashlake Villas Llc to Geller Thomas J and Alice M, $389,892.

2800 Autumn Woods Ct; Chapman Karen M to Newcomb Jennifer M, $252,400.

1119 Bach Ln; Cortez Carl and Elenn to Brenning Christian and Allison M, $402,000.

12819 Bailey Valley Dr; NVR Inc to Ye Wenchaun and Ye Fanqiang, $368,920.

5524 Bankstown Ln; Finer Homes Inc to Dean Matthew E Sr and Rebecca M, $365,000.

10007 Bayham Dr; Myers Montgomery M to Devault Andrew W, $195,000.

1907 Bedwyn Ln; Ward Jeffrey B and Lisa Z to Chen Brian Liang-Yu Et Al, $1,500,000.

7725 Belmont Rd; Liberty Homes Inc to Moya Lopez Claudia C, $255,000.

14220 Bermuda Point Ct; McCracken Pamela to Hinson Kylie, $182,000.

5412 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Noble Loraine E, $354,370.

9001 Blooming Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Hewitt J P and Hewitt S S Trs, $334,280.

15719 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Stretcher F V and Lewis M III, $384,667.

7112 Bonallack Bn; Homesmith Construction Inc to Griffith Kevin S, $875,000.

14711 Boyces Cove Dr; Barrow James A Estate to Federal National Mtg Assoc, $174,149.

11437 Brant Hollow Ct; Perkinson Homes Inc to Simms Conrad Leo Jr and Hope, $619,000.

1001 Briars Ct; Causey Melisa to Pauley Raymond W Jr and Karen A, $283,000.

6607 Brookshire Dr; Ghorashi Properties Llc to De La Cruz E G and Garcia E S, $184,000.

7208 Buck Rub Pl; Daniels Elena to Spear Rylan, $160,000.

9200 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Bechard Travis and Liane, $392,536.

13507 Cadbury Ct; Schmiegelow Annette M Trustee to Rodriguez-Bundick Maria, $224,900.

10221 Cattail Rd; Small Michael A and Elizabeth R to Martin Eric J, $196,000.

10466 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Biagini Stacia and Al-Johani S, $365,695.

15707 Chantry Dr; Rowe Sherry H to Mobley Kim D, $276,378.

6407 Claypoint Rd; Skinquarter Properties Ltd to Sullivan Timothy T Jr and D D, $249,950.

3341 Clintwood Rd; Love That Home! Llc to Medina Ismael and Isabel, $225,000.

9218 Clovis St; NVR Inc to Eldridge Linda D, $261,330.

31 County Line Rd; Fuller Edward J and Joan M to Rich Iris, $253,000.

3149 Cove View Ln; Weaver Dale G and Gunson J to Carpenter Bryan W and Christian, $303,000.

1611 Creek Side Rd; Stem Albert F Jr and Margaret G to Burnham Francis R and Carol J, $265,000.

12402 Dannyhill Rd; Graber Melanie S to Robinson Dante A and Sara E, $264,000.

7007 Deer Thicket Dr; Arduini Anthony L to Breuscher Angelique M, $232,700.

3721 Dogwood Av; Wolf Serenity M to Davis Colin R, $150,000.

2213 Dragonfly Ln; Williams Alexander C to Sussman Brian N, $222,000.

6104 Duck Cove Rd; Mancuso Kimberly Lynn to Blackburn Robert and Rachel, $258,000.

1806 Edmiston Wy; Hpa Borrower 2017-1 Llc to Deraimo Jessica A and Brandt J, $242,800.

10012 Ethens Castle Dr; Ball Arthur R Jr and Rose to Craft-Hart Shana C and Hart I, $286,750.

10104 Farm Field Ct; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Scott Constance, $175,000.

611 Fern Meadow Lp; Bv Phoenix Llc to Young Cindy V, $165,000.

3021 Fincastle Ct; Hurlocker Paul A and Kristen L to Sammon Vladimir and Shults V, $235,000.

7412 Fowlis Pl; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Katz Jeffrey and Theresa, $818,374.

2344 Francine Rd; Hughes M Marjorie to Berry Jeffrey K, $235,000.

21407 Gilritchie Dr; White John J and Torri to Fleming Horace, $165,000.

8930 Glen Royal Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Briggs Christopher A and Kristal, $423,910.

16600 Gossamer Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Root Richard Allen and Lam C S, $319,950.

15225 Greenhart Dr; NVR Inc to Sievert Angel II and Bonnin L, $376,000.

9801 Gregorys Charter Dr; Graves Denis J and Carol H to Lo Tien-Hsuan and Su Kai-Hsuan, $354,950.

13821 Hailsham Cr; Bem David J and Karrie Megan to Quarles Douglas E IV and Shelby, $419,500.

15607 Hampton Arbor Ct; Jones David E and Jill A to Jones Michael D and Kara A, $300,000.

4013 Harrow Dr; Emerald Land Development Llc to Coalson Enterprises Corp, $155,000.

5884 Heathers Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Campbell Virginia J Trustee, $298,800.

4030 Hiddenwell Ln; Prospect Custom Homes-Wellspri to Mullen James and Phyllis S, $312,000.

9003 Highgate Hill Dr; Goeltz Thomas J and Eileen M to Harris Holly W, $319,000.

12301 Hillcreek Tr; Stahly Michael Brian and Jamie C to Jones Christopher A, $310,000.

4831 Hopkins Rd; Federal National Mtg Assoc to Flores Edgar R, $185,000.

10196 Iron Mill Rd; Beard Michael T and Rebecca Sue to Turissini Amanda J, $182,500.

11242 Isadora Dr; Luczkowski Mark M to McKeel James S, $339,600.

4358 Jalee Dr; Glazer Donald J to Johnson Pamela D, $158,000.

17319 Jennway Mw; Dodge N P Jr Tr and Dodge N P Jr to Pierce Glenn E and Major W H, $485,000.

419 Keithwood Ct; Hughes Robby B to Blake Audrey, $169,000.

518 Kendrick Ct; Spain Travis L and Ana C to Billett Lana S, $185,000.

13426 Kingsmill Rd; Beasley John E and Jean M to Copper Row Real Est Llc Tr, $280,000.

5167 Lake Summer Lp; Ogbonlowo Olawale O and Tracy M to Bohaty Jennifer, $628,900.

4620 Laurel Spring Ct; Croll Sharon M to Morrelli Kimberly Brooke, $265,000.

6707 Liege Hl; Greenwich Walk Villa Condo to Smith Jay R and Melanie R, $376,777.

2430 Littlecote Ln; Kazi Syed S and Sandra M to Hungerford Erin, $176,540.

9931 Loch Banif Rd; O'Leary Andrew F and Tiffany M to Ponce Rudy Jay and Duron A M, $259,000.

4908 Logswood Rd; Owens Aubrey L Jr and Barbara B to Adams Ethan C, $172,000.

2037 Maginoak Ct; Sims Adam C and Stephanie N to Kelly Brandon W and Memmer K M, $281,000.

3207 Meadow Glen Ln; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Young Anton Lydell, $172,500.

17727 Memorial Tournament Dr; Walker Tamara Tarrant to Henceroth Diane V, $247,500.

207 Michaux Run Ct; Vena Jason M Sr and Kristen J to Radwan Forsan, $315,000.

14605 Mill Spring Cr; Brubaker Harlan E and Doris D to Langford Steven and Kerry, $235,000.

101 Moorwood Ridge Dr; Quesada Catherine E to Toscano Angelo and Nicotra A, $195,000.

5313 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Mendoza Renato A and Sandra T, $452,093.

12404 Natural Bark Dr; Figura Stephen L III and P K to Poore Ryan and Brittany, $371,000.

11101 Norman Garden Cr; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to G2g Investments Llc, $420,000.

9124 Oak Lawn St; Patrick Michael C to Bryant Kayla and Roy A Jr, $160,000.

10116 Old Bon Air Pl; Fourhman Rene C Jr and Wanda D to Hanna Farid H and Kalliny S S, $239,950.

6001 Otterdale Rd; Stuart Stacy Rae to Lockhart Taylor S and Jamie, $325,000.

553 Pantela Dr; Burkhalter Shirley R Trustee to Huggins Quincy and Jennifer, $234,000.

7412 Pennbrook Ct; 414 Roseneath Properties Llc to Scott Matthew, $179,950.

19804 Piedmont Av; Ba Elijah to Wilson Teone Tavon and Jamie U, $163,000.

10600 Poachers Rn; Cobb Mark A and McCarthy Lucas D to Woodle Gregory, $167,200.

7620 Pocoshock Forest Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Der Kristen L, $273,182.

1915 Porters Mill Ln; Nan Realty Llc to Prosser Megan and Cody, $215,000.

13507 Prindell Ct; Wells Christopher J to Case Ryan T and Kailey A, $217,500.

810 S Providence Rd; Federal Natl Mortgage Assoc to Rva Houses Llc, $156,000.

3101 Quail Hill Dr; Ellis Robert E Jr and Janice R to Voss Amanda Lynn, $227,000.

4517 Rabbit Foot Ln; Adkins Brandon J and Cloninger T to Copeland Morgan D, $189,005.

14825 Rankin Dr; Lifestyle Home Builders to Mason Jonathan K and Britt L M, $439,950.

1636 Rayanne Dr; Peace Charles M and Nancy M to Federal Nat'l Mortgage Assoc, $191,336.

10330 Reams Rd; Link Walter C Inc to Sams Travis R, $202,000.

2701 River Oaks Dr; Watson Howell Jr and Glenda D to Eckert Brian and Kathleen, $350,000.

12904 Rivers Bend Rd; Mahhum Green Properties IV Llc to Spink Makenzi L and Smithson L, $300,000.

7218 Roedeer Dr; Hilliard Allen L Jr and Heidi to Miranda Enrique and Tammy L, $205,000.

1708 Rose Mill Cr; Papadoulias S N and Santiago Y S to Richardson Rosalind V, $229,950.

5712 Saddle Hill Dr; Butz Jonathan P to Basinger Ira M III, $259,500.

14505 Sailboat Cr; Ballard Corinne B Trustee to Willard Diane, $295,000.

13831 W Salisbury Rd; Lowery Michael G to Schindler Matthew T and Emily P, $500,000.

10307 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Jacobs Lynn, $292,410.

10241 Sarah St; Miller Stephen R and Jackie L to Marin Claudio, $172,500.

16918 Sconley Pl; NVR Inc to King J B and King J L Trustees, $607,397.

7813 Secretariat Dr; Kosco Kevin L and Angela G to Harrison Daniel, $225,000.

8700 Shadymist Dr; Banks Robert L and Dianna L to Glidden Alia and James III, $219,950.

14305 Shelter Cove Rd; Sale Michael F and Wendy N to Holley Dennis and Patricia, $580,000.

6841 Sika Ln; Garcia Anny to Hernandez Araceli, $195,000.

13207 Silverdust Ln; Ny Phaline and Lyheng to Holmes Lionel H III, $318,000.

12920 Singer Rd; Van Horn David M and Kathy C to Moore-Scarpo Theresa, $267,000.

12415 South Ridge Tr; Gallup Wanda K Trustee to Lewis Christopher J, $152,500.

31 Spinnaker Cove Dr; Polhemus P J and Jenkins Alma H to Paar Dawn M, $248,000.

6555 St Cecelia Dr; Patterson Joseph R to Young Jabbar, $325,000.

2303 Stemwell Bl; Kaylor Sheila W Estate to Bowens Carde D and Stefana N, $500,000.

6109 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Owens Anthony T, $238,950.

12612 Summerhouse Ln; Brougham Reo Owner L P to Castro-Mercedes R A and Castro S, $225,000.

11118 Sunfield Dr; Painter Barry L and Patricia Ann to Stanfield Luke C and Sierra, $186,000.

13707 Sutters Mill Cr; Wade Timothy P and Amanda M to Lockner Erica B and Daniel J, $209,000.

4100 Tanner Slip Cr; Khamar Jayesh B and Kalpana J to Hilyard Andrew J and Jessica D, $235,000.

9608 Telstar Dr; Eacho Steven L to Gonzalez Yolanda E and Cortez E, $150,000.

16709 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Mallory Michael T and Malissa J, $317,440.

5110 Timbercreek Dr; Ballston Ventures 101 Llc to Gonzalez Walter Veliz, $180,000.

8124 Timberstone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Turrieta-McLeod Lynda, $404,270.

8301 Timberstone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Cousineau Michael and Aichurek, $393,350.

11007 Timonium Dr; Baisey Katherine Paige to King Brie and Woods Michael, $176,000.

14213 Triple Crown Dr; Schmidt Neil J and Kylie J to Slaven Jessica N and Shawn M, $264,900.

6601 Turnaway Ln; Singleton M A and Christopher to Holmes Erica N, $218,000.

13903 Turtle Hill Rd; Most Douglas J and Christine A to Barton Brian J II and Ashley R, $270,000.

6418 Twin Falls Tr; NVR Inc to Arthur Ellen Ann Trustee, $435,171.

2421 Viburg Ct; Bellows Richard B and Michelle L to Rhoney William C and Pamela L, $575,000.

1513 Walthall Creek Dr; Parnell Eric W and Shiree A to Pettiford Zandra, $279,900.

12136 Warfield Estates Dr; Herlong Johnie Loyd III to Hardman Ramon L, $216,000.

1036 Water Beech Rd; NVR Inc to Hersh Johanna and Young Ron, $444,621.

13712 Watkins Glen Rd; Jolles Paul R to Burns Christopher R and Krista L, $215,000.

6913 Whisperwood Dr; Eastwood Homes to Wells Leon R, $335,000.

15319 Winding Ash Dr; Nowak Joshua J and Joy A to Besher Hiwot R, $250,000.

5448 Winterleaf Dr; Vaughan Jemika to Fernandez Abreu Maria M Et Als, $180,000.

1244 Woodcroft Rd; Nemeth Barbara W to Thomas Donald Wayne Jr, $185,000.


7374 Adams Farm Road, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Mark K. Segal, $376,151.

10054 Aragon Drive, Mechanicsville; Lucy R. Koll, trustee to Parker H. Edwards, $219,500.

8102 Barrowden Court, Mechanicsville; Amy M. Stinnett to Matthew C. Wolk, $248,000.

8111 Belton Circle, Mechanicsville; Natasha Jones to Nicole P. Fore, $235,000.

8415 Broadwing Lane, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Brandon Miller, $402,284.

8906 Castle Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Balducci Builders Inc. to Waverly W. Silva III, $396,000.

8132 Creekside Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Brian D. Kontrath to Carol A. Audia, $233,600.

5972 Dugout Terrace, Mechanicsville; James M. Fisher to Heather R. Hosman, $215,000.

8011 Elliott Drive, Mechanicsville; Jody A. Martin to Melissa L. Bartlee, $197,000.

7280 Ford Ave., Mechanicsville; Madison C. Fairburn to Richard James Roth, $205,000.

10452 Generation Drive, Doswell; William Welton Cowell III to Justin Lexow, $225,000.

7267 Grace Lane, Mechanicsville; Katie E. Kirby to Ashley A. Laumer, $183,000.

9132 Isabella Way, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to James Hill, $496,995.

7941 Kenmore Drive, Mechanicsville; John Hundley Adams to Raymond Benson, $216,000.

18126 Mabelton Road, Montpelier; GK Structures LLC to Lori M. Lewis, $308,390.

5441 Mantilo Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Robert J. Althizer to Jonathan E. Bussenger Sr., $289,950.

15079 Meetinghouse Lane, Montpelier; Margaret S. Bryson to Thomas William Evans, $425,000.

4470 Miami Lane, Mechanicsville; Gary C. Martin to Artis Curan Martin, $336,000.

12060 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland; Douglas Marshall Taylor to David Michael Graf II, $286,000.

1589 Old Church Road, Mechanicsville; Martin H. McDonnell to Jason S. Whittington, $325,000.

608 Old Station St., Ashland; J3G Partners LLC to Joshua Eric Bell, $170,000.

15475 Pine Green Lane, Montpelier; Martha Allen Pollard, trustee to Nicholas Rulli, $488,400.

10780 Providence Woods Lane, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Adam C. Caston, $360,000.

10262 Radford Mill Terrace, Mechanicsville; GRI Holdings LLC, trustee to Brian Jacque, $307,000.

6667 Rural Point Road, Mechanicsville; James A. Hill to David R. Dagenhart, $1,100,000.

6290 Simi Court, Mechanicsville; Jerry W. Clark, trustee to Chawezi S. Banda, $205,000.

13953 Stanley Park Drive, Ashland; Kacee C. Kostek to Melissa A. Parrish, $269,950.

8121 Stony River Place, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Jennifer Lee Gaulton, $227,000.

8307 Summer Walk Parkway, Mechanicsville; Nancy Coleman Wood to Matthew J. Rutledge, $284,000.

10201 Suzanne Drive, Mechanicsville; Jonathan B. Bovenizer to Sarah V. Puryear, $270,000.

Unit D, Section 4, Building 4, Bluffs at Bell Creek Condominium; Christine A Brafford to Helen Anne McEvoy, $295,824.

8250 Washburn Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Addrienne Shernita Bennett, $470,478.

8405 Wenton Circle, Mechanicsville; Adam B. Mead to John D. Savage Jr., $575,000.

6164 Winding Hills Drive, Mechanicsville; Pintail Properties LLC to Katie E. Kirby, $200,000.


5710 Beaver View Trail, Powhatan; Kenneth A. Worthington Jr. to Kevin Leonard Kosco, $319,900.

965 Eastwood Ridge Court, Moseley; Justin P. Knight to Kelli Gran Spade, $305,000.

973 Genito West Blvd., Moseley; Peter C. Whatley to Marlene C. Cooper, $311,800.

2974 Johnsonway Terrace, Powhatan; Harry S. Terry Jr. to Douglas Alan Phillips, $362,500.

3597 Lyons Run, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Kevin W. Yarmosh, $516,097.

3905 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Ralph E. Butler Jr. to Stephen J. Germain, $235,000.

2980 Palaver Bluff, Powhatan; Old Time Builder Inc. to Michael A. Debois, $368,001.

6104 Preakness Stakes Lane, Powhatan; Sherry H. Rowe to Don L. Walton, $334,950.

3215 Sherwood Bluff Terrace, Powhatan; Mary M. Engard to Karl L. Ross, $289,000.

2319 Stoney Brook Road, Powhatan; Johnathan E. Dick to Mitchell T. Mattison, $205,000.

3353 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; RVA Real Estate Group LLC to Cabell E. Wyman, $258,500.


3758 Boundary Run Road, Gum Spring; Vertical Builders LLC to Randy R. Parker, $327,000.

3257 Countryside West Drive, Gum Spring; David B. Egan to Walker Llewellyn, $185,000.

852 Elmslie Lane, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Richard J. Diemer Jr., $851,128.

521 Hickory Drive, Manakin Sabot; US Bank to D. Dwight Gordon, $482,500.

2330 Lanes End Place, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Laura J. Burgess, $513,500.

313 Piping Rock Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Roy D. Zeidman, $579,820.

3048 River Road West, Goochland; Willie C. Neal Jr. to Sebastian Meussling, $460,800.

1626 Sabot Creek Drive, Manakin Sabot; W.V. McClure Inc. to David A. Reed, $802,086.

3355 Shepards Ridge Road, Goochland; Linda B. Shepard to Brian M. Neiditch, $281,400.

4515 Three Chopt Road, Gum Spring; Maureen P. Burroughs to John Landman Blankenship, $354,000.

1509 Toney Lane, Manakin Sabot; David Simmons to Jason L. Maxwell, $589,000.


1633 Mount Vernon St.; Per Investments LLC to Jeffrey Kline, $205,000.

103 S Plains Drive; Wheatley Property Management LCC to Servando Huitache Araiza, $155,000.

3345-51 Washington St. W; F & H Properties LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $400,000.


16541 Cantree Road, McKenney; Kevin J. Shifflett to Jeremiah Williams, $202,000.

24312 Gloria Drive, North Dinwiddie; H. Keith and Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Glenita L. Winfield, $180,000.

20920 Manon Church Road, McKenney; Larry R. SMith to Nicholas Pinero, $211,500.

23821 Old Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; Grace M. Aldridge to Jeanna M. Ciminello, $177,000.

22901 Pintail Drive, North Dinwiddie; Kelly R. Cifers to Gabriel Noberto Brzovich, $179,900.

12701 Willow Oaks Lane, Wilsons; Jeffrey C. Hill to Coty Benjamin W. McGinnis, $329,000.


249 Bluffs Terrace; Filippo Salvatore Amato to Crystal White, $219,000.

609 E Ellerslie Ave.; Allen Reade Mears Jr. to Chesley M. Bulls III, $160,000.

909 Jamestown Road; Charles R. Penner to Tiffany H. Heimbuch, $167,500.

212 Moorman Ave.; Charles R. Page to Amanda Alexandra Kapp, $153,500.

119 Stratford Drive; Raymond E. Lile to Suehair Hamad, $185,000.


134 Broaddus Drive; Qui Guan Lin to Gary J. Easter Sr., $170,000.

3200 Clay St.; Russell Andronzyk to Jamiesha Lynn Clay, $152,300.

4212 Eagle Drive; River City Ventures LLC to Willie L. Fielder, $279,950.

101 Holly Lane; Robert O. Michael to Lance Darin Millions, $150,000.


6025 Antler Hill Court, New Kent; Zachariah E. Bingham to Cindy L. Monohan, $252,500.

3570 Davis Glade Court, Quinton; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc. to John S. Cario, $299,950.

9020 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Cheryl L. Ellyson, $345,265.

5691 Flowering Peach Lane, Providence Forge; Jacob Dombroski to Jaime S. McLellan, $160,000.

3501 Hilton Drive, Quinton; Joseph F. Talluto to Richard A. Hopkins, $230,000.

6505 Lakeside Drive, Quinton; Russell Smith to Steve A. Lambert, $245,000.

6925 Lost Colony Drive, New Kent; Comfort Homes LLC to Wayne Major, $333,984.

2985 Patriots Landing Drive, Quinton; Samuel P. Fuller to Jacob J. Dombroski, $364,000.

3093 Sassafras Woods Court, Quinton; Larry W. Flora to Gerald E. Baker Jr., $266,500.

7828 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Cordell Jones, $294,075.

19701 Tabernacle Road, Barhamsville; Sharon M. Bohn to Eva Marie Harper, $269,000.


6441 Blair Court, Prince George; CMS Homes Inc. to Johana G. Story, $150,000.

443 Cypress Creek Drive, Prince George; Nicholas B. Williams to Forrest Hatch, $280,000.

17100 Jolly Road, Disputanta; Charles W. Miller to Kyle A. Powroznick, $209,900.

7671 Lynn Creek Road, North Prince George; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Baffour K. Agyekum, $284,500.

3880 Pfost Ave., Prince George; Jerry W. Sullivan Jr. to Serenity T. Wolf, $184,950.

7553 Rolling HIll Road, North Prince George; Kenneth Henshaw to Sianna S. Scott, $239,000.

7200 Sandy Ridge Road, Prince George; Philip M. Mauldin to Janie Boyer, $175,950.

9435 Springfield Lane, Disputanta; Global Property Group LLC to Joshua P. Wargofcak, $324,570.

Unit 500, Waterside Condominium; West End Facilities LLC to MMAC 150 Ortho VA III LLC, $3,326,634.

7817 Wind Rock Lane, North Prince George; Robert J. Mertins to Michael D. Mountcastle, $245,000.


8331 Daybreak Drive, Amelia Court House; Michael S. Tomlin to Jeffrey W. Davis, $160,000.

12821 Lodore Road, Amelia Court House; Lisa J. Blankenship to Kevin Fink, $220,000.

12222 Old Chula Road, Amelia Court House; Amelia Va. Properties LLC to Jesse W. Hendricks, $197,000.

5200 Soapstone Road, Jetersville; Esteban J. Yodeer to Sheila A. Rosenson, $285,000.


15411 Beverly Run Road, Bowling Green; Gary D. Kline to Melanie Teal, $340,000.

7236 CCC Road, Ruther Glen; Rowena Durrett Dunlap to Robert L. Johnson, $305,000.

62 Celts West Cove, Ruther Glen; Kenneth B. Stansell to William A. Garrison, $410,000.

14409 Crystal Court, Woodford; Ironwood Investments LLC to Sean J. Connolly, $197,500.

4409 Fredericksburg Turnpike, Woodford; Britton Smith to Luis A. Martinez, $195,000.

7209 Jericho Road, Ruther Glen; Marilyn Podbielski to Brett A. Poffenberger, $205,000.

130 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; John F. Anderson to Tishia Nelson, $240,000.

26293 Newtown Road, Milford; Broaddus Properties LLC to Merrel G. Grant, $172,000.

18466 Patriot Lane, Ruther Glen; Tricord Inc. to James M. Chambers, $370,000.

12552 Pinyon Lane, Ruther Glen; Sarah A. Johnson to Caroline A. Nelson, $165,000.

17428 Shumans Road, Ruther Glen; Kellie J. Gilbert to Trenton B. Satterwhite, $275,000.


3 lots; David Lee Carroll to Michael F. Allen, $179,900.

67.68 arces; Wayne B. Campbell to Brian D. Paliotti, $435,000.


726 Anne Lane, Aylett; George Michael Vencelov to Janice W. Coughlin, $230,000.

123 Cedar Lane, King William; Erawha LLC to Nathan Austin, $200,000.

5714 Davis Road, Walkertown; RCI Builders LLC to Michael Lipscomb, $155,900.

2071 Forest Circle, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Janis Tomlin Kawa, $165,000.

6133 Herring Creek Road, Aylett; G.H. Watts Construction Inc. to Brandon S. Beasley, $468,530.

2601 Maryview Lane, West Point; Shawn Kellam to Nicholas J. Lehto, $230,000.

377 Oak Springs Circle, Aylett; Rylee A. Emerson to Molly M. Litchfield Ford, $155,000.

20 Red Oak Lane, Aylett; Frank Folger Tuck III to Joseph B. Slate, $151,000.

3631 Wakema Road, West Point; Phillip L. Viens to Dakota Hogge, $170,000.


718 College Terrace; Demetrios Jimmy Alimonos to Kenneth Crawford Blakely, $450,000.

136 Holly Hills Drive; Robert T. Wingate, trustee to Harry Andrew Yeatts, $619,000.

2402 Westgate Circle; Joel Fortune to Frank Vince, $166,500.


4539 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Janice G. Watson to Michael Shawn Dixon Jr., $225,000.

5308 Beverly Lane, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to May A. Wells, $329,820.

143 Brookhaven Drive, Williamsburg; Lloyd N. Richardson to Michael P. Jurich, $295,000.

8409 Camellia Court, Williamsburg; Gail S. Key, trustee to Patrick E. Murray, $332,000.

5215 Center St., Williamsburg; Kelly Walsh to Nancy M. Uram, $194,000.

4931 Centerville Road, Williamsburg; Meridian Land Holdings LLC to Douglas L. Mallory, trustee, $490,000.

101 N Cove Road, Williamsburg; Johnnie W. Elder to Timothy L. Snyder, $277,500.

23 Ensigne Spence, Williamsburg; Aaron H. Degroft to Thomas Ronald Sopko, $413,500.

685 Fairfax Way, Williamsburg; Daniel J. Brooks, successor, trustee to Peter A. Levow, $400,000.

4373 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Michael Lynn Banton, $305,990.

4924 HIckory Signpost Road, Williamsburg; Lucas J. Elberfield to Trevor L. Buchanan, $260,000.

109 Hunstanton, Williamsburg; Michael DiPaola to Rosemary J. Stacpoole, trustee, $567,500.

140 John Browning, Williamsburg; Thomas Edward Cucuel to Charles Michael Savage, $1,130,000.

156 Julibee, Williamsburg; Andy Olson to James A. McCormick, $377,770.

221 Kingswood Drive, Williamsburg; Kathy Lewis Chambers to Robert T. Skinner Jr., $268,500.

2621 Meadow Lake Drive, Toano; Mark H. Hill to Steven R. Knight, $550,000.

2240 Moonlight Point, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Mark Stevens Pleis Jr., $536,935.

102 Neighbors Drive, Williamsburg; David L. Hertzler to Sharon Reynolds, $216,000.

4219 Old Lock Road, Williamsburg; Archer R. Morgan, trustee to Jeffrey M. Egan Sr., $345,000.

4708 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Amelia Mercado, $740,000.

939 Pheasant Run, Williamsburg; Donald P. Monaghan to Kyle Micah Sizemore, $179,000.

710 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Christine Gray, $204,805.

2101 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Richard H. Newsom, trustee, $241,650.

4036 Red Wing Court, Williamsburg; Joseph E. Underwood to Thomas F. Litant, $308,000.

3244 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Jeffery D. Booher to Andrew N. Patton, $243,500.

3927 Saint Erics Turn, Williamsburg; Marcia A. Torres Ruiz to Qiong Chen, $380,000.

112 Sand Drive, Williamsburg; Sutherland Properties Virginia LLC to Frank Everett Chaves III, $242,000.

10101 Squires Way, Toano; Nancy W. Shafer to Nelson Elliott McQuillan, $275,000.

7509 Tealight Way, Williamsburg; Mary Ellen Strange to Alberto Zazueta Jr., $225,000.

100 Troon, Williamsburg; Paul Schubring to Brian K. Klear, $462,500.

4553 Village Park Drive, Williamsburg; Tyler J. Thomson to Johann Francis Ducharme, $275,000.

9901 Walnut Creek, Toano; Larry K. Pritchard, trustee to Gary Page Weeden, $500,000.

2829 Warbler Place, Williamsburg; Terry Don Chapman, trustee to Jared Smiddy, $393,500.

125 West Landing, Williamsburg; Susan S. Mullally, trustee to Nancy E. Brown, $295,000.

76 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Michael A. Ponisciak to Scott E. Smith, trustee, $225,000.

4143 Winthrop Circle, Williamsburg; John S. Mairano, trustee to Joseph B. Filko, $429,000.

6579 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Philip R. Bowman, $557,500.

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