The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for King & Queen will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


311 N 23rd St; Hays Spencer E to Harmon Mary P, $434,900.

306 N 26th St, U128; Bhargava Nikhil to O'Bier Nathan Stuart and Stuart, $179,950.

514 W 28th St; Pasternak Jack and Sandra H to Redington West, $215,000.

617 N 31st St; Mestre Nicholas E to Croley Taylor and Brazier Sean, $376,250.

112 W 32nd St; Boyd Calvin Jr to 112 W 32nd Street Llc, $153,000.

906 N 37th St; Johnston Kyle H to Brimmer Ryan B and Christine M, $323,000.

307 N Allen Ave; Stillwell Charles M and Sallie C to Sullivan Elizabeth D, $495,000.

1305 Bainbridge St; Lexline Development Llc to Coleman James C and Crystal L, $299,900.

3014 Barton Ave; Vertical Builders Llc to Steelman Benjamin J, $319,950.

402 N Belmont Ave, U1; Myers Anna M to Hayes Amanda, $200,000.

1906 Briarcliff Road; Whiting Jennifer G to Fultz Joanna E, $172,950.

1649 W Broad St; Mucho Gusto Enterprises Llc to 1649 Broad Llc, $400,000.

723 Byrd Park Ct; Smith Sean V to Natale Robert and Lauren, $284,500.

3200 Carolina Ave; Walker Bernard W to Schultz Jancie, $163,000.

4105 Cary Street Road; Timbercreek Building and Design to Welch Robert and Moll Joel L, $875,000.

8324 Cherokee Road; Phaup Andrew L Jr to Delgadillo Raymundo M, $270,000.

425 Chimborazo Blvd; Jenkins Michele A to St John Cameron R, $219,900.

2803 E Clay St; McIntosh Kathryn L and Peter to Leeper John Scott, $370,000.

3108 Columbia St; Claytor C Royce to Mansion Property Solutions Llc, $163,000.

8633 Devara Ct; Harvie William E Sr and Nancy K to Hoover David Wesley, $374,500.

3709 Ellwood Ave; Hall Marsha W Trustee to Haase Becca, $225,000.

3802 Fauquier Ave; Hercher Catherine A to Virginia Modern Llc, $318,000.

2504 Floyd Ave; Sanders Family Association Llc to Winslow Property Llc, $392,500.

5614 Forest Hill Ave; Mortgage Equity Conversion to Smith Laura Jeanette, $175,000.

3307 Gloucester Road; White Timothy L and Linda F to Miller Paul and Inge Darcy C, $447,855.

1821 W Grace St; Hutchison Joseph Cooper to Carr James Gerrit, $825,000.

5800 Guthrie Ave; Cobblestone Properties Llc to Al-Samir Laith, $685,000.

2111 Hanover Ave; Hanover Avenue Llc to Frankenhoff Charles A III, $495,000.

2901 Hawthorne Ave; Birchett Thompson Yawandale S to Richmond Hill Design Build Llc, $215,000.

1303 Hull St; Bailey Sisters Property Llc to Zse Llc, $206,000.

3060 Kenmore Road; Ramsey Carl W and Elizabeth A to Bausch Frederick Jesse, $376,000.

5208 King William Road; Gilliam Dorothy A to Lennon Heather, $215,000.

359 Lexington Road; Cabell Priscilla H to Phares Jonathan and Elizabeth, $750,000.

22 W Locke Lane, U3; Gunter Jill Trustee to Kruzman Judy L, $205,000.

1418 Lorraine Ave; Newfound House Renovation Llc to Pararas John R and Ronda L, $390,000.

2129 W Main St; Adams David L to Capital City Properties Llc, $225,000.

406 W Marshall St; Parlanti Salvatore Antonino to Mason Winston R III and Gray M, $349,950.

3615 Missouri Ave; Coalson Enterprises Corp to Myers Margaret M, $210,000.

3130 Moss Side Ave; Rci Builders Llc to Fleming Cynthia, $422,512.

4004 Oakleaf Road; Mercurio Robert III to Perennial Partners Llc, $215,500.

609 Overbrook Road; Kc Enterprises Of Va Llc to Dorsey Holdings Inc, $165,000.

6802 Patterson Ave; Broughton Associates Inc to Wimabi Press Llc, $440,000.

420-1/2 S Pine St; McCracken Thomas P and Anne H to Denton Christopher Paul, $250,000.

2950 Poyntelle Road; Maitland Julia C to Current Michael Shane, $238,500.

3912 Rosedale Ave; Campbell Krystal N to Us Bank National Assoc Trs, $154,386.

3427 Rosewood Ave; Seitz Robert F to Marren Lee A, $305,000.

3505 Seminary Ave; English Jeryl Dean to Rose John J and Patricia M, $440,000.

5013 E Seminary Ave; Jones Timothy E and Amber T to Delk Dawson R and Lydia E, $300,000.

6809 South Dr; Payne Andrew W to Payne Andrew W, $150,000.

4421 Stonewall Ave; Love Nathan W to Rwp 4421s Llc, $318,000.

4114 Stuart Ave; Ruffin Joseph M Jr Trustee to Casey William, $426,500.

421 Stuart Cir, U5-A; Ricdl1 Llc to Stephens Alice F, $605,000.

1235 Warren Ave; Thibodeaux Jonathan D to Solodar Properties Llc, $200,641.

1350 Westwood Ave, U604; Howell Graham R and Laurie R to Karnas Fred George Jr, $334,500.

1713 Wilmington Ave; Tackett Matthew K to Evans Nelson E and Jo C, $335,000.

6600 Worthington Road; Allen Dwayne R to Bersch Jeremy and Slayman Sarah, $157,450.


11333 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Harden Natalie C to Gao Ya, $239,000.

7905 Alvarado Rd, Henrico; Ratliff Jewell D Estate to Drash David W and Judiann C, $329,950.

7714 Anoka Rd, Henrico; Lucero Hailee J to Nash Leslie Wightman, $245,000.

805 Arlington Cir, Henrico; Corey John E to Desch John Tobias and Mary Dabney Simpson, $743,000.

221 Ashbury Hills Dr, Henrico; Jackson Keith L and Sherri T to Pride Lisa M, $400,000.

12207 Ashton Glen Ct, Henrico; Henriques Devin to Garmon Tiffany F, $282,400.

11507 Barrington Bridge Ter, Henrico; Thweatt Albert W II and Lisa to Nouri Yasmin, $704,800.

5602 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Bhatkar Prajwalkumar Bhaurao Et Al, $349,830.

5605 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Eng Cynthia, $368,035.

1336 Berrymeade Ave, Glen Allen; Gm Ventures Llc to Ryan Jennifer, $185,000.

12037 Bexley Ct, Henrico; Kakish Joseph and Regina Naber to Lumpkin Patricia L, $249,000.

7828 Black Duck Ct, Henrico; Goldsborough Warren W and Priscilla D to Wardally-Mboto Roxann Et Al, $236,900.

5805 Bottomley Pl, Glen Allen; Hart Jason E and Christina L to Huffstutter Timothy and Caitlyn, $565,000.

5017 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Deckert Jillian A to Beattie Mark S, $270,000.

9830 W Broad St, Glen Allen; Morrison Restaurants Inc to Lg Rt Glen Allen Va Llc, $2,325,000.

1700 Cambridge Ct, Henrico; Eames Ashley to Khan Zakir and Khatera Arifi, $169,000.

8380 Cardova Ct, Henrico; Moyer Shirley L to Lake James, $240,000.

5515 Chamberlayne Ave, Henrico; Tynis Frank W and Alan L to Swanson Ryan, $160,000.

4411 Chickahominy Ave, Henrico; Ripley Nelson L to Brightwell Kimberly Ann, $165,000.

11351 Church Rd, Henrico; Cockerill James W and Dorritee L to Ahmed Shafeeq and Ayesha S, $1,000,000.

11620 Coachmans Carriage Pl, Glen Allen; Davenport Paul H and Charlene H to Kang Michael, $495,000.

3016 Crossfield Rd, Henrico; McRay Bryan Scott to Lu Chien-Tai and Shih-Fen Wang Lu, $370,000.

513 Danray Dr, Henrico; Winston Leslie N Jr and Betty J to Northington Christopher M, $220,000.

10004 Deputy Ct, Glen Allen; Charania Derek to Scione Sierra Lynn and Andre Beale, $226,000.

12 Dilton Dr, Henrico; Peskin Barbara to Wafford Derrick and Susan Lutes, $630,000.

1903 Dresden Rd, Henrico; Petteway Elsie G to Merdekhan Hennes Emad M, $209,500.

6514 Dustin Dr, Henrico; Svoboda Kristen K and Marianne O Svoboda to Braden Peter Tucker, $319,000.

11072 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $198,000.

1838 Fairwind Cir, Henrico; Schaut Sue B to Young Kelly E, $240,000.

9006 Fawn Ln, Henrico; Anglin Kyle D to Moran Glen R and Crystal D Stanley, $270,000.

12065 Foxfield Cir, Henrico; Dowdy Ruth F to Smith Cheryl L, $246,050.

12345 Gayton Bluffs Ln, Henrico; Kim David and Hanna to Reinstein Properties Llc, $280,000.

2118 Ginter St, Henrico; Calfee Alicia G and Jared K to Plunkett Frank A Jr and Robin, $240,000.

2449 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

2512 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

7507 Greengate Dr, Henrico; Acosta Yvonne L to Wahba Safwat Fayez and Reta Fathy, $250,000.

2022 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Robert P Bain Construction Inc to Kapila Vikas and Punam, $1,020,915.

4001 Harcourt Ln, Henrico; Steinbach Alan H Trustee to Camp William D Jr and Kate E, $505,000.

2420 Hawkesbury Ct, Henrico; Kane Thomas C and Marian A to Shen Wensheng and Hongyan Zhang, $299,950.

8025 Heavenly Valley Dr, Henrico; Wells Fargo Bank Na to Cedar Homes Investments Llc, $194,500.

5005 Hickory Meadows, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Balachandran Premkumar Et Al, $594,307.

7803 Hillview Ave, Henrico; Al-Samir Laith J to Kleiman Ladd Marshall and Patricia Trustee, $405,000.

12012 Horncastle Pl, Henrico; Merolla Alfred J and Carol to Harris Byron W and Tyler E, $465,000.

1111 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Schrage William K Jr and Betsy B to Hardt John and Carole Bourgeacq-Hardt, $545,000.

11203 Ingallston Rd, Henrico; Fitzgerald Barbara J to McDowell Robert, $237,000.

4900 Jocie Jack Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Lozanovski Kristopher R Et Al, $639,295.

5005 Kelly Jane Ct, Sandston; Halin Matthew P and Katie E to Silk Christopher and Magan, $295,000.

1500 Kennedy Station Ln, Glen Allen; Yu Chia-Ho to Walker Charles A III, $218,000.

9620 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Ravn Thomas D and Elizabeth H Smith to Yee Ryan, $289,000.

5641 Lake Sharon Dr, Glen Allen; Clark Cheryl J to Kaplan Joshua L, $228,000.

5410 Lakeside Ave, Henrico; Walton William S and Horace E Pace to Stellamonkey Llc, $320,000.

7431 Landsworth Ave, Henrico; Baughan Bernard L III and Melissa F to Ashworth Karen L, $265,000.

9442 Laughing Oak Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Loving Kyle and Ashley-Nicole, $359,233.

9311 Lawndell Rd, Henrico; McGahey Robert P and Lawrence and James to Bandy Sally, $232,000.

2013 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Deverry Yvonne and Robert Dykes to Mousavi-Nasab Narjes, $450,000.

12630 Lizfield Way, Glen Allen; Sherwood John W III to Tittermary Thomas and Diana, $660,000.

1006 Lomas Ct, Henrico; Kurmayev Alex to Trimmer Leanna B, $305,000.

5058 Maben Hill Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Inclan Jessenia Lazara, $452,305.

1609 Main Blvd, Glen Allen; Liberty Homes Inc to Singh Gurbachan and Suman Kaur, $315,000.

8907 Mapleview Ave, Henrico; Cole Justin and Shannon Moxey to Wallace Brittany Roche, $274,900.

5315 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Fowler Pamela, $308,250.

9621 Mesquite Rd, Glen Allen; Hite Jackie L to Chipko John M and Patricia M, $300,000.

11976 Montfort Cir, Glen Allen; Goodstein Mark D and Ashley R to Lothe Prakash and Alka, $675,000.

5100 Monument Ave, U415, Henrico; Simmons Henry C to Meuschke Lois Gritzke, $250,000.

109 Naglee Ave, Sandston; Stern John R and Jeanne to Trader Rachel J, $152,000.

4304 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Liggons Kiara, $263,279.

9307 Newhall Rd, Henrico; Goggin Retta H to Saunders Joseph K and Leigh Anne M, $264,950.

3111 Northside Ave, Henrico; Dumbarton Green II Llc to Farah and George Properties II Llc, $782,500.

7408 Oak Ridge St, Henrico; Story L Woodrow Jr Trustee to Dudic Mirzet and Nihada, $267,000.

4901 Old Main St, Henrico; Messmer Lauren L to Fucito Alexander E Jr and Regina C, $690,000.

9652 Old Route 33, Glen Allen; Cocke R Wayne and Debra A to Williams Kevin E, $179,000.

1409 Olde Sage Ct, Glen Allen; Gsp Associates Llc to Moka Anil Kumar and Revathi Menta, $273,700.

2922 Overton Rd, Henrico; Hornstra Christopher Lee to McCarthy August, $225,000.

424 Parview Pl, Glen Allen; Hopper Alvis R to Mills Jimmy T and Elizabeth W, $365,000.

1401 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Allen; Coppedge Tabitha Lashawn to Boyd Jacob Paul, $229,950.

2206 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Rawlyk Mark Scott and Karen Faye, $315,800.

2600 Pine Grove Dr, Henrico; Mayo Pamela T and Y T Blaine and G T Hiner to Edos Llc, $175,000.

7201 Pinetree Rd, Henrico; Hamner John E III and Ellen to Barlow Alan William and Ashley Wilson, $620,000.

3010 Putney Rd, Henrico; Kelley Nathan B to Britton Lauren C, $176,000.

2904 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Jcm III Llc to Metts Julian C IV, $190,000.

1501 Rapunzel Way, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Spaid Heather L and Noelle C Hunt, $217,565.

1000 Rasmussen Dr, Sandston; Steger James E Estate to Robertson Hayden and Danne Clifton Etal, $239,500.

10103 Reedville Ave, Glen Allen; Hatcher Michelle E to Moore Mary, $317,500.

2608 Roaringbrook Dr, Henrico; Shiner Farley C to One Watchtower Llc, $180,000.

8708 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Ullman Lydia Ives to Forbes Richard W, $245,000.

642 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to White Lydia S, $195,035.

12109 Sable Ct, Henrico; Thate Group Llc to Turner Daniel Ellis and Melanie Lee, $299,000.

2409 Salua Dr, Henrico; 2409 Salua Drive Series to Ramicevic Sead and Sifeta, $167,500.

1099 Santa Rosa Rd, Henrico; Reidelbach Frances M to Callaway Patrick J, $249,900.

7512 Seminary Ave, Henrico; Glass Sandra C Trustee to McGann Benjamin Calvin and Phillip Joseph, $173,000.

11801 Shadow Run Ln, Glen Allen; Shellhammer Paul J to Walls Nicole E, $540,000.

13000 Silent Wood Pl, Henrico; Miller Teresa Seliquini to Yang Huijun and Qiaojuan Shi, $225,000.

4704 Snowmass Rd, Glen Allen; Laudani Jennie Trustee to Javed Khushar and Bushra Iqbal, $332,000.

9014 Splitwood Cir, Henrico; Richardson Matthew W and Anna Frazer to Peltier Michael A and Morgan D, $310,000.

9647 Springfield Woods Ct, Glen Allen; Villatoro Oscar to Alhomsi Ahmed, $165,000.

5321 Stanwood Way, Glen Allen; Deschon Jeffrey A and B A to McKemie Warren and Julie, $485,000.

12740 Stonebriar Ln, Henrico; Higgins Karen D to Wilson John and Laura, $378,000.

2524 Straw Bridge Chase East, Henrico; Roth Jessica to Siegel Susan S, $169,900.

11102 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Chittempally Vijay and Deepa Dobbala, $355,643.

7508 Sweetbriar Rd, Henrico; Brookeman Katharine A to Jones Jessica J, $316,200.

313 Taylor Farm Ln, Sandston; Holt Gary L and Sandra L to Hp Virginia I Llc, $235,000.

2324 Thomas Kenney Dr, Glen Allen; Gray Jason A and Lisa C to Plum Matthew S and Logan T Wettle, $300,000.

1309 Townley Rd, Henrico; Dallmeyer Irene L to Alviti Craig, $180,000.

318 Treva Rd, Sandston; Slomka Edward W and Shirley A to Woods Maurice, $158,000.

8308 Turner Forest Rd, Henrico; Krause Jason Trustee to Page Bentley A and Stacie L, $325,000.

8202 Tyndale Rd, Henrico; Spurlock Emmett E Jr and Carolyn L to Dickinson James M and Mary N, $283,500.

12107 Waterford Way Pl, Henrico; Kleeman Bruce A and Jean to Cole Samuel M and Laura M Et Al, $390,000.

3741 Westerre Pkwy, Ud, Henrico; Lazarus Properties 1 Llc to Golden Key Llc, $386,636.

4555 Whinny Ln, Glen Allen; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Lee Rena K and Myung Sook Kang, $385,688.

9029 Wildtree Dr, Glen Allen; Laclair John W and Jacquelin R to Matthews Lauren V, $310,000.

604 Wishart Cir, Henrico; Schreiber Janet C and A W Cardwell and T M C to Balderson Lesley, $266,000.

7963 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Bai Bill, $323,812.

7973 Wistar Woods Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Radwan Alaaaldin and Noor Alkurdi, $309,300.

204 Woodview Dr, Sandston; Zahradnick Anthony and Roberta B to Rigsby Christopher and Kristen Souleret, $210,000.

521 Young Dr, Sandston; Moody Aaron S and Cynthia D Bowman to Spencer Meredith A, $190,000.


1708 Abbots Mill Wy; Salminen Kevin L to Krome Thomas, $260,000.

16419 Aklers Ct; Lifestyle Home Builders to Ellis Michael R and Tracy L, $560,457.

4718 Altimira Ct; Myers Joshua L and Elizabeth B to Boyle Jason and Rhea, $316,000.

2906 Amherst Ridge Wy; Wells Fargo Bank N A to Snead Stephen, $162,500.

1006 Arch Hill Dr; 1006 Arch Hill Drive Series to Garcia Jose Miguel Roche, $200,000.

5806 Autumnleaf Dr; Finer Homes Inc to Stith Lacorya O, $279,960.

5608 Backwater Tr; Bryant Brenda to Tyler Aaron M, $193,000.

2809 Banbury Rd; Cole James E to 2809 Banbury Road Series, $153,500.

7213 Barkbridge Rd; Vitale Lee and Elaine to Grafton School Incorporated, $247,500.

14810 Beach Rd; Spencer William H Jr Estate to Anderson John L Jr, $290,000.

10601 Beaver Bridge Rd; Cox Ever Mae to Deutsche Bank Nat'l Tr Co Tr, $169,150.

10942 Bellshire Rg; Finer Homes Incorporated to Zheng Yi Kun and Huang Liqin, $385,550.

13401 Bermuda Place Dr; Peck Harold to Bohannon Michael G, $205,000.

11913 Black Alder Dr; Dixon Kerry B to Martinez Katrina T and E C Jr, $350,000.

10738 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Clark Valerie and Reginald, $242,590.

7818 Breaker Point Ct; Steele Tenisha L to Courtney Donald W, $226,600.

3100 Brookforest Rd; Marshall George C Jr and Marie H to Schreiber Pamela G, $185,000.

4515 Bruce Rd; Evans Janine C to Higgins Gerard J and Edie K, $227,000.

12407 Buffalo Nickel Dr; Meadows Paul R to Bryson Michael and Roy Nupur, $279,000.

2707 Burlwood Ct; Liles Bonnie B to Kershaw Kirk W and Annamarie, $325,000.

14318 Camack Tl; Lafreda David J and Martha D to Hall Christine M, $393,000.

14007 Camouflage Ct; Hall Lori A to Hockett Scott, $200,000.

9206 Carswell St; NVR Inc to Patterson Virginia, $266,265.

3118 Castlebury Dr; Heater Larry J Jr and Aubrey F to Briggs Jeffrey D and Allison L, $203,000.

1829 Celia Cs; Sottile Dominic M and Jennifer L to Wood Steven T and Liza M, $214,200.

11919 Channelmark Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hampton Vivian A H and John F, $559,090.

200 Chessington Rd; Batta Robert H II and Julia A to Attia Hannah W, $210,000.

5307 Chestnut Bluff Rd; Hendren Rebecca to Ost Kyle and Robyn M, $305,000.

10400 Christina Rd; Walker Harlan J and Shirley J to Carson Patrick and Susan E, $250,900.

4039 Clodfelter Dr; B and D Rental Properties Llc to Romero Jaime E, $152,000.

743 Colony Oak Ln; Spears Matthew Lee and Lindsay D to Scaggs Nathaniel A and Diana M, $365,000.

2100 Condrey Ridge Dr; Fultz Joanna E to Young Reuben Dean, $150,000.

10530 Cottonwood Rd; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Lockett David S, $166,098.

10400 Crooked Branch Tr; Taylor Gordon M and Regina E to Williams Javie L and Erica C, $254,000.

11201 Crump Landing Tl; Finer Homes Inc to Patel Rahul and Ruchi, $392,673.

14404 Deer Meadow Dr; Bilson Eric A to Piechowiak Tyler C, $192,500.

5201 Dermotte Ln; Webb David T and Patricia H to Shockley Thomas M Jr and Sikes L, $248,000.

13001 Donegal Dr; Masters Brenda L to Gordon Justin B and Virginia A, $260,000.

7236 Drexelbrook Rd; Ingersoll Jim Trustee to Maddeford Melanie A, $165,000.

11506 Eagle Pass Ct; Luster Jeremy J and April L to Zbyszinksi Derek and Stacey, $278,500.

720 Eastwood Dr; Proctor Pamela S to Mitchem T R III and Trexler M C, $184,000.

3431 Ellenbrook Dr; Christiana Trust Trustee to Brown Gregory, $230,000.

1602 S Esther Ct; Brown Lakeisha Ann to McGraw James A, $182,500.

4040 Falstone Rd; Stephenson John M and Erica D to Man Sath and Srey Navy, $225,000.

11813 Fedora Pl; NVR Inc to Bonacquisti Thomas P and Barbara, $446,560.

5724 Fire Light Tr; Lord-Pawson Shelli C Et Al to Rahman Nurur and Sultana, $555,000.

14543 Forest Row Tl; Moore Bryan and Richards Candice to Lewis Brian Daniel and Jennifer, $364,950.

15024 Fox Branch Ln; Schnell Edward and Rebekah to Smith Jacob and Shannon Ropelato, $358,615.

3906 Friar Ridge Dr; Rapovy Melvin A and Lori A to Bolan Kelly Ryan, $199,950.

5706 Garden Ridge Ct; England William A to Acosta David and Louisa Cruz, $233,000.

11711 Genito Rd; Rickards Edward P Jr and Andrea to Rogers Michael E Jr and Sarah E, $376,000.

6712 Gills Gate Tr; Williams Ronald and Linda D to McFarlane Egbert and Kali Powell, $228,950.

11936 Gordon School Rd; Moses Revocable Living Trust to Maksic Daniela and Ryan Adam, $269,500.

9545 Graves Rd; Williams Howard W and Edith W to Petrey Kevin, $169,900.

4501 Greenbriar Dr; Choi Sung Cha A and Choi V N to Richardson Vance, $201,000.

9800 Greywell Tr; Main Street Homes Mt Llc to Chamberlain Barry A and Nancy S, $315,665.

5110 Hackney Rd; Ranson Robert W and Marilyn T to Fletcher Mary A, $227,000.

10727 Hamlin Wy; Robertson Wanda Fern Trustee to Fordham Beverly F, $212,000.

8401 Hampton Farms Dr; Pierce J T and Pierce P A Trs to Gordon Gustavus G and Karen B, $419,000.

12204 Hampton Valley Mw; Patel Ashish N and Vasavi S K to Riffe Matthew Alexander Et Als, $385,000.

700 Hartford Ln; Bothe Lindsay L to Clark Jacob M Et Als, $200,000.

10601 Haverford Ln; Ricketts Charles O to Rivera Lorna and Gonzalez Juan C, $217,500.

13306 Henlow Dr; Gledhill B D and Rahbar L to Brobston Brett A and Rebecca A, $640,000.

12006 Hidden Nest Ct; Rodriguez Felix A and Sandra L to Thomas Samuel and Katharine, $334,000.

13905 Howlett Line Dr; Lakie Rebecca A to Cruz Victor R and Rivera G M, $264,900.

12607 Inverness Dr; MacLaughlin Susan B to Sykes Don M and Patricia K, $575,000.

2642 Jacobway Ct; Presser Rita J to Martin Dana W Sr, $200,000.

13307 Kelham Rd; Gregoire Development Corp to Timberlake Brent and Elizabeth, $724,587.

536 Kimwood Rd; Viers Valerie A to Carter Roberta Dowd, $199,000.

10905 Krossridge Cr; Muroski Jeffrey T to Battle Mary Daphne, $245,000.

3801 Lakeview Rd; Cromer William M to Castro Melvis E, $165,000.

11101 Lantern Wy; Zoellner Paul S to Leonard Rhonda W, $253,500.

15219 Lavenham Tr; Main Street Homes to Gonzalez Edgar and Loren, $492,382.

5431 Lingle Ln; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Johnson Russell, $268,000.

2742 Live Oak Ln; Vandeweghe R Michael Sr to Nachman Kenneth and Southall C, $722,500.

4915 Long Shadow Dr; Moore Melissa to Marshall Kristi L, $178,500.

12155 Magnolia Bluff Ct; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Wittenbraker Lallah T, $309,000.

12506 Mandolin Dr; Makela Carolyn M to Denny Jory London, $206,000.

227 Marbleridge Rd; Neblett Michelle Gist to Proctor Paulette D, $210,000.

12200 McKenna Ct; Waagner Ronald F and Cathleen C to Mullaney Daniel P and Amanda R, $212,500.

5606 Melbeck Cr; Young Lynore D to Bamba Fanta, $272,000.

11001 Merganser Tr; Klar John and Marcy to MacDonald/Stillger Rev Trust, $538,000.

16306 Midnight Xg; Rajan Sunil and Shilpa to Blot Philippe and Chantalle R, $575,000.

7860 Mint Ln; NVR Inc to Scott Michelle, $244,000.

10503 Moorwood Ridge Cr; Edwards Joseph and Mary H to Zelaya Moreno Oscar R, $225,000.

5620 Moseley Rd; Mugford Julie M and Donald R to Sagstetter Gregory J and V A, $695,000.

7417 Native Dancer Dr; Walker Hayes M and Monica P to Wells Arthur J and Katelin M, $224,900.

7241 Nicklaus Cr; De Los Reyes Jose M and Blanca N to Trump Paul F and Gabriela, $349,000.

7500 Northford Ct; Deutsche Bank Nat'l Tr Co Tr to Barnes Vince E, $154,000.

9401 W Oak River Dr; Catlin Jeremy G and Julie E to Snow Kevin L and Melinda, $275,000.

2631 Old Gun Rd West ; Byrd Janel J Trustee to Bender Jo-Lyn and Hungate Brad, $227,500.

9909 Oldbern Ct; Jones Stacy M to Young Jayce T, $162,500.

3901 Paces Ferry Rd; Harris Jermaine and Jamie to Burnett Stacy M, $210,000.

24101 Pear Orchard Rd; Pulley Malcolm B Jr and Susan C to Fuller Christopher T and Ebony, $520,000.

13525 Pine Reach Dr; Ragobir Mahadeo and Lela to Jones Thomas J and Vikki L, $364,000.

14825 Pleasant Creek Dr; Bertha Thomas T to Dance Michael S and Stephanie D, $329,950.

11501 Poplar Ridge Rd; Jdj Properties Llc to Gary John W Jr and Amber A, $317,000.

9605 Prince James Tr; Smith Samuel W to Virginia Credit Union Inc, $309,036.

9120 Quail Ridge Rd; Kemna Andrew J and Melissa K to Moorman Jack and Carol T, $313,000.

9025 Quinnford Bl; Garrett Wayne A and Garrett Ann to Winchell Maria, $182,000.

10725 Red Lion Pl; Isaac Jonathan and Anne Kenealy to Gambill Tyler and Aubrey M, $255,000.

15509 Richmond St; Massey Trilla T to Walker George R III and Estella, $205,000.

9640 River Rd; Dabney Wanda Wyatt and Jesse L to Buchanan Chad E and April T, $255,000.

11821 Robious Rd; Slach Kuldeep and Jasvinder to Ramirez Gerber, $278,000.

1711 Rose Mill Cr; Clark Angie A to Wu Li Hsia, $229,000.

2913 Royal Crest Dr; Hall Ray W and Estelle J to Burnette Kristie L and Paul C, $655,000.

16124 Sandwave Rd; Shipp Brandon D and Furr K M to Merrick Jessica L and Christian, $175,000.

4335 School St; Gwaltney Granville G Jr and L J to Daniels James Hunter, $212,000.

13808 Shadow Ridge Rd; Hamlin T R and Hamlin R R Trs to Hunroe Betsy Johnson, $335,000.

4101 Sheringham Rd; Martinez Jane C Trustee to Hepner Justin C, $220,000.

13000 Silver Crest Rd; Horner Kent G and Donna B to Foster Romaine M, $275,000.

7531 Silver Mist Av; NVR Inc to Varon T A and Varon E C Trustees, $334,395.

10801 Spring Mill Rd; Thomas Jennifer E to Jacobs Justin L and Amy C, $239,900.

8918 Spyglass Hill Ct; Portner Paul M and Constance M to Kitto Thomas H and Luann M, $342,500.

13607 Steeple Chase Rd; Sullivan Joshua K and Loredo C M to Johnson Keith A, $256,000.

13908 Sterlings Bridge Rd; Buludis Jill to Nicholas Alexander C, $240,000.

11412 Stonecrop Pl; Collins Mark A to Mazzariol Tatiana, $255,000.

7001 Summers Trace Ct; Federal Nat'l Mortgage Assoc to Cuellar Carlos Turcios, $270,000.

15930 Swindon Ct; Triano David C and Cori K to McClain John C III and Amber R, $589,900.

5506 Tag Alder Tr; Harring Construction Co to MacPhee Douglas C and Valerie D, $567,000.

3224 Terrybluff Dr; Chen Kai Nmn and Chang Fen S to Dean David and Dean Laila, $164,900.

16905 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Brygider David A and Kathy E, $302,730.

5514 Townsbury Tr; Burton George D and Joyce Y to Holliday Mary D and Vernon L, $255,000.

15808 Tri Gate Rd; Spiva Scott A to Gage Tyler S and Katheryn L, $160,000.

7567 Valencia Rd; Ingram Lawrence H to Robinette Kevin J and Jaude, $197,500.

337 Wadsworth Dr; Ice Michael C to Beausergent Laurent, $217,500.

1035 Water Beech Rd; NVR Inc to Birchett Richard E III and K M, $516,808.

14100 Waters Edge Ct; Arena Ronald Jr Jr to Ritter Timothy S and Catherine B, $335,000.

11791 Wexwood Dr; Borden G Peyton and Gayle B to Kornbrek Kristoffer L and Sarah, $376,200.

16930 White Daisy Lp; Young Stewart O and Maria A to Borgstrom Josh T, $444,990.

13548 Willowcrest Ln; Bergum Scott N and Shari L to Rinderknecht Paulette Trustee, $325,000.

7845 Winding Ash Pl; Thomas Jeremy to Templeton Terry Shane, $212,000.

6902 Windy Creek Pl; Mills Cathy to Coleman Collin Willis III, $209,950.

11505 Winterpock Rd; Dokic Selvedin to Jones Landon Jr and Carrie L, $270,000.

1900 Wrens Nest Rd; U S Bank Nat'l Assoc Trustee to Torres Victor M III, $165,600.


7447 Academy Drive, Mechanicsville; Keith R. Bax to Kitty Killeen, $514,000.

11237 Ashland Park Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders to Robert Zabriskie, $403,823.

15393 Beaver Den Lane, Beaverdam; John David Barber to Justin A. Jordan, $280,000.

10305 Berkeley Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; Arland A. Jones to Erik Aranda, $365,000.

9143 Brampton Drive, Mechanicsville; Kristen N. Grainer to Ronald E. Street, $250,000.

8110 Castle Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Balducci Builders Inc. to William C. Edwards, $364,000.

6452 Chenault Way, Mechanicsville; Leslie Philip, executor to Eric W. Wright, $195,000.

10104 Cool Hive Place, Mechanicsville; Chris C. Hatcher to Vasolartech LLC, $250,000.

7431 Dawa Glen, Mechanicsville; Daniel F. Timberlake to Jose F. Flores Diaz, $239,000.

6405 Diamond Court, Mechanicsville; Evelyn D. Mize to Jorge Aguilar, $195,000.

8066 Ellendale Drive, Mechanicsville; Dawn R. Hardman to Sammie Chen, $243,000.

11235 Garland Park Lane, Hanover; RCI Builders to Mary Catherine Loomis, $511,683.

6313 Greystone Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Joseph A. Etore Jr. to Vernon H. Smith, $290,000.

7276 Hardtack Road, Mechanicsville; Deborah Rose to Denise Randolph, $228,000.

7107 Hawks Hill Lane, Mechanicsville; Emilie R. Gibson to Neal Thomas Burns, $235,000.

13666 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Luan Dang Dinh, trustee, $423,170.

7356 Jackson Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Jacob B. Tame to Donna M. Columbo, $242,000.

7432 Johnsonville Way, Mechanicsville; Stephen W. Hill to Ryan L. Maudlin, $350,000.

8034 Kerrick Terrace, Mechanicsville; Joshua F. Jones to Donald K. Raymond Jr., $185,000.

4799 Leaf Lane, Mechanicsville; Susan F. Tansey to William G. Hase, $647,000.

9426 Lewisdale Place, Mechanicsville; Ezekiel Robinson to Haileslassie Gebremikael, $325,000.

8162 Little Florida Road, Mechanicsville; John M. Maples Jr. to Jason Porterfield, $535,000.

6398 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville; Melanie Rudacille Norwood to William F. Gillespie, $334,900.

7441 Mountain Lily Lane, Mechanicsville; Kim Alan Winfrey to John William Swezey Jr., $259,500.

10511 Old Ridge Road, Ashland; Thomas B. Bowling to Charles Russell Turner, $280,000.

7358 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Brianna Wade Saltarelli, $221,720.

7366 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Lori M. Gates, $211,025.

11304 Pennyroyal Court, Mechanicsville; Shurm Construction Inc. to Ryan Jenkins, $532,590.

11398 Poplar Gate Drive, Mechanicsville; Shurm Construction Inc. to Bradley T. Disse, $449,950.

10712 Providence Park Drive, Ashland; Chad B. Vaughan to Steven Richardson Newcomb, $309,950.

7165 Red Sash Drive, Mechanicsville; William Stith to James T. Oliver, $233,000.

2125 Retreat Drive, Mechanicsville; James R. Martin Jr. to Tonya D. Witherow, $184,000.

14282 Riverside Drive, Ashland; Virginia Home Buyers LLC to Newland C. Peterson Jr., $251,000.

9085 Rutland Road, Mechanicsville; Robert B. King to Connie Atkinson, $225,000.

Sharon Park; Failla LLC to Mann Drive LLC, $265,000.

10173 Slidingrock Drive, Mechanicsville; Angela C. Cronin to Brian D. Rath, $344,000.

4604 Stronghold Drive, Mechanicsville; Brian W. Russell to Jennifer S. Rose, $655,000.

8043 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Gloria C. Robinson to Colleen Phyllis Marino, $294,000.

9960 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders to Phillip J. Jacoby, $363,500.

825 Sweet Tessa Drive, Ashland; Christy L. Haire to Jahmad Thomas, $172,000.

9130 Thorton Way, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Kosath Som, $501,650.

11230 Verdon Road, Doswell; Edward E. Fisher to Elizabeth Grau, $200,000.

10360 Wanchese Way, Ashland; Justin E. Murphy to Hope N. Prince, $245,000.

7304 Win Court, Mechanicsville; Gregory T. Myers to Sharon R. Angel, $273,000.


3140 Academy Farms Drive, Powhatan; Robert Kent Anderson to Jonathan D. Clifton, $450,000.

1128 Avater Court, Powhatan; Terry W. Davenport to Gage W. Maulding, $213,000.

3579 Calvins Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Ronald N. Newman, trustee, $450,099.

2293 Founders Hill Court, Midlothian; Steven H. Theisen to Susan McLaughlin, $469,500.

2773 Judes Ferry Road, Powhatan; John S. Gardner to Danny Lee Farrar, $191,000.

1632 Mattox Mill Court, Powhatan; James R. Fanz Jr. to Dominic M. Sottile, $291,000.

4136A Old River Trail, Powhatan; Matthew S. Towler to John Edward Mehfoud, $240,000.

2971 Palaver Bluff, Powhatan; Shawn E. Wall to Brandi Frudden Duncan, $334,950.

4828 Powhatan Lakes Road, Powhatan; Brian A. Taylor to Germando Harris, $182,500.

1800 Rocky Ford Road, Powhatan; Terry L. Davis to Aaron M. Long, $269,950.

3343 South Meadows Circle, Powhatan; Dumont Homes LLC to Joe Ordia, $684,000.

3038 Sublett Place, Powhatan; John Evers to Paul M. Sheridan, $698,000.

1600 Walkers Ridge Road, Powhatan; Kevin H. McCaskill to Kenneth Frederick Krajewski, $330,000.


1328 Autumn Breeze Drive, Oilville; Renovatio III LLC to Kyle H. Phillips, $501,000.

3780 Cabin Road, Gum Spring; Donald R. Vaughan II to Luis Alvarez Palacios, $151,000.

50 East Square Lane, Richmond; Stephen D. Hickman to Ronald D. Wilkins, $725,000.

1407 Grand Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Daniel E. Wilson to Jeanenne M. Pisko, $600,000.

109 Hickory Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Mark Stuart Long, executor to Raymond S. Long, $248,600.

1662 Indys Road, Maidens; Krickovic and Ziegler LLC to Donald W. Porter, $784,456.

1029 Kimberwicke Drive, Crozier; Barbara J. Smiley to William B. Murray, $590,000.

847 Manakin Road, Manakin-Sabot; Culula Hurt, executor to Douglas K. Daniels, $310,000.

317 Piping Rock Road, Manakin-Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Robert E. Hart, $647,474.

12266 River Road, Richmond; Keith B. Marcus to James M. Ireland, $530,735.

2016 Shade Hunter Lane, Maidens; Jason William Dieter to Shannon Fox Edwards, $262,000.

2975 Stone Creek Drive, Sandy Hook; Aubrey Lee Lindsey III to William J. Rooney, $330,000.

3577 Whitehall Road, Sandy Hook; Jerry L. Morris to Benjamin P. Boyd, $281,000.

7181 Yare St., Glen Allen; John M. Martin to Thomas H. Bailey, $499,000.


2579 County Drive; Bong Ha Yoo to Delta Omega Foundation Inc., $239,900.

201-225 Hinton St. and 39 N. Market St.; Security Storage Service Inc. to TRP Hinton St., $825,000.

1959 Vesonder Road; Steve Whitlow to Donald O. Roney Jr., $175,000.


3806 E Autumn Drive, Petersburg; Rose H. Harris, trustee to Lamont Uzzle, $169,950.

17347 Boyds Lane, Dinwiddie; Joan T. Bertrand to Vincent K. Atkinson, $194,000.

5071 Church Road, North Dinwiddie; Gilbert C. Martin Co. Inc. to Zachary H. Jordan, $160,000.

9914 Duncan Road, North Dinwiddie; Sonya M. Henshaw to Jordan A. Crist, $194,000.

4005 Moss Point Drive, North Dinwiddie; Donald Henshaw Inc. to Shelly L. Blount, $186,900.

17302 Ramble Road, Dinwiddie; Miranda L. Crawford to Julie Beth Burka Slaughter, $270,000.

25009 Wayne Ave., North Dinwiddie; Thomas D. Finklea to Paul Nobles Jr., $161,000.


119 Bluffs Drive; Michael S. Bolshazy to Michael M. Kiese, $241,500.

1201 Burlington Drive; Garland W. Harrison to Nestor A. Milan Jr., $190,000.

915 Dogwood Drive; Benjamin T. Wright to Kyra Lynette Southgate, $165,000.

505 Lyons Ave.; Wayne Y. Morris to John I. Jackson, $159,900.

106 Wilkshire Court; Lin Mark Henshaw Enterprises Inc. to Courtney S. Hannon, $212,700.


803 E Broadway; T&G Enterprises LLC to Jamal Malcolm Childs, $165,000.

3810 Galena Ave.; Joanne M. English to Edward George Smith IV, $164,000.

2802 Princess Anne St.; Thomas E. Hudgins to James White, $151,000.


8225 Airport Road, Quinton; Conrad D. Griffiths to Robert James Clark, $265,000.

1524 Arrowhead Road, Quinton; Arrowhead Venture LLC to Robert A. Smith Jr., $200,000.

5890 Bushnell Court, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to John Wesley Mason-Smith, $386,700.

7750 Cooks Mill Terrace, Lanexa; Clay D. Eldridge to Christopher L. Lewis, $515,000.

8012 Curtis Road, West Point; Mark Millar Johnston to Allen R. Puchaty, $165,000.

7863 Eagle Circle, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Vines Decta, $319,665.

10595 Golden Bell Circle, Providence Forge; Independence Realty LLC to Tammi Hastings, $229,900.

5111 Hemlock Road, Quinton; Julia D. Wilkes to Jessi C. Kidd, $160,000.

15351 Kent Pointe Lane, Lanexa; Francis P. Connelly to Christopher S. Propst, $420,000.

5828 Longbow Lane, New Kent; Jason S. Bordner to Kaitlyn D. Lipford, $233,000.

11150 New Kent Highway, New Kent; Patricia L. Worth to Heather M. Hertless, $365,000.

10340 Rachel Diann Drive, Quinton; Jeffrey C. Rice to Jessica T. Paxton, $300,000.

11171 Royal Lane, Providence Forge; Sprouses Corner LLC to Jerry L. Watler Jr., $390,500.

9140 Shrewsbury Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to James C. Conway, $345,331.

16315 Stage Road, Lanexa; Eva Marie Harper to Elvin A. Silsby III, $299,900.

9317 Townsend Road, Providence Forge; Robert Trent Sherman to Lockney Donald, $264,000.

5951 Wensleydale Drive, New Kent; Liberty Homes Inc. to Matthew R. Poe, $238,690.


3883 Andy Circle, Prince George; Deanna H. Truesdale to Kolvon A. Drayton, $196,500.

12516 Charter Drive, Disputanta; James Richard Bradshaw III to Julie R. Franchok, $185,000.

19140 S Crater Road, Carson; Amanda C. Allin to Crystal D. Perkinson, $155,000.

2706 Forbes Drive, Prince George; Richard D. Murphy to Jacquelyn M. Bartley, $218,000.

15300 Lebanon Road, Spring Grove; Valerie Helen Drew to Elizabeth Ramirez, $190,000.

3125 Prince George Drive, Prince George; Kenneth Henshaw to Eric A. Abernathy, $164,900.

5401 Red Gate Drive, Disputanta; Matthew J. Ramos to Michael W. Clements Jr., $224,500.

17520 Templeton Road, Disputanta; Donald D. Deaver to Steven Laurance Matthews, $495,000.

4507 Wildwood Drive, Prince George; Maurice L. Curley to Robert A. Modiri, $182,000.

Charles city

5761 Johnnies Way, Charles City; Corey D. Cotman to Leon D. Adkins, $364,750.

4681 Piney Tree Lane, Charles City; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Benson, $165,117.


7151 Deep Creek Drive, Amelia Court House; Rock River Inc. to Colleen Ilacqua, $306,289.

22220 Genito Road, Amelia Court House; Steven C. Wolf to Charles A. Baird, $285,000.

25920 Saylers Creek Road, Jetersville; Meggie F. Harris to Pamela Bradbury Hamilton, $162,000.


118 Anderson Ave., Bowling Green; Jeff Kerrigan to Ryan J. Sayers, $175,000.

17125 Camellia Drive, Ruther Glen; Michael Norman to Alesha C. Opurum, $289,900.

764 Canterbury Drive, Ruther Glen; Garrett J. Mireles to Matthew T. Drake, $173,500.

6128 Cedon Road, Woodford; Ronald A. Eaton to Keshia D. Whiting, $167,000.

22188 Coleman's Mill Road, Ruther Glen; Zachary G. Lunceford to Steven Edward Lindenmuth, $166,000.

103 Dover Drive, Ruther Glen; Jimmy A. Beard to Kaitlin Carroll, $250,000.

26 Greenvale Court, Ruther Glen; Matthew Todd Drake to David A. Soucie, $355,000.

219 Land'or Drive, Ruther Glen; Terry L. Bullock to Quicksilver R. Reddy, $169,900.

205 Marday Drive, Ruther Glen; Federal National Mortgage Association to Aurora Trick, $217,000.

125 Needwood Drive, Ruther Glen; Foundation Homes Inc. to Jason Crandell, $239,900.

16461 Richmond Turnpike, Bowling Green; Edward Scruggs III to Willadean Reynolds, $255,000.

12335 South River Road, Woodford; Christopher Michael Harrison to Kenneth J. Schneider Jr., $302,000.

585 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Jonathan Blackwell to Ian P. Vibbert, $198,000.


997 Deep Run Road, Cartersville; Gladstone E. Smith III to Aubrey N. Conner, $295,000.

78 French's Store Road, Cumberland; Thomas G. Murray Jr. to Richard Douglas Gibson, $209,000.


4203 Acquinton Church Road, King William; Patricia L. Skelton to Darrell Hixenbaugh, $206,950.

2880 Chelsea Road, West Point; Gregory S. Fudala to John A. Davenport, $222,000.

36 Devonshire Drive, Aylett; David L. Beahr Jr. to Lucas J. Herndon, $275,000.

2210 Kennington Parkway, Aylett; Eric W. Wright to Corey Clark, $272,250.

702 Lee St., West Point; Jon Sandelin to Eric W. Mann, $167,500.

2470 Oak Lane, West Point; Kevin Lee Culpepper Sr. to Karyn Farrell, $202,000.

209 Pine Ridge Road, Aylett; Balducci Builders Inc. to Donald E. Thurston, $207,500.

5397 E River Road, King William; Percy A. Alexander to Michael J. Haile, $225,000.

345 Shelton Court, Aylett; Brian P. Columbo to Bill Todd Waltemire, $307,000.

4889 Wakema Road, West Point; John A. Davenport to Kathryn D. Carson, $375,000.


23315 Cabin Point Road, Disputanta; Kim D. Mobley to Theresa Hass, $168,025.

11133 Grantier Circle, Wakefield; Howard S. Haywood to Mark R. Tuminaro, $266,000.


51 Claiborne Drive; Shirley J. Gilvary to Stephanie Nicole Lahr, $219,900.

303 Lewis Burwell Place; Judith A. Blume to Julia A. Aiken, $235,000.

3900 Prospect St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to William P. Dent, $388,435.

17 The Palisades; Richard H. Marshall to James Strother Crockett, $440,000.


116 Alexander Place, Williamsburg; Paul W. Gerhardt to Stephen J. Volk, $538,000.

4532 Beacon Hill Drive, Williamsburg; Arthur M. Hearne to Christopher J. Mandart, $236,000.

3605 Bridgewater Drive, Williamsburg; James T. Mellen to Dana L. Gardner, $399,000.

4490 Cedar Point Lane, Williamsburg; Michael A. Colesar to Ellis Lewis Canady Jr., $290,000.

307 Clifton Bluff, Williamsburg; Rudolph Ruskey to Robert W. Whitfeed, $150,600.

4316 Creek Drive East, Williamsburg; Charles A. McFadden, trustee to Dennis M. Dickerson, $300,000.

4904 Falkirk Mews, Williamsburg; Donald R. Grosse, trustee to Debbie Ann Williams, $219,000.

5405 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Brian J. Hohlfelder to Denise Engler Weber, $274,000.

6332 Glenwilton Lane, Williamsburg; Sara C. Rumsey, trustee to Bonnie F. Keppel, $303,307.

3605 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Derek Holden, $332,880.

1526 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg; Jung A. Kim Hone to Cory A. Hamer, $415,000.

135 Kingdom of Fife, Williamsburg; Raymond J. Watrous to John M. Rose, $550,000.

9 Lavelle Court, Williamsburg; Bryan E. Clagett, trustee to Karen K. Helderman, $450,000.

258 Littletown Quarter, Williamsburg; Thomas K. Norment Jr. to Sherman M. Snyder, $307,000.

3831 Lusk Way, Williamsburg; Tammy D. Harris to Brooke Nicole Lohr, $397,500.

3019 Maura Court, Toano; Derek J. Holden to Ashton S. Hastings, $215,000.

43 Mile Course, Williamsburg; Brooke A. Smith to Paul L. Janker, $423,000.

113 Molesey Hurst, Williamsburg; Michael A. Fescina, trustee to Richard E. Carr, $610,000.

139 Nottinghamshire, Williamsburg; Robert Dale Buchwald, co-trustee to James M. Curran, $450,000.

101 Penrith Court, Williamsburg; Mary K. Swartz, trustee to James C. Minyon, $347,000.

4437 Powhatan Crossing, Williamsburg; Larry R. Brantley to Daniel B. Surles, $240,000.

502 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Shirley McMaster, $248,500.

807 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Michael A. O'Neil, $259,960.

4804 Regents Park, Williamsburg; Ian G. Vorster to Jonathan D. Golan, $315,000.

604 River Bluffs, Williamsburg; William E. Chatfield, trustee to James A. Winther, $700,000.

4305 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Perry Bason, $228,700.

2935 Snuggles Court, Toano; Joshua D. Miller to Woody H. Green Jr., $228,000.

115 Tayside, Williamsburg; Lewis Irvin Lyerly to Frances G. Summers, $425,000.

107 Trolls Path, Williamsburg; Emil L. Woiblett to Jaime A. Beltran, $188,800.

7501 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Nicomedes Gealogo, $339,545.

6577 Wiltshire Road, Williamsburg; Edward A. Mann to April K. Lemley, $245,000.

100 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Alaa Eldin M. Mahmoud to Kristie S. Lalire, $229,900.

3824 Woodruff Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Christopher Robert Hinman, $460,000.

4644 Yeardley Loop, Williamsburg; Kelly J. Wills to Raquel L. Proctor, $365,000.

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