The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.


517 N 26th St; Jarreau Matthew P Llc to Laula Fuentes Antonio, $389,900.

638 N 29th St; Jarreau Matthew P Llc to Parent Matthew and Cabo Lyndee, $435,000.

1203 N 36th St; Lee and Lee Properties Llc to Aquired Properties Llc, $160,000.

8710 Arran Road; Bush Willie E and Frances D to Roseberry Kathryn M, $289,000.

409 Beaufont Hills Dr; Rambilas Todd to Cava Capital Llc, $153,192.

1657 W Broad St, U4; Carter Crystal C to Livermore Michael and Norton Lia, $205,000.

1708 W Cary St, U1; Vitale Filippo C to Steinberger Loran, $247,500.

3703 Cheyenne Road; Bisharat Wajdi to Ememalo Strange Judy I A M, $295,000.

3212 Condie St; Post Cyril A Jr to King Poulin Janina, $485,000.

9484 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Gilbo Paul T and Cassandra M, $430,567.

3215 Fendall Ave; Howe Shannon Leigh to Abernathie Sarah M, $287,500.

6623 Forest Hill Ave; Terracina John and Krista P to Miller Cory William, $215,000.

3800 Glenwood Ave; Pedersen Sarah L to Wolff Charles, $155,100.

405 N Henry St; Obadiah Llc to Elmisurati Waell A, $204,000.

6417 Kensington Ave; Love Joanna K to Cederholm Claire Tither, $318,000.

3103 Lamb Ave; McKeever Sean T to Wallace Madeline Trust Of 2019, $300,000.

311 S Laurel St; Reichelt Yann E and Rainer M to Cabell William Wymond II, $274,900.

717 S Laurel St; Garrett W B Inc to Hammond Catherine C and Paul J, $604,000.

3801 Moss Side Ave; Parent Matthew to Dickerson Trevor Cameron, $343,000.

1428 Oakwood Ave; Fifield James to Gross Angelique K, $245,000.

8553 Old Spring Road; McQuade Gregory S to Bailey Joseph T and Macee T, $295,000.

2800 Scarsborough Dr; Wilkins Troy and Jeanette to Hargett Robert, $217,000.

1209 Stanhope Ave; Parsons Elsa H to Evans Timothy Ryan, $300,000.

2831 Wellington St; Wellington Northside Richmond to Burtner Jana, $172,000.

1413 Wilmington Ave; Watts Stephen H II and Mollie T to Garza Dennis R and Sara S, $725,000.


8500 Academy Rd, Henrico; Vannoy Ann M to Anthes Robert Whitefield and M A Nichols, $356,000.

3933 Alma Ave, Henrico; G and D Investments Llc to Safren Rachel, $166,000.

2305 Apollo Rd, Henrico; Andrews Wilma P to Thompson Sharonette D, $155,000.

4824 Autumn Wagon Ln, Henrico; Townhomes At Parham Place Llc to Ortiz Lia, $289,674.

215 Barker Ave, Henrico; Hult David to Height Angelina and Robert, $166,900.

2801 Battery Ave, Henrico; Kennedy Charles Carpenter to Robinson Lauren E and Scott W Carpenter, $250,000.

1506 Baysdale Ln, Henrico; Bloom Tucker Henry to Forstie Aaron Christopher and Lindsey N, $280,000.

9408 Belfort Rd, Henrico; Gridley Marilyn M and John to Harris Beverly P, $165,000.

8804 Bellefonte Rd, Henrico; Sarkees Travis Wayne and Denise Marie to Penn-Hollar Quentin and Bonnie E Hamilton, $525,000.

10656 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Annamalai Rajeshwari, $389,945.

4029 Bolling Rd, Henrico; Battle Lorenzo L and Christina Y to Goode Shatika M, $195,500.

4342 Bon Secours Pkwy, Ub, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Mahamuni Naresh Narayan, $325,000.

6025 Bonneau Rd, Henrico; Thompson Gayle to Kim David and Fallon Brewster, $209,000.

8700 Brays Fork Dr, Glen Allen; Branch Marc Sr and Antigone C to Nguyen Hien B and Mai T Tran, $318,000.

4005 Bremner Blvd, Henrico; Rowley Gary R Jr to Gomez Jennifer Cecilia Alvarez, $167,500.

1512 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Smith Wayne B Jr and Barbara R to Dailey Rachel L, $196,000.

9301 Broad Meadows Rd, Glen Allen; Sholokh Kira to Ahmed Mohammad K and Farjana, $242,500.

7207 Bunche St, Henrico; Miles Cathy A to Wells Fargo Bank Na, $182,696.

12302 California Dr, Henrico; Barrett Richard M Estate to Critzer Earl L Jr and Michele O Trust, $215,000.

10316 Capilano Pl, Henrico; Eissenberg Penelope K to Shaner Kaylie Barbara and Brian James, $352,500.

8909 Carters Bridge Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Sherzai Mohammad Aref, $372,935.

2245 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Dukpa Karma and Meena, $343,140.

217 Casey St, Sandston; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Trst to Marwaha Investments Llc, $175,000.

11325 Chappell Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Grimes Brian D and Amanda M to K and L Sales Llc, $420,000.

5812 Cheswick House Ct, Glen Allen; Pouncey Tract Prop Inc to Ali Zulfikar and Sabina, $430,000.

1305 Claytor Ln, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Coley Deja A, $271,955.

6007 Clover Ln, Henrico; Luchau Scott A to Fitton Robert Steven, $194,000.

8412 Colebrook Rd, Henrico; Adams James D Jr to Tisdale Lina B and Linda D Hutson, $212,000.

10005 Contessa Dr, Glen Allen; Jenkins Frank E Sr and Nancy Y to Cunningham Tyler and Amanda, $372,500.

2113 Creekdale Ct, Sandston; Delice Erin T to Persaud Jennifer, $235,000.

7901 Dalmain Dr, Henrico; Lofland Garrett to Ferguson Trent M, $214,000.

1704 Devers Rd, Henrico; Hill Sharon J to Lumpkin Margaret, $212,000.

4900 Di's Way, Sandston; Dowell Scott L to Stoudemire Sandra, $289,950.

4026 Dominion Townes Cir, Henrico; Galloway Brandi to Federal National Mortgage Association, $161,400.

9906 Eildonway Pl, Henrico; Riverlake Property Llc to Marshall Matthew C and Pratima Gondipalli, $865,000.

2864 Elkridge Cir, Henrico; Saint Claire Rdge Dev Co to Bataille Ernst, $203,090.

5008 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Som Kosal and Chhun Lysryroth, $760,075.

11096 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Shady Grove Hills Partners Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $197,000.

9311 Farmington Dr, Henrico; Thrift Michael L and Patricia T Nolan to Smith Marvin W and Vivian B, $235,000.

9221 Fisk Rd, Henrico; Edelweiss Investments Llc to Shirey Charlotte A and William H Jr, $246,000.

5 Flatwater Row, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Bandoni Leah and Tristan, $475,000.

4661 Four Seasons Ter, Uc, Glen Allen; Foussekis Stephanie J to Foussekis John and Joanne E, $196,000.

10304 Fraser Ct, Henrico; Carithers James P and Alana P to Sanderson Katy Fleming, $419,500.

10442 Gibsons Landing Dr, Henrico; Steen Daniel L and Sharon M to Taung Ah Ba and Esther Ngwa, $259,950.

6509 W Grace St, Henrico; Johnson Carolyn Sue to Turner Kaitlyn E, $227,000.

1500 Golf Ln, Henrico; Clark Nancy B Estate to Clark John Elvert III, $231,700.

1944 Greenstone Ct, Glen Allen; Mitchell James R Jr to Lewis Madeline C, $227,000.

6015 Hampstead Ave, Henrico; Wiley Carrie Lynn to Chenault Elizabeth S, $305,000.

12331 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Zhang Yan, $542,810.

12373 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Barbour Russell Eugene and Melia Anne, $542,064.

4719 Hepler Ridge Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bhusal Sudha and Purna P Dahal, $512,752.

12512 Hillgate Ln, Henrico; Wheatley Properties Llc to Yadin Rowee and Lea Yadin, $362,950.

9214 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Joyce Hugh A to Kaul Adam T and Kavita N, $230,000.

426 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Rickman Emilee A to Miles Robert E, $188,000.

704 Keats Rd, Henrico; Balderson Lesley to Turnage Brian C and Michelle H, $515,000.

2900 Kennebrook Ct, Henrico; Detwiler Andrew J to Kim Min, $210,000.

5216 Kimberwick Dr, Glen Allen; Carr Kevin L and Phyllis A King to Rva Property Acquisitions Llc, $215,600.

5604 Knockadoon Ct, Henrico; Cwc Investors Llc to Marwaha Investments Llc, $184,911.

7901 Langley Dr, Glen Allen; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Mokha Sangeet K and Parvinder K, $303,550.

10107 Laurel Lakes Dr, Glen Allen; Tran Hoang to Marshall Desire, $276,490.

2024 Libbie Lake West St, Ua, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Cook Keith P, $297,000.

12125 Liesfeld Pond Dr, Glen Allen; Meledathu Saji J and Judy E to Samineni Srujana N and Prathyush, $670,000.

5501 Ligon Run Pl, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Randolph Jonathan I and Shannel C, $404,636.

10621 Lumberjack Ct, Glen Allen; Golebiewski Robert J to Landrum Andrew Thomas and Adrian L Troy, $296,000.

4641 Manor Crossing Pl, Glen Allen; Bacova Development Company Llc to NVR Inc, $157,000.

9371 Man-O-War Ct, U1210, Glen Allen; Brown Meghan K to Beck Kristi and Donald Stewart, $155,000.

2108 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Messmer Lauren to Priday Anna, $185,000.

1402 Maywood Rd, Henrico; Thorpe William S to Hb4 Llc, $170,000.

4707 Mill Park Cir, Glen Allen; Malik Asif K to Nguyen Duc, $240,000.

8661 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Bastola Monica to Sinh Lele, $212,500.

5007 Monumental St, Henrico; Patriot Company Inc to Kistler Katherine Page, $275,000.

599 N Mullens Ln, Henrico; Blanks William B Sr and Donna J to Discon Jaime R, $190,000.

3368 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Wood Natalie and Tiffany Davis, $294,000.

8200 Notre Dame Dr, Henrico; Ryan Michael K Jr and Lisa G Spalding to Moore John-Sebastian, $425,000.

6109 Oakland Trace Ct, Henrico; General Charles S Jr and Atiya Gamble to Brown Sylvia T, $260,000.

204 Old Ohio St, Ub, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Wilson Ann Schick, $422,176.

9710 Overhill Rd, Henrico; Woolard K Allen and Joy L to Parmely Kenneth E and Emily Margaret Crye, $247,000.

10926 Parkshire Ln, Henrico; Frost Stevi N to Wh Real Estate Llc, $365,000.

2107 Persimmon Trek, Henrico; Salazar Pizzani Alba and Lorenna Freeman to McCorry Kyle Ronald and MacKenzie C T, $309,000.

7905 Prestwick Ct, Henrico; Kreamer Ryan A and Katherine Inge to Schier Rebecca D, $241,000.

9612 Rainbrook Dr, Henrico; Abdelmalak Eshak and Wanis L Wanis Et Al to Howell Melissa and Jaylan, $299,000.

300 N Ridge Rd, U9, Henrico; R E Plus Llc to Hedrick Todd A and Catherine B, $300,000.

4909 Riverplace Ct, Glen Allen; Huntley Mark R and Renee E to In Plus Llc, $578,500.

1803 Rockwood Rd, Henrico; Snipes W Carter and Annamarie to Elkommos Nayer M, $150,000.

2600 Rothland Dr, Henrico; Bektic Suljo and Sabaheta to Cooke Larry C and Sandra L, $290,000.

152 Sanderling Ave, Sandston; Knight Keith A and Kim P to Wells Fargo Bank Na, $159,600.

10700 Shadyford Ln, Glen Allen; MacKnight Glenn and Lindsay to Hedrick Andrew and Alyssa, $256,500.

9304 Silverbush Dr, Henrico; Goode Mark A and Rose M Sanz-Goode to Sanders Heather L, $185,000.

4127 Sprenkle Ln, Henrico; Reid Daina M to Done Deal Investments Llc, $156,000.

4602 Spring Moss Ln, Glen Allen; Prakash Shaleen and Priya to Gudluru Chandrababu and Padmasri Mullaguri, $290,000.

11808 St Marc Ln, Henrico; Duke Christopher B and Jessica S to Verdi Marc A, $290,000.

8207 Strath Rd, Henrico; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Perucho Jose L and Joe Abel, $219,900.

5416 Sunset Oak Way, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Reemtsen Gary M and Deborah R, $364,124.

4000 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Schrad Erin Gail, $363,535.

4006 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Kim Kevin D and Chau Le, $342,455.

127 Township Blvd, Henrico; Withers Thomas A III and Vanessa S to Dungee Joi M, $225,000.

4903 Turner Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Khamar Kiran to Panjwani Noorjahan, $635,000.

6609 Van Buren Ave, Henrico; Toombs Laura Crittenden to Tran Dang Thi Minh and Lee Tan Truong, $335,000.

2574 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Johnson David W and Elizabeth W to Dowdy Margaret, $285,000.

1112 Welborne Dr, Henrico; Clark Joann R Estate to Le Long-Tho D and Phuong Diem Nguyen, $160,000.

5922 Whitehurst Ln, Ua, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Uvarov Andrew, $208,455.

5926 Whitehurst Ln, Ua, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Stinson Robin Denese, $207,940.

1404 Whitehurst Way, Henrico; Sm Richmond Llc to Lee McKenzie Grace, $285,442.

4210 Wistar Rd, Henrico; Desper Lloyd E and Erma S to Dunlap Matthew R and Dean D Buth, $310,000.

1517 Wood Grove Cir, Henrico; Cashman Carol F and Jay L to Bruss Zachary Ryan and Alexandria Finnegan, $280,000.


660 Abbey Village Cr; Pleasants Robert Lee Jr to McEwen Carolyn, $310,000.

101 Aldersmead Rd; Rhodes Latonia G and Raysor K G to Thompson Bridget, $188,200.

10411 Antwerp Rd; Davis Roger M Jr and Maura K to Hailu Mizan and Uber Matthew F, $227,000.

13711 Arrowood Ct; Saunders Barbara B Et Als to Hupp Susan D, $232,500.

9025 Bailey Hill Rd; NVR Inc to Marshall Kenneth Jr and Bailey G, $424,212.

20912 Baileys Grove Dr; NVR Inc to Pert David, $258,250.

21148 Baileys Grove Dr; Liberty Homes Inc to Skinner Melannie T, $192,700.

3602 Banana Ln; Daley Stephanie to Wheel Beverly D Jr and Cynthia L, $260,000.

5621 Beechnut Av; Lipford Mary R Estate to Emmett Stuart J, $182,000.

5635 Belmont Rd; McSweeney James B to Dunn Ellen Marie, $179,950.

116 Big Meadows Tr; Elko Gregory P and Adams Zachary to Bialkowski James Leo, $209,950.

12120 Blossom Point Rd; Coleman Mattie Y to Glenn Larry T and Velina B, $319,000.

2901 Bosham Ln; MacIver Blake C and Heather W to Powell Emily S and Taylor Ross, $424,000.

6112 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Whitehurst Lorenzo and Taylor M, $250,000.

6154 Bowline Ln; Eastwood Homes to Miller Gerard and Briana, $224,820.

13911 Brandy Oaks Pl; Jones Larry D and Shirley M to Petersen Derek W and Emily Jo, $389,000.

16718 Broadmoor Rd; Main Street Homes to McQueen Duanne Lamar and Maya, $395,000.

9320 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Hubbard Korri and Austin, $332,855.

13805 Buck Rub Dr; Jacobsen Corey M and Christine M to Torkelson Laurel N, $228,000.

5113 Cabretta Dr; Lockett Eric D and Tanya R to Gannon Matthew J and Karen M, $445,000.

12600 Capernwray Tr; Lifestyle Home Builders to May Richard D and C and Baugh C U, $632,283.

2301 Castlestone Rd; Mulligan Patricia A G Et Als to Behrens Jared L and Johanna E R, $387,000.

10407 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Lawrence Mirinda Renee, $345,500.

11601 Chester Rd; Burch G V Sr and Burch E C Trs to Flores Meriyen A, $150,000.

14301 Chimney House Rd; Pulliam Renee A to Madayag Michael and Kristen, $349,950.

11513 Clay Ridge Dr; Anthony Mark C to Layton Scott D and Sandra M, $293,500.

836 Club Crest Bl; Seward Brion S to Woody Brandon M and Maggie V, $330,000.

8418 Cobblegrove Ct; NVR Inc to Mills Kevin and Mills Dorothy, $408,184.

1107 Cohen Tl; Haug Brian J and Jessica to Pleasants Robert Lee Jr, $410,000.

13800 Comstock Landing Dr; Main Street Homes to Moore Antony J and Elaine A R, $503,019.

146 Courthouse Rd; Powell Carrell E and Rose A to Virginia Home Buyers Llc, $150,001.

513 Crofton Village Tc; NVR Inc to Easter Jennifer, $298,127.

521 Crofton Village Tc; NVR Inc to Dixon Kerry and Bayliss Daniel J, $292,408.

2501 Cromwell Rd; Dickinson Stephen Y and Patricia to Doctor Jason A and Katherine G, $360,000.

8137 Darebin Pl; NVR Inc to Terry Jimmy and Brown Cinnamon, $326,835.

6908 Deer Thicket Dr; New Day Home Remodel Llc to Cummings Kevin J, $249,900.

6957 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Wise Jennifer M and Elmore J A, $302,996.

13338 Diamond Ridge Dr; O'Connell Kerry L to O'Connell Scott M and Jacqueline, $225,000.

2542 Dowd Ct; Westbrook Ian and Mays Melissa to Howard Sarah H, $179,950.

15601 Dusk Light Tr; Shenk Dylan and Lozano Rosa L to Serkes Peter J B and Lindsey, $435,000.

7284 Emerald Point Vs; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Deacon David A and Mary Winston, $369,000.

1500 Exbury Dr; Holmes Mark R to Garrett Michael, $236,500.

8301 Fedora Dr; Bagby Tekala A and Reginald L to Hammock Terri Hamner, $407,500.

12701 Finningham Mw; NVR Inc to Horan William J, $665,029.

5906 Fox Club Ln; Fields Lee S and Julie to McCaughan Ruaa, $379,900.

5416 W Garthdale Rd; Cerveny Clara E Estate to Morales Gregorio Canahui, $197,900.

9124 Germont Av; Jones Ismaray and Wronski Ellie to Seay Summer and Martin D F III, $158,000.

3719 Gleaming Dr; NVR Inc to Lyn-Butcher Latoya L, $314,720.

4102 Gloucestershire St; Stephens Brent A and Sheri to Garcia Pedro G and Maza Vasny R, $247,000.

16617 Gossamer Dr; Hudgins Martin Jr and Rawes Joy to Radford Brian A, $274,900.

7431 Grapeleaf Dr; Cornelius James E to Harris Yolonda Renee, $158,750.

13817 Greyledge Turn; Wigfall Benita to Parker Christopher A, $365,000.

5231 Hallmark Dr; J Coleman Management Llc to Sledge Lakisha Nicole, $196,000.

3312 Handley Rd; Mariscalco M W and Rudinsky K A to Haider Agha and Naz Saba, $737,000.

11207 Hazelbury Ct; D R Horton Inc to Lehmann James and Teresa, $346,000.

10100 Hickory Rd; Ivey Jeanette M to Chandler Daniel B, $242,000.

5436 Holly Pines Dr; Banks Candice to Kiragu-Blakey N N and Blakey D L, $185,000.

8307 Houghton Pl; Meyer James J and Sandra A to Cochran Edmond W and Kaitlynn H, $300,000.

9900 Hull Street Rd; Hul-Gen Llc to Union 10000 Hull Street Llc, $275,000.

8725 Huntingcreek Cr; Fontana Angelo to Padgett Brian Trenton, $165,000.

8200 Hunton Cr; New Life Homes Rei Llc to Burgess Cristine M, $225,000.

20006 Ivan Rd; Pinotti Raymond R and Pinotti K to Leake Aaron and Clark Christian, $355,000.

5637 Jessup Meadows Dr; 21st Mortgage Corporation to Nguyen Sang and Phan Nhuy, $175,000.

2719 Kenmont Tr; Kent Jeremy and Amanda to Mingis Linwood T and Joy G, $540,000.

13511 Kingsmill Rd; McCrocklin Robert W Et Als to Woolard Henry W Jr, $310,000.

7905 Lake Shore Ct; Taylor Nancy S to Taylor Andrea F and Sorenson E, $220,000.

14624 Lavenham Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Colson Anthony and Kathy, $352,301.

8706 Level Gauge Ln; Schuler Ryan E and Tracy L to Brock Lori D and Durham Brittany, $383,000.

15901 Little Knoll Ln; Stell Dixie B Estate to Nelson Robert N Jr, $175,000.

3930 Llewellyn Ln; Tedona Elisa to Broughton Cory C, $247,000.

1306 Lockett Ridge Rd; Select Property Solutions Llc to Sayar Morsal, $212,500.

14306 Long Hill Rd; Reyes Sarah B and Johnathan S to Timm Julie E, $284,500.

11612 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Hill Lucas T and Toth Skylar L, $360,000.

5905 Magnolia Cove Cr; Magnolia Lakes Llc to Moseley Margaret O, $418,851.

13818 Mangrove Bay Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Fowler Jessica Lee, $418,810.

7725 Mary Page Ln; Pennymac Loan Services Llc to Little Iris Adams, $313,000.

17552 Memorial Tournament Dr; Ramsaran Jessica R to Axman Benjamin Lee and Nichole C, $259,000.

3312 Mill Race Rd; Bodrick Kirk J and Trinette to Brown Mark, $155,000.

9212 Miranda Ln; NVR Inc to Foster Jewel, $349,945.

3151 Mountclair Rd; Walston Carlton Donald Jr to Halloran Timothy J, $200,000.

7525 Nicklaus Cr; Hulse Kyle M and Karen M to Knight Terrance and Michell, $325,000.

5300 Old Glory Rd; Binstock Nicholas to Reed Christopher L and Lane A L, $285,000.

7218 O'Malley Dr; Hernandez Odon Marquez to Juarez De Escobar Orfa N, $200,000.

5001 Parrish Creek Pl; Donovan David A to Simmons Benjamin, $280,000.

4604 Peppercorn Pl; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Martinez Edgar Alexi Diaz, $165,000.

5214 Pineland Ct; McMillian Gladys S Estate to Southers Grover F Jr and Melissa, $150,000.

401 N Pinetta Dr; Simon Alan D and Laura A to Dlugokeski Bernard T and M M, $285,000.

12310 Pomfret Ct; Dougherty Daniel J to Langfitt Jason and Stephanie, $251,000.

2307 Prenoman Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Ashworth Gregory D and Mary K, $521,450.

2330 Providence Creek Rd; Foster Darian and Brooke M to Metcalf Corey B, $225,000.

13025 Queensgate Rd; Quann Kimberly Russell to 13025 Queensgate Llc, $264,900.

7600 Ratling Dr; Murray Jeffery P and Allie C to Smith Ashton M, $250,000.

10000 Redbridge Rd; Matthews Denise M Et Als to Humphries Carrie, $190,000.

6512 Regal Grove Dr; Wyche Derrick to Habeebullah Waleed R, $267,000.

6425 Richwood Tl; Hhhunt Homes L C to Barbour Philip W and Workman L N, $379,145.

7005 River Rd; McCauley Darek M and Kailey A to Gleason Jesica L, $186,000.

12233 Robertson St; Dvorak Pamela A to Simmons Laura L, $190,000.

5242 Rollingway Rd; Powell Christopher L to May Breanna J and Moore Joshua L, $169,950.

4308 Rose Glen Turn; Marsden Russel A C and Sharon L to Ritchie Jason R, $286,000.

12005 Rubystone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Craine Kamesha K, $259,360.

15612 Saddlebrook Rd; Wilmoth Robert D and Sheila M to Kriebel Travis C, $187,000.

6605 Sandrock Dr; Tarlowe Steven A and Tiffany M to Andrews Donald Everett and Kim E, $262,000.

4931 Sandy Shoals Tr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Quinn John G and Barbara A, $535,400.

8919 Sawgrass Pl; Leblanc Douglas L and Monica B to Roberson Eric M and Cynthia G, $280,100.

3300 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Kulas Eugene E and Linda L, $667,363.

6503 Sexton Dr; Short Robert E Jr and Gail C to Taylor Tyler S, $190,000.

15 Silverleaf Ct; Lanier Anya Monet to Booker Eddie L, $235,000.

3118 South Ridge Dr; Rva Property Acquistions Llc to Campbell Jennifer M, $190,468.

8301 Spring Meadow Rd; Smith Joseph C and Katherine M to Barnett Mary, $317,950.

14313 Spyglass Hill Cr; Sharon Daniel H and Blair D to Crowder Jesse Allen, $355,000.

3649 Stone Harbor Dr; Shaffer Stephen A and Carla M to Huckle Jeff and Kathleen, $745,000.

1701 Stone River Rd; Pettitt Neil T and Dianne E to McPeters R S and Charbonnier J F, $210,000.

11251 Sunfield Dr; Hartman Brandon B and Christine to Howdyshell Steven B, $226,500.

8111 Surreywood Dr; Bond Marshall M and Diane M to Myers Richard L and Ashley A, $308,850.

12014 Taplow Rd; Sheth Nihar and Megha to Armstrong Tony and Mechell, $310,000.

10601 Tokay Rd; Campbell Tammie L to Beam Ramona W, $199,000.

5001 Twelveoaks Rd; Brock Robert L to Hasbrouck Dawn R, $197,500.

1843 S Twilight Ln; NVR Inc to Boecker Morgan N, $290,945.

17800 Twin Falls Ln; NVR Inc to Jividen David L and Janet S, $361,092.

4816 Valencia Ct; McGraw Frank J and Janie N to Breidenbach Son H and Andrew J, $173,500.

630 Village Gate Dr; Smith Lindsey P to Bonfiglio Joseph and Kelly L, $230,520.

13905 Walnut Creek Rd; Williams Kenneth J to Lucy Thomas Aaron, $290,000.

12130 Warfield Estates Dr; Gonzalez Pedro A and Katherine M to Marwaha Investments Llc, $172,215.

13618 Waterswatch Ct; Downing James R and Kimberly J to Kent Jeremy James and Amanda C, $950,000.

6903 Welch Dr; Nelson Andrew T and Ingrid A to Mills Brandon, $196,000.

1701 Westbury Ridge Dr; Patterson Frederick and Denise to Albertson Marc and Marchelle, $255,000.

17025 Westervelt Ct; Watson Shane M and Watson D A to Carlyle Mark L and Carlyle K E, $520,000.

1464 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Winn Ray and Ann T, $353,561.

2511 Whitecastle Dr; Carmax Auto Superstores Inc to Nuckols Jason K and Karen C, $600,000.

1307 Willis Rd; Southers Grover F and Phillis I to Buckley Investments Llc, $425,000.

1301 Winterfield Rd; Main Street Homes to Bowles David and Marcia, $440,188.

8301 Winterslow Tr; McFarlane C B and Sebera Amy E to Pollard Jasmine and Leah, $273,000.

15531 Wolfboro Rd; Hhhunt Homes L C to Doleba Charles W III and Mary C, $426,525.

2862 Woodbridge Crossing Ct; Harris Kathleen U to Leffew Robert M Jr, $165,000.

10612 Wrens Nest Ct; Roberts Jessica and Mark to Birkland Christopher H and V, $265,000.

903 Yucca Ln; Beilstein Kathleen A to Blemmer Sylvia, $220,000.


11309 W Abbey Court, Glen Allen; Mark Lewis to Joshua Just, $308,000.

9512 Alexgarden Court, Mechanicsville; Cory W. Dixon to Daniel Justiin Cifers, $300,000.

8033 Arnoka Road, Mechanicsville; Karen E. Belanger to Richard Ess, $214,000.

14367 Ashland Road, Glen Allen; R. Lee Downing II, trustee to Marc Lyons, $162,000.

7530 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville; Waverly S. Joyce Jr. to Jerry A. Myers, $320,000.

8104 Barrowden Court, Mechanicsville; Morgan McMullin to Mallory T. McMullin, $235,000.

16253 Bent Barrel Road, Montpelier; Joseph Robert Stanislaw Pollard to Renesha Arlean Gaines, $219,000.

7283 Bosher Drive, Mechanicsville; Melvin T. Morgan to Tina Klapper, $550,000.

8163 Bridle Creek Terrace, Mechanicsville; Gale A. Knox to Rebecca B. Zehmer, trustee, $399,950.

7067 Brooks Hollow Parkway, Mechanicsville; John W. Brazier to Marilynn Alfaro, $304,000.

9112 Cardinal Creek Drive, Mechanicsville; Frank L. Goetz III to Joseph S. McCann, $309,950.

8089 Castle Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Baldacci Builders Inc. to Amedeo Paul Baldacci Jr., $401,950.

7137 Catlin Road, Mechanicsville; Kassandra Hope Turner Jernigan to Antonio O. Degrenier, $235,000.

15531 S Cedar Creek Lane, Montpelier; Ruth G. Grable, trustee to Jeffrey W. Counts, $552,000.

8248 Christian Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert John Bollander to Eric N. Shupe, $339,000.

12165 Colefield Drive, Hanover; Emily J. Clanton to Charlie C. Seward, $285,000.

9039 Coolwater Lane, Mechanicsville; Timothy W. Gunn to Aaron S. Knight, $289,950.

15649 Country Pines Lane, Montpelier; Patrick W. Varga to Brian S. Eugley, $404,500.

8038 Darva Glen, Mechanicsville; AKC LLC to Suzanne J. Uzzell, $190,100.

15102 Dearborn Drive, Ashland; Richard A. Witherow to Tracy L. Trollinger, $197,950.

9438 Doral Place, Mechanicsville; Brian C. Corbin to William Hugh Fowler, $290,000.

9122 Ebaugh Lane, Mechanicsville; G. Patricia Paul to Jacob Carlton Lyell, $289,900.

208 Elm St., Ashland; Brian S. Rice to Robert S. Layne, $190,000.

9341 Falcon Drive, Mechanicsville; William R. Zak to Kevin Charles Massey, $260,000.

15280 W Fork Drive, Glen Allen; Gregory J. Eades to Jennifer Varga, $320,000.

7397 Full View Ave., Mechanicsville; Katie L. Young to Anita Uliasz, $215,500.

13300 Greenwood Road, Glen Allen; Lee R. Johns Jr. to Glenn R. Mackey, $399,950.

11307 Gwathmey Church Road, Ashland; Charles A. Delvecchio, trustee to Percy S. Walls Sr., $211,500.

12185 Hanover Courthouse Road, Hanover; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brandy Griffith, $260,000.

6399 Harbour Mist Lane, Mechanicsville; George H. Jockish to Seth Christensen Ashley, $335,000.

9218 Hunters Chase Drive, Mechanicsville; Daniel Scott Haas II to Autumn N. Coulter, $284,950.

9512 Indianfield Drive, Mechanicsville; Anthony Parrish to Veysel Akay, $381,000.

11420 Karen Drive, Ashland; Lee E. Mooney to Paula K. Monsell, $245,000.

9266 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville; Matthew D. Martin to Lyndsi Penny, $350,000.

7335 Lark Circle, Mechanicsville; Eric N. Shupe to Patricia Deblander, $240,000.

10409 Leander Drive, Glen Allen; Russell Handy to Thomas R. Evans, $775,000.

7431 Lexington Drive, Mechanicsville; Hayley M. Funkhouser to Holly K. McCray, $235,000.

9095 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Thomas James Lacy Jr., $532,832.

6248 Madonna Road, Mechanicsville; Peggy H. Matthews to Haley McKee Matthews, $225,000.

9447 Manorwood Drive, Mechanicsville; Gregory J. Snyder to Rebecca L. Maria, $280,000.

9389 Marne Court, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Ronald Josef Trimble, $363,580.

6501 McCauley Lane, Mechanicsville; M. Porch Construction LLC to Samantha H. Brock, $315,000.

4124 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville; Summer Duck Co. LLC to Christopher Holloway, $415,000.

17426 Millfield Lane, Montpelier; Terryl Givens to Sean Szefler, $350,000.

9317 Oak Trail, Ashland; Todd Attkison to Kevin J. Bowden, $449,950.

7513 Old Estates Way, Mechanicsville; Donald D. Logan to Ryan D. Vanloon, $325,000.

14351 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Karen M. Smalara, $363,275.

14372 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Joyce G. McNamara, $409,838.

14834 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Daniel J. Destefano, $397,752.

17476 Parsons Ridge Road, Beaverdam; Stephen F. Henschel to Jennifer Franco, $345,000.

7390 Pebble Creek Drive, Mechanicsville; NK Homes LLC to Hala Samantha Rizk, $221,950.

10286 Penningcroft Lane, Mechanicsville; James R. Lamberson to Michele G. Gathright, $339,500.

9437 Pleasant Level Road, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Kellye Ruckman, $373,770.

7047 Poteet Lane, Mechanicsville; Jamie D. Camp to Michael D. Robinson, $204,750.

11422 Rhododendron Lane, Doswell; Michael T. Hawks to Douglas Edward Maddams, $515,000.

7406 River Holly Road, Mechanicsville; Paula W. Giles to Eric Dudek, $187,700.

3233 Rose Drive, Mechanicsville; Evelyn R. Waring to Becky V. Daniels, $467,000.

7600 Royal Crown Court, Mechanicsville; Bishops Park LLC to Satya Siva Kishore Janapareddy, $362,450.

8047 Rutland Village Drive, Mechanicsville; Chad Allan Campbell to Kathleen M. Staley, $274,950.

6 Slash Court, Ashland; Laura Michelle Jahn to Robert A. Rose, $248,000.

10159 Spring Ivy Lane, Mechanicsville; Christopher A. Cartwright to Jason W. Van Cleave, $349,950.

10152 Stags Leap Drive, Mechanicsville; Bryan L. Garnett to Whang Heo, $379,000.

9035 Stumpy Road, Ashland; William M. Wingfield to Amy C. Thompson, $360,500.

9963 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Aaron M. Dunn, $425,000.

18363 Teman Road, Beaverdam; Equity Trust Co., custodia to Ryan A. Donald, $356,400.

6450 Thrush Way, Mechanicsville; Ann Lindsey Fidd, trustee to David S. Longworth, $279,950.

10304 Turnout Court, Mechanicsville; William R. Jennings III to Linda M. Armentrout, $316,000.

Unit 14, Section 2, Cottages at Chickahominy Falls; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Atle Larsen, $390,175.

7488 Walnut Grove Road, Mechanicsville; Rebecca L. Speeks to Virgilio Puello Ochoa, $262,000.

11530 Welshland Court, Glen Allen; Sylvia Zarro King to Aric W. Gervelis, $315,000.

9332 Willies Way Trail, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jason Thomas Mauney, $445,485.

16411 Woodman Hall Road, Montpelier; Robert E. Anderson III to Todd C. Moore, $610,000.


610 Butterwood Court, Powhatan; Troy M. Hill to Christopher Rogers, $320,000.

1080 Clayton Road, Powhatan; Kiyoko Y. Powell to William P. Dickinson, $220,000.

2655 Dorset Meadows Drive, Powhatan; Steven C. Montrose to Daniel Andrew Bonifas, $395,000.

3321 Duke Road, Powhatan; Michael T. Boggs to Samuel W Bell, $202,800.

2394 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Daniel A. Biddle, $598,309.

2291 Founders Hill Court, Midlothian; Noel P. Patel to Richard M. Jacobs, $561,125.

2826 Maple Lake Circle, Powhatan; Evergreen Homecrafters LLC to Matthew Leroy Hansen, $572,950.

2283 Mill Road, Powhatan; Bruce H. Miller to James F. Pollard, $245,000.

5611 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Jacqueline Gould to Michael Gould, $240,000.

2550 Pincre Court, Powhatan; John R. Bryson to Robert D. Wilmoth, $339,500.

3355 Riverly Drive, Powhatan; David J. Hanrahan Jr. to Joseph Toskes, $690,000.

3130 Shadow Creek Drive, Powhatan; Keri Ann Flood to Bryan S. Beatty, $350,000.

4340 Steger Creek Drive, Powhatan; Robert J. Bartulewicz to Brian Bartulewicz, $200,000.

2144 Tower Hill Road, Powhatan; Josh A. Perkins to Brenda S. Miller, $265,000.

2013 Valley Spring Court, Powhatan; Donald D. Rommell to William K. Stevens, $481,000.

2220 Westwood Pine Drive, Moseley; Larry C. Columbo to Jason L. Palmore, $348,500.


1304 Autumn Breeze Drive, Oilville; Christian F. Tefel to John S. Deaton, $454,000.

12131 Branch Overlook Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Donald J. Engiles Jr., $424,874.

1504 Centerville Parke Drive, Manakin Sabot; Joe Ann Shannon to Gary A. Craft, trustee, $527,000.

4195 Drew Ridge Drive, Louisa; Crla Mae Harris to Kenneth Anderson, $225,000.

12108 Ebb Pointe Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to William G. Souders, $472,861.

2796 Hadensville Fife Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Jesse B. Floyd, $257,500.

45 Little Falls Lane, Goochland; Don B. Kamenick to David K. Caravati, $389,950.

1651 Millers Lane, Manakin Sabot; Paul Brazhnik to Hunter M. Williams, $490,000.

2714 Perkinsville Road, Maidens; Paula L. Peaden, successor trustee to Parker C. Xonnwe, $331,000.

1843 Soldiers Lodge Road, Crozier; Erik S. Greenbaum, trustee to Helen S. Owens, $285,000.

4693 Walton Road, Louisa; Michelle Aquilino to Nicole S. Radford, $222,000.


464 S Crater Road; Robert E. Nay to Kevin Phelps, $400,000.

221 S Jefferson St.; Gilery W. Entzminger to Richard Michael Murphy Jr., $294,000.

1585 Montpelier St.; JR Property Investors LLC to Yolanda Watson, $190,000.

1905 Westchester Drive; Billy M. Seargeant to Deshawnta Tashene Outlaw, $173,000.


406 Alyssa Lane, North Dinwiddie; H. Keith and Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Lameka R. Booker, $192,900.

24014 Bancroft Drive, North Dinwiddie; Bryan J. Allen to Lavogue P. Johnson, $166,000.

5040 Church Drive, North Dinwiddie; Gilbert C. Martin Co. Inc. to Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary, $173,950.

8425 Hobbs Mill Road, Wilsons; Charlotte M. Williams to Marlene Stilley, $330,000.

4011 Moss Point Drive, North Dinwiddie; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nicholas R. Plutro, $180,000.

21409 Old Vaughan Road, Dinwiddie; Brian K. Durham to Elizabeth T. Adams, $175,500.

5903 Sutherland Drive, Sutherland; Jennifer Noelle Kidd to Richard E. Burton, $207,500.

19810 W Whisper Court, Sutherland; Michael S. Avery Contractor to Daine Nelson, $232,400.


151 Ashley Place; Leo P. Hirrel to Martha E. Eilers, $185,000.

320 New Castle Drive; Leonard E. Nugent to Curtis Harris, $198,000.

501 Waterfront Drive; Robert Stephen Mott to Mateshia T. Wright, $430,000.


2900 Clingman St.; Dorothy J. Harney to Ronda Dashelle Kelley, $159,950.

104 S Colonial Drive; Gina D. Potter to Darrell R. Johnson, $223,000.

2400 Raleigh St.; Oakleigh Properties LLC to James T. Traylor Jr., $150,000.


5941 Brickshire Drive, Providence Forge; Kathleen A. Ehrhart, trustee to Michael George Armbruster, $370,000.

1200 Colonial Trail, Lanexa; Mark A. Ross, trustee to Stephen Villaneuva, $650,000.

5101 Farmers Drive, Barhamsville; PW Development Inc. to A.F. Manns, trustee, $308,000.

15506 Fort James Court, Lanexa; Linda M. Dore, trustee to Kathleen Garrow, $242,000.

635 Hickory Road, Quinton; Luis F. Conklin to Jeffrey T Townsend, $180,000.

9210 Minetree Hill Road, Providence Forge; Ryan D. Brymer to Daniel C. Gutierrez, $312,000.

3700 Quinton Road, Quinton; Faye A. Fowlkes to Brian S. Rogers, $217,000.

6807 Sassafras Drive, Quinton; Gina A. Lewis to James B. McSweeney, $240,000.

19171 Woodmont Plantation, Barhamsville; John D. Konstantinou to Thomas B. Frantz, $389,000.


1 acre; Kevin Harris to Christopher S. Harris, $161,000.

19.6 acres; Whispering Winds LLC to Ascon Properties LLC, $2,500,000.

2.0479 acres; Surety Trustee LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $268,378.

2.51 acres; Michelle L. Cerny to Tamera S. Cerny, $170,000.

20.04 acres; Robert E. Hoffler Jr., devisee and executor to Wade Allen Shrecengost, $315,100.

5 acres; James River Partnership LLC to Jesse Clarke, $235,000.

5.67 acres; Carolyn S. Humphrey to Matthew S. Henderson, $180,000.

9.254 acres; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $235,189.

Lot 10, Block L, Section 5A, Stratford Woods; Hamill D. Jones Jr., trustee to CAF 2018-1 REO I LLC, $164,500.

Lot 48, Block O, Section 13, Branchester Lakes; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to Fetko Properties LLC, $151,390.

Charles city

6533 Adkins Road, Providence Forge; Ryan A. McAdams to Jeffrey B. Patteson, $250,000.

5661 Country Woods Drive, Charles City; Ryan J. Frantz to Mary Kimberly Rudd, $259,000.

4131 Perks Lane, Charles City; Travis Lee Colgin to Calvin D. Buckland, $224,000.


12101 Butlers Road, Amelia Court House; Thomas W. Current, trustee to Ronald E. Kieper III, $265,000.

16475 Eggleston Road, Amelia Court House; Diane M. Wenrick to Christopher E. Annarumma, $198,800.

10720 Evergreen Drive, Amelia Court House; Latane T. Jenkins to Nora Denise Davis, $282,000.

9831 Knobbs Hill Lane, Amelia Court House; Ashman Builders LLC to Ervin K. Hubble, $240,000.


12185 Birkdale Road, Ruther Glen; Jessica M. Fitzgerald to Harley R. Oxendine, $170,000.

764 Canterbury Drive, Ruther Glen; Matthew T. Drake to Stephen P. Carter Sr., $190,000.

7226 Daffodil Drive, Ruther Glen; Heather A. Wells to Justin Michael Webber, $285,900.

71 Greenway Cove, Ruther Glen; Pamela K. Wigglesworth to Trevor Allen Baye, $208,500.

402 Howe Drive, Ruther Glen; Dennis W. Banks to Rebecca Lynn Robb, $175,000.

22 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Richard C. Beltz to Darek Pleasants, $445,000.

17274 Library Blvd., Ruther Glen; Raymond E. Deitrick III to William Fortune, $191,000.

7042 Macedonia Road, Woodford; CMH Homes Inc. to Joseph E. Brown, $170,965.

12235 Pinyon Lane, Ruther Glen; Namco Properties and Investments LLC to William S. Owen, $183,000.

26089 Townfield Drive, Port Royal; Beech Construction Inc. to Katelyn Elizabeth Beach, $225,000.

108 Yorktown Drive, Ruther Glen; Tommy W. Manis to Eugene Vaughan, $190,000.


24.82 acres; Floyd Ernest Hartley to Randy L. Beam, $393,000.

8.975 acres; David L. Williams to Christopher D. Flaherty, $293,000.

Lot 2, Whiteville Estates; William D. Whitworth to Earnie Hill, $267,000.


1.4603 acres; FDI Postal Properties I Inc. to APIF-West Virginia LLC, $166,690.

5 acres; Paul S. Brandenburg to Christopher E. Sims, $275,000.


213 Black Creek Lane, Aylett; Mary Catherine Walker to Jonathan Alexander Taylor, $224,950.

760 Cressfield Drive, West Point; William F. Drudge IV to Grant K. Smith, $305,000.

91 Eula Court, Aylett; Carl L. Jones to Christopher L. Fletcher, $265,000.

137 Green Pastures Lane, Aylett; Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. to Brian Hall, $167,900.

1299 Locust Hill Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Roy Franklin Tench Sr., $229,950.

516 Main St., West Point; Margaret A. Bradby to Sean R. Dalton, $201,000.

6653 Mount Olive Cohoke Road, King William; Adam C. Akers to Anna Paz, $349,950.

744 Oak Springs Drive, Aylett; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua A. Lucas, $152,000.

610 Prospect St., West Point; Daniel C. Gibbs to Ruth S. Parsley, $180,000.

340 Shelton Court, Aylett; Liberty Homes Inc. to Curtis N. Pace III, $224,900.


217 Brookwood Drive; Mary Keiko Miyamasu, trustee to Susan Anne Corbett, $330,000.

908 Settlement Drive; Richard L. Bridge to Matthew Huth Connolly, $163,000.

204-C Woodmere Drive; Peter H. Bornstein to Catherine Barthelemy, $227,500.


228 Beeston Fields, Williamsburg; Walter D. Willhoite to Barry L. Noe, $520,000.

9315 Briarhill Way, Toano; Traver P. Hardesty to Kenneth C. Pate, $345,000.

6931 Chancery Lane, Williamsburg; Richard Alan Solomon to Carroll B. Smith, $299,900.

4408 Chickasaw Court, Williamsburg; Amy K. PIckett to Robert J. Whitley, $269,900.

523 Collington Court, Williamsburg; Jaw Chyang Wang to John S. Wang, $330,000.

8950 Croaker Road, Williamsburg; Southeastern Virginia Properties at Uncles Neck LLC to Edward Owens, $255,000.

4020 Driftwood Way, Williamsburg; Thomas Szumilo to Colin A. Butler, $263,000.

103 Edgewood Lane, Williamsburg; Frances Lipscomb Hodges to Patricia D. Barthel, $230,000.

609 Fairfax Way, Williamsburg; Christopher P. Larkin to Karl H. Mark, $660,000.

3033 Forge Road, Toano; Joshua D. Parker to Marie W. Vass, $268,000.

8432 Gayle Lane, Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Brian D. Cheney, $239,145.

7008 Gunlock Road, Williamsburg; Diane R. Donovan, successor co-trustee to Mitchel Robert Ward, $406,000.

3328 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Scott T. Cutler to Mitchell Conrad Gladstone, $340,000.

3020 Holly Brook Drive, Williamsburg; John Lewis Tucker to Sean Martin Donohue, $345,000.

109 John Potts Drive, Williamsburg; Lee A. Robbins to James M. Holdren, $280,000.

2917 Lancaster Court, Williamsburg; Karen A. Jancaitis to Andrea Harrison, $290,000.

4109 Longview Landing, Williamsburg; Fatma Sidi Yekhlef to Lina M. Tonk, $485,000.

4649 Massena Drive, Williamsburg; Mikael H. Ritter to Kaitlin Elizabeth Shay Lorenzen, $250,000.

113 Montrose, Williamsburg; Delbert D. Botting to Richard Clayton Marrs, $400,000.

9389 Ottoway Court, Toano; Claudia Foss to Thomas D. Middleton, $505,000.

4 Penn Court, Williamsburg; Nicholas C. Dinunzio to John L. Tucker, $599,000.

4401 Pleasant View Drive, Williamsburg; Frank A. Gould Jr. to Joan W. Christenson, $273,400.

3214 Pristine View, Williamsburg; Jeanne M. Sutherland to Edward Gale Moore, $335,000.

910 Queens Way, Williamsburg; Matthew R. Gillespie to Juan M. Martinez, $240,000.

220 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Home Solutions of Virginia LLC to Ruth E. West, $259,000.

3436 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Richard H. Reichelt to Timothy M. Porter, $595,000.

1301 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Fernando L.P. Sobreira to Madeline Fuentes, $259,000.

2520 Sanctuary Drive, Williamsburg; Bhupindar S. Rekhi to Stiphan M. Beher, $541,000.

4310 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Dylan Durussel, $259,000.

154 Shoal Creek, Williamsburg; Betty Atkins Watson to Ginger D. Carter, $223,000.

6201 Sommerset Lane, Williamsburg; Michael E. Richardson to David E. Choate, $319,000.

10124 Squires Way, Toano; Robert L. D'Agostino Jr. to Justin Alan Barefoot, $330,000.

236 St. Cuthbert, Williamsburg; L. Trice Gravatte IV, successor trustee to Robert D. Stokes, $478,000.

100 Stanley Drive, Williamsburg; Gordon Berryman, trustee to Frank Atkins, $340,000.

2809 Strategy Court, Williamsburg; John M. Thompson to Deborah Marie Howe, $291,300.

137 Tanbark Lane, Williamsburg; Leah K. Hutnick to Catherine Tyler Adams, $380,000.

7617 Tealight, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Jeremy P. Tuohy, $197,470.

6231 Thomas Paine Drive, Williamsburg; Douglas M. McCraw to Richard H. Jones, $296,000.

Unit 223, Padgetts Ordinary; Katherine Conti to Shelia Kay Gleason, $191,500.

166 Warehams Point, Williamsburg; Madeline T. Markwood, trustee to Thomas Butt, $525,000.

3580 Westham Lane, Toano; Simone L. Belden to Thomas A. Greiner, $250,000.

3500 Winslow Court, Toano; Drey H. Asbell to Blair S. Hendrickson, $299,000.

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