The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


511 W 20th St; Greer Jeffrey L and Maria Del Rosario to McCutchan John N III, $245,000.

115 N 26th St; Isaacs James M to Kulyk Alexander, $362,050.

622 N 33rd St; Major Real Estate Llc to Rojas Roger S, $222,500.

1302 N 33rd St; Watchtower Homes to Nagley Andrew G, $199,950.

10010 Apache Road; Ministri Victoria A to Highbridge Investments Llc, $400,000.

727 Arnold Ave; Coalson Enterprises Corp Llc to Glynn Emily Louise, $178,000.

7565 Beauchamp Ct; Carlton Suzanne B to Covert Liza B Trust Trustee, $215,000.

16 W Broad St, U6; Cornish Parks Sixteen Llc to Anderson Joseph Michael, $194,212.

7910 Burrundie Dr; Williams David C and Flora F to Ekal Llc, $257,000.

1508 W Cary St; Simmons Henry C to Ragazzi Helen and Claudio, $230,000.

3820 Chamberlayne Ave; Grainger Alain H to Call Federal Credit Union, $266,600.

419 Chimborazo Blvd; Scarbrough Elena M to Butler Warren, $329,950.

3121 Cliff Ave; Es Properties I Llc to Kreplick Joshua Adam, $240,000.

9439 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Bream Richard and Susan, $432,344.

3720 Dunston Ave; Vinsant Vanessa Y to Huntington Frederick D Trs, $305,000.

3601 Enslow Ave; Blystone Sophia to Turrin Courtney L M, $347,000.

1421 Garber St; Bergin Properties Llc to Bergakker Abigail, $170,000.

2606 W Grace St; Biddle Clarence J to Smith David C and Barbara M, $685,000.

2121 Greenwood Ave; Peterson Antoine and Ianthe to Fehr John R and Sarah C, $289,000.

2100 Grove Ave, U13; Maroney Matthew and Laura to Toombs Shannon V, $198,500.

3802 Hanover Ave; Myer Ethel P Life Int to Martin Eric J, $257,105.

3600 Hickory Road; Snow John Edward to Lafferty Edgar R IV, $470,000.

37 W Jackson St; Wood Kahari Brenda M Trustee to Lai Kris B and Megan T, $269,500.

19 King St; Secretary Of Housing and Urban to Stemmle Jillian, $175,000.

109 S Laurel St; Charles Joan C and Cook Roy V to Jabarian Meysam, $289,500.

606 Libbie Ave; Andrews William S to Bargatze Elizabeth G, $405,000.

2200 E Marshall St; Schnake Mark W to Beller Michael, $321,700.

3718 Moody Ave; Otwell Arwen Frances to Long Amanda Jane, $167,500.

3416 Northview Pl; Abdo David and Margaret Nomi-Abdo to Benfield Charles P and Frances P, $360,850.

110 Overbrook Road; Wood Judy W Trustee to Richmond John E Jr, $248,000.

1222 Parkwood Ave; Mng Holdings Llc to Nelson Barbara and Nash Peter W, $255,000.

4802 Riverside Dr; Mills Brian Reade to Thomas Wilson A and Anne W, $400,000.

1124 Schloss Road; Infiniti Marketing to Brockington Stephen K, $170,000.

2810 Shoreham Dr; Dean Cordell L to Five Star Construction Llc, $206,060.

101 N Stafford Ave, U9; Dawson G Edgar III and C Farley to Savini Leonard E and Irene M, $254,500.

2421 Stuart Ave; Foley Charles H and A E R to Vottero Cecily A, $585,000.

1414 Wentbridge Road; Thompson J Peter and Joyce Trs to Riley W Edward IV, $315,000.

1225 Westminster Ave; Burke Adam M to Archer Michael W, $290,000.


824 Alden Parke Dr, Glen Allen; Alden Parke Llc to Legault Homes Llc, $200,000.

5108 Amberwood Dr, Glen Allen; Stone Wendy J to Hall Jeffery and Rachel, $460,000.

7604 Antionette Dr, Henrico; King Jennifer M to Birmingham Dustin L and Jennifer Morris, $167,000.

3628 Autumn Chase Dr, Henrico; Spitzer Eugena A and Mary H Bryson to Morgan Justin M and Magdalena, $407,500.

4111 Balmoral Ave, Henrico; Ross Robert D and Carrie to Loya Miriam M, $150,000.

5231 Bedford Falls Cir, Glen Allen; Shinde Amitvikram to Shinde Amitvikram, $369,077.

10525 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Sundarraj Sajin, $379,876.

10537 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Polluchalla Madhusudhan Reddy, $378,010.

9600 Big Tree Ln, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Ahmed Mohammed Rasheed and Zarina Sultana, $399,897.

5401 Blue Holly Cir, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Creech Justin L and Darcy R, $438,214.

4216 Booth Dr, Sandston; Owens Emmitt Walter and Lisa K to Moore Edward B III and Ciera W Moore, $223,500.

10811 Branberry Ln, Henrico; Beach Julie Trustee to Abdulrahman Othman Et Al, $295,000.

12213 Bridgehead Pl, Glen Allen; Larochelle Robert and P to Khan M Farrukh and Hina F, $150,000.

4309 Broad Hill Dr, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Chava Sita, $319,000.

6002 Brookfield Rd, Henrico; A Team Marketing Llc to Crandall Kevin W, $280,000.

2312 Burnley Ave, Henrico; Poe Nathan S and Jennifer B to Davis Dawn Chelyen, $215,000.

7827 Camolin Ct, Henrico; Gavin Christopher to Rusinak Matthew David, $169,950.

11025 Carrington Green Dr, Glen Allen; Childs Charles G and Lisa A to Smith Frederick A Sr Trustee, $409,950.

228 Casey St, Sandston; Glover-Sanaghan Zena E to Harris Jeroline B, $224,000.

4808 Cedar Park Rd, Henrico; Lyons Julius Sr to Matthews Lawrence K, $243,000.

12412 Chadsworth Pl, Glen Allen; Kazmi Zia to Altizer Jason, $425,000.

5104 Chelsea Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Kannan Subramanyam and Bhavani to Barsoom Magdy and Mona, $258,000.

1702 Cloister Dr, Henrico; Taylor Jonda A and Larry A to Crane Joseph T IV, $360,000.

1400 Connecticut Ave, Glen Allen; Ferrance Theresa Jo Anne to Crisp Stephen B, $159,990.

6427 Cookes Farm Dr, Henrico; Jones Gregery D W and Courtney E Trustee to Coles Jeffrey and Tylisha Mosby, $270,500.

2508 Cottage Cove Dr, Henrico; Maguire Paul M and Anges M to Read David V and Joanna P, $415,000.

3401 Cox Rd, Henrico; Tower Properties Llc to Union Tower Llc, $4,200,000.

6501 Dan St, Henrico; Jacobs Jason R and Catalina to Motley Victor A Jr, $164,000.

3720 Darbytown Pl, Henrico; Renew Homes Llc to Hatton Benjamin Michael, $164,000.

82 Defense Ave, Sandston; Washington Ira D and Annette G Green-Betts to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb, $155,976.

4 Dilton Dr, Henrico; Reed David A and Kelli J to Patterson Cara G and Christopher, $751,050.

6732 Donahue Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Stoldt Barbara, $611,005.

3810 Duckling Walk, Glen Allen; Vasquez Pedro III and Melinda K to Loden Carl A and Cheryl M, $590,000.

7610 Edgewood Ave, Henrico; Brew John and Alyssa Pruett to Wilson Patricia, $180,000.

1521 Ednam Forest Dr, Henrico; Kimbrough Philip D and Tonya L to Russell David L and Margaret K Nardella, $339,000.

11501 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Grant Darien, $680,942.

11509 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Gangemi Andrew and Laura R Holley, $606,543.

4252 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Davis Michael G and Brian S and Richard S to Hennessy Patricia G, $303,500.

10414 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Sam Saroun and Sophia Nuon Sam to Us Bank Trust Na, $294,861.

1609 Foster Rd, Henrico; Baugh Robin M and McColley Kelley M to Ziegler C Emory and Lisa B, $192,000.

12031 Foxfield Cir, Henrico; Carroll Bonny B and Jordanna S to Abrahim Peter, $231,500.

6601 W Franklin St, Henrico; Riddick Thomas Daniel and Susan E to Purcell Jennifer M, $370,000.

3235 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; Dahlvani Salim A and Zeenat to Akula Nageswara R and Siri Rao Ummethala, $265,000.

210 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Kamani Priya to Park Jung, $469,000.

8908 Ginger Way Dr, Henrico; Thompson Mary J to Schelz John P and Carol Anne F, $425,000.

2501 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

5217 W Grace St, Henrico; Kennealy Kevin G and Sarah to Rapisarda Andrew and Allison, $330,000.

4716 Greenbrooke Dr, Glen Allen; Santillo Antonio M and Valerie B Saverino to Roy Avik and Paulami Saha, $450,500.

2515 Grenoble Rd, Henrico; Tutwiler Jean L to 2515 Grenoble Road Llc, $215,000.

7416 Griffin Ave, Henrico; Rin Saran and Bunthet Ouk to Remo Delores A, $158,000.

5661 Hard Rock Pl, Henrico; Blackwelder Jimmie L and My Huong to Moore Lauren A, $232,000.

2544 Hickory Knoll Ln, Henrico; Gruss Angela M to Mitchell Melissa C, $208,000.

1402 Hillsboro Dr, Henrico; Miller Louis and Velma L to Naftaly Mina, $150,000.

8405 Hungary Rd, Glen Allen; Vines Kenneth Blake to Farooq Omer, $199,950.

5112 Hunter's Meadow Pl, Henrico; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc to Gable Alvin Eugene and Vanessa Evans, $259,950.

4245 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen; Wam Associates Llc to Innslake Holding Llc, $420,000.

418 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Coates Jennifer M to Thornton Gabriel, $184,950.

193 Jennings Rd, Henrico; Winters Albert E Sr and Etola P to Live Well Financial Inc, $185,000.

22 Kemper Ct, Sandston; Coalson Enterprises Corp to Coppedge Tabitha Lashawn, $170,000.

2701 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Staples Mill Equities Llc to Nozynski Julie L, $215,000.

8702 Lakefront Dr, Henrico; Maphanyane Regina G to Parkhurst Scott J and Jeffrey D and Mary F, $175,000.

1451 Lange Dr, Sandston; Williams Janet P to Shipp Jaron and Jennifer, $260,000.

9408 Laughing Oak Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Monger Ran and Padma, $304,165.

1725 Leslie Ln, Henrico; Medlin Trent G and Stephanie L to Bonilla Bryan S and Shashana D Andino, $232,000.

9419 Lester Ln, Henrico; Caraher Joseph A to Yousef Yousef G and Mariam, $232,500.

1680 Liberty Bell Ct, Henrico; Arch Capital Partners Llc to Carlson Ryan R and Aryn Rachel, $182,000.

5361 Linsey Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; Covington Nancy E to Dill Thomas A and Adriana D, $269,000.

404 Lowell St, Henrico; Cole Robert L Sr and Cecelia T to Ramirez Veliz Rosali, $176,000.

5003 Maben Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Papineni Sireesha, $494,865.

9707 Magnolia Pointe Pl, Glen Allen; Gray Kenneth C and Kenya M to Anderson Samantha, $189,950.

2602 Mallards Crossing, Henrico; Tatti Robert J to Dickens William and Doreen, $277,000.

8204 Mark Lawn Dr, Henrico; Gibrall Michele Blanchard to Goodman Daniel G and Ashley P, $240,000.

1010 Marney Ct, Henrico; Grady Susan N to Hunter James S Jr and Patricia H, $570,000.

5303 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Bibb Monty, $312,420.

5307 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to White Bradford T Jr and Jessica A McGlone, $314,870.

1790 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Wilt George W and George K to Barlow Eric C, $185,000.

9405 Meredith Creek Ln, Glen Allen; Barker Jonathan D to Thies Ronald J, $280,000.

6309 Millhiser Ave, Henrico; Findlay Robin Taylor to Huynh Hai and Nancy and Cindy and Minh Ve, $180,500.

7601 Montrose Ave, Henrico; Latney Robert D to McIver Julia Trustee, $182,000.

5423 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Nguyen Diana, $266,960.

5428 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Wilder Darrell and Candice, $253,565.

3835 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Helland Denise D to Roberts Samuel Ryan, $266,000.

2931 Muncie Rd, Henrico; Equity Trust Company Cust Fbo C Lee Ira to Brown Domonic T, $206,500.

2890 New Market Rd, Henrico; Duke Erin McKenzie to Stabler Curtis E, $155,000.

1208 New York Ave, Glen Allen; Feigenbaum Philip and Cecilia to Clary Justin B, $155,200.

2213 Nortonia Rd, Henrico; Mealy Michael Estate to Benn Dan M Jr and Dan Trustees, $177,000.

3302 Oconto Rd, Henrico; Sumpter Jane H to Giles James R and Christa F Motley, $170,000.

500 Old Memorial Dr, Sandston; Sandak Charles C to Cangiano Salvatore J, $150,000.

10712 Old Prescott Rd, Henrico; Chao Sheng Yih and Diana Tien Yuan to Agee Lauren G and Tyler J, $433,000.

8979 Osborne Tpke, Henrico; Scott Ertle B and Barbara A to Gray Kenneth Corwin and Kenya Morgan, $240,000.

2812 Overton Rd, Henrico; Watson Paula G to Powell Carolyn M, $191,500.

10927 Parkshire Ln, Henrico; Kemp Michael L and Shannon Christine Robb to Houck Lisa K, $390,000.

11724 Parsons Walk Ct, Glen Allen; Kommaraju Anil K and A S V to Irvin Richard W III, $465,000.

4547 Paxton Glen Ct, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to NVR Inc, $210,000.

2100 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Craig Barnaby Cornelius and Dina Laray, $342,795.

2108 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Nord Cynthia R, $352,915.

3406 Pine Dell Ave, Henrico; Housing and Urban Development to Freitas Reginaldo C, $170,000.

7727 Pomeroy Ct, Henrico; MacPherson Adam C to Henderson Reginald C and Barbara C, $153,000.

12289 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Davidson James H and Sue J, $898,207.

2 Raven Rock Ln, Henrico; Zimmer Timothy J to Baldwin James B III, $689,900.

13528 Reynard Ln, Henrico; Cerutti Diego and Lucia Crippa to Britton Lydia, $519,500.

102 Riva Ridge Cir, Sandston; Blunt Justin T and Sarah J to Bendle Justin R, $177,000.

2209 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Abady Janice S Trustee to Hickey Todd D, $180,000.

636 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Holloman Kelsey R, $184,472.

648 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Osder Steven S, $192,655.

10001 Scotts Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Mounce James Larry and Tamara K to Kim Tae and Han, $295,000.

8314 Shannon Hill Rd, Henrico; Nikolic Carolina G to Rva Designer Properties Llc, $220,485.

9322 Silverbush Dr, Henrico; Perry Allison K and Ryan E Gilbreath to Draper Robert D and Aimee Houchins, $180,000.

4677 Snow Goose Ln, Glen Allen; Buie Willie J Jr and Polly C to Dorfman Ryan E and Leandre V, $315,000.

2714 Spinnaker Ct, Henrico; Haislip Edward D to Martin Cameron W and Laura R, $206,000.

6456 Springcrest Ln, Henrico; Bullock Rodney E and Simone to Harper Robert Lee III, $190,000.

9705 Stockbridge Dr, Henrico; Jensen Theodore F Jr and Betty J to Jensen Kristen M, $150,000.

2016 Stonehollow Rd, Henrico; Miller Richard N and Catherine to Dunkum Brandon and Jayne, $349,950.

107 Stuttaford Dr, Sandston; Morris Wayne W to Reynolds Donald C, $152,800.

13628 Swanhollow Dr, Henrico; Drash David W and Judiann C to Mokhtar Tamer A and Brandy A, $585,000.

801 Tavern Green Rd, Glen Allen; Richmond Christopher J to Baeza Nicole M, $214,000.

9100 Three Chopt Rd, Henrico; Pruitt Richard I Family Property V Llc to Rebkee Partners Three Chopt Llc, $2,560,000.

12304 Tournament Ln, Henrico; Holloway Henry M and Steve D to Gladstone Margaret Campbell, $265,000.

2621 Tracewood Cir, Henrico; Kavanagh William J to Lu Jiangang, $215,600.

2104 Turtle Run Dr, U1, Henrico; Dunn George C to Basso Maria Lucia, $156,000.

2108 Turtle Run Dr, U8, Henrico; Stanzione John R and Elizabeth K to Sanchez Aysan, $165,000.

5142 Virgil Dr, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Spann Gregory D, $272,224.

10311 Waltham Dr, Henrico; Gift Ronald P and Luella W to Harwood Richard K and Patricia C, $328,500.

10025 Washington Blvd, Glen Allen; Brooks Herbert A Sr to Shaw Bonnie L, $232,000.

936 Wellston Ct, Glen Allen; Clark Stephen B and Paula D to Singh Navneet and Jasmine Kaur, $229,000.

11908 Westcott Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Shriner Steven P and Kelly B Trustees to White Jeffrey D and Susan Trustees, $845,000.

3751 Westerre Pkwy, Uc, Henrico; Franklin Leasing Associates Llc to Suttlar-Blanche Llc, $315,000.

2504 Whiteclift Dr, Henrico; Van Properties Llc to Meneses Karl Keith and Hilary Baham, $329,950.

1201 Wilderness Dr, Henrico; Ctd Properties Llc to Ondek Matthew R, $209,900.

4606 Willow Leaf Pl, Henrico; Lertsaranont Chada to Mukherjee Abhik and Sohini, $217,000.

1209 Wilmer Ave, Henrico; Cava Capital Llc to Anders Michael, $292,500.

6200 Winsted Ct, Glen Allen; Fischer Mark D and Julie C to Leftwich Paul D Jr, $395,000.

10605 Woodshire Way, Glen Allen; Wang Jiannan to Pan Changxuan and Shan Di, $235,500.


559 Abbey Village Cr; Ahn Sang Y and Mei Alexis to Durrette L O and Steele R C Jr, $322,000.

5007 Alberta Mw; Honrine Jordan M and Kimberly M to Gregory Nicholas K, $230,000.

16714 Amherst Ridge Pl; Banks Johnette E to Vaughan Kisha, $221,987.

8331 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Smith Timothy C and Melissa B, $365,000.

4411 Ansbauch Dr; Brown Dianne C to Pinette James Roland Jr Tr, $160,000.

6601 Arbor Meadows Dr; Willis Gwendolyn L to Turner Jamie Raynard and Yukiyo, $272,000.

5831 Autumnleaf Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Williams Kevin D, $268,507.

8500 Bailey Hill Rd; Nyman Joy to Malagisi Victor J and Margaret M, $374,950.

8424 Bayfield Dr; Bjornes Teresa L to Gay Tiffany M, $226,950.

14500 Beachmere Dr; Carter Kevin C and Dezerai to Argueta Ramos Idalia L Et Als, $392,000.

6307 Bel Lac Dr; Birt Dayton A and Lynn L to Nguyen Thuan and Le T, $272,000.

5207 Berryridge Tr; Harris Mary and Harris Pamela to Medero Eduardo Daniel Baltazar, $175,000.

12120 Blossom Point Rd; Smith Billy Michael and Una Gail to Coleman Mattie Y, $318,900.

2730 Bosham Ln; Stensland Mark S to Zinski Steven C and Andrea S, $427,500.

10680 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Carlile Deann, $249,560.

18120 Branders Bridge Rd; Aguilar Maria Et Al to Gerner Brad, $182,000.

3018 Brookforest Rd; Norwood Valerie D to Robins Jeffery and Tammy T, $196,000.

3903 Buckland Pl; Call Susan Egan to Erawha Llc, $150,000.

16607 Burridge Pl; Main Street Homes to Minnich Daniel C and Brigid, $391,007.

3000 Calcutt Dr; Leddy S P and Winckler S M to Colina Mervyn Francis, $589,950.

15342 Carlton Forest Ct; Stratton Gregg and Dorothy H to Lara Brittney D and Workman W R, $299,900.

10221 Carol Anne Rd; Weidman Brandon R to Pergiotis Peter, $161,000.

2012 Castle Glen Ct; Garcia Allison to Heatwole James L Jr and Demetria, $232,000.

4400 Centralia Station Co; NVR Inc to Bracey Angela Renee, $335,500.

9909 Chancellor Pl; Cave Boyd D Jr and Ann B to Easterling David J and Zoa, $355,000.

4808 Chatham Grove Pl; Kensy Daniel J and Mindy L to Jones Michael A and Sims M S, $199,000.

10511 Chieftain Tl; Renovatio III Llc to Uribe D A and Ramirez Munoz M C, $220,000.

8013 Clovertree Ct; Chaoul Maroun G to Best Angela M and Best Joseph J, $152,500.

721 Coralview Ct; Ziglar Richard O Jr and M P to Usher David T and Carrie K O, $309,000.

14311 Cove Ridge Tr; Robinson Paul D and Jennifer L to Chandler Travis V and Richelle L, $305,000.

14403 Crossings Way Ct; On The Level Inc to Morgan Craig C and Dana N, $418,000.

5019 Dampier Ct; Bullock Bruce E and Ernestine to Johnson Martha, $355,000.

21107 Deodora Dr; Williams Sidney N to Little Taylor W and Pastors R A, $150,300.

10216 Dorel Cr; Jones Mark S to Beck Haley, $190,000.

9531 Dunroming Rd; Deutsche Bank Nat'l Tr Co Tr to F and W Ventures Llc, $196,396.

11201 Eagle Point Rd; Knuth Donald R and Jacqueline C to Pnc Bank, $162,000.

7012 Egan Pl; Williamson David P and Diah M to Torres Octavia, $159,950.

1320 Elmart Ln; Reams Real Estate Llc to Groux K P and Decourcy K A, $164,000.

7841 Etching St; NVR Inc to Smith Jaime Noel, $207,490.

7853 Etching St; NVR Inc to Jenkins Detrich A, $212,190.

2513 Exhall Ct; Perkins Christopher S to Pennymac Loan Services Llc, $166,277.

14106 Faraday Ct; Mack Sherman B and Susandra A to Banks Jamone, $336,950.

7515 Fawndale Dr; Ray Rhonda M to Thompson Megan A, $200,000.

8224 Ferdinand Ln; Bishop Jeff and Angela to Miller Justin Michael, $249,000.

5766 Fox Hunt Tl; Robinson Zachary G to Jones Akilah Mandisa, $154,900.

3860 Frankmont Rd; Mtglq Investors L P to Rivera Jose Martin Martinez, $178,000.

5113 Gatebridge Rd; Robinson Christopher L to Kellam Monica Frenzola, $215,000.

2010 Gateshead Dr; Baake Dale A to Coburn D J and Ferrance T J A, $265,000.

12324 Goldengate Pl; Dimauro H J Jr and Waedekin S L to Villatoro Oscar and Maria L, $325,000.

512 Green Garden Cr; Moseley Aja and Moseley Jenell to Duval David Clayton, $270,000.

12625 Greenside Dr; Plumeau Paul David and Andrea M to Windley Christopher and Melissa, $294,000.

15830 Haggis Dr; Mink Daniel W and Hancock J N to Pierce Tiffany Ann, $264,950.

12202 Hampton Valley Turn; Mizelle David and Tawanda to Towery Kevin W and Amy H, $388,000.

3985 Harrmeadow Ln; Culbreth John B and Janet M to Beverley Kristy L and W R IV, $332,000.

5872 Heathers Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Martin Cherrie, $268,365.

6300 Hickory Rd; Eischen Jerome to Morgan Dwight D and Shurrenda R, $266,000.

14001 Hill Spring Dr; Haselhorst Christopher D and K A to Zbell Thomas M and Nicolette, $270,000.

8949 Hollow Oak Dr; Allen Brian C and Tracy M to Powell M A and Wolfe-Powell S P, $340,000.

15300 Houndmaster Cr; McManus W M and McManus F B Trs to Greer Lena C B and Christopher B, $303,000.

4101 Hunters Ridge Dr; Parker Dennis T and Nancy H to Ellison Lee D and Deborah A, $305,000.

2009 Ives Ln; Johnson April Y to Le John Trung and Nguyen Joan, $154,000.

4501 Jacobs Bend Dr; Albertine George E Jr and M L to Atkins Brandon M and Jones R J, $235,000.

5606 S Jessup Rd; Jeffress Homes Inc to White Michael, $240,000.

6531 Jessup Rd; Smith Daniel to Collier Bruce P and Denise D, $188,900.

14319 Key Deer Dr; Adkins Nicholas S and Lauren V to Carter-Pettus Rose M, $180,000.

6425 Kingsland Creek Ln; Severson Travis S and Amy Jo to Harley Shannon Nicole, $218,000.

3021 Lady Marian Ln; Kamilakis Peter N to Williams Sterling G Jr and L H, $580,000.

10205 Lakent Ln; Starcher Geoffrey D and Caitlyn to Alston Sandra D, $203,000.

11111 Lantern Wy; Rogerson Helen McGraw to Lehman Kenneth D and Jacquelyn H, $339,000.

3707 Laroux Av; NVR Inc to Dunson Carrie M and Tyra E Jr, $314,020.

14819 Lavenham Ln; Main Street Homes to Strand Alexander M and K M, $399,463.

6267 Lilting Moon Dr; Olinger Laura E to Cho Vilena C, $390,000.

2425 Loch Braemar Dr; Hackett Larry W and Elsie P to Spiers Nicole L, $274,500.

14215 Long Gate Rd; Nicklis John P and Emily Way to Tiller G M and Lindsay H M, $320,000.

14319 Lookout Point Rd; Carter Karen G to Woolard David, $257,000.

7400 MacLachlan Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Stith Brian C and Shuart Carolyn, $542,804.

2017 Magnolia Grove Wy; Williams Margaret M to Fletcher Barbara C Trustee, $305,000.

11401 Mansfield Crossing Tr; Platinum Prop Of Chfld Llc to Yates Michael S and Hannah P, $214,900.

15806 Maritime Ct; Sanders John E to Johnson Clarence W III and C Y, $211,000.

8715 McCaw Dr; Albus John W Jr to Sehen Norma R, $221,685.

7612 Medallion Ct; NVR Inc to Ragsdale Jonathan and Cynthia, $308,580.

2719 Michaux Valley Wy; Biringer Builders Inc to Simmons Paul and Wills Teresa, $1,060,542.

3203 Mill Race Rd; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Crowder Marcus D, $192,000.

12012 Millay Dr; Rowe Sherry H to Blough Melanie T, $274,352.

13406 Mountcastle Rd; Lucky Cynthia N to Ingram Thurman N III and K P, $328,000.

14800 Nash Rd; Spencer B J and Spencer W S Jr to Currin Carthan F Jr, $265,000.

14513 Needham Market Rd; Milbourne Rodney A and Channel L to Chinn James S and Bilquis A, $319,950.

14300 Nicolay Wy; Farrell John E and Maura D to Terry Harry Stuart and Ellen F, $411,000.

10430 Oakdell Dr; Zinski Andrea S and Steven C to Omotoye Kemi, $262,000.

3801 Old Gun Rd East; Boon J Craig and Peggy Anne to Schroeder J M and Knowles D B, $535,000.

13304 Old Stage Rd; Slaughter John and Edwina to Robertson K J and Judkins B D T, $177,000.

8306 Outpost Cr; Frazier Robin L to Johnston Ryan and Cristina, $198,500.

11731 Parrish Creek Ln; Ziege Daniela to Foster Shawn B and Amanda F, $280,000.

1032 Peck Rd; Carter Michael A and A Michele to Knowlton Scott and Charlene, $406,500.

13306 Pharlap Turn; Yepes Nelson F to McCracken Nathan, $215,000.

13630 Pine Reach Dr; MacPhee Nicholas A and Christina to Smith Toshiba and Pollard Ronald, $329,950.

13403 Poplar Grove Pl; Tragle Aaron to Webster Ryan G and Delena M, $332,000.

15217 Powell Grove Rd; Burleigh Lawrence F Jr and S M to 2m Properties Llc, $312,000.

1724 Providence Creek Cr; Vaden Janet D to Stewart Elizabeth M, $225,300.

3214 Quail Hill Dr; Spencer Rory Q and Sonya R to Van Scoy Corey R and Brianna L G, $244,000.

3244 Ransom Hills Rd; Giggetts Stephanie to McCullough Frank, $173,000.

14210 Regatta Pointe Rd; Depaola Laura A to Fesl Debra Et Als, $219,000.

13306 Ridgemoor Ln; Scaggs Nathaniel A to Colbert Linda, $240,000.

10525 River Rd; Morris Wesley to Inge Larry L and Barbara Anne, $159,000.

1107 Rockbasket Ln; Rogers Johnny D and Carmen A to Gentry Keith and Carlene, $275,000.

5808 Rosebay Forest Rd; Andersen Christopher R and Karyn to Harris Thomas J, $321,000.

3002 Sagegrove Rd; Jordan Caleb to Siegel Ashley N, $193,000.

10324 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Blow Allan and Janet, $288,815.

9007 Scotts Bluff Ln; Knight Aaron to Williams Trakeca C, $255,000.

14902 Shady Banks Rd; Campbell Brian E to Carlton Suzanne B, $215,000.

5407 Solaris Dr; McMillian Christoper D and L L to Keough Glenn P and Samantha L, $155,000.

8800 N Spring Run Rd; Tripp Richard M and April M to Hatfield Richard O, $220,000.

11701 St Audries Dr; Escobar Oscar O and Tracy M to Harris Davon L, $255,000.

2300 Stemwell Bl; Pidduck Edwin R and Brigitte M to Harris Jack L and Joanne C, $359,750.

6013 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Centex Homes to Uppal Navdeep Singh, $219,990.

10312 Sun Ridge Ln; NVR Inc to Dahl Therese A Trustee, $294,280.

7807 Sunday Silence Ln; Warren Danielle M to Martin Cody, $226,000.

3155 Tadley Dr; Builder Funding Llc to Collier Cameron R and Angela G, $350,442.

19305 Temple Av; Carroll Christopher T to Piner Lauryn and Molter Nicholas, $188,000.

13804 Thornhill Ct; Minshew Charles L and June A to Vasquez Mardonio and Glenda I, $267,000.

13201 Tipple Point Rd; Kraft David H to Thacher Robert H, $625,000.

2521 Traymore Rd; Gregg Margarett D to Nardone Trevor C, $200,000.

1506 Unison Dr; Watson Eric J to Dodson Gregory A and Krista L, $180,000.

3712 Vanhorn Ct; Wray Tegan Nichole to Rodriguez Neyepp Sanchez, $220,000.

4830 Village Lake Dr; Arrington James M and C M to Lowman Raymond C Jr and Vicki H, $280,000.

13813 Vincent Ln; Norman Dudley K and Guyewski J F to Breitenbach Derek J and Martha M, $484,000.

1307 Walton Creek Dr; Hirschman J C Et Al Trustees to Caliguiri Amy Jo and Charles S, $392,000.

21104 Warren Av; Lynn Dorothy E to Belcher Aaron, $159,750.

1220 Westwood Village Ln; Forehand Mary Ellen to Bailey Charlotte M, $233,000.

16878 White Daisy Lp; Turner Benjamin and Jennifer to Burke Michael J and Audrey J, $387,500.

10861 Willow Hill Ct; Duncan Floyd H and Donna D to Meadows William H and E A, $400,000.

1681 Winding Wy; Sumner Paul O and Cody Donna S to Wickerham Sean M and Ashley L, $280,000.

12819 Winfree St; Denney Walter C and Sandra E to Hernandez Jorge L, $235,000.

13713 Woodbridge Crossing Wy; Lachapelle Lorna A to Hayes Arlene C, $268,000.

1112 Worsham Green Tr; Flournoy Steven R and Laura Ann to Conner Chad David, $234,000.


7500 Academy Way, Mechanicsville; William Michael Beaty to Benjamen Saval, $485,000.

9407 Aynhoe Lane, Mechanicsville; Noah Mercer to Eric Albert Sund, $250,000.

10063 Berry Pond Lane, Mechanicsville; Royal Dominion Homes Inc. to James K. Beasley, $414,837.

10134 Cameron Ridge Drive, Ashland; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Erik C. Ray, $398,500.

801 S Center St., Ashland; Stephen T. Pace to Kathleen M. Dunlap, $430,000.

11305 Clover Hill Drive, Ashland; Deborah L. Leadbetter to Charmain D. Fougnie, $574,000.

9358 Crossover Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael P. Carr to Shaun L. Mitchell, $350,000.

8011 Dawa Glen, Mechanicsville; Bonnie V. Broach to Austin J. McCullough, $185,000.

7530 Dress Blue Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Steven W. Walker, $352,000.

7285 Edgeworth Road, Mechanicsville; NGWC Properties LLC to Tracy Henderson, $180,000.

13329 Farm View Drive, Ashland; Elm Field Investments LLC to Frank H. Timpano, $423,746.

10415 Georgetown Road, Mechanicsville; Todd W. Collier to Alden Clifford Echols, $287,000.

8064 Glenbrook Drive, Mechanicsville; Gregory Arlen Ruby to Daniel J. Richardson, $364,950.

14216 Green Grove Court, Montpelier; RCI Builders LLC to Tony Lamar Lee, $576,845.

11387 Hanover Ave., Ashland; Barbara M. Bauserman to Lynnse L. Caler, $170,000.

12531 Howards Mill Road, Montpelier; Dana Reyes to Stacie L. Smith, $230,000.

7110 Kella Way, Mechanicsville; Sonya S. Arrington to Robert Jacobs, $207,930.

6455 Lakevista Drive, Mechanicsville; Andrew S. Carter to Michael S. Elliott, $245,000.

6503 Legacy Park Drive, Mechanicsville; Bonnie D. Gouldin to Allan M. Heaslip, $283,800.

10266 Malabar Circle, Mechanicsville; Daniel J. Richardson to Robert Michael Califano, $298,000.

11435 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland; Garry D. Tucker to Tommy Ray Matherly, $160,000.

9217 Old Lafayette Road, Mechanicsville; Adrienne R. Carlucci to Angela M. Wright, $355,000.

8056 Pebblepatch Parkway, Mechanicsville; Lisa D. Mozee to Nicholas D. Robinette, $350,000.

5045 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville; Matthew William Skelton to Erik J. Schnoerr, $195,000.

9385 N Rinker Drive, Mechanicsville; David M. Rittenhouse to Amy Kramer, $271,500.

15766 Saint Peters Church Road, Montpelier; Gary L. Lawson to Carolyn O. Varnier, $310,000.

9101 Shakopee Trail, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Josine Herndon, $430,275.

7394 Smoothbore Lane, Mechanicsville; Mary Joann Palumbo to Sushma Gattu, $225,000.

12297 South Anna Drive, Rockville; Barbara Ann Bonwell, trustee to David R. Higgins, $340,000.

9122 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; J3G Partners to Thomas J. MacKay, $227,500.

6174 Stockade Drive, Mechanicsville; Beverly S. Beckon to Jay E. Howell, $214,000.

6887 Turnage Lane, Mechanicsville; Anthony Webb to Darling Jean Paul Melendez, $334,950.

7401 Washington Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Gregory Roberts to Megan N. Dover, $230,000.

7316 Win Court, Mechanicsville; Charles W. Winnagle to Karin Latimer, $316,825.

8211 Woodbridge Road, Mechanicsville; Donald Craig Kilbourn Jr. to George R. Billingslea, $255,500.


5824 Anderson Highway, Powhatan; Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. to Brian Pennington Robert, $160,000.

3771 Archies Way, Powhatan; Aubrey Frudden Heater, executor to Hilton C. Traviss, $755,000.

3550 Calvins Pond Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to James W. Johnson Jr., $479,575.

991 Clayton Road, Powhatan; Russell M. Evans II to Keith Allen Bradbury II, $159,900.

1820 Farringdon Road, Midlothian; Jeffrey E. Cleon Kling Living Trust to Gladstone E. Smith III, $260,000.

2439 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Betty H. Williams, $624,180.

13507 Heth Drive, Midlothian; Christopher R. Weekley to Thomas A. Olivero Jr., $285,000.

3706 Jefferson Landing Road, Powhatan; Joseph G. Sill to Austin Gregory May, $175,000.

5352 Little Joe Drive, Powhatan; Vollie Arthur Mullins to James G. McDiffett, $272,500.

3815 Mill Mount Drive, Powhatan; Finer Homes Inc. to Daryl F. McCuiston II, $457,387.

2976 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Adana Investments LLC to Christy J. Clarke, $305,000.

4712 Powhatan Lakes Road, Powhatan; David S. Adams, executor to Adam N. Thompson, $185,000.

2850 Red Lane Road, Powhatan; Karen Comeaux to Angela Washel, $450,000.

3358 Riverly Drive, Powhatan; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Gary S. Davis, $475,000.

2983 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Charlotte M. Bailey, trustee to Edward F. Dodzian, $250,000.

13805 Village Mill Drive, Midlothian; Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Nine 14 Properties LLC, $150,000.

3466 Woods Way, Powhatan; Sprouses Corner LLC to Jordan Layne Fisher, $236,000.


1267 Cardwell Road, Crozier; Mattie L. Allen to Emily C. Branch, $235,000.

836 Elmslie Lane, Manakin-Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Carol B. Burlage, $967,460.

1209 Hill Point Way, Richmond; Matthew A. Coley to Jay G. Crabtree, $714,000.

1545 Hockett Road, Manakin-Sabot; Douglas G. Smith to Wendy J. Stone, $336,000.

1176 Lickinghole Road, Goochland; Wendy W. Heflin, trustee to Richard Jeffery Clements, $435,000.

2517 Log Cabin Road, Maidens; Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Maria Cardani, $230,000.

435 Shadow Creek Lane, Manakin-Sabot; Drew S. Mugford to Scott Perrin, $710,000.

2952 Stone Creek Drive, Sandy Hook; Michael Hodson to William Richard Cowling III, $424,950.

113 Willway Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Richard A. Hanes to Evan C. Wooton, $370,000.


812A Fort Hayes Court; James M. Victory to Corine Nelson, $179,650.

1840 Pender Ave.; Joe Pientka Jr. to Samuel Buckmaster, $174,950.


25601 Buck Lane, North Dinwiddie; Keith M. Belangia to Angel M. Pulver, $174,000.

5814 Claiborne Road, Sutherland; Timothy Drummond Wilsoin to William D. Dibble, $300,000.

2318 Cox Road, Wilsons; Mark E. Lee to Jesse L. Catron, $279,000.

25128 Ferndale Road, Petersburg; Elizabeth G. Furrow to Charles Jeffrey Furrow, $154,000.

22431 Jordan Height Drive, North Dinwiddie; Tammy J. Czapla to Michael D. Hester Sr., $265,000.

4008 Lee Blvd., North Dinwiddie; Eugene Hilton Sr. to Harry Moy, $194,500.

4408 Oak Knoll Lane, North Dinwiddie; Kristy L. Beverley to Kenneth L. Pope Jr., $186,000.

14598 Scotts Road, Dewitt; Debra Williamson Lingerfelt to Sydney Marshall, $225,000.

6304 Trinity Church Road, Ammon; David M. Reed to Robert T. Hawkes, $295,000.


212 Bearchase Court; John W. Terry, trustee to John P. Elwell, $277,000.

167 Chesterfield Ave.; James Robert L. Meadows to Joshua Benton, $153,000.

1267 Dana Lane; Penelope Edwards to Jason L. Wears, $235,000.

220 Kennon Pointe Drive; William H. Burrell to Ronald W. Hall, $262,800.

113 Sadler Ave.; Jason Wears to Frederick Moses, $180,000.


4020 Cameron Road; Maureen R. Stoner to Jessica N. Ingram, $159,900.

603 Park Ave.; Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to I. Bernard Dehmler, $160,000.

619 Woodland Road; Alfred F. Zimmerman to Raymond W. Spicer, $269,950.


7826 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Joman Harrelson, $248,880.

5990 Bushnell Court, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Terry S. Lee, $434,942.

11277 Creeks Edge, New Kent; Egypt Road LLC to Gregory M. Guy, $475,130.

14821 Cripple Creek Ridge, Lanexa; John V. Mullen, trustee to Julie Stephenson Peet, $165,000.

10315 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; John Barber II to Carl R. Breidenbach, $299,900.

1800 Estates Drive, Lanexa; CKC Holdings Inc. to Frederick V. Scherberger, $225,000.

6840 Farmers Drive, Barhamsville; Michael R. Schuster to Judy Byer, $345,000.

3429 Layfield Drive, Providence Forge; Jonathan M. Howard to George P. Thompson, $235,000.

17950 New Kent Highway, Barhamsville; Brooke O'Brien-Meza to Steven Haller, $290,000.

8251 Old Roxbury Road, Quinton; Garland M. Terry Jr. to Michael L. Herr, $255,000.

3195 Quinton Park Trail, Quinton; C. David Torrence to David E. Torrence, $243,000.

7785 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Tim Doyle, $333,525.

7831 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Robert Dale Ryan, $348,625.

8824 Shrewbury Drive, New Kent; Jacob H. Herndon to Marlena J. Lucas, $249,900.

5624 Villa Green Drive, Providence Forge; Stephen V. Snyder, trustee to Charles E. Gifford, $325,000.

2801 Walnut Drive, Quinton; David G. Saur to Sherry C. Lawson, $189,000.

11575 Wild Fox Lane, New Kent; G. Scott Barnhill to George P. Beer, $312,000.


15311 Arwood Road, Disputanta; Robert M. Goff Jr. to John J. M. Doran II, $257,000.

5600 Cedar Trails East, Prince George; Florentino A. Laciste Jr. to Brian D. Holc, $274,900.

10415 Eagle Court, Hopewell; NVR Inc. to Pachetta Draft, $332,490.

6325 Hunter Place, Prince George; Glenn E. Adams to Walter E. Waterdrink Jr., $210,000.

11172 Lawyers Road, Prince George; Ann Marie Carmichael to Gilberto Lopez, $160,000.

16301 Nobles Road, Disputanta; Susan L. Wharton to Milton J. Holliday Jr., $276,000.

14811 Prince George Drive, Disputanta; Kimberly R. Eubank, trustee to Jeffrey S. Hatcher, $675,000.

10107 Southampton Road, Disputanta; Lisa H. Mullins to Christine Clements, $150,000.

2017 Tynne Meadow Lane, Prince George; Mattie Y. Coleman to Lionel D. Cook, $242,500.

Charles city

4 acres; Jacqueline M. Gage to Thomas M. Shiflet Jr., $225,000.

Parcel; James V. Daniels to The Heart of Charles City LLC, $650,000.


12211 Genito Road, Amelia Court House; H. Bruce Bowlin to Timothy M. Dustan, $261,000.

12830 Horseshoe Loop, Amelia Court House; Susan A. McMillion to Dwight G. Easter Jr., $245,000.

15941 Ravencrest Court, Amelia Court House; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jakeyla M. Jordan, $171,500.


22 Benner Loop, Ruther Glen; Amber M. Belako to Stephen K. Mosonyi, $250,000.

12196 Bunya Lane, Ruther Glen; Ashley R. Baxter to Daniel A. Hansen, $198,000.

7221 Conway Place, Ruther Glen; Joshua Scott Everett to Carolyn M. Clarke, $265,000.

15380 Countyline Church Road, Woodford; Walter G. Epperson Jr. to Michael John Finley, $150,000.

17283 Easter Lily Mews, Ruther Glen; Margaret E. Barr to William Hussar, $258,850.

21035 Fortune Drive, Milford; Anthony B. Carroll to Sharon G. McIlveen, $235,000.

267 Hampshire Drive, Ruther Glen; Chris Z. Hottle to Ricardo Z. Waugh, $194,400.

13271 Julien St., Woodford; Benjamin Silone to Austin Joseph Stefko, $160,000.

918 Kent Drive, Ruther Glen; Bijoy Kollenvarieth Isaac to Carron Young, $445,000.

449 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Charles C. Driest to Devin R. Blowes, $370,000.

13279 Mason St., Woodford; Allen Jay Unkefer to Robert John Schaul, $205,000.

502 Montgomery Drive, Ruther Glen; Stephen K. Mosonyi to Lambert Nathaniel Mercer Sr., $175,000.

205 Norfolk Drive, Ruther Glen; Stephanie P. Price-Bell to Timothy Johnson, $170,000.

130 Patrick Henry Drive, Ruther Glen; Foundation Homes Inc. to Brian V. Zehring, $235,600.

23240 Richmond Turnpike, Ruther Glen; Edward J. Lambert, trustee to Shirley M. Womack, $206,000.

269 Somerset Drive, Ruther Glen; Land Investments LLC to Sheryl P. Reyes, $192,500.

16049 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg; Timothy R. Golike to Angel A. Flores, $447,500.

648 Wright Drive, Ruther Glen; Pedro Platero to Cynthia Joyce Driest, $245,000.

147 Yorktown Drive, Ruther Glen; Anthony D. Martin Jr. to Yvonne M. McIlwee, $180,000.


127 Cooks Road, Farmville; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to O'Neal Bryant Winbush, $164,252.

213 Deer Run Road, Farmville; David A. Paquette Sr. to Joshua Hamilton, $212,000.

54 Johnson Drive, Cumberland; Marvin E. Marable to Angela R. Kenyon, $270,000.


323 Burnt Mill Lne, Mattaponi; Ned Everett Walsh to Jesse Ryan Kelley, $247,000.

2303 Lyneville Road, Saint Stephens Church; Irving F. Truitt III to Christopher Lee Murphy, $220,000.


103 Corann Drive, Aylett; Edith R. Potter to William G. Dean Jr., $157,500.

7685 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; Frank A. Perrin to Frankie E. Shenk, $215,000.

40 Holly Court, Aylett; Sandra L. Spangler to James Alvin Lang Jr., $173,000.

2050 Manfield Road, Aylett; Paul W. Bucknam to Erik Edward Hansen, $187,350.

987 Moncuin Court, Manquin; Liberty Homes Inc. to Angela Smith, $192,669.

682 Oak Springs Drive, Aylett; Van David York Jr. to Sarah Lynn Parrish, $153,200.

164 Pamunkey Ridge Road, King William; Mapledale LLC to Michael Wagner, $200,000.

218 Rosebud Run, Aylett; John A. Carer to James Mason, $199,950.

3820 Upshaw Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Edward F. Crosson, $320,000.

290 West Liberty Farms Drive, Manquin; M. Porch Construction LLC to William L. Rascoe, $209,000.

85 White Bank Road, King William; Amanda M. Wren to Ginger Chinault, $212,000.


234 Claiborne Drive; Maureen Frances Grady to Joshua Thomas Bowden, $178,000.

112 Park Place; James Pereira III to Chris W. Sanderson, $226,500.

417 Suri Drive; Melissa J. Conner to Desiree M. Lawson, $330,000.

292 Zelkova Road; Harold G. Millar to John A. Meacham Jr., $239,000.


180 Alwoodley, Williamsburg; MCR Properties LLC to Carl M. Beale III, $450,000.

4408 Betty Lane, Williamsburg; Michael T. Ricciarelli to Victoria G. Bowen, $204,000.

160 Broadmoor, Williamsburg; James E. Hartney to Alvin Cary Denard, $775,000.

105 Carnoustie, Williamsburg; Jo Ann M. Sullivan, successor trustee to Peter Hayes Argersinger, $509,000.

3126 Cider House Road, Toano; Andrea Krispen Phillips, trustee to Arlene S. Walker, trustee, $327,500.

4029 Driftwood Way, Williamsburg; Robert Blake Jr. to Thomas Ortega, $278,000.

2102 Eaglescliffe, Williamsburg; T. Christian Henderson to Constance Marie Willett, $452,500.

4907 Ercil Way, Williamsburg; Wenworth Vail Harned, co-trustee to Peter J. Lepage, $455,000.

3804 Fox Hollow, Williamsburg; Frank J. Hudik to Mark A. Titcomb, $250,000.

8405 Glisan Court, Williamsburg; Thomas R. Stokes to Michael C. Huff, $412,900.

125 Harrops Glen, Williamsburg; Barbara M. Schlicht, trustee to Robert Earl Jacobson, $285,000.

3601 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Rauch Development Co. LLC to Shawn D. Duncan, $335,120.

2609 Hutchinson Place, Williamsburg; John F. Hendery to Lawrence E. Carmichael, $379,000.

118 King Henry Way, Williamsburg; Bryan Thompson to Cheryla A. Bagnall, trustee, $207,000.

3326 Leight Blvd., Toano; Rauch Development Co. LLC to Tiffany D. Ward, $322,000.

3420 Lindsey Lane, Toano; Dennis A. Marston to Ashley M. Bowman, $295,000.

3953 Longhill Station Road, Williamsburg; Sean C. G. Kern to Laurence Peter Akpan, $309,000.

215 McLaws Circle, Williamsburg; William B. Haseldent to Billsburg Holdings LLC, $219,000.

2223 Moonlight Point, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Richard L. Baur Jr., $535,520.

163 Norman Davis Drive, Toano; Marjorie Lorraine Beasley, executor to Gregory S. Miller, $194,900.

4039 Penzance Place, Williamsburg; Salama A. Salib to Eric D. Minor, $326,900.

208 Portstewart, Williamsburg; F.F. Adamchak, trustee to Christopher F. Daniels, $545,000.

707 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to George P. Lauffer, $234,990.

905 Prosperity Court, Unit 51, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Adwait Jog, $263,750.

1401 Rustad Circle, Williamsburg; Jerry L. Walter Jr. to Floyd Lee Parrott, $230,000.

1718 Skiffes Creek Circle, Williamsburg; Julia A. Aiken to Catherine Virginia Zaldivar, $160,000.

3810 War Hill Green, Williamsburg; Angela S. Kim to Fady El Gedawy Ibrahim, $188,000.

121 West Lancashire, Williamsburg; J. Peter Deeb to Marc B. Moyers, $726,000.

42 Whittakers Mill, Williamsburg; Mark D. Moore to Sheila Johnson Pane, $368,000.

3213 Windsor Ridge South, Williamsburg; Ezra Hwang to David M. Heath, $440,000.

6551 Yarmouth Run, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Fred V. Diers, $465,000.

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